HCG Diet Dictionary: What Do All the Different Terms on the HCG Diet mean?

It’s time for an HCG Diet terminology lesson folks!  Your own personal hCG Dictionary.

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Please see Part 2 of the Video hCG Diet Dictionary as well.

What do the different terms used on Youtube and Hcg Diet Forums mean?

1 CC= 1 ML=100 units on syringe
100 grams= 3.5 ounces.  This is how much each of the 2 protein portions on the protocol calls for- weighed raw.
ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar.  Sometimes used by people on Human Chorionic Gonadotropin to try to enhance fat loss.  ACV is awesome in itself- I haven’t necessarily used it myself to enhance hCG though.
Apple Day: This is done occasionally on P2 (the low calorie part).  If a person hasn’t lost any scale weight in a few days and is feeling overly frustrated, Dr. Simeons put into his original protocol that a patient could take one day to eat only apples all day, up to 6.  This is designed purely to shed any excess water retention.  It is not advisable to do this often or for fun, since there is no protein included on an apple day.
Bac Water: Bacteriostatic Water.  This is what is typically used to mix hCG with for injections, and can be used for mixing rx prescription hCG Drops as well.
Cali-Kicker: A combo of water, cayenne pepper, and lemon juice.  People sometimes like to try this on P2 hoping to burn more calories or more fat.
Chocolate Delight/Choco D/Chocolate Crack: These names all refer to a mixture of coconut oil, cocoa powder and some form of sweetener in varying ratios, melted together then frozen or refrigerated and eaten often by many during P2- please seen my Common Concerns on the HCG Diet section before you decide to eat this on P2.  I am concerned that it could cause muscle loss while on this diet plan, so please proceed with caution.  As a P3 food this would definitely be a great alternative to “regular” desserts.  You can find recipes I’ve gathered for them on my hCG Chocolate Delight Pinterest Board.
Egg Day:  A correction day on P3 where you might eat up to a dozen eggs throughout the day, but no other foods.
Fage Day: A correction day on P3 where you eat only fat free greek yogurt (FAGE is a brand with a lower sugar content) all day.  On p2, some do fage days as a “stall breaker” eating only fage yogurt while staying within the 500 calorie range for P2.
Gorging:  See Loading- same thing.
hCG: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (full name of the hormone)
Hhcg: Homeopathic hCG
Intramuscular/IM: hCG Injection into the muscle- requires a longer needle.  Subcutaneous injections have been found to be just as effective.
IU’s: International Units- just a unit of measurement which is how the hormone itself is measured.  Most people will purchase hCG for the diet in 5,000iu vials.  See more definition on this here.
LDW: Last Day Weight- the weight you are the day of your last day taking the hormone – be it sublingual or homeopathic method.  This is the weight you will be trying to stay within 2 lbs of while in P3.
Last Injection Weight- the weight you are the morning of your last injection.  This is the weight you will be trying to stay within 2 lbs of while in p3.
Loading: 2 Days of eating HIGH fat, HIGH Calorie foods while taking the hormone- you do this just before starting the 500 calorie diet portion of the hCG Diet (p2)
Mac Nut Day:  A modification to the original protocol on P2 where a person eats a certain number of Macadamia Nuts and nothing else the entire day.  In general, I wouldn’t recommend this- please see the Common Concerns about the HCG Diet section.
Miracle Noodles:  Noodles that are made of the Japanese Konjac root- they are almost zero calories, zero carbs, and zero everything- it’s just soluble fiber.  I have used these freely on many of my HCG Injections rounds with no fat loss problems.
MOP: My Own Protocol- used to tell people their version of the Hcg diet they are following, which will be different from the original diet protocol.
Mug Cake: A P3 friendly dessert.  So named because it’s made in a mug (the kind you drink out of?).  Aha, the lightbulb goes off.  Took me that long anyway when I first heard of it.  Check out this awesome video tutorial with a recipe by MsHcgGirl on Youtube.  I found a blogger who appears to have discovered a P2 friendly version of this dish here.
Phase: Within each “round” of this protocol are 3 phases- Phase 2, Phase 3, and Phase 4.
P2: portion of the diet when you are on the very low calorie “diet” part.
P3: portion of the protocol following P2 (the low calorie part) where you increase your calories to what’s considered “normal” while avoiding all starches and sugars to stabilize your new weight.  This period usually last for 3 weeks.
P4: portion of the protocol following P3 where you can begin adding back in some starches and sugars in moderation and see how they affect your weight.
POP: Perfect on Protocol- used to tell people whether or not they are following the protocol “perfectly” as Dr. Simeon’s wrote it.
Release: “I released .6 this morning”- just another way of saying how much weight they lost.
Round: Basically, one block of time that a person spends on the diet plan.  The amount of time a person spend in once batch, losing weight, varies- some people do a 3 week round, some 6 weeks.  So the amount of time this lasts varies, but it just refers to one chunk of time a person spend on the diet.
Rx hCG: Prescription hCG- rx is just another way to say “prescription:
Shirataki Noodles:  Same thing as the miracle noodles.  However, check the labels of these because there are 2 types of shirataki noodles.  Some are made with tofu, and these you do NOT want to purchase.  The package should say something like “yam flour” as the main ingredient- do not fear, this is not American yam- this the Konjac yam (root) that contains no calories or carbs- it is just soluble fiber.  These can be found at many local Asian and Ethnic food markets for a much cheaper price than the Miracle Noodles online.  They are always kept in the refrigerated section.  Here is what they look like:
Stall: When you haven’t lost weight while on the protocol for several days, or you find yourself bouncing back and forth in a few lb weight range (say 145-148lbs) for several days. Some think no weight loss for 1 day is a stall, but this really isn’t true.
Steak Day: Usually this refers to what is done if, during P3 (the stabilization phase w/no starches and sugars) a person finds themselves above the 2lb limit from their LDW.  They would then on that day eat nothing all day and eat for dinner a good sized steak with either an apple or tomato.  This usually causes a person to drop by down to within their 2 lb limit the following day.  Technically every time you have to do a steak day, you are supposed to start the 3 week “P3″ time period over.
SubQ/SQ/Subcutaneous: hCG Injections into the FAT, not the muscle (which means shorter needle yay!)- from everything I’ve observed, this is just as effective.
Sublingual: hCG Drops, usually prescription hCG (rx)- just indicates that it’s an hCG liquid that’s being placed under the tongue and held there to absorb through the oral mucosa- this not the most efficient way to take hCG I might add but it has worked for some.
Syringe: This is the barrel part of the hCG Injection that contains all the number and hashmarks.
TOM: Time of Month.  Aka your period.
VLCD: Very Low Calorie Day or Very Low Calorie Diet (depends on who you ask).


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