I am afraid to say I was not as prepared to start hCG as I thought. Fortunately, I found hCGChica.

It was as if she was holding my hand from the beginning. Originally , I had began with a 'clinic' which did not explain nor divulge even the simplest direction for support & success. Reminded me of college. They hand you a book, say learn it & give a test. Thank goodness hCGChica chronicled her weight loss journey diligently with opened eyes. She has a charisma about her that makes one feel as though she is talking straight to you.

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Read Pounds and Inches – Dr. Simeons Original hCG Diet Protocol

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Pounds and Inches - Dr. Simeons Original hCG Diet Protocol - Free Download - hcgchica.com

Even though there ARE some modifications that many are making to the original protocol that Dr. Simeons created, including myself, with what I feel is success, getting an understanding of what the protocol is supposed to accomplish, which involves re-setting your metabolism, not simply weight loss, … Keep Reading

What the Needle of an hCG Injection Looks Like

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Needle Length of HCG Injections - hcgchica.com

I wanted to show you a comparison of various needles to show you just how small and thin the actual hCG injection needle is, to allay any fears you might have. See that huge needle on the left? Don't get scared - that's nothing that will ever be coming close to your flesh, so breathe! That hefty … Keep Reading

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