I am afraid to say I was not as prepared to start hCG as I thought. Fortunately, I found hCGChica.

It was as if she was holding my hand from the beginning. Originally , I had began with a 'clinic' which did not explain nor divulge even the simplest direction for support & success. Reminded me of college. They hand you a book, say learn it & give a test. Thank goodness hCGChica chronicled her weight loss journey diligently with opened eyes. She has a charisma about her that makes one feel as though she is talking straight to you.

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Weight Gain in Phase 3 – #2 No Fruits in Phase 2 Affects P3

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Gaining Weight in Phase 3 - What You Need to Know if You Skipped the Fruits in Phase 2 - hcgchica.com

There are a few things that will have a bearing on stabilizing: Are you trying to stabilize the correct LDW weight? Did you eat fruits and or melba/grissini on P2? How exercise can affect Phase 3 Fats on P3 Adding calories full throttle or easing into it? Can You Stabilize A little … Keep Reading

Weight Gain in Phase 3 – 6 Possible Reasons

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Gaining Weight in Phase - 3 Possible Reasons and How to Fix it - hcgchica.com

Why Am I Gaining Weight in P3? 6 Reasons You May Be Having Trouble First of all, let me say that having your weight fluctuate at the start of Phase 3 is normal. There’s a 2 lb window for stabilization for a reason. But there will also be times when you have to be reasonable with yourself and … Keep Reading

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