I am afraid to say I was not as prepared to start hCG as I thought. Fortunately, I found hCGChica.

It was as if she was holding my hand from the beginning. Originally , I had began with a 'clinic' which did not explain nor divulge even the simplest direction for support & success. Reminded me of college. They hand you a book, say learn it & give a test. Thank goodness hCGChica chronicled her weight loss journey diligently with opened eyes. She has a charisma about her that makes one feel as though she is talking straight to you.

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hCG Diet Interviews: Episode 16 – Mandy

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hCG Diet Intervierws - Episode 16 - hcgchica.com

  Mandy was so kind as to share her weight loss progress charts - these might give you ideas on doing your own stats tracking, as well as seeing the way her weight loss and her inch loss played out over time. Mandy's daily planner and weight/measurement progress reports Check out … Keep Reading

Weight Gain in Phase 3 – #2 No Fruits in Phase 2 Affects P3

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Gaining Weight in Phase 3 - What You Need to Know if You Skipped the Fruits in Phase 2 - hcgchica.com

There are a few things that will have a bearing on stabilizing: Are you trying to stabilize the correct LDW weight? Did you eat fruits and or melba/grissini on P2? How exercise can affect Phase 3 Fats on P3 Adding calories full throttle or easing into it? Can You Stabilize A little … Keep Reading

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