I am afraid to say I was not as prepared to start hCG as I thought. Fortunately, I found hCGChica.

It was as if she was holding my hand from the beginning. Originally , I had began with a 'clinic' which did not explain nor divulge even the simplest direction for support & success. Reminded me of college. They hand you a book, say learn it & give a test. Thank goodness hCGChica chronicled her weight loss journey diligently with opened eyes. She has a charisma about her that makes one feel as though she is talking straight to you.

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hCG Injection Sale – July 21st and 22nd only


hCG Injections Sale - hcgchica.com

US hCG Shots is one of the most affordable options for U.S. made hCG online. They are having a 20% off sale for 2 days only - today and tomorrow, Thursday and Friday, July 21st and 22nd, when you pay with Echeck or American Express. The discount is on all products and kits in stock. The discount … Keep Reading

hCG Diet Results – Interview Episode 27 – Losing Weight On P3, Cutting the Sugar, And Finding New Tactics To Live By

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hCG Diet Interviews - Episode 27 - hcgchica.com

First of all, for some reason, the video recording of this particular interview got ALL messed up. Which is so crazy because the first time we did our interview together I FORGOT TO RECORD IT. So we talked for like an hour and a half and at the very end I realize.....no red button was on. Ahhh!!!! I … Keep Reading

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