Prescription HCG Injections, HCG Drops and HCG Pellets- the Latest Lowdown!

Disclaimer! Please read! I am not a medical professional in any way, shape or form, and this is not to be misconstrued as medical advice. I am simply sharing what has worked for me and others. It is your responsibility to discuss these matters with your physician.

Update January 2015

Nu Image continues to be a quality source of hCG injections online – they have now been featured on my blog since June 2013, over a year and a half. They have spent hundreds of thousands dollars to be able to legally prescribe hCG online and send quality prescription hCG to patients. And now you can check out my personal visit to meet with them and see the inside of one of the hCG pharmacies they use!

To my dear readers,

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself needing to be 100% sure and confident about a decision. Meaning it’s too emotionally and mentally unsettling to not be sure, as well as truly damaging if your doubts turn out to be true. Your source for buying hcg injections or drops is one of those decisions.

I recently “partnered” with NuImage Medical to recommend their diet plan offering either HCG Injections, rx drops, or rx pellets to my viewers- you guys.

This Decision Has Been Several Months in the Making

I made this decision only after careful thought. Probably too careful really. I mean c’mon- it took me like 5 months to make this change. The reason I even began a search for another “company” was because I wanted to find a source that could furnish me a little more proof of its quality.

It’s so important to me to feel confident about what I present here to you guys. This blog is my special space. What I put on here is a representation of who I am on the inside. I just couldn’t live with myself if I were to promote something to you guys that I knew to be unhealthy or that I wouldn’t use myself.

Let me give you all the basic details, then I’ll go into my long, detailed explanation of why to consider them, etc- all that good long-winded stuff that you guys have no doubt come to expect from me!

Note: I get a commission when you purchase through my links, at no additional cost to you. If you find my blog valuable and choose to order through me, thank you so much!

Nu Image Medical- click here to buy

NuImage Medical Diet Plan Pros:

  • Kits contains all mixing supplies
  • Shipping all throughout U.S., Canada, and Elsewhere!
  • made in a super clean U.S. pharmacy of the highest caliber
  • prescribed to you personally with your name on the hCG vials by REAL doctors
  • Real with proper potency (purity reports by 3rd party labs- see below for images of this)
  • Sterile- in the form of testing done on the bacteria growth, disease, etc.
  • Has HCG Injections, Drops, and Pellets!
  • FREE b12 included as part of the powder to be mixed
  • Comes as a powder (as it should) to be mixed when ready for use (KEY for potency)
  • Option to add MIC/Lipo Shots to the treatment

These Are All Just Options to Consider

The reason I have more than one company here on my blog at this time that I can recommend for procuring hCG is because in general I rarely believe that there is only one way to do something- we are each so unique and have different needs and circumstances, and it’s wise to work with this.

I once had a very pushy person who was trying to sell me some “special” cleaning solution at my door- I was in the middle of losing my house to foreclosure and this guy just wouldn’t stop- I ended up buying the cleaner for like $40! And I was so mad at myself and him for being so brazen as to corner me and make me feel like I had to buy his product and not giving me an out. The point is just that every single one of you deserves to be respected and to feel the freedom that it’s your choice for what you do and not feel pressured or cornered into something. That just so goes against my grain.

That’s why I simply try to present the different pros and cons of different choices and possible reasons to consider one option over another and vice versa. With that said, there are some distinct benefits to getting prescribed hormone through NuImage Medical.

The Best Confidence in Buying Comes from Proof

Many, many people have told me that they realized the diet really must work because of the proof they’ve seen in my results (there’s no way I could have faked over 200 youtube videos where my face gradually becomes thinner and thinner- well maybe there is, but it would have taken a very grand scheme of epic proportions that I’m simply not capable of) and bodyfat testing to show proof that the majority of my weightloss was fat and not muscle. (See My Diet Review and My Diet Results and My Timeline of Weight loss for more on that). But contrary to appearances, while the weight loss protocol accomplishes fat loss quickly, it is not easy. Quick and easy are different things. That said, you don’t want to leave your weight loss journey success to chance- when I think of doing that, the thing that comes to my mind is ‘I only have 1 body- just one.’

I now have a source that has given me real and true PROOF of the quality of their hCG. And I get to share that proof with you guys. Below you will see actual reports of third party testing done from NuImage Medicaltested for purity, diseases, and sterility on a frequent basis.

The quality and care they offer make them one of the most responsible companies I’ve come across online yet. I really want the best for you guys and I know that many are of you are looking to me, and trusting me, for help on what is best for you.

Just Because It’s From the U.S. Doesn’t Mean It’s Safe or High Quality

I’ve been fooled by this thinking at times. But I have learned quite a bit about compounding pharmacies lately and just because something comes from a “pharmacy in the U.S.” does not mean you can ask no further questions and just buy. I didn’t know that before. Compounding pharmacies have recently come under much stricter regulations, especially when it comes to sterile compounding (which relates to things like medications you will be injecting into your body), because of some problems in the past with the pharmacies not being responsible about the conditions they made these medications under leading to illness and even death. There are pharmacies out there being fined and shut down because they do not live up to the new standards.

Additionally, I discovered in my research that there have been problems at some compounding pharmacies where the potency of the medication actually in a given pill or what have you was actually far less than it stated on the bottle. Obviously with this hormone it’s important that the potency is correct so that we can find the correct dose since hormone dosage is such an important part of success on the Diet. From what Andreas, the CEO of Nuimage Medical tells me, the main pharmacy they use is a state of the art facility that actually already exceeds the most current regulations for compounding pharmacies.

I haven’t been able to see this with my own two little eyes yes, but it’s something I hope to be able to do in the future- if I do, I will definitely be sharing it with you guys!

You can check out my personal interview with the CEO, Andreas, below, about the Treatment his company provides.

How Much Does it Cost?

Now I already know the biggest concern I’ll get from you all about this- the cost. They are pricier than the other two companies that I have on my blog. Because Nuimage Medical does everything legally, by the book and uses such a high quality pharmacy, it’s natural that the cost has to be higher to accommodate this. I leave it up to you based on what you read here and the comparison of the other companies to decide if the extra expense is worth it for you personally or not.

Additionally, you actually get an exclusive deal when you buy through my blog from Nuimage Medical! It’s a whopping $50 discount that you can’t get elsewhere. When you actually break it down, it works out to just

  • $10.70/day for the 23 day program
  • $8.06/day for the 43 day program

I recognize that cost IS a factor for many.

But sometimes if we break things down, we realize that by the time we go to McDonalds and Starbucks for lunch, we’ve just paid $10.70 to gain weight.

8-11 bucks a day for just 3-6 weeks of your life is actually pretty small in the grand scheme of things when we’re talking about changing your life and ensuring a good outcome. This is one case where you can’t make a comparison just on price alone.

I recently bought a new camera that’s more “professional”- the difference in quality is SO dramatic that I now regret not buying it years ago- the photos I would have captured of my son would have been so much better and truly valuable to me so as to be worth every penny. That is how I feel about the quality of and your experience should be with this protocol- it’s not worth making sacrifices when it comes to this. You don’t want to be one of the many “help” emails I get almost daily believe me.

With NuImage Medical, the price includes everything that really matters to many- the REAL doctor/patient relationship of a real Clinic, the real prescription, the testing reports to prove the quality (I looked into having my own testing done on the hormone by a 3rd party lab recently, and the first vial was going to cost $3,000 to test it’s purity- yeah- a little much for a technical stay at home mommy for now).

It’s just so important to me to be 100% sure of what I’m presenting to my viewers. This is not just a business for me- I’m connected to those on my site in a very personal way, so I actually care what becomes of each of you (and hopefully someday you’ll have changed your life so drastically I can interview you in one of my Reviews!) I have actually laid awake with anxiety at night and prayed about the best way to handle things and to know what to do when it comes to my viewers, because I care that much. I have that confidence with NuImage Medical based on everything they’ve been willing to share with me so far.

$50 Discount purchasing hCG Injections through me -

Interview with Andreas, CEO of NuImage Medical

I have to tell you guys how fortunate I am that Andreas took the time to answer these questions- I mean, do you have any idea how busy this guy is? I’m probably one of the most high-maintenance affiliates he’s ever had to deal with, but you know what? The reason I needed so much info is because I needed to feel confident in recommending it to you.

Rayzel: Hi Andreas, thank you so much for letting me interview you today- can you tell me and my viewers a little more about telehealth and how it works?
Andreas: Tele-health or Tele-Medicine has been around for quite a while, especially in Europe. While it is now becoming very popular in the US, Nu Image Medical has been providing tele-health services for over 9 years. Basically, we provide medical services to patients throughout the United States via telephone or video services such as Skype. This enables us to assist individuals who live in rural areas or do not have access to specialists or services like Nu Image Medical provides. Compared to local offices, we offer dramatically lower prices for the same services!

Rayzel: Everyone who comes to my blog is rightfully concerned about knowing that the hormone they buy is the real hormone and that the high quality is consistent. What can you share with us that gives us confidence in your source?
Andreas: Protocol has once again become such a marketing success, that the Internet has flooded itself with scams, fly-by-night companies, and grey market drugs from overseas. Nu Image Medical only utilizes licensed U.S. Pharmacies that are under strict guidelines issued by the FDA, Board of Health and Board of Pharmacology. There is no “high potency” or “super high potency” from real pharmacies. What you are prescribed is what you get. There are no regulations when buying drugs from grey market overseas providers. That is why sometimes its good, and sometimes its bad. There are no guarantees overseas. Don’t even get me started on Homeopathic HCG. They make hundreds of millions of dollars on this product, and consumers are still confused. Simple, IT CONTAINS NO HCG! After all, birth control contains hormones just like HCG. Would you trust your daughter on over the counter homeopathic birth control? NO! A prescription drug in the US. They must now label their bottles “HORMONE FREE” due to the FDA and FTC crackdown on these fraudulent products. You must get it legally prescribed from a doctor, and that is what our company is all about.

Rayzel: What sets you apart from other companies online that offer Plan?
Andreas: EXPERIENCE and RELIABILITY! For over 9 years, Nu Image Medical provides the protocol to now over 25,000 patients. Our doctors and medical staff are well trained. They have many years experience in treating weight loss patients on this program. Many providers today are here one day and gone the next. I have countless patients that try to go elsewhere, only to find out those companies are no longer in business, took their money, and offer no real medical assistance. This weight loss plan is not for everyone. There are serious types of illness’ that one should not do this program. People risk their health and lives when not being treated by a licensed medical facility that specializes in the program.

Rayzel: One of the things I appreciated in speaking with you privately was the interest you take in the quality of your business- both in the actual products and the customer service- can you reiterate that here for my viewers?
Andreas: We get phone calls daily from compounding pharmacies looking to get our business; after all, we are the largest providers! Everyone is willing to offer a cheaper price, but that’s not what is important. I personally travel to and inspect all the pharmacies we work with. I have relationships with and I am in direct contact with all owners and pharmacists of these companies. This is just one way to reassure myself that our patients get the best product and service. But it doesn’t stop there. We offer patient service 7 days a week. Someone from our staff, not a third party company, will contact you directly if you have questions after hours or on the weekends. This way people that are familiar with you and your program will be able to answer any questions you have. Maintaining proper patient care and satisfaction is our priority.

Rayzel: What kind of information do prospective patients need to provide in order to get the treatment?
Andreas: We have a brief medical intake form that needs top be completed; very similar to any doctors office you visit for the first time. It includes patient demographics, HIPAA Privacy Rights, Weight Loss Bill of Rights, etc. It won’t take more than a few minutes to complete them in our secure-online digital portal.

Rayzel: You have the option to purchase Lipo Shots along with the protocol- can you tell us the benefits of using the lipo shots in addition to the hormone?
Andreas: Lipotropic HCG injections (Fat Metabolizing) AKA MIC shots are a very popular weight loss method. Complete information on them can be found on our website. Basically, when opting for the Lipo mixing solution with their Program, they are actually doing two weight loss programs at once, increasing their fat loss dramatically. The added B12 to the mixture assures the patient will get that extra boost of energy while on the restricted calorie diet.

Rayzel: For those who just can’t seem to stomach the idea of the hcg injections, why do you recommend the rx pellets over the drops (this was something I had never heard of btw)?
Andreas: HCG are always recommended as 100% of the drug is directly absorbed into the body. The oral versions remain just as popular as always, but we have to adjust the dosage due to the absorbency ratio of sublingual administration. Drops were always the original form of oral HCG, but dosing was very inaccurate and holding a mouth full of liquid for 5-10 minutes isn’t always pleasant. Our pellets/troche’s are very small “pills” that dissolve almost instantly under your tongue. Basically, in its freeze-dried state that activates upon contact your saliva. Both just as effective, it boils down to preference.

Rayzel: How quickly can a patient typically start the treatment?
Andreas: 24 HOURS! Now, that depends one when your order is placed. Obviously weekend orders will have to wait until Monday, but orders placed during regular business hours and requested to ship overnight can be at the patient’s location within 24 hours!

Rayzel: How long is the shelf life of the hormone in powder form when it comes from the compounding pharmacy?
Andreas: The mandated shelf life or expiry date is 6 months. Once the hormone is mixed (reconstituted), it must be used within 60 days according to the pharmacy.

Rayzel: Thank you so much for answering these questions- I know when we talked originally that we talked about all this and more, but I really wanted to have it in your words to share with those who read my website, because I was so glad to find someone who truly ensures the quality of this product.
Andreas: You’re very welcome Rayzel.


NuImage Medical HCG Injections, rx Pellets, or rx Drops

hcg injections pellets and oral hCG proof of real hCG

real hcg injections pellets rx drops report


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  • Karen

    Where is Nu Image located?

    • HCGChica

      They are based in Florida.

      • susandaytoday

        Have you used the drops or injections? I am gearing up to order and I want potent drops . I have done this diet before and found it very challenging but def works. I went off of the maitenance and have gone over the deep end and regained every bit. Your videos are motivating and helpful. Sugar is my downfall and everything you shared was helpful. please show me the lace to order from florida since i live there.

  • aokimoonchild

    Thank you for reviewing NuImage; I am just finishing R1 from a local doctor’s office and want to do my next rounds with the NuImage HCG. If I want to do 2 23-day cycles can I still purchase one 46-day kit? Is the HCG powder in 2 separate 5000iu vials? Thanks!

    • HCGChica

      You’re welcome! Yes it would come in 2 separate vials so that should be fine!

  • Shamblee Cathey

    I am on day 2 vlcd and hcg injections from NuImage and doing well! The hcg is mixed in B12 solution that I believe will help me feel better. I am not hungry so far and I had no issues ordering the hcg. They are there for me to answer questions and if I have any conerns. My first round was Rx hcg nasal spray back in Sept. 2013. I did NOT feel this well on day 2 vlcd. I truely believe the B12 is going to be a big help for me.Thanks to hcgchica for the big discount when I ordered via this website!

  • MeL

    Do the injections also include b12? where do you usually inject and how accurate do you have to be? thx

    • HCGChica

      Yes the hCG from this particular company does come with B12 in the mixing solution included free. I usually inject in my stomach or upper inner/outer thighs or glutes – basically wherever I could find a fattier place is where I’d inject. It’s not rocket science- I was actually pretty afraid of needles myself but they are very tiny and short, it’s painless and a breeze- really!

  • Hannah Brown

    Has anyone tried the Mic solution added to the HCG shots? I’m about to order the 2nd round and didn’t know if you recommended it.

    • HCGChica

      Hey Hannah – I have not tried them but if I ever do a fine-tuning round I will definitely be trying them out myself. On researching the ingredients, I like the idea of being able to inject these lovely little amino acids and such where they do more good more quickly. :)-

  • kathy

    has anyone every tried the pellets? Are the results as good as injections

  • Cynthia

    Hi hcgchica! First, I love your blog. You do a wonderful, thorough job of covering so many questions and topics about this diet. I was wondering if you could help me understand why the hcg pellets are a higher dose (500iu) than if it was being injected? I would think the absorbency would be the same or close to injections. I know I read this to be a concern of yours that you mentioned somewhere on your blog. I can’t seem to find the answer to it anywhere online. I know the pellets work because I’ve used them personally. However, there are times I feel I should adjust the dose slightly lower on some days. Maybe I’ll try to cut part of the pellet off.

    • HCGChica

      Hi @cynderella20:disqus – I’m glad my blog has been helpful to you! Sometimes I’m probably too thorough lol but hey, at least people can skip over whatever they don’t want to know. :)- The absorbency is actually a lot different for pellets than injections. It is thought that taking hCG sublingually a lot of it is not absorbed. However, I do find that the pellets at 500ius is definitely quite a high dosage and while I’ve seen heavier people feel great on them, thinner people seem to get very hungry on them because it’s too high for them- so yes, in this case, you could try cutting a part of it off. I hope that helps!

  • Cathy

    I’m following your links to Nu Medical, however when I click on the order link the price goes from the reported $347 to $397. Do I need a promo code?

    • HCGChica

      Hey Cathy- hmmm I’m not sure- I just tried it myself and the 50 discount was applied immediately to the cart as soon as I added that package you refer to so that the price was $347. What browser are you in? I wonder if there is a glitch on one of them or something.

    • stellarstrut

      I was attempting to buy this on my iPhone and ran into the same problem. I typed hcgchica in the promo code section and that worked for a $50 discount to be applied.

      • HCGChica

        Oh interesting- perhaps there is a glitch with the smartphone version of the page or something- thanks for letting me know – I will check into it further- but I’m glad you discovered you could just enter my name as the promo code as well @stellarstrut:disqus

  • Christina Valdivia

    This is an awesome article. I have done the hcg diet before and lost about 26lbs. But i was doing it through a weight loss clinic and it was very costly. Plus it was very hard to keep my appointments because I work full time Monday through Friday in downtown los Angeles. I work in the medical field And it can be stressful at times. So of course, trips to McDonalds and Starbucks just made the lbs come right back. I’m so happy I found your site. This article in particular is very reassuring. Thank you so much.

    • HCGChica

      Hi @christinavaldivia:disqus – you’re welcome! I did all my rounds of hCG on my own and been maintaining it now for close to 2 years, so it can be done!

  • Robert

    The 3 products can be used at the same time or separated?

    • HCGChica

      Hi @disqus_hnLkerrCcz:disqus you mean the drops injections and pellets at the same time? No, these are just various methods of taking hCG- you choose one and do the diet with one method – I personally prefer injections myself. Hope that helps.

  • Ashley

    I’ve just ordered the 43 day injections as well as the MIC shots. Do you have a video/tutorial on how to mix both the HCG and MIC shots?

    • HCGChica

      Hi @disqus_QRPB3SGtQ3:disqus I do have a mixing tutorial for the hCG shots, but not the MIC shots – I should do that! Here is the hCG mixing tutorial: I hope that helps! I will work on getting mixing tutorials for these other types of things up in the near future. as well.

  • Morine B

    Hi Rayzel! Thanks again for all you do! I have a quick question about the LIPO shots…they offer more fat burning and energy? I have done HCG before but only by itself, no B12 or lip shots and I am interested in incorporating them on my next round! Thanks!

    • HCGChica

      Hey @morineb:disqus – after researching lipo shots awhile back – I still haven’t put the blogpost together yet, but essentially what I get out of it is this – it’s not necessarily MORE fat burning – for instance, I don’t think you’re going to have more weight loss by using them. However, what they do appear to do is to really support your liver and body in breaking down/metabolizing the fat you’re losing more efficiently, so that it’s less strain on your liver and organs. So I see that it could possibly make the diet transpire in a healthier manner. Hard to be sure of course just how much it’s helping, but I don’t encourage people to buy it for more weight loss – but for less strain on the body, which if you have the funds, could definitely be useful, as well as for b12, yes many do report (if you are deficient in b12 to begin with – which it looks like more people are these days) they do provide a very noticeable boost in energy. If the energy issues were related to something else, they might not help as much. But I get enough people who like b12 shots to know it does help energy for many. I hope that helps you decide.

  • brandy

    Do you also get the syringes needed with purchase? Thanks

    • HCGChica

      Hey @brandy , yes from all the U.S. sources, NuImage, US hCG Shots, and Advance hCG, all the mixing and dosing supplies, including all syringes and needles, comes with the hCG all together for you, so you don’t need to buy anything else but your food!

  • Angela

    Hello I recently lost 35 lbs through a clinic on hcg and would love to lose more on my own but can’t seem to find a company that ships to florida?

  • rebecca ritz

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful information. I was wondering if the shots were taken once a day or once a week. Also, does it matter what time of day you give yourself the shot?

  • rebecca ritz

    Thank you for all the wonderful information you provide! I was wondering if the shots were daily or weekly. Also, is there a certain time of day you should take the shot.

    • HCGChica

      Hi @rebecca ritz – yes the shots are daily- just once a day, usually in the morning. I didn’t freak about making it exact as to timing- just whenever I wake up, I’d take my shot. I hope that helps! – Rayzel

  • Reggie

    Hi, how do I order injection direct thru you Chica? More importantly is a recipe book sent in the mail along with hcg so I know what to make in phase 2,3&4?

  • Mica Simmons Reinsch

    I have a 10000ieu ampule. Would I mix with 10cc of bw. And still take 175 shot

  • Mica Simmons Reinsch

    How long do you wait between each round.

  • Lindsey

    I was Compounding Chemist for 6 years. I am a still a Chemist just in a similar yet different field. I would love to get my hands on a bottle to do some testing to ensure the quality and sterility of the product. Also, where is the HCG from? PCCA sells HCG but the price is quite a bit more than what it is being sold for at Nu Image. That is why I question it. I don’t remember the exact price but I think 10,000 was several thousand dollars. One reason we never went down that road.

    • HCGChica

      Hi @Lindsey sorry for the delay- I preapprove all comments before they post and do not check it every day is all. How neat you are a compounding chemist! What is PCCA by the way? I am not certain where they are getting their raw material from. When I was the pharmacy they showed me their raw material- it this one long vial and I believe it contained like 1 million IU of hCG or something – and yes EXTREMELY expensive- I can’t remember the exact price but it was cray-zay!! Wouldn’t want to be the one to break one of those things. I’ll try to post pictures and videos of what I got to see in that regard eventually – I have it all here in my computer just waiting for me to get to it! I think the reason that the online places can charge less is because of less overhead to be honest when it comes to staffing and brick and mortar stuff.

      • Denise Teague

        I am also a certified comounding pharmacy technichian. PCCA stands for Professional Compounding Centers of America.

        • HCGChica

          I totally respect what you guys do @Denise Teague – I was actually allowed to “suit up” and go in the clean room or whatever they call it and “pretend” to make something – the pharmacist who does all the sterile compounding explained everything and how I couldn’t touch anything hardly and had to keep my hands and elbows in this certain spot under the hood- my arms really started to ache and it was hard to pay attention to that many things at once. I suppose after awhile some of it becomes second nature, but still!

  • Lindsey

    Well guess my other post never showed up. In case it does… I think I misspoke when I said 10,000 and maybe it was 10,000,000 I really don’t remember off the top of my head.

  • Lindsey

    The 2 round supply… does that come in two separate vials?

  • soul_o_rider

    Do I have to do the 26 day protocol all at once? I need to take a 7 day trip in about 2 weeks and was wondering if it would be okay to go ahead and start with hcg injections for about a week, stop for a week, and then finish up when I return from my trip?

  • lucym

    HI Everyone!! Thank you for all you do to help so many of us!! Quick Question…What do we do with the leftover MIC bottle??? I want to start another round and have just ordered a refill of the 26-day injections, but I have lots of the Red MIC left!! Wouldnt want to throw it away!! Please advise!!!

  • tracy molina

    Hi HCG Chica what company did you buy your injections from I know you recommend 3 companies but which one did you use?