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proving hcg is real: Video footage of my visit to hCG pharmacies added!


Since I lost 50 lbs myself with real HCG, I know how important it is to have the real thing.

I put this together to show you guys reliable online sources for

hCG Injections

Check ‘em out and choose what’s best for you.

I’m Going to Answer the Questions I Wondered About When I Started This Diet.

  • Where can I find hCG injections online?
  • How do I know it’s real hCG?
  • Does using real hCG even matter?
  • How do I do this diet properly?
  • How do I maintain my weight loss?

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Your biggest concern:How can you be sure this is real hcg?

Why so glad you asked! Really, you should be concerned about this.

I only recommend hCG I KNOW to be real, unmixed, prescription hCG in powder form. I have fully researched these companies to know they are legit.
but I totally get it. Why should you take my word for it right?

I ‘ve been able to gather varying amounts of proof for your eyes that the hCG offered by each company is indeed the real hormone. So please check it out further below!

  • All sources listed here is hCG made in the U.S. at compounding pharmacies, just like any weight loss clinic or local doctor uses.
  • The hCG vial has the name and phone number of the actual U.S. pharmacy it was produced in. (samples below)
  • I am in direct contact with those in charge of each company listed here. I do not recommend any company I have not verbally spoken with & maintain communication with.

the ultimate proof

Visit an hCG pharmacy through my camera lense

No. Stinkin’. Way! Oooh yes way.

Continue on my friend.
But first you might be thinking... who is this hcgchica?

I never thought when I opened a youtube account in 2011, randomly chose “hcgchica” as my user name, and made my first, shy, hcg video about myself trying to lose weight, that I would be here, today, guiding people on this diet through my blog.

these people?
both me.
size 18 172 lbs 5’1”
After hCG shots
size 4 124 lbs 5’1” Sadly, hcg didn’t make me grow taller
And ONE more, just in case, I don’t know, you wonder if maybe my face is thinner but the rest of me is still all, you know, blobby.
  • 34.5% body fat see proof

    Before hCG (obviously)

  • 17.9% body fat see proof

    After hCG

  • 17.8% body fat see proof

    Maintaining 1 year later

  • 16.5% body fat see proof

    Maintaining 2 years later

By now, you’ve probably guessed I’m a real person.

I lost 50 lbs with hCG injections almost 3 years ago, and haven’t used hCG since.

The rest of my weight loss story? That’s here.


I called several brick and mortar weight loss clinics offering this diet program in different states – the cost was between $500 and $1000 dollars for a 6 week program. You’ll notice the pricing for these online clinics below are FAR less expensive.


hCG dosage is...

crucial for the low/no hunger effect, based on “actual people experience”.

You can have the BEST, most potent vial of hCG known to man,

but if your dose is off for YOU - you’ll. be. starving. K ‘nuff said....

click the red phrase please,
yeah this one,
to learn what works for real people.

A lrighty then. I know what you want. Purchasing Options & Proof

so done with scrolling? Your options are here:

Oh you want more? i’m all over that. More: faq type stuff

Most likely you have some questions, ya?

  • How long does it take to get my hCG in the mail?

    Quick note from me, Rayzel. In a world where we all love Amazon prime and getting our stuff practically the day after we order it (it was an amazing novelty to me when prime first became available but now I'm like, hey, it's been 3 days, WHERE'S my stuff?) whether it's a book, toothbrush, or beanbag chair, it's only natural that we tend to start expecting this with anything we order online.

    In fairness to both YOU (so you know what to expect and can plan accordingly) and to the companies here (so they don't get flack for something that they really cannot help), I wanted to give you a heads up that to legally get prescription medication online, there is a little more involved than something like simply shipping a book out. You will often have to wait a little longer than you might think to get your hCG order in the mail and at this time, to keep things legal, that's kind of just how it is. In most cases, you will get your order fairly quickly still, but please do be patient and I personally advise not setting a hard start-hCG date prior to receiving it- allow a little flexibility to accommodate this.

  • Do the injections hurt? I-no-like hurt....

    Actually, speaking as a squeamish person myself, they actually do not hurt, really. The needles are both very short and very thin. If you inject into a fatty area you most likely won't feel anything at all. I did discover, as I got thinner, the places I had been injecting that once had fat no longer had much fat, THEN I started to notice more of a painful sensation - but then I moved to another area on my body that still had a nice pad of fat on it, and once again, the shot was painless. So I think the key is simply, inject where you got globs of fat.

  • What if I have a question that's not answered here?

    No problem - just email me with it and I'll do my best to help - [email protected]

  • I feel scared about the hCG being real or of good quality

    I DO understand the concern. Of the U.S. hCG sources currently on my blog (options 1-3) the hCG that is sent through each company comes from compounding pharmacies in the U.S. I actually took 3 planes to visit 2 of the companies and their pharmacies in person (Nu Image Medical and US hCG Shots) While at the pharmacies themselves, where the actual hCG is made, I learned a few very important things. The FDA now regulates compounding pharmacies. Every batch of hCG has to be tested for potency and if the potency is below 90% the entire batch must be destroyed by law- so at this point, hCG coming from any compounding pharmacy is guaranteed to be a quality product, if that makes sense- these laws are fairly recent in the past year for ensuring the quality and potency of medicines in compounding pharmacies. The pharmacy will get shut down if they do not comply. Some of the hCG pharmacies make their batches 1000 vials at a time, and 10% of those vials, by law, have to be essentially "wasted" for use to test that particular batch. So the pharmacists who actually make the hCG use great care and most never hit less than 95% potency, because as you can see since they have such large batch sizes it would be VERY costly for them to screw up a batch and have to destroy that many vials, as well as the cost that was involved in paying the pharmacists to compound all those vials- only to have to throw them away- they would be bankrupt pretty quickly if that happened. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars now to have a pharmacy that is up to code with FDA regulations and if it doesn't meet such, it gets shut down, so it would be very risky on their part to do anything like that after spending so much money to be able to operate. So any vial that is sent out to you, has to meet those current FDA regulations of at least 90% potency or by law it must be destroyed. I hope that makes you feel a little more reassured. As for hCG from overseas, like Escrow Refills, there are no such gaurantees at all, so while it is indeed real hCG as well, there is nothing necessarily regulating and ensuring the potency of the product like you have with the U.S. companies.

  • I heard I will lose 1 lb a day - is this true?

    If you're a woman, no. I know this myth is plastered all over the internet, but the truth is the average weight loss women experience on this diet ends up being about a 1/2 lb a day - and if you think about it, this makes sense. To lose 1 lb of fat every day, your body would have to burn 4000 calories a day (3500 calories per pound of fat, plus the 500 calories you are eating on the diet). I don't really know of any woman that burns that many calories each day do you? I wish! Anyway, I hope that helps give you some perspective. Please keep in mind this doesn't translate into actually losing 1/2 a lb every single day- some day you might lose 1.5 lbs, other days zero - in the end, it usually averages out to about .30-.65 lbs per day.

  • Where can I get help on the diet?

    While I don't offer private coaching at this time, you are more than welcome to get on my email list for continuous inspiration to stick to the diet- I send out either a short motivational email once a week, or let you know about the latest article up on the blog, including the latest of the hCG success interviews.

  • How about the Lipo / MIC Shots the U.S. companies have? Should I do that too?

    I never got a chance to try these so I can't speak from experience - essentially after researching them I feel that IF I had the funds, I would most likely try them at least once, but if you are really limited on funds, definitely not a necessary - I did the entire protocol without them. What I like about them is that the amino acids in them, and delivering them by injection, is supposed to help your body and especially your liver metabolize, or break down the fat that your body is burning more efficiently, and I feel this could make the hCG protocol overall healthier/less stressful on your body.  I hope that helps

  • How long are the hCG injections taken for?

    Typically this protocol is done in 3-6 week "rounds", and then you take a break for awhile to stabilize and allow your body some rest before you do another "round".

  • Why are the kits offered by the various companies for differing lengths of times?

    I have no idea. All you really need to know is that between the 3 U.S. companies, the "28 day kit", the "25 day kit" and the "26 day kit" all have the SAME amount of hCG being sent to you - so don't base your decision on which company to go with on these number of days being listed - essentially, depending on the dose of hCG you end up taking, which is REALLY important to how you feel on this diet, 1 vial of 5000iu hCG, which is what is included in these shorter durations kits, will last you 3-4 weeks on the diet. The longer duration kits ie. "50 day kit" "56 day program" "46 day program" all include 2 vials of 5000iu of hCG, which will last you up to 8 weeks on the diet.

  • How do I mix my hCG? That scares me!

    No worries you guys! It's actually quite simple and I have video tutorials on that here! 1.Mix hCG from Nu Image Medical.   2.Mix hCG from Advanced hCG.  3.Mix hCG from Escrow Refills.

  • What dose of hCG should I take for my injections?

    I have a pretty strong personal opinion on this matter and all my input on that topic is here - Dosage on the hCG protocol. It's very important to success! I hope you'll read it.

  • How do I store my hCG?

    Prior to mixing your hCG, you can leave it out at room temperature. However, as soon as you mix up your vial, it needs to be stored in the fridge at all times. Seriously - it can actually lose it's potency entirely after only 6-8 hours of being left out.

  • How long will my hCG stay good or potent to use?

    Usually once you've mixed up your vial, the potency will last between 3-4 weeks.  You would notice if the potency has dropped too far to do what it should as your hunger levels would increase. Although, check your dose first before assuming your hCG has gone bad, because as you get thinner, it's common to need to reduce your dose. Since the original protocol had patients doing the hCG Diet in either 3 or 6 week rounds, it seems to work well to use one vial for 3-ish weeks, then remix a 2nd vial of hCG for the following 3 weeks to finish out a longer 6 week round.

  • Can I pre-load all my hCG needles?

    You can, but I don't recommend it and this is why. Dose of hCG is very individual and is important to both experiencing the least hunger and best weight loss - if you pre-load your needles you will not be able to effectively adjust your dose of hCG as necessary - both at the start when you may not be sure what your best dose is just yet, and then once you find it, it's common to need to reduce your dose as you get thinner - so I prefer to leave the hCG in the bottle and draw up the hCG each on the protocol so I can have control over how much I'm injecting and have that ability to adjust as needed.

  • Where do I inject the hCG?

    Shoot for a place with lots of fat. If it goes in your muscle that’s okay too, but most likely the needles you’ll get in your hCG kit will be fairly short and just the right length to reach your fat.The usual places that hCGer’s seem to use and that I’ve used myself are in the belly area, on either side of the belly button at least an inch away, the inner and outer thighs, buttocks (if you can reach!) and I’ve also injected into my fattier upper tricep area.

“But ‘scuse me ma’am, ahem.
won’t i lose weight without using real hcg
simply by eating the 500 calories a day?”

Why , yes of course!

So why use the real hormone then?
Cuz hello hcgchica,
it costs money.

The following is just my personal belief about what I think hCG does- not supported by the FDA.

3 reasons I would not do the hCG diet without hCG:

  1. Muscle sparing effect.
  2. Effect on hunger
  3. Metabolism effect.

Iused to think about weight loss purely as a scale thing. That if weigh more than X number of pounds, I’m overweight.

But I’ve learned a lot over the past few years! Let me tell ya, it’s a nice thing to remove the wool mainstream fitness magazines, from our eyes.

I have an interesting tidbit for ya: I’ve been a size 8 at 127 lbs.... and I’ve been a size 4 at 127 lbs. That’s not a typo.

This shows it’s not really our scale weight that matters, but rather how much of our body is muscle and how much of is fat - something that can be manipulated quite well with hCG in my opinion, in a pretty short amount of time.

In the end....

I think we’d all agree, our actual scale weight is not really what matters so much as our size. If you wore a size 4, you probably wouldn’t care less if you weighed 200 lbs. That’s a slight exaggeration of course, but makes a point. Losing fat vs. muscle matters.

With real hCG injections, I believe from my hydrostatic body fat testing results, that the hormone does indeed favor fat loss and preserve muscle, allowing you to be a smaller physical size at a higher weight (meaning you don’t have to lose as much weight to get to that "i look great" place) and have a healthier metabolism in the long run.

Remember this isn’t something that the FDA or any organization is going to agree with. This is just based on my own small sampling of test results and what I see others achieving.

To me, this makes the cost involved with hCG worth it.
You know, that whole 'it's an investment not a cost' thing.

annnd we’re gettin’ to the tail end.

Oh you want more? ruh roh,
i’m runnin’ out of steam here.

Kinda how this seems to work best for people

  1. Fully research the protocol - capital P on Preparation guys. It’s the difference between a darling or dejected outcome.
    My free tutorials on this diet here.
  2. DOSAGE! Never understimate the power of this. Learn here.
  3. Get help learning to maintain. I continue to add to this section as I keep learning from my own experience, going on 3 years now! Discussions on maintaining weight loss.

A Note from Me to You

Regardless of where you end up purchasing hCG, is mainly a free resource I created to help you do this diet and get it DONE. You’ll find

100+ coaching articles FREE for your use.

These are not your average, “make sure you drink enough water” generic type articles. We already know this right?? I share the real stuff I learned through trial and error; the tears and pain man!

Please note to be fully transparent and open with you guys, I do get a commission when you purchase hCG using my links, at no extra cost to you (in fact, you get a discount you can’t get elsewhere).

This allows me to provide a ton of support here on my blog - I spend 20-30 hours a week creating content to help you guys on this challenging path!

This here praise is not to brag, it’s to encourage you to
make use of what’s available here so you can move on to
bigger and better things in life.
Dear Hcgchica, I just want to say thank you. You are an absolute inspiration. I don't think I would have been able to continue on the hCG Diet without all your wonderful inspirational videos. You have made me realise it is possible. I am nearing my first 6 weeks of Phase 2... you are the best person for positive hCG information. Thank you and keep up the good work. You look beautiful by the way. A heathy confident woman.!" - Liz
You are so amazing and helpful-- I would have called it quits weeks ago if it wasn’t for you. " - Melissa
HCG Chica has been my best friend. Even though we have never met, I feel like you know the struggles I will have even before they occur.  My friend Shelly told me about your blog and it immediately became my source for any and every HCG  question, quandary or things I needed to review.  I especially like that I can read any video that is on the site just in case I can't listen to it. The site is easy to navigate and of course your bubbly personality makes it all the more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your journey & being as transparent as you have been to help others like myself. -Felicia
hCGChica, thanks for your constant support and advice. I look to your blogs and videos often, especially when I need inspiration to keep moving forward in my HCG journey. God Bless for all that you do for the rest of us struggling with our weight. -Bebe
I am afraid to say I was not as prepared to start HCG as I thought. Fortunately, I found Chica ( Rayzel). It was as if she was holding my hand from the beginning. Originally , I had began with a 'clinic' of which did not explain nor divulge even the simplest direction for support & success. Reminded me of college. They hand you a book, say learn it & give a test. Thank goodness Chica chronicled her 'journey' diligently with opened eyes. She has a charisma about her that makes one feel as though she is talking straight to you. Her way of letting the viewer into her personal life also made me feel as a friend would. Thank you for this Rayzel. Your dedication has been enlightening to us young HCGer's. Keep it true & strong -Wynetta

FINALLY. The end. So why all this hoopla?

Pretty much, I understand why people are so worried about finding real hCG online, because that’s exactly what I worried about when I was researching this diet. I believe we deserve to have as much factual information as is feasible, and I’m a research/analytical fanatic.

Lastly, I love color and have quite the silly side, hence a blog full of color and, well silliness (keep your eye out for my highly-artistic stick figure drawings). My passion for this protocol; people (human beings are AWESOME), and being creative, is what fuels what you see here.