Fat Fast Results on HCG (no longer recommended)

Fat Fast Results on HCG

While I did lose 1.8 lbs after my first trial at the Fat Fast day while on HCG Injections, I must make it clear that I NO LONGER SUPPORT the idea of doing fat fasting while on HCG.  I have come to my own personal conclusion that Dr. Simeons knew what he was talking about when he said to avoid all fats while on the diet.  It was kind of a craze to do fat fasting while on the protocol about a year ago and everyone was doing them.  What are my reasons for thinking this is now unwise?

I use a handheld body fat monitor daily- on and off the protocol.  While many people find these to be sporadic and unreliable, I have found the opposite to be true in my case.  I compared my handheld body fat monitor with my hydrostatic body fat test results from Round 3 (update as of 9/12: as of Round 4 as well) and it was actually pretty accurate, so I’ve found that using it is a fairly reliable way for myself to see what the composition of my weightloss is made out of- in other words- how much of the scale weight being lost is fat and how much is muscle or water?  That takes us back to the fat fasting- the day after doing a fat fast or any other “non-protocol” type day where I had higher fats in my diet than usual, I found that while I lost “weight” on the scale, my fat actually went up!  It’s possible this was a fluke, but likely not, in which case it means I was losing muscle and gaining fat when I ate fats on the diet.  Not a good thing folks!

Again, I don’t have solid concrete proof that this is actually what’s happening, as certainly there are fluctuations on my handheld body fat monitor and it’s more a useful tool when looking at an overall trend over time, but it’s enough for me to know it’s not worth the risk.  If fat fasting on the protocol causes muscle loss and fat gain at the same time, this is super unhealthy and the exact opposite of what you want to happen- you might as well consider yourself as gaining weight even though you saw the scale go down.

I hope I don’t offend anyone with my strong opinion on this- I respect everyone’s right to make their own choices, but for me I have decided this is possibly (likely) a very unhealthy thing to do while on the protocol.  I want everyone to get what they want out of this protocol- which is to lose fat and shrink visibly and get into those smaller clothes- am I right or am I right?


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