The Story on Miracle Noodles and Shirataki Noodles – HCG Diet R3P2D17-19 129.2, 10.5 lbs body fat lost

HCG Diet R3P2D17-19 – Miracle Noodles and Shirataki Noodles

Total loss of 14 in 19 vlcd days now.  According to my Omron Body Fat Monitor, 10.5 lbs of this is fat, and puts me at 27.6% bodyfat when I started at 32.1%, which is a 4.5% difference in less than 3 weeks, with no exercise.

I sometimes have Shirataki noodles, also known as Miracle noodles while on HCG Injections.  I wanted to help clarify something about these noodles. Sometimes the packaging can be misleading because you might see the ingredients say “yam flour” or something to that effect. Well, obviously in the  english language, yams are a starchy carb vegetable that are definitely NOT allowed on the protocol, so hence you will see some people on forums telling people that they can’t have miracle noodles on the protocol.

Never fear. These noodles are NOT made with Yam flour- this is just how the Chinese translated the term for the root that the noodles are really made from which is called Konjac. The Konjac root is only soluble fiber- it’s not a starch we as humans can digest or absorb as calories or carbs- it simply goes through our system as fiber. So when the package says 0 calories, they’re not lying. These shirataki noodles are made from this Konjac root. Just be sure not to get the Tofu shirataki noodles- they’re a different story.

However, some people will stay “I don’t care if they are supposedly 0 calories or have no carbs, I had a gain, or I stalled when I ate those noodles.”

One thing to keep in mind is that while these noodles are just fiber and have no carbs or calories, they still have a significant amount of bulk to them. If you eat 1 lb of noodles, and you haven’t gone to the bathroom by the next morning, you have 1 lb extra of food sitting in your intestines- it’s not fat, you just have more food, more bulk, sitting in your intestines, along with a little extra water perhaps to move that fiber along. So again, if you see a “stall” or a “gain” from eating these noodles, it’s not a true stall or gain- just those noodles sittin’ in your stomach en route.

I feel you can safely eat the Shirataki/Miracle noodles while on the protocol. I have done that most of my rounds, and lost significant percentages of fat with those rounds (90% and 80% respectively I think it was).

Updated notation November 2014: I’ve been trying out some of the other styles of noodles made by the Miracle Noodle team- I’m LOVING the fettucine cut!  They are my fav. They also have a “rice” version and a angel hair pasta version – so if you want to have the various custom cuts of zero carb pasta, you can purchase those at the Miracle Noodle’s site here. And keep in mind their shelf life is like a whole year, so you have plenty of time to use them if you buy it in bulk.

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