Skincare and Makeup Products Safe to Use on the HCG Diet- Mac to Maybelline

Hey guys! I am so happy to present to you all a special list compiled by a fellow HCG friend who is a Makeup Artist and Skincare Specialist.

She has spent literally hours and hours putting this list together- contacting companies, investigating different ingredients, to make sure that the products were oil free.

It’s nice not to have to purchase new makeup or skincare products just for the Diet- with this list you can find out if the beauty products you are already using whether it’s makeup, lotion, and other skincare products that may be just fine to use.

Many people ask me what lotions, what makeup, etc. they can safely use on the protocol- I haven’t really known what to share with them, until now.

I hope this helps you guys in your endeavor to have success on the weight loss protocol.

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  • Michele Marie Marvel

    Am I missing something? I can’t seem to locate “the list” for the approved products? I am in DIRE need of a lotion… Between my handwashing as a nurse, the weather & HCG Diet, my skin is sooo dry!!! Thanks for any help :-)

    • Rayzel Lam

      Did you sign up for my newsletter/email updates? When you fill out the box above to do that, the list gets sent automatically to your email- let me know if you are still having trouble after that okay?

      • Michelle Stewart, RDH

        I do not see a URL link for the approved cosmetics list in you email only a confirmation of subscription URL and a URL that puts me right back @ this page.

  • inspired girl – barbara yaffee

    HI @flag7drawer:disqus, I cant’ seem to get the mac product list. I tried to sign up but since I am already signed up, I can’t get it that way. Tips? :)

  • brandyf1

    Hi I’m inspired by you and would like to start hcg myself, but I live in Canada and am having a very hard time finding this product !! Is there anyway I can get here ? I need help!!!

    • Rayzel Lam

      Hey! As far as I know, the U.S. hcg company on my hcg buy page can ship to Canada- (the one on the Left)

      • brandyf1

        Hi thsnk u for getting back to me as o soon .unfortunately this site that you gave me will not allow shipping to Canada. If there is any other site I should try plz let me know thanks . I tried escrorefill?

  • Judi

    Hi Rayzel, I signed up for your newsletter and I did not get the list. HELP!

  • yami

    hi does anyone knows about lipstick or lip gloss that could be safe, also any order safe make up products Please help Thanks

  • Ajalena

    I’ve requested your ebook Maybelline to Mac and signed up for your newsletters, but I haven’t received anything…

  • Tracey

    Hi signed up for this newsletter last week but never go to the cosmetics list. I start VLCD on Tuesday and need to to clear about products. Plus, I’m an Esthetician ad handle oil based products allot so I’m concerned.

  • Maleta

    I am already on your email list, how can I get “the list”?

  • Brenda Bergstrom-Graf

    I am still in the research phase of hcg. Have not committed yet. I have a major question that needs to be addressed. I am a massage therapist and I have my hands and forearms in oil every day sometimes for several hours at a time. Ive had a client who was on the hcg diet who insisted I not use any oil product on them during their phase 2 and 3. How essential is it for me to not have my skin exposed to oils? I would think the molecules are too large to enter the blood stream through my skin and become fat in my body.

  • Cheryl Ann Johnson

    Good Evening, I subscribed back in August and did not receive the links for approved skincare products. Can you please forward me a copy of this along with any other helpful downloads? Thanks a bunch! I enjoy your posts and appreciate your time.

  • Roni Jonah

    I sent my email days ago and never got the list. Can I please have it if there is one?

  • Ricki Rivera

    How do I create a blog? Soon, I will be going through my hcg journey for 3 or 4 phases.

    • HCGChica

      Hi @rickirivera:disqus I believe you can set up a blog for free pretty easily through if you check that out. :)

  • LaTonya Gray

    I would love a list of the approved makeup and lotions and cleansers

  • Paula

    Hello :)
    I just started the hcg diet after running into your blog! Haha thanks. Anyway, I have a question. How sensitive will I be to oils? I’m just a little hesistant because I’m a waitress at a hibachi/teppanyaki restaraunt. Having said that, when I take out plates or what not, most of the time, it’s really oily.. Will that be a big problem??

  • Joseph Dickerson

    You need to be cautious about cosmetics, many have hidden oils in them. I think glycerin based soaps and lotions are best to keep your skin soft while on the HCG diet. Also there are products that use a derivative of coconut oil called Cocamidopropyl Betaine which is found in Neutrogena Rainbath and a number other body washes like Old Spice, I think Neutrogena Rainbath is excellent, I live in Seattle which has a climate conducive to dry skin. Aveeno products tend to use glycerin as well as the softening agent, some use oil in them, just make sure to check the label in the store, Aveeno is an excellent brand in addition to Neutrogena. Jason makes good oil free products but they are very expensive.

    Make sure you avoid using actual oils because it could slow down or reverse your weight loss. It does not matter if its a high quality one like extra virgin coconut oil, you need to steer clear of fats during phase 2. A very small trace in your proteins is not going to affect you put a tablespoon of oil is going to hurt your progress.

  • Yasmine

    Every Product I check on this List has Mineral oils like Dimethicone in it and other very bad ingredients like Parabens =(
    Not one of them is okay and good for you and this diet!

    • HCGChica

      Hey @Yasmine – mineral oil is actually okay to use on the protocol- if you read the original Protocol Pounds and Inches Dr. Simeons stated so. It’s only oils that our body would absorb as calories if ingested that we must avoid- things like avocado oil, etc. Not saying mineral oil and Parabens are healthy necessarily, but these are products that many people choose to use in their daily life and the mineral oil is not an oil that actually interferes with fat loss on the hCG diet just to clarify. But I’m with you on the health aspect! I actually use only olive oil on my skin now (off hCG of course!) and no longer use any man made beauty products except for very occasional mousse/hairspray like twice a month when I make videos lol – other than I’m a pretty au natural gal these days and I agree it’s important! – Rayzel

  • Leah Renee Mcgowan

    I am wondering if the HCG hormones will they affect my current birth control?

    • Karlene Brouillet

      Yes according to my Dr. you need 2 forms of birth control while on the program. He insisted even though my husband has had a vasectomy.

      • Ciara Albright

        Hey! I was looking for info on this. My fiance and I are not trying to have kids right now. So…I am on the pill. That is not enough?

        • Karlene Brouillet

          My Dr said 2 forms of contraceptives while on the diet, no compromise. However I do see many different forms of the diet being used. We are using the injections supplied by our Dr. and weekly Bvit shots.

          • HCGChica

            Hey you two! @Karlene Brouillet @Leah Renee Mcgowan I’ll just throw in a little extra here – I have seen an inordinate number of people get pregnant on this protocol when they previously could not get pregnant despite trying, so it does make you wonder! Obviously that is just anecdotal, but it’s enough for me to be cautious if you don’t want to add to the family! – Rayzel

  • Lisa

    I am on day 2 of eating like a pig and I start the second phase tomorrow. To be honest, I’m going to eat more than 500 calories starting tomorrow. I will stick to the same foods, but larger portions. I will avoid sugar and carbs. I am going to eat mostly chicken, asparagus, cucumbers. I don’t eat fish. To be my ideal weight, I only need to lose 20-25 pounds in total to begin with, but want to make sure I keep it off. Just want a kick start to feel good again and look good again, as I lack motivation to work out since I gained this weight. I stopped working out and lost my muscle and gained 20 pounds. It’s been almost three years now and I just have no motivation to lose it. My fault, as I don’t try. I do maintain and not gain though. I’m 5’8 175 pounds and look good at 150-155 (even better at 140-155) but I’ll be happy either way. I just know, from experience, 500 calories a day is NOT healthy and you WILL gain it back fast unless you are super careful. I feel without HCG I woukd lose it if I ate 500 a day, but that’s just my opinion. So, I decided I’m going for about 800-1000 calories. If I can do 500, I will, or I will mix it up. I have the HCG shots (no B-12 though) I have phentermine too. I’m going to have a breast re-aug and lift in six weeks, so will be out off and off the HCG and Phentermine before surgery. Not sure why I’m taking this now. Seems like a bad time before surgery. However, they gave me a month supply because I mentioned I wanted to lose 20 pounds. I’m REALLY stressing over this lotion situation. I’m a lotion freak, body, hands, feet and face. Makeup is not an issue. I don’t wear it daily. Face lotion, soap, etc is something I am worried about. I don’t want to waste the HCG by using bad products, but don’t want to spend a fortune either. I heard baby oil is okay, but not my favorite choice. What other body lotions, foot lotions, hand lotions are recommended? I also read somewhere about toothpaste, deodersnt, hair products. This is a little much in my opinion. I would be happy with 15 pounds before surgery (more would be better of course) and then Excercise after recovery to get my tone back. I guess any input would help. Will I lose with the HCG and no B12 shot while taking a great multivitamin and sticking to the diet foods as best I can? Is it all or nothing? Is the lotions a huge factor? Please help! Thank you :)

  • nikki

    Can Vaseline be used on the skin during P2?

  • Lucy Gilbert

    I am 61 years old you have some success story with seniors?

  • paulainsc

    Well for crying OUTLOUD! I signed up for the emails and did everything I was suppose to do and STILL am not able to get the list of makeup products. This is very important to me and it seems to be for those who commented as well. How do I access this list? I’m telling you I have tried everything I know to do and still nothing. Help?

  • paulainsc

    Boy talk about fast action! I was frustrated because I wasn’t getting the list of makeup products so I stated as much in the comments section. No sooner had I done that …I recieved the list with a smile. Thank you for your quick response.

  • Gloria

    I am just starting the hcg diet. I need a list of skin care I can use while on the diet. Could some one please help me. Items like soap, Deodorant and lotion

  • Paula

    I am a massage therapist and use coconut oil on my clients. Is this going to mess up my protocol? I haven’t started the diet yet.

  • Jan Rudd

    I am preparing to start the diet. I don’t have a ton of money to buy all new makeup and hair products. Can you suggest the cheapest oil free products? Also, can I continue to use my current hair products?

  • Martha Favela

    I need to know what can be used on the protein drink on phase 2.