Skincare Products Safe to Use on the HCG Diet- Mac to Maybelline

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Hey guys! I am so happy to present to you all a special list compiled by a fellow HCG friend who is a Makeup Artist and Skincare Specialist.

She has spent literally hours and hours putting this list together- contacting companies, investigating different ingredients, to make sure that the products were oil free.

It’s nice not to have to purchase new makeup or skincare products just for the Diet- with this list you can find out if the beauty products you are already using whether it’s makeup, lotion, and other skincare products that may be just fine to use.

Many people ask me what lotions, what makeup, etc. they can safely use on the protocol- I haven’t really known what to share with them, until now.

I hope this helps you guys in your endeavor to have success on the weight loss protocol.


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Maybelline to Mac-

Beauty Products*
Safe to Use
on the hCG Diet

*researched by a skincare specialist

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