the Digital hCG Diet Workbook:
Phase 2 
Daily tracker, Weekly tracker, Diet Guide, AND Coaching section, all in one.
Wheww. That was a mouthful.

  • Stay on track and stay motivated by daily tracking your progress on the hCG protocol.
  • Have all the rules for the diet at your fingertips- the original protocol as well as often used modifications.
  • Stay motivated (and sane) through the hefty coaching section.
  • Buy just once but use the tracking pages over and over.
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$34.99, yours to keep and use
over and over the rest of your life.

Designed to be used
no matter which hCG protocol you are following

Injections or Drops, Prescription hCG or Homeopathic, 500 calories or don't matter. You can track with this.

You get 2 Versions of the Digital Workbook with your purchase:

PRINTABLE VERSION - Print the worksheet pages from your home computer and track your daily progress. 

DEVICE VERSION - This version of the digital workbook can be read on your device and if you download a 3rd party app (like Adobe Acrobat Reader app- it's free) you can fill out the worksheet pages all on your phone or tablet!

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Keep hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times during this tour, and please, no feeding of the workbooks.

Tour of PRINTABLE Version

Tour of DEVICE Version

BUY NOW - $34.99

3 Things the DIGITAL Workbook Allows You To Do...

  • Yours Foh-eva & eva

    Buy it once and it will last you your entire journey, however many rounds you need to do.

  • Print it

    Formatted to make it so that you can print any parts of the workbook you desire and hole punch to keep in a binder.

  • Fillable On Your Device

    Designed to easily read on your device (tablet or phone) and fill in the tracking pages if you open the ebook in the free 3rd party app, Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Quick Note: Who even AM I?

I'M RAYZEL, known online as HCGCHICA.

I lost purposefully threw away
50 lbs with hCG injections, maintaining my weight loss over 4 years now.


I was 172 lbs at 5'1" and a size 16/18. It was that point where my 16's were too tight but I was like OH no I'm not buying one more stinkin' size up. But I didn't really know what I was going to do at that point. Finding hCG has changed my life. I finished losing my 50 lbs in October 2012 and I've been maintaining ever since.

During that time I've interacted with, quite literally, thousands of other ladies & gents through my blog and between their input and feedback, and my own experiences on the protocol, I've come to learn the types of things we hCGers really need to succeed.

SO....What's in the Workbook?

There's 6 main sections - some you read, some you write in.


GUIDANCE: We discuss things like staying sane, reality checks when deciding how to do this protocol, what kind of weight loss to expect scientifically and why, stalls on the diet, what to do about cheating/failures, deciding on an ultimate goal, what to do when you don't feel ready, and tips on planning ahead.


DETAILED DIET DIRECTIONS: The original protocol as Dr. Simeons created it is all here, listed step by step + common successfully used modifications to the protocol. I've included instructions on what you can do prior to starting hCG as well as during the loading phase to improve your results, as well as principles to help guide you in Phase 3 and 4. I've taken great care to lay out the information in a visually appealing and easy to read way - I find for myself that I get lost when there's just tons of tiny text. This is not like that.


QUICK GLANCE PROGRESS TRACKING: This area is designed to be able to see your overall progress, at a glance, from week to week. Track your weight loss and inch loss. A trouble shooting log help you- well troubleshoot! But writing it down and seeing what problems that came up and what you tried to solve them - what worked and didn't work- and being able to see this all at a glance will help you during the rest of your round or future rounds when similar situations come up. This section really helps you see your overall progress- it an be all too easy to forget how far you've come on those days where you don't lose as much as you think you should have- seeing it all right there before you is a big deal and can really help you stay strong.


This is where you will spend most of your time. Track everything you want + take notes. This helps you stay on track - living on this protocol a day at a time can feel really slow at times and it's also easy to forget something of note that may have effected how you felt the next day, or your losses, etc.- this helps you be able to look back and see these details and make connections.

Weight loss, sleep, supplements, dosage (injections or drops), injection location, food (quick check boxes), calories, water intake, and notes.


Printable sheets AND fillable on your device with the Adobe Acrobat reader app. The point: this helps you journal thoughts and feelings related to your gradual transformation, or to write down the factual/logical stuff you learn as you make this change.


for all the Phase 2 protocol foods as well as off-protocol foods commonly used and it has the info for various serving sizes as well to make it easy for you. The point: some find this useful to know just what's going in their mouths. You do NOT have to use this, it's not necessary, it's just a tool some like so it's there for that reason.

Yeah but does the workbook REALLY help? I'll let your fellow hCG peeps speak to that.

BUY NOW - $34.99

Your Ebooks will be available for instant download after payment.
Yours to use over and over forever!

Once again, the goods:

  • Track daily - weight, sleep, food, dosage, water intake, food, calories, supplements, notations
  • Track weekly - weight, inch loss
  • Trouble shooting log
  • Comprehensive coaching section
  • Detailed instructions for the protocol - preloading, loading, phase 2
  • Reflections and Notes Area
  • Calorie count charts - for multiple serving sizes of protocol foods + several commonly used off protocol foods
  • Printable from your home computer
  • Fillable on your device with the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader app
  • Reuse as many times as you need!
BUY NOW - $34.99

Your Ebooks will be available for instant download after payment
Yours to use over and over forever!

You Got Some Q's? Well, I Got Some A's

  • q-iconSo what does that mean FILLABLE pdf?

    Okay. So this is a digital PDF right? Which means, you will be sent a link to your email where you can download the PDF document to your device or your computer. Now the workbook has a lot of tracking pages that you have to be able to enter your stats into right? SO….the cool thing is that IF you download an app on your phone – the app I know that works is free and it’s called Adobe Acrobat Reader (download on IOS here, ANDROID here – when you open the PDF workbook IN this app,  you will be able to fill in ALL the fields right on your device – your tablet or phone – as long as you have this app installed and use the workbook in that app. I have included a link to the app for you IN the workbook itself so you won’t be lost! So just to be clear- what you’re buying from me is NOT an app, it’s a digital workbook download – a digital ebook. If you open it in the app I described, you will be able to use the workbook entirely from your device if you choose.

  • q-iconWhat If I decide I don't like the workbook after all?

    You so cray-zay, that ain’t gonna happen. No just kidding, I’ll totally just refund you. Just send me an email at [email protected] and say it wasn’t your cup of tea and my helper Lucelle will take care of you! I want you to be happy and if you’re not happy, we don’t have to do this thing.

  • q-iconWhat's the best way to use the PRINTABLE sheets?

    I formatted the printable version so that there is plenty of margin space to hole punch your papers and put them all in a binder for easy reading and reference. You could also just staple a pack together but I think a binder would make for easier reference.

  • q-iconSince there are so many sections of the book, how will I know what to print?

    If you are going to print your tracking pages, at the very beginning of the workbook I have a chart that tells you exactly what pages to print for if you are going to do a 3 week round, a 4 week round, a 6 week round, etc. There are up to 9 weeks worth of tracking for those of you on super long rounds.

  • q-iconSo is this an app?

    No. But I totally understand if you are confused. This is an ebook essentially. BUT the ebook becomes something where you can fill in the tracking pages, right on your device, when you download a third party app that’s free – the one that works well is Adobe Acrobat Reader – you download the app (not mine) and then you open this ebook IN that app – then the ebook becomes interactive and you can now fill in all the fields right from your device. I have links to where to download the free app right at the beginning of the ebook for both IOS and Android.

  • q-iconWill you ever stop talking about crossfit?

    Not likely. It’s a bit of an obsession at this point.

BUY NOW - $34.99

Your Ebooks will be available for instant download after payment
Yours to use over and over forever!

BUY NOW - $34.99

Your Ebooks will be available for instant download after payment
Yours to use over and over forever!