Learning how to Record and Upload Vlogs on Youtube for the hCG Diet


I realize not everyone will want to bare their souls on youtube, but for those who are interested in documenting their hCG Diet journey by vlogging in order to get and give support while losing weight in a “community” type setting (I highly recommend this- it has been a huge part of my personal success), I thought I’d give you guys some links with tutorials on the technical aspect of getting set up to vlog.

The best way to get into learning how to vlog and upload your vlogs to youtube of course is to find a family member or friend who is already up on this to show you!  If you don’t have that, the below will hopefully at least get you going in the right direction.

Eventually I will create my own step by step tutorials, but for now check out the links below to learn how to do this.

If your computer or laptop does not have a webcam already in it:You will then need to purchase a webcam to install- Logitech is a common brand of webcam and you can find easily and cheaply (like $15-30) at places like Target.  Just purchase one, and follow the installation instructions it comes with- it’s pretty straight forward.

If you already have a webcam in your computer or laptop:

If your laptop came with a webcam as part of it, you should be able to find the program associated with it- usually you’ll see an icon on your desktop that looks like a webcam or something like that.


How to Record and Upload Videos from your computer/webcam to Youtube

How to Record and Upload Video with iphone 4

How to upload Videos from your iphone to youtube

How to Record and Upload Video with iPad


Learning how to vlog:

How to vlog: Focus on the Lens

Quick tip here: look at the camera lense, not at yourself in the computer screen- that’s the only thing that will make you look like a real newbie (don’t worry, I did it my first few vlogs too).


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