The #1 Reason for Stalls on the hCG Diet

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Now that we’ve eliminated any other general cause for not losing weight or what you might feel are slow losses on Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) for a few days (as seen in Part 1 here), lets get to what’s probably the case for the majority of people:

How Are You Looking At Your Weight Loss?

The first thing I ask someone who’s come to me saying they aren’t losing weight is how many pounds have you lost so far?  And how many days have you been on the diet?  Usually the response is something like, “it’s vlcd 15 and I’ve lost 14.6 lbs.”  This woman has lost over 14 lbs in 14 days folks!  She has a 1lb/day average at this point.  This is phenomenal!  Yet, she was looking at the past 3 days or so and seeing that she gained .2 lbs one day, then lost nothing the following 2 days after that (don’t feel bad if you are one of the people whose emailed me about this- you are not alone!  Many have, so I thought it would make the perfect topic for an article).  And when it’s your first time on the protocol, and you’re not quite sure what to expect, this can be unsettling.

But see what happens is sometimes we forget to look at the overall picture.  In reality, the overall average weightloss for women on the diet plan is actually about .5/lb day.  This doesn’t mean you will lose exactly 1/2 a pound each day- it means that throughout the course of the 3 or 6 weeks you are on the protocol, you will lose nothing some days, and you will lose 2 lbs overnight some days, and so on, so that by the end of HCG Injections round, you’ll have lost around 20 lbs in 40 days or so- sometimes women lose more than this, sometimes less.  But the point is……

Reason 5: Our Bodies Aren’t Machines

If you lose 14 lbs in 14 days say, your body may now be playing a little catch up- which is basically a phrase to say that I have no idea what your body is actually doing, but I know that a body can’t just continually lose a consistent amount of weight day in and day out without sometimes having periods where the scale doesn’t really move.  That’s just how it happens.

If any of you have watched The Biggest Loser show,  it happens to them too!  You see them working their buttoms off all week, exercising seemingly 10 hours a day for 7 days, and then some weeks they lose 12 lbs and other weeks they lose 2 lbs- even though the effort put into each of those weeks was exactly the same.  Why is this?  Who knows (maybe a real trainer could tell ya), but the point is, our bodies don’t work like clock work in this manner. Our bodies are actually designed to live in a state of homeostasis- it tries to keep things the same- our blood pressure, our daily temperature, our heart rate.  When making such a drastic change to our body while on the diet, you will come to find it’s totally normal to have short periods of time, even up to a week sometimes, where there is little or no weightloss.

Even weight loss on different rounds of the protocol will vary.

No doubt you gained weight inconsistently to start with right?  You didn’t just start overeating and gain exactly .3 lb’s per day for a year right?  In fact, there have been periods in my life where I ate very unhealthfully and gained weight very quickly, like 8-10 lbs in just one month, then other periods where I was eating pretty much the same, but didn’t really gain any weight at all for months- I was already quite overweight and it was my like my body was kind of “set” where it was.

The #1 Reason for Stalls on the hCG Diet -

Look At the Big Picture

So whenever you are feeling discouraged over not losing weight sometimes, take stock of how your whole round on the protocol has gone so far.  Most likely you have accomplished more than you realize already.

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  • Gloria Cabrera

    How long after you finish last inyection wen is good time to start another round?

    • HCGChica

      Hi Gloria- I have a post on this actually here: to help you.

      • Debra Thomas

        Please advise! I’m on R1P2d8 and only down 4.5 lbs from my highest loading day weight
        I’m taking .125 injections.
        Any thoughts?

  • Maria

    I’am so frustrated!! I have lost 14 pounds in 26 days. So I have 14 days left on HCG. Is it normal to go 9 days without losing then lose another 2 pounds then have another 2 days with the same weight? I have not cheated one single time and am about to do another Plateau. I am trying to be positive as I am very disappointed in my total weight loss. I’m still 13 pounds short of my goal.Please help… Very discouraged!!

    • HCGChica

      Hey +Maria – 14 lbs in 26 days is actually really good! I’m not sure why you are not happy? That’s a .53lb per day average- excellent and normal for a woman on hCG. Especially if you are only 13 lbs from goal, the weight loss will actually slow down even more most likely – there are some sites that say you can lose 1 lb per day, but I have found in women this is simply not true. Your stats are actually awesome!

  • Francie

    I’m happy I read Maria’s post; I am at the same exact day and only lost 14 pounds, was very discouraged until I read HCCHICA’s reply. I knew it was almost impossible for women to lose that much that fast. The doctor I see told me the same thing, she praised my loss and doesn’t see it as failure like I did. I feel better now and will remain positive rather than fear the last leg of my injections. Thanks Girls!

    • HCGChica

      Hey Francie- hi again! Lol I just replied to your other comment – sorry it was late, but I see you already found the right perspective! I’m so glad you are feeling more positive- that is just so crucial to success on this protocol – you are achieving great things!

  • Connie Settles

    I have a question that I haven’t seen addressed anywhere. I work straight night shifts. So if you have any tips or help for that aspect of how to start and follow an hcg diet, it would be greatly appreciated! When to do injects when to do meal times and whether anyone else out the is a shift worker that had been successful using the hcg diet! ? Thanks

    • HCGChica

      Hey @conniesettles:disqus – from time to time I do get emails from other ladies with similar schedule! I know that can make it more challenging. One thing some of these women have tried after we thought about it a bit, was taking their hCG shot at night instead of mornings- basically taking your hCG at the start of the period of time that you will be awake and most busy for the long period of hours following that is probably the best time to take your hCG. As far as meal times, you can adjust that accordingly as well- sometimes with these demanding schedules or people who are not getting as much sleep as others, it has seemed to wise to add in an additional protein serving as well (so this could end up being about 100 additional calories). I hope that helps a little- it can be done, I have communicated with a few like you! Let me know if doing it that way ends up making it more doable for you.

    • Meg Torelli

      I have this problem too- my boyfriend snores incessantly and I have always been an insomniac. I have actually gained weight I think due to my messy sleeping schedule. This is the first time I have failed losing during the protocol, and I think it can only be the times of my meals and injections!

  • Debra Thomas

    Please advise! I’m on R1P2d8 and only down 4.5 lbs from my highest loading day weight
    I’m taking .125 injections.
    Any thoughts?}

    • Linda

      Did anyone answer your question?

  • MiguelyGinger Martinez

    did u ever drink monster zero while doing p2? i seem to stall 3 days each time i drink one. it has zero calories and zero carbs. whats your thought on that? i have lost 40 lbs in 31 days.

    • HCGChica

      Hi @miguelygingermartinez:disqus No I haven’t. I did look up the ingredients, and the ingredient label lists Erythritol, Sucralose, and Maltodextrin as the sweeteners. The maltodextrin which is actually a starch may be proving to be a problem, or the erythritol because it’s a sugar alcohol and in some quantities can possible affect things for some on hCG, or both. So probably one or both of those ingredients. Sorry! And wow 40 lbs in 31 days?? How many lbs are you hoping to lose total by the end of your weight loss journey?

    • MiguelyGinger Martinez

      my first intial thought was i wanted to get down to 180 lbs. i started at 282. so 102 lbs was my first goal. but now that im down to 239 and im gonna do my last shot this round on fri 12/19/14
      ive decided to continue as many rounds as needed to get down to 130 lbs..
      im defiantly not drinking anymore monster zeros

  • Kellye Frye

    Hi, I have been on the diet for 20 days and my weight is bouncing around. I’m only down an average of five pounds. I am trying to lose 25 lbs. mainly from my abdominal area and thighs. I have a abnormally high heart rate when standing, walking, etc. due to an autonomic issue, so I thought this would be the best way to lose the weight the illness has caused me to put on in the last year. I’m on two different meds for my heart rate which I know are not making it easy to lose the weight. I’ve been watching my carbs (more of the HCG 2.0 diet) and eating more protein. My appetite is suppressed and sometimes I forget to eat. My question is have you had anyone with similar issues as mine that is losing weight very slowly? If so, any advice?

    • HCGChica

      Hey @kellyefrye:disqus can I get some more details to see if I can pinpoint any possibilities?
      1. What is your current height and weight?
      2. How many calories are you eating on hCG? As far as I know the hCG 2.0 diet is more like 800 calories? Many do not lose nearly as well with this, so the lower weight loss is quite expected. Dr. Simeons actually said a diet of 800-1000 calories would cause weight maintenance on hCG, not weight loss.
      3. What food list for phase 2 are you following? Or what I mean is, what foods in addition to the original diet list are you eating?
      4. How is your sleeping? You are getting a full 8-10 hours a night?
      5. Are there any P2 foods you’re eating on a daily basis that might be worth removing to see if you are having a food intolerance issue?

  • Holly MacKenzie

    How do you feel about combining hcg with raspberry ketones ?

    • HCGChica

      @Holly Mackenzie you know it’s not something I’ve researched much, but I don’t think it probably hurts.

  • Ashley

    Hi Rayzel – I’ve been on the HCG Diet for 14 days now and have lost 16 lbs. WOW! I’m definitely pleased with the number…however, my body fat hasn’t dropped one bit and my hydration hasn’t gone up either. Is there something I’m missing here? Why am I not losing any fat?

  • Inpsired Girl – Barbara Yaffee

    This is all really helpful. It is important to realize that stalls are normal, and that days when you lose a full pound will be balanced out with stall days. Rayzel, have you ever tried the accelerator? I am trying it for the first time. My friend said she had great success with it, wondered what you thought of it?

    ~Inspired Girl aka Barbara

  • Joseph Dickerson

    Its not uncommon to see a stall while on HCG but that does not mean you should feel discouraged, it usually passes after a few days, the best thing is to do an apple day or just continue with the protocol. Also having two glasses of warm water with apple cider vinegar seems to work wonders for some reason.

    • HCGChica

      You are on FIRE @Joseph Dickerson with commenting on my blog ;) All good thoughts, thanks!

      • Joseph Dickerson

        I have stalled on three rounds on HCG, Phase 2, its nothing to worry about, stalling is normal according my physician. Also the big worry is Phase 3, those 3 weeks, and to many Phase 3 can be 4 to as many as 6 weeks depending upon your comfort level, is key. The second round, I went on vacation and forgot Phase 3 and forgot about watching starches and sugars but I went to an exotic foreign country and was consuming exotic sugary foods, which necessitated me doing a third round. Losing weight in Phase 2 is not an excuse to celebrate just yet.

      • Joseph Dickerson

        I think Apple Cider Vinegar with warm water can help with stalls, also an apple day, also green tea and coffee, all of these have a diuretic effect on the body. Most likely water retention is the reason for the “stall”.

  • Shall

    I am antibiotics for the last 12 day and my weight has barely budged. I am on day 34 and have lost 20.8 pounds. Should I continue on to day 42 or should I just start stabilization phase.

    • HCGChica

      Hey @Shall sorry to hear about this! I do seem to see that antibiotics in particular don’t seem to pair well with hCG. It might be best to start Phase 3 if you have to be on the antibiotics awhile longer still. Although 20.8 lbs in 34 days is actually an excellent ratio of weight loss per days on the diet. That is considered totally average.

  • Vanessa

    Im on HCG have been on it for 2weeks and on the weekend I did major cheating!! I had gained 7 pounds in the gorging stage prior to starting the die, 4 days into the diet I has already lost it and was 2 ounds under my normal weight however after cheating I am now back at the weight I was when I was gorging. What should I do?!!!!? I need to loose this weight should I continue the injections or should I stop them so I can lose what I gained back from cheating? PLEASE HELP ME