3 Ways To Know HCG Injections are REAL

Many of you come to me wanting to be reassured that what I recommend through my website are indeed real HCG Injections – and it’s smart of you to be cautious because certainly you don’t want to screw up your body by using something fake- I certainly wouldn’t do that to my body.  So I’m here to give you the 3 reasons why I know for a FACT that the hormone I’ve been using from both resources I recommend is indeed the real hormone.  If you find the following information helpful, you can look further into the pros and cons for each Injection source at my Buy Page.

Also 1 reason people sometimes mistakenly think their hormone is fake- hunger.  Hunger is not normal on the diet- but often it is the DOSE that the person is taking that is causing improper hunger and bad losses on the diet- it is essential to find the correct dose of the hormone to take to feel comfortable on the diet, as well as to lose the right kind of weight.  Please see my blogpost on dosing here:  How Should You Feel When You’re On the Right Dose of hCG?  I can’t tell you how many times now that I’ve worked with people online to adjust their dose, and how doing so brought them immense relief as they were no longer hungry at the proper dose.

These are REAL HCG Injections

Reason #1:  The NO HUNGER effect

I have experienced the no hunger effect that taking the right dose produces- what this means is that when I use the hunger scale that Robin Woodall talks about her in book on the protocol, Weight-Loss Apocalypse: Emotional Eating Rehab Through the hCG Protocol (a must read btw), I only eat between 350-600 calories on a given day while on the diet plan.  Eating to hunger involves eating when you’re hungry, and stopping when your satisfied.  I focused specifically on doing this my past round of the protocol (not simply eating the 500 calories whether I was hungry or not), and I discovered some days I didn’t even eat all 500 calories.  Other days I ate just a bit more- closer to 600.

The point is, if the hormone I was using were not real and working,  there is NO WAY I would eat 500 calories or less based on my true hunger.  Off of the hormone, I eat at least 1700-2000 calories a day, if not more.  A normal person simply doesn’t eat 500 calories a day naturally or comfortably, unless they’re using the hormone.  I know this first hand because I have also experimented with intermittent fasting (IF), which I also love and believe in, however I’ll be honest and say the feeling of hunger and the need to distract myself and keep busy is much stronger when fasting compared to using hormone injections.

On the weight loss protocol (as long as you are taking the correct dose of hormone for you remember), you will be able to eat 500 calories of food, and be comfortable- as if you had eaten an amount of calories that you would have normally eaten.  This is because your body really is using your fat for fuel and you are technically living on a lot more than 500 calories- it’s just your body is getting these calories from your fat instead of food.

Reason #2:  Proof of FAT loss with Injections

I have had hydrostatic body fat testing done with all my rounds of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Diet.  It was very important to me from the start to know that the weightloss I experience was healthy ie. fat and not mass amounts of muscle.  I’ve grown up being fitness conscious so I was well aware of the concerns over muscle loss and poor metabolism.

I have quite a bit of proof now, both from my own results, and the results of others that the real hormone that I and others have used has allowed for a high percentage of fat loss.  I experienced 88% fat loss just from my last round of the protocol- during that round I only lost 1 lb of muscle, and just a couple months later now, I already have more muscle/lean mass than before that round started- so I already gained that 1 lb muscle back, along with an additional 1.5 lbs muscle, while keeping off almost all the fat loss I experienced.



Reason #3: Tested Positive on a Pregnancy Test

To be honest, this is something I’m starting to hesitate about recommending anymore, simply because I’m finding that many people do not read the pregnancy test correctly, and I’m finding some pregnancy tests are simply not reliable enough for the small amount of the hormone being used to test it with.  Any double line, no matter how faint, is positive.  As they say, you can’t be just a little pregnant right?

That said, I can truthfully tell you I’ve tested almost every single batch that I’ve used, and every single one has shown a positive pregnancy reading, meaning the hormone is present.

In fact, in the past because of concerns over gradually losing it’s potency once mixed, I used to re-mix mine every 10 days- however, my last round I used from ushcginjections for the first time- I tested their product with a pregnancy test on day 1 and day 28, and guess what?  Even 28 days after being mixed, it was still registering positive, and I still felt very comfortable with no hunger on my 125iu dose.  So I feel very comfortable now with using the one vial of hormone for the full 28 days.

Purchasing the Shots

I hope that helps you feel more confident about the source- you can see the pros and cons of purchasing shots or to mix as rx drops here at my Buy Page.  You can see the results that I’ve personally had on my Before and After Results page.

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  • Michelle Wiedemann-Downey

    I am on my 5th day of Phase 2. I have been using ketosis sticks to test if I am losing fat or not. They are showing normal, which means there is not a lot of fat being lost BUT! then again, I only lost 1.5 pounds this week so far. I am still having a lot of hunger. I started with 150 on my injections and yesterday I upped it to 200. I would have gone only to 175 but the needles they sent me only do 15 cc and the next line is 20 cc so 15 was easy to figure out but 175 not so easy. So I am not sure why I am having so much hunger. I WILL figure it out and get it resolved, though.

    On the other hand, I wanted to endorse hcgchica’s recommendations on where to purchase REAL hcg. I got mine from escrowrefills and tested it with pregnancy test and it came out positive! HA! I was really excited to find out that I hadn’t been ripped of and actually got the real stuff! Yayeeeeee!

    Ok. Good luck to ya’ll on your hcg journeys.

    • http://hcgchica.com/ HCGChica

      Hey Michelle- I know we already caught up about this on facebook, but just for the readers sake, we talked about how ketone sticks CAN be helpful but are not always the full indicator of what’s going on. I lost 88% fat on my 5th round, but my ketones were barely visible on the sticks that round- as far as I’m aware, when the body is actually using all the ketones up in daily living, there is simply not much extra spilling over into the urine for the sticks to pick up on. Also how hydrated a person is can effect the apparent color and thus perceived level of ketones. Thanks for commenting!

  • Michelle Abney

    I’m using a pill I bought online and I’m not sure if it’s real or not. I don’t feel hungry until about time to eat lunch or dinner and i feel satisfied on or around the 500 calories. I’m just not sure if I should invest in the drops you are recommending. I went to go purchase them but then had to go through western union with additional fees and it just seemed a little weird.

  • Cat

    Hi I started my 3rd roud and lately I get welts and pain in the area injected about 30 min after. The in stays for about 2 days. Has anyone experiencd this?

  • Lauren Thomas

    Hi, I am thinking about trying this but I am really apprehensive because I already got ripped off for about $100 for the “Omni” Diet that claim to have real HCG drops but on the bottle it says Homeopathic, so basically little to none HCG in it and does not appeer positive on a pregnancy test. I have heard a couple different sites mention this site, but I am still nervous as to if it is real or not, and even more nervous to order something online that I will be injecting into my body. Can anyone recommend where to buy the REAL HCG shots OR drops that are REAL! And that will cause a pregnanct test to show positive. I don’t want to waste anymore money on stuff that doesnt work. Please help .

  • Reece

    Hello, so I have decided to do hcg as a wrightloss alternative. So I’m confused about needing a rx for hcg. Do you have to have one or not? I am running into pharmacies where you do not need a rx to get it.