HCG Diet: Day 31 since end of R5

I apologize, this particular blog post is sorely late- for the record, the date of this video is actually December 3, 2012, close to 2 months old.  But I really want to have my whole HCG Diet story on my blog for any small benefit others may get from it.

I had a follow up hydrostatic body fat test about 1 month after the end of R5 on the protocol.  I wasn’t sure that my LIW which was 117.6 was something that I could really stabilize or maintain- as it turns out I did end up reaching 124.4 lbs before my weight became more stable, and at that time my hydrostatic bodyfat test said that I was 18.8% bodyfat fat, with 101.2 lbs of lean mass, and 23.2 lbs of fat, 124.4 lbs total.

In the first two weeks of Phase 3 (p3) I gained 7 lbs.  It’s nice to know that out of this 7 lbs, 5 lbs was muscle and/or glycogen stores and just 2 lbs was fat.  Not that a 2lb fat gain is great, but I think I probably ate too much right out of the gate in P3 (I tend to get carried away sometimes) and also, I wasn’t sure if 17.9% bodyfat would be easy for me to maintain long term or not.  So I’m currently 18.8% bodyfat which is still fantastic.  Honestly pretty much anything sub-20% bodyfat is just icing on the cake.

I’ve been in the 124 territory for about 2 weeks, so I feel like it’s fairly stable at this point (lets hope!).

Weight doesn’t fly up on the scale for most once P3 of HCG Injections comes, but for me I kind of knew it would at least to some extent, mostly because since I usually don’t eat the fruits on P2, that makes the diet extremely low carb and I knew my glycogen stores in my muscles would be depleted- as soon as P3 comes and there is an increase in calories and a small amount of carbs in vegetables, nuts and dairy, that glycogen would come back, and that weighs something.  So I know that 5 lbs of muscle I gained in 2 weeks isn’t just actual muscle fibers- I just don’t think that would be possible- but I do think it makes sense that it could be a large percentage glycogen.


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