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I have a whole compare contrast page with the three main prescription sources that I currently feel comfortable recommending- you can check all that on my main buy page.

Update 2014: Please note US can no longer ship worldwide- they can ship a LOT of places, but due to regulations and such, worldwide is no longer a fitting description.  Sorry to disappoint!  They can ship to every state in the U.S. except Florida, as a well as a number of other countries.

New Source Online – Made IN the United States

I It Tried Myself Before Recommending to You

I wanted to make sure that this was a quality product before recommending it to you guys, so I purchased it myself online anonymously (no special treatment) to try it out. I’ve been using it for my 5th round, and I’m happy to say that I have nothing but praises to sing about it. You can see my before and after results if you like.

The company used to be called USHCGInjections, and is now called US HCG Shots.

Everyone’s Biggest Concern: How Do I Know they are REAL?

There are 3 key points that cause me to be 100% positive that the online sources I recommend here on my blog are indeed real, bonafide “hormone”- which is important because I wouldn’t use or recommend anything else- we only have 1 body after all right? Might as well be sure of what we’re doing.

  1. I have tested them from both companies with a pregnancy test, and it has come up positive every time- proof hormone was present.
  2. I experienced the “no hunger” effect on the dose that was good for me- I ate 500 calories or less and felt completely comfortable.
  3. My bodyfat test results shows a high percent of fat loss- 88% of the weight I lost last round was FAT. See my blogpost on this here: My Personal Review

How Much Do You Need to Buy Anyways?

I will write a more detailed blogpost on this later, because there are really multiple factors that can go into this decisions. The original protocol as Dr. Simeons prescribed it in his manuscript Pounds and Inches was to do the protocol for either 23 daily injections, or 40 daily injections, depending on how much weight there was to be lost.

If you are intending to purchase from, based on the the way they design their kits, as a basic guideline I’d say:


More than 10lbs to lose: Purchase the Double 28 Day Kit / Do the protocol for 40 days worth of injections (approx 6 weeks)

Less than 10lbs to lose: Purchase the 28 Day Kit / Do the protocol for 23 days worth of injections (approx 3 weeks)

Click to enlarge the photo if you like

How about for the guys? Men really do lose on average about 1lb/day, so you can calculate accordingly. You must take into account the loading weight you will gain during the first 2 days of injections. But a basic guideline:


More than 20lbs to lose: Purchase the Double 28 Day Kit / Do the protocol for 40 days worth of injections

Less than 20lbs to lose: Purchase the 28 Day Kit / Do the protocol for 23 days worth of injections

hCG Injections Kit Online - ushcg

Fast Shipping and EASY to Mix

Not only did it come in the mail very quickly** (ordered Thursday, received Saturday morning), but the kit is designed so that mixing is basically only 1 step, and with 1 click, you are getting everything you need to start your round- you don’t have to purchase anything else, it contains all the supplies you need. The needles it comes with are nice and short too- just 5/16″ of an inch.

** Please note, at times the demand gets very high- at these times, sometimes the lead time for actually getting your order will HIGHLY vary- it’s best not to plan your round so quickly that you will be in a mess if you don’t get it in a few days- plan well in advance and order well in advance.

This makes it a lot more comfortable for those who are new and who are understandably intimidated by figuring out what supplies to purchase, how much of everything to order, and how to mix it properly and get all the numbers right. This kind of eliminates the need to figure this out and makes many people feel a lot less nervous. If you are new to the whole injection idea, click here.

Let’s face it, no one wants to feel nervous when they are going to be stabbing a needle into their thigh and introducing a foreign liquid right? (I hope I’m not scaring you off….it really is quite painless-remember, diabetics use these needles every day of their lives with little complaint right?)

The shipping is of lightning speed when compared with Escrowrefills, since it’s coming from the United States, so for those who have realized that in order to finish a round by xxx social occasion and they need their order in a week or even a few days, this is a great choice (if you live within the United States).

U.S. Made

I wanted to talk a little bit about this being made in the U.S. This makes a lot of people feel more comfortable because I have gotten a number of emails from prospective users who were concerned about purchasing from overseas for several reasons. They were concerned about using their credit card on this site that is receiving their information overseas and wondering if it’s secure (I think it is and of the many many people who order through me every month, I have had no reports of fraud of any kind, but you know, it’s important that we each individually feel comfortable with what we’re doing), they have been worried about receiving their package reliably in the mail since it’s coming from so far, they have been concerned about their package getting refused at customs, they have worried about quality control of the actual product itself. For these individuals, US HCG Shots eliminates all these worries.

Option to Purchase B-12 Shots and Lipo Shots

Also! They sell b-12 injections. Both the methylcobalamin and the cyanocobalamin. This is awesome because while I haven’t tried them myself, I have seen many people on youtube who had very good energy while on the program by adding b12 injections to their protocol. B vitamins definitely do provide energy, even in capsule form, so I can imagine the boost they would give when injected in a higher dose. Sometimes it might be the boost you need to get through the protocol successfully.

That said I’ve completed 5 rounds of the protocol now without them successfully so it’s certainly not a “must-have” but more of a “thing to try to see if I do better on the diet” thing if you feel like your personal experience could use improvement.

Additionally, the Lipo shots they sell are called Lipo-7, so for those of who would like to experiment with a combo of hCG and Lipo shots, they have this.

Quality from All 3 Sources on My Blog

All of this said, I still recommend both the overseas company, Escrowrefills and the two U.S. sources, NuImage Medical (you can see my review on them here) and I feel all three are great companies with quality.  Again, to compare the three and check them out, go to my main Buy page.

I hope you guys know from watching my vlogs that I am a very upfront person, I will never lie to you, and I will only ever advertise or promote products that actually work or that I believe in for some reason. You won’t ever see me on here telling to buy some of those crazy medications out there that “may alleviate depression” but “most likely causes heart attacks.” I don’t believe in that stuff. This weight loss protocol really works, that’s why I’ve used it on my own body and why I promote it. I am a big fan of alternative health practices, and the judicious use of modern medicine- key word judicious.

Love to you all and I hope to see less of you (haha!) soon (I know I totally stole that joke from someone but can’t remember who),

US HCG Shots- click here to buy

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