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I have a whole compare contrast page with the 4 main prescription sources that I currently feel comfortable recommending- you can check all that out here:

Current recommended sources for Prescription hCG Online

Update 2014: Please note US can no longer ship worldwide- they can ship a LOT of places, but due to regulations and such, worldwide is no longer a fitting description.  Sorry to disappoint!  They can ship to every state in the U.S. except Florida, as a well as a number of other countries.

Update 2015: I have had US hCG shots as a reliable source for hCG injections here on my blog for about 3 years now! This year, I had the chance to fly and visit both their company office as well as one of the pharmacies use to make their hCG – you can see some snippets of this visit in the video above.

New Source Online – Made IN the United States

I It Tried Myself Before Recommending to You

I wanted to make sure that this was a quality product before recommending it to you guys, so I purchased it myself online anonymously (no special treatment) to try it out. I used it for my 5th round, and I’m happy to say that I have nothing but praises to sing about it. You can see my before and after results if you like.

The company used to be called USHCGInjections, and is now called US HCG Shots.

Everyone’s Biggest Concern: How Do I Know they are REAL?

There are 3 key points that cause me to be 100% positive that the online sources I recommend here on my blog are indeed real, bonafide “hormone”- which is important because I wouldn’t use or recommend anything else- we only have 1 body after all right? Might as well be sure of what we’re doing.

  1. I have tested them from both companies with a pregnancy test, and it has come up positive every time- proof hormone was present. Please note I’m no longer recommending pregnancy test as a reliable method because of this big mess that happened. In the big mess, I was able to prove on camera that their hCG DID test positive on multiple pregnancy tests, when the original purchaser tested the same vials but got a negative result. Their appears to be too many factors include faulty tests, user error, and the like, to truly rely on this. Their hCG really does come directly from compounding pharmacies in the U.S.
  2. I experienced the “no hunger” effect on the dose that was good for me- I ate 500 calories or less and felt completely comfortable. Please note this is completely dose dependent – it’s important to find the right dose for you!
  3. My bodyfat test results shows a high percent of fat loss- 88% of the weight I lost last round was FAT. See my blogpost on this here: My Personal Review

How Much Do You Need to Buy Anyways?

I will write a more detailed blogpost on this later, because there are really multiple factors that can go into this decisions. The original protocol as Dr. Simeons prescribed it in his manuscript Pounds and Inches was to do the protocol for either 23 daily injections, or 40 daily injections, depending on how much weight there was to be lost.

If you are intending to purchase from, based on the the way they design their kits, as a basic guideline I’d say:


More than 10lbs to lose: Purchase the Double 28 Day Kit / Do the protocol for 40 days worth of injections (approx 6 weeks)

Less than 10lbs to lose: Purchase the 28 Day Kit / Do the protocol for 23 days worth of injections (approx 3 weeks)

How about for the guys? Men really do lose on average about 1lb/day, so you can calculate accordingly. You must take into account the loading weight you will gain during the first 2 days of injections. But a basic guideline:


More than 20lbs to lose: Purchase the Double 28 Day Kit / Do the protocol for 40 days worth of injections

Less than 20lbs to lose: Purchase the 28 Day Kit / Do the protocol for 23 days worth of injections

hCG Injections Kit Online - ushcg

Fast Shipping and EASY to Mix

Not only did it come in the mail very quickly** (ordered Thursday, received Saturday morning), but the kit is designed so that mixing is basically only 1 step, and with 1 click, you are getting everything you need to start your round- you don’t have to purchase anything else, it contains all the supplies you need. The needles it comes with are nice and short too- just 5/16″ of an inch.

** Please note, at times the demand gets very high- at these times, sometimes the lead time for actually getting your order will HIGHLY vary- it’s best not to plan your round so quickly that you will be in a mess if you don’t get it in a few days- plan well in advance and order well in advance.

This makes it a lot more comfortable for those who are new and who are understandably intimidated by figuring out what supplies to purchase, how much of everything to order, and how to mix it properly and get all the numbers right. This kind of eliminates the need to figure this out and makes many people feel a lot less nervous. If you are new to the whole injection idea, click here.

Let’s face it, no one wants to feel nervous when they are going to be stabbing a needle into their thigh and introducing a foreign liquid right? (I hope I’m not scaring you off….it really is quite painless-remember, diabetics use these needles every day of their lives with little complaint right?)

The shipping is of lightning speed when compared with Escrowrefills, since it’s coming from the United States, so for those who have realized that in order to finish a round by xxx social occasion and they need their order in a week or even a few days, this is a great choice (if you live within the United States).

U.S. Made

I wanted to talk a little bit about this being made in the U.S. This makes a lot of people feel more comfortable because I have gotten a number of emails from prospective users who were concerned about purchasing from overseas for several reasons. They were concerned about using their credit card on this site that is receiving their information overseas and wondering if it’s secure (I think it is and of the many many people who order through me every month, I have had no reports of fraud of any kind, but you know, it’s important that we each individually feel comfortable with what we’re doing), they have been worried about receiving their package reliably in the mail since it’s coming from so far, they have been concerned about their package getting refused at customs, they have worried about quality control of the actual product itself. For these individuals, US HCG Shots eliminates all these worries.

Option to Purchase B-12 Shots and Lipo Shots

Also! They sell b-12 injections. Both the methylcobalamin and the cyanocobalamin. This is awesome because while I haven’t tried them myself, I have seen many people on youtube who had very good energy while on the program by adding b12 injections to their protocol. B vitamins definitely do provide energy, even in capsule form, so I can imagine the boost they would give when injected in a higher dose. Sometimes it might be the boost you need to get through the protocol successfully.

That said I’ve completed 5 rounds of the protocol now without them successfully so it’s certainly not a “must-have” but more of a “thing to try to see if I do better on the diet” thing if you feel like your personal experience could use improvement.

Additionally, the Lipo shots they sell are called Lipo-7, so for those of who would like to experiment with a combo of hCG and Lipo shots, they have this.

Quality from All 4 Sources on My Blog

All of this said, I still recommend both the overseas company, Escrowrefills and the three U.S. sources, NuImage Medical, Advance hCG, and US hCG Shots – I feel all three are great companies with quality.  Again, to compare the four companies go to my main HCG Buy page.

I hope you guys know from watching my vlogs that I am a very upfront person, I will never lie to you, and I will only ever advertise or promote products that actually work or that I believe in for some reason. You won’t ever see me on here telling to buy some of those crazy medications out there that “may alleviate depression” but “most likely causes heart attacks.” I don’t believe in that stuff. This weight loss protocol really works, that’s why I’ve used it on my own body and why I promote it. I am a big fan of alternative health practices, and the judicious use of modern medicine- key word judicious.

Love to you all and I hope to see less of you (haha!) soon (I know I totally stole that joke from someone but can’t remember who),

US HCG Shots- click here to buy


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  • claudia

    I cannot thank you enough for this!

    • Rayzel Lam

      So sorry I missed this comment- you are totally welcome. I hope it changes your life as it has mine!

  • Julie

    I just placed my order for the 28 day kit. I am a little worried over them asking if I had a history of cancer.

  • Jona Cris Peredo

    Thank you for this great article!

  • hankbask

    Does the Hcg come in the mail without having its bacteriostatic water added? Does the kit provide it for us to add? Do we NOT need a prescription for the injections? Do you know for sure whether the HCG comes from Humans in the USA, India, and NOT from Hamsters? Have tried HCG for 3 years, always lose then regain. Finally figured out my hormones were off, going into menopause. Trying it again now that my hormones are getting balanced thru biodentical hormone therapy.

  • JEN

    Hello im on day 5 of p2 ive been doing well not eating anything that is not on the protocol. Ive lost. 2.3-1.4-.7-.8 in 4 days. Today I did the hcg pregnancy test and it did not come positive I could see the line for positive but it was like barely there. I order my injections from its very discouraging I dont know what to do at this point. I called the customer service and they told me that I would have to use alot of hcg for it to come positive I shouldn’t go by the test. My first round I bought them from escrow refills and they came positive everytime I tested with very few drops. Please give me some advice. Thank you.

    • HCGChica

      Hey @disqus_eajy5VZduN:disqus The line being barely there is totally normal Jen – that is how mine appeared too- while the tests CAN be used for this purpose, they were not designed for it, so the line is almost always very faint because the amount of hCG being tested is VERY small in comparison with what a pregnant woman would be putting out using the same test- in fact I have a recent post about this here: I hope that helps clear things up. I have found hCG produced in pharmacies, like it is here in the U.S. (like with U.S. hCG shots) to show up fainter than hCG produced overseas, which I believe is actually from people/animals most likely – but the pharmacy made hCG is real hCG and does work the same. I hope that helps. I know it can be confusing, but that really is my findings.

  • Kathy

    Hi HCGChica, i bought #2 source (most affordable option) on your website, but it doesn’t look like it’s real, after 3 days of shots the pregnancy test is still clear, what should i do now? Wasted $170?

    • HCGChica

      Hey @disqus_Rv8iJAjVYI:disqus I can totally understand the concern – I ONLY use real hCG myself. If I can just share this with you for it to make sense- I recently stopped recommending testing hCG as a reliable way to test – as a very good example of why this is, I have an entire post where a woman tested her vial several times with a negative result, I had her overnight the hCG to me, it arrived lukewarm, and I STILL got a positive result, on multiple tests. So I think between tests being faulty, trouble performing and reading the test accurately, it is not a good gauge at times. Here is all the details of that experience- I got it all on video so that the experiment could be seen and the true thing set to rest: So if I may, I’d like to reassure you that of the sources of hCG on my site- they are indeed all real hCG – I would simply not be able to live with myself otherwise. The hCG from US hCG shots comes from real compounding pharmacies in Florida, and these pharmacies are now highly regulated by the FDA. The rules are now that EVERY single batch of hCG produced must be potency tested AND if it doesn’t meet a standard has to be tossed entirely. I will have more proof of these sources being legitimate reliable sources for hCG soon! So stay tuned! I’m sorry for the trouble, and I hope this makes sense to you. I used their hCG for the first half of my final round myself. Let me know if you have any other questions okay? – Rayzel

      • Kathy

        Thank you, it’s actually working the way it should, I don’t feel hungry, losing weight 1 lb a day, have good level of energy and fall asleep easy at night.

        • HCGChica

          Okay great @Kathy – yes the no hunger effect really does show what’s going on. And remember your weight loss will slow down fairly soon, but this is totally normal- don’t want to worry something is wrong when this happens- it’s the natural course of the protocol. Take care! – Rayzel

  • Meredith

    Hi! I ordered HCG and a kit through escrowrefills on February 24th, and requested the fastest shipping and front of line for the prescription… it’s March 13th and I haven’t received anything yet, and the tracking number for the HCG is invalid. I reached out to escrowrefills and they are contacting the pharmacy to get an updated tracking number. Meanwhile, I am 4 weeks out from my weight loss goal date (I need to lose a minimum 15lbs for a weigh-in) and I’m anxious to get started! I am considering ordering from USHCGshots (expedited shipping) so I can get started next week… should I do this? Or be patient with escrowrefills? I will end up with a ton of product once it all comes it…

  • Jenny

    Hi HCGChica! I placed my order today, even splurged and added the lipo 7. Hoping this will help me through p3. I have 50 pounds to lose. Do you suggest I do each round fully for a totally of 3 rounds or for my first round go the 40 days and reevaluate? I did HCG 2 years ago with a homeopathic brand. Worked great but I didn’t do p3, I did p2 for 38 days.You can imagine yes I lost all that weight just to eventually gain it back plus more! I am finally in the mind set and very excited I found you. I am following you on Pinterest and Facebook! I believe having your sites to refer to will be a huge help! It helped me with my order- First injections ever!!! Thank you for all the information and motivation!

    • HCGChica

      Hey @Jenny – aww thanks for the kind compliments about my information. :)

      I think it can often be wise to do one round at a time and reevaluate like you said – it’s hard to know too far in advance what your circumstances in life will be, or how your health will be doing, so it makes more sense to decide at that time what is most fitting for you to do then. I hope this first round with injections goes well and don’t forget the all important dosage article when it comes to injections! Take care!

      • Jenny

        Thank you! I am obsessed with all your links and tips. I have just finished my clean loading and tomorrow starts 500 calorie portion. I love your advice about the Melba toast! I am so glad I found you.

  • HCGChica

    HI @Sarah So sorry for the delay I have not been checking comments lately. They were trying out an international payment vendor for a brief period, which is what you see on your card, but they have since stopped using that one. But anyway, yes the charge was correct. I hope that helps! – rayzel

  • Barb McLennan

    I am getting ready for back surgery and surgeon wants me to lose the 60+ ponds I put on over the last three years. Hard to keep weight off when you can barely walk with canes. My question is this. I am starting to go through menopause. I may have my cycle 1 month but not again for 2 months. Will the injections make the menopausal symptoms worse? Thank you.

    • HCGChica

      Hi @Barb McLennan you know the reaction of people’s bodies on hCG seems to really vary- some in menopause feel a lot better while on hCG and have less symptoms, while others feel the opposite, so I can’t say one way or the other what will happen until you try it. I’m sorry I don’t know more! – Rayzel


    I am interested from purchasing HCG online, because I just spent over $120 at a weight loss clinic for 12 injections containing only 40 units each! I have lost a considerable amount of weight at this clinic, and I was satisfied with my care until this incident (I found out about the dosage AFTER it was shipped to me). My issue is that I do not want to give any online pharmacy my credit or debit card information. I would prefer to utilize a prepaid or gift card to purchase HCG. However, after researching whether internet pharmacies accept prepaid or gift cards from Visa or MC, I discovered that most of these companies do not accept these forms of payment. I have contacted two of the pharmacies you listed to find out if they take prepaid or gift cards, and I am waiting for a response. It would be great if you can mention if any of your recommended companies accept prepaid or gift cards. I am interested in ordering before the HCG sale concludes tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

  • HS

    I noticed that Advance HCG is no longer on your buy page, do you no longer recommend them?

  • Renae Barrager

    I just got my HCG and mixed it from US HSCG. When I got from my doctor the mixture turned pink, this did not. Is there something wrong, did I do something wrong? I cant get US HCG to answer the phone.! Adding the 15 ml of bactro water was more than the glass vial could hold, so I had to move the mixture to the batro water bottle to store, which is plastic, is that okay. It did not come with a separate mixing vial like your instructions mentioned. I did wrap foil around it. I am surprised that they shipped it to me with no mixing instructions, I am worried I messed something up.

    • HCGChica

      Hi Renae-
      your mixing liquid from doc was pink because there was b12 in it- b12 is what makes a mixture pink. So just regular bacteriostatic water which is usually sent unless you ordered otherwise, will not be pink, just clear. I hope that helps! For injections you don’t usually at 15mls of liquid, only 5ml. :) You don’t need a separate mixing vial for the kits from the U.S. They send the hCG in the mixing vial you are to use, and you just add 5mls’ of bacteriostatic water to it- these are my instructions for this here: (this is another company but mixing instructions are the same) this would obviously be for a future round now that you have already mixed your hCG. Your bottle of hCG should have the mixing instructions on the label correct? It should say something like “add 5mls of bacteriostatic water”.

  • Ellen R

    Hi HCG Chica! I am a newcomer to your website and have been pouring over all the information for days now. Thank you so much for your honest and informative approach. It has really aided me in making the decision to try my first ever round of HCG. I took the leap and ordered from US HCG yesterday. However, I have not yet received an email confirmation from them on my order and it is showing as still processing in my account view. I tried emailing them at the email address listed on their website and have not yet heard back from them. I also tried calling them and I hit a roadblock on that – the contact number they give on their Facebook page is no longer in service, and the contact number they give on their website (which I’ve called 4 times in two days) no one has answered and the voicemail box is full, not allowing me to leave a message. I am a bit worried that I will not be able to get in touch with them at all. Do you have any additional or different contact numbers for them that I could try to possibly get through? Thanks so much for any help or assistance that you could provide to me.

    • HCGChica

      Hi @Ellen R – they are actually currently having a delay with orders because they are super swamped/backlogged. I actually just updated my page to reflect this information on my buy page. I’m sorry! You will definitely get your order and I’ve been told they should be mostly caught up by the end of this week, and you will indeed get your order, but it may be longer than you were thinking. I’m sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news. :( They are prioritizing getting all the orders out right now which is why you can’t get in touch- they are working as fast as they can just to get those orders out which is what they know people want. I know that doesn’t help a whole lot.