My HCG Diet Journey: R5VLCD20 General Update

I’ve been very happy with what I’ve accomplished with this round of HCG Injections.  At this point I had intended on ending my round, but ended up extending it to a full 6 week round.

I may not always have a factual answer for your hCG questions, but I’ll give you the from-my-experience-and-what-I’ve observed-in-others answer. To be honest, sometimes it’s these types of answers that I find to be the most valuable anyway.

That’s how I learned the most about this weight loss protocol to begin with. Just doing my research on the forums and on youtube and just seeing what people were experiencing in real life.

Sometimes I find that supposed “facts” about the diet– for instance those “studies” that hCG haters like to mention that have been done on th e protocol are pretty useless to me (and to you) because they didn’t do any hydrostatic body fat testing in those studies, so there was no comparison done between how much fat and muscle loss there was in the two groups- the hCG takers vs. the placebo takers. “Weight” is deceiving. That’s why I think seeing what actually happens to people in real life is what is most useful and most reliable when it comes to information.

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