9 Months After the HCG Diet: HCGChica Update

It’s been over 9 months now since I completed my 5th round of the HCG diet.  Kind of exciting to think soon it will be an entire year.

But I’m not perfect, so this blogpost is not about how I never gained or lost and ounce over the last 9 months.

The basics of what I cover in this post are:

  • What I did when I DID gain a few lbs due to poor choices
  • How Weight Maintenance + Travel to Another State Worked Out
  • My Current Trial of a Treatment for Lyme Disease




The Good

I had been easily maintaining my weight between a range of 127-129 lbs for about 8 months.  It has been effortless in the sense that I don’t count calories, I workout only 3 hours a week, I don’t have to *think* constantly about my weight and food, and while I eat fairly “clean”- whole foods type stuff, I do eat carbs.  It has required some work in that I can’t just let loose and eat whatever I want, and I balance days or weeks of a little indulgence with days or a week of real strict eating to even everything out.

The Bad

My health has been declining again recently- the last couple months have been quite difficult for me.  If some of you don’t believe me, I wouldn’t be surprised because it never shows in my videos and only those very close to me have ever seen me in the condition I can often be.  I have been dealing with and searching for solutions to the different symptoms on and off for the past 10 years now.  Recently I had started to feel like I had exhausted every avenue and really didn’t know what to try next or what was really at the core of conditions- this was getting me discouraged and fearful about the future- my lively son needs a mom who can properly care for him and I literally have been scared I just couldn’t provide it lately.

The whole point in me bringing this up even is to say that as a result of my health being worse and being discouraged over it, I found myself not eating as properly.  I think I had been eating more carbs and just more food in general.  I still wasn’t consuming ice-cream and cookies like the old days- thankfully in the past 2 years I have come in a long way in not using food as a major comfort mechanism.  But I am not immune to the effects that struggles in life can cause, so definitely I was not eating as well as before.

Over the period of about a month I’d say I gained about 4 lbs or so.  When the scale hit 131.6lbs I felt uncomfortable because a lot of my pants also were not fitting well enough to be comfortable.  I went in for a hydrostatic body fat test again and I had indeed gained a few pounds of fat.  I was NOT happy about that because in the last two or two and a half years since I began my hCG journey and the many months in between each round that I wasn’t on hCG, I have NEVER gained 3 lbs of fat.  The most gain I saw was a 1/2 lb of fat combined with several lbs of muscle, which was okay in my book.  This test showed my muscle had not increased and my fat had increased too much.

What To Do When You Gain A Few Pounds After hCG From Poor Choices

At first I considered doing another round of hCG since I plan on doing a future “fine-tuning” round anyway.  But I didn’t really WANT to do that round right at this time.  I’ve been wanting to see if I could stabilize my health a little better somehow first, and plus, I’m pretty happy with my body right now and just don’t feel like doing the whole hCG thing if I don’t have to right now.

And I think for many of you guys too- why should you have to jump on hCG again every time you gain a few pounds?  Many of us are able to keep off the majority of our weight loss from hCG, but crises and difficulties in life will occur, and that might on occasion interfere with our “perfect” weight maintenance.  It’s nice if there is something outside of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) we can do to fix minor blunders like this.

I chose instead to try a combo of a strict almost no carb type diet with being very busy for a couple weeks.  The busy factor I didn’t actually plan in advance, but it worked out that way and it turned out to be an important component in my results- I got consumed with the helping the re-design for my website (coming soon folks!!) and it filled my brain and hours of the day enough that I didn’t think about food much.  As a result, I not only ate far less carbs than normal, I ate far less food in general during that couple weeks.

That’s something I’m not usually too successful at doing.  I can easily eat less carbs, or make healthier choices, but one thing I have NOT been so good at, even now, is eating LESS.  Being super busy with something that was really important to me and got my creative juices flowing really made food leave my mind.

I ended up losing like 4-5 lbs in a couple weeks- which for me was perfect- it took me all the way down to between 126.6-127.6lbs.

Traveling and Maintaining Weight

Then we left for Oregon for a whole week.  I was nervous that I might just gain the 4 or so lbs right back since I had been at a higher weight than that for quite awhile and hadn’t really “stabilized” my fresh lower weight again yet.

As we all know, it’s much more difficult to control our life while traveling- we often need or want to eat out more, and we often let our guard down more than at home, simply because vacation IS about having a good time and doing things differently- which might include indulging more etc.

I did not bring my scale with me, so I did not weigh for an entire week.  I was definitely a little apprehensive to weigh when I got back- I thought about not weighing immediately the morning after I got home, because we are all aware of how traveling on planes often leads to a little water retention (puffy fingers, the like) that is temporary.  BUT this morning when I woke up after arriving home last night, I decided to go ahead and weigh because I didn’t feel particularly “puffy” or anything.

Dum dum dum…..the scale read 128.8.  I’m VERY pleased with this, as when I left I believe I just about a pound less, 127.6 or so.  Additionally it’s quite possible that this will go back down further again because I may be retaining a little water and I ate super clean today.

So I’ll talk about what I did that probably helped me to not come home to a scary scale experience.

1.  Tried to balance days of slight overeating or overindulgence with days of clean eating.

There were definitely a few days where I feel like I either over did it a little (overly full feeling) or just knew I ate more carbs or food than I might usually eat.     On days like that, I tried to eat very low carb the following day, at least until dinner- just mostly grassfed beef and some yogurt with stevia for breakfast and  lunch- then dinner I might be able to eat a more regular meal.  This was just my way of trying to maintain a balance over the week.

2.  Still attended Crossfit

There are crossfits all over the country- actually all over the world- and I found one just 15 minutes from where we were staying.  I was able to attend crossfit the morning that we left on our trip, and twice while actually on vacation for the week so my level of exercise that week remained the same as usual.  If you don’t crossfit but want to be active while on vacation I’m sure there’s plenty of things to do- many vacations require a lot of walking and that in itself can easily add up to be your physical activity for the week.

3.  Mixed Eating Out with Cooking At the House Rental

We always try to stay at an actual house when we go away so that we can cook a lot of our meals at “home”.  We’ve been doing this for years now and it works well.  We ate out probably 5 or 6 times during the week, and the rest of our meals were either home cooked or berries that we picked (oregon should be called the berry state- we saw so many berries and so many types of berries it was surreal).  I believe though now that there are even a lot of hotels that have kitchenette options.

Why I Went to Oregon to Begin With- Lyme Disease Treatment

We made our trip to Oregon a family vacation, in case nothing comes of the treatment there won’t really be any true monetary loss involved, but the real reason we went there was to try out a newer treatment for Lyme Disease.

I don’t think I’ve ever even stated this on this blog, possibly because I wasn’t fully sure that I actually had it, but I can now state with much more certainty that I do have Lyme Disease.  I do not have a blood test to prove it- catching chronic lyme disease (meaning you’ve had it for a long time and got the tick bite a long time ago) is very difficult to do with current testing- there are many many false negatives.  But I have had two different naturopathic doctors now whose muscle testing has shown that I have Lyme Disease and a lot of my symptoms match up with it.

I have read very discouraging information online about people actually recovering from chronic Lyme Disease for real- I simply can’t find many- most of what I find is the blogs of many many Lymies who are still struggling, years later, to feel better.

I came across some information regarding the treatment of lyme with cold laser.  There is very little info online about it at this time, but if you search lyme disease and cold laser or laser therapy on google, you’ll find what little there is.  It was encouraging.

This is what tried when I went to see a Chiropractor who used this very treatment to help his wife whose Lyme use to be so debilitating that she was in a wheelchair.  I really didn’t have much to loser- there are no dangerous side-effects to trying the cold laser, the cost for the treatment was miniscule, and like I said, if it didn’t work, I could chalk up all the other expenses like airfare and car rental to family vacation.  For someone who doesn’t know what else to try and who is miserable, it’s good to try things that have this low risk profile.

It’s of course still very early to tell, but I can tell you that my energy and symptoms have dramatically improved since the very first treatment.  I’m not joking here.  My joint pain and stiffness has pretty much disappeared overnight for the moment, and my fatigue and energy issues are dramatically improved- such that at the moment I wouldn’t even say that I have an issue with fatigue.

I will definitely keep you updated as to whether I continue to feel well from these treatments- if I do, it will be quite amazing because the treatments involve 4 sessions, 30 seconds each.  That’s it.  Literally 2 minutes of treatment.  If that could actually reverse what has been basically a life-long battle since early adulthood with chronic illness.

Stay tuned!

PS.  Some of you like to keep up with my son’s growing up- Nolan comes on to say Hi somewhere around 21 minutes or so if you want to skip my long stories and just see him!

9 Months After the hCG Diet: hCGChica Update


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  • Sue Orick

    Hey Rayzel,

    Thanks for the update…lime disease is a bear, I know a few people struggling with it. Good luck with your new protocol, hope it is successful. And congratulations on keeping your weight in check. Keep it up. And by the way, your son is adorable!

    • http://hcgchica.com/ Rayzel Lam

      Thanks so much Sue I really appreciate your thoughts. I am hoping it will if nothing else at least help a little. Thank you I do love my cute little guy. :)

  • Amy Pail

    Cold laser? sounds similar to lipo-laser? At least by the way it was explained to me recently it does.

    • http://hcgchica.com/ Rayzel Lam

      I’m not sure if it’s the same but I don’t think so- although cold laser can be used for many different things depending on the setting used etc- the laser has different frequencies like a rife machine you use for different things.

  • Jackie Anderson

    You are a doll. thanks so much for this post. I was DX’d with Lyme after I found the tick. It was in my head for 3 days. i got very sick for an entire summer. I did the anti-biotic protocol and added a bunch of supps from Nutritional Healing book. I have NEVER felt the same since.

    is “cold laser” the official name of the treatment?
    Does the Dr. have a website I can look at?
    thank you.

    • http://hcgchica.com/ Rayzel Lam

      Oh my goodness that is awful Jackie- It’s strange- the tick I had was actually in my head as well- my mom had to dig it out with tweezers. But it was many years ago when I was like 11 and no one thought then that I might perhaps get lyme. I am sorry to hear that even though you caught it early on that the antibiotics didn’t get it all sounds like. Yes- there isn’t a lot on line but if you search “erchonia cold laser lyme disease” “laser therapy lyme disease” that’s a start- maybe I will try to put together some links of the info I did run across regarding it- it’s not a lot but the few posts I read gave me hope. If you email me privately ([email protected]) I’ll email you the docs name and location- I think it’s best to protect the doc not putting it here. Please do email me!

      • Jackie Anderson

        Thank you for the references of the machine. I am actually hoping that a friend of mine already has this machine. She is a vet. She uses it in her practice to help with healing. She loved it so much she bought another one for her home. (Spendy gadget to say the least) I can’t wait to find out if it;s the same. I will email you for the Dr. info. I love your vlogs!

        • http://hcgchica.com/ Rayzel Lam

          Oh yes she probably does! They use it with animals all the time too- in fact this particular doc has treated dogs with lyme using the cold laser and they got better too- it’s also important to have a vial that contains the DNA of the lyme disease though when treating for it with the cold laser.

  • http://hcgchica.com/ Rayzel Lam

    You’re welcome Amy! I’m glad it’s encouraging. I think keeping it off is the hard part for most of us. It’s easier sometimes to be committed to something strict for a few weeks, but regular day to day life for years is the tough part, keeping it in balance. Thanks for commenting!

  • Lisa Camp

    Love your blog…your information and documentation (and honesty) is fantastic! I cant tell you how much I appreciate it. I’m desparately trying to get my Hoshimoto’s under control and having no luck with MD’s or Endocrinologists– so your blog remains such an eye opener! I have watched many of your past videos and and am thoroughly impressed with your knowledge and your journey. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • http://hcgchica.com/ Rayzel Lam

      Oh I’m so glad to hear that it’s helpful- the couple things that really helps my hashi’s was removing gluten 100%- for instance I didn’t know that even soy sauce contains wheat, and oats are claimed to be “gluten free” but they contain gliadian which is very similar to gluten and I find I get the same reaction so I avoid that as well- a combo of that and taking t3 thyroid medication for my energy/thyroid function. But sometimes it seems that no matter what we try, things still get out of whack in our bodies. I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with your hashi’s. If google hashimotos and lyme disease you will find that a striking number of people online have both conditions- that’s what made me initially start researching lyme disease more- it’s seems like too many people have both conditions to be coincidental to me.

  • Megan Perez

    Really liked your Post which was simple to learn and understand not with complicating terms.I would like to share this blogs even with my friends because it helped me out with lots of information and this also might help my friends by overcoming their issue,Anyways thanks for sharing it….

  • Emilie

    Thank you for being so honest with your HCG journey and struggle with Lyme’s disease. My mother-in-law has Lyme’s, chronic fatigue, and constant pain.
    My husband also suffers from Chronic fatigue and constant back pain because of arthritis that developed after multiple injuries.
    I am not saying this to complain but so often these things are kept under the rug so it’s refreshing to read your entry – and share new information! I will absolutely check out the cold laser treatment.
    By the way *my oldest sons name is Nolan too! 😉

    • http://hcgchica.com/ HCGChica

      Don’t worry I don’t think you’re complaining- I totally hear you- basically life really sucks sometimes and we should be free to mention it now and then. Oh really? I don’t know anyone else with a son named Nolan so that is very cool. Yes I will be continuing to post information here about Lyme as time goes on so stay tuned!

  • GettinThinner

    I seen the last post was 6 months ago, I hope all is well with you.