How to Mix HCG Injections- 5000iu

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Please note: the following instructions and video are for mixing hCG from Escrowrefills.  If you bought hCG from ushcginjections the directions are a little different (a bit simpler) and can be found here:  Mixing hCG from ushcginjections.

How to mix HCG for HCG Injections: 5000iu

If you have not already purchased hCG, you can check out my HCG Injections page and compare the two companies I’ve used if you like.  If you choose to buy through me, I do get a small commission at no extra cost to you.  You totally ROCK if you go through me so thanks!!
Supplies for mixing 1 vial of 5,000IU hcg: (lasts approx. 3-4 weeks)
  • 1- 5,000iu vial of hCG- will be either a powder or a tablet (buy enough for however many bottles of hcg you will mix for your round).
  • 1- Mixing Syringe (buy enough for however many bottles of hcg you will mix for your round).
  • 1- 10 ml Empty Sterile Vial (buy enough for however many bottles of hcg you will mix for your round).
  • 1- Bacteriostatic Water bottle (this will last for mixing multiple bottles of hcg) Rubbing Alcohol Swabs
The final mix of the hormone will be a solution containing: 5,000IU of hcg + 5ml of bacteriostatic water.  The mixing supplies come all as a kit from escrowrefills.  If you choose to buy the hormone and or mixing/dosing kit from tue them instructions are here.
How to Mix your hCG solution:
1. Swab the tops of all bottles with alcohol.
2. Using your mixing syringe, pull out 2mls of bacteriostatic water and insert into your bottle of powdered hcg. Swirl gently until the hcg is completely dissolved.
3. Draw up this same 2ml of bac water that now contains the dissolved hcg with your mixing syringe.
4. Insert this solution into your sterile empty vial.
5. Add 3ml more bacteriostatic water to this same sterile empty vial (that’s not really empty anymore because it contains the 2ml + hCG solution). Done!
     You should now have a vial that contains 5,000IU of hcg + 5ml of bacteriostatic water.
Storing your mixed hCG:
Wrap the mixed hCG vial with foil to keep out light. – Store in the refrigerator at all times- remove only to draw out daily injections.
- If you accidentally leave the hormone out of the fridge overnight, etc., test the hormone with a pregnancy test to make sure it is still viable- when in doubt, re-mix a new solution with new Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

What Dose of hCG Should You Take?

- Most people will take anywhere between 125-200IU’s with each dose/injection (1x per day).
- Find your dose for no/limited hunger: Most people start with 150IU’s per dose, but 125iu works well for a large majority lately I’ve noticed, and doses of 175iu and 200iu are sometimes needed.  The differences have to do with different brands of hCG, the current level of potency of your mixture, and your own body and its metabolism.  More in depth discussion on finding the right dose of hCG here.

Finding your dose on the syringe

If you have mixed the hormone as I outlined here, the following doses can be found on your insulin syringe in this way: 12.5 units = 125iu 15 units= 150 iu 17.5 units= 175 iu 20 units= 200 iu etc.- see the pattern? The numbers match up with the dose amount, making it easy to adjust your dose as needed without remixing a new batch of hcg. Basically you just move the decimal over one place to the right, and you can then know what that dose equates to.  A full post on finding your hCG dose on the syringe with VIDEO here!
TIP: If you are having trouble finding a good dose you feel little/no hunger with. Skip a dose entirely one day- if you find yourself more hungry overall, you most likely need to increase your dose. If you find yourself less hungry overall, you most likely need a smaller dose.

How To Do an hCG Injection

(to be done once in the morning daily)
1. Swab the injection site with alcohol (usually in your belly somewhere, at least an inch or so away from your belly button), or alternatively, your upper thigh. Swab the top of the bottle with alcohol as well.
2. Take one injection syringe out and remove the safety cap. Stick the needle into the bottle of hcg and then turn the bottle upside down. Slowly draw out your designated dose (12.5 units= 125iu, 15 units= 150iu, 17.5 units= 175iu, 20 units= 200iu).
3. Remove the needle from the bottle. Pinch the injection site just a little bit, and stick the needle straight in (not at an angle)- you will feel either nothing (if you have a good amount of fat there), or just the slightest twinge (if you don’t have a lot of fat left).
4. Slowly inject the full dose. Then remove the syringe, put the safety cap back on. Dispose of the syringe ideally in a designated container- like a sharps container (ideas:
Tip: Occasionally, if you stuck the needle in slightly funky, you may get a little bruising, but this is infrequent, and even if it happens, it’s not a big deal. Tip 2: Change up the injection sites- switch from one side of the belly to the other each day, etc.


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  • Michelle Olson

    Hey there. I received my new orders from Escrow (thru your discount code – THANKS!)
    & have a question… as I’ve always purchased premixed & thru my USA doctor. I have 3 boxes of Pregnyl 5000 iu. And for some reason they sent me 3 fairly large bottles o bacteria static waters – I thought I ordered 1.
    I aslo have plenty syringes & alcohol swabs.
    In each box with the Pregnyl 5000, there are 2 vials – one is 1ml sodium chloride. Do I not use this first?… to mix the powdered hCG before adding the bacteriostatic waters?

    • Rayzel Lam

      Hi Michelle- So sorry I’m just seeing this comment- you can actually just toss the sodium chloride vial- it’s not enough for mixing the hCG for the diet properly.