Cheating on the hCG Diet: What To Do When You’ve Screwed Up

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I’m writing because it’s GOING to happen.  Maybe not this round.  Oh let’s hope not this round.  But at some point or another, if you have a bunch of weight you’re trying to lose, you will make a mistake.  In an effort to AVOID this if you haven’t already, I have some great tips for “cheating” smart on the hCG Diet that you can check out.

Rather than dwell on the bummer-ness of it all, let’s focus on what you can do, now, now that it’s “too late” to un-eat whatever you ate.


Some have the first thought to do an apple day- here is why I don’t feel this may be the best approach to fix a cheat.

Why An Apple Day After a Cheat May Not Be the Best Choice

Here’s the thing- apples, especially 4-6 apples have a lot of 2 things- carbs and sugar.  So here’s what I’m thinking- most likely when you cheated you ate……something(s) with carbs and sugar and fat right?  As much as you’d like to be able to say you just couldn’t help yourself you had to eat ten pounds of tomato salad, we all know that’s not what happened.  :)-

Just to give you a comparison, if you eat six medium sized apples in one day on this protocol, you will be consuming approximately 114 grams sugar and 123.6 grams of net carbs.  On a regular vlcd day you might consume only 32 grams sugar and 38 grams of net carbs.  So 3-4 times as much carbs and sugar as a regular vlcd day.


How I Fix A Cheat on the hCG Diet

It took me awhile to figure this out, but I came to the conclusion that eating clean for a few days after a cheat, where I ate only the protein and vegetables and ditched the melba and fruit entirely was a good way to go- basically once again, helping your body clear those carbs out of our system by not eating yet more.

You can replace the calories you would have had from your fruits either with more P2 veggies, or if you want to do something “rogue” (off protocol) you can replace it with 0% FAGE greek yogurt (or some other fat free yogurt that is very low in carbs- double check labels as many fat free yogurts are not).  I have done both and I feel they work well.

Water water water…still don’t over do it though!

Yes drink lots of water- water is always good.  But even that you can drink too much of.  What actually constitutes “lots” of water?  I actually have an article on drinking water/liquids in a balanced way.

Why It’s Good to Avoid Future Cheating

You know that I feel a very important part of success is not beating yourself up over mistakes but rather making a plan, and moving on.  For anyone who has done 2-3 rounds of this weight loss journey, I would venture to say 99.9% of them made at least 1 slip-up and cheated with at least one meal during the course of the 3-6 weeks.  I probably had about 5-6 total cheat days between my 5 rounds of this protocol.  Did not ruin my long term success- just took me a bit longer is all.

It is still good though to discuss why cheating on the this diet is something to avoid when at all possible- in case this helps you the next time major temptation arises.  Certainly, if we can’t learn from our mistakes and the cheating becomes chronic or perpetual, you could really harm your body and you will not get where you want to go.

And I have some great tips to keep in your back pocket for cheating smarter on hCG when you DO find yourself in challenging situations.

1.  Gaining Fat Happens Faster on hCG

hCG is not like other diets in more ways than one.  You can achieve fast results, and you can lose results fast as well.

That crazy thing that no one can still logically explain where the body releases a lot of fat while on this diet?  Well, it goes both ways- fat seems to become very volatile in our bodies while on this protocol- whether it’s going out or coming in.

Cheating on other diets isn’t as big a deal because the consequences are not as high- you body will not gain more fat than it normally would when you weren’t on other diets.  So you can technically just take a day off if you want then go back to it.

With the hormone in your system, it appears to me that your body can actually gain fat stores much more quickly- like somehow the calories you eat are stored more efficiently as fat than in regular life.  I can’t tell you how much or why but we have all seen it enough now to know, something strange goes on when you take in calories beyond 500-800 and consume fat.  Why else would you GAIN weight on hCG eating 1,000 calories a day?  I would NEVER gain weight in regular life eating 1,000 calories a day- in fact, I’d definitely be losing weight.  But on hCG, most people would gain fat.

Because of this, when you cheat on this diet, it seems like you can  mess up your fat to muscle weight loss ratio.  Even though muscle loss in general is pretty low, there is still some- when you are losing weight, you are losing a small amount of muscle- then when you cheat it seems like you’re gaining all fat, then when you re-lose that weight on the scale, you are losing once again a small amount of muscle- so what I’m saying it the 156 lbs you were the day before cheating?  And now it took you 2 days to get back to 156lbs?  I feel that a slightly larger amount of the 156lbs that is you after cheating is fat than before you cheated.  I don’t know if that makes sense.

2.  Wasting Time/Getting Nowhere For a LOT of Effort and Self Control

A 2nd reason it’s wise to avoid cheating on this journey if you can is that you are wasting time in the middle of doing something very difficult.  It’s kind of like trying to eat a fancy $50 catered lunch while running 10mph on a treadmill.   Any takers so I can shoot a quick video so we can all get a visual?  Essentially, it’s just one big mess and huge waste- I mean how long did it take you to make that fifty bucks?


If you do lots of what you might think of as minimal cheating throughout a whole round- say you consistently end up eating like 1000 calories on the diet- you may not gain, but you also likely won’t lose much if anything either- and I think we can all agree even living on 1000 calories a day is more like a walk through a long muddy puddle in your brand new 4 inch heels than a jaunt on a fresh spring day.


So here you are consistently cheating but still having a rough time every day for weeks on end and what do you get out of it?  Nothing.  No weight loss, nada. You can see why this is all so pointless.  Which is why I often advise people who ask me about it to simply abort the round early if they can’t get their head back in the game.  That’s okay- to me better to recognize that you just can’t handle it right now and try again later than to spend so much time wasting time and emotional energy- in that case I think it’s a demoralizing experience that you will have to now recover form emotionally and you can save yourself that by just stopping early.

Don’t Let a Mistake Dictate The Overall Outcome!

Hey, you know what?  I’ve eaten 2 porkchops sauteed in butter during the middle of my 5th round of this diet plan.  Also multiple large handfuls of cashews.  No it wasn’t a good choice at the time, but I did it, and guess what, I got over it, and I’m here still maintaining my weight loss from hCG over a year later now, so it didn’t ruin the whole thing.  Yep, it wasted time on the protocol- it wasn’t fun seeing the scale go up 2-3lbs overnight and then taking another 2 days to get back to where I was 4-5 days prior to that, essentially close to a whole week “lost”- but I got through it.  So can you should this happen to you.  I hope it won’t, but I’m just being realistic.


The most important thing is DON’T LET A MISTAKE DICTATE THE REST OF YOUR ROUND.  When you make a bad choice one day, this does not mean that you are a failure or that you don’t have what it takes to succeed- not at all.  The people who succeed make mistakes.  To follow through with success you have to be able to learn to move past them and continue to believe in yourself DESPITE those mistakes.

This is something I didn’t use to know.  I used to think that I was the only one who screwed up and that meant I wouldn’t achieve what I saw others achieving.  Then I read that people that people who succeed make mistakes too. NO WAY!! For real?  I have many stories going on in my life; many are still unfinished.  Even this weight loss/weight maintenance journey is never fully over- but a chapter of it has closed enough that I feel I can confidently say yes it’s true, I am a person who has successfully gone through the process, and maintained the results for over a year, and I did make those mistakes along the way.  Successful people make mistakes- I’ve now experienced this.  It feels good to know there’s hope.  You WILL get through this- some days you won’t, but over the period of weeks, months, and years, you will get where you want to go with this journey if you stick to it.



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  • Jennifer Vaughan

    I have lost 10kg and I was 5 days away from entering P3 but since Friday I have eaten everthing I can and now it is Monday with 4kg back on. How can I fix this? Should I go back to the drops or just stay on 500cals for 3 weeks? Then start again.

  • Christine

    Do you think some cardio could help offset the caloric intake of a cheat? I cheated during an afternoon party with drinks, chips, hummus. I am so upset with myself, but trying to get over it. Now, I am on my elliptical. I just had to wait until 10 pm. I wonder if you can exercise a cheat away.

  • Sally

    I don’t think this is a really bad cheat, but today I was not able to eat my meal at lunchtime and so I ended up eating all 500 calories at dinner. Will this be a problem? I am on round 1 day 15.

    Update: I lost .7lbs, so I guess eating all the calories at once didn’t hurt me. Do you have experience with eating all the calories at once vs. divided up in the day? I don’t know if I lucked out or if it doesn’t matter. It would be nice to be able to save all the calories for a special events that may pop up on my calendar.

    Thank you for your blog! This site has been such a help to me!

  • Tiffany Pemberton

    I have completely bombed phase 3 of my 1st round, I’m 1 week into phase 3 and can’t seem to stop eating gluten free pizza with chicken, bacon and cheddar, honey crisp apples and wine…..I haven’t been on a scale since my last injection day 10 days ago…I just don’t know what to do at this point….

  • tf

    I just started my hcg injections last week Tuesday, and did very well the first 4 days on (after reading your blog and adjusting my initial dose from 170 to 125 – the 170 was making me feel ravenous. I couldn’t focus on anything all day except my unusual hunger… But dropping to 125 has taken care of the hunger! Thank you!) So, I have 2 questions for you: My boyfriend and I were celebrating our anniversary this weekend, and he brought over some very lovely dry red wine. I did a good job of staying at or even under the 500 cals. for 2 days with my meals, but had 2 glasses of wine each night with dinner. :( Is this going to totally destroy my diet?
    Also, what do you recommend to do about injections during your menstrual cycle? I am on birth control, so my cycle is regular and fairly light. I’ve read varying things about the injections during menses, and I know the original protocol does not recommend injections during menses. What should I do?

    Thank you!

    • zol

      You should not inject yourself with hcg while having your period.

  • brandy

    good morning I really need some advice. I started the very low calorie diet but then have completely went off the diet for almost a week now. I stopped taking my injections and everything. I am Not sure what to do at this point I was only on it for a foul 4 days before I stopped. Is there a way to get back on track from here?

  • Halei Paige

    I have done some cheating and I am starting today with the clean eating that you recommended… many days did see was needed before you reverted back to before you cheated?

  • Aimee Lopez

    has anyone re-started on hcg after having stopped for 3 days

  • Aimee Lopez

    i have lost 13 lbs in 30 days where as I would have lost at least 26 in 30 days when I did this 3 years ago. I am very frustrated. i ran out of hcg 2 days ago but am getting a new bottle tomorrow and want to continue on it….has anyone done this with success?

  • Angela

    I just did the Fage day on phase 2 and lost 3 lbs overnight. I was at a stall so I replaced all my meals with 24 oz Fage 0% Greek plain yogurt sweetened with Stevia and 8 oz of strawberries that I split up throughout the day. It actually wasn’t bad, I really wanted something salty though by the end of the night!

    • HCGChica

      Hiya @Angela sometimes it’s nice to do something different. Thanks for writing in.

  • Ski

    What a great website. Since 2011 I have lost over 125# doing 7 rounds of HCG. On this current round I cheated and googled “cheat day on HCG”.. Totally agree with the information found here. HCG is an amazing TOOL if you want to live a healthier lifestyle.

  • maria

    Hi there. .I just want to say thanks for your resources. .i had a baby 3 1/2 months ago and got up to 220. I had gotten down to 179 on my own with exercise and healthy eating. But couldn’t lose more so I started hcg, which I had done in the past. I am currently on day 12 of the drops and have already lost 20 pounds. Starting weight after load days wad 182 and I’m down to 162. However today has been very hard mentally. A group of us our going out to dinner and I really am struggling. I know I could probably get something on the protocol. .but all I want is a salad with ranch how much do u think that will set me back? Then I get upset for even thinking about cheating. .my mind is messing with me. Any tips on getting your mind on board with your diet?? Lol