How Fast Can You Get To a Normal Weight with the HCG Diet?

Obviously this will depend on how much you have to lose at least in part.  If you have 100lbs to lose, it will take you longer than someone who has 50 lbs to lose.

But sometimes I get questions from people who’ve seen that I’ve done 5 rounds of this protocol and they wonder if everyone needs to do that many rounds of the diet to get to a healthy weight.

In short, nope.

2 rounds of hCG, both about 40 days each, was all I technically needed to look “normal” to the eye folks- started in February 2011, and by July I looked like the after photo below. Keep in mind, my personal results are based on doing the injections ONLY, so I cannot vouch for what other methods may or may not accomplish.

Before we get into all the details, if you are currently still in the research phase when it comes to your hCG purchasing decisions, you can find my current recommendations for finding real, rx prescription/pharmaceutical hCG here (all forms mentioned below come in POWDER form (not premixed liquid), as the real hormone MUST if you are using real hCG):

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A 43 lb weight loss, and a change in clothing size from size 16 to size 6 was accomplished in two 40 day rounds of the hCG Diet.


So why have I done 5 rounds then?  You may discover, as time goes on and you try out the hCG Diet that,

#1 You aren’t perfect.

Most people who undertake a life change to become fit and healthy experience slip-ups along that path and I’m no exception.  The 2nd round that got me to the above photo at size 6?  Just after that I totally wigged out and ate my way with sugar laden foods all the way back up to 143 lbs (from 129lbs).  So I had to re-do round 2, which I did on round 3.  Technically speaking, if I had done everything perfect from the start (which I’ll be truthful here- very few accomplish this- but you know what?  It’s the end result that matters, not how long it takes) it would have taken only 2 rounds to get to a normal weight.

#2 The hCG Diet is so effective, you realize halfway through that you can have a better body than you were originally going to “settle” for.

I remember thinking at size 16, first starting the hCG Diet, ‘boy, if I could just get to 130 lbs and a size 8 I’ll be so content and just leave it at that.’

Even though being just over 5′ tall I could certainly get smaller than that and be even healthier, most of us know and have experienced that  losing weight is typically very difficult and takes a long time, so that’s why I didn’t want to set my hopes too high.  Many many people who have successfully gone through their weight loss journey have changed their “ultimate goal” when they realize how fast and effective the hCG Diet really is.  This has been the case with me.

So I screwed up round 2 and had to re-do it with round 3.  So one round fits into the “I’m not perfect” reason for a round.  At the end of round 3 I was 122 lbs and a size 4!

How can it get any better than that you may ask?

Well, to me it wasn’t just about being thin- I wanted to be fit and physically active as it’s always been in my nature to be.  So I started lifting weights and doing interval cross training at Crossfit- I put on 12 pounds of muscle in 1 year- 12 lbs of muscle is great, but of course still does take up space on my body, so I used 2 rounds of hCG to lose more fat between it.  So the last 2 rounds of the protocol I’ve basically been just “tweaking” and “fine-tuning”  my body-  those 2 rounds fit into the “I realized I can do better than normal- I can actually get very fit and active and lower my body fat percent with the hormone” reason.

As an example, at 129 lbs in the above photo I wore a size 6 and was not physically fit at all and had a body fat percent of about 28%, and now I’m close to 129 lbs again, but I’m a size 2/4 and am extremely physically fit and have a body fat percent of 19%.  Same weight, totally different body composition- a lot more of me is muscle and a lot less of me is fat now, at the same weight.  That’s what those last 2 rounds of weight loss protocol were about, and something I’m very proud of.  In the photos below to show you the comparison, I don’t really LOOK that much different do I?

But the point is that my fitness level is completely different in these photos– in the first photo I couldn’t do 1 single push-up (even the girly way on my knees!) and doing 1 set of squats with no weights at all left me so sore that I could barely walk for several days.  In the 2nd photo that I took on February 5, 2013, I was almost exactly the same weight, yet I can do 10 pushups (the guy way) in a row, and I can squat with heavy weights and the whole shebang.  I’m not just thin or normal now, I’m actually strong and fit and it’s the combo of the last 2 rounds of HCG and 1 year of crossfit that accomplished this for me.



Update April 8, 2014

I’m happy to say I recently got to 15% bodyfat- I will try to get a photo soon!  This was all through crossfit and clean eating.  It’s been 17 months since my last round of the weight loss protocol.  You CAN get to a normal weight AND keep it off!

Update December 28, 2014

I have now been maintaining my weight loss from hCG diet for over 2 years! Ahhhh! Okay, I’ll calm down now. I’ve been pretty much between 16-19% bodyfat for the vast majority of that 2 years. I got to dip my feet into the 15% body fat territory briefly, but was too hard to maintain, and I’ve go up to 20% bodyfat a few times, that I was able to correct on my own without hCG (since it was only a few lbs) using these techniques here.

Update April 2015

Check out my 2 year anniversary maintaining weight loss video (even though it took me so long to put it together that it’s been two and a half years now lol). It really shows my entire journey from start to finish to now – you even see my face shrink quickly over time at the end! I am currently maintaining about 16-17% bodyfat (which is under where I finished the hCG diet at).

My results were achieved solely with hCG injections I purchased online so I can’t vouch for other methods. Lastly, if you do go the real hormone route for your weight loss, be sure to find the right dose of hCG for you! This can seriously make or break your time on the diet.

How Fast Can You Get to a Healthy Weight with the hCG Diet Protocol -

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  • Kelli

    Your blog is fantastic!! I am on the fence as to which protocal to order…23 days or 40 days? I’d like to loose about 20 lbs. and so I’m leaning towards the 23 day protocal unless you feel I would benefit more from the 40 day…HELP?!!

    • Rayzel Lam

      Hey Kelli- thank you! If you have 20lbs to lose and want to lose it one round, most likely the 40 day protocol will be what you need- the average weightloss for women on hCG is .5-.75 per day, and when you are only 15-20 lbs overweight, weight can sometimes come off slower. Additionally, you will have loading weight to lose on top of the 20lbs- so if you do the 40 day round you may lose the full 20 or close to it- I hope that helps!

  • inspired girl – barbara yaffee

    Love this! Great message Rayzel. And the photos are really helpful. Thank you!

  • Shaina Longstreet

    This post was really encouraging for me. I did 2 rounds last year and lost 60lbs and was feeling better than I ever have. But then life got in the way and I gave up control of a lot of things, what I was eating included, and I put back on 20lbs of that. So now I’m beginning round 3 and I feel like its just to get back to where I was after 2! So frustrating…but to read that I’m not the only one really helps. And your pictures are so encouraging. I’m debating on sharing my weight loss journey on my blog with pictures… I want to encourage other too, but its scary to put myself out there like that.
    So thanks for the post and for your whole blog and for putting yourself out there. You’ve helped me a lot already and I’ve just discovered your blog. :)

    • Serica

      I did it and lost 80 lbs and put 70 lbs back on. I just started it again lost 26lbs so far, I would like to get where I was before and try to work it down further,

  • Catherine Albergo

    Hi , I did the same thing! I was so glad to read this. I had an excellent first Round 28 lbs and 6 jeans sizes from a 14 down to 8! I was doing good in maintenance also and having some great gym trips, did a 5k and a Mudderella! However, I let myself succumb to anxiety eating and although my body felt like I put on more by being swollen and bloated the numbers on the scale were less than I felt I looked like. So I started another round at the beginning of this week and looking for some more tips and tricks for meals or snacks. I was wondering, did you do the cross fit in between rounds? I had a friend continue to maintain her running habits even while on a round and lost like 80 lbs.. However, its mostly all back again for her.. At least I am not starting this round back at my beginning weight but wanna kick myself anyways. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • April Cook Garner

    do you take the shot daily

  • Cherie Thinn

    I’m struggling in phase 2 I’ve been on phase 2 for 26 days did great until now
    I’m craving or wanting foods I can’t have
    I’m continueing on in phase 2 . I feel
    I want to eat other foods

  • Cherie Thinn

    I have lost 20 pounds

  • drmurrell

    I am just curious, you mention that the last 2 rounds were for fat loss. Did you lose additional weight or was your weight the same during those last 2 rounds? I don’t quite understand. Also, what types of exercises did you use?

    • HCGChica

      Hi @drmurrell:disqus sorry if I confused you a bit! 😉 Yes so what I meant was, when I originally reached 127ish lbs or so, my body composition at that time was about 27% bodyfat- which means I Had a certain amount of fat on my body and a certain amount of muscle on me right? So after my 3rd round of hCG what I did was alternate crossfit with hCG twice- so I did crossfit for 4-5 months and bulid several lbs of muscle, then did 1 round of hCG to lose several lbs of fat, then did crossfit for 4-5 months to build muscle, then final round to lose more fat- so that at the end, I weighed about the same, 127 lbs, but now my bodyfat percent is 17% instead of 27% which translates into about 12 less lbs of fat on my body and 12 more lbs muscle, at the same weight- so while I’m the same weight, I much more muscular, less of me is fat, which also translates into me being a smaller physical size at this lower body fat percent than when I weighed the same at a higher body fat percent- does that clear it up a little? Sorry I know it’s confusing! So I did definitely lose weight during my last 2 rounds of hCG and I gained weight between in the form of muscle from crossfit.

  • fatoldlady

    Congratulations! Do you have dr Simeon’s the pounds and inches manuscript on the website?-

  • Ebony

    So like the first week chica did u lose anything.

    • HCGChica

      Hi @Ebony I’m not sure what you mean exactly lol, yes I lost weight the first week. :)-

  • Joseph Dickerson

    I was normal to most people after my first round, I started at 240 pounds on a 6’1″ feet tall frame and ended at 205 pounds, did a second round and ended that at 185 pounds, which would make me “healthy” under the BMI scale, but then gained 20 pounds, back, did third round, and lost 30 pounds, and had a final weight of 175 pounds, I currently weigh 180 pounds, which puts me in the normal range. So I guess for most people two rounds would be more than enough.
    There was a huge difference in how strangers treated me before the first round and after the first round, I was kind of happy and sad at the same time, happy that people were nicer to me, but sad that people judge others based on how they look and now how they really are as human beings.
    The true reason for my weight loss was not cosmetic but for health reasons as a visit to my physician showed that if I did not lose weight and improved my cholesterol numbers I would be headed to serious health problems, my father who is still around had two heart attacks and has been hospitalized in the past two years, and despite the advice of his doctors to lose weight and take better care of himself he continues to ignore that advice, my father is 76 years old, I am in my 30s, I have a wife and two young sons, so I need to be around for them.

    • HCGChica

      Nice story @Joseph Dickerson – one of my interviews recently – with Janie, episode 18 here: she too mentioned how differently she was treated pre and post weight loss. It was pretty astounding to her. My husband is about 5’11” and 180 lbs too and looks pretty normal too so good for you! So glad to hear that you have been able to make this protocol work for you both for yourself and the good of your family. – Rayzel

      • Joseph Dickerson

        Well its true but the first thing people notice about a stranger is how they look and we live in a world where people judge others by their appearance and other superficial measures of value such as how much money they have, what they do for a living, the car they drive, etc. Its sad but true. I have a relative who his much shorter than me, does not have a weight problem but yet has much difficulty with the opposite gender and I suspect it has something to do with his height. Its sad we live in a society that judges people on things that they have no control over, I only went on the diet because I failed at numerous other attempts to lose weight, I tried Atkins, the old fashioned low fat and exercise routines, and then got a note from a doctor saying I was on route to winding up with heart disease. It had absolutely nothing to do with cosmetic benefits although people tell me I look good now, I think this is the “Wrong” reason to do lose weight or to do HCG, not to get others to think better of you, but for you to feel better and to improve your own health and longevity. I prefer to be healthy than one of the many who wind up sick and then sacked with thousands of dollars in medical bills.

  • Terra Ndubuizu

    Hi, I an seriously considering this! I have a question about how this hormone interacts with birth control. I read somewhere that I should use a backup method. Any truth to that? My husband and I are not ready for number 5!

  • andria

    I love your blog!!!! Its good to see that someone with a thyroid condition has had success w/ this program. Ive always been a bigger muscular 5’8in girl. At the age of 9 (when i had my 1st TOM) i went from 120lbs to 150lbs in a single school year. I noticed I was always fatigued, but thought it was from being overweight. Then, I had enough of the teasing In 7th grade, so during the summer before starting 8th grade i got so depressed and basically spent the whole 2-3months of summer in bed. I would get up get something to drink, and go back to sleep. According to the scale i lost 20lbs and my size 13 jeans were baggy. So at that point i started dieting eating more salads and less crap, and exercising for hours to keep at that weight/size. From ages 16 -18 (still had no idea i had a thyroid condition), i was struggling to stay around 150lbs. I would do up to 1800squats/lunges a night, and up to 400 situps/crunches and run 3times a week. I would eat maybe 2 or 3 meals a week and drank tons of water and coffee for energy. Then, when i was 19 i got engaged and myweight shop up to 180lbs my size 13s were feeling tight. That same year i got in a car accident and had a complete blood panel includ thyroid testing done, foundout i have hypothyroidism, so i began to taken medication along with eating whatever i wanted andexercising everyday i stayed between 180-190lbs size 12/13. Then in 2007 i got married, and got fat and happy,lol… Actually, its due to my husbands eating habits rubbing off on me (hes tongan, its like samoan or hawaiian- they eat huge portions). Then, i got pregnant in 09′, lost the baby, and my body never seemed to boiunce back. So in 2010, my hubby and i moved from az to ar to help family build a house. I had no idea i had gotten so big….until i started walking up the inclined driveway, i panted and huffed, which was strange cause i figured since i went to zumba 3 to 5 times a week, and went running that i was in shape and healthy. I had not taken my lbs in a few yes, so I finally did and omg (I was 246lbs)…that was the heaviest I ever was…. So i had my mom take photos of me, and i was startled at what i looked like. How could i let myself get this big?!?!?!?!? Soon after that (late November 2011) i was in town w/ my mom (age 50 something, 5’5, med frame about 200lbs) and my lil sister (age 22, small frame, 5’5, 160lbs) drove past a health clinic advertising hcg and weightloss, i figured ill try anything at this point. So, my mom and i went to the clinic (Jan 2012), got our mandatory labs done, took our vitals and weights. And the clinic gave us our hcg shots, along with a list of approved foods. We came in once a week and did oir weigh ins in the clinic, so during the 1st round i started at 246lbs) a sz 20/22, i lifted weights @ gym, did the eliptical, zumba, and kickboxing, as a result of all of my effort and the diet i got down to 219lbs. I felt so proud of myself, but I knew I needed to lose more to be near my right weight range, so I started my 2nd round 43 day round in April 2012 @ 220lbs, I got down to (189lbs) a size 14/15. I couldn’t seem to get below 189lbs….. So since my second round I’ve been doing insanity, t25, zumba, weight lifting, hiit workouts, and have been trying to keep my weight down… But….it slowly creapt up to 215 l/xl 14/15/15sz, so I ordered the hcg online and now I’m currently on round 3. In 28days w/ cheat days of (nachos and mexican food) I’ve only lost 12 lbs.if I wouldnt have cheated i wouldve lost more…..but the rounds is not done, and I’m determined to lose 25+lbs total for this round. Oh and I’ve noticed I’ve always been very busty but when from the last few times I’ve done the hcg diet, I’ve lost weight all over, but my boobs got bigger… I’m a 36dddd now , wonder if anyone else has that problem????

  • Kitanya Sameer Pari

    What do you think about the protein shakes as a meal replacement like three times a day

    • HCGChica

      Hi @Kitanya Sameer Pari – good question. :) If I’m being perfectly honest, I wouldn’t recommend it. I can see using a protein shake as a protein replacement occasionally, but I have really come to believe in eating real food. I think this protocol is like a cleanse and eating these simple whole foods really helps train us to eat properly for the future to maintain weight loss. I also feel that the real meat protein is likely absorbed and utilized by our bodies much better than a processed powder replacement thing. I could be wrong, that is just my persona opinion. In the end, it’s your choice of course, but since you asked, I’m just sharing my current perspective. Hope that helps you decide! – Rayzel