How Fast Can You Get To a Normal Weight with the HCG Diet?

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Obviously this will depend on how much you have to lose at least in part.  If you have 100lbs to lose, it will take you longer than someone who has 50 lbs to lose.

But sometimes I get questions from people who’ve seen that I’ve done 5 rounds of this protocol and they wonder if everyone needs to do that many rounds of HCG Injections to get to a healthy weight.

In short, nope.

2 rounds of hCG, both about 40 days each, was all I technically needed to look “normal” to the eye folks- started in February 2011, and by July I looked like the after photo below.

A 43 lb weight loss, and a change in clothing size from size 16 to size 6 was accomplished in two 40 day rounds of the hCG Diet.


So why have I done 5 rounds then?  You may discover, as time goes on and you try out the hCG Diet that,

#1 You aren’t perfect.

Most people who undertake a life change to become fit and healthy experience slip-ups along that path and I’m no exception.  The 2nd round that got me to the above photo at size 6?  Just after that I totally wigged out and ate my way with sugar laden foods all the way back up to 143 lbs (from 129lbs).  So I had to re-do round 2, which I did on round 3.  Technically speaking, if I had done everything perfect from the start (which I’ll be truthful here- very few accomplish this- but you know what?  It’s the end result that matters, not how long it takes) it would have taken only 2 rounds to get to a normal weight.

#2 The hCG Diet is so effective, you realize halfway through that you can have a better body than you were originally going to “settle” for.

I remember thinking at size 16, first starting the hCG Diet, ‘boy, if I could just get to 130 lbs and a size 8 I’ll be so content and just leave it at that.’

Even though being just over 5′ tall I could certainly get smaller than that and be even healthier, most of us know and have experienced that  losing weight is typically very difficult and takes a long time, so that’s why I didn’t want to set my hopes too high.  Many many people who have successfully gone through their weight loss journey have changed their “ultimate goal” when they realize how fast and effective the hCG Diet really is.  This has been the case with me.

So I screwed up round 2 and had to re-do it with round 3.  So one round fits into the “I’m not perfect” reason for a round.  At the end of round 3 I was 122 lbs and a size 4!

How can it get any better than that you may ask?

Well, to me it wasn’t just about being thin- I wanted to be fit and physically active as it’s always been in my nature to be.  So I started lifting weights and doing interval cross training at Crossfit- I put on 12 pounds of muscle in 1 year- 12 lbs of muscle is great, but of course still does take up space on my body, so I used 2 rounds of hCG to lose more fat between it.  So the last 2 rounds of the protocol I’ve basically been just “tweaking” and “fine-tuning”  my body-  those 2 rounds fit into the “I realized I can do better than normal- I can actually get very fit and active and lower my body fat percent with the hormone” reason.

As an example, at 129 lbs in the above photo I wore a size 6 and was not physically fit at all and had a body fat percent of about 28%, and now I’m close to 129 lbs again, but I’m a size 2/4 and am extremely physically fit and have a body fat percent of 19%.  Same weight, totally different body composition- a lot more of me is muscle and a lot less of me is fat now, at the same weight.  That’s what those last 2 rounds of weight loss protocol were about, and something I’m very proud of.  In the photos below to show you the comparison, I don’t really LOOK that much different do I?

But the point is that my fitness level is completely different in these photos- in the first photo I couldn’t do 1 single push-up (even the girly way on my knees!) and doing 1 set of squats with no weights at all left me so sore that I could barely walk for several days.  In the 2nd photo that I took on February 5, 2013, I was almost exactly the same weight, yet I can do 10 pushups (the guy way) in a row, and I can squat with heavy weights and the whole shebang.  I’m not just thin or normal now, I’m actually strong and fit and it’s the combo of the last 2 rounds of HCG and 1 year of crossfit that accomplished this for me.



Update April 8, 2014

I’m happy to say I recently got to 15% bodyfat- I will try to get a photo soon!  This was all through crossfit and clean eating.  It’s been 17 months since my last round of the weight loss protocol.  You CAN get to a normal weight AND keep it off!

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  • Kelli

    Your blog is fantastic!! I am on the fence as to which protocal to order…23 days or 40 days? I’d like to loose about 20 lbs. and so I’m leaning towards the 23 day protocal unless you feel I would benefit more from the 40 day…HELP?!!

    • Rayzel Lam

      Hey Kelli- thank you! If you have 20lbs to lose and want to lose it one round, most likely the 40 day protocol will be what you need- the average weightloss for women on hCG is .5-.75 per day, and when you are only 15-20 lbs overweight, weight can sometimes come off slower. Additionally, you will have loading weight to lose on top of the 20lbs- so if you do the 40 day round you may lose the full 20 or close to it- I hope that helps!

  • inspired girl – barbara yaffee

    Love this! Great message Rayzel. And the photos are really helpful. Thank you!