Need to Know – About hCG Injections

This page will cover:
  • What hCG injections are
  • What hCG injections do
  • What the hCG injections look like (with photos!)
  • How often to inject hCG and where
  • hCG injection uses for Men
  • How to decide how much hCG you need to buy
  • Where can you buy hCG injections

Does the word “injection” or “needle” make you nervous?

Are you getting butterflies in your stomach right now and it’s not because you’re falling in love? But you want to lose weight and heard hCG injections and the hCG Diet really works? So you’re wondering if you can get over your fear of needles? And if you can, just what exactly do you need to buy to do hCG Injections because it’s all so confusing?

Let’s put your fears and discomforts to rest. First let me say, thankfully, the needles used for hCG Injections are super super tiny and are used by diabetics every day to inject their insulin so hopefully this will help you to know that hCG injections are actually quite painless. Really! I think if my count is correct I’ve done close to 200 hCG injections now and with a few little tips that I’ll mention on this page, you can have a good experience with the whole deal as I have.

If you came to this page to actually purchase hCG Injections, you can explore your options here.

What are hCG Injections? What do hCG Injections do?

To get more in-depth information discussing just what the hCG Diet is in general and how it works, you can see my NEW to the hCG Diet? page.

hCG Injections are the original way that Dr. Simeons used the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) hormone in small doses along with his special 500 calorie diet of a specific list of foods to get very fast and effective, not just weight loss, but FAT loss for his patients in the 1950’s and 60’s. When hCG in the right dose is injected (usually between 125ius-200ius daily), it puts your body into a state where you are simply not hungry most of the time, making it very easy to eat only the 500 calories (as far as hunger goes anyway- mentally it can be another story!) I wish I knew how hCG does this, but believe me, after doing 5 rounds of hCG and occasionally being on the wrong dose making me feel very hungry while on the hCG Diet, the dose matters, and it’s amazing how NOT hungry you feel with the right amount of hCG in your system. But hCG’s only mechanism is not simply curbing your hunger- much more is going on here as I and others have discovered that the majority of the weight lost on this diet is actual FAT (not just water and muscle as many would like to claim).

I have found the amount of FAT loss that occurs while being on a such a very low calorie diet (500 cals? I mean c’mon! Enough for your pet mouse maybe) is very high when combined with the use of the hCG hormone. We’re talking 85-100% fat loss most of the time. In fact, my most recent body fat testing results showed that 88% of my fat loss on my latest round of hCG was FAT (image below of these test results). I experienced only 1 lb of muscle loss, vs. 7.5 lbs of fat loss. I feel fairly certain there would be much more muscle loss if you tried to eat 500 calories a day for 6 weeks without the hCG hormone, not to mention you would feel like biting off your husband or wife’s head all the time because you’d be so hungry and grouchy. You can see proof of my fat loss results in an article I wrote “Proof the hCG Diet works for FAT loss”.


Even though you are eating just 500 calories a day, in essence your body is actually living on 2000-3000 calories as your body is actually using your stored fat for fuel, instead of food, while protecting your lean muscle mass, which is why the weightloss on the hCG Diet is rapid (your body is using your fat every day for “food”), a high percentage is fat, and does not cause unnecessary muscle loss. It’s really quite the perfect marriage of “bests” making the hCG Diet the only diet I will personally ever do again. I have personally used only hCG injections to achieve my own weightloss. If you are still unsure about whether the hCG diet is a starvation diet or a placebo effect, you can see this section, Common Concerns about the hCG Diet.

Getting Familiar with hCG Injections

hCG Injections today involve the use of insulin needles and syringes to inject small doses of hCG into your fat. The needles are very tiny, usually only 5/16″ or 1/2″ inch long, with a very thin gauge between 29mm and 31mm, making it so that the needles slides into your skin and fat very easily and painlessly. These are not at all like those needles you remember with horror from your childhood “shots”.

Here’s a photo of what a typical hCG Injection syringe and needle looks like so you can see it’s size- it’s quite small. The plastic part with the numbers is considered the “syringe” and the needle is well….yeah, the needle. You can also see a whole section of Q&A’s on the injections here.

What an hCG Injection syringe looks like

What a 1/2″ length needle for hCG Injections looks like.
5/16″ length is also often used and is even shorter! (less scary ya?)

hCG Injections Can Be Purchased Here
This is an affiliate link- if you decide to purchase hCG through me I will get a commission at no extra cost to you- thank you guys in advance if you decide to do so! It allows me to continue helping you guys do well on the hCG Diet, which is something that really gives me joy.

How often to inject hCG? Where do you inject?

The hCG is injected once daily, usually when you wake up in the morning. It really takes no more than a minute or two at most and you’re done. As far as good injection sites, most people usually do the hCG injection into the belly fat, at least an inch away or so from the navel. I have also injected hCG into my upper thigh fat on the inner thigh and outer thigh, as well as my tricep area. Mostly what you want to find is a nice fatty place to inject to, which is usually easy at the beginning of your weight loss journey. As you get smaller with the hCG Diet and have less fat to inject to, you’ll have to look a little harder on your body for those areas- that’s why I started looking towards my upper thighs as good injection sites- I always seem to have plenty of fat there! You will be using each injection needle/syringe only once, so the hCG injection kits you buy (more on this further down) will contain enough needles/syringes for each day you are on the diet.

Benefits of hCG Injections over other forms of hCG like sublingual rx hCG drops and homeopathic hCG

I am not dogmatically only “for” hCG Injections. I you can read more about that in drops vs. injections. However, there are a few reasons that I have chosen to use only injections myself and why you may decide to do so.

    1. You can be positive that you absorbed the proper dose- since you are injecting the hCG, none of the hCG is lost due to malabsorption, swallowing, etc.- difficulties that arise with sublingual/oral hCG methods. I’m not opposed to the latter, but what I always think is, I only have one body, so I might as well do what I can be sure of.
    2. Just 1 time a day. Sublingual rx hCG drops must be dosed twice a day, and homeopathic hCG must be dosed 3-4 time a day, often needing to be timed properly between meals and drink. Injections just 1x a day and done!
    3. Cheaper than sublingual rx hCG drops. With the sublingual method, you must use 2-3x’s as much hCG as for injections because absorption of the hCG is not nearly as good, which means the cost will be higher.

hCG a Natural Hormone

hCG is a natural hormone that all humans produce in varying quantities- it’s most often associated with pregnant women who produce hCG in vast quantities, but even men actually produce a very tiny amount of hCG. That’s why some of the scare tactics I’ve heard lately like “hCG causes cancer!” sound rather silly since it’s a natural hormone that the body already makes. If hCG really caused cancer, there would be a lot of pregnant women out there going through chemo (short pause to let the silliness of it sink in), and hCG Dieters are taking a very minute amount of hCG in comparison to what a pregnant woman produces. Taking hCG is different from taking other pharmaceutical drugs – most pharmaceutical drugs are substances that the body does not naturally produce. As we already discussed, hCG is simply a natural hormone that the body produces causes and it has been found that hCG injections can be used to help men regain normal testosterone production.

hCG Injections Use for Men

hCG injections today are often used by men to stimulate testosterone production and has been useful in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for males. For various reasons a man may have low testosterone levels and hCG has been used successfully to bring testosterone production and levels back to normal. Additionally, the hCG Diet works just as well for males as for females. In fact, men lose weight VERY quickly on the hCG diet- usually to the tune of 1lb/day average- and that’s no exaggeration. I hear this number a lot applied to all people in general, and the vast majority of the time this just won’t happen with women, but for men I see it all the time!

How Much hCG Do You Need to Buy for hCG Injections?

I get this question a lot actually. I think I finally figured out the best way to break it down- usually it’s based on how long you want to the diet- it’s typically done in 3 weeks-ish (23 injections to be exact) or 6 weeks-ish rounds (40 injections to be exact). But many people don’t know how long they need to be on it. I’ll just give you a basic guideline and tell you what exactly you would purchase from the two hCG companies on my site.


More than 10 lbs to lose: Do the 6 week protocol.


  • From nuimage medical purchase the 43 day program
  • From ushcginjections purchase the double 28 day kit or the double 28 day COMBO kit (the latter adds Lipo shots to the treatment).
  • From escrowrefills purchase 2 vials of 5000iu hCG and one 43 day injection mixing kit for 5000iu AMPS (not for the 2000iu).

Less than 10 lbs to lose: Do the 3 week protocol.


  • From nuimage medical purchase the 23 day program.
  • From ushcginjections purchase the 28 day kit or the 28 day COMBO kit(again, the latter adds Lipo shots to the treatment).
  • From escrowrefills purchase 1 vial of 5000iu hCG and one 23 day injections mixing kit FOR 5000iu AMPS (not for the 2000iu.

That will contain everything you need to start a round of hCG.

Males are a little more fortunate than use females, unfortunately. :)- Men really do seem to have a very high average of weightloss, to the tune of a lb per day. A rough guideline might follow:


More than 20lbs to lose: Do the 6 week protocol.


  • From nuimage medical purchase the 43 day program
  • From ushcginjections purchase either the double 28 day kit or the double 28 day COMBO kit (the latter adds Lipo shots to the treatment).
  • From escrowrefills (remember to enter invitation code CID272860 and leave other fields blank to get on the site) purchase 2 vials of 5000iu hCG and one 43 day injection mixing kit FOR 5000iu AMPS (not for 2000iu).

Less than 20lbs to lose: Do the 3 week protocol


  • From nuimage medical purchase the 23 day program
  • From ushcginjections purchase either the 28 day kit or the 28 day COMBO kit (the latter adds Lipo shots to the treatment).
  • From escrowrefills (remember to enter invitation code CID272860 and leave other fields blank to get on the site) purchase 1 vial of 5000iu hCG and one 23 day injection mixing kit FOR 5000iu AMPS (not for 2000iu).

This will contain everything you need to start hCG.

But how do you decide which company to buy hCG from? You should know that I would benefit more by only offering 1 hCG company on my blog. But I don’t do that because I think we all have different circumstances and different things that are most important to us. For some the price is the number 1 factor they care about. For others the assurance of quality and proof that what they are injecting is safe is most important.

You can of course see a more in-depth comparison of the 3 companies currently on this blog, but here’s a short synopsis below.

Buying hCG Injections- 2 Options for Trustworthy Prescription hCG

If you decide to try the hCG injections, there are three sources I trust for real prescription hCG that I have personally used where you can get your prescription through the company and get your hCG and injection/mixing kit.

Nu Image Medical- click here to buy

NuImage Medical prescribes and dispenses hCG that’s made in the U.S. from a very high quality pharmacy that lives up to to highest current standards. The kits come with everything you need to get started, and each kit comes with free b12 as a bonus. I had a chance to interview the CEO of nuimage medical which you can check out on my special blogpost dedicated to this company. The most important thing I have to share about the hCG that comes from nuimage medical, is that they were willing to share 3rd party lab testing with me proving the quality and purity of their hCG. Since many of us are nervous for good reason about purchasing hCG online that is real and reliable, this really laid my own concerns to rest.

You also get an exclusive deal for their hCG program when you purchase through my site that you won’t find elsewhere.


US HCG Injections- click here to buy

This company sells hCG that is made right in the United States by a compounding pharmacy in Florida. They have made both buying everything you need to start the hCG diet as well as mixing your hCG so simple! Through their website you really only need to purchase 1 item, and it will come with everything- the hCG, the needles/syringes, the mixing supplies, everything. They do not sell the hCG in “vials” but rather whole “kits”- 28 days kits or double 28 day kits.

The positives to buying hCG through this company are:

  • hCG made IN the United States
  • Shipping in the States takes only a few days for $6.95
  • Ships worldwide, including Canada
  • Comes altogether as a kit- you don’t have to buy anything else.
  • Takes both VISA and Mastercard, Discover, and American Express
  • Sells lipo shots/injections as a combo kit with the hCG diet
  • Sells B12 injections (including both methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin) and other supplement injectables


Escrow Refills- click here to buy

enter code CID272860 in the “invitation” box to get on the website.

When you order through escrowrefills, you will need to purchase 2 items- the hCG, and a separate mixing kit that will contain everything else you need. They only accept western union, money order, or echeck at this time, but I can out of hundreds of people now, no one has ever reported any fraud to me. This hCG is made overseas.

The positives of buying hCG through this company:

  • Cheapest prescription hCG source anywhere
  • $30 off your first order (like getting 1 vial of hCG free)
  • Can be mixed for both hCG Injections or prescription hCG drops
  • Expedited shipping and Priority processing option

Here’s a screenshot to show you how you would purchase from Escrowrefills:


Please see my hCG FAQ page and my How to do the hCG Diet page for a whole host of questions and answers or the hCG Diet.