11 HCGers: How Has hCG Changed Your Life for the Better? Episode 2: hCG Diet Community Video Project

It’s here!  Episode 2.  If I sound too excited every time a new episode comes out, whether it’s for the hCG Diet Interviews, or the hCG Diet Community Video Project, it’s because I really am that excited- I feel like it’s truly going to be that helpful for everyone.

The common thread that united the different stories of most was hope.  So many of them expressed that they finally had hope that as the years go by, they have found a way they can feel confident will allow them to maintain a healthy weight range.  It’s really quite striking to hear several mention this word- none of these hCGers even know each other personally, and yet they have related similar experiences with the Diet.  Should you choose to start your own journey with this protocol, you can check out options for buying HCG Injections (please note I do get a small commission if you choose to purchase through my blog, at no additional cost to you-and thank you so much if you do!)

Laurie: Also known as Fluffynomo on youtube, Laurie has lost 48 lbs with the hCG diet.  She attributes Human Chorionic Gonadotropin with no longer dealing with depression.  While everyone is different and there are many causes for depression, for Laurie, her experience with the diet plan balancing her hormones and the loss of 48 lbs has lead to increased energy and confidence- she just feels better about herself.  Watch Fluffynomo’s hCG Diet vlogs.

Gin: Virginia has lost 72 lbs with this weight loss protocol, and an additional 10 lbs now on her own through clean eating, eating to hunger (find more info on this in the must read book Weight-Loss Apocalypse: Emotional Eating Rehab Through the hCG Protocol) and exercise.  Gin feels that this protocol has opened the door for her to be more active and fit.  Before she began the diet plan, she weighed almost 300 lbs and pre-diabetic.  When she found this weight loss protocol she was at the point where she had given up on everything and had decided it must be her destiny to be overweight the rest of her life and unhealthy because it was in her genes.  She chose to give the diet a shot, and it changed her life.  She says since her weightloss, she now has a desire to move and be active- now she gets to be active with her kids, having fun together.  Even though she is at the point where she no longer needs the hormone, she feels that this diet continues to bless her life because of the huge jumpstart it gave her and she’s very happy that she decided to do it.  Watch Virginia Beal’s hCG Diet Vlogs.

Cathy: Cathy has lost 50 lbs with this diet plan so far, and has another 15-20 to go.  She feels this diet plan has changed her health immensely.  She was on high blood pressure medication for the better part of 10 years, and she no longer has to take it- she says this happened after about the 35lb mark of her weightloss.  Watch Notenufhrs hCG Diet vlogs

Debbie: Debbie has lost 100 lbs with this protocol thus far.  She’s lived 48 of her 56 years as an obese person.  She’s attempted over 22 different diets, and at 333 lbs, her diabetes was so out of control she was taking 14 different prescription medications to stay alive.  Her quality of life was rapidly deteriorating and she gave up her will to live.  She used a walker or cane when she had to get around, but when she was at home she stayed at home.  Within 3 months of starting the protocol, she was off of all 14 medications, got rid of her walker, and as she puts it, “I went from death to life again.”  Watch hebbiedobby’s hCG vlogs.

Kathy AKA my mom.  Yes,  hCGChica’s mom folks!  My mom has lost 55 lbs with this weight loss plan so far.  She has a photo of herself at 269 lbs, and she is currently at 214 lbs.  She feels the biggest thing this protocol has done for her is it’s given her hope.  Having been a yo-yo dieter since she was 8 years old- her entire family growing up was always on a diet or off a diet, since both her parents were heavy and she was a heavy child, with this protocol she feels hope that she’s finally found something that will help her to maintain and keep her weight healthy.  Her biggest concern was as she continued to age, the weight would become too heavy for her bones and cause many complications for her, perhaps even leading her to be in a wheelchair in the future.  It’s given her hope, after a lifetime of diets.  Now when she concludes a round of this diet plan, she no longer has so many restrictions that would cause such an obsession of food in the past- she can have healthy fats and protein and eat until she is satisfied.  Whereas in the past with other diets, everything was meticulously measured or restricted and it caused her to have to be obsessed with food- now she just feels free to eat and live her life.

Barbara:  Barbara has lost the 15 lbs that she was overweight with the weight loss protocol in one round.  It’s been 3 months since she ended P4, which means 4.5 months since ending P2, and she has maintained her weight loss thus far.  Barbara has noticed that her metabolism has improved dramatically.  She’s a yogi (a high-intensity form of Yoga) and her flexibility, lightness and movement has improved greatly.  Lastly, this protocol has really changed her relationship with food- she feels like she got a clean slate.  Somewhere during P2 she feels the addiction to food just dropped away.  She was amazed when she started P3 and every single food taste brand new.  Her cravings for sweet, fatty foods and those fried crispy foods was just not there anymore.  She feels she naturally eats healthier food now, and has found she can eat quite a bit more than she could before this protocol and still maintain her weightloss. Find Barbara at her awesome lifestyle blog:  inspiredgirl.me

Kathy: Noteworthy point here.  Kathy has 20 grandchildren.  Twenty.  Her twentieth grandchild was born just a few days before this video was recorded.  She got to hear take her first breath and her first cry.  She wants to be there to watch them all grow up.  She knows now that she can.  She just knows now that she can accomplish this with this weight loss protocol.  Before when she would go on a “diet” she would hope- but now she knows.   Watch Kathy’s hCG Vlogs

Nellie:  Nellie has done 1 round of this protocol and lost 22 lbs.  She feels that this protocol has helped to get off of refined sugars and refined carbs.  She has started using organic powdered stevia extract, and she just loves it- she really doesn’t see herself going back to using regular sugar, and she feels like making this life change will definitely affect her health for the better as time goes on.

Joann Losing 48 lbs takes a lot off of your body.  Her blood pressure is so much better.  Her last blood tests she had done, her cholesterol was good, her liver panel was great- basically the results were the best they’ve been in years.  She is 3 sizes smaller in clothing now.  She can now walk a mile and feel fine with it.  She feels this diet has really enriched her life and health.  Watch Joann’s hCG diet vlogs.

Rayzel Okay yes it’s me again.  I’ve lost over 50 lbs with human chorionic gonadotropin, and one of the biggest things that this diet plan did for me that has changed how my health will be in the years to come is, it helped me to reform my eating habits.  I had developed a binge eating disorder as a result of relying too much on food when my chronic health issues were at their worst.  Since the start of this weight loss journey, I’ve now been gluten free for over 2 years, and sugar free over a year and a half.  Almost without realizing it, my eating habits have changed permanently.  Make no mistake it did require effort and some hard times, but this diet was truly the kickstart that really enabled this to be possible for me.  Watch hCGChica’s hCG Diet vlogs.

Donna:  Donna started at 270 lbs and ended the Diet at 143 lbs.  That is 127 lbs lost.  She used to take 17 pills a day (give or take).  Now?  7 pills a day (give or take).  She has been dealing with Multiple Sclerosis and a heart condition for years, so she still obviously deals with health symptoms.  She used to have to crawl into her bathtub and crawl around her house because the pain from her MS with the extra 127 lbs was so bad.  Losing that 127 lbs made all the difference in the world in her pain level and ability to get around with her condition.  In a nutshell she basically said, “I can’t tell you enough how my health has benefited for the better.”  Watch Donna’s hCG vlogs.

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