HCG Diet Reviews: Over 60lbs lost in only 5 Months with Online Community Support. Episode 4


The HCG Diet Reviews – Episode 4!

Every person that I pre-interview for these hCG diet reviews (okay, all of 4 now- I guess I don’t have that much of a record yet), I try to really give thought to their personal story and the perspective they have to share in regards to being successful to hCG that is unique that I think is truly valuable information for both myself and others.

The point that stood out the most to me as I was talking with Jeana, whom you’ll meet in a minute, was the huge role that the hCG community online, both on youtube and facebook, has played in her success.

Jean has been vlogging her weight loss journey on youtube and you can subscribe to her channel HCGJourneyinTexas, if you’d like to watch as she continues and completes her weight loss journey.  She has lost over 60 lbs now (actually 65 lbs now!  Took me a few days to edit this video…that’s how fast this diet can be lol) with the weight loss protocol, using sublingual prescription (RX) hCG drops.  She started at 214lbs in September and today February 27th she weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 15olbs.  This was accomplished all in 2 rounds of HCG Injections.  She figures she has another 20ish lbs to go until her body gets to that healthful place it can stay it long term.
Before After hCG Diet Picds - 214lbs to 150lbs - Episode 4

Please do watch the interview to hear the whole story (especially because you’ll see live clips of her on first vlcd day as a comparison- the difference in the appearance of her upper body is truly amazing.  I will outline the highlights of our conversation below.

At a Certain Point, Being Overweight Gets Very Uncomfortable

Jeana mentioned to me that while she had been overweight at various points throughout her life, it was always on a level where it was fairly manageable meaning that perhaps it didn’t interfere with her life as badly as it did later when she gained even more weight.  One she got beyond a certain point with her weight, she found herself extremely uncomfortable all the time in her body- physically and emotionally.  She stated she just didn’t feel good and she didn’t feel like being out in public anymore.  Her daughter was starting school and she was concerned about how her daughter’s feelings would be about her mother being overweight.

In Just 5 1/2 months Jeanna Lost 65 lbs- which includes a 2 month break

She share with us that she was about 210 lbs when she started human chorionic gonadotropin, gained 4.5 lbs loading, so started VLCD 1 at 214.5 lbs on her very first round.  She lost about 27 lbs in her first round, then she actually lost 11 more lbs in P3 (this isn’t too common but cool for you Jeana!).  Her 2nd round which she is still on Jeana started at 182 lbs and as of this writing she’s actually 149 point something lbs, so a loss of over 32 lbs so far in about 50 days or so.

Stalls on hCG

Jeana is not alone in experiencing stalls.  Sometimes you can pinpoint why it’s occurring and sometimes you can’t.  The two definite stalls Jeanna experienced she seems to be able to attribute to a cause. The first one she was on antibiotics for a week and it’s true that when you throw something like that into the mix, you can’t be sure of the results- but sometimes you don’t have much choice since “life happens.”

What’s important to take away from Jeana’s experience is that she didn’t let this be the discouraging factor to make her give up.  She persevered in spite of it and went on to continue losing weight again after the circumstance was over.

She explains something that is characteristic of some stalls on this protocol as well, which is that the scale isn’t necessarily not moving at all but, as in her 2nd stall, she was fluctuating back and forth in a 3-4 lb range for a whole week, up and down.  The second stall she attributes to stress, which I will 2nd this whole heartedly- stress can make you NOT lose weight, even on hCG.  I don’t know how stress hormones do it boy, but they will win every time.  In the past when I’ve been on a round of the protocol, there were certain events that I had to attend that I already knew in advance would give me a zero on the scale the following day.  And I wasn’t pysching myself out either- it was just a fact that I knew would take place.

Unfortunately you can’t always control the stressors that happen in your life- external things happen sometimes.  Jeana had some really great advice regarding this though.

She said she just tried to understand it and realize and accept it’s outside of her control and that the worse thing she could do would be to stress over the lack of weightloss and compound that stress.  She feels that trying to work through it by vlogging and getting support in the hCG community helped her with that.  She also stated that being on this diet when the outside stressor happened actually made her a little more aggressive about handling the situation and getting the stress out of the way as soon as possible, because she knew it was affecting her life physically.  Excellent advice.

Jeana’s Personal Choice to Weigh Everyday on the Scale

Jeana feels that for her personally, the scale is a good feedback mechanism.  It helps her to understand if there’s anything that she could attribute to a her weigh staying the same, or a gain, or a big loss.

Her pattern of behavior when she’s not being accountable for her weight, which I think will resonate with many of you ladies, is to not weigh at all and since she says she has a distorted body image, she could easily gain 15-20 lbs and not have any awareness of it, even looking in the mirror.

She feels by remaining accountable on a daily basis, it’s not something scary because it’s something she can deal with immediately should she need to, whereas by not being accountable for a period of time, it would be very easy to just ignore what’s really happening (gaining weight, not eating properly) and then by the time she does step on the scale, the consequences are much bigger to deal with and can’t be solved with a few days of clean eating.

The Key to Success on the hCG Diet

In one word SUPPORT.  There is more than one way to get this support while on the weight loss journey, but the facet Jeana discussed as being an integral part of her weight loss journey is that of the online hCG community on youtube and FB.

As Jeana mentioned, this kind of “community” would not have been possible years ago.  The ability to vlog, comment, and share trials and triumphs with other people who are also making use of the Diet is truly valuable.  It creates a support system so that you don’t feel that you are alone.

In fact, Jeana felt that the praise and the feedback she got from youtube and the facebook groups was more exciting and motivating than the actual weightloss itself.

Rewards Outweigh the Emotional Discomfort of Discussing Your Weightloss Journey

She addresses something that I think we ALL have felt in the beginning (including myself)- the idea of actually posting your weight on the internet???  Sounds quite intimidating- one of those “I’ll die or drink mud before I do that!” kind of things.

She stated clearly though for the benefit of those who might be watching the interview or reading this post, that the rewards outweigh the emotional discomfort so much and that it’s so worth it.  She’s never gotten anything but positive and “way to go” kind of feedback by being open and laying her weightloss journey all out there.

The reason for this is because (to you readers out there) you are not the only person who is overweight.  There are so many women in your same boat, and whether they are on this diet plan or researching this diet plan, they are so encouraged to see you being so open about your journey because they are in the same place as you in one way or another and they only want to see you succeed just as they want that same success for themselves.

How Newbies Can Start Giving and Getting Support on hCG

Jeana had great advice for starting out- do a vlog first, then find other hCGer’s on youtube who are vlogging (tips on finding hCGer’s on youtube and FB here) and comment on their vlog- “hey I just made my first hCG vlog and I’m trying to find others on this weight loss journey. Can you check it out?”

I also just wrote a post to get those who’ve never vlogged before on the right road to starting:  Learning How to Record and Upload Vlogs to Youtube for the hCG Diet

It’s important that you first be a giver- comment and encourage and praise the weight loss journey vlogs you are watching.  Then ask for them to watch your video- this will create a natural desire in others to support you.

Dealing with Temptations on the hCG Diet

Making use of listening or watching vlogs of others on human chorionic gonadotropin has been really helpful to Jeana in triggering situations.  It has done the same for me.  It can be quite difficult in the beginning on this protocol because you are actually having to change your habits- eating has been a mindless activity for many of us at one point- all of a sudden we have to spend the whole evening NOT bringing our hand to mouth and sticking something in it.  Panic or feelings of torture can set in quickly if you don’t have a way to distract, deal with, and replace this old habit.  I used to watch vlogs at night to keep myself motivated and going.  Jeana mentioned listening to vlogs on your phone while at the yogurt shop with her daughter surrounded by frozen yogurt and toppings galore.

You must find ways to replace something you might previously have done in order to be successful.
hCG Diet Results - 65lb Weight Loss in 5 Months - Episode 4

I want to just personally thank Jeana for allowing me to interview her and share her personal story with all of us.  I have no doubt that it will be motivating and truly encouraging for all my viewers (my mom gave a loud gasp when I showed her your before and after photo as I was doing the video editing and she told me anxiously to send it to a friend).  The results we all get to witness are truly powerful.





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