I am hungry on hCG! Help!

What can be done if you are hungry on the hCG Diet?  The most important thing NOT to do is to do nothing.  DO NOT LET YOURSELF BY HUNGRY.  If you are hungry on  hCG, you need to take action to figure out the reason and fix it.  Before we get into this however, please do keep in mind that you will experience mild hunger

When Hunger is Okay and Normal on the hCG  Diet

– The first 2-3 days on the VLCD portion of the diet.  Your body will be adjusting and you just may feel pretty hungry at a few points throughout the day.  This will pass.

– At mealtimes.  On the diet, it is necessary to take in the small amount of calories up to 500 and so you will find that around mealtimes- says noon and 5 or 6pm that you are getting hungry and need to eat your hCG meal.  But once you’ve eaten your small meal of 200-250 calories or so, you should feel satisfied for several hours after that.

When Hunger is NOT okay and NOT normal on the hCG Diet

– It’s beyond day 2 or 3 of the VLCD and you are starving much of the day.

– You eat your hCG meal but are hungry again soon after.

– You can’t go to sleep at night because you feel hungry.

– If you eat to hunger, you find yourself eating more like 1000 calories in order to feel satisfied and normal.

Possible Causes of Excessive Hunger on the hCG  Diet

– You’ve been using the same mixture of hCG for awhile now (ie. 3-4 weeks) and the potency is starting to go bad.

– The dose of hCG you are taking isn’t right for your body.  Even if one dose felt good for awhile, as you lose weight, the dose you need may change.

– You accidentally left your hCG out of the fridge one day and kept using it after this without re-testing it to make sure that it was still potent after leaving it out unrefrigerated.

What to Do If You Are Abnormally Hungry on the hCG Diet

1.  Test your hCG.  This is the easiest and first thing you should do to make sure your hCG is potent.  Please see the category on testing hCG here.  If it’s positive, go to step 2.

2. Adjust your Dose.  Being on the wrong dose of hCG is by far the most common reason for excessive hunger on the hCG protocol.
– BOTH a dose that is too high or too low will cause you excessive hunger.
– The proper dose for you that will cause you to feel no hunger eating only 500 calories a day is very individual.

How to Adjust Your Dose and Find the Best Dose of hCG For You

Let me give you the main spread first- In my observation, the large majority who do the hCG Diet will find that a dose somewhere between 125iu-200iu will be the right dose for them.  Additionally, once you find your “sweet spot” of a dose, you may still likely have to change your dose as time goes on and you lose more weight- it’s been the observation of many that as people shrink they need smaller doses of hCG than they needed initially.

Many find that a dose of either 125iu or 150iu works best for them.  A smaller number I’d say feel good on 175iu, and a minority feel best on 200iu.  I would say in general a starting dose of 125-150iu would give you the most likely chance of being on a good dose right away, since those are the most common doses to feel not hungry on.  If you still feel very hungry after a few days on the diet at one of these doses, try increasing your dose gradually (ie. try 175iu for a couple days- if the hunger is a little better but still not gone, continue to 200iu for a couple days and monitor your hunger).  If you decide to make your starting dose at 125iu and you find that you are pretty hungry still after a few days, since this is usually the minimum dose of hCG a person would take, the decision is easy- you need to increase your dose.  If you start your dose at 150iu and find yourself very hungry still after a few days, you have to decide whether or not to reduce or increase your dose as you either need to drop to 125iu or try increasing to 175iu- so in this case it might be a little harder to know which way to go.

Lastly, if you’ve been on the protocol for a couple weeks already and feeling good on a certain dose but suddenly find yourself getting hungry, and you’re already positive that your hCG is still good, one way in which to find out if your dose needs to go up or down is to skip a day of hCG entirely- if you feel more hungry on the day you skip, this would indicate that you need more hCG in your system meaning to increase your dose, and if you find yourself less hungry on the day of no hCG, this would indicate that you need a lower dose of hCG.

See how to find your dose on the syringe for an explanation of finding these different doses of 125iu, 150iu, 175iu, and 200iu.

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