Dictionary for hCG Diet Terms – Part 2

You can see the entire list and meanings of all the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) terms in alphabetical order for easy reference at my hCG Diet terms, acronyms, and abbreviations post.

Part 2 of the hCG Dictionary videos cover….

P2 “things” to try

People like to try different things to help aid their fat loss or make the time on this diet plan more comfortable.  Whether it really does this or not is debatable and I honestly feel that hCG and the VLCD combo works just fine all by itself, nevertheless, there is a mental aspect to the protocol that can’t be ignored.  While the hCG protocol is quick, it is far from easy- I always try to clarify this to people so they will have an idea of what they are in for- to be successful you really must dedicate yourself fully to the diet for the time period you are on it, and follow through.

Phase 2 “things” people have used are  Apple days, Cali-Kickers, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Miracle aka Shirataki Noodles.  Some people have also used modified P3 of HCG Injections correction days (discussed next) as “stall-breakers” on hCG.  I have to admit that I’m not particularly comfortable discussing or endorsing this idea too much at this time however because my own empirical data on myself seems to indicate that the times I tried these things, while causing larger weightloss on the scale, seemed to be coming from muscle not fat, which is something that concerns me since if it’s true obviously is not a good thing.  There is no true proof on this topic either way though at this time.

P3 Correction Days

First of course there’s the steak day that Dr. Simeon’s himself designed, which involves fasting all day and drinking lots of water, then having a large steak and a tomato or apple for dinner.

Some other special correction days people have come up with and tried using are FAGE days and Egg Days.

In P3 of the protocol the idea is to stabilize your new weight- you have just lost a lot of weight no doubt in a short amount of time, and it takes a few weeks to make that new weight stable, where it won’t easily want to go back up.  You really can stabilize it as many have, but it’s key to follow Dr. Simeon’s guidelines to avoid all starches and sugars during this time period.

If you find yourself getting out of the 2lb stabilization window, these correction days are helpful because they help you eat really clean for the day, you are mixing things up for your body, doing something different which I’ve noticed seems to help the body let go of fat more easily etc, and also kind of naturally curbs your calorie intake for the day  since you’re really only eating one food the entire day and most people don’t naturally desire to eat 2000 calories of the same food.  Taste buds kind of turn off at some point (when it’s a healthy sugar free, non-msg food that is…..)

Chocolate Delight- the Ultimate P3 Dessert

Chocolate Delight aka Choco D aka Chocolate Crack is probably one of the most known “foods” eaten on this weight loss protocol- it is actually commonly consumed during P2, but again, I don’t personally feel comfortable recommending that at this time.  For P3 though, chocolate delight makes a wonderful low carb sugar free “candy”!  It’s a combo of coconut oil (which I think we all know by now has amazing health benefits- as long as you’re not allergic/intolerant to it like I am for now), cocoa powder and stevia or some other sweetener. It’s usually melted all together then refrigerated or frozen, either in a mold like an ice cube tray with cute designs, or spread onto a cookie sheet with waxed paper and then broken into pieces once hard and cold.  I’ve been pinning a variety of Choco D recipes on my Chocolate Delight Pinterest Board if you need ideas.

Hope this helps guys!

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