HCG Community Video Project!

I’m excited about the idea for this new video series.

One of the wonderful things about the hCG community on youtube is that we get the perspective on how to be successful from a wide variety of people.

So it got me thinking- we should have some videos that feature the answer to an hCG question from a bunch of hCGers, not just me!

How truly valuable to have the input from those who’ve experienced the hCG protocol from each of their unique circumstances and place in life.

Who Can Participate

Anyone who has done the diet protocol at least once.  You don’t have to be done losing weight, you don’t have to be the perfect “poster child” for hCG- we want you with imperfections and all okay?  In fact, I may very well be asking you to share your failings on this protocol as well, if this video series takes off.

What To Do

1.  Record a 1 minute video answering this question: “How Do You Stay Motivated on P2 of the hCG Diet?
a.  Give us your YT name (if your a vlogger)
b.  How many lbs you’ve lost with this weight loss protocol so far (if you like)
c.  The answer to the question, from your heart.

2. Send the video file to me through sizeablesend.com (website or free app for both android and iphone) to [email protected]

3. Do this all by March 27, 2013– that’s the deadline for submissions.

What’s really nice about sizablesend.com is that there is no need to download any software, no need to “sign-up” or “login” or anything. You literally just go to the website or app, enter in your email and then my email [email protected], then find the video file on your phone or computer and then upload it.

That’s it. Your work is done.  After that there will then be a lot of work for me.  But that’s okay because it’s not you having to do it right? :)-

What I’m Going To Do With Your Video Clips

Once I get all the different video clips you send to me, I will compile them into 1 video (or 2 depending on the # of submissions).

The video will be uploaded onto youtube onto my channel hcgchica, as well as embedded here on hcgchica.com with an accompanying blogpost I’ll write kind of summarizing what you guys had to say.

How You and The hCG Community Benefits

hCGers will be able to go to this video on youtube or on my website and see a video on, for instance this first topic “How Do You Stay Motivated on P2?” and then watch 8-10 people tell how they stay motivated, from each person’s unique perspective, which will in turn motivate them!

I will put a link to your youtube channel in the video when your video clip pops up so that hCGers can subscribe to you- you will get more subscribers, and those who are newbies will find human chorionic gonadotropin vloggers to subscribe to.  It’s basically good all around for everyone- it will help us all to continue to get and give support on this very special journey.

That’s it!  I really hope to hear from you!  If you have any questions about participating, etc. feel free to email me:

[email protected]

Thanks guys!  I think this could be a really special addition to what our hCG community already provides.


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