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New Resource for P3 hCG Diet Recipes with Photos

There is a wonderful new “tool” for gathering delightful P3 hCG Diet recipes my friends! Oh yeah, and P4 hCG Diet recipes too (not that P4 of HCG Injection is actually really part of the hCG diet, but it really IS part of the whole protocol to long term weight maintenance).

It’s called Pinterest and simply put, it’s an online pinboard. You know how you pin stuff to a corkboard at home you want to remember? It’s like that- only online. You probably bookmark websites you want to remember and come back to right? Forget bookmarking! Pinterest is SO much better. Pinterest is pretty much 100% image based, which I absolutely love because I’m a very visual person and if you’re like me, recipes are much more motivating to cook when you see an image of the dish. Text just doesn’t usually cut it.

You need an account to start, but once you’ve created one, find me- and you can follow me on pinterest to be updated when I add new recipes to the boards. You’ll see I have some boards with recipes I’ve gathered from pinterest and the internet for P3, P4, and grain free sugar free recipes which also works for Phase 3.

Watch my video for a longer walk-through to show you how it works.

You can create your own pinboards on your own account for something like “hcg diet recipes” or “p3 recipes” or “sugar free recipes.” You can re-pin whatever you like from my boards to your own boards for your use later.  Here’s a screenshot showing you what my boards look like:


The one thing I’ve done, which is why I think you will find checking out my own hCGChica pinterest account useful, is that the P3 hCG Diet recipes board I’ve started is filled with recipes that I’ve personally looked over and made sure that the ingredients fit within the P3 hCG Diet guidelines. I’ve looked at different low carb recipes and paleo type recipes to find ones that look delicious and make sure they are phase 3 friendly. So I’m taking a little of the time factor out of it for you by reviewing each recipe myself– if you see it on my P3 board, you know it’s safe to use in P3.  Here’s a screenshot of part of what’s in my P3 hCG Diet recipes board:



The grain free sugar free recipes board is the same- it’s P3 friendly, anything you see on that board is something you can eat in P3. We all like to find ways to eat something sweet or yummy while in P3, and even for P4 and longterm eating, many of us never go back to eating traditional baked goods, so the grain free sugar free board may be very useful to you in the long term.  Here’s a screenshot of that board:


The P4 diet recipes board contains recipes that DO contain a small amount of starch or sugar, but a small enough amount as to make it a healthy long term way to eat for weight maintenance.

So after creating your account, you can then create your own boards and then start adding or “re-pinning” recipes you see on my boards that you like, to your own account. You can find lots of other things on pinterest itself to pin as well. It’s simply a great way to corral information in a visual manner making it easy to find what you wanted to come back to later.  Here’s a photo showing you how to “re-pin” a recipe you like to your own board:


You can also add your own comments to each pin with any info you want to keep for later.  When you click on one of your pins, it will take you to the original blog and recipe blogpost that it came from.

I really think beautiful visuals are highly motivating to get one to….well to just COOK in the first place, and then to COOK HEALTHY food – I mean- here’s just one example- Low Carb Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs– this recipe is originally from a blog called Here’s an image showing the “pin” of this recipe I have on my P3 Diet Recipes board:


Well- I hope this helps you out as you move on from Phase 2 of the Diet into Phase 3 and 4 where you will be spending the majority of your life.  It’s very important in order to maintain weight loss from any diet to make long term changes, I think these recipes and photos are highly motivating.

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