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Some WOWZER things you’ll want to know about Laynette:

115 lbs total gone as of February 2015

17″ from her waist alone – gone – that’s almost a foot and a half

Laynette’s Stats:

Starting Weight: 301 lbs

Current Weight: 185 lbs

Total Weight Loss with hCG: 108 lbs

Total Weight Loss to Date: 115 lbs

108 lbs gone with the hCG Diet - Episode 26 -


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HCG Diet Interviews – Episode 26 –
Rayzel: Hey guys, hCGChica! Welcome back for an Episode 26 now of The HCG Diet
Interviews. You know that I like to interview everyday people who are making a life change with
this protocol. I have Lynette with me today. She’s lost not 108 pounds but a 108.4 pounds. We’re
joking about that, how us hCGers we take all those little .2 and .4 really add up and they count so
but anyway she’s had a huge life change as you’ll see in the before and after photos that go with
this interview. She just look so much different and I know she has a really neat story to share
which I’m gonna find more out about along with you guys. Welcome Lynette! Thanks for being
with me today.
Lynette: Thanks for having me.
Rayzel: I’m so excited. So why don’t you start off by giving us kind of your basic stats like your
age, your height, where you started with your weight, where you ended, that kind of stuff.
Lynette: Okay. I’m 50 years old. Will be soon 51 in a couple of months. I’m 5’4”. I started out at
301 pounds and you want my measurements, let’s see. I had a BMI, let’s see Fat Ratio it
wouldn’t even read device. My BMI was 50.1. My waist was 51 and my hips were 61.
Rayzel: Okay. So where are you at today?
Lynette: Today I am, my BMI is 33.5 and my fat is 41.2. My waist is 34 and hips is 47.
Rayzel: Wow. Okay so you say your waist was originally 51 inches and then now it’s 34. So
that’s like 17- around 17 inches and then your hips where did you start again?
Lynette: 61.
Rayzel: 61 to 47. So pretty much on both your waist and your hips you lost like 16 or 17 inches
off of each. That’s like a foot and half almost.
Lynette: Never thought about that.
Rayzel: That’s amazing.
Lynette: Wow.
Rayzel: So obviously a lot of fat lost there. That is fantastic. So you started at 301 pounds and
where are you at today?
Lynette: Today I’m 192.7.
Rayzel: That is amazing. How about like with your size. Obviously losing that many inches of
your clothing size, do you know how has your clothing size changed?
Lynette: I was wearing a 26-28 in women’s and now I wear a 16 and I can get in some 14s.
Rayzel: Awesome. That probably feels really good.
Lynette: It feels great.
Rayzel: Now I’m curious about your history. Have you dealt with being overweight like your
whole life or was that something more just in the past few years?
Lynette: This is- I probably been overweight- me and my dad was talking about that today.
Probably started around 10 or 12 somewhere in there. I was an overweight teenager and went
into adulthood overweight. I’ve lost weight off and on.
Rayzel: Sure. Sure. What do you think are some of the things that kind of made you struggle
with that throughout those years? What is it that made it difficult, you think?
Lynette: I did [Formufree?]. I did Weight Watchers before. [Formufree?] where you drank a lot
of drinks and basically you get a lot of tuna. We eat a lot of tuna. But I lost weight both on
Weight Watchers and [Formufree?] and those are really only 2 diets that I’ve probably ever done
but I never really thought about what after you get the weight off. You got to that certain size or
whatever and I think of the most that I’ve ever lost is 40 pounds either way. You don’t even
think about keeping it off. You just think about, I’m getting into this size and then I want to eat
what I want to eat. So the next thing you know you’re right back where you started from and you
have a lot more.
Rayzel: And it is funny too. Isn’t that how like it seems like it’s so much work to get it off but
then getting it back on doesn’t seem very hard? It’s like wow, this should have taken longer.
Lynette: Yeah it’s just a whole different mindset I guess.
Rayzel: Yeah.
Lynette: From then to now.
Rayzel: I would love to hear about that with you finding the hCG protocol. How has it been
different for you this time with learning how to actually maintain the weight loss and stuff?
What’s changed?
Lynette: I think just with the hCG diet it was- the results were so fast and once I saw the weight
coming off. It was just. I want to keep going. It just made it easier. Then once I got on the
program. That control- finally I had some control over what I was eating. I could see it on the
paper then I can see the results on the scale. It was really exciting.
Rayzel: Yeah. It’s actually quick enough for you, like you said, if you could see the results then
it’s motivating. That’s cool. I’d love for you to- you kind of mentioned in the message to me just
kind of the low point- some of the low points you hit at your heaviest. What types of things were
you finding difficult when you were really heavy?
Lynette: I had gotten up to that 300 pound mark of which I didn’t even know at the time. I was
just having low blood sugar drops and found out that I was hypoglycemic and just really trying
to walk from my office to the parking lot I would just be out of breath and just so worn out. You
know, it was just awful. I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack at any time. I just didn’t feel
healthy at all. I would come home and we’d eat a lot of fast food and basically just get on the
couch and that was it.
Rayzel: Gotcha. So just feel like you couldn’t really do much in life.
Lynette: Really couldn’t function, not at that weight. It was really depressing.
Rayzel: How would you compare that to now with where you’re at? What’s different now in that
Lynette: I know I was walking in the spring when I had lost maybe- I guess it was in the fall
there- but I started walking in the park and my husband remarked it’s just amazing that I could
go all the way around the trail. You know, he’s really going at it, cause before we would just
have to stop and sit down.
Rayzel: Yeah.
Lynette: It just felt so freeing. Just being able to just walk.
Rayzel: Like, I can move my legs.
Lynette: And without sweating. Oh, it just feels awesome.
Rayzel: That is so good. Cause it’s true. It does feel good to like move your body when it’s
challenging a little bit but not so challenging that feel like you’re about to pass out. That is
awesome. I’m curious since you mentioned about the hypoglycemia. How did that work with
you during Phase 2? Did you have any issues with low blood sugar on Phase 2?
Lynette: I had one issue. I could feel myself getting really hungry and I thought we’ll all just go
ahead and get ready and everything and have my son fix the food for me cause I thought I was
really gonna pass out then. But the only time that ever happened that one time.
Rayzel: Gotcha. And that was just cause you kind of waited too long.
Lynette: Waited too long but other than that I haven’t had that problem but that one time so.
Rayzel: That is good. That’s awesome. Cause some people kind of worry about that so it’s good
since you have a low blood sugar but it sounds like it wasn’t too much of an issue for you then.
That’s cool.
Lynette: No, not now it isn’t.
Rayzel: Did you do injections or drops?
Lynette: I did the injections.
Rayzel: You did the injections. Did you remember what dosage? Did you have a certain dosage
that you were using?
Lynette: 125.
Rayzel: 125?
Lynette: I think so.
Rayzel: Okay. And you stuck with that for- how many rounds did you do?
Lynette: This past September was my 3rd round.
Rayzel: Gotcha. So you’ve done 3 rounds and you stuck with that dosage pretty much for most
of it then?
Lynette: Yeah, I think I had to up it a little bit.
Rayzel: Just a little bit. Okay. Cool. Awesome. Well why don’t we just talk now about the Phase
2 part since you kind of getting into that. How did you end up doing that? Cause you know
there’s like the strict Simeons, there’s modifications some people make and so I’m just curious
how did you end up actually doing Phase 2.
Lynette: I stuck to the rules the first 2 times. This last time I sort of eat the Chocolate Delight and
I think that kind of stalled me out a little.
Rayzel: I gotcha. Sometimes you want to experiment and sometimes it’s like I don’t think it’s
gonna work. But sometimes you know modifications do work. You never know sometimes until
you tried them out. Okay cool, so the first 2 rounds though you were pretty much just the original
Simeons protocol.
Lynette: First round I did 40 days and had that break, one day break in between and then after
that I continue to lose after I came off the P2 and went into P3 and then I continue to lose and
that went all the way to Christmas about 224 pounds I got down to that and then I could not- I
see from 224 then I would go down to about 204 and then bounce back up to 209 and I just could
not stabilize. That was the first time I try to stabilize. The first round I just kept losing and losing
and losing and the end of January I finally got down there and then September I done it- the hCG
again. I’m probably rambling.
Rayzel: No that’s fine.
Lynette: I did it again and I finally broke 200.
Rayzel: That must have felt so – I mean it’s probably been a while since you were below 200
Lynette: Years, years.
Rayzel: About how much did you lose on your first round or each round?
Lynette: The first time I did it- the 40 days, almost 30 pounds. Somewhere around 26-27 and
then with the other I did 20 pounds, I think, something like that, in January. Then this time, it
was, you have to add the load weight. 20 pounds but it’s like 15.
Rayzel: Sure what you’ve lost. Gotcha. Cool. So you’ve kind of lost about maybe 2/3 of your
weight loss with hCG itself. Is that about right? And the rest of it you’ve lost between your
rounds. Is that about right? I’m curious to hear about cause it sounds like your rounds were pretty
spread out. So you have several months in between?
Lynette: Right. I have from May of 2013 and then I did it again in January of 2014.
Rayzel: Yeah so that’s quite of while.
Lynette: Then September of 2014.
Rayzel: Awesome, do you feel like when you were starting those subsequent rounds, do you feel
like you’re mentally ready because you’ve had enough of a break or what do you think about? I
don’t know- I find P2 to be very, very strict. Some people actually don’t mind it but usually by
the end of the round I was getting pretty tired of it. Did you feel that way?
Lynette: Yeah, this last time, in September I did.
Rayzel: Yeah. Okay.
Lynette: I have to eat. What is one more day? Or you know it’s just you get tired of being
restricted. You just want to eat something else. You want to eat what you want to eat. You know
if you do that then it’s gonna be a wash and you’ve wasted your time and effort.
Rayzel: Yeah. That is why I often recommend that people take longer breaks kind of like you
did. I did the same as well. Just because you do have to really be mentally ready. This honestly
isn’t the way you would eat in normal life. You wouldn’t eat 500 calories a day usually. You
wouldn’t eat from a list of 20 foods. It gets hard. It’s not something you’re supposed to get used
to. So yeah you have to kind of be mentally in the game and then when the end is getting there,
you’re like, okay I’m done. I’m ready to do something else for a while. It’s nice to have that
break. It just seems like it takes a little while before the previous round is far enough away to feel
like, Okay, I feel ready to do this again, you know.
Lynette: Yeah. That is the question I have for myself. Do I really want to do it in January or do I
want to wait to spring? When it’s pretty outside and you got lot of fruits and vegetables coming
in and different things.
Rayzel: Well that’s good you’re thinking about it that way. It kind of makes me feel like you are
having a fairly healthy body image. Do you feel like your body image has changed with this
weight loss at all?
Lynette: Yeah. You know how that goes. It takes a while for your brain and your eyes to catch
up with the amount of weight that you’ve lost. People were tailing you constantly. You know
how that goes. About how good you look. But I don’t think I have any body image issues. I
really enjoy doing a lot of shopping and clothes that I like and getting things that just fit or just
cover you up or whatever.
Rayzel: That’s good because that’s kind of one of the things that I feel ends up being a problem
for a lot of women is where- it’s just like you need to learn to kind of like who you are and how
you look through the process not just like at the very end. You know what I mean?
Lynette: Yes I do.
Rayzel: Yeah, cause otherwise you’re not happy and if you have like a hundred pounds to lose
it’s gonna take a while and if you’re not happy about how you look at the whole time until the
end I just feel like it’s gonna make it hard.
Lynette: Especially if you have a hundred pounds or more to lose. Let’s just face it. You’re not
gonna have this tone, lean body. I don’t work out so which I need to start. But you just have to
accept. This is the way it is and it’s better than what it was.
Rayzel: Yeah, I know, that’s what I agree. Just kind of comparing it to where you started instead
of where you want to be cause otherwise you won’t be happy and you’re like, perfectly perfect
but like you said even when you get real lean most of us are still gonna look like a model. Like
you said we might have excess skin, or we’re a little older, or you want to just eat somewhat
normally and so that means you’re gonna look normal. You’re not gonna be the leanest you
could possibly be. But it’s so important to learn to be happy with your body and how it looks. I
remember when I did my first round, I was still overweight after the end of my first round but I
look nude to me, I was 27 pounds lighter so I thought I looked great. I was like “I look good.”
Then of course I lost more and then it’s like “Oh wow I look better now”. But you know it’s nice
that each point, I don’t know how it is to help other people do that necessarily but I’m glad that
that’s something that you have and I’m hoping just by talking about it, it will encourage people
to try to just take pride in how you look through the process otherwise you’d get too rush. Now
I’m taking over. I’m sorry. I’m like this is your interview, I’m like talking too much. I’m almost
done. I just wanted to say it’s like otherwise you end up rushing the process too much and not
being willing to do like what you did with the longer breaks which sometimes are the smart thing
to do but sometimes you’re not happy with your body yet, you rush it. Then you end up kind of
having cheating and issues, so that’s why it’s smart. Okay.
Lynette: It’s good. I love it. I don’t get to talk to people about the diet. That’s going through the
same kind of process. You might be on Weight Watchers and we can talk about some things in
general but we really can’t be in that same level and I’m not saying that it’s any better but I’m
saying somebody who understands about the protocol and everything about the diet. It’s great to
have somebody to talk to about it.
Rayzel: Yeah, that’s awesome. Let’s see, where I am now. I usually print out the questions but I
had to order ink.
Lynette: You’re in the mode I’m in. I don’t have any ink either.
Rayzel: Yeah, you try to order all the color, each one, yellow, pink, and then you have end up
with just one color and you try to keep ordering so you would never run out with just one but still
so I’m waiting for that to go. Let’s see. So did you experience any setbacks when you’re on the
diet itself?
Lynette: No. I’m pretty much just been losing steadily.
Rayzel: So you just really stuck to it?
Lynette: Yeah, I really stuck to it and I did have a love affair with crackers and almonds. I’ve
really have to break myself from cruising by the cabinet and then get handfuls out and you know
by the end of the day it’s like maybe 10 handfuls. This time I’ve cut those out.
Rayzel: Are you talking about for Phase 3 or Phase 2?
Lynette: Phase 3.
Rayzel: Okay.
Lynette: I really haven’t cheated in Phase 2 except for that Chocolate delight.
Rayzel: Cool. But in Phase 3 like you said there’s not as many rules so it’s a little bit, a little
more room to sometimes get out of hand.
Lynette: The crackers and almonds and potato chip well not potato chip, like the veggie chips. I
can’t handle those. I cannot handle it. I get a bag of those I would eat the whole thing so I don’t
get it.
Rayzel: So what types of food on Phase 3 do you enjoy eating that you do well with?
Lynette: I do steak and hamburger a lot. Chicken, fish, salmon, I do zucchini pizza. I make some
of that eggplant pizza and I’ve been basically eating everything that I want just not a lot of
starches and sugar. So I keep to that.
Rayzel: Cool. I’d love to hear about the eggplant and zucchini pizza, how do you make those?
Lynette: The zucchini pizza is just slice of zucchini, you can do disc or you can slice it
lengthwise and do mozzarella cheese, turkey pepperoni, some marinara sauce, I think that’s what
you call it and just stick it in the oven.
Rayzel: Awesome. So just on the slices.
Lynette: Even my son likes that. I even made this Thanksgiving. I used the Ezekiel cereal and
they have cereal with almond with it and I tried to make like a little pumpkin cake and it looks
pretty good.
Rayzel: That’s cool. Awesome. Maybe I’ll try to find a couple of those like recipes on Pinterest
or something and we’ll put them in the show notes for you guys if you want to check those
pizzas. It sounds really good right now.
Lynette: Oh and they’re out there in Pinterest.
Rayzel: Yeah. I’ve seen some so awesome. Okay, let me see. Where am I at now?
Lynette: Oh and I would have to say and if it wasn’t for the support of my husband and my
family it would have been really hard to do this.
Rayzel: How did they support you?
Lynette: They, really, I didn’t have to cook anything special. Whatever I eat they eat I just fix
them more of whatever.
Rayzel: Okay so you make your Phase 2 meal and you make it family size? Awesome. And they
didn’t complain.
Lynette: No, and actually they lost weight. I think he said like 40 pounds, my son’s lost 20
Rayzel: Wow and they weren’t actually on hCG right?
Lynette: No. It’s just the way we eat.
Rayzel: That’s so cool. That’s really good. Because not everyone have that family support but
that’s really good. And like you said, making that change now has affected your family in a good
way. That’s really cool. You mentioned that in some of your Phase 3 you continued losing
weight. Can you tell me how you went about that? Like how much weight did you lose between
your first 2 rounds? During that period of time. How much did you lose on your own and how
did you do that?
Lynette: I have here about 48 pounds.
Rayzel: Wow.
Lynette: Yeah cause I ended that first round from 301 to looks likes 277. No maybe 272, from
there I went to 224.
Rayzel: Wow and the next several months?
Lynette: I don’t know if it’s 48 or not.
Rayzel: Well 272 to 224 so those are definitely a good amount there.
Lynette: It’s like a 1200 calories and I tracked that with an app.
Rayzel: What app did you use?
Lynette: Fatsecret calorie counter.
Rayzel: Cool. Okay. We’ll put that in the show notes for anyone who wants to check that out. So
you just continued steadily losing on the 1200 first months. Cool. That doesn’t work for
everyone. Like some people when they eat low calorie their weight won’t come off but I had a
couple of interviews now who did continue losing in Phase 3 by eating a low calorie diet. So
that’s really cool. As far as what you ate like what were those 1200 calories made up of? Or was
it low carb or did you have some carbs in there?
Lynette: I have apples every day and blueberries, strawberries. I stuck to those fruits who were in
P2. I’m basically eating the same stuff that I’ve always ate. I have steak when we go out I have a
steak and a salad. When I’m at home I fix a little hamburger patties in the oven. I’m cooking just
like a salmon patties with no meal just kind of normal way you make them and use the coconut
oil and fry em up and we have salmon, steamed salmon. I don’t eat hotdogs or things like that. I
don’t eat bread except for the Ezekiel bread, I have tried that. It’s just basically everything that
you eat in Phase 3 and I don’t feel like I’m being cheated.
Rayzel: That’s great. It sounds like you just really committed yourself like your mind. Because
sometimes you know like you said before you did a lot of fast food and stuff. For some people
anyway in making that change can be pretty heart wrenching. Really. Like they’re constantly
thinking about that. Was that hard for you at first?
Lynette: Well, I guess, when we’re doing the fast food we were all sick of it. If that make any
sense? We’re just eating it because it’s fast and it’s convenient and we just get it over with. It’s
not anything we just- it’s weird but it’s really fast and convenient and we’re eating pizza and
fried chicken and hot wings and that stuff just got so old. That’s why I’m saying we’re all gonna
get- you know my mother has sugar diabetes and my husband’s side of the family has sugar
diabetes- I’m sorry everybody say sugar diabetes but anyway diabetes. But anyway you kind of
worry about your son getting that and so making a healthy change is really good for us.
Rayzel: It’s just time
Lynette: It was just time.
Rayzel: Find something that works so that’s good.
Lynette: I’m just so happy and praising God every step of the way. If I could bottle up how I
good I feel, I believe I could make million. So it is just so drastic the change.
Rayzel: I think I just, I think my kind of last thing I thought. Maybe you could share- I don’t
think if you got to think about it at all- but just as far as giving advice to other people who want
to start this protocol or who are struggling on it. What’s some of the most important things that
you felt were key to you doing this?
Lynette: I have a lot of friends at work who want to try and who have tried it and they just kind
of failed at it and I think that support just like watching your videos or listen to your podcasts,
that helps out a lot. You get a lot of information and just having somebody talk about it. And
support from your family, that’s really, it helps you along the way. And I think I haven’t tried
sublingual or anything but I think you should go under a doctor if you can, into a clinic and then
have them monitor you and make sure that everything’s okay with you and then get on the hCG
and you get really hungry then they can make adjustments faster than what you probably could if
you didn’t know anything about it.
Rayzel: Right. I do agree that making dosage adjustments is very important on the diet. People
sometimes they’re hungry for far too long and I do think it effects weight loss too. And it really
effects your moral. If you’re hungry for too long you just start being desperate.
Lynette: What else could I say? It’s only for 21 days and like you said before you go into it you
need to check it out you need to make sure you understand what you’re supposed to be doing
when you’re supposed to be doing it.
Rayzel: I like that point actually cause- it’s okay cause we’re all at different points, I’m not
making anyone feel bad here but I do still sometimes get messages, you know like private
messages on Facebook like “Oh, I’m starting the diet, what foods can I eat?” of if you know
something about it. Okay that’s not a good idea that you’re starting the diet if you don’t know
what foods you could eat. This is rather detailed. It’s not just 500 calories of whatever you want.
So it’s good to be prepared.
Lynette: And I think you just need to have your mind set. It is tough when everybody else is
having a ball eating whatever they want. When you’re at work and they want you to eat what
they’re eating and they won’t leave you alone unless you partake in.
Rayzel: How do you handle that?
Lynette: I just- When I first started there was a guy who had a barbequed brisket and he had
brought it to work and I got invited to have some and I just took my lunch down there when I
was gonna eat. I said “I’m sorry, I don’t meant anything about this but this is what I’m eating
today because I’m on this diet. I’m not gonna eat that. This is what I’m having. I’m here”
Rayzel: How did they respond? Is he okay?
Lynette: Yeah, they were okay after everybody pounded on me for a minute.
Rayzel: So but you have to do it right if you want to get to your goal sometimes you have to go
through that.
Lynette: It comes to the point are you gonna make them happy or make you happy?
Rayzel: Yeah. Like you said, the choice with you is affecting your family. So really it’s like am I
gonna choose people I don’t know that well or I’m gonna choose my family?
Lynette: Even if it was somebody in family I’m just gonna, I’m going this way so I’m not gonna
turn myself around for that. Not for cake today.
Rayzel: I know. Good point. Well good. Thanks so much for sharing all that with me. I think that
that’s about all that I wanted to ask you.
Lynette: Well I hope I did you a good interview. I don’t know.
Rayzel: No, that’s great. I just love hearing people’s persona stories because everybody has
different feedbacks and different tips to share and you know just depending on our personalities
we’re gonna resonate with different people.
Lynette: There is one thing though, in maintaining, that I found out. That you do have to weight
yourself everyday unless you have that inner thing.
Rayzel: Yeah. An inner scale. I don’t have that.
Lynette: Like the first round I was getting on it day and night and 3 and 4 times a day, it was
ridiculous. I was driving myself crazy. Then just maintaining that is helping me so much instead
of just focusing on keep losing, keep losing, and getting really frustrated with it because I’m not
where I want to be when I want to set that goal out there. Just learning how to maintain and
knowing what to eat and just being satisfied at staying with that one number or within the 2
pounds. I think everybody like you said should take a break and just learn how to maintain where
they are. I hope I can keep continue to lose and get into my- I don’t know if 150 pounds is where
I’ll be but somewhere around there.
Rayzel: So maybe it’s another 50 or so?
Lynette: Yeah, 25, 30. My husband’s leaving, they’re going to work now.
Rayzel: Okay, cool, cool. There will be a time when you’re ready. You can take walks now at
least right?
Lynette: Right.
Rayzel: That’s good and I’m glad what you mentioned about the maintaining aspect. Because it
is a really good feeling cause a lot of people haven’t really spent much time in life maintaining
just to give my mom as an example for many years she said she pretty much was yo-yoing
constantly on a diet losing and as soon as off the diet she could never maintain and then she was
gaining and she’d start a diet and be losing. So she never actually spent time actually being at a
stable weight whether it was a little overweight or not and it is nice it’s comforting.
Lynette: All that maintaining.
Rayzel: Oh yeah, it feels really nice for me, the scale, I’m pretty much within 2 pounds all the
time. It’s fine. I can wait if you wanna. So yeah I was just saying that it’s really comforting to be
stable in the scale I’m pretty much within 2 pounds almost all the time and like you said I do find
in regular life that weighing daily is helpful for me. There are a few people that I talked to that
can keep things in check without the scale because they get a little too emotionally wrapped up
in it. For me, I don’t. If it gets too high then I’ll just do make a correction. It’s just useful for me
because the thing is sometimes I do dwindle. I don’t know about you but some days you might
need a little more calories than others but it’s hard to make the decision about whether or not it’s
a day you can eat more or less if you have the idea where you’re at the scale. If I’m up I’m not
gonna indulge that day. I’m going to be a little more tight. And then if I’m kind of on the lower
side and it’s a day I’m like Oh I want to have a little snack and then I can cause I’m within that
range so it’s been helpful for me in that respect.
Lynette: You know another thing that made this diet easy for me is I’m not a big sweet fan. I
would rather have potato chips which is not any better but I don’t crave cake and pie and stuff.
Rayzel: You’re lucky. You are one of the lucky ones.
Lynette: In fairness I can’t figure out how I was overweight if I’m not eating all this stuff.
Rayzel: I could tell actually that you were not a sugar addict from the very beginning when you
were saying that Oh yeah I just made the change and I didn’t cheat and I just, it wasn’t too hard.
I’ve had a few other interviews like you where you’re like oh yeah I just did it and I’m like
Wow, it’s so much harder for me. That’s so good. Some of us we have that weird sweet tooth
thing and so that’s cool for you. But either way both types of people we get into that place where
we’re overweight and we have to make change.
Lynette: Yeah. And its chips and crackers and stuff like that and I really like salty stuffs. The
other thing about maintaining too is that you can’t find anything out there, any books, any things
that kind of help you along to tell you so I think too when you get up there you got to find what
your calorie range is, what your limit is, cause like I said before I was doing 1200 calories and
losing well this time I’m eating 1750 calories and maintaining.
Rayzel: That’s great. That’s so good.
Lynette: And I’m like I get to eat all this food.
Rayzel: I was actually gonna ask you that, what’s your maintenance level of calories. So 1750.
That’s awesome.
Lynette: I have gone up to highest 2000 later.
Rayzel: Yeah, so you kind of found your little comfort zone.
Lynette: And I did do a steak day yesterday. I found out, I don’t know if this may be old news to
you but I did 6 eggs, 2 eggs for breakfast, 3 eggs for lunch and 1 egg for snack and then I did 8
ounces of steak and an apple and I got up this morning and it was the same as just starving all
day and having that big steak in the evening. I don’t know if anybody knows that or if they’ve
tried that.
Rayzel: Yeah so you did that and then you lost weight?
Lynette: I lost 2.8 pounds.
Rayzel: Oh cause you have that super low carb day.
Lynette: But I’ve never tried that before and I’ve been searching everywhere to see if I can do it
differently because I hate taking the diet pill [inaudible] not be hungry. I just don’t like taking
that but it helps if you have to wait to dinner.
Rayzel: I gotcha. So you had the eggs and you still had a good result. It is nice having those
different little tricks up your sleeve. My body’s actually used to intermittent fasting, and all day
fast like that because I do it maybe once a week, maybe once every other week but it’s
something overtime my body’s adjusted to so I think that’s why I can do it without feeling
hungry. I think when I first started doing it I did feel hungry but it’s funny how your body
actually gets used to what you do with it. So that’s okay but it is nice just having some people do
that like egg days, other people would do just Greek yogurt all day and nothing happens or.
Lynette: Steak and cheese, I heard that one too.
Rayzel: I think it’s just having a plan that kind of gives you a boundary and usually involves low
carbs and less calories in some way but it just gives you that boundary, something to follow for
the day and yes it’s just nice to have those corrective measures. And I’m glad you shared that
you can do the 1750 for maintenance because a lot of people think that after the diet like “Oh for
only 1200 for life” and that’s, I actually don’t count calories because I hate to do it, it makes me
feel like I’m in jail but the few times that I have. I’m surprised how little 1200 calories is, to me,
like food. I’m like “That’s hardly anything, oh my God.” I would hate if that’s what I had to live
on but I don’t.
Lynette: I know. It gets depressing after a while. I have to do something different. I’ve got to see
if I can live outside of 1200 calories.
Rayzel: Yeah cause really having a whole another 550 for you that’s a whole another meal so
that’s great.

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At the Pharmacy: Why hCG Needs to Arrive At Your Home as a Powder NOT a Liquid Tue, 23 Jun 2015 19:06:00 +0000 All information here has been provided through the permission of Nu Image Medical, OPTION 1 on my recommendations for buying hCG page. If you decide to go with them for hCG, you get a $50 discount that you wouldn’t get … Continue reading

The post At the Pharmacy: Why hCG Needs to Arrive At Your Home as a Powder NOT a Liquid appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

All information here has been provided through the permission of Nu Image Medical, OPTION 1 on my recommendations for buying hCG page. If you decide to go with them for hCG, you get a $50 discount that you wouldn’t get through their main sales page. Check out pricing for Nu Image directly including the discount.
When we are speaking of ordering real hCG online – that is, the real, prescription, actual hCG hormone, wherever you get it from, it needs to arrive to you in powder form, not liquid. Why is this?

Listen to Michael the Pharmacist’s explanation of this in the video above. Finally, the mommy blogger is proved sane and true! 😉 I’ve been saying this for a few years now.
Listen to the Pharmacist Explain Why hCG Needs to be In Powder Form When You Buy It for the hCG Diet -

hCG as Liquid = Potency Degradation

Essentially, the moment hCG is put into a solution, it starts to experience potency degradation. How much? We can’t really be sure. But the point is to minimize this by making sure that the hormone is processed so that it is in it’s most stable form, as powder, until you are ready to mix it for your hCG round.

By having the hCG arrive at your home as a powder, which you then mix yourself (don’t worry it’s EASY PEASY with my hCG mixing tutorials), you can have a good 4 weeks or so to use your batch of hCG with sufficient potency to do it’s work in your body.

The post At the Pharmacy: Why hCG Needs to Arrive At Your Home as a Powder NOT a Liquid appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

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At the Pharmacy: Why Stuff You Inject Needs to be Sterile Tue, 23 Jun 2015 19:04:40 +0000 All information here has been provided through the permission of Nu Image Medical, OPTION 1 on my recommendations for buying hCG page. If you decide to go with them for hCG, you get a $50 discount that you wouldn’t get … Continue reading

The post At the Pharmacy: Why Stuff You Inject Needs to be Sterile appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

All information here has been provided through the permission of Nu Image Medical, OPTION 1 on my recommendations for buying hCG page. If you decide to go with them for hCG, you get a $50 discount that you wouldn’t get through their main sales page. Check out pricing for Nu Image directly including the discount.
This is something I think we kind of all subconsciously are probably aware of, but don’t think about consciously, because, let’s face it, how often in life do we do injections? Unless you have diabetes, not often.

The 3 second rule NOT applying to injections is an understatment.

While using the three second rule for your favorite paleo snack you spent two hours baking that just fell on the kitchen floor that you haven’t swept in a month might be okay, Michael the pharmacist reminds us here why sterility when it comes to injecting something into your body is whole ‘nother kitchen floor scenario.

It all makes perfect sense as he explains it, but the reminder is a good one and made me realize that going cheap for things like sweatpants and pens may be smart, but for things you’re injecting in your body, being sure of the safety and quality is worth an extra dollar or two (okay maybe it’s more than that).

Essentially, when you inject something into your body, you are bypassing most of the natural safety mechanisms that your body has in place to protect you from something dangerous. So swallowing a bit of mold on your strawberry may not be a big cause for concern. Injecting something directly into your bloodstream that contains bacteria…..bad idea.


At the hCG Pharmacy: Why Stuff You Inject Needs to be Sterile -

The post At the Pharmacy: Why Stuff You Inject Needs to be Sterile appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

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At the Pharmacy: Sterilization of hCG Injection Vials Tue, 23 Jun 2015 19:02:40 +0000 All information here has been provided through the permission of Nu Image Medical, OPTION 1 on my recommendations for buying hCG page. If you decide to go with them for hCG, you get a $50 discount that you wouldn’t get … Continue reading

The post At the Pharmacy: Sterilization of hCG Injection Vials appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

All information here has been provided through the permission of Nu Image Medical, OPTION 1 on my recommendations for buying hCG page. If you decide to go with them for hCG, you get a $50 discount that you wouldn’t get through their main sales page. Check out pricing for Nu Image directly including the discount.
The following is everything that has to happen BEFORE you even start to make compounded hCG. BEFORE.

This is the type of stuff that kind of opened my eyes a bit (okay more than a bit) to how involved the process is for making hCG suitable for injections. This video explains the sterilization process for some of the materials used in making hCG injections, and you can learn more about why all this stuff being sterile is so important here.

A few interesting notes:

At the Pharmacy - Sterilization of hCG Injection Vials -

This process involves using what is called an Autoclave – basically kind of like an oven, to depyrogenate……wait wait!!! I think I’m losing you! Don’t go!

Making sure hCG you inject is safe and not contaminated -

As I was saying, an Autoclave (ie kinda-specialty-medical-oven/dishwasher-thingy) is used to dee-pie-roh-jen-ate – depyrogenate, all the empty vials and rubber stoppers that will eventually contain each person’s hCG. This means removing the bad stuff- things like bacteria, that if injected (thereby bypassing some of the natural safety mechanisms in your body like your stomach and stuff) could make you very ill…or worse.


The post At the Pharmacy: Sterilization of hCG Injection Vials appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

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80 lbs Lost with hCG Injections, 12 Inches Gone from her Waist – Episode 25 of hCG Diet Interviews Wed, 10 Jun 2015 08:24:29 +0000 Well now you guys will find out just how long some of my blogposts are in the making lol! I conducted this interview back in November 2014 and it’s now June 2015 – I can’t believe that much time has … Continue reading

The post 80 lbs Lost with hCG Injections, 12 Inches Gone from her Waist – Episode 25 of hCG Diet Interviews appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

Well now you guys will find out just how long some of my blogposts are in the making lol! I conducted this interview back in November 2014 and it’s now June 2015 – I can’t believe that much time has flown by.

  • Height: 5’7″
  • Starting Weight: 220 lbs
  • Ending Weight: 140 lbs
  • Total Weight Lost: 80 lbs
  • Starting Size: 18
  • Ending Size: 6
  • Waist Inch Loss: 12 inches
  • Hips Inch Loss: 10 inches
  • 3 rounds of hCG between April and November of 2014
  • Used hCG Injections (options for finding RX hCG online here)

Links mentioned in interview:

80 lbs Lost with hCG Injections - Size 18 to Size 6 - hCG Intervies with Real People - Episode 25 -

Highlights from our interview:

When you lose inches from your waist, I think that’s a pretty reliable indicator that the weight that’s lost is fat because you don’t have 12 inches worth of muscle on your waist.

Many are concerned about muscle loss on the hCG protocol (as was I when I first came across it). Note what Casey has to say though, as a person who lifts weights:

“I would say that I lost no muscle because I lift weights and I’ve never had an issue where I felt like my weight lifting ability decreased. In fact it increased.”

Casey did exercise while on hCG so you can listen to her experience on that and how she modified things with her eating during Phase 2 to compensate for this.

She ate several “off-protocol” vegetables, pretty consistently, during Phase 2.

Major Tip on Making Cooking Healthy Food Easier

“If you’re looking for something that helps lazy people like me or who forgets that they’ve got frozen stuff and they have a family. The NuWave is a significant help. It’s called the NuWave. It’s just a little oven you have on the countertop. It’s ridiculous to say but that thing made the world difference for me. I moved on October and everything and I’d have to take my frozen food pop it in there and 12 minutes later I have my meal. You can do your vegetables and your protein at the same time. For somebody like me it made the difference.”

How Weight Loss Has Changed Casey’s Life

“My family. I’m able to keep up with my kids. That’s a huge difference for me, before like I said I was at a very low point. So I would sit on the couch and I just watch them play and now I’m right there out there with them. I’m running out in the backyard or you know. They’re seeing me make these changes in myself which is a huge motivator for me. The first thing they say is “Hey mom are we gonna go to the gym?” or “Hey mom are we gonna run around at the park.” That’s a really good feeling that they’re enjoying hanging out with me because I’m actually able to keep up with them. I think that and having the energy when I wake up in the morning I don’t feel like – uh. You know, I don’t feel defeated before I even start. I got a purpose now and I can actually go do stuff and that’s nice.”

Transcript for Episode 25

Download Episode 25 Transcript – PDF

Or read it all here:

Rayzel: Hey guys! Hcgchica. Welcome to Episode 25 of The HCG Diet Interviews. Today my guest is Casey. She’s actually lost 80 pounds with the HCG Protocol as you know, probably saw in the intro with her before and after pictures. She looks just amazing. We have a lot of fun stuff to talk about today. I was like talking about the successes people have but I also like talking about the struggles people faced both before hCG, you know what kind of led them to the point where they needed to lose weight, as well as on the protocol itself. There can be challenges so we’ll talk about that sort of stuff today. Welcome Casey!

Casey: Hi.

Rayzel: How are you today?

Casey: Very well.

Rayzel: So just you guys know we didn’t plan. We both ended up wearing stripes. Too funny. Why don’t you just introduce yourself a little bit like tell us a little bit about your basic stats. Where you started and where you ended with your weight and your clothing and stuff.

Casey: I started out at 220.2 which was my ultimate high ever. So I started HCG then and right now I’m at 140 on the dot.

Rayzel: That’s amazing. So that’s just almost exactly 80 pounds, right.

Casey: Yup. 80.2.

Rayzel: I forgot how tall you are. You’re taller right?

Casey: I’m 5’7’’.

Rayzel: 5’7. Okay. Cool. Awesome. So with that 80 pounds that you lost at 5’7’’ how did that translate into your clothing size? How did that change for you?

Casey: It changed significantly. So I started from a 16/18, forcing a 16. Right now I’m down to 6/8. Just depending on the brand I can get into a 6 and other ones I need 8.

Rayzel: Awesome. And at your height that’s really slender. You can tell in your pictures. You’re all slim. So that’s awesome. Do you happen to know, before I ask the question, about the whole inch lost? So now we move on to inch lost because that’s- sometimes it’s like weigh on the scale it’s just a number. You can weigh 200 pounds but you’re size 4. Great. Tell me what were some of your most drastic inch loss changes?

Casey: Definitely my abdomen more than anything. Followed by hips. So for the total on the weight obviously was the 80.2 and I lost measurements from the chest alone I lost about 9 inches, from the abdomen I lost 12, from the hips I lost 10, thighs I lost 5, and the arms I lost 3 each so it’s a total of about 50 something like that.

Rayzel: That’s amazing so like 12 inches from your waist, 10 inches from your hips. That’s like a whole foot.

Casey: My old pants I put them on just to see just the before and after just for me. It’s just a significant difference.

Rayzel: That’s amazing. The nice thing about that too is that when you lose inches in your waist, I think that’s a pretty reliable indicator that the weight that’s lost is fat because you don’t have 12 inches worth of muscle on your waist. So when we carry that extra flab that’s obviously fat. Just another thing as far as hCG goes that you’re losing fat.

Casey: I would say that I lost no muscle because I lift weights and I’ve never have an issue where I felt like my weights’ decreased. My weights is only significantly increased each workout.

Rayzel: Awesome. That’s good. As far as the actual hCG you used. What did you end up using?

Casey: I use the injections. That seem to work best for me. I did drops originally and I was not happy. I felt sick and there’s kind of a burning taste in my mouth and it’s a really bad experience for me and it kind of deterred me in the beginning. I had to do injectionswith my pregnancy so it was kind of well it was a lot of pain that I went through twice a day for my kid so I didn’t want to go through the pain with the hCG but the difference in the needle size and the difference in the solution, I didn’t feel anything. So that’s what kind of made it for me. That was my selling point.

Rayzel: Cool. That’s good. I did the injections too. Like you I was kind of nervous about doing that but then you don’t realize just how little the needle is. Yeah once you put it in like you said you really don’t feel anything if it’s going in your fat. That’s good to hear your feedback on that. With the weight you’ve lost can you give us just a rundown of how many rounds you’ve done, how long those rounds were?

Casey: I did 3 rounds. The first one I did was a long round which for me, it was okay but you get to a mental state where “I really need to move on to something else”. So the first round I started April 1st and it was 62 days. The 2nd round I did, I believe it was 30 or 31 days and then I took a 30 day break between there and then I did another round and that one I believe was 31 or 32 days on that one as well. Other than that I did workout in between my breaks and stuff so I did have the weight loss from there but I still maintained the P3 diet so it definitely helped.

Rayzel: For those of you who don’t know. Typically the diet is usually done in like 3-6 weeks period and then you take a break. Some do choose, like Casey did, to extend a round a little bit so instead of doing up to 40 days or so she ended up doing an extra 20 days. I actually do have an article kind of talking about the pros and cons on that. To help you guys decide what’s best for you. I’ll link to that in the article in the show notes for you guys to check out. But essentially like she said, it’s kind of, there’s a mental aspect too where sometimes it’s like, maybe you could keep going but it just gets to be like you’re just kind of done, you feel kind of done. Right? Usually at that point is when I tell people it’s good to stop when you feel done so that you don’t start cheating and ruined what you’ve achieved. But on occasion if you’re highly motivated, Casey did do well that 1st round doing it longer. In my other interview, I don’t remember which Episode it was. I think it’s like 3 or 4 or 5, I’ll put a link to it. She lost a 127 pounds and she did some longer rounds. She has MS, she was super motivated and she stuck to the protocol and she got it done. In some cases it does work.

Casey: Yeah, you can definitely do it. It’s all a mental thing. I think healthwise I have the energy, I was good to go it’s just mentally I was like “I need a change of diet, I need something like to kind of change it up.” It worked for me so.

Rayzel: We kind of already mentioned a little bit but as far as the time frame for your weight loss, when was your first round start? When did it start again?

Casey: It started April 1st.

Rayzel: April 1st of 2014?

Casey: Yes 2014.

Rayzel: April 1st and now it’s November, you’ve done 3 rounds in that time and you’ve lost 80 pounds in that time and you weren’t actually on HCG that whole time of course cause you had your breaks.
Casey: I took the 30 day break and then 30-ish on and then 30-day break so. I did maintain the P3 diet which helps
significantly. I kind of change my way of thinking as far as foods and stuff. I didn’t need those carbs to do stuff so I was working out but it was still beneficial because I was getting the proper proteins.
Rayzel: Gotcha. That’s right. Now, is there anything during Phase 2, the 500 calorie diet portion that you find particularly challenging at all?

Casey: At first I kind of went the harder route I think, personally, I tried to do the meal prep and everything like that. I did everything just from the beginning and it was kind of hard cause as a person like me I forgot to defrost things so that was kind of rough for me but I did start getting my way where I was proportioning and I got totally off note but I got a new way of which I can cook things from frozen so I did it in 12 minutes and I was good to go.

Rayzel: Oh good.

Casey: I can still meal plan and I can still prep but I didn’t have to cook it right then or defrost it or anything else so that made the difference for me. I didn’t stay 500 calories everyday though. I do cardio a few times a week and on those cardio days I did have to increase calories which was fine so.

Rayzel: Can you maybe elaborate on that? What you did specifically for any other who might be doing that.

Casey: As far as the cardio you know we do 15-30 minutes on treadmill and stuff. With that I felt like I needed just a little bit more calorie. I didn’t want to burn too quickly. I wanted the weight loss to be as steady. I would go up about 100, 150 tops for extra calories but I would typically lean towards either watery stuff like broccoli and have that extra little vitamins and minerals or I would stick with the protein. That definitely helped. Just kind of depends. I would try to keep it before just so when I’m running or stuff I don’t feel that extra exhaustion I already have the energy good to go.

Rayzel: Yeah. I’m on broccoli. Just to clarify too. The original protocol for Dr. Simeon’s didn’t have broccoli on the list of vegetables. However, a lot of people today do experiment with other vegetables. I actually did use broccoli on my final round as well. Just feedback on that and then were there any off-protocol foods you incorporated and how do you feel it worked for you.

Casey: I did salmon. I know that’s not one that’s on there but I like salmon. I do like the oil and I feel like it’s beneficial for me. I mean I also ate a lot of cauliflower. I don’t think that’s on the list but I love cauliflower and like I said I do crave carbs so that’s always my go-to. If I want a mash potatoes I would make cauliflower mashed potatoes. If I want a pizza it’s my cauliflower pizza and that helps significantly.

Rayzel: Great. Good. It’s obvious that you lost a lot of weight and I can tell by just looking at you that you lost a lot of fat so to me it’s kind of the proof in there. When you came to eating your vegetables. Did you actually count the calories of the vegetables or did you just eat to hunger?

Casey: The only one I actually do count is the cauliflower. Cause the cauliflower does have a little bit more starchy carbs and stuff like that so I would count the calories and I would look at the carbs for that.

Rayzel: So you wouldn’t get too carried away?

Casey: Yeah. Definitely. I would occasionally. I would have a plateful of cauliflower rice and then my little bit of shrimp on top. I’m having to stop myself from that. But no, I don’t like- I’m just not a salad person. I don’t like asparagus. I tried. I desperately tried to like the asparagus but it just wasn’t working for me. So I said there’s very few that I’ll eat so I’m gonna stick with what I can and see how my body reacts to that. My body did perfect with it so I just continued.

Rayzel: Okay. Cool. So you had broccoli, cauliflower, were there any other vegetables that you did eat or?

Casey: Mushrooms on occasions. Onion on occasion.

Rayzel: Okay. Cool. And you just kind of rotate those.

Casey: Yeah. Not, well during P2 I kind of kept it the same. I was pretty much the same thing always.

Casey: Rayzel: I’m like that too.
P3 I mix it up just cause I kind of got bored but with P2 it’s working I want to stay with what I know is working so.

Rayzel: Good point. Real quick. You mentioned that you actually were cooking stuff from frozen so you don’t have to defrost. Did you have a special method that you do? To share like what do you do?

Casey: Like I said if you’re looking for something that helps lazy people like me or who forgets that they’ve got frozen stuff and they have a family. The NuWave is a significant help. It’s called the NuWave. It’s just a little oven you have on the countertop. It’s ridiculous to say but that thing made the world difference for me. I moved on October and everything and I’d have to take my frozen food pop it in there and 12 minutes later I have my meal. You can do your vegetables and your protein at the same time. For somebody like me it made the difference.

Rayzel: Well I’ll put a link to that in the notes if anyone wants to check it out. Cool. NuWave. Very cool.
Casey: Like I said it’s kind of an offhand thing but it really works.

Rayzel: Sometimes it is those little things that makes something work or just play a huge role in something makes successful so I think that’s important and for everyone it’s gonna be different.

Casey: I know a lot of people complain that I have a family or I work all day and I don’t have time to come home and cook these healthy meals. You can. It’s not that hard to do. You just have to find different ways to do that for yourself.

Rayzel: Yeah like, this is just a funny little story. Just talking about that were some things you can make them more difficult than they need to be so you don’t do it. I put this on Facebook a little bit ago but my mom her whole life when she make salad she would tear up the lettuce leaf by leaf by hand and so that’s what I did. I thought that’s how you make a salad and it took me until I was 20 years old when I met my mother-in-law and I saw her make a salad one day. She take the whole head of salad and she takes a knife and just chops it all up in like 2 seconds and I was like – how did I never know about this?

Casey: My husband and I were the exact same we were like why didn’t we think of this before?

Rayzel: Yeah. Ever since then making a salad has been so much easier. That’s funny. Okay.

Casey: It’s the little things that help.

Rayzel: Yup. So before you started hCG was there like a low point like you reach or some story that you can recall that just made you realize that you needed to make a change or you needed to find something to help you?

Casey: Absolutely. I gained my weight during my pregnancies. I was hit by a car when I was pregnant with my first son. Steroids, I gain a significant amount of weight in a very short time. Had my son, lost a little bit, nothing significant. I immediately got pregnant a year later and I had my second son and I lost my best friend at that time. My grandfather was my everything and I just went through the worst postpartum depression, I just didn’t care. I wanted to feed my feelings. That was the happy place to go to and I just ballooned of course. My husband brought it to my attention, he was like, “You’re not happy, this is just not- something’s not working for you, what can we do to help you out and everything?” So we talked about it and stuff and then he was like, “You know working out you’re gonna feel better. This is what you’ve always done. You’ve always been athletic. Let’s start on this together.” So together we started working out and everything. I did lose a little bit. Definitely not what I was before pregnancies and then I got pregnant again. Yes. So when I got pregnant again it just was a total blow and I was just like “How do I keep doing this?” and my husband deployed during this pregnancy. I had my daughter when he was deployed and it was just an emotional time. So whenever he came back and everything again it was just different, a third child, he was working a lot so again was a very low, low point with just not a lot of motivation to do anything. Then he brought up wanting to go out for our 5th year anniversary so that was the motivator. I started working out. I did the Beach Body Programs and stuff and I did lose some but as soon as we hit our vacation I was like, “Okay, I did what I needed to, I’m done.” When he deployed I was like, you know, he’s deployed again right now and you know what there’s nothing holding me back, there’s no excuses. This is my “Me Time”. This is my year to do what I need to do to find myself and it’s worked like a charm. I’ve researched hCG for a very long time and I finally decided, okay, we’ll do it.

Rayzel: That’s good too. Because it does take- I feel like to do this protocol and feel comfortable with it I think it does require a certain amount of research. Do you feel like – Thanks for sharing that story too cause I think it will resonate with a lot of moms out there because it might not be the exact same story but there’s parts of it that it’s like yeah I went through something similar and like you said postpartum is pretty serious and like you said when you’re going through stuff like that, you don’t care. It’s like- and if you don’t care you can’t worry about losing weight or eating right.

Casey: You feed those emotions so you just don’t care.

Rayzel: Yeah. Do you feel like once like as you mentioned how you lost weight for your 5 year anniversary but then of course that came in once when the motivation was gone. Do you feel like you had to kind of make a mental change in your head in order to lose weight and keep it off? How did you have to change the way you thought about weight loss or eating?

Casey: So that kind of happen for me in Round 2 actually. In my mind it was one of those “I’m gonna have a cheat day once or twice a week cause you know I’m losing weight fast so who cares?” and that round I was like “You know this isn’t worth it.” I’m going up and I’m coming down but I’m not changing my thinking so my thinking is I’m gonna lose this weight so I could have this terrible, terrible food. I kind of realize right as I was finishing Round 2 this isn’t gonna work. If I want to keep working out like I’m gonna keep working out and I wanna keep going, I need to stick with the proper diet and this is gonna be a lifestyle change. I don’t want it to be something like when he comes back, “Well, I’m done. I’ve finished my thing”. No, I’m loving the gym. I’m loving the food. Which definitely helps and I’m giving myself options which is the biggest change. I think that’s what made the lifestyle change for me as before it was “I want this carbs, I want this carbs.” Well now I have my cauliflower or if I really want those sugars and I have my stevia. There’s different options. If you want it, you can do it just find your option or find your moderation which is key.

Rayzel: Right. And I’m really glad you mentioned that because I agree. Don’t deny, replace. And like you said that’s exactly- cause I had to make that transformation too because like you it was that thing like on a day I felt thin I would be like Oh I can eat more today because I feel thin and it’s like the reward is that you get to eat more and I too had to change that thinking that really it’s all about just being in moderation all the time and I had to just change my mind in that way and as well like you said getting away from the mentality that you’re like being denied something by making a change and instead of just thinking all of these are all of the things that I can’t have and that can be frustrating but actually when you shift that focus and you start thinking about what can I have? And then it’s actually so much easier and like you said you find stuff that you actually end up liking and so you don’t miss the other stuff after a while.

Casey: Exactly and there’s always a better option. Just take the time to look into your options. Look around. Do some research and it’ll change. Things will change and your brain will be like, you know, I really want that piece of cake but I can go this route and I can go still get that sweet tooth but it’s a better option for me.

Rayzel: Yeah and I think for other people who haven’t made a change yet and you feel anxious about it. For instance, when I was trying to make changes, it was like scared of the idea of making that change permanent because I felt like, what if I’m not happy? If I don’t like that food? Or if I don’t like not having the food that I’m used to having? But you don’t have to view it as a permanent thing. When I finally decided to do a trial with taking dairy out of my diet? I put if off for like a whole year. I kept knowing that my body wasn’t digesting it well but I love cheese, I love yogurt, I just wasn’t ready to like do this, like you know, permanently. I’m not ready to do that. So finally after a year, I was like, “Okay, I’m just gonna actually do a trial for like 2 weeks, take it out and see if I can find other stuff to eat.” And if it’s just a total horrible mess and I can’t find anything satisfying then I could just go back to eating dairy and as it turned out I found other things to eat and it was a good choice for me at this time and that made it so much easier by just doing it as a trial and then seeing what else I could find and I realize, “Oh this isn’t as big a deal as I thought it was”.

Casey: And I think that’s what a lot of people don’t do is they don’t want to expand. I’m the pickiest eater on the world, by all means, like I said, I don’t like vegetables, I don’t enjoy them but I branched out. I think a lot of people are scared. They’re like “Well that’s something I’m not used to or my family is not gonna eat that” and people are gonna look at me, “No, try it see how your body reacts to different things”. I never in a million years thought I would like cauliflower. My family looked at me like I was crazy and now I’ve got heads and heads of lettuce or heads of cauliflower in my fridge now. It’s uh- try it. It’s a big thing.

Rayzel: Right. That’s like with kale. Me and kale. I hate kale and then I don’t know how many heads of kale and salad I ate in the last year but I probably kept at least one grocery store in business so. What are some of the main things that feel different for you, I mean we came to that a little bit but as far as from being overweight, how it felt just living your life that way versus now. What are some of the main things that feel different to you that you appreciate?

Casey: My family. I’m able to keep up with my kids. That’s a huge difference for me, before like I said I was at a very low point. So I would sit on the couch and I just watch them play and now I’m right there out there with them. I’m running out in the backyard or you know. They’re seeing me make these changes in myself which is a huge motivator for me. The first thing they say is “Hey mom are we gonna go to the gym?” or “Hey mom are we gonna run around at the park.” That’s a really good feeling that they’re enjoying hanging out with me because I’m actually able to keep up with them. I think that and having the energy when I wake up in the morning I don’t feel like – uh. You know, I don’t feel defeated before I even start. I got a purpose now and I can actually go do stuff and that’s nice.

Rayzel: Yeah. Thinking you probably lost like however much your 3 kids weigh together, you probably loss them in your weight. You could pile them on your back now and that’s about how much you weigh before.
Casey: Pretty close.
Rayzel: Why don’t we just talk a little bit now about phase 3? So you did some like month long phase 3s. How did those go for you as far as stabilizing what you ate?

Casey: At first it was kind of tricky trying to figure out what my body would accept and what my body didn’t want to accept. But I was patient and I think that was a big key for me. It was like, “Well, I’m gonna take it day by day, I’m gonna change one thing at a time and see hey my body like this or hey it doesn’t like this”. But I’ve been very fortunate. Almost everything has gone really well. I love, love the plants that I have found. Like I said I’ve done some research and stuff and I’m eating my food and I’m going, “This is delicious, where has this been my entire life?” That has been a huge motivator for me. But I think I’m gonna continue on that for a while. My calories I don’t keep track of hardly at all. Because I am working out so much I do think I have a higher calorie count than most people on P3 but it’s working for me so.

Rayzel: Great. Did you say you have a Pinterest board or something where you get recipes?

Casey: I do. I need to separate it into an hCG category cause I have stuff prior the hCG. Why is that on there still?

Rayzel: Gotcha, gotcha. But yeah Pinterest is great for getting Phase 2 recipes. I’ll at least put a link to my P3 board. Maybe I’ll go look at hers and pin some of hers then that are P3 or if you ever get it divided out let me know and we’ll link to yours. So yeah. It is nice like you said to have variety and sometimes like you said with the cauliflower you wouldn’t have known that you liked it so sometimes by getting those ideas from Pinterest helps you open up your mind to things you wouldn’t have known about trying. People are so creative with food but I’m not one of those people so I have to get my ideas from somewhere else.

Casey: I’m incredibly picky and I was absolutely dying for pizza. That is my go-to and I saw somebody made it with cauliflower and I was like “Where have you been?” and I was like “Oh, it’s cauliflower” and I tried and I was like- I sent my family messages “You have got to try this!” and they said “You’re crazy!” and I said “No! You have to try it! It’s amazing!”

Rayzel: So that was the one with the cauliflower crust.

Casey: It is.

Rayzel: Ooh. I haven’t actually made that so it’s really good huh?

Casey: Yeah, it’s delicious. It’s a lot easier to make than- you know it looks scary on there but again patience and just a little bit of research and you can get things done.

Rayzel: Gotcha! Cool. Well just last question then as far as kind of maintaining now. Are you still eating mostly Phase 3 or have you added in any carbs?

Casey: Very little carbs. I try to stay away from carbs because that is just one thing my body just- it just doesn’t want to do. I do a lot of shakes. Protein shakes and stuff which have a little bit of carbs into them. Like I said the cauliflower does have a little bit of carb in it and stuff and once in a very blue moon I’ll have like a sweet potato or something and that has a little bit into it but I try to stick with protein vegetable mostly.

Rayzel: Yeah. Just real clean then.
Casey: Yeah. I don’t really do fruit that much. I’ll do with banana occasionally but I just don’t do the apples and that kind of stuff. I’ve been throughout but I keep with the same ingredients to the different recipes so.

Rayzel: As far as your fat goes what type of fats do you include in your diet?

Casey: Salmon. I pretty much have salmon every other day just because I love it. That’s my go-to or up with like coconut oil in my coffee and stuff just for a flavor change and just a little bit of boost.

Rayzel: Yeah. I have forgotten too. Did you end up having shakes on P2 as well?

Casey: I did. I did have shakes on P2.

Rayzel: What shake was it? I forgot.

Casey: I went with FitMiss for one and I also went with the Lameshakes and I also went with Shakeology. I just kind of mixed it up.

Rayzel: So you would have those in replace of a protein on occasion or?

Casey: Yes. Pretty much after a workout especially if it’s a harder workout. That would be my- I typically workout in the morning so that would be my lunch. It would be a replacement.

Rayzel: Okay. Cool. I’m glad to hear that cause a lot of people ask me about the shake thing and I haven’t had tons of feedback on it on how it works. So it’s cool to know that that worked okay for you.

Casey: Yeah. I looked for calories of course. Then I looked at carbs. That was my big thing. I don’t want any sugars and I want as little carbs as possible. That was definitely the way to go.

Rayzel: That’s great. Thanks for sharing all of your personal details with everybody.

Casey: Absolutely.

Rayzel: I hope everything- You’re good, right? Are you trying to lose more? Or are you?

Casey: Oh, no, I’m done.

Rayzel: You’re good. So you’re just working out, getting strong?

Casey: Yeah. At this point I don’t really care. I’m just wanting to get my strength back on. I’m doing a lot of weights and stuff so it’s all that fun. It’s huge difference for me.

Rayzel: That’s great. Cool. Thanks so much!

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Episode 24 – Phase 3 Success on the hCG Diet Protocol – hCG Diet Interviews Wed, 20 May 2015 04:06:34 +0000 In all my private emails back and forth with many of you hCGers, often someone will mention something to me about their journey, in passing, that I realize is important info to pass on to the rest of you. This … Continue reading

The post Episode 24 – Phase 3 Success on the hCG Diet Protocol – hCG Diet Interviews appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

In all my private emails back and forth with many of you hCGers, often someone will mention something to me about their journey, in passing, that I realize is important info to pass on to the rest of you. This woman, we’ll call her Laura, happened to mention that she did very well with Phase 3 of the hCG protocol and had been maintaining for 3 months.

Since we are ALWAYS needing more help for the volatile Phase 3, I pressed her for more details and she agreed to a written interview- I hope you find it helpful!

Phase 3 Success - Episode 24 hCG Diet Interviews -

Interview with Laura – Phase 3 Success

Laura: You helped me to keep on track and I’ve kept my 30 pounds off from the hCG Diet now for 3 months!

Rayzel: Thats great that you’ve been maintaining for 3 months now! Would you mind sharing your basic stats with everyone – age/height/starting and current weight, your clothing size change?

Laura: I’m 60 years old, 5’8” and my starting weight was 195 and my current weight is 167. I’ve dropped 2 pants sizes going from a size 14 to a size 10!!

Rayzel: I’d love to hear how you are doing that- how do you eat now/what’s your life like that you are able to maintain your 30 lb weight loss?

Laura: I think my success was kick-started after Phase 2 when I VERY SLOWLY introduced new foods. I continued eating the same foods as in Phase 2, but increased the quantity. I would add one new food every 2 weeks and really watched my fat intake.

Rayzel: Okay can I ask for a few more details here? When you say you increased just your p2 food intake, did that include the P2 fruits? Can you give me an example of what you might have eaten on say day 5 of Phase 3 as far amounts of these foods go?

Laura: I started off with just my black coffee with 1 packet of stevia for breakfast. Lunch was typically a salad just like in P2, but I increased the grilled chicken or steak to 4-5 oz and used balsamic vinegar (no oil) and seasonings for dressing. Again, for dinner I just increased my protein from 3 oz to 4-5 oz. and added a salad (dressing as above) and a green vegetable. I ate apples and strawberries.

Rayzel: Then you mentioned you added a new food every 2 weeks- was this literally 1 new food, or 1 new food group? Could you give me examples? How did you decide if it was a success or not? Did you have any foods you add cause gains? etc.?

Laura: It was a food grouping. First I added dairy. I added cream (half/half) to my coffee. Checked next day for weight gain and all was good. So the next week I added cheese. Still okay. The following week I added eggs. Scrambled, hard boiled, any kind. I waited another week before adding oil. Everything was great…no weight gain at all. Then I added oatmeal to my morning breakfast. I was starving all day and even though I stayed on plan, I was up 2 pounds the next day. Several weeks later I decided to try again with crackers and I had the same reaction. Bread also caused a weight gain.

Rayzel: Awesome, thanks for that. Last question about that- so by the end of the normal 3 week phase 3 period, what new foods would you say you had you incorporated by that point?

Laura: Just to clarify I’d say my 3 week P3 was actually 4 or 5 weeks. During that time I added almonds, avocado, all vegetables except starches, and most fruits (no banana or pineapple). I added pork to my proteins at this point.

Rayzel: Wait I said that was the last question about this portion but now I have another one- so during the 3 week phase 3 period, how exactly did you find your weight stabilizing out? Did you do any steak days during that time? How soon before you started feeling like your weight was staying about the same on a regular basis each morning?

Laura: My weight was actually pretty stable, but as I said, I was super cautious. I did do a steak day whenever my weight was up 2 pounds, and the weight always fell right off.

Rayzel: Okay continue with your story!

Laura: I’ve managed to keep the weight off by limiting carbs and mostly focusing on protein. I work out 4-5 days a week….

Rayzel: Oooh interruption again! May I ask what your working out consists of? Duration and type of workouts?

Laura: During P3 I was doing the treadmill (45 minutes going from an incline of 1 and going up every 3-4 minutes to an incline of 12) on one day then a brisk 3 mile walk the next day and so on.

Rayzel: Okay continue ;)-

Laura: I eat good oils, dairy, fruits, eggs, and vegetables (no starches), and no grains or sugar. I discovered during phase 3 that grains do not agree with my system. I always gain if I eat them, so it was a pretty easy decision to omit them. I can get by with a little bit of sugar, but if I over indulge the scale will show it. I weigh every day and jump on anything over a 2 pound gain!!

Rayzel: When you hit that just over 2 lb mark, what do you do? Steak day or what? How often would you say you find yourself doing this? And what are the results of the corrections you do?

Laura: I still do a steak day, or an apple day. I think over the 3 month period I’ve probably done about 4-5 correction days.

Rayzel: When you say vegetables, no starches, which vegetables do you not eat, and what are some examples of ones you eat pretty frequently?

Laura: We have salad every night and they usually include bell peppers, onions, avocado, tomato, etc. All green vegetables especially asparagus, brussels sprouts and broccoli. Not green but I also eat a lot of cauliflower. I’m big on roasting vegetables in the oven at a hight temperature until they turn golden brown!!! Yum. Still don’t do corn or potatoes although I just recently tried sweet potato and I tolerated them just fine.

Rayzel: What do you do for a treat in Phase 3 life?

Laura: I treat myself to your fruit ice-cream (made in the food processor) or sugar-free crustless, pumpkin pie. I also will have a glass of white wine a couple of times a week. I recently made a flourless peanut butter cookie that was good oh and “cheesecake” type desserts sweetened with liquid stevia.

Rayzel: Another quick question – at what point in Phase 3 did you add pumpkin? There is some debate on whether or not pumpkin fits into the Phase 3 food list since it’s a higher starch vegetable. Just curious about when you started including that from time to time.

Laura: I didn’t add pumpkin in P3 only recently and it has been fine. No reaction.

Rayzel: Okay, continue….

Laura: I also try to limit my sugar-free intake to Stevia or Non GMO Erythritol. I’m just starting to introduce almond and coconut flour so we’ll see how that goes. I discovered if I keep some “legal” treats on hand, I don’t feel “cheated” when my husband is eating his desserts. Actually he likes my sugar-free desserts too!

Rayzel: So am I getting it right that you didn’t introduce nuts or dairy at all in the main 3 weeks of phase 3 then?

Laura: No I did have both nuts (almonds only) and dairy (half and half) in Phase 3.

Rayzel: Thanks so much for sharing all this – what’s next for you?

Laura: I’m looking forward to doing another HCG 60 day program after the first of the year. I’m happy with where I’m at, but would like to target some “fat loss” in specific areas. I love how HCG does just that! If I lost another 10-15 pounds I would be thrilled!

I love your website and wish to thank you so much for taking the time to educate all of us and offer support on the HCG program. Your website was an invaluable resource and I referred to it often…and actually still do! You made me feel like I had a friend to lend a helping hand throughout my journey. Thanks!

Rayzel: Thank you! I really appreciate the time you took to answer these questions and help everyone out in crazy phase 3.

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Striking the Energy Balance | Taking an Email Sabbatical Wed, 13 May 2015 04:48:46 +0000 “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”                                                               – Aristotle Hello my dear hCGers. As some of you may know, with the growth of my blog, I have recently taken on the help of an email helper, Lucelle. She. … Continue reading

The post Striking the Energy Balance | Taking an Email Sabbatical appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

                                                              – Aristotle

Hello my dear hCGers.

As some of you may know, with the growth of my blog, I have recently taken on the help of an email helper, Lucelle. She. Is. Awesome. She is doing a great job of pointing you guys in the right direction for simpler questions that I already have a blogpost about, or that I have answered by email before that she can reiterate to you. However, there are still many emails that really need me to personally respond, and this is something I really enjoy doing, as I love connecting with you, and no doubt MANY of you reading this have indeed had possibly even multiple personal replies from me.

However, I want to take this opportunity not only to share something personal that requires me to take a little private communication break, but also perhaps to share thoughts that will you get some of you thinking about your own situations in life, because I don’t want this just to be about me. I want to provide value to YOU if you are taking the time out of your busy day to read this. Perhaps there is a little tweaking your own path could use, and maybe this will get your brain wheels spinning.

Just to be clear, all this soul searching the past week has made me realize I need to take an email sabbatical. For the next month or so, I will be mostly out of commission for emailing and messaging through Facebook.

Where to Find Help

Before I get to the whole self-help-yourself-over-a-P2-meal-of-4-strawberries thing, let me give you a few links and info that will help you during this whole “email sabbatical” shin-dig.

1. Lucelle, my helper, will still be responding to emails and Facebook private messages. She is able to point you in the right direction in many cases.

2. I have a search bar in the footer of my site.

3. I have a FAQ section that is getting more beefy by the week.

4. Other areas of the blog you may need:

5. It’s perfectly okay to email or send messages with ideas for content you would like on the blog. This actually helps me know what to create in the future for you guys.

On to Inner Human Growth (Got Your Strawberries? Add a dusting of stevia. Trust me, it’s way yummier).

I read portions of a book not too long back about introverts vs. extroverts. Actually 3 books on the subject.

The theory behind these books explain that being introverted or extroverted is different from being shy or outgoing, and that you can easily be an outgoing introvert, or a shy extrovert. I believe I may be an outgoing introvert. One of the defining things about an introvert is that re-fueling requires being alone, and this is definitely me.

“We can’t underestimate the value of silence. We need to create ourselves, need to spend time alone. If you don’t, you risk not knowing yourself and not realizing your dreams.” – Jewel

I Love People

I LOVE people. Especially helping people. Teaching is in my genes. My mom is a music teacher, and both her parents were teachers. If you’ve seen me in my videos I connect with people, I get excited by my connections with people. I’ve been able to translate this into my videos because very early on I became aware of WHO was watching the videos that I made. So when I stare at the black lense of my canon and talk to it, I don’t see a piece of plastic and glass, I see you guys.

How Do You Re-Fuel?

The books discuss that introverts don’t hate people – especially if you’re an outgoing introvert, you still love to be around and interact with people. However, being around people takes energy out of an introvert, whereas for an extrovert, being around people infuses them with renewed energy. We all expend energy in various ways in life, and we all need to refuel. What takes energy out of us, and what puts energy back in us seems to be different depending on your internal makeup. Ignoring this can lead to more energy going out than coming in, which eventually will lead to, you guessed it, death by chocolate. Okay that’s my attempt to make a little joke about something that is actually quite serious when it comes to your quality of life.

“Stay true to your own nature. If you like to do things in a slow and steady way, don’t let others make you feel as if you have to race. If you enjoy depth, don’t force yourself to seek breadth.” ~ Susan Cain

Based on what I know promotes a feeling of wholeness and balance within me, I think I do tend towards this introvert side, where I love to be around people, but after a time, feel a strong need to be alone in order to regain my strength and mental clarity. If I don’t respect this about myself, both my physical and cognitive capabilities start going downhill, and fast.

Have you ever noticed this to be true of you? I didn’t actually realize this in and out energy balance to myself until the past few years and that I could operate more consistently and feel more stable emotionally and even physically when made sure to alternate more high energy/output occasions or tasks with more reflective/down periods to recover.

Here’s another quote that makes you think:

“Isn’t it refreshing to know that what comes perfectly natural for you is your greatest strength? Your power is in your nature. You may not think it’s a big deal that you can spend hours immersed in something that interests you—alone—but the extrovert next door has no idea how you do it.” Laurie Helgoe

My Added Complication

An added complication I have in my life is that I’ve been dealing with a mysterious chronic illness for over 12 years now. Earlier on the symptoms would come on with a vengeance, but then seem to disappear for awhile. Over time though, the symptoms became more a part of my daily life and no longer went away. My current belief is that on top of my confirmed diagnosis of Hashimotos thyroiditis, I have chronic lyme disease. The severity of the symptoms DO vary. I am fairly stable in general these days because I have eliminated almost completely from my life certain activities considered normal to everyday life that bring on symptoms. Despite this however, the illness is still there, in me, so the problem is I never know when symptoms will be more severe than usual, and for how long symptoms will last when they are there. I have come to realize that this health condition escalates the output of energy when I’m involved with people and escalates the recovery time for refueling as well.

I know that I’m not the only person with this going on because, yes, I get lots of emails from you guys telling me of your personal health struggles as well. Obviously I totally relate and resonate with these struggles.

Why I’m Sharing Personal Stuff

I’m sharing all of this more personal stuff because I want you to understand that the decision I am sharing with you – the need to take a sabbatical from private communication that I offer through my blog and social media, has nothing to do with YOU. You guys are great. It’s only natural to want and seek solutions to conundrums or troubles you are facing on the hCG protocol. In fact that’s what I’m always encouraging right! Don’t give up, seek solutions, don’t just wonder and leave it be. Find solutions, analyze.

But being in my current state and having a blog that has gotten a little more popular on google the past year means I am getting a lot more email and private messages than in the past and I have been feeling especially overwhelmed lately. I am still just this one person, and I am finding lately this constant feeling of pressure, sadness, and just an overall sense of not being good enough, because I can’t seem to keep up with all the messages. I feel so guilty when I see emails waiting in my que to hear from me, or blog comments going unanswered. I worry you will think I’m ignoring you, or that I don’t care. It bothers me just as much as if a friend had called me and left me a voice message and I just never returned their call, or it took me 3 weeks to do so.

While my blog doesn’t have the answer to every single hCG question you could ever come up with, at this point it does contain quite a bit of information to help you succeed. On top of that, there is now my newly published hCG Diet Workbook for Phase 2, with a length coaching section that I spent a great deal of time crafting and that many are finding very useful to them (just read the Amazon reviews! 61 and counting!)

So in my usual overly-wordy way, I’m sharing with you all that I need to take an email/private message sabbatical.

Is there anything in your life that you need a short break from? It doesn’t have to be a month. Often just 1 DAY of a break from whatever particular thing is starting to make you feel drained, can make a big difference.

I have a VERY hard time setting limits for myself because I often feel so driven inside to get things done. Do you struggle with this too? I have learned through multiple experiences now that whenever I start to feel totally sucked in and my brain gets into this weird feedback loop where I’m trying so hard to focus but in reality not getting anywhere, I realize what I actually need to do is not try to focus harder, but to just go do something entirely different.

Crossfit serves me very well for this. It’s a completely different activity that completely distracts me from whatever is on my mind and leaves me feeling refreshed.

How about you? What specific activity can you do that is DIFFERENT from your same ‘ol-same ‘ol, even for a little bit, to help break that overwhelm-brain-fog feeling.

What I Will Be Doing

It’s not that I won’t be working on hCG related matters. But I need to take some time out to work on deeper content for the website and the future P3 & P4 workbook – information that can be evergreen and be reachable by all of you, instead of just one.

I have always tried to maintain a balance between interaction on a one-to-one basis with time spent on blogpost articles and videos, and overall, I feel I’ve managed it pretty well. I’ve never felt that I should spend my time on just one or the other. Individuals ARE important. I will always believe that. But of late I find myself almost entirely focused on email replies and no other work is getting done, and this is off-balance for me – and for you as well, as in the long run, you will benefit more by having available to a large number of you something I’ve spent time crafting and researching. Additionally like I said, when I don’t get enough “alone” time, my own inspiration, happiness, and productivity really suffers as my brain gets foggier and foggier.

This goes back to the introvert idea. What I find happening to me lately is that I can’t focus on the articles I’m trying to write and such because of having so much outside input. I find myself scattered and distracted.

“In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone.” ~ Rollo May

Which reminds me of a little story that gives you a little window into my own nature.

I was in labor at the hospital with my son, ready to start pushing. Only my husband and the nurse were in the room. However I found it distracting and it was very difficult for me to focus on this obviously important task at hand. I had already asked for all the lights to be shut off, as I found the lights extremely distracting. Because I wasn’t alone, which is usually what allows me to feel focused, I was feeling incredibly scattered and incapable.

I finally asked my husband if he’d mind going into the adjacent bathroom, and closing the door so I couldn’t see him. Yes I did! Nicely of course.

I asked the nurse to leave as well.

She said that’s not protocol and that no one had ever requested this before.

I said, please, I need to be alone, I can’t focus with someone else here.

She reluctantly said she’d leave but that she’d still have to pop in and check on me every 10 minutes or so. Thank goodness!

Once I was alone, in the dark, I was able to give my full effort and concentration to the task. At the tail end, now feeling more like a “pro” at pushing ;), when the little slippery guy was ready to slide out into the world, I was okay with the menagerie of medical personnel making their way back into the room, including the doctor – who was warned by the nurse and rest of the staff to please not say a word, which to her credit and the rest of the staff, they respectfully stayed silent while I pushed the rest of my little baby boy out into the doctor’s hands.

I was actually close to having a c-section prior this. To be honest, I’m not sure what would have happened if my need for privacy and aloneness hadn’t been respected. The ability of my brain and the power of my body were completely different once everyone had gone. I felt powerful and strong and capable and focused.

Anyway- that’s my little story to show you a little piece of what makes up me.

“Originality thrives in seclusion free of outside influences beating upon us to cripple the creative mind. Be alone—that is the secret of invention: be alone, that is when ideas are born.”~ Nikola Tesla

I will be still be writing and posting content, as well sending out my weekly email newsletter to you all. I just need a little break for a bit from all the private one on one communication. My guess is a month or so.

Even now I feel nervous to make this decision. I feel like I’m going to miss out on something important somehow. And I feel like I’ll be letting you down – whoever of you take the time to pour out your story to me. But I’m trusting that you will understand my need to not self-combust.

What Happens When You Don’t Work With Your Nature

I feel that I didn’t at all understand how I as a unique person, operate best, until the past 5 years. What this means is I wasn’t able to flourish as I could have. I spent a lot of time trying to do things that were just not me. As a result, I never felt very confident about anything I did, which didn’t exactly help my self esteem, especially when those very same things others were doing with such expertise and confidence.

What’s interesting is, by doing more of what works with the type of person I am, I have actually learned to do more things that are hard for me as well. Interesting result. I also discovered that I’m good at, or can learn things, that I didn’t initially think were “me”.

But it all started with doing what came more naturally and easily to me FIRST.

That’s what got the whole wow-I’m-growing-up-and-wearing-recycled-yoga-mat-shoes-because-i-hate-heels ball rolling.

Thank You for WHO YOU ARE

Thank you all for being the great people that you are. Really and truly, my one on one communications have actually been one of the most enlightening and refreshing parts of this whole experience online. In fact, without it, I don’t think I would have had the drive or motivation to create as much content here as I have. I just need to create a little better balance and this break will help me achieve that so that I can come back refreshed and have a better system for helping you all out in the best way possible both for you and for me.

This thought puts it well, and how I feel about the kind of people you all are:

“The highest form of love is to be the protector of another person’s solitude.” Rainer Maria Rilke

The few times I have expressed a feeling of overwhelm, I have always gotten email replies from some of you telling me things like “we understand! Take some time out for you. We appreciate what you do so much but you have a family as well.” etc.
No joke.

I think only twice, out of literally thousands upon thousands of private emails, facebook messages and blog comments I’ve received and responded to, have I had someone express a complete lack of understanding for my one woman show.

So that means 99.99999999% of you are gold! See those people in the background below? Those are some of you hCGers. Some time back when I was about 75% done with the Phase 2 hCG Diet Workbook I was starting to hit a wall. I sent out an email asking to MEET you guys, so I could be inspired to get the last chunk of the workbook written. I asked you to send me your photo and share a little about your story, your struggles. I got many replies and had all the photos you all sent me printed and put them up on my wall.

I truly value the involvement and connections that I get to have with so many of you. After having a little down time from private communications, I will be back with a better, more organized set up for continuing to make those connections happen.

So how about YOU? Do you need time alone, quiet time to re-fuel? I’d love to hear your thoughts and story on this – just keep in mind I won’t be replying 😉 – But if you’d like to share for the benefit of everyone else reading, please feel free! It’s just so nice to know you’re not alone with how you feel right?
hCGers and Me -


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April 30th – hCG Injections SALE – 1 Day Only Thu, 30 Apr 2015 07:07:52 +0000 US hCG Shots is one of the most affordable options for U.S. made hCG online. They are having a 15% off sale for 1 day only – today, April 30th. The discount is on all products and kits in stock. … Continue reading

The post April 30th – hCG Injections SALE – 1 Day Only appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

US hCG Shots is one of the most affordable options for U.S. made hCG online. They are having a 15% off sale for 1 day only – today, April 30th. The discount is on all products and kits in stock.

15% off everything and anything in stock, till midnight April 30th only.

Use coupon code 15%offall through this link:

Buy from US hCG Shots

Copy and paste the Coupon Code above on the bottom left of the Shopping Cart Page before Checkout

This is one of the companies I got to visit with in person in Florida back in January btw – I met their entire staff and got to see the inside of one of the pharmacies they use where the hCG is made. And yes, HANDSTANDS happened! How could we not when I found out one of the customer service reps is a fellow crossfitter? Score!

Handstands with US hCG Shots Customer Service Rep! Oh yeah, and he was also super nice. :)

Here’s a breakdown so you’ll know how much you’d be saving

I rounded everything off by a cent – let’s just keep it simple right? 😉

HCG Injection Kits:

  • 28 Day hCG Injection Kit: $200 usually, 15% off = $30 discount – sale price: $170
  • 56 Day hCG Injections Kits: $360 usually, 15% off= $54 discount – sale price: $306

HCG Injections + Lipo Combo Kits:

  • 28 Day hCG Injections + Lipo COMBO kit: usually $340, 15% off = $51 discount – sale price: $289
  • 56 Day hCG Injections + Lipo COMBO kit: usually $640, 15% off= $96 discount – sale price: $544

B12 Shots and Lipo Shots:

  • 30 ML Methylcobalamin b12 Shots: usually $350, 15% off = $35 discount – sale price: $315
  • 30 ml Cyanocobalamin shots: usually $60, 15% off = $9 discount – sale price: $51
  • 30 ml Lipo Shots by themselves: usually $300, 15% off = $45 discount – sale price: $255
  • 10 ml Lipo shots: usually $160, 15% off = $24 discount – sale price: $136
  • 10 ml MIC shots: usually $150, 15% off= $22.50 discount – sale price: $127.50

For anyone who is planning a round of hCG, I hope that helps!

Remember, you can find all my tutorials for injections – how to mix, how to inject, all that fun stuff here:

Injections Tutorials

(keep in mind, the mixing instructions for all the US companies is the same – so I don’t have one specifically for US hcg shots yet, but you can simply follow my tutorial for either Nu Image or Advanced hCG)

Lastly, you can get all the basics on the diet to start it out right here: hCG Basics

There is now also the Phase 2 hCG Daily Tracker and Guide all in one which you can find on Amazon!

Use coupon code 15%offall through this link:

Buy from US hCG Shots

Copy and paste the Coupon Code above on the bottom left of the Shopping Cart Page before Checkout

Hope that helps you guys! Here’s a couple pics I took with some of the staff.



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hCG Diet Interviews Episode 23 – 20 Inches Gone From Her Waist Alone – Kimberly Wed, 29 Apr 2015 05:02:44 +0000 Kimberly and I had such a great time discussing her hCG experience. Here’s her basic stats: Height: 5’9″ Size change pre hCG: Size 26 Size change after hCG diet: Size 12 Inch loss from her waist alone: 20″ – Did … Continue reading

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Kimberly and I had such a great time discussing her hCG experience.

Here’s her basic stats:

  • Height: 5’9″
  • Size change pre hCG: Size 26
  • Size change after hCG diet: Size 12
  • Inch loss from her waist alone: 20″ – Did you catch that? That’s twenty inches. Wow.

The personal journey of Kimberly on the hCG Diet Protocol – as told by Kimberly

This is my personal experience and I just happened to be a nurse. As a nurse, I am not diagnosing or giving advice. I am simply sharing my private life, away from nursing.

HCG my story, as a child I was very athletic and active but at the same time I seem to be 20 lbs over weight. Before puberty I was called chubby and in my teens I was that girl who would be cute if she would just loose 20 lbs. As an adult, I slowly gained ten pounds here and there until in my late 20’s I was almost 300 lbs. I am 5 foot 9 inches and I did have a bone scan to reveal I am medium bone density.

Before finding HCG, I did go to a private consult with a physician who performs lap-ban surgery and he rejected me saying that I would starve to death with the procedure due to my metabolism. I was showing signs of a diabetic (insulin resistance). He did say the best number for me to achieve on the scale was around 175lbs, even with bariatric surgery. I was of course disappointed and a year later I found the Atkins diet, my husband did great on the diet, but I was unable to loose beyond the first 30 lbs. I was practically starving myself and still, just stall after stall. So for me the Atkins diet only made me loose 30 lbs, period.

I am 31 and its early winter, I was diagnosed with a life threatening tumor the size of girl’s soft ball surrounding my pancreas. I was given 6 weeks to live, (long story-shortened) I recovered and have been tumor free for 13 yrs now. Back to my overweight. I am in my early 30’s with only 40% of a pancreas which takes a year to recover from, during that year due to the extent of the procedure I can only eat “slip foods” (starchy soft food like oatmeal and rice etc., mainly mushy high sugar foods almost like what an infant would eat) So of course my weight is now again almost 300lbs. I go this way for a couple of years, and then I find my cure. HCG.

20 Inches Gone from her Waist Alone - Episode 23 of the hCG Diet Interviews- stories of real people -

1. My first protocol with HCG, I did read Dr. Simeons book on hCG, Pounds and Inches, and I had to secretly order my HCG from an India pharmacy. I only do the injections of real HCG. (For current options where you can purchase hCG Injections online, go here).

2. My first round of HCG was very emotional, I had to deal with all of my eating disorders to achieve success and the weight melting off was a great reward for having the courage to deal with my emotional baggage. All over weight people have meaning behind food, it serves them some way beyond nutritional building blocks for the body

3. I had to give up using Splenda, it has dextrose from corn syrup as a de-clumping agent and is an insulin trigger and it is just shy of one complete carb per packet, as a nurse, I have to say that 1 cup of Splenda is 24 (real) carbs for my diabetics that I monitor their nutrition. I of course like all dieters was using this stuff by the cups for cooking/baking when it was introduced.

4. I had to permanently clean out my kitchen, and for me, I knew I could never return to my old way of eating after the HCG protocols, even on super maintenance, I have to be very strict.

5. I finished a 4 week round, and I was hungry half of every day, but I have been hungry most of my life. Yes, I read your post on adjusting hcg dose, ect. It was a good post!

6. I do load clean, no carbs on HCG injection loading days

7. On maintenance, I was not able to maintain my weight loss if I ate coconut oil. I have no idea why. Avocados are a huge no-no for me, they are high on the “insulin response chart” So yes they are low to moderate glycemic, but after digestive enzymes attach to avocados they make a high insulin response, they made me gain weight really fast, so none for me.

8. Over several years of HCG, remember it was hard to get your hands on HCG 6 yrs ago, and it was costly so I had to budget it out. I lost almost all of my un-needed pounds, resulting in going from a plus size 26 to an average miss size 12. Thanks to you, I can now order it in USA and hope to get down to a size 8 in the next two years. I lost almost 20 inches alone from the circumference around my body an inch above my belly button.

9. To help me keep my food choices under control I do follow the Dukan Diet 100 food list, except now I also avoid dairy and all soy (soy hates me, LOL) along with night shade vegetables, (tomato, eggplant, and peppers) due to leaky gut syndrome which causes cardio vascular disease.

10. The following is now the really good stuff, my tips for HCG and some things I have noticed. Ketosis state really does make you notice food more than normal. I notice when I am on a low calorie diet I see food packages more vibrant and can smell like a hound dog. It is a normal response from your body to help you find food.

11. For me I only eat meat on the injection part of HCG, it’s a personal choice, I am just a meat eater and the veggies to me personally, are wasted calories.

12. I do make myself wait at least 16 hours before consuming calories even on injection days, it’s part of my insulin resistance program of intermittent fasting.

13. Ketosis does mess with melatonin uptake, your body thinks you need to be alert to find food, so yes it does cause insomnia, I take 5 mg of melatonin from

14. Yes, I take a boat load of electrolyte vitamins, due to no veggies ect.

15. Mustard is my best friend, I use it on almost everything, and also the mustard dry spice

16. Side effect of mustard is it is high in vinegar, and vinegar makes a large majority of people over spill potassium, I am one of them so I have to take a lot of potassium supplements to avoid leg cramps

17. To avoid extra calories, I use the cartoon of egg whites to make all kinds of omelets, I enjoy the dill weed (looks like chopped up grass) as a spice on eggs, found on bake and spice isle

18. has gum that is birch wood xylitol all other xylitol is from GMO corn, I use this to help sometimes when I just simply need to chew, crazy sounding I know but sometimes I just simply miss the act of chewing and will also chew on a plastic straw, I will chew that sucker to pieces! I have cold sensitive teeth, but my husband he is an ice chewer

19. One tip is to get a blender like what you have or mine, I have the ninja blender and it makes ice into almost a powder, I will brew a strong cup of herbal tea say like blueberry and chill it overnight and make a slushy with it. Ice-herbal tea-stevia= sweet heaven no calories.

20. I use the stevia extract packets with zero calories with erythritol

21. Slushy’s are our answer to everything, need a dessert after your last meal, got a sweet tooth, want something but not really hungry, every single time the answer for us is Slushy.

22. We also use essential oils such as lemon and orange oil just 3 drops makes a 16 oz slushy

23. My theory on the inches lost part of Dr Simon’s book pounds and inches, I call it “my donut” As a nurse I have worked as a hospice nurse and as a Medicaid nursing home nurse in both I have seen people of all walks of life lose weight intentionally and due to end of life. One common factor they all had was a “donut.” We have two types of fat, white and brown. The white is the fast easy weight that any diet will make you lose around 30lbs., but then we have the brown fat that is wrapped around our organs and internal parts. This is where enlarged hearts and the term fatty liver comes from. Have you heard the term “baby fat” it is the extra pounds that females carry to help them when pregnant, it is always around the lower stomach, thighs and butt. This is the easy white ready to shed 30lbs that anyone can lose. On HCG we lose that white fat easy and fast, so then our body has to mobilize and change brown fat into more “baby fat” this is what I call a “donut” you will notice it is around an inch thick and it will be a large circle around your belly button, (I will show where in the video) so you will not see a change on the scale but you will lose inches around your body but now your pants seem tight due to the new storage of white fat around your belly button. I will be able to explain this easily with being able to point to my body, my co-worker a nurse practitioner who also uses HCG agreed with my theory of white and brown fat mobilization.

24. Tip when cooking on HCG go to Target and get a microwave steamer, I will show mine in the video, it is amazing who wants to cook when you can only have 500 calories, this does the cooking for you

25. I buy turkey 99% fat free and steam it into four meatballs each around 100 calories each

26. Buy a full length mirror, mine is from Walmart it is an over the door full length mirror, it helps me stay accountable during the maintenance part

27. You must a positive body image to be forever successful, there is no buts to this, its mandatory

28. I do recommend meditation, I use Kelly Howell owner of brain sync she is amazing I have used her meditations for a decade, it got me through my tumor healing, she has a subliminal guided meditation for weight loss, I highly recommend it, many of her meditations are on youtube, to get a free sample

29. Last but not least, is your emotional state. Why are you wanting to shed weight? If the reason isn’t for yourself you will fail and HCG is not a hormone you can play around with, it is a very serious when changing your body chemistry, it can be an amazing change, if it is honored! I can’t stress enough how cheating on HCG is not like any other diet when it comes to cheating. You cheat, you are not only letting yourself down, and you are messing up your body chemistry. I know, I totally screwed up my second ever protocol.

Download Episode 23 Transcript – PDF

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2 Year Anniversary of Maintaining Weight Loss from the hCG Diet with HCG Injections Wed, 22 Apr 2015 09:09:35 +0000 This one is going to be short and sweet (ha! well short in hcgchica world which is probably long in most other worlds), because I mostly just want to highlight the fact that I’ve maintained my weight loss from the … Continue reading

The post 2 Year Anniversary of Maintaining Weight Loss from the hCG Diet with HCG Injections appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

This one is going to be short and sweet (ha! well short in hcgchica world which is probably long in most other worlds), because I mostly just want to highlight the fact that I’ve maintained my weight loss from the hCG protocol with hCG injections for over 2 years now, with no further hCG use during that time.

My other exciting news has been the release of the comprehensive hCG Diet Workbook – something that took me 6 solid months to complete. It is now published and up on Amazon for you guys. You can learn more and see inside the hCG Workbook here, or purchase it on Amazon here and remember that the first month it’s for sale, April 19th-May 20th 2015, you get a special thank you gift FREE – and it’s something of true value, not just a dirty sock. 😉 You can find out how to get the thank you gift here.

Before the hCG Diet, at the end of my final round, and 2 years later without any futher hCG use - this was with hCG Injections -

In the near future I will be sharing my personal updates with regards to how I’m actually doing that right now – maintaining – my challenges and successes these past several months, to help you troubleshoot and succeed at your own journey.

Side View - Before and After the hCG Diet with HCG Injections -

This .gov article on pubmed states that “weight loss maintenance may get easier over time; after individuals have successfully maintained their weight loss for 2-5 y, the chance of longer-term success greatly increases.

This is encouraging since I am now in this range. I remember reading something like this when I still in the middle of my hCG journey and feeling like that seemed like a long way into the future. And now it’s here. This is all not simply to be like yay me but to encourage you guys that this CAN be done.

Body Shot Before and After the hCG Diet with Injections -

I finished my final round of hCG in November 2012 and it’s now April 2015, 2 years and 5 months later. My bodyfat percent is currently 16.5% (per hydrostatic bodyfat testing – see below). About 21 lbs of me is fat, and the rest of my 126 lbs is muscle, water, bones, and oh yeah, my all important organs! Gotta have those. Even got my good ‘ol wisdom teeth still.

Body Fat Test Results 2 Years After the hCG Diet - Still 16-17% body fat - hcgchica.comI began my journey at 34.5% body fat percent, which was 59 lbs of fat on my short 5’1″ frame. This means there is almost 40 lbs less fat on my body.

Body Fat Percent Before Starting the Protocol - hcgchica.comWhat You Need to Know

The most important thing that you need to know is that my weight is not static. I ain’t no concrete statue man! I have a range on the scale between 124-128 lbs where I’ve been at any given time the past 2 years with a handful of days where I hit 129 lbs. I make both almost subconscious and conscious corrections on a regular basis in response to what I know about a combo of these three things:

  • my weight on the scale,
  • the way my clothes are fitting, and
  • how I’ve been eating in the recent past week or two

Between these three factors, if my weight is pushing the end of my comfort zone, I will consciously be more cautious in some way – either for a day by fasting, or eating more clean than usual for a few days to a week.

The reason I feel this important to clarify is because I think my concept of weight maintenance meant staying the same weight all the time, so just so you know, these small fluctuations are okay and a normal part of life if you know how to respond to them consistently and not let them get out of hand. Because we’re ALL going to either over-do it here and there occasionally, or be dealing with a hormone issue that can cause weight gain.

hCG Diet Results- Maintaining Weight Loss from HCG Injections for 2 Years!

These jeans are a size 2, but I say I’m technically a size 4 because that’s what’s comfortable to wear most the time. It’s all about comfort for me these days! I just realized something looking at the above picture – can you imagine how much less pressure is on my spine and back with all that fat gone?

I think you really should check out the video though – you’ll see me having body fat testing done before the diet and then 2 years post hCG – seeing it side by side is crazy!

Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing Before the diet, and 2 years AFTER the hCG diet completed - hcgchica.comHydrostatic Body Fat Testing Pre and 2 Years Post hCG - hcgchica.comHydrostatic Body Fat test 3

Hydrostatic Body fat test hCG Diet 4

I know hydrostatic body fat testing is not accessible to everyone, but I really encourage to give a little google search for it in your area – knowing your actual fat loss results is so empowering AND it’s also helpful when you “gain weight” that testing shows to be muscle, which was the case for me. If I hadn’t done that testing, it would have been harder to know exactly what was going on.

Body Shot images are everything!

Maintaining hCG Weight Loss IS indeed possible - hcgchica.comMy face shrank that is for sure. You can see it all on camera lol since I was you-tubing my hCG journey right from the day 1.

hCG Diet Face Pics During hCG Weight Loss Journey - watch my face shrink! -

Me and Hubby -

Loves me regardless - love my boy!

Lastly, I just got an iPhone finally! Yes, the power of better video while I’m on the go, in my hand. :) Could be a little dangerous given how camera happy I already am.

So my question to you guys is, would you find it helpful if I took more video of my daily life as far as what I eat, or what I do to maintain etc in a more casual way? Would this be something you would like to see?

And don’t forget the hCG Diet workbook is now published and up on Amazon for you guys. You can learn more and see inside the hCG Workbook here, or purchase it on Amazon here.


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It’s here! The hCG Diet Workbook is FINALLY here! Mon, 20 Apr 2015 09:37:56 +0000 Before you is the front and back cover of the newly published hCG Diet Workbook guys! You can also check out my hCG workbook tutorial and my About-me-author-type-video here. I’m going to take you INSIDE the workbook though today so … Continue reading

The post It’s here! The hCG Diet Workbook is FINALLY here! appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

Before you is the front and back cover of the newly published hCG Diet Workbook guys! You can also check out my hCG workbook tutorial and my About-me-author-type-video here.

I’m going to take you INSIDE the workbook though today so you can visually see it and get a feel for what it’s all about and see if it’s up your alley.

And if you’re wondering why the cover suddenly looks different from the draft, well we had a showdown on Facebook and this one ended up being the winner. Oh yes and I trapped my parents and brother till like one in the morning on video skype to force ideas and feedback from them at gunpoint – oh wait, it’s skype, that wouldn’t be threatening. Nevermind, they were actually glad to help. Thanks fam and FB fans!

Cover of hCGChica's hCG Diet Workbook -
Many of you have already been expecting the book’s release and know you want it, so for you, you can find it below. The rest of you, read on because I have lots to show you!

Buy hCGChica’s hCG Diet Workbook

OH! and don’t forget that I have a special thank you gift for everyone who purchases the book between April 20th and May 20th – and it’s not a dirty sock. It’s actually something that I am hoping you will find very helpful in your weight loss journey; a 5 Day hCG Coaching Course. Check out the details of the thank you gift here.

Why Is an hCG Diet Workbook Better Than Ice Cream?

Well, now I don’t know if I’d go THAT far, but I’ve given up some things in life that I thought were good for something that I found was even better. Quarts and half-gallons of ice-cream made me happy in the past for 20-30 minutes at a time. Being fit and healthy all day every day makes me happy, well not 24/7 because that’s just not possible, but, well a LOT of the time.

This workbook may be the ticket to catapult you over whatever hump you’ve been facing with weight loss or hCG.

I began this as merely a few scribbled designs of tracking layouts in a notebook. It included drawings of features I knew would be useful on a person’s weight loss journey with the hCG protocol. I’d kept my own records during my rounds, but wanted something that would give the ability to track more than I did, and in a way that was easy to read and gauge progress and patterns. I also felt the need to share some of the things I’ve learned along my weight loss journey that were the main reasons for my ability to not get frustrated with my weight loss in general, which was important to the entire thing (all extra weight) ever getting fully accomplished.

Here’s a peak at the daily Phase 2 Tracking pages:

There are 9 weeks, yes 63 days worth, of this, each day with either a unique Quote or hCG Tip.

Daily Tracking Sheets for Phase 2 of the hCG Diet - part of hCGChica's hCG Diet Workbook for Phase 2 -

I wasn’t sure if this project was even worth pursuing originally as far as wondering how many people would actually want something like this, so I asked my facebook page about their thoughts on my idea. Boy I think the only other time I got so many comments on one status update were my before and after hCG photos! Even now, I have continued to get a lot of excited emails and messages about the workbook- mostly asking if it was done yet!

Sorry it took so long….but I think you’ll agree it was worth the wait once you delve into it with your bare hands. :)

Why A Workbook from hCGChica?

In case it matters to you, because many ask, I specifically used hCG injections for all my own weight loss, and have been maintaining my weight loss, from a size 16 to a current size 4, with no further hCG use for almost two and a half years now. What I share in the workbook are many of the main reasons I was able to achieve this, when previous attempts at dieting and maintaining failed.

Additionally, I am a very visual and detail oriented person so I spent quite a bit of time carefully laying out the tracking areas and diet instructions in a way that I hope will be visually easy to digest – which is important because this protocol can be a bit overwhelming when you are first learning about it. This is something I can’t actually do in a blogpost because the formatting doesn’t allow for it. I was able to go hogwild in the book with this!

Here’s an example – Overview of the hCG Diet

Overview of the hCG Diet from hCGChica's hCG Diet Workbook -

4 Main Features to the hCG Diet Workbook

  • Coaching Discussions
  • Diet Instructions both for Original Protocol and Modifications I feel comfortable mentioning (clearly differentiated in the book btw)
  • Quick Glance Tracking for Phase 2 & 3.
  • Daily Comprehensive Tracking for Phase 2

Examples of the Coaching Areas

Expected Weight Loss on the hCG Diet - from hcgchica's hCG Diet Workbook for Phase 2 - hcgchica.comNow if that awesome stick figure cartoon doesn’t make you want this workbook, I don’t know what will. 😉

Beginning of the Coaching Article on Stalls During hCG:Stalls on the hCG Diet - from hCGChica's hCG Diet Workbook -

Yes, essentially in a nutshell the 60 page or so coaching section is telling us all to not be insane. Oh I know all about it, I was crazy-bones too once! But my effort here in the coaching section is to explain the logical reasonings that I came across during my weight loss journey and through my research not only about what’s realistic, but more importantly, WHY it’s realistic – I find that makes it easier to accept and feel positive about.

Let’s break up all this black and white with a brief color interlude of fun:

Flexible for Use with Multiple Ways of Approaching the hCG Diet

This is probably one of the most important things that you know. I designed this workbook to be flexible, because with the number of people doing the hCG diet, there are quite a variety of ways that people are approaching it now, and as I explain in the workbook, in the end, after you’ve done your research, you have the right as an adult to make your own choice about how you choose to do this diet which I fully respect.

The workbook accommodates the following:

  • Both hCG injections or homeopathic drops
  • Various lengths of time ON the diet – there are 9 full weeks of daily Phase 2 tracking
  • Counting of calories, each meal and per day – so you could easily track 500 calories or 800 calories, or anything between.
  • Breakfast fields, snack fields aside from regular Lunch/Dinner areas
  • Modified food choices – some that I feel comfortable mentioning specifically, and blank fields for adding your own unique foods.

Daily Tracking Log for hCG Diet - from hCGChica's hCG Diet Workbook -

Above again is what the DAILY tracking area looks like, and…

below you have an example of the Quick Glance tracking areas:

Quick Glance Weight Tracking for hCG Diet -

More Quick Glance Tracking Stuff: Inch Loss

Inch Loss Tracking for hCG Diet -

If you’ve seen enough and feel this post is getting too long, you can buy the hCG Workbook here:

Buy hCGChica’s hCG Diet Workbook

But wait, there’s more!

Trouble shooting Log:

Troubleshooting Log - hcgchica.comWait, what? I’m telling you you’re going to have trouble on hCG? Just stop it! Enough hCGChica!

Like I said, this is all about being REAL. Many things are not worth being concerned over, and yet there are some things worth addressing, so instead of burying our heads in a drawer full of goal jeans, we can troubleshoot the problems. I will make a video tutorial in the future on how I see this are being used.

The Table of Contents:

Table of Contents - Workbook -

Table of Contents for the hCG Diet workbook-

I hope this help you get a clearer picture of what the workbook has to offer. If you do end up trying it out, I’d love to hear your feedback through email – let me know how its working out for ya!

Buy hCGChica’s hCG Diet Workbook

And don’t forget to claim the special thank you present that is NOT a dirty sock. When you email your receipt – it doesn’t have to be the actual physical receipt, it can just be a screenshot of your confirmation of your order, or whatever you have on hand like that to show your order.

Thank You Gift - 5 Day Coaching Course -

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A Special Thank You Gift Just For You – During April 19th-May 20th Sun, 19 Apr 2015 19:41:19 +0000 Hey you guys! I wanted to give something as a gift for everyone who is supporting the release of the hCG Diet Workbook, by purchasing it during the first month it’s for sale, April 19th-May 20th. I decided to put … Continue reading

The post A Special Thank You Gift Just For You – During April 19th-May 20th appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

Hey you guys!

I wanted to give something as a gift for everyone who is supporting the release of the hCG Diet Workbook, by purchasing it during the first month it’s for sale, April 19th-May 20th. I decided to put together a 5 Day Video Course that would have some of the most important things I’ve learned in my weight loss journey – things that prevented me from succeeding in the past with weight loss.

All you have to do is email your amazon book receipt to and the coaching course will be emailed back to you!

If you don’t know about the workbook and just randomly arrived at this blogpost, you can check out the hCG Diet workbook here.

Thank you gift for those who buy hCG Diet Workbook - hcgchica.comThank you guys so much, this has been such an incredible journey of learning and connections – I feel so honored to be in contact with so many awesome people in the hCG community and to get to be a small part of seeing each of you transform your lives just as I’ve been able to do with this protocol.

I hope both the workbook and the video course will help keep you motivated and help you to have that balance between inspiration and being realistic to keep you sane enough to complete this journey successfully!

There are some of you hCGers behind me on my office wall right this very minute. :)

I would love to hear your feedback on how the workbook is working out for you once you start using it! You can email me here:

hCGers and Me -

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Can’t Sleep on the hCG Diet! Why It’s Important and How to Fix Problems Sleeping Sat, 18 Apr 2015 21:58:03 +0000 While we know that sleep in general is a must, we are going to discuss…. Why sleep is important especially when on a diet like hCG. (seriously, there’s a way cool scientific study I found that has to do with … Continue reading

The post Can’t Sleep on the hCG Diet! Why It’s Important and How to Fix Problems Sleeping appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

While we know that sleep in general is a must, we are going to discuss….

Why sleep is important especially when on a diet like hCG.

(seriously, there’s a way cool scientific study I found that has to do with weight loss and sleep- read on for that!), but even more importantly…

how to actually DO it. Sleep.

Most of you may be already thinking, ‘yeah I KNOW I need to sleep – that’s my problem, I can’t!’ So we will talk about grand interventions, as well as ordinary tips that we all tend to forget, all of which can really make a big difference in your ability to fall asleep. One in particular helped me, both on and off the hCG diet, when I was having a particularly hard time falling asleep at night.

But first, yes that’s my little guy. On an image about the hCG diet. I know, totally weird. That’s what happens when you arrive at a blog written by a mommy who lost 50 lbs with hCG and lived and maintained the weight loss to tell the story :)  He was about three years old at the time. Okay, there’s no use in pretending I don’t really remember specifically. He was exactly 3 years and 4 months, something I know because I keep photos of him carefully organized on my computer by every month and year of his life, and I recall he was passed out on the couch because he was sick with the flu. I miss those days a bit because my son is currently growing up so fast! That was him then, and this is him now. Sigh.


And yes of COURSE that’s a diaper on his head. Where else would it go? Maybe from this you can tell I’m one of those got-pregnant-later-in-life-which-means-I’m-a-laid-back-mom people. Yes I am. I also used to let him pull all his clothes out of the drawers when he was 11 months old because he was creating a pile of “rocks” for his toy bull dozer to push.

If you’d like to leave my blog now because I’m still talking about my son I totally understand, but we really are getting to the main point, I promise.

Sleeping Like a Baby?

We often hear the term “slept like a baby”, and while some of us as brand new mothers who had active newborns might be inclined to disagree that this term means sleeping a lot and deeply, since that was my exact opposite experience, the truth is, my son eventually did sleep a lot. They can easily sleep 12 hours a night (the key word was eventually – perhaps the phrase should be more like, “slept like a 10 month old”, or maybe even “slept like a 14 month old” since my son did NOT, I repeat DID NOT sleep through the night until fourteen months). And that amazing ability they have to fall asleep WHILE sitting up, or reading a book, or eating a cracker, or amongst 200 loud people at a wedding, if tired enough.

I have underestimated the importance of sleep many times.  In fact I still probably do. It’s 10:47 pm as I’m trying to finish this blogpost and I feel like I likely won’t get to bed for another couple of hours. But then I also sleep in later than most probably (9a.m.) so it’s possible it evens out.

My son was recently saying he wished humans didn’t have to sleep and that he hates to sleep and I honestly I had to agree with him! I think we have so many things we want to do and accomplish it’s hard to get ourselves to stop and take a break. But I explained to him just why it’s so important and it’s part of the design of our bodies.  And it’s even more crucial on hCG actually.

I want to talk about why this is – what can happen when you don’t get enough sleep on hCG and how getting enough sleep prevents this. And lastly of course, many of us WANT to sleep, we just can’t. And while you’ll probably never be so good at sleeping that you can achieve this state while at your niece’s 200-guest wedding, there are two specific grand-intervention type things are known to help, and some more ordinary tips that we can forget but that actually can have grand effects.

Which yes, after all that, we have finally arrived at the meat of the discussion.

Less Sleep = More Muscle Loss and Less Fat Loss

According to this small study done in 2010, between 2 groups of people that were tested on the exact same diet, though the TOTAL weight loss over a 2 week period was the same, the ratio of fat loss to muscle loss was QUITE different. This was due to the factor they were testing. One group was sleeping only 5.5 hours a night, while the other group had a full 8 hours a night.This study did not involve the use of hCG of course, but I feel the principle will most likely apply to any weight loss efforts.

Here’s the weight loss and sleep study summary:

“The volunteers lost an average of 6.6 pounds during each 14-day session. During weeks with adequate sleep, they lost 3.1 pounds of fat and 3.3 pounds of fat-free body mass, mostly protein. During the short-sleep weeks, participants lost an average of 1.3 pounds of fat and 5.3 pounds of fat-free mass.”

Check out the short video on this study here.

I checked into the details of the study, and the body fat determinations were made using DEXA scans, which I’ve talked about before- they are the current gold standard for measuring exact body fat percent and very accurate.

This is so fascinating you guys!  Even I had no idea the potential that sleep has on WHAT we’re losing. The implications of this are huge – since fat takes up more space on our bodies than muscle, and since retaining more muscle over fat will lead to an overall much better metabolism, we can see why the final results we get on this diet could be drastically different.

I’d like to put this idea into perspective with a made-up example:

Say 2 twins who have the same starting weight lost 20 lbs with the hCG diet. The only difference is one slept 5-6 hours a night, while the other slept 8 hours a night during the protocol.

The potential based on the discovery in this small pilot study is that the twin who slept 8 hours a night could say, end up a size 6 because 50% more of the weight they lost was fat, and the other twin (who lost the SAME amount off weight btw) that slept only 5 hours a night may be a size 8-10 because less of the weight they lost was fat and more of it was muscle.

Additionally the twin who lost more of their weight as fat could potentially eat more calories on a daily basis and maintain due to having a higher metabolism because of having more muscle. This example is purely hypothetical as we don’t know how many exact lbs translate to dress sizes lost, but the truth is, the person who has more of the weight lost as fat WILL be physically smaller inch wise/appearance wise and WILL be able to eat more and maintain. How much exactly of course I don’t know.

Mindblowing you guys.

Being awake more hours of the day = more hunger

The same article I referenced above also had this to say about sleeping less: “When sleep was restricted, dieters produced higher levels of ghrelin, a hormone that triggers hunger and reduces energy expenditure.”  You can learn more about how the hormone ghrelin affects you here.

Additionally another study was done showing that less sleep equated with lower leptin levels (lower leptin = more hunger) and higher gherlin levels (a hormone that causes those growling hunger sensations sounds – more ghrelin – more perceived hunger).  Of note in this study as well is the TYPE of additional food they felt compelled to eat in this state: a craving “especially for calorie-dense foods with high carbohydrate content” – of course the exact opposite of what we’re allowed on the hCG protocol, which would obviously present a tremendously mentally draining problem while on the diet.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because you couldn’t sleep?  I’ve done that and sat in the dark on my couch with my ipad researching from 3-5 a.m. and I felt so hungry I actually felt sick to my stomach.

When I’m asleep during those hours however am I feeling hungry? Nope.  So being awake more of the time in a 24 hour period, than someone who is getting 8-10 hours of sleep, can affect your hunger which results in a change in how much you will want to eat or end up eating when on the diet.

To which you might be saying, YEAH, well, I’d LIKE to sleep….that’s what I’m having trouble with!

There are 2 possible reasons for difficulty sleeping on hCG.  One is…..

#1 Why You Can’t Sleep: Elevated Cortisol

One possible reason for difficulty going to sleep is elevated cortisol. When you have a healthy cortisol pattern going on, it’s raised in the mornings when you are (ideally) most alert and productive, and gradually falls to a low point at night so that your brain and body can kind of power down and let you head off to slumber.

However, when on a diet, this overview on studies of dieting show that cortisol is indeed often raised during such times.

The 2 Faces of Cortisol

Today’s Dietician on: Cortisol

Signs You Have Way Too Much Cortisol

Cortisol and Weight Loss

Stress, Cortisol and Damage to Weight Loss

The reason cortisol can become elevated while on this protocol is that you ARE doing something rather, well, exciting.

I’m not sure you’ll see that as a scientific explanation in any specialty journals. 😉

But seriously, Eating far less, forcing your body to switch over to fat burning mode and relying on your fat stores for fuel, is in itself a “stressor” on your body, which can put your adrenal hormones, including cortisol more on alert during this time.

Doesn’t mean it’s bad – the only way to achieve great things in life sometimes IS to do something that involves some type of stress. But it’s also important to keep that within balance.

This is also one of the reasons that in general I don’t favor or recommend doing very long rounds of hCG, because perpetually raised adrenal hormones can caused adrenal fatigue and make recovery difficult- versus doing hCG in rounds of 3-6 weeks, for most people, seems to be short enough that your body doesn’t get overly taxed and the breaks between allow your body to sufficiently recover and stay healthy.

This can make going to sleep difficult, since typically cortisol is supposed to actually be lowest in the evening but on the diet, cortisol can actually be raised at night. Raised cortisol will make you more alert, making it hard to fall asleep.

#1 Solution to Elevated Cortisol

One way to address this issue is with a supplement called phosphatydlserine.  Foss-fuh-what?  Don’t let the name scare you off. There can be other reasons for trouble sleeping, but if elevated cortisol is the problem, this really works!

Basically what this supplement does is normalize your cortisol levels. It will help your body lower the level when they’re higher than they should be at a certain time of day, and raise them when they should be higher during specific times of day. That’s a simplified explanation, and if you want more you can certainly google it. This was my problem when I was having trouble sleeping for a time, because the very evening I took it the first time, I was able to sleep just fine. This is one of those things that works when you take it, and doesn’t need time to build up in your system for weeks or anything.

This is one good quality brand of phosphatydleserine.

This article explains just how stressors in life can affect our bodies, specifically our cortisol levels, and how phosphatydlserine can mitigate this.

#2 Why You Can’t Sleep – Messed up Melatonin ie. Body Clock Gone All Whacky

This seemed like a pretty informative discussion on the use of melatonin and how it relates to sleep.

Dr. Oz has an interesting article on Melatonin as well and how it may not be the magic bullet for sleep.

But then there’s the other side with articles showing melatonin really does help sleep.

#2 Solution to Messed up Melatonin

Honestly, it can be really confusing and hard to know who to believe. In the end, I usually take actual results of real people over theory or explanations, and I do not know that some hCGers do indeed feel that melatonin has helped them get to sleep, at least for a time, at different periods in their life.

It sounds like if you DO try taking it, that it’s best to keep the dosage pretty low and that many pill forms have a higher dosage.

As such, I was able to find smaller 1 mg dosage tablets of melatonin here.

Trouble Falling Asleep Because You’re Hungry

We already discussed that being awake too many hours during the day can cause more hunger than for others on the hCG diet. Aside from this however, if your dosage of hCG is off, this can cause hunger as well, which then snowballs into difficulty sleeping, causing more hunger, making it hard to seep, and so on.

You can get extensive guidance on hCG dosing here.

If this doesn’t fix your hunger, it may be wise to either save a small portion of your 500 calories as a snack before bed, or to allot just a little more calories in the form of an extra 50 gram protein serving and/or veggie just before bed.

Because in the end, you may be following the dietary rules of the hCG protocol exactly, but if you’re not sleeping half the night, you will be facing poor results regardless. Raising calories just a little, if it enables you to sleep, will most likely get you better results in such a scenario.

Still, before doing this I’d look at all the other suggestions we are discussing in this article – hCG dosage, timing of caffeine, and that FOSS-FUH stuff (phosphatydlserine) or melatonin.

Hot Shower Before Bed

I have a habit that I didn’t even realize I had until awhile back. I realized I must take a hot shower before I go to bed. Doesn’t matter what time it is, 10 pm or 2 am, whenever I’m finally ready to hit the sack, I find myself taking a hot shower first. When I don’t do this, I can’t seem to go to sleep. My feet will feel cold and take like two hours to warm up and I will not fall asleep before that finally happens. Also the shower seems to really relax my whole body so that when I hit the pillow I just feel….good. A perfect state to be in before falling asleep.

Caffeine Intake – How Much and When It’s Consumed

I am pretty sensitive to caffeine- possibly more than most people because I don’t do well with Coffee at all – even one mild cup of Joe just leaves me feeling jittery. Must be a liver problem. However, I DO find that 2 cups of black tea (this is my favorite – you ca try it in a box of tea bags to see if you like it first, then buy in bulk looseleaf like I do) is the perfect dose of caffeine to bring me from that unmotivated place each morning where I feel like I’d rather not accomplish anything every again, to that feeling of, ahhhh, I think I have an idea! And I think I can carry it out!

However, beyond that, I have discovered that 2 things negatively impact my ability to sleep well in a very noticeable manner- those 2 things are:

  1. Having decaf tea beyond my 2 cups of black tea, doesn’t matter what time.
  2. Having caffeine, decaf or not, anytime after about noon.

The reason I discovered this is because I actually sleep very well, but every time I start having additional decaf black tea again, or drinking decaf later in the day, I have fitful rest and feel like I wasn’t really asleep for much of the night. As soon as I take it back out, I’m sleeping deeply again.

Turning the Power to Your Bedroom Off At Night

This one change made me sleep like a LOG. A real, dead, log, laying in some quiet dark forest with no night creatures about. Seriously, don’t knock this one till you try it for a few nights.

And what I’m assuming is that by sleeping so much deeper, the sleep is much more restorative.

Okay so this might be a new idea to you guys, and depending on how your home circuitry is, might be a challenge. About two years ago, my family and I started turning off the power to our house at the circuit breaker every night (except for the circuit that our fridge was on). The reason we chose to do this was based on research we’ve been doing on the negative impact EMF’s are having on our health and because we both deal with some chronic health conditions that have greatly impacted our life in recent years. If you’re interested in reading more about this, this is one of the books we read:

Toxic Electricity

People are still debating a LOT on whether this stuff (emf’s, electricity charges etc) is truly harmful to your body or not, so I won’t get into that here. One thing I DO know that can’t be debated is that I started sleeping MUCH better once we turned off our power at night.

We paid about $300 to have an electrician adjust a few things on our circuit breakers so that the power to our bedroom and surrounding rooms could be off at night, while the kitchen was left on for the fridge and freezer.

One other very, should I say, weird thing, happened when we initiated this. I felt really depressed for like 3 weeks. I stuck with it because I knew that there’s no way the electricity could be something I actually needed, so I chalked it up to some form of strange detox, and soon enough, the depression lifted, I was of course sleeping much better, and we haven’t looked back.

It’s VERY easy to do. At first when my husband suggested this I thought it sounded like a pain, but it’s totally not. Basically each night, whoever is last to bed, turns off their computer, flips 1 switch on the breaker, then heads to bed. Takes all of 30 seconds.

 Falling Asleep Easier When You Do Something Active in the A.M.

I read that this is the case. If it’s true, I have no idea because I don’t consistently exercise in the morning. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t and I haven’t paid attention to whether or not it helps since as I said, I sleep quite well all the time now since turning off our circuit breakers and not drinking caffeine beyond a certain time of day.

Getting Sunlight in the A.M.

Another thing I read that I can’t really comment on, but sounds like worth a try. I’ll try to research this further in the near future and add it here when I get a chance.

Sleep is when YOU turn off and your BODY turns on

Part of what my son and I discussed when he expressed his wish that God didn’t make nighttime is that when we go to bed and sleep is the time that all the “workers” in our body wake up and starting doing their jobs.  That they can’t do much work while during the day because our body is too busy doing all the stuff we need done while we’re awake like thinking, talking, walking, digesting, etc.

This is obviously very simplified, but the point is there.  We forget what is actively going on while we’re asleep because well…we’re asleep!  And we can’t visually see it.

So the next time anyone tries to make you feel lazy for sleeping, you could rightly say the definition of sleep is misconstrued and that you were busily working while you were asleep-

busy losing weight. :)-


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10 Things to Know About Miracle Noodles | Zero Calorie Noodles on the hCG Diet (or Shirataki Noodles) Thu, 09 Apr 2015 06:56:12 +0000 Miracle Noodles, Zero Calorie Noodles, No Calorie Noodles, Shirataki Noodles, whatever you want to call them – they are not part of the original hCG protocol, just to be clear from the outset. I’m pretty sure these noodles did not … Continue reading

The post 10 Things to Know About Miracle Noodles | Zero Calorie Noodles on the hCG Diet (or Shirataki Noodles) appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

Miracle Noodles, Zero Calorie Noodles, No Calorie Noodles, Shirataki Noodles, whatever you want to call them – they are not part of the original hCG protocol, just to be clear from the outset. I’m pretty sure these noodles did not exist for Dr. Simeons, in Italy, in the 1950’s, because it looks like they originated in Japan and the world wasn’t nearly as accessible then as it is now.

I used these noodles almost daily for 3 of my hCG diet rounds, and would gladly do so again, and I’ll try to share more info here with you about why I feel that they aren’t a problem. Since I’ve been maintaining my weight loss from hCG Injections for almost two and a half years now, I feel this opinion does carry a little clout. You can listen to me blab about them when I was actually using them on hCG if you feel like it below:

Me Blabbing about Miracle Noodles during Round 5

Me Blabbing about Miracle Noodles during Round 3

You will have to of course make your own personal decision whether you feel comfortable using these on the hCG Diet or not. I’ll just try to give you some details from my perspective – what they are made out of, how they seem to interact in your body, and my personal experience using them.

If you decide to use them, you can purchase them online with these brands:

Miracle Noodles. This is the brand that I currently eat and love. The others may be just as great, I just haven’t had a chance to try them yet. Available noodle cuts: Angel Hair, Rice, Ziti, Fettucine, Spaghetti. Shipping is free.

Skinny Dip Noodles. Free shipping. Cuts available: angel hair, fettuccini, macaroni, rice pearls and (exclusive) lasagna! Now that sounds fun.

Nooodles (that’s 3 o’s!)

Miracle Noodles Okay for hCG Diet -

The Need to Knows About these Ambiguous Clear Noodles

#1: They Really Are Zero Calories – If Cardboard Tasted Good, You Could Eat That on hCG Too

The question, how exactly can noodles, that take up a bunch of space in your bowl, that you can clearly see with your own two little eyes, have no calories? That’s like saying the moon has no mass right? Well, here’s the reason.

These noodles are made entirely out of soluble fiber and basically go through your body undigested. So it’s kind of like eating cardboard to your body. That is what I gather anyway. I hope you’re not considering eating cardboard by the way. If you’re getting that desperate on hCG, then we need to talk and you need to check your hCG dosage for better hunger management.

They are made from what’s known as the Konjac root, composed of water and glucomannan, which originated in Japan. You can read more about their origin and makeup on wikipedia.

There’s actually an interesting article on how fiber interacts with our bodies. One thing of note it mentions it that soluble fiber binds with toxins in our body and if we aren’t getting enough fiber, “the toxins that we should be eliminating through our bowels get reabsorbed into the bloodstream”. It’s commonly understood that toxins are stored in fat, so I have felt that sometimes when we feel crummy on the hCG protocol is may be caused by toxins being released into our bloodstream as we are losing fat at a more rapid rate than usual. Based on this, these noodles which are pretty much entirely soluble fiber may actually be more than just neutral on the hCG Diet, they may even be helpful- at helping our body eliminate these toxins instead of reabsorbing them and continuing to feel sick.

#2: Shirataki Noodles or Miracle Noodles? What’s the Dif?

Shirataki noodles are basically just the non branded version of Miracle Noodles- the miracle noodles can be purchased online and are a bit pricier purchased under that name brand, but it’s also easier to find them this way.

The Shirataki noodles as you see here in this image below can be purchased at most local asian markets or ethnic markets, as well as the more on top of things organic type grocery stores like Whole Foods- you will find them in the refrigerated section.

The ingredients of the Shirataki noodles will often say “yam noodle” or “yam flour” in paranthesis on the package. There has been some confusion over people seeing this and then thinking the shirataki noodles contained actual yams as we Americans think of them and thus starch but this is not the case. The asian shirataki noodles are actually made purely from soluble fiber (fiber meaning our body does not digest it as any calories to us) from what’s called the Konjac Root in Japan- whoever translated this onto the package from chinese put it as “yam” but it’s really the Konjac root and NOT yams that it’s made from.

Here’s what one package of Shirataki noodles looks like:

Shirataki Noodles on the hCG Diet -

#3: Be Careful not get the ones with Tofu

When you are at the store, there are actually noodles labeled “shirataki noodles” with varying ingredients. Some have tofu, which have calories and carbs, so you want to avoid these. So when picking out your noodles, be sure to check the ingredients and make sure they do not contain tofu.

#4: I Ate Miracle Noodles on Phase 2 of hCG and I Gained – Doesn’t That Mean They Don’t Work for Me on P2?

Some people will stay “I don’t care if they are supposedly 0 calories or have no carbs, I had a gain, or I stalled when I ate those noodles.”

While I don’t believe in blanket statements that a particular thing will always or never work for everyone, there is a very logical explanation unrelated to fat loss when it comes to gains or supposed stalls while eating these noodles that is most likely the cause of this.

A. While these noodles are just fiber and have no carbs or calories, they still have a significant amount of bulk to them. If you eat one pound of noodles, and you haven’t gone to the bathroom by the next morning, you have one pound extra of food sitting in your intestines. It’s not fat, you just have more food, more bulk, sitting in your intestines.

B. Soluble fiber, which what these noodles are composed of, draws in water – so when you eat the noodles, they also absorb more water into your intestines than usual, and that water weighs something as well.

So most likely, if you see a “stall” or a “gain” from eating these noodles, which I did as well, it’s not a true stall or gain- just those noodles sittin’ in your stomach en route.

Zero Calorie Noodles aka Miracle Noodles -

#5: They Have a 1 Year Shelf Life

If you are purchasing them online, the noodles are sold in bulk packages of like 10. The nice thing about them is that while they come ready to eat (no cooking necessary), in the sense that you can essentially eat them out of the bag if you really wanted to (although you probably won’t quite do that), they still have a shelf life of about 1 year, so you it works out just find to buy them in bulk since they last for quite some time.

#6 Do These Taste Like REAL Noodles?

If you mean, do they taste like the kind of noodles you get at an italian restaurant, NO. Do they taste like the noodles you’d get in a bowl of soup at a Vietnamese restaurant? Pretty much. What this means is some people HATE these noodles, and some people love them. I love them.

#7 Preparing the Noodles to Fit Your Taste…or er….Texture Buds

Some people do not like the texture of the noodles because they are rather slippery feeling. This made me start thinking about our taste buds, but it really isn’t a taste thing, it’s a texture thing, which made me start wondering why don’t we discuss having texture buds? We obviously have them since we often discuss the mouth-feel of something!

But I digress. Being that the texture of the noodles is not what everyone is accustomed to, you need to know how to best prepare them for your personal taste/texture buds.

A. Rinse them well. I have this little handheld mesh strainer. I simply cut the bag open, pour it into the little mesh strainer, and rinse with very hot water.

B. If you find the texture funny, put them in soups. You don’t notice the texture at all then. I ate Phase 2 soups pretty much daily on my final round of hCG with the miracle noodles and they were so. good. It was very filling and it was fall when the weather was getting cool.

C. I like to cut mine up with scissors while in the mesh strainer still because I don’t tend to care for long noodles. Or you could just buy the “rice” cut noodles.

D. If you’re okay with the texture you can actually use them as you would other regular noodles- tossed with Phase 2 meat and veggies, etc.

#8 Where To Buy These Noodles

Once again, if you decide to use them, you can purchase them online with these brands (and the first two have free shipping so you can’t really go wrong there):

Miracle Noodles. This is the brand that I currently eat and love. The others may be just as great, I just haven’t had a chance to try them yet. Available noodle cuts: Angel Hair, Rice, Ziti, Fettucine, Spaghetti. Shipping is free.

Skinny Dip Noodles. Free shipping. Cuts available: angel hair, fettuccini, macaroni, rice pearls and (exclusive) lasagna! Now that sounds fun.

Nooodles (that’s 3 o’s!)

OR your local ethnic or organic grocery store may carry them – if they do, you will find them in the refrigerated section. Places like Whole Foods most certainly carry them.

#9 Recipes for these Noodles

I’ve started a Pinterest Board for Phase 2 hCG Diet Recipes made with Zero Calorie noodles – it’s a bit sorry lookin’ at the moment, but I hope to be adding more to it soon. If you have some recipe ideas, please post them in the comments below!

#10 If This is Too Off-The-Wall From Original Protocol For You

If you feel that this will not suit you in Phase 2 and that you need to stick to the original hCG protocol, that is totally fine! Just remember that if it comes down to a duel between you and cheating one day – a bowl of zero calorie noodles with a tablespoon of tomato paste is a much better choice than that bag of potato chips. It’s just nice to have something up your sleeve in an emergency. 😉


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