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Clean aka Low Carb Loading for the HCG Diet- Round 5 hCGChica

September 23, 2012

I considered loading for 3 days since I’m a “smaller” person now, but after 2 days I felt I loaded extremely well- I consumed 4000 calories and 300 grams of fat EACH loading day. I think that’s sufficient. My stomach and intestines seemed to let me know that anyway, so I called it good.

My net loading gain for Round 5 of HCG Injections was a 1.6lb gain. I gained 2.2 lbs after the first loading day, and lost .6lbs the following day. Here are my stats for the 2 days (compiled into 1 list) of what I ate and their nutritional values. The total breakdown for both days combined was 7938 calories over the course of the two days, 600 grams of fat, 452 grams protein, 168 grams carbs.


I am injecting 125iu’s this round and this dose seems to work best for me in general these days. I feel very not hungry on 125ius.


I have seen a lot of people manage to exercise while on the weight loss protocol with no problems or side-effects. If you are an average healthy person, just overweight (ie. You don’t have any obvious autoimmune, thyroid or other chronic illness problems) when you embark on the protocol, and you have already been pursuing an exercise protocol prior to starting the protocol, you very likely may be able to continue that exercise while on this diet plan.

I don’t fit into that “average healthy person” category- even though I’m actually very healthy- I’m not average. I have a couple of autoimmune conditions- hashimoto’s for one (where your body attacks your thyroid) and while I have gotten the point where most of my conditions are non-existent in that they don’t give me symptoms, I still seem to find that I simply cannot tolerate exercise while on the diet- it just appears to be too much for my delicate system- to lose so much fat AND exercise at the same time appears to be too much “stress” for my body to handle.

When I personally try to exercise while on the diet plan, I find myself having enormous uncontrollable cravings to eat, the diet feels mentally and emotionally very difficult, and I’m extremely exhausted. All things I simply can’t handle on the protocol if I want to be successful on it! So I forego exercise while on Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, even though I’m an avid Crossfitter (check out this video to see what Crossfit is all about- it’s THE best training program I’ve ever seen and my own results prove it!) in normal day to day life. Taking a simple 3 or 6 week break is worth it to me to lose several pounds of fat (Round 5 I lost 10 lbs of fat!) that I can’t otherwise lose in regular life.

My pre-hcg diet:- 7-10 days before starting the hCG Diet protocol

I’ve done this before and it’s worked well for me to break sugar cravings and to get into Ketosis right away. I take about 7-10 days before loading for the diet, and I eat very low carb, high fat diet. No fruit, no grain, no starchy veggies, no sugars at all. I keep the fats very high- this creates a feeling of satiety and makes the switch over from a diet higher in sugars and carbs much easier, for me at least.

I am very sensitive to sugar and before Round 5, I found myself feeling a little out of control with my eating habits for about a week while we were moving and things in life were a bit stressful. Doing the pre-hcg “diet” cuts the sugar/carb cravings almost immediately and really gets my body and my mind in the right place for starting the weight loss protocol in the best possible way.


R5P2D1 Results -2.0 lbs

September 24, 2012

2 lb loss for my first vlcd day. That puts me at 132.2 this day. Body fat monitor showed a drop in 1 lb of fat. There is always some water weight loss at the beginning of any diet- you can’t expect all fat loss right from the beginning, so I’m ecstatic for the 1 lb fat loss.

I think I fat loaded well enough because I haven’t experienced almost any hunger on the first vlcd day of the diet which is great because even though on the majority of the weight loss protocol one should experience almost no hunger if they are on the right dose of the hormone, the first few days of being on the very low calorie portion of the diet DOES often include feeling some hunger that is a little hard to deal with as your body adjusts to the new diet and the hormone circulating in your system.

While I wasn’t hungry this first day, once I again I did experience a small bout of low blood sugar in the later part of the afternoon- for me that’s anything under 80 on a blood glucose meter, and I was at 75 when I tested it about 5:30pm. This often occurs for me during the first few vlcd’s because I don’t eat the fruits on p2 and I never include the grissini/melba, which makes the diet extremely low carb- thus getting low blood sugar is more likely at the beginning. The low blood sugar always does go away on it’s own however after the first few days, despite the fact that I continue to not eat the fruits and grissini/melba.  If you decide to try this please do be careful- if you are prone to low blood sugar I would full research trying this first as I’m not sure just anyone could do this and feel well.

To fix my low blood sugar I ate a chopped cucumber salad and yogurt with salt and that brought my blood sugar up to a normal level for me which is about 90 on a blood glucose meter.  Nice that I didn’t have to eat a spoonful of sugar huh!

As usual, I was ketosis right away after the first vlcd day- I am always able to achieve this when I eat low carb for about 7-10 days prior to starting Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, then load clean aka low carb. I like the idea of getting the most accomplished as possible when I’m on HCG Injections round and I feel by clearing excess carbs out of my system in advance, my body is able to get into fat burning mode more quickly since there are very few carbs to burn first.


A Little About HCGChica- HCG Tag on youtube

September 26, 2012

XNJKHGQWBQHU – A little more about HCGChica- HCG TAG on YouTube

  1. My real name?

    My name is Rayzel Lam here on YouTube and the web

  2. RX or Homeopathic HCG?

    I have always done prescription hCG and in fact, I’ve used a total of I think 6 different brands of RX hCG now as well- I feel in general like they all worked equally well. The only difference I noticed was that depending on the brand, I might need a slightly higher or lower dose of the hormone to get that “no hunger” effect.

  3. hCG Injection or sublingual HCG?

    I have always done injections- the reason is 2 fold- one, I’m cheap and injections are cheaper because you only need the half amount of the hormone as for sublingual, and two, and most importantly, hCG injections ensure 100% delivery of the right amount of hormone to the right place (your fat, not your stomach and gastric juices!) I generally don’t like to take chances with my body when there’s a way to be sure I get the best result.

    The first two rounds of HCG Injections I injected the hormone into my stomach, but about the time of Round 3 I found it actually causing me some paint to try to inject in my stomach which causes me to think I either didn’t have enough fat there anymore or possibly I had built up some scar tissue or had some excess skin- whatever the case, starting with Round 3 of the diet I began injecting in other places- outer and inner thigh, buttocks, arm- pretty much wherever I could find a nice meaty patch of fat!

  4. What do I do for a living?

    For the most part, I’m a mom. I have a 3 year old son, and a husband I’ve been married to for 12 years and I take my role of caring for my family pretty seriously. I treasure that I can raise my son the majority of the time. That said, I also work part-time on this website and diet “things”- responding to emails and writing quality helpful content on my website and recording YouTube videos to help you guys get the best out of your weight loss journey. It’s changed my life enough that I find a lot of joy in helping you guys get similar results.

  5. What was your most interesting job?

    I used to teach singing and rhythm classes to children at park and recreation centers in my area. The age ranged from 18 months to 7 years old. I really enjoyed seeing especially the little ones learn basic singing and rhythm- I find little kids in general to be pretty darn cute. The other kind of interesting job I used to have was a painting business that involved faux finishing- things like painting clouds on ceilings and distressed/aged plaster finishes on walls. The part that makes me feel all “cool” and proud of myself is that a couple times I used some 3 tier scaffolding that put me up about 20 feet in the air to reach the top of some taller homes. Scaffolding is not rigid- it has movement to it which feels very scary and unsettling at first, but after a little bit you get used to the movement of it and pretty soon I was swinging up and down and around that thing like a little monkey! I think my painting business was one of the things that contributed to my developing my chronic illness though as I was young and stupid and never took the proper precautions when handling all the different chemicals and fumes involved with painting.

  6. Are you the only one in your family who has struggled with weight?

    No- I wish. My mom and her entire side of her paternal family have all dealt with weight struggles. Almost all of them were pretty big people and most of them died from complications of diabetes. I think there’s a genetic component involved as I naturally have a very big appetite for such a little person. I can out eat my 6′ husband any day no problem, and I know my grandfather was quite the eater as well. Thankfully since I’m not aware of how sensitive I am to sugar and avoid it like the plague and have lost so much fat with the diet, I can say with 100% confidence I’m nowhere near being even pre-diabetic anymore. It seems likely to me that many of my ancestors were also very sensitive to sugar which pre-disposed them to all getting diabetes later in life, but of course at that time it was an unknown. I’m very thankful for all the knowledge and research that can now be done with the advent of the internet to discover what to do best for my personal body.

  7. Have you tried any other weightloss program and what were the results?

    I have tried WeightWatchers about 3 times. I never experienced much success with this program at all, although I know many have. I don’t think I ever lost more than 5-7 lb with it. It’s sad that I was so misinformed at the time- the 2nd time I tried weight watchers, I wasn’t really “overweight”. I had a few excess pounds I could shed, but was in good shape otherwise. I remember we went backpacking into the wilderness for 9 days. During that time I hiked many many miles up and down steep grades with about 40 lbs or so on my back and of course we didn’t eat a whole lot- just the notorious freeze dried backpacking meals “just add hot water” stuff. When we got back I went into my weight watchers meeting and was dismayed to see I had gained 2 lbs. I got so discouraged I quit after that. If I’d known then what I know now, that wouldn’t have happened. NOW I know that anyone who spends 9 days doing exteme physical activities is going to have some water retention going on, as well as some muscle building. That 2 lb gain was nothing to be ashamed of! At the time I couldn’t figure out how I could possibly do all I did for 9 days and then “gain weight”- what I thought was fat. Thankfully I’ve educated myself enough now to know that when I know I’m doing the right thing for my body- eating clean and working out- I don’t have to worry about a scale change like that- it’s my body doing something good. It’s sad that I wasted so much of my younger years getting discouraged by instances like this that would then cause to give up in some way and start doing real damage to my body like stopping the workouts or eating sugar because “I was fat anyway” or because “I already gained weight and failed, might as well finish it off.” That’s one of the reasons that I touch on the topic of body composition and muscle vs. fat more than lightly on this website. I’m trying to bring an awareness to us women that my mother’s mother didn’t have and thus wasn’t able to pass on to my mother or to me. I still wouldn’t choose to weight watchers again even with my current knowledge, as my personality just doesn’t work well with a daily “counting” of anything like calories or other numbers- it just feels too limiting to have to do that on a daily basis for extensive lengths of time. However, I do feel the meetings that weight watcher groups have and I like to think that the hCG community on YouTube is able to achieve the essence of these “group meetings” to support and help each other stay motivated.

  8. Funniest or Worst Weightloss Program You’ve Ever Tried

    This is a weight loss “program” of my own making. One time in order to lose weight for a fast approaching recital that I was dancing in, I walked 8 miles a day, every day, for like a week. I would walk 4 miles in the morning, then come back and walk 4 miles in the evening. It’s possible that I combined that with the master cleanse where you drink just water and lemon with a little maple syrup. Needless to say I got some pretty major shin-splits doing that much of just one activity. I did lose about 6 lbs or so and felt “thin” for the show, but of course it came right back on afterwards. The things that we’ll do to look good in front of people right?

  9. Do you have any chronic health issues, do you believe they are a result of abnormal fat?

    I do have chronic health issues- thankfully I can now say that despite still having the autoimmune “condition” known as hashimoto’s thyroiditis, I am now symptom free so I don’t really consider myself chronically ill anymore. However, since about the age of 21 for about 6 or 7 years, I did deal with varying degrees of chronic symptoms without knowing the cause. Some of my symptoms were extreme fatigue, inability to exercise without getting extremely depressed afterwards, not being able to handle even the excitement of family and friends around because it would make my fatigue too profound and debilitating. Originally my illness was not caused by abnormal fat as I wasn’t overweight to start with. I think I have a predisposition to autoimmune disorders and there are few things like the chemicals and fumes I was exposed to without protection in my painting business that may have been a trigger for them. However, as I got sicker, I did start putting on weight and toxins are stored in fat- its very plausible to me that my body getting fatter and storing toxins that I was exposed to like mercury (I had a blood testing showing dangerously high levels of mercury in my body which I had to detox from) increased and made my symptoms worse. Losing all that fat that no doubt had a lot of toxins bound up in it I have no doubt has contributed to better health for me.

  10. Do I have my Vitamin D levels tested/checked?

    I have had it checked a few times and it’s always been abnormally low- my last test I think was around 20 or 25. I have supplemented with high dose vitamin D drops in the past. However, the nature of my body is that it’s just very….autoimmune. I have discovered that my body is so sensitive that I cannot take supplements in general without having bad health symptoms. I have to be careful about being in the sun as well- the sun makes my symptoms surface and get worse. So even though I have low Vitamin D levels, I feel much better not supplementing as of now. Perhaps that will change in the future.

  11. What does hCG mean to you, how did you learn about?

    This diet plan has changed my life. Originally I learned about it quite by accident while researching the topic of Candida on a health and wellness site. While on the site I happened to notice a forum that with a thread titled something like, “does the hCG diet really work?” or something to that effect. I was curious because I had never heard of that diet before, and of course I was overweight, so naturally I was curious. I started reading and the whole idea was so foreign- I had never heard anything remotely like it which really piqued my curiosity. It sounded too good to be true, but I came across the youtube vlogs of real people doing the diet, showing their actual results that I knew wasn’t some fake, manufactured advertisement. The clincher for me was that I could really tell when looking at the before and after photos of hCG dieters that these individuals were really losing fat because their bodies just looked so well balanced and well formed when they were done. There was none of that skinny on top fat on bottom look. They looked toned and smooth. So I made the jump and the rest is history- size 16/18 to size 2 now. HCG helped me to get in control of other areas of my life as well. While Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is the not the sole reason that I’ve recovered my health, it’s an important component. For instance, removing gluten from my diet forever was something that has made a difference in my health as well, but I never had the willpower to full remove gluten until I did the hCG diet. Since I didn’t eat the melba/grissini while on p2, I inadvertently ended up being off of gluten for close to the 3 month mark between phase 2 and phase 3, which is the amount of time doctors say you need to remove gluten for in order for your gut lining to heal before reintroducing it to see if you are really allergic to it or not. Losing a lot of weight quickly was motivating enough that as a side benefit I was off gluten long enough to see that I really was allergic to it.

Round 5 – 5.6 lbs lost in 5 days so far- P2VLCD2-5

September 28, 2012

After 5 days on the hCG Diet, I’m down 5.6 lbs for Round 5 of HCG Injections. Pretty snazzy! Keep in mind I did have my loading weight to lose, so my net loss so far is about 4 lbs- which is still super snazzy!


I’ve really been trying to use the hunger scale from Robin Woodall’s Weightloss Apocalypse and I’ve been finding myself not even eating the entire 500 calories most days so far. Which, by the way, is okay, as long as you’re not hungry and you eat your 2 proteins for the day. Dr. Simeons did state in his original protocol for the diet that you may omit anything you wish from the diet on a given day, except for the 2 protein portions which you must always have. I’ve pretty much only been eating 350-400 calories the first portion of this round when I eat based on hunger. Which brings me to being very glad I started my dose at 125iu this time because I really have not been hungry at all pretty much from day of this round of hCG.


I’ve been observing that it’s best to find a place to inject that is nice and fatty, wherever this may be, because my belly area has lost a lot of fat so I’ve been searching for other places to inject. My arms actually have quite a bit of “padding” so I injected the hCG in my arm and I found myself having some of the least hunger I’ve had when I did that. Throughout the rest of round 5 I also injected in my inner and outer thigh and my bottom- as long as the place had plenty of fat, my hunger was nil.


Now that I’m seeing myself lose fat a bit more quickly this round as opposed to last round, it’s helping me come to some more conclusions. Round 4 of the protocol I lost very little weight and it’s the only round that I have experienced this- 7 lbs in 23 days on this diet plan is considered super slow. Now as I see this round go so much faster, I feel perhaps the cause of my slow losses in Round 4 is due to trying to keep exercise in the picture while on the vlcd. Round 4 is the only round that I continued trying to go to crossfit while on this protocol- the first week on the vlcd I went to crossfit 2 days and kind of “gave it my all” in class. Also that first week, I lost about 2 lbs net in the first couple vlcd days and then my weightloss pretty much grinded to a screeching halt entirely for the next 9 days. This is pretty abnormal on the diet. Typically weightloss on the diet is fastest during the first week, while it gradually gets a little less with each passing week (although of course it’s still a lot more weight than one would lose on any other diet!) What I think now is that trying to exercise so intensely while on the protocol was not something my body could handle. My body either needed to be losing fat or building muscle- I was asking too much of my body to focus on both at the same time. I have noticed that some on this protocol have been able to exercise while being on the diet with no problem, and to you guys- great! But if you are anything like me and have any autoimmune disorders or other chronic health issues (like adrenal fatigue or low/hypothyroid), you may want to think twice before lifting that barbell or jogging 5 miles while on Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

Listen to Your Body On hCG

Even on the diet, as straightforward and strict as the protocol is, it still shouldn’t be viewed as a one size fits all plan.  It really is important to listen to your body when you’re going through this weight loss journey- if I tried to copy what others were doing over and over even though it kept not working for me, I would never get anywhere. Take all the information you find of people’s experiences on the diet, see what seems most similar to how your body would react, and try it. If it doesn’t seem to work well, investigate and adjust.

Below you can see a comparison of how much weight I lost in the first week of the hCG Diet on each of my 5 rounds:

Round 1 of hCG:  lost 8 pounds the 1st week- starting weight 172 pounds, 34.5% bodyfat Round 2 of hCG:  lost 7.8 pounds the 1st week Round 3 of hCG:  lost 8.2 pounds the 1st week Round 4 of hCG:  lost 4.4 pounds the 1st week (this was a weird round where I hardly lost anything) Round 5 of hCG:  lost 5.6 pounds 1st week (this is with starting weight of 134.8 pounds, 23.2% bodyfat) As you can see Round 4’s 1st week of weightloss on the diet was rather pitiful.  I can’t be sure it was the exercise, but it could be one factor.

The point is to keep track of events and numbers throughout your hCG journey so that you can get the best results in the long term.

This time I left the exercise out, even though I missed it dearly, and I lost a lot more fat this time. Now I’m right back Crossfit, swinging those barbells and working on the next phase of building a health new me.


Avoiding my food intolerances on the HCG Diet- R5D6-10

hCG Diet: Avoiding Food Allergies on the hCG Diet- R5P2VLCD6-10 from hcgchica on Vimeo.

October 3, 2012

Update on my 5th round of HCG Injections. As a reminder, I am taking prescription hCG, as i have with every prior round.  I always test my hCG to make sure it’s potent.  This particular round is my first round using ushcginjections hCG, which hCG comes from a compounding pharmacy right here in the United States.  As of VLCD 11, I am down 7.4 lbs in 10 days. I’ve been eating to hunger and thus finding myself eating even less than 500 calories most days- probably more in the 400 calorie range. 125Iu has been my sweet spot dose for no hunger the past 2 rounds. I have great energy and no cravings. So I’m very happy with the way this round has been going. 127.4 this morning. I started my round at 134.2 after loading. I actually lost .6 after my first loading day.

This round has been pretty easy except for this past weekend, which brings me to talking about the importance of pacing yourself while on this diet. If there’s something that you know really tires you out or drains out, it would behoove you to try to avoid that situation. I let myself get into one of those situations over that weekend and found myself so spent and exhausted that the diet felt almost unbearable for a couple days. It’s much better to spare yourself for the short period of time you are on the diet and save stressful/draining situations for after the protocol. I know this isn’t always possible, but whatever you DO have control over, put those types of things off till later.

If it’s too late and you already find yourself feeling horrible on the diet because of getting too tired or something similar, drinking tea with stevia is kind of my fall back to get through it. Drink tea and more tea. And more tea.

Everyone may not be like me, but when I don’t feel well, I find myself really wanting to eat something. Since I can’t do that on the diet, drinking lots of hot tea sweetened with stevia makes things manageable.

There’s something else I’ve done very differently this round. I recently had a comprehensive food allergy test through a company called ALCAT. They test hundreds of foods, spices, dyes, supplements, herbs, etc. Since I have a couple autoimmune conditions (Hashimoto’s is the main one) I really felt that it was appropriate for me to investigate this aspect of addressing my health. I have already been fairly symptom free for some time now when it comes to my Hashimoto’s due to a variety of other things I’ve done. There are a few posts on this here. I have found the testing results to be pretty accurate- there were a number of foods that I was already suspicious of before taking the test and the test confirmed my intolerance to all of these very foods. Of course, there were also a number of foods on the test that I was unaware that I was unaware of having a sensitivity to.

What’s interesting to note regarding my test results and how that has to do with the diet is that I discovered I apparently have an intolerance to many of the foods listed on Dr. Simeon’s original protocol for the diet. Many of the foods. Like literally, most seafood and at least 3/4’s of the vegetable list that Dr. Simeon’s left for us. And as we all know, the list of foods that’s okay to eat on the diet is already strikingly small- am I right or am I right? You can pretty much count the veggie option on 2 hands and the meat choices on 1 hand.

So I had to really think about how I was going to do this round. I already knew that I didn’t want to eat the foods that I’m allergic or intolerant to while on the protocol this time. Allergies = inflammation = less weight loss. I felt that avoiding these allergen foods could cause me to have a better round on Human Chorionic Gonadotropin because of not causing inflammation in my body.

I chose a number of alternative vegetables to eat instead of the ones I’m allergic to (hint: this is off protocol- proceed with caution- don’t do this unless you have good reason as I did). I was still careful with my choices- I checked the nutritional content of the veggies to make sure their calorie and carb content was still in line with the other vegetables on Dr. Simeon’s original list. The vegetables I ended up including almost daily on my 5th round of the protocol are mushrooms, broccoli, red bell pepper, zucchini and crooked neck squash.

Since I don’t eat the grissini or fruit on p2, the diet is very low in carbohydrates the way I’m doing it, so I feel that I have a little more leeway with my vegetables without causing harm to my fat losses, and I’m careful to eat reasonable amounts of these protocol vegetables to make sure calories and carbs don’t get out of hand. So far this has been working great for me this round. Regarding meats I have been having the chicken breast, but also have included Trader Joe’s nitrate and nitrite free Ham lunch meat. Again, this is off protocol, but my test said I was allergic to many of the protocol meats, so I had to come up with some other alternatives.

So far so good!

Remember, eating off protocol foods on this diet plan is not something that you would do needlessly.  However, it’s good to be open to alternatives should you find, like myself, that your body doesn’t tolerate certain foods or supplements.


2 lb weightloss in 1 day and Size 2 jeans bodyshot!

October 4, 2012

Drumroll please…..2 lb drop on VLCD 12 of Round 5 of HCG Injections. 125.4 down from 127.4 yesterday. That’s 9.4 lbs in 11 days now. Yup. Pretty happy if I do say so myself.

Also wanted to give you a bodyshot in my size 2 jeans (you’ll have to watch the vlog for that)!

This pair is actually comfortable now- I did manage to squeeze into them before this round started, but they certainly didn’t fit well enough to leave the house in.

I have been quite surprised to be honest to be 125 lbs and to be both losing so quickly still and to have so much non-hunger. Keep in mind I’m just over 5′ tall so I certainly have room to go lower still, but honestly, it’s still surprisingly that the fat is coming off so easily at this point in the game.

This round I have been using a new hCG source- ushcginjections – they dispense hCG that is actually made in the U.S. At a compounding pharmacy right in Florida. I’ve been very impressed at how I feel on this Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, so I can happily recommend them to others.

The other difference about this round is that I’m avoiding foods I’m allergic to. You can see my post on this here.

The last thing thing that is different about this round of the diet is that I’m injecting in a variety of other places than usual- I’ve injected in my upper arm and my inner and outer thigh. I find that when I find a nice fatty place to inject, my hunger is the least.

That’s it for this day’s update on my own personal weight loss journey.  Now I’m going to go find something to help you guys with….


8 pushups for my .8 release. 10.2 lbs in 12 days. R5P2D12.

October 5, 2012

Occasionally I get requests to see some of my Crossfit skills in action. I’m still a total beginner at Crossfit, but I am proud to say that certain things like my pushup capability has increased astronomically since I first started.

Had a .8 weight loss this morning, putting me at 124.6 on VLCD 12, so in honor of that I thought I’d do 8 pushups (watch the video for that!)

I have had excellent energy on this round of HCG Injections, which I’m loving. That has not been the case of every round on the diet- some rounds my energy has been horrible and I’ve been very fatigued, and other rounds, like this one, I feel great.

I could be wrong, but I think part of it could have to do with the fact that toxins are stored in fat and at different points on the HCG Diet journey, one may feel yucky as their body is releasing fat that may have higher amounts of toxins stored in it- thinks like heavy metals (mercury), and other chemicals. I must be to the point of losing fat that didn’t contain anything too nasty since I’ve been feeling so good. Don’t take my word for it on this topic- I’m just ruminating on this thought- I still need to research this idea more myself.


R5VLCD20 General Update

October 12, 2012

I’ve been very happy with what I’ve accomplished with this round of HCG Injections.  At this point I had intended on ending my round, but ended up extending it to a full 6 week round.

I may not always have a factual answer for your hCG questions, but I’ll give you the from-my-experience-and-what-I’ve observed-in-others answer. To be honest, sometimes it’s these types of answers that I find to be the most valuable anyway.

That’s how I learned the most about this weight loss protocol to begin with. Just doing my research on the forums and on youtube and just seeing what people were experiencing in real life.

Sometimes I find that supposed “facts” about the diet– for instance those “studies” that hCG haters like to mention that have been done on th e protocol are pretty useless to me (and to you) because they didn’t do any hydrostatic body fat testing in those studies, so there was no comparison done between how much fat and muscle loss there was in the two groups- the hCG takers vs. the placebo takers. “Weight” is deceiving. That’s why I think seeing what actually happens to people in real life is what is most useful and most reliable when it comes to information.


down 1.4 lbs, increased calories, and update on rogue P2 foods R5P2D21

October 13, 2012

I was down to 123 lbs today! That’s a 1.4 loss on the scale since the previous day. Pretty cool ya?


Earlier in this HCG Injections round I found I didn’t even need the full 500 calories when I ate to hunger and felt good. As this round continues I find myself eating the full 500 and even a little bit more and that is what my body wants right now.

I’ve started incorporating the miracle (shirataki) noodles again this round.   I had decided to wait to use them this round until I really needed them, and that time has come! Incorporating them made me feel more satisfied and even more relaxed and less stressed as a result.  I have used the shirataki noodles now on almost a daily basis for 4 out of my 5 rounds with success.

Update on Off-Protocol (Rogue) hCG Eating of Foods

I’ve done quite a bit of experimentation on myself this round because of my food allergy test that I had done a couple months ago telling me that I was actually allergic (or I should more accurately say had a food intolerance) to many of the foods on Dr. Simeon’s original protocol list of foods.   For more info on that see my post here.

As a result I’ve been eating many off protocol veggies this round as a trial- foods that i’m not intolerant too. So far this seems to be doing well with my body. An example of my off protocol meal yesterday was a soup of mushrooms and chicken breast simmered in water with salt, then add the miracle noodles at the end. It’s super yummy and very satisfying.

If you decide to make any changes to the original weight loss protocol as I have, just do it in an informed way. It’s probably not a good idea to just randomly start eating different stuff, because you can hurt the outcome of your results on the diet, but certainly there are times when changes may be necessary.

People are pretty in tune with their bodies sometimes. For instance, I’ve heard a number of hCGer’s mention on their youtube vlogs “oh I can’t eat cabbage on p2, it makes me gainl”. To an outsider this might sound totally silly. But you know what? Don’t knock it. Very likely what they are saying is true- probably they have a food intolerance to cabbage that causes inflammation when they eat it thus causing problems with weightloss. So it’s worth it to trust your body a bit and to realize that no one size can fit all people. Sometimes adjustments do have to be made.

I have lost more fat this round eating off protocol vegetables than the last round eating the designated p2 foods. Again, the foods I choose was done strategically though- I’m very careful with the carb count of the veggies, etc. and since I don’t eat the fruits or melba on the diet, I feel that enables me to have a little more freedom when it comes to my vegetables.

One other thing I do incorporate while on the diet is 2-3 teaspoons of half and half each day in my black tea.

Getting Back to Family Life Soon

There’s a time and place for everything. I’ve been feeling like I need to get back to my family life now as this round of protocol concludes. I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes on this diet planI tend to be not nearly as useful to my family members. I don’t cook nearly as much and my husband has to kind of fend for himself and I find myself making a lot more sunbutter and jelly sandwiches for my son than usual. Breakfast? How about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Dinner? How about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. My guilt gradually increases until I think to myself it’s time to start cooking real food again before my son’s muscles fill up with jelly.

I know some of you guys can identify with this. But you know what? It’s okay for a period of 3-6 weeks to be focused on you while you get yourself to a healthier place- that will give you many years of good health to then share with your husband and children after your done with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin right? You sometimes have to look at the long range scope of things in order to put yourself first temporarily without guilt. But there comes a time when you feel you’ve achieved enough to accomplish this and you’re ready to get back to being the hero of the family.


R5P2D25 -1.8, 121.2 today!!!

October 17, 2012

I had planned on ending Round 5 of HCG Injections at the 3 week point, but after TOM (time of month) came and went, I felt much better (after feeling really crabby and yucky pre-period), so I decided to continue on Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

As long as I can feel fairly well while on the protocol I have no problem continuing. It’s when I start feeling to unwell or too grumpy for too many days in a row that I start thinking that it’s time to get off the protocol for the time being.


VLCD 20 results: -1.4 lbs

VLCD 21 results: + 1.4 lbs (TOM- always gain water weight from TOM coming)

VLCD 22 results: – 1.6 lbs to 122.8 lbs

VLCD 23 results: +.2 lbs to 123 lbs

VLCD 24 results: -1.8 lbs to 121.2 lbs

So far I’ve lost 13.6 lbs total in 24 days, which includes the fact that I lost ground for a few days due to the 1 day I cheated on the diet this round (it happens you know?)

In the video I mention the weird observation that it seemed as if the hormone injections was affecting where I lost fat- almost like spot reducing.  In retrospect, I don’t think that was occurring and I think it was just a fluke- so please ignore that part of the video will ya?  Hey, a girl can dream can’t she? :)-

Lastly, my average weight loss for this round has been .5lb/day which is excellent considering that is the normal average weightloss for any woman on the Diet, and to still be losing this average when I’m getting quite tiny is great.  I’ve lost so much in my hip and thigh area this round that previously somewhat large skirts (in the size 8 and 10 range) that I could still wear, just lower on my body, no longer can be worn at all- they just fall off they’re that huge.


Body shot at 120.2lbs- What Shirataki Noodles Look Like- R5P2D31

October 23, 2012

I am 120.2 lbs on Day 35 of the VLCD of Round 5 of the HCG Injections.  My video has a bodyshot of what I currently look like at this weight.  Since I started at 172 pounds and a size 16/18 and in this video you’ll see me wearing a size 2 pair of jeans, I think that speaks volumes for what Human Chorionic Gonadotropin can do if you follow the protocol properly from start to finish.

I didn’t really mean for this to turn into a long round, but since I was feeling better this last week and I won’t be doing another round of the protocol for quite some time, I felt it might be nice to make the most of this current round.

I’ve lost 14.6 lbs in 30 days and so far 9 lbs is fat. I’m very happy with this ratio

My omron monitor is showing that I’m at 19.8% bodyfat which equals out to 24 lbs of fat on my body out of the 120 lbs that I currently weigh and what’s interesting is that I just had a hydrostatic body fat test done a couple days ago and it actually lined up perfectly with what my Omron handheld body fat monitor said. This was my first time having a hydro body fat test being done while still on phase 2 of the Diet. Usually I wait until I am in Phase 3 to have the test done. I have discovered as I’ve gotten leaner that when I’m NOT on the Diet, the omron body fat monitor is not as accurate as when I am on the diet. I think the extra food, fluids, and glycogen etc, that my body has when I’m in my normal living state change the monitor’s readings a bit, although just as a reference I still find it useful.

What Shirataki Noodles Package Looks Like

Shirataki noodles are also called Miracle Noodles- the miracle noodles can be purchased online and are a bit pricier purchased under that name brand. The Shirataki noodles as you see here in this video can be purchased as most local asian markets or ethnic markets- you will find them in the refrigerated section. It will often say “yam noodle” or “yam flour” in paranthesis on the package. There has been some confusion over people seeing this and then thinking the shirataki noodles contained actual yams as we americans think of them and thus starch but this is not the case. The asian shirataki noodles are actually made purely from soluble fiber (fiber meaning our body does not digest it as any calories to us) from what’s called the Konjac Root in Japan- whoever translated this onto the package from chinese put it as “yam” but it’s really this Konjact root that it’s made from.


I have found the hCG community on youtube to be a wonderful place to both get and give support on the Diet.  It seems like many useful and successful protocols for things like losing weight, getting fit, or getting away from an addiction involve a group of some sort.  There’s cycling groups, jogging groups, AA for alcoholics and weight watchers meetings to name a few.  People do well with a support system in place- especially people who are in a similar situation to you.  That is why if you are doing the protocol, the youtube community of vloggers and commentors is what I think of as an irreplaceable resource.  I address how to go about getting and giving support on the protocol on my FAQ page here:  Where to Find Support and Help on the hCG Diet

Since the Diet is somewhat controversial (ie phrases sometimes heard: you are INJECTING? or….you are injecting WHAT???  or… are eating HOW MANY CALORIES???  Oh my goodness you are going to STARVE YOURSELF!!!) many find they don’t care to tell too many in their immediate network of friends or family they are doing this diet because they don’t feel like dealing with all the questions and/or well-meaning warnings that come across as put-downs since they have not full researched the protocol.  So many us like to wait to let the results speak for themselves, at which point sometimes the minds of those around us become a little more open.  Before this happens though, you need a support network- the protocol is NOT easy as some might say.  It’s FAST but not easy.  I treasure and hope you will too, the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin youtube community.


Is hcgchica able to maintain her weightloss with the hCG Diet?

OCTOBER 23, 2012

Let me put your minds to rest- I am not re-losing weight, but let me explain my unique hCG journey.

I got a question from someone on youtube who was a little confused by my weight loss journey at first (after all I have 175+ videos!) so I wanted to make a video and blog post that gives you a synopsis of just what I’ve personally been doing with the hCG Diet protocol and why it could appear at first that I am re-losing weight (ie losing weight with the protocol, then re-gaining weight, then re-losing that same weight again with the protocol, and so on), when in reality, I’m losing new fat with each subsequent round of the protocol. I’d like to show to you here the unique way I’ve been using this weight loss protocol.

If you were to watch every single one of my 175+ videos it probably would all make sense, but let’s face it, I’m not that egotistical to think that most of you will have time or even want to do that!

So it can appear on the surface as if I can’t keep the weight loss off as I keep re-visiting similar numbers on the scale- ie. 127 lbs, 124 lbs, 122 lbs, etc. So let’s get started.

I Have Maintained Almost 100% Of All My Fat Loss from the hCG Diet…

aside from Round 2. I have done 5 rounds of the diet plan now, and 4 of them I have done well and maintained almost all the fat loss from them, without having to go back on the protocol to “re-lose” weight. So I have not gained back fat after doing the diet. Here’s a chart that shows everything in a nutshell. As you can see, how many lbs of fat I have has continued to drop with each successive round, despite re-visiting similar scale weights.

Comparison Chart of hCGChica Body Composition on each hCG Round:

(Round 2 was a wash so it’s left out)

April ’11/End of Round 1:       144.8lbs   34.5% bodyfat    49 lbs fat       95.8 lbs lean mass

Dec ’11/End of Round 3:      124.8 lbs     27.5% bodyfat     34 lbs fat       90.8 lbs lean mass

May ’12/End of Round 4:      127.5 lbs    23.91%bodyfat   30.5 lbs fat    97 lbs lean mass

No ’12/End of Round 5:      118.8 lbs      17.9% bodyfat     21.3 lbs fat      97.48 lbs lean mass

Dec ’12/Currently off hCG:   124.5 lbs   18.8% bodyfat     23.49 lbs fat   101 lbs lean mass

My 1st round of the weight loss protocol started in February of 2011 and it’s now December 2012. I take really long breaks between rounds of this protocol as well, and during that time I eat really healthy but I eat a pretty good amount of food quantity-wise, I don’t count calories, and I maintain my fat loss- I don’t gain back fat while on the protocol. I know this because I have period hydrostatic body fat tests done to show how much fat and muscle I have on my body (as shown above).  I’m getting close to my 2 year anniversary since starting the weight loss protocol, and I’m happy to show you how far I’ve come, while spending the majority of the past 2 years NOT on a diet at all, hCG or otherwise.

My Journey with the hCG Diet Is Unique

My hCG Diet journey is a little bit unique I guess you could say because I have certain goals in mind that don’t necessarily have to do with being a certain scale weight or a certain size in clothing. I have in my nature that I love to do things that require being fit like hiking and doing pushups. I’ve always enjoyed sporty type activities, even as a little girl. I was a daddy’s girl all the way and I spent many a good hour biking, fishing, jet skiing and hiking with my dad. I was definitely the ultimate tomboy down to hating lace and the color pink.  In high school I was 1 of 3 girls in the weight training class, and 1 of only 2 girls actually lifting weights (ie not just sitting around flirting).

So once I realized what this protocol could do now as an overweight adult in her 30’s with a chronic autoimmune illness, I’ve been trying to see how far it will take me.  I’ve basically been trying to cycle my way down to a lower and lower body fat percent, not to a lower weight necessarily. This means I’m trying to achieve a high amount of muscle mass compared to fat mass on my body, which in turn makes doing things that require being strong and fit much easier.

When my husband and I were dating he used to call me a deer because of the way I would bound down the hiking trails on the way back- my quads were nice and firm and strong and my body fat was low enough that I didn’t feel heavy to myself so I could easily almost run along the steep downward trails. As I got overweight and out of shape, I could no longer do this and just walking carefully on a downward slopping trail would often feel scary as if my thighs weren’t strong enough to hold me up and that I might actually collapse under the weight of my own body.

hCGChica’s hCG Rounds Timeline- Sort Of

Round 1 of the hCG Diet

My 1st round of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin I lost about 27 lbs in about 42 days and I had no problem keeping this weight off for the next 3 months while I was off the protocol. I ate pretty much low carb during that time, went to Zumba a few times a week, and did not count calories.

Round 2 of the hCG Diet

Round 2- that is what I would call a failed round because after losing weight on round 2 I re-gained most of that weight in the following 9 weeks after that because I did not adhere to phase 3 nor did I eat healthy (ie. I was living on sugar again for that entire 9 weeks). So I did have to re-lose this weight. What can I say? I messed up that round, I think most of us mess up at one point or another on our weightloss journey. I think that just means I’m human like the rest of you.

So I re-lost this weight plus more with Round 3 of the diet.

Round 3 of the hCG Diet

December 2011 I finished Round 3 of the diet and lost about 21-ish pounds during this round. At that point I ended up at about 124.8 lbs when I went in to have my bodyfat tested hydrostatically. My results showed I was 27% bodyfat with 34 lbs of fat and 90.8 lbs of lean mass adding up to the 124.8 lbs total that I weighed.

4 Month Break

I took a 4 month break from the protocol after this. During that time, I spent 3 months trying out a new fitness thing called Crossfit, a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and heavy weightlifting type program. Which I love and still do regularly to this day. You can look for a Crossfit gym in you area by googling it. During my 4 month break and going to Crossfit regularly, I gained “weight.” However, almost all of this “weight gain” was muscle, not fat. AHA!!! The light is coming on now right?

When I went in to have my hydrostatic body fat test at the end of March, I weighed 132.5 lbs, a gain of 7.7 lbs in 4 months. Out of that 7.7 lbs, 7 lbs was muscle, so only about a half lb of my weight gain was fat. This put me at 25.91% bodyfat, which if you’ll notice is actually now a smaller bodyfat percent than at the124.8 lbs I was 4 months prior because of the high amount of muscle gain with almost no fat gain. So I actually maintained 99% of my fat loss from the diet plan during that 4 months, despite “gaining” almost 8 lbs, not to mention all the fat I lost from round 1 as well.

So during that whole 4 months, I was not counting calories, I wasn’t even eating low carb anymore- I was eating a healthy amount of fruit and some rice products, going to Crossfit 3-4 times a week for 1 hour each time, and I kept off almost all of the fat loss, no problem.

Round 4 of the hCG Diet

April 2012 I did Round 4 of the protocol. This was my first “short” round of just 3 weeks long on the diet. I only lost a little over 5 lbs this round, down to 127.4, but I actually have LESS fat now at this higher weight, than I did at 124.8 lbs at the end of Round 3. Let me show you the comparison here.

End of Round 3:      124.8 lbs         34 lbs fat

  End of Round 4:      127.4 lbs          30.5 lbs fat

So here I weigh 2.6 lbs more but have 3.5 lbs less fat after doing Round 4. Since muscle is pretty much always a good thing, you can look solely at my pounds of fat to see if I was now in a better place with my body or not, and the answer if you look is decidedly yes! After Round 4 I was now 23.91% bodyfat, a loss of 3.1% bodyfat during that 3 weeks of the diet.

5 Month Break

I took a 5 month break this time from the protocol. During the next 5 months from all May through the end of September I again was going to Crossfit 3-4 days a week, not counting calories, eating healthy but a lot. I don’t eat no 1200 calories okay? I eat very liberally, and I eat a lot of fruit as well (after phase 3 of course). I eat a lot of fat, meat, veggies, fruit, nuts, and dairy. I probably take in at least 2000 calories if not 2500. I’m not saying anyone can do this, but I believe because since I was going to crossfit, my body was funneling this into muscle growth. During that 5 months I once again “gained weight” and went from 127.4 to 133 lbs. That’s a 5.6 lb “gain.” Out of that 5.6 lbs however, 5 lbs was muscle.

End of Round 4:  127.4 lbs     23.91% bodyfat      30.5 lbs fat        97 lbs lean mass

5 months later:    133 lbs         23.2% bodyfat       31 lbs fat           102 lbs lean mass

So once again almost all the weight gain was muscle, and I had kept off ALL but a half pound of fat that I lost with the hCG Diet. Keep in mind that not only am I keeping off the fat from the latest round of the diet, but pretty much all the fat from the previous rounds as well.

So hopefully you can see so far throughout this whole weight loss journey, except for Round 2- that one’s a wash- we’re tossing that one out of the window- I’ve maintained almost 100% of my fat loss with the Diet.

Round 5 of the hCG Diet

October 2012 I started Round 5 of the diet and finished it in November 2012. I’m writing this blog post some time after making the video so I can give you the full stats for Round 5. I lost over 9 lbs of new fat during Round 5, putting me at 118.8 lbs and 17.9% bodyfat with 21 pounds of fat at the time my hydrostatic body fat test which was a few days into phase 3.

End of Round 4:      127.4 lbs        23.91% bodyfat     30.5 lbs fat           97 lbs lean mass

5 months later:        133 lbs           23.2% bodyfat        31 lbs fat               102 lbs lean mass

End of Round 5:      118.8 lbs        17.9% bodyfat        21.3 lbs fat            97.48 lbs lean mass

1 month later:          124.5 lbs       18.8% bodyfat        23.49 lbs of fat      101 lbs lean mass

Now it is the middle of December 2012 and I “gained weight” again, but as you can see above, 2/3rds  of it was muscle when tested hydrostatically.  I did gain a couple pounds of fat at this point, but at 18.8% bodyfat which is getting fairly low for a woman, I’m very happy to be stable where I’m at and am very happy with the fat loss that I am keeping off, which is the large majority for it.

I’m basically maintaining a fat loss of 35.5 lbs out 37.7 lbs of fat lost. And this is all actual FAT my friends. Not water weight, not muscle, not glycogen, not just weighing less because I haven’t eaten yet and my stomach is empty.

Is 124 lbs the same as 124 lbs?  Not Necessarily…..

The last thing I’d like to leave you with which is pretty exciting to me because I couldn’t have achieved this without hCG Injections is the following stats:

Dec 2011/End of R3:          124.8 lbs      27.5% bf   34 lbs fat       90.8 lbs lean mass Size 6

Dec 2012/ 1 mo. after R5:  124.5 lbs   18.8% bf   23.49 lbs fat  101 lbs lean mass   Size 2

If you compare these two stats, you’ll see that my weight is almost EXACTLY THE SAME, about 124 lbs, yet now I have 10.5 lbs less fat and 10.2 lbs more muscle at the same weight!!!! Okay, sorry, I should kick the enthusiasm down a notch I guess, but this is huge!

Let’s break down just this past years’ results from December 2011-December 2012

  • Lost 10% bodyfat and stabilized at 8.7% bodyfat lost- from 27.5% to 18.8% bodyfat
  • Gained 12 lbs of muscle
  • Lost over 10 lbs of fat
  • Was on a “diet” for only 9 weeks of the entire year
  • 10 months- the rest of the year- eating 2000-2500 calories (my guesstimate) NOT on a diet.
  • Went to Crossfit just 3-4 hours a week
  • Enjoyed my life
  • Walked around in size 4 jeans all year long
  • Almost all fat loss with protocol kept off with ease

This is not to say that after the diet plan you can go back to eating cartons of ice-cream and extra large fries 3x’s a week and expect to maintain your weight. But you won’t be able to maintain you fat loss if you do that after any diet. You must seek and find healthy replacements to your old comfort foods- that is what I have done and that is what the rest of those who are maintaining their hCG weightloss have done as well. It’s not as hard as you might think. Pinterest is a great way to find sugar free, gluten free, grain free recipes, and you will be more motivated to do this once you are happy in your thinner, fitter body.

Summary of This Mouthful of A Story

Anyway- this is a really long story to share a very short point which is that the weight I’ve “gained” this past year after doing the diet has been muscle, not fat. So even though I’m about the same weight that I was a year ago, I’m much smaller visually. I was a size 6 at this weight a year ago, and now I’m a size 2 at this same weight. Not to mention much stronger and healthier.

It was important to me to share this with you out there researching this diet, because the protocol has proven SO effective for me (as my results and statistics show) and I really want everyone out there to know what can be achieved with it’s proper use.

Of course, I cannot attribute my strength and increase in muscle to the Diet, and going to Crossfit has been a huge part in re-shaping my body- the definition and solidness I have to my body now has a lot to do with Crossfit. But let me point out that not 1 single solitary ounce of my fat loss came from Crossfit. 100% of my fat loss was due to Diet alone. That is why I have really enjoyed cycling Crossfit and the Diet because they go hand in hand- crossfit is great for building muscle, at least for me, and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is great for losing fat.

I’m all about using the most effective technique to reach my goal. How about you?


First pull-up achieved while on the hCG Diet! R5P2D32 119.2 lbs

October 24, 2012


I was down 1 whole lb on both the scale and my Omron handheld body fat monitor. That puts me at 119.2 which is CRAY-ZY. I haven’t been under 120 lbs in many years. I think I was about 120 lbs when I got married, and that was 12 years ago when I was 19 years old. So being 119 lbs is a distant memory from my late teens.

I have discovered with the way that I usually do the protocol (replacing the fruits with 0% Fage greek yogurt which makes the diet very low carb- I don’t recommend this for just anyone), that the body fat monitor is very accurate for my body while I’m actually on the protocol when compared to hydrostatic body fat testing- when I had a hydro done while on Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, my Omron monitor actually matched up exactly to the hydrostatic body fat test results which was surprising. When I’m off the protocol it’s not as accurate- somehow having a higher amount of perhaps carbs, glycogen, food in instestines, etc. makes it so that the body fat monitor is off by 2-3%, but that’s still not bad and overall is still a useful little tool and it’s consistency is fantastic- for me anyways.


I have something exciting to report today! Pull-ups are typically not easy for women to do. Even when I was thin and fit back in my teens I remember trying to do pull-ups for a long time and eventually I managed to do 1 pull-up once, and then I could never do it again! Obviously once I was out of shape and overweight I couldn’t even begin to pull my body up on a pull-up bar, much less actually do one.

As I’ve been attending Crossfit now for close to a year, I’ve been gradually getting stronger but still couldn’t do a full pull-up. Not even half a pull-up. When I took a break from Crossfit to do my 5th round of the diet in October 2012 I left with enough strength to pull myself up maybe about 1/3rd of the way to the bar.

So I was totally dumbfounded when the other day, a few weeks into being on the protocol, I walked up to my pull-up bar at home, and proceeded to do an entire pull-up, all by myself! I really had meant to just check where my strength was and make sure I hadn’t gotten a lot weaker from being away from exercise and from losing weight with the diet for a few weeks (ie. I know there is very little muscle loss with this protocol but it’s something I am always “watching out” for). There’s a little video clip of my “re-enacting” my first pull-up. I actually did almost 2 in a row.

I feel like I’ve totally cheated and it’s awesome! Who can not workout and go from a 1/3rd pull-up to a full pull-up almost overnight? An HCG Dieter I guess! I guess what has happened is that I’ve lost enough body fat and my body fat percent had sufficiently lowered quickly enough to then allow my upper body strength to suddenly be strong enough to pull my whole body up, whereas before I still had too much body fat compare to strength to do so.


I could be wrong, but I think perhaps one of the reasons that it’s so difficult for women to do pull-ups is that we are all fairly bottom heavy, compared to men. We carry a higher percentage of fat on our hips and thighs, and typically our upper body is also not naturally as strong as men, so this creates a situation where it’s rather impossible to do a pull-up without first changing your entire body composition. Thankfully, with the diet, this is totally possible.

As an example of how fat and body fat percent plays a role in pull-ups, there is a woman trainer at my crossfit gym who does Oly Lifting (olympic weightlifting). She is getting super strong and can lift really heavy weights, even overhead. She is not super stocky either- she looks very good, but looks like your average woman, with a good amount of fat on her hips and thighs that is not unattractive. She recently told me that she gave up trying to do a pull-up. She’s very strong, but apparently her body fat percent and the amount of fat she has on her lower half is too much for her upper body to be able to pull herself up to do a full pull-up.

Fat Loss Is Not Easy or Not Possible for Many Women without the hCG Diet

That’s why I say I feel like I totally cheated my way into doing a full pull-up. And I’m proud of it! It seems that for some women, it is easy to gain strength, but losing fat is another story. For all those women who cannot lose fat by other means, this diet is in my opinion the answer. This lady has been living on almost a zero carb diet in order to try to shed a few pounds of fat, and I don’t think it’s gotten her very far in that department.

I have discovered I am like her. Going to Crossfit, I find I build muscle and get strong VERY easily. But I do not lose fat easily. I haven’t lost a single ounce of fat going to Crossfit for the past year. Now of course, I wasn’t eating to lose fat which is really where fat loss will occur- with changes to diet- but this female crossfit trainer HAS made those dietary changes with very little to show for it.

Fit the Tool to the Job

It makes more sense to me to match the tool to the job doesn’t it? That is why I use Crossfit for getting strong and building muscle, because Crossfit is what does that best for my body, and why I use the Diet and HCG Injections for losing fat, because that is what accomplishes this most efficiently (or as it appears, it’s the only thing that will help me lose fat at all, not just most efficiently).


Total hCG Diet Weightloss to date -1.4 lbs, 118.2 lbs today! R5P2VLCD35

October 27, 2012

I had no intention of this turning into a long round of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, but that’s what’s happened. I’ve been feeling great and continuing to lose fat and have no hunger, so there really wasn’t any reason to stop under those circumstances.

I have about 5-7 VLCD days left with the HCG Injections, and then the 72 hours of VLCD without the hormone.

I was down 1.4 lbs on the scale today, but 1 lb down overall as I had a .4 gain yesterday. That puts me at 118.2 lbs! I’m just over 5′ tall so for anyone who is feeling that weight seems awfully low, it’s not awfully low for a shortie like me.

As of today, I’m 54 lbs lighter than when I first started the weight loss protocol, and technically I’ve actually lost quite a bit more than that if you add in the 1 round of this protocol that I didn’t do too well and gained back that weight and the had to re-lose it, and also the loading weight I had to of course lose with each round- all things considered I’ve probably lost more like 70 lbs. But who’s counting?


Hey guys! HCGchica! I’m just checking in. Today is VLCD 35 of round 5. I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. I had no intention of doing a long round this time but I ended up feeling so good and I’ve been continuing to lose fat so I figured you know what I’m just gonna go ahead and go as long as I’m feeling good so technically I’ve got about maybe 5 to 7 VLCD days left with the shots and then I’ll probably be going into P3 after that.

I was actually down 1.4 this morning so that was really good. I was actually up .4 yesterday so technically I’m down another pound which puts me at 118.2. Oh my goodness! I just, I can’t believe that. I haven’t been that small since before I got married actually. I think I was about 120 when I got married so again I’m just over 5 feet you guys not even 5’1 apparently. I thought I was 5’1 then I went to have my Dexa scan and they measured me and she said. Well you’re actually not 5’1 so I don’t know. I’m either already shrinking or I’ve just been wrong all this years.

Anyway my body fat, pounds of fat, is down to 22.5 pounds of fat. Hopefully I’ll continue to see that go down even a little bit more for the weight that I’ve lost. And my ketones where actually a little higher today at 10 and I think it’s just cause didn’t drink quite as many liquids yesterday. I still drink enough but just a little less than usual. So anyway I’m really happy about that I’m still feeling so energetic and so good. 3 new people to sub to I wanna mention real quick. The first 2 I think are on their first round just started blogging recently- I’m sorry if you hear planes on private airport like right next to our house and on Fridays everyone is flying maybe out to their vacations homes or something, I don’t know. So anyway the 2 ones are msnomojo and Pinskygirl and I will have the link to their actual channel below in the description box and then the 3rd one is HCGbeautyvlog she’s not new to this protocol but she’s somewhat new to blogging but I really would like you guys to check her out because she is both a make-up artist and a skin care specialist and so she is doing a lot of work to discover the different types of products that are safe to use on the protocol and she’s checking in to all the different brands. The drugstore brands, the high-end brands and she’s putting a lot of work into it so she’s gonna be doing some of that information on her blogs and she’s just a wealth of information on that topic and I know she’s gonna be posting a lot of information about that. You know I have got a lot of questions from some of you guys about what products to use and that’s just something that I just don’t know the answer to so she’s gonna have a lot of good answers for that and I’m actually going to be having a wonderful comprehensive report of all of her different brands that she’s checked out and the different products that are okay to use on my website in the near future, so I’m really excited about that.

Anyway, so that’s my update. Again my website is if you guys needs to just answer questions about the diet there is a link on there to email me privately if you want. For anyone who has emailed me you know that I take quite a bit of time and respond to each of your emails in a very lengthy in depth ways so I really do care that you guys get the best out of this protocol. So anyway, as of today I’ve lost 54 pounds lighter than when I first started the weight loss protocol and technically I’ve actually lost quite a bit more than that because I had 1 round that I had to re-lose that way and of course there is loading weight and all that kind of stuff so all and all I’ve technically probably lost closer to 60 or 65 pounds or maybe even 70 but as it stands today I’m 54 pounds lighter on the scale I’m somewhere around 19% body fat which is totally phenomenal that actually puts me into the athlete category which is really cool. I never expected this weight loss journey to be able to get me that far but it has so I’ll just keep it short and sweet today and I’ll talk to you guys soon. Take care. Bye.


-1.8 lbs, 117 lbs today, 18.2% bodyfat- R5P2D39

October 31, 2012

Today’s vlcd 39, which I just can’t believe! I was down 1.8 lbs on the scale today. I have only really been checking in on my “good weight loss” days, which is usually every few days. On the days in between I often will lose nothing or even have small gains- for instance the last 3 days in a row I was up on the scale .2 each day, but then today had a huge 1.8 lbs loss. That’s just how my body rolls it appears. A quick explanation on partially why this occurs is that, TMI, I don’t have a bowel movement everyday while on this protocol. There is simply so little food and my digestion is rather slow anyway, that on this protocol it slows down to once every 2 or 3 days. So there is some build-up on my non- elimination days that will contributed to my zero or small weight loss days. Additionally I eat miracle noodles (shirataki noodles) on the diet, and depending on what time of time I have them or how much of them I eat, that can affect my scale weight temporarily as that bulk is in my stomach and intestines processing. Sorry I know this is kind of gross, but when it comes to this weight loss protocol, it’s best to divulge everything you possibly can because you just never know when it may help someone else.

Anyway, my big loss of this morning puts me at 117 lbs today!

I am undecided if I will stop the diet tomorrow or go a couple more days.

See, I am getting very close to having 20 lbs of fat on my body, which is kind of a bit of a special marker to shoot for. You see, the hydrostatic body fat test technician I spoke with told me that no person, no matter their size or height, needs more than 20 lbs of fat on their body. It’s okay to have less than 20lbs of fat too, but you don’t need any more than 20lbs. Since I’m getting so close to that number it would just be really neat to reach that major goal.

However, in the end, it’s important to me to make my decisions like this based on how my body is feeling, not on a number.

My total losses to date from Round 5 of HCG Injections alone so far is about 17.4 lbs. I’m very happy with this at my smaller size. If you are just starting out on the diet and have 40-50lbs+ to lose you will lose weight much more quickly than I on hCG.


Round 5 LDW

Novermber 2, 2012

Today is  R5P2D41 (round 5, phase 2, Day 41) which is technically my LDW (last day weight) for the hCG Diet with HCG Injections. I’m a comfy size 2. I seriously NEVER thought I’d see the day I was this small again- I’d written that off forever a few years, especially after being pregnant and giving birth. But crazier things have happened I guess.  I’m thankful just about every day to have so much of my health back, in part due to this weightloss journey.

I had a huge 2lb weight loss on the scale this morning putting me at 115.6 lbs (I’m just over 5′ remember? S’all good). BUT as I realized later, I was coming down with a nasty cold and I believe the large drop was just dehydration, as my weight went right back up to 117.6 lbs the following day.  So I did end up making my adjusted LDW weight 117.6lbs.

While I’m not happy to be coming down with son’s cold, I’m glad that I managed to stay well till the end of my round. For any of those of you who’ve experienced it, being sick while on the protocol is neither fun nor advisable. Usually if you continue to stay on the protocol while sick, you’ll find that you stay sick a lot longer AND you don’t lose as much weight. So it’s just bad on all accounts.

If I get really sick while on hCG I would get off the hCG Injections and start again later once I was better.  Yes, it can suck to have to put a pause on losing weight, but I have found that I have much better long term weight loss results when I stick to logic and leave my feelings out of it (ie. I want to hurry up and lose all this weight now! Today!)  Being more methodical about it has proved to create more lasting results for my body.

Because I was feeling so yucky yesterday (sore throat, very bad headache, etc) I found myself eating more than usual- it just felt like my body needed it. I tried to be smart about the extra calories though (no momemts of madness where I run through Mcdonalds or anything) and ate extra 0% fage greek yogurt and extra meat protein. I’m guessing my calorie count for yesterdays’ VLCD was probably more like 800-900 calories.

I didn’t take any before and after measurements from this particular round- just felt lazy I guess! But I am so much smaller from the start to end of this round. Some of the pants that were quite snug when I started Round 5 using human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) shots are now literally almost falling off they are so big in the waist, hips and thighs.

I did take many measurements of course before and throughout my hCG Diet journey, and I highly recommend measuring many different places on your body that you might not naturally think of. That’s because I found I lost inches in many places I would have just skipped over entirely had I not seen someone else on youtube suggest it. My neck for instance. From the start of the hCG Diet until now I’ve actually had my neck circumference drop 1.25 inches! Who knew? It was 13” around at the start at 172lbs and now it’s 11.75” at 115lbs.

Now that I am a comfy size 2, I found myself a pair of $1.99 Calvin Klein jeans in a size 2 at the thriftstore- yay me! Great find.

That’s all for my update today- happy losing hCGer’s!


P3 Check in from R5

November 16, 2012


A few days after the end of Round 5 of HCG Injections, I went for hydrostatic body fat testing once again. That day I was 118.8 lbs (about 1.2 lbs over my ldw), and my hydro results were as follows: 17.9% bodyfat, 21.3 lbs fat. Woot woot! Better results than I would ever have expected.

Adjusted LDW

While I found myself at 115.6 lbs on the day of my LDW (last day weight) of the diet, it so happened that this was a special 1 day dip into the 115 territory, before my weight went right back up to 117.6 lbs the next day and stayed there. In retrospect, I had come down with a nasty cold, taken some aspirin, didn’t eat much all evening, and was dehydrated which lead to that 115 number the following day. So it wasn’t a real number to go by, although it was fun to see such a small number on the scale, if only for a day. So my adjusted LDW is 117.6 lbs.

Current Weight in P3

As of now, I’m 123.2 lbs, a couple weeks into P3. I’ve been eating super clean and I’m pretty sure that most of that weight is muscle and glycogen stores. Since I wasn’t eating any fruit on Phase 2, that made the diet extremely low carb and now that I’m eating a little more carbs, my muscles are filling back up with water.

Navigating Successfully through P3 on the hCG Diet

After my 3rd round of this protocol I had this same experience where my weight seemed to want to fly up several pounds right away, and at that time, I kept fighting it by doing steak days and fast days, etc. Of course my weight would temporarily drop from these days, but then shoot right back up. I had started going to Crossfit by then, and at one point my wise husband told me that maybe I should just trust my body- I was eating clean and working out, probably my body was just gaining muscle. After that I tried to relax a little instead of forcing my body to stay at one number on the scale so much. A few months later when I went to have my body fat tested I found that my husband was right- out of a whopping 7.5 lbs gained during 3 months after the 3rd round of the protocol, 7 lbs of it was actually muscle! Only a miniscule half pound was fat.

Since I experienced this back then, when I found my weight doing the same thing this time after Round 5 I decided to work with it and not try so hard to force it to stay at 117 lbs. I knew I had lost about 5 lbs of muscle (turns out I didn’t actually lose 5 lbs of MUSCLE as in the actual muscle fibers- a 2 week follow up hydrostatic body fat test showed I had already re-gained almost ALL of that “muscle”- it must just be glyocen stores as there’s no way that I could really gain 4 pounds of solid muscle in just 2 weeks, working out just 3 times), so I was expecting that my body was just wanting to gather this back quickly, which again is what proved to be the case.

I’ve also had some other crazy factors to consider- having a cold and TOM (time of month) approaching.

Thanks for reading you guys!

My entire hCG Diet journey has occurred with the use of hCG Injections only.


Pants almost falling off after HCG

November 22, 2012

This is one blog post where you really MUST watch the video. I can’t write for you here how big my big pants are on me just after 1 round of hCG. The pants I’m wearing were snug both in the hips, thighs, and waist right before I started Round 5 of human chorionic gonadotropin at 132.5 lbs. The day I have these pants on in the video I’m about 124 lbs and you can see they are pretty much falling off they’re so big. There’s at least 3 inches of space in both the thigh and waist area.  This is a good example to show that we don’t want to shoot just for weight loss but rather size loss.  That’s why this protocol is so great, because you are actually losing a high percentage of actual FAT on the diet.  You can see my before and after weight loss journey photos here.

I just want you guys to see how much can be accomplished with this weight loss protocol in just one round of 40 days (I used HCG Injections myself) even if you are technically not “overweight” or already what you might consider “small.” Ie. you look normal to everyone, but still have fat on your body you could safely and healthfully lose.

Sometimes we think of losing weight as being more difficult the smaller we get, but that has not been my experience on this weight loss protocol this round. I did not expect to lose as much fat as I did- almost a full 10lbs of actual fat this time in fact.


Day 31 since end of R5

December 4, 2012

I apologize, this particular blog post is sorely late- for the record, the date of this video is actually December 3, 2012, close to 2 months old.  But I really want to have my whole HCG Diet story on my blog for any small benefit others may get from it.

I had a follow up hydrostatic body fat test about 1 month after the end of R5 on the protocol.  I wasn’t sure that my LIW which was 117.6 was something that I could really stabilize or maintain- as it turns out I did end up reaching 124.4 lbs before my weight became more stable, and at that time my hydrostatic bodyfat test said that I was 18.8% bodyfat fat, with 101.2 lbs of lean mass, and 23.2 lbs of fat, 124.4 lbs total.

In the first two weeks of Phase 3 (p3) I gained 7 lbs.  It’s nice to know that out of this 7 lbs, 5 lbs was muscle and/or glycogen stores and just 2 lbs was fat.  Not that a 2lb fat gain is great, but I think I probably ate too much right out of the gate in P3 (I tend to get carried away sometimes) and also, I wasn’t sure if 17.9% bodyfat would be easy for me to maintain long term or not.  So I’m currently 18.8% bodyfat which is still fantastic.  Honestly pretty much anything sub-20% bodyfat is just icing on the cake.

I’ve been in the 124 territory for about 2 weeks, so I feel like it’s fairly stable at this point (lets hope!).

Weight doesn’t fly up on the scale for most once P3 of HCG Injections comes, but for me I kind of knew it would at least to some extent, mostly because since I usually don’t eat the fruits on P2, that makes the diet extremely low carb and I knew my glycogen stores in my muscles would be depleted- as soon as P3 comes and there is an increase in calories and a small amount of carbs in vegetables, nuts and dairy, that glycogen would come back, and that weighs something.  So I know that 5 lbs of muscle I gained in 2 weeks isn’t just actual muscle fibers- I just don’t think that would be possible- but I do think it makes sense that it could be a large percentage glycogen.


What My Symptoms of Hypothyroid and Adrenal Fatigue Look Like

January 2, 2013


Well, it’s officially two months since the end of Round 5 of HCG Injections on the HCG Diet for me.  I’m in Phase 4 (P4)- which is basically just normal, healthy, everyday eating.

I want to discuss my own personal health today because I think it could help others reading it to possibly recognize if they have any hidden health issues themselves. Sometimes we get used to what we might think of as certain little “quirks” to ourselves, that in actuality, are simply health symptoms, that if addressed, could let us lead a happier more full life.

If you have some of the symptoms that I mention below, but your doctor says your thyroid lab tests are normal, please don’t leave it at that. I have discovered many many people go untreated because they really DO have thyroid or adrenal issues- the standard tests that are done are woefully inadequate- the following are some resources to research this important topic. In fact, my own lab tests came back “normal” for a long time, until my condition finally got SO bad that it finally did show up the generic testing- but you shouldn’t have to wait several years to get treated as I did.  The following are what I consider to be the best information out there on hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia.

Dr. Mercola’s Interview with Dr. Lowe regarding Low Thyroid

 Stop the Thyroid Madness Website- a wealth of information on thyroid and adrenal fatigue and all the things “they” never tell you.

 Natural Thyroid Solutions – check the latest updates and news section and Q&A

I have been dealing with some chronic health issues for several years now and went untreated for most of it because I didn’t know what was wrong with me for many years (this was not for lack of diligent searching for a cause). But I’ve been pretty much symptom free and off all thyroid medication and adrenal support for over 9 months this past year. I never actually expected to be off my thyroid meds as usually the condition I have (hashimoto’s) and the resulting low or hypothyroid condition isn’t curable.


My improved health happened over a number of months as I lost weight with this weight loss protocol, attended Crossfit and got more fit, completely eliminated gluten 100% from my diet, and saw a holistic “dude” (he’s not actually a “doc”) who helped me to address some chronic infections he discovered through muscle testing and treated with homeopathy and rife machine frequencies (google that one).

The only reason I even considered getting off my thyroid medication at all was because I was suddenly feeling very sick and yucky, in a way I’d never felt before, and the holistic guy I was seeing confirmed that my body was functioning very well on it’s own and that I no longer needed the thyroid meds technically. It made me very nervous to wean off it as I visualized what I used to feel like pre-medication, but as soon as I did, I felt much better, and spent the next 9 months living like a normal person- having normal energy, working out, all without medication, which was shocking to me considering how I used to feel without my thyroid medication (couldn’t work secularly, had to sleep many hours each day, had chronic fatigue and some fibromyalgia symptoms- extreme pain in my feet after standing in my kitchen to cook a simple dinner, etc.).  That entire 9 months of 2012 I spent most of it feeling great with great energy and none of my old symptoms.


But stress is a killer isn’t it? Or maybe we should say stress is a life-sucker.  You’ve probably heard that adage “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” right?  I have yet to see this happen in my case.  My chronic health issues started at just 21 years of age, when autoimmune triggers were turned on in my body from different stressful situations in my life.   Stress and difficulties in life have always seemed to wreak a havoc on my body that have permanently changed how my body operates.  My husband and I both came to the realization recently that I have not been myself the past couple months.  Back in September we lost our house to foreclosure and the process of that, along with the stress of finding a new home and moving our whole home ourselves with a small 2 year old in tow wasn’t exactly stress free.  I got through the actual process very well and was pretty proud of myself- almost felt like a small version of a female super hero, but I believe my body is now experiencing the delayed stress response to that period of time.  Along with the fact that I now work secularly again- something I haven’t done in years.

I didn’t notice it at first because the symptoms were a bit subtle and infrequent, but after considering the past couple months, we realized that many of my old familiar symptoms that I used to experience when untreated were there again.

Uncommon Reaction to Social Interaction

For anyone who doesn’t know, one symptom of low thyroid function, which I experience in full force when my condition is not being managed well, is the inability to handle social interaction and feel good still. Even though it’s what you might call a “good stress”, social interaction is a stress on the body. If you’re a normal person, you might spend some time with family or friends and come home feeling happy and refreshed at the good time you just had. Or even if you didn’t have a good time, you might come home kind of irritated, go to sleep and wake up and go about your normal business just fine the following day.

What happens to me specifically is that after hanging out with people, whether I had a good time or not, I will later become very depressed for seemingly no reason. It will last for a couple days, before the depression cloud lifts and I feel normal again. The depression is bad enough that it’s pretty debilitating and something that makes you want to avoid scenarios that cause that. I want to mention this because it’s one of those things that is very difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it and even harder for them to understand. If you are reading this and realize that you experience this, please consider that you may have some unresolved health issues, that if addressed, could enable you to enjoy people’s company again.

I haven’t experienced this in quite some time, but lately noticed it was starting to happen again.

Uncommon Reaction to Physical Activity

Another symptom of low thyroid and or adrenal fatigue that I would experience is the same resulting depression after taking a walk on concrete for any length of time. I haven’t put my finger on it completely yet, but I have discovered a slow walk on the sidewalk for a half hour or more will cause me to feel very bad later- debilitating fatigue and depression. This seems especially silly to me now considering I still attend Crossfit 3-4 times a week, for an hour each time where I sweat like nobody’s business and my whole body get’s worked super hard, and I feel good after these sessions, yet a slow walk will cause me fatigue later. It’s a strange anomaly that I still don’t understand why it happens, but it does. Years ago before being treated this symptom was bad enough that any physical activity caused the chronic fatigue and depression reaction, no matter what it was. There could even be an endorphin rush initially, but within a matter of a couple hours, this dark cloud of depression would descend.  We are not talking a mild case of the blues- we are talking an I-don’t-know-how-I-can-go-on-living hopeless kind of feeling.

More Cold Than Those Around You

Thirdly, I’ve been extremely cold again lately, and I don’t live in a snow state. I’ve been so cold that I’ve actually found myself googling “warmest coat” and considering specialized jacket options that only researchers in the antarctic usually wear because I can’t seem to find a coat that keeps me warm enough to enjoy the outdoors this winter.

There are many more symptoms that I won’t detail here today. These are the main ones that I’ve been experiencing again.

Treatment of Low Thyroid and Adrenal Fatigue

So what this means is that I’m trying myself back on a small dose of thyroid medication. I take Cytomel– also called T3 or active thyroid hormone.  This is very different from what the majority of thyroid patients are put on by their doctors- most take T4 medication like Synthroid, Levoxyl, Levothroid or Unithroid.  If you haven’t researched this yet, please look into the differences between T3 and T4 thyroid medications– it can mean the difference between feeling symptom free and feeling like crap.

I have yet to know if my current symptoms are mostly thyroid or mostly adrenal or a combination of both, or maybe it’s something entirely new or different.  It’s a bit of a guessing game sometimes at this moment and takes time to figure out.  I have experimented with taking small doses of cortisol again too in the form of Isocort. The results are mixed. Sometimes I feel better, sometimes I feel worse, so I don’t know all the answers yet. The important thing though is to do something.  If I do nothing, I definitely won’t figure it out.  By trying different things I hope to find the solution and the right balance for best wellness again.

What I will tell you is that, even though I’m once again experiencing a blip in my health, between taking Cytomel thyroid medication for 2 years and then somehow recovering my health and not needing it for almost a year, I have spent the last 3 years of my life feeling REALLY GOODcompared to the previous 6-8 years before that.  If you can get proper treatment, you CAN feel good again.  Don’t give up on yourself and finding wellness.  Make the above links in this post a start to your research on this.


HCGChica P4 HCG Diet Update- 112 days since end of R5

February 22, 2013

Hello everyone!

So it’s February 21, 2013, and it’s been about 112 days since the end of my 5th round of HCG Injections – so almost 4 months now.  And actually, my 2 year anniversary since I started my weight loss journey is tomorrow I think.  I can’t believe it’s been that long.

I have been extremely stable in the 126-127 lb weight range for over 2 months now.  I’m not eating low carb now- I’m eating very healthy but it definitely doesn’t classify as low carb.  I just think that’s important to mention because sometimes I hear people claim that you have to eat low carb the rest of your life to maintain weightloss from the diet plan which is totally not true.

Every person’s body is different, and I don’t doubt that some individuals may need to eat low carb long term, but not everyone since I don’t have to.  I get 3-4 hours of intense exercise a week, in the form of Crossfit, and I eat baked potatoes, rice, and rice milk, corn tortillas, refried beans (from the can), and fruit as carbs.  Sometimes I even have 2 baked potatoes (with butter and full fat sour cream) in one day.

Some days I eat quite a bit of food, and some days I don’t feel as hungry and I eat far less.  It has really varied, but overall, it seems to be working for me as my weight is extremely stable right now.

I am not counting calories, so I have no idea how many calories I’m taking in, but on the days I more, I’m positive my calorie range is somewhere between 2200-2700 I bet.  I’m not a bird eater.

However, I do eat very healthy- even though it’s not low carb, I don’t eat any kind of refined sugar at all, and I’ve been 100% gluten free for 2 years now.

I like to make these updates now and then so that you can see the living proof of long term maintenance of a healthy body after Human Chorionic Gonadotropin  is totally feasible, and not difficult.

Have a nice evening!



Life in Phase 4: Maintaining hCG Diet Weight Loss: hCGChica 1st Quarter 2014 Update

April 9, 2014

This is the first of a series of quarterly updates now on how life is going in maintenance mode since ending my last round 16 months ago (actually I just realized it was 17 months- sorry guys- some of these posts I’m working on for 2 months at a time so the timeline gets skewed). Mainly because there is not enough information out there for AFTER hCG. You know, that decades long part of life?  Seems kinda important given the time period it spans.

While I have maintained my weight loss, it’s not like every single day of the last 16 months I’ve been the exact same weight. So I’m hoping that perhaps by sharing my triumphs, my struggles, and how I work at keep things in balance without gaining large amounts of weight back and bringing things back to level on my own when needed, this might aid you in doing the same.

My Weight the Past 3 Months

I’ve been pretty much between 123-125 lbs for the most part.  A few highs and a few lows here and there.

Maintain hCG Weight Loss Phase 4 Life 1st Quarter 2014

Maintain hCG Weight Loss - Phase 4 Life - February 2014 -

Maintain hCG Weight Loss - Phsae 4 Life- March 2014 -

So what I have been up to, aside from taking….

  • 80 photos of asparagus
  • 48 photos of yogurt
  • 166 photos of spinach
  • 92 pics of fennel
  • 91 photos of lemons
  • 114 photos of cucumber
  • and 168 photos of onions?

168 pics of ONIONS??  Yup, true story.  For an up and coming gallery of P2 protocol foods! Now you’re thanking me.

My MAJOR Triumph:

I reached 15% bodyfat.  Man oh man.  I completed hCG 16 months ago at 17.9% bodyfat with 21.3 lbs of fat, and really my goal the majority of this past 16 months has simply been to maintain my level of fat but to gain additional muscle and get stronger at crossfit.

Bodyfat Percent After Crossfit and the hCG Diet - 2014 - hcgchica.comThis was after a not so pleasant body fat test done on February 15th, showing a 1lb fat gain and 1lbs LOSS of Muscle – WHAT???

Body fat percent February 2014

I sat down to analyze what went wrong.  The 1lb fat gain was not such a big deal to me- it’s easy to overeat and the 1lb fat gain was over a period of 4 months since my previous body fat test in October 2013 – that’s easily fixable and understandable.  What didn’t make sense was the muscle loss.  There should have been a muscle increase with 4 additional months of crossfit, a couple which were 4 days a week, and not only did it stay the same, it dropped.

I narrowed down the 3 things I felt may be contributing to this odd outcome:
  1. I was still on a low dose of thyroid medication and realized I probably no longer needed it.
  2. I had gotten lazy about eating protein after workouts – sometimes not getting around to eating a meal till 2-3 hours after crossfit, on a regular basis.
  3. Was fasting intermittently about 1x a week.  Once I bumped up my crossfit to 4 days a week I thought perhaps it was too much for me?

Removing My Thyroid Meds

I got off my thyroid medication (that day in fact).  Since the medication I took was active thyroid hormone, T3, also called cytomel, it is a known muscle stripper if taken in excess of what the body needs and can definitely cause muscle loss.  I had other indicators that I no longer needed the additional thyroid hormone, but I had been nervous to actually get off of it.  In fact, I had tried several times in the past several months, but always got nervous that my weight would go up so I would resume taking it.  This time, I felt this was enough proof that I really didn’t need it anymore and that now it was actually making things worse for my body, not better.

Warning!  I was only on a tiny dose so it was okay for me to get off overnight like this.  Had I been on a higher dose I would have had to wean off slowly over time.  Obviously, most people do this with the aid of a doctor.  I have come to find for myself that dosing by symptoms has been better for me, and I got my t3 from Mexico.

2014 1st Quarter Update for Maintaining my hCG Diet Weight Loss -

Eating Protein Soon After Crossfit Workouts

I decided to be more responsible about eating soon after my workout – the last 6 weeks I have made sure to come home and cook up some chicken or ground beef right away and eat it, along with either kale salad or some clementines.

Fasting A Little Less Often

I only fasted twice in the past 6 weeks.  However, I actually AM still kind of fasting on a regular basis in the sense that I still don’t eat breakfast and I still often don’t eat before 2pm.  But as far as an actual all day fast where I don’t eat until dinner, which I was doing about 1 day a week prior, I am rarely doing at the moment.  Since I’m crossfitting 4 days a week and then of course on recovery days I feel the need for some fuel, I’m finding there just aren’t as many good opportunities to fast – a day where I’m recovered from a workout and not working out that day are few and far between.  So I made that adjustment to fast less often.

These changes obviously were the right choice for me since I dropped an entire almost 5lbs of fat in the last six weeks and had a gain of 2lbs of muscle.  VERY PLEASED.

Follow Up Lyme Treatment

The only other thing that changed in the past 6 weeks between these two tests is I had some follow-up lyme disease treatment, and it’s possible that it may have allowed my body to do better.

First I want to make it clear that I have NO testing to prove I have lyme disease.  The testing for this disease is notoriously poor with frequent false negatives.  I came to this conclusion myself after researching the various symptoms and seeing my health decline in a similar fashion over the past 10 years.  I strongly feel that’s what I’ve had all this time.  Back in November, I spent a whole month out of town getting an alternative lyme disease treatment involving cold laser and rife frequencies.  I can only tell you I came home a changed person.  I’ve been so much better since then that it’s like night and day.  But in the last month, I had started to feel like I might be regressing just a tad.  I went in for some follow-up and there did seem to be indication through the muscle testing that I did have some residual lyme going on in the “hatch stage” of the lyme organisms’ life cycle, which I’ve been getting treated for the last 4 weeks.  Once again, I feel improvement in my symptoms.  Whether or not this contributed to such a great body fat test this time around I don’t know.  I’m including it because it’s another “different” thing that was going on during this time.

My Current Eating Habits:

Dairy free
Nut free
Gluten free

What I do eat (examples further down):
Occasional grain- usually white rice (when I eat Thai- yum) and organic corn (tortillas and popcorn mostly)

Working on:

Eating more raw veggies.

I am eating whole heads of kale for a salad- stuff like that.  Warning though!  This is not something you can just jump into- you need to gradually increase raw veggies you’ll experience some major painful indigestion (don’t ask me how I know).

Getting to Crossfit 4 times a week.

I have been a solid 2-3 time a week crossfit gal for 2 years, but as I’ve gotten stronger and my body has changed I have found I can easily handle going more often without too much soreness.  That being the case, I got in a pretty solid 4 day a week crossfit routine this month- it just feels good and really is something that keeps me grounded.

Challenges This Quarter

Occasionally I buy packages of dried fruit- the unsulphured kind- dried mango is a favorite of mine- however I can only do this now and then because invariably I eat way too much it in one sitting and have this sensation that my stomach is fully of a bunch of gummy stuff.  So yes, I do not have completed control over something so sweet at this time, so most of the time, I simply don’t buy it.

I’m a total wuss when it comes to confrontation- no need to explain the details, but in short our landlady got very confrontational with me over a misunderstanding and it was hard for me- I’m a sensitive soul- always have been and I’ve learned to except it.  Since I live a pretty sheltered life- husband treats me great, I work from home so I don’t frequently come into contact with rude strangers etc, it’s rare for me.  I was an emotional mess- the kind where you wander around the house crying and aimlessly cleaning up at the same time while trying to process how you feel.  It was challenging for 2 reasons- first, the fact that I could turn to food to comfort myself, which would have been super bad timing for my body and my emotional health as I had just resolved that day to do some super clean eating for the next week, and 2ndly it happened about an hour before I was supposed to leave for crossfit.  I contemplated not going- I felt horrible and really didn’t want to leave and go work out.  I wanted to sit with my pillow and watch tv with a big bowl of popcorn and one or two P3 smoothies to top it off.

I triumphed on both accounts in the end- my son and I both headed to crossfit (he has his own kids crossfit class once a week as well now and I hated to disappoint him).  I told myself I should at least get myself there and I could always choose to not work out once I was there.  I worked out.  It felt good.  Didn’t take the sadness away but what’s important is that I took care of myself  instead of harming myself because of being hurt by someone else.  I stuck to my commitment to eating clean that day as well- now tears in popcorn bowls that day.

My Crossfit Calendar

As you can see, I’ve been to crossfit 4 days a week steadily most of the past 3 months.  And it’s felt great!!  Many new accomplishments and PR’s during this time.

Crossfit after hCG Diet - January 2014 - hcgchica.comCrossfit after hCG Diet - February 2014 - hcgchica.comCrossfit after the hCG Diet - March 2014 -

P4 Meal Examples in My Daily Life

Here’s a fairly large meal I had about 4:30pm after coming home from crossfit around 2pm.  It’s leftover pasture raised chicken, sweet potatoes, and hummus for the chicken, with several pats of butter strategically placed all over the dish.  I was full when I finished it.


I thought it would be fun to record my weight before and right after this meal.  Just because we ladies take scale weight a little too much to heart sometimes and forget how much our food weighs when we eat it.


And this is literally at 4:52pm, less than half an hour later after I finished that meal:


Amazing huh! 2lbs worth of food was in that plate.

Here’s some more examples of meals and snacks I eat:


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hCGChica’s hCG Diet Journal – Round 4 Thu, 05 Apr 2018 17:33:08 +0000 R4 Plans for HCG- Loading and VLCD March 1, 2012 Before I say anything else, please you have to watch my little 2 year old son at 3:40 in the video eating artichoke while I’m vlogging. I’m looking back at … Continue reading

The post hCGChica’s hCG Diet Journal – Round 4 appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

R4 Plans for HCG- Loading and VLCD

March 1, 2012

Before I say anything else, please you have to watch my little 2 year old son at 3:40 in the video eating artichoke while I’m vlogging. I’m looking back at this now as he’s now 8 and a half years old and I just can’t believe how adorable he was and still is. Of course I’m his mother, but he really is a cutie and I want to show him off. Okay back to hCG.

HCGChica Phase 1 Loading for the hCG Diet - Round 4 - March 2012 -


Round 4 plans:

-Low carb / Clean loading again.  For me I’ve learned that there can never be a good excuse to overeat on carbs and sugar. I can’t let my mind allow that ever again. It takes me to very dark places I don’t want to be.

-Short Round (3 weeks)

-Small amount of resistance training

– Small amount of MCT oil before exercise

For rounds 3 and 4 I used 2000iu vials of HCG and remixed the hormone every 7-10 days. For Round 5 I chose to go ahead and use a 5000iu vial and I will compare and let you know my opinion on the comparison. Basically my reasons for mixing in smaller batches is just to keep the hormone as fresh as possible at all times.

I can tell you what ended up actually taking place in Round 4 of HCG Injections. Yeah the resistance training? My body doesn’t like doing too many things at once that’s what I found out. I did crossfit just a little bit for the first week and it seemed to bring my weight and fat loss to a screeching halt after just the first couple vlcd days for like 10 days afterwards. Needless to say that round I didn’t lose much weight overall. I still accomplished something, but I think I would have done better had I kept the attempted weightlifting out.


No More Thyroid Medication, Maintaining hCG Weightloss

March 28, 2012

The thing you might take away most from this vlog is how amazingly stable my fat has remained. You won’t hear me talking too much about my weight so much because what I really care about is my fat. I don’t worry about the scale because I’ve been purposely gaining weight in the form of muscle. But I have been consistently maintaining my fat losses.

You can maintain your fat losses from hCG. Don’t listen to those naysayers. Believe the people who are living proof that is can be done, and fairly easily too. I don’t count calories, I don’t eat only 1200 calories a day to maintain, I don’t starve myself. And I’m maintaining. Okay? Okay.

Regarding fasting and weightlifting, I think the intermittent fasting is fantastic for keeping weight stable. But I have found if muscle gains are your goal, fasting kind of hampers this. As soon as I stopped fasting, my strength at crossfit and muscle grew in leaps and bounds- it was that noticeable. My body just needed more in order to build a lot of strength I guess. Since strength gains was my goal during the interim period between Round 3 and Round 4 of HCG Injections, this served me well. At some point when I feel I’ve gotten pretty far with both my fat loss and my strength, I may be incorporating the intermittent fasting again in order to stay at a stable weight.  The intermittent fasting program that worked fantastically for maintaining my weight was Brad Plon’s Eat Stop Eat protocol.  I highly recommend reading his book as it dispels so many myths about fasting, as well as contains what I believe is the simplest, easiest way to maintain weight without having to count calories every day for the rest of your life.


At this point I had officially gotten off all my thyroid medication, and I still am. This is pretty unheard of for people like me. I have Hashimoto’s which is an autoimmune thyroid condition. I used to take 87.5 mcg of T3 (Cytomel) and now I take none. Autoimmune conditions according to conventional medicine are incurable. But now I feel great, I’m living a normal life, and I don’t take any medication.

Lastly- for any of you that like to go on youtube, please subscribe to Delmem. He is just such a valuable asset to revolution to prove Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is healthy and works as Dr. Simeons said it did. He is even expanding on it with his own research. He has a lot of interesting things to share in his vlogs.


Hydrostatic Bodyfat Results – Compare After R3 with 3 months Crossfit

March 30, 2012

My hydrostatic body fat test results showed that at 124.8 before I started crossfit, I had 33.79 lbs of fat, and the follow up hydrostatic test showed I had 34.33 lbs of fat at 132.5 pounds- so only a half pound fat gain, which is totally awesome since I gained over 7 lbs of muscle. This means I’ve maintained 99% of my 17 lbs fat loss from my 3rd HCG Injections round. I now have a lower body fat percent at 132 pounds than at 124 pounds.

Also I wanted to take this opportunity to tell all you ladies out there, not to be afraid of building muscle. It will really work to your benefit in the long run, and you will not look like the hulk. But also that what this can mean for a period of time is that you will see an increase in the scale at first. Unless you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, you will see an increase in the scale and even in your inches a little bit. I have found using this weight loss protocol to lose the fat to be the simplest approach. Then I use crossfit (or another resistance training program of your choice) to build muscle. What I’m trying to say is that your weight and your inches will go back down even smaller than before in your next “phase” of fat loss.

So try not to always use the scale alone as a gauge to whether you’re a success or failure. It’s nice if you can find a way to measure your actual body composition (how much fat vs. muscle you have) instead. The handheld omron body fat monitor has been pretty useful in this respect. You can find it on my “store” page if you wanted to check into purchasing one- they’re only like thirty bucks on Amazon. The handheld body fat monitor was only 1% off of my actual body fat percent when compared to the hyrostatic body fat test.


R4VLCD5 Update – Smaller Measurements at Higher Weight

April 6, 2012

This is my first time taking a dose as low as 125iu of Hcg for subcutaneous injections on the diet, and it has worked well so far! My hunger is obsolete except when it’s time for my small meal.

I started out still doing Crossfit while taking HCG Injections the first week, but I decided to drop it after seeing my weightloss be quite slow this first week when keeping it in.

As I learned while trying to fast and do Crossfit in p3 and p4, it’s seems to be difficult for the body to accomplish multiple things at the same time that are kind of opposites- like fasting and muscle building. That has made me wonder if trying to lose fat quickly on this protocol is really kind of at odds with trying to continue going to Crossfit. I just wanted to try to preserve the muscle I have and hated to stop the Crossfit, but seeing how things have panned out so far, it’s not promising.

Just a little interesting tidbit, my waist and belly measurement at 131 pounds is exactly the same as when I was 122 lbs on my 3rd round.  What does this mean?  It means I’m more muscle and less fat now- that I can be 9 lbs heavier and have the same smallness of waist and belly.  Oh yeah!


R4VLCD7 -2.2, Ketones up after fruit removal

April 8, 2012

Hey guys! HCGchica. I just wanted to check in. This is round 4 VLCD 7. I was actually down 2.2 today on the scale. My fat stayed the same however it’s kinda evening up cause at 1st day I actually was losing more fat than weight according to my OMRON handheld body fat monitor. As of this point I am down 4.4 pounds in 6 VLCD days and 3.5 pounds of fat and I’m thinking it’s possible that my fat loss may catch up even a little bit more tomorrow. I’ll let you guys know because of my last round I definitely had days where my weight wouldn’t drop but my pounds of fat would drop like a pound or even a pound and a half and others days where my weight would drop but my fat would stay the same. So definitely didn’t drop like evenly but somehow it always seems to pretty much catch up. Hopefully that will happen too. Either way I’m still really close so I’m happy with that.

Yesterday was my second day of removing my fruits and having the zero percent FAGE yogurt in place of it. I did that for my entire last round and I had achieve 90% fat loss on my last round which I proved through hydrostatic body fat testing so I know that is a safe thing for me to do since that’s not a normal protocol thing to do. Doctor Simeons never mentioned anything about 0% fat free yogurt for any newbies out there but that’s something I had chosen to try and it did worked for me, for my fat loss. Yesterday was my second day doing that and what was nice was today my ketones were up to 40. Yesterday they were only at trace and the day before that they were at 15 so my ketones have definitely been smaller than last round and I wanted to see if I could bump that up a bit and if that will help my fat loss at all.

Yesterday I was definitely quite tired. I don’t know if that’s because of my body getting a little more into ketosis. Today I felt great. I had really good energy. So yeah so that’s that. I guess that’s all I have to share so that’s where I’m at for moment and I’ll update again soon. Take care.


Low Blood Sugar on HCG – HCGR4VLCD9

April 10, 2012

If you ever choose to remove the fruits on p2 as I have done the past 3 rounds of HCG Injections, do be careful about keeping your blood sugar even. It is much easier to get low blood sugar when you remove the fruits and grissini since that makes up the majority of the carbs on the diet. I find my body does adjust after a couple days, but you may have to eat a little extra vegetables or other carb when you get low blood sugar at first. Just be aware of how you’re feeling is all.

It feels really yucky to deal with low blood sugar so it’s good to address that right away.


Hey guys! HCGhica! Just want to update you. It’s Round 4 VLCD 9. I’m down a half pound in fat today so I’m really happy about that. We’ll see if it sticks tomorrow. My body fat percent so far has dropped by little over 2% in 8 days so that’s exciting. I did have some low blood sugar issues yesterday. I did have this at the beginning of my last round. I think it has to do with the fact that I took out my fruits again which I had done last round. When you don’t have the fruits on P2 it makes the diet really low carb. I think that really fix my blood sugar. I have a glucose meter, for those of you who are familiar with blood sugar numbers usually I think 90-100 is best. I feel best when it’s close to 100. In the morning I actually  felt a little bit like when I stood up quickly like I might faint or something so I had 3 egg whites and 1 egg yolk which I was kind of hoping would help bring it up. I guess it doesn’t really have much carbs in it at all if any. So as it was it didn’t help because half an hour later I checked my blood sugar and it was 74 which is definitely too low for me. I decided to go ahead and take another 25 IU of the hormone as well. Just up my dose back up to 150 to see if that had anything to do with it. Then I had 100 calories of 0% FAGE yogurt. I continue to check my blood sugar it still wasn’t going up much. I think it went up to 80 and then maybe 85 and then it started going back down again. So I came home and had my lunch which was my asparagus soup with chicken and Shirataki noodles and then I was doing better after that. I think it was up to 96 after I had my soup. In the afternoon I ended up having my yogurt again and I did have an extra item of food yesterday. I decided to have an apple. I felt like my body probably needed a little more carb so I had an apple. For dinner I had my chicken onion and lemon soup with the noodles and I was good. I was good with that. I did have to eat a little more because of my blood sugar. That was good.

This morning my blood sugar is 85 on waking. I took my injection and then I waited for a little bit and I checked it again and then it was 78. I knew I should probably eat something so I had a half cup of my 0% FAGE yogurt and not too long after that, actually I checked it again and it was 96 which was perfect, and then it was getting close to lunch time again. I am doing much better today with that. I also remix my hormone today so I have a new batch. I mix in 2000 IU vials and they usually last between 9 and 11 days or so. Maybe that will be a good thing too and I’m going to go back to 150 IU injections for the moment and yeah that’s it. Just want to give you guys a quick update and I was really happy to see my fat go down to 29.5 pounds today because I’ve been stuck at 30 pounds of fat for 4 days and before that I was stuck at 31 pounds of fat for 3 days and last round I was stuck at 30 pounds of fat for like a week. I don’t know maybe that is like a fat set point for me. I’m not sure but I was really happy to see 29.5 today and I will be super happy to see it- I would love to see it drop even more tomorrow but even if it just stays the same at 29.5 I will be very happy about that. So that’s my update today and I’ll check in again soon.


R4VLCD12 Lost some more fat finally!

April 13, 2012

This round is showing me once again just how complex our bodies are. For over a week I haven’t lost weight or fat and I’m eating 500 calories a day and I’m not hungry. So how’s that working? What am I living on? Very interesting indeed.

As an experiment I tried removing stevia to see if it would increase my ketones. Although it’s doubtful stevia could affect blood sugar and therefore ketones, on this protocol you never know right? So I left the stevia out one day. And guess what? The next day my ketones dropped to zero. Yay for me- I can have stevia without worrying.

The other thing I then turned my attention to was the shirataki/miracle noodles. Again I really don’t think it could affect anything because to me it’s like saying eating cardboard would prevent fat loss.

I did drop 1.5 pounds of fat finally which was very satisfying to see.


Body Shot and Comparison of different body fat percents at same weight- R4VLCD16

April 17, 2012


Hey guys! HCGchica! Sorry for the strange angle. I wanna give you guys a body shot today. I’ve been by HHcgCraZy and MissHCGgirl. I agree body shots are really helpful to see when you’re researching this weight loss protocol or when you’re on the protocol. So I had to set my camera a little different.

Today is VLCD 16 of round 4. I am at 127.2 today but more importantly I am down to 27.5 pounds of fat as of this morning. Again that is on my handheld OMRON body fat monitor. So in reality it’s actually 2 – 3 pounds of fat higher if I were to have hydrostatic but since I use my OMRON every day I used it last round I’m able to use this to make comparisons and it’s been really consistent. Anyway I’m really excited because where I’m at the OMRON is 27.5 pounds of fat which means so far I’ve had a 6 pound fat lost  in the last 15 days and I’ve had a 6.4 pound weight lost. So basically so far almost all of my weight lost is fat which is really what I was going for. For some of the newbies out there don’t be alarmed if it’s sounds like, cause you know saying I lost 6 pounds in 15 days doesn’t sound like much but don’t be alarmed I’m really getting much smaller now I’m already a size 4. I’m getting close to being a size 2 so it’s normal for it to be small at this point. If you’re much heavier you’ll definitely be losing a lot more weight than that in 15 days if you’re doing the protocol. But as you get smaller it definitely gets slower and for those of you who are getting smaller in the protocol its normal for it to be slow I think but be patient. It’s definitely been difficult at times to be patient this round but you know my lost vlog I discuss how I was stuck at 30 pounds of fat like seemingly forever but now it’s gradually going down it went down to 28.5 in this morning 27.5 so as of the moment it’s putting me at 21.7% body fat. Again in reality if I did the hydrostatic which I will in a couple of few weeks it’s probably more like 22.7 or 23.7 but I’m definitely getting in o a really good zone with my body fat percent now. So I’m really excited about that and also to have almost all of my weight loss be fat loss that was really the most important thing to me.

One other quick thing I wanna mention before I do the body shot is that because I did the interim period between my last round in this round of CrossFit. I did a 3 months of cross fit. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that but if you do some type of program that really pushes you with some weight lifting where you can build muscle I gained 7 pounds of muscle during that time and I had my hydrostatic results to prove that and I only gained a half pound of fat. What’s kinda neat is because of that, that weight gained that I had was almost entirely muscle. So now this time as I go down in my weight I’m able to match it up with my 3rd round and where I was at that weight with my body fat percent. So I would just like to show you guys. Last round when I was at this weight 127 I have 127.4 on there I was actually between 34- I was 34.5 pounds of fat that day. As of today I’m 27.5 pounds of fat at that same weight. So that’s actually 7 pounds less fat at the same weight. Again what that means is that I am smaller. I’m smaller now at the same weight. So that’s really exciting to me. On that day on my third round the OMRON had me at 27.1 percent body fat as a result and today I’m at 21.7 so that’s almost 6% less body fat. That’s definitely what you want

Okay, so here’s my body shot I’m a size 4 right now. Show you the front, side, back and other side so I hope you can see all of me. But anyway this are snug pants so it’s kinda holding in a little bit of stuff up here but overall I definitely kinda losing a little bit all over this round. Like I said I’m still size 4 which is what I finished at last round when I was 122, 124 as I think when I got into the size 4 and they were pretty snug but the size 4 on me now at 127 were actually getting lose and I’m starting to get close to a size 2. I don’t know that I’ll reach that at the end of this round or not. I probably have to extend my round if I wanted to do that but anyway yeah I’m excited I’m happy with the results but it is definitely much slower when you’re smaller but I do think the actual inch change is quicker because just losing smaller amounts has a bigger change in your body. Other than that I am basically always negative or trace on the ketones sticks now. So just to show that as long as you’re doing the diet properly not showing ketones is not a bad thing. My last round I had really big ketones for much of the rounds and lost almost all fat and this time I have almost none the whole time. Sorry the camera keeps moving. I have it sitting on top of my lampshade so I can show you the body shot.

Anyway that’s my results. I’m having my Shirataki noodles again. My stevia cause that really didn’t seem to be what was affecting my fat loss. It really just seem to be a time factor and just my own body working through whatever issues it had. The other one quick thing I did wanna mention was that I have had a few, not a few, maybe almost every other day period where I feel really tired. One day specially I  felt really bad and you know I research stuff a lot and I know that toxins that your body is around is stored in your fat, can be stored in your fat. I was kinda wondering if some of this fat that I’ve been losing had some toxins stored in it. Cause I’ve definitely done some unhealthy things. I used to do a lot of- I used to paint homes and I never wore a mask and I didn’t wear gloves and I would just get paint all over me and breathe it, the vapors and I did that for a number of years and drinking a lot of Diet Coke and I got very sick. I use to even do that with like you know just strong different paints like sealers. I use to do a lot of furniture and stuff like that. I was just stupid. I was young and stupid. So I did things like that and I do feel that’s one of the reasons that I originally got ill and got my auto-immune condition. So I’m kinda wondering if some of that fat had stored some toxins, you know that was then being released and then causing me to feel a little sick and then the next day I would feel really good again. So anyway I’m just really glad to be getting rid of that fat if that is the case. So that’s my update for today. Thanks for watching guys, see you later.


Size 0 Vest Bodyshot, Hunger and Dose Fixing, R4P2VLCD20 update

April 21, 2012

I have had this vest for about 16 years now.  While I purchase most of my clothing from thrift stores because I’m just frugal like that (INC blouse for $6 at goodwill? oh yeah, it’s mine), this vest was purchased in the mall for over $100- and you know what?  It was worth every stinkin’ penny.  It has been my favorite piece of clothing all these years.  Obviously I couldn’t wear it for at least the last 7 years.  I put it on this day, vlcd 20 of  my 4th round of HCG Injections and guess what?  I buttoned the entire vest up.  I remember trying it on a couple years ago as I went through all my “too small” clothes and there was at least a 7 inch gap across my chest that the vest wouldn’t go across.  At that time I couldn’t fathom to myself how I could have been so small at one time.  And this day I buttoned it up!  Now, today October 14 2012, as I finish up Round 5, this vest fits even more comfortably- anywhere below the bust line the vest is actually a little on the loose side, making it comfortable to sit down in too, not just stand in (kind of a plus since most events involve some sitting).

Also….I like my legs now.  I’ve NEVER liked my legs.  Finally, at 31 years of age, I like my legs.  I am so amazed at how much this diet plan really does create a wonderful re-shaping action of your body.  No one knows the shape of my legs more intimately than I do, and I can tell you they are having the best shapeliness in their whole life on this planet, even when I used to weigh less than I do now.  Okay, enough about me.  Let’s move on to something that might actually help you shall we?


I had a point a few days before VLCD 20 that I experienced some strong actual hunger- I was very preoccupied with the urgent need to eat all day.  I ended up mini-loaded that night- just from dinner on about 7pm-10pm- I just ate whatever I felt like eating.  My blood sugar with the protocol foods was not getting high enough- kept hovering around 75-80 and I feel best if my blood sugar is 90-100.  Even after mini-loading, the following day I again felt very preoccupied with the need to eat- very hungry indeed.

In retrospect I needed a smaller dose.  I had been injecting 150iu’s, and I dropped it to 125iu’s- immediately when I did that I felt so much better- the difference was drastic- the day I started injecting 125iu’s I didn’t even feel the need to eat anything until like 2pm.  So for all those out there who experience abnormal hunger at different points through the protocol, always look at your dose of the hormone as a possible thing to tweak.  As of now, as I close Round 5 (this vlog was from Round 4), I took 125iu for the entire round with great success and almost no hunger the whole round.

I really don’t recommend mini-loading- it would be better to eat more P2 protocol foods until you figure out why you are feeling abnormally hungry, most likely all you need is a new batch of the hormone or a different dose.  I have found mini-loading to simply be a waste of time on the protocol- I do not think it causes extra fat loss on the diet, I think it just slows you down.


hCG End of Round 4

April 25, 2012

I am proud to say I got through this round successfully even though it was the slowest round as far as weight loss and fat loss goes compared to all my other rounds.  At first I thought this was just because I am smaller now so the weight was coming off slower.  However, now as I complete Round 5 where I was even smaller than the start of Round 4 of HCG Injections, I now feel my slow fat loss was due at least in part to food allergies.  I had a very comprehensive food allergy panel done through a company called ALCAT.  It turns out that several of the foods I was eating quite a bit of while on Round 4 of the diet were foods my body is actually allergic too.  Comparing now with Round 5, I seemed to have lost weight and fat more quickly, by avoiding the foods that I was allergic too.


Hey guys! HCGchica! I’m just checking in to give you a little update. I am actually at the end of Round 4 so tomorrow P3 starts for me. I ended up doing 22 very low calorie days with injections and now I’m finishing my last day of my very low calorie without injections so I’m very happy.

This round has been like none other. I think when I’m getting much smaller I don’t have a lot more fat I could lose. I do have about another 6 -7 pounds of fat I could actually lose according to the hydrostatic technician but anyway what I was thinking was if you think of all the other HCgers that are getting smaller and that have been doing rounds I noticed the weight loss is definitely much, much slower HHCGcrazy, HCGfashionista who else is kind of more towards, at goal or close to goal. There has been a few others who have come really far and then I noticed when I went back and watch a few vlogs some people had done 50 VLCD days and lost like 15 pounds so definitely much slower. It still makes it worth it though, because even though it is like pulling teeth to get those last few pounds off with the protocol but it’s still easier to extract those teeth on the protocol than without it that’s for sure. That’s because- I know that because you know doing 3 months of CrossFit this past 3 months before my round I was eating really good going to Cross and working out super hard like 4 days a week and I gained muscle which was my whole goal. I wasn’t trying to lose fat. I already knew that it was difficult to lose fat without the protocol but it’s true I didn’t lose a single pound of fat. I actually gained a half pound of fat while I was gaining the 7 pounds of muscle that I gained with CrossFit.

So just to show you, you know it’s not easy to lose fat. You can often lose weight but losing fat itself is not easy. Anyway with that said I’m gonna be having a hydrostatic body fat test done another ten days or so. I’ll give you the final for real statistics then but as it appears, you know I use my OMRON body fat monitor it appears that I lost a total of about 7 pounds in the whole round in 22VLCD days and it appears that 6 pounds of it was fat. So I’m really hoping that’s the case and that does seem about right for how much I’ve shrunk. I started at 133.8 and my LDW is 126.6 and I started out with 33.5 pounds of fat and finished at 27.5 pounds of fat. So I’m excited. Technically it looks like I’ve lost about 3% body fat in the 3 weeks which at my current size is very good. I did go to CrossFit like the first 4 days on the protocol. I did go to CrossFit 3 times but then I kinda dropped that because I just was feeling like it was trying to make my body do too much. Anyway that’s how my round went. It was definitely mentally difficult for me to stick to because I was getting more and more fatigue and tired especially this last half, last week and a half and I really don’t cope well with being feeling kind of fatigue. Just because I have a history of chronic illness and I’ve gotten away from it so makes me very unsettled to feel those old physical feelings come back cause I get concerned that their not gonna go away. So that’s kinda part of the reason I decided that I needed to stick with my guns and my plan which was to do a short round. It was tempting to do another week or so and see if I could get another 2 or 3 pounds of fat off but at some point you just have to do what’s best for your body, health wise, and I kinda tend to be a high achiever when it comes to goals. I’m not a perfectionist definitely not a perfectionist but I am kind of goal oriented. I like projects. I like to make things like the best or the prettiest or you know whatever the case maybe. So it was easy of course to translate into wanting my body to be the best you can be. I’m gonna guess when I have my hydrostatic done that I have about maybe 28 pounds of fats as of now in reality and if that’s the case, the hydrostatic body fat technician told me that I technically don’t need more than like 20 pounds of fat on my body. So technically there is like 8 more pounds of fat I could lose, could safely lose, and then be super healthy but it’s easier said than done you know and I am at a healthy place now. So I’m definitely gonna just try to be happy with that cause I am happy where I’m at but it’s just fun to go all the way but that’s gonna have to wait. My brain is not there, it’s not. My mental side is not ready to go all the way just because of how hard it is. We weren’t meant to eat like this of course in everyday of our lives. Eating so minimally and eating good healthy food in amounts that are healthy not overeating but eating a little more is definitely I think one of the pleasures in life and one of the things that makes life enjoyable is having tasty food and eating it with friends and family and what not and so it definitely is a mental challenge to be so restricted because it isn’t how much you would normally eat.

Anyway, that’s all. I’ll give you my actual statistics soon and I will take before and after photos. I don’t think that they’re gonna look a lot different, you know, compared to my Round 3 photos because I am definitely smaller. I will say like a lot of my size 4 stuff I’m wearing is much looser but I’m not in the size 2 yet. A couple things I’m in a size 2 but definitely not across the board. I am smaller but it’s kinda like everywhere all over. It’s not just my waist or just my hips which I think makes it a little harder to see in photos but I am definitely smaller specially in my legs and all that but I don’t know if you’ll see it in the photos but I’ll still definitely put them up. That’s it, the other thing is, I don’t know if I wanna share this yet- okay maybe I will. I’m actually making a- no I’m gonna wait. I’m gonna wait till I’m done. That’s all I’ll talk to you guys soon.


P3 Check in- 1.6 under LDW and Back to Crossfit!

April 28, 2012

Being under LDW (last day weight or LIW, Last Injection Weight) is a first for me.  I think this is because I ended Round 4 of HCG Injections right before TOM (time of the month) when my weight always goes artificially up, so my LDW was on my “water retention” day, so I naturally lost a little weight the following day.  So it’s been pretty easy to be under my LDW so far.

I was able to put to rest the one thing I was very nervous about- how would I feel when I went back to Crossfit after being gone for 3 weeks and eating 500 calories for 3 weeks?  I walked back into the Crossfit gym with a little bit of nervous jitters, but I knew within the first 10 minutes of class that I was just as strong as when I left.  I was very relieved and happy to see this result.


Hey guys! HCGchica! This is Round 4 P3 Day 3 so I wanna check in. My first p3 check in. I’m doing really good. I’m so happy to be in P3 and it’s going really well. My LDW is 126.6 and I’m 125 this morning. I feel like I might have it a little bit easy this time because I ended my round right before TOM which always put me in a higher weight. So actually TOM came the first day of p3 so that day my weight dropped to 124.8. I was basically down 1.8 over the 2 days following my LDW and yesterday I was down .2 to 124.6 and this morning I was up .4 to 125 but my pounds of fat has been the same ever since my LDW which is 27.5 pounds of fat. I’m very happy about that. I did get back to CrossFit as of yesterday so yesterday is my first time back at CrossFit and yeah so I’m a little sore today cause you know I haven’t worked out in a full 3 weeks and so I know I’m going to retain a little bit of water and stuff like that. Really not bad though. I’m feeling really good.

The one thing I want that I’m really glad about is I was a little nervous about going back to CrossFit and just to see where my strength level was at cause when you take 3 weeks off from working out you’re not sure how much strength  you’re gonna lose and even though I totally believe you don’t lose more muscle than is necessary on the protocol it’s still a little nerved racking considering how hard I’ve worked out for the last 3 months and gained about 7 pounds of muscle so as far as my little handheld body fat monitor  goes it looks like I’ve lost just about all fat but until I get my hydrostatic done in a week. I was still feeling a little unsettled like I wanna know what are the final results and in concrete proof.

But when I went to CrossFit yesterday I knew within the first 10 minutes. I was like nope I feel just as good as I did before I left. So I’m sure on some of like the heavier weight I might have to work back up a teeny bit but we did like a bunch of box jumps and hand stand push-ups and a whole circuit and I was actually, I kind of did actually the most in the given amount of time in the class that day and usually in the class I’m totally the last person. Anyway I was just excited because it was obvious that I have maintained my strength even though I was eating 500 calories a day for 3 weeks so to all the HCGers out there. I wanna do another blog on that. It seems like there’s been a resurgence lately and HCG-hating and I’ve got some concrete proof people that this weight loss protocol works so there’s nothing you can reason or say to prove otherwise. When you have test results showing 90% fat lost you cannot argue with that so just give up now.

Anyway, I’m really, really happy. I’m doing good. I feel much better now. I did get back on a little tiny bit of thyroid medication, for those of you who haven’t been following me too long I used to take a very high dose I’ve since through a combination of a number of things, not just this protocol but a combination of different health approaches actually completely got off my thyroid medication about maybe 2 months ago and towards the end of this round I was getting really tired. And you know my thyroid symptoms are always worse on this protocol but that’s okay because in the end I am so much healthier now than when I started out. Anyway I decided at the end maybe I should try just a little bit of thyroid until I can get back to CrossFit regularly cause I do think the CrossFit keeps my current thyroid health going pretty well and I didn’t do it for 3 weeks so I’m just taking a teeny bit and that’s helped immensely. I’m feeling really good. And  like I said so far I’ve been eating P3 style for, well today is the 3rd  day, I guess that’s not very long but you know’ I’m eating good amount of food and so far I have not had like huge fluctuations. So I’m really excited. I’m hoping that it’ll be a little easier to stabilize my fat this time. Again I’m not so concerned about stabilizing my scale weight because as I said since I’m doing CrossFit. I am building muscle and that I don’t care about that but I would like to keep my fat in the same range especially since I didn’t lose as much this time. So anyway so I’m doing really good I just want to let everybody know cause I always wonder how people do when they get to P3 like “Okay so you lost it but now it’s gonna happen” so so far so good. I’ll check in again soon and I’m just really enjoying all my food and I’m even having some fruit so in past P3s I didn’t really have any fruit but I’m having a little bit of fruit. So alright I’ll check in soon. Take care guys.


Body Re-Shaping On HCG – R4P3D7 .8 under LIW

May 2, 2012

I have been able to get off my thyroid medication completely and I’ve pretty much been off it for about 8 months now and feeling great. But I’m not against thyroid medication. It gave me my life back for 2 years after feeling horrible and not knowing what was wrong for the previous 6 years before that. After losing weight with HCG Injections and seeing an alternative healthcare dude and starting Crossfit (weight lifting and high intensity interval training), removing gluten, I’ve actually gotten my health to the point where I no longer need it. I’m still amazed to be at this point, but if I still needed the thyroid medication to feel normal, I would by all means take it. It’s important to do what’s necessary in order to feel good enough to feel happy about life and to carry on day to day.


I used to be very small in high school. I only weighed 102 lbs, but was still plenty muscular because I could hike tall mountains “with the guys.” But even back then as small as I was, I never cared for the shape of my legs- they were still “big” looking- they didn’t have a nice shape to them- they were just kind of like logs. Now I’m not as small as I was in high school, and yet I find that this hormone has created in my legs a very pleasing, curvaceous but leaner shape! Something I’ve never had. I sometimes look at my legs and am surprised they belong to me. Don’t get me wrong- they are still fleshy, but they are more shapely than they’ve ever been. No doubt this is also partly due to the muscle I’ve built from Crossfit. But the point is, the hormone really does remove fat from those “trouble areas” that people talk about- you know- those areas that no matter how skinny a person gets, they still have this weird looking fat hanging off their sides or their hips or wherever their particular body happens to store excess fat. I have continued to be amazed at how evenly balanced those who had done the protocol look after reaching their goal weights.


Before and After Body Fat Percent with Hydrostatic Testing

May 10, 2012

Statistics from Round 1 to Round 4 of HCG Injections.  Starting weight 171 lbs, 59 lbs of which was fat, 34.5% body fat.  After Round 4, weight 127.4, 30.5 lbs of which was fat, 23.9% bodyfat.  10.6% bodyfat lost, almost 30 lbs of fat.  If you take out all the breaks between my rounds during which time I was not “on a diet” but rather maintaining my different weights while eating lots of healthy food with no calorie counting, I lost all this fat in only 101 vlcd (very low calorie) days on Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.  Again like I said, I was not on the protocol for 101 days straight- I broke the weightloss up and took long breaks- but all the actual weightloss and fat loss was achieved during those 101 days on my diet rounds, while eating 500 calories a day and not exercising at all.


Update Maintaining HCG Weightloss- HCG R4P4

May 23, 2012

So what am I eating in P4 of HCG Injections (the phase where you add in some starches and sugars again)?  While I no longer eat processed sugar or things like honey, date syrup, brown rice syrup- anything that’s technically a real sugar sweetener, I do eat whole fruits which have plenty of fructose sugar and I’ve incorporated brown rice as well without trouble.

I did my first pull-up from hanging recently!  Anyone who knows about fitness stuff knows this is no easy feat for a woman.  I was excited to achieve this!

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin continues to get a lot of flack for being a “fad” diet or being a “starvation diet.” I am here to show you my proof that is not true. My body fat testing proves that the majority of weight loss has come from fat and that I’ve successfully with ease been able to maintain my fat losses.

That said, on any diet you do, not just hCG, if you go back to eating cartons of ice-cream and french fries when you’re done, yes you are going to gain the weight back. That doesn’t mean the diet didn’t work. That has to do with our responsibility to make long term changes when it comes to how we eat. So people saying that those who do the protocol “gain the weight right back” really aren’t saying anything at all. In actuality, most people who do most diets gain the weight right back. Why? Is it because all of those diets are starvation diets or they all don’t work? Obviously not. It’s because these ones didn’t make long term changes to their eating habits, which I think we could say we’ve all fit that category at one time or another in our life, myself included.

There are many examples that can be found on youtube- before and after hcg videos who have reached a healthy weight through the use of the Diet and continue to maintain their weightloss. Why? Because they made those long term changes.


Maintaining HCG Weightloss Still

May 27, 2012

There’s not really much to say here- life in P4 of HCG Injections has been good.  Keeping the hCG weight off has been good.  It can be done guys!


Hey guys! HCGchica. I just wanted to check in really quick, it’s been a while. It is day 64 since the end of my 4th round and I am 127.4 today my LDW was 126.6 so I am only .8 over my LDW so I just wanna let you know that yes I’ve been maintaining my weight just fine no problems I have been eating plenty of fruit and other healthier carb type things mostly from rice since I can’t eat gluten anymore. But I have been able to eat that and still maintain my weight so anyway I just wanted to let you know. Thanks to all the subscribers that I’ve had in recent months. I think I have like 900 now it’s just totally crazy. Thank you guys. Pretty soon here I wanna do a little bit of longer vlog kinda just giving a recap of my whole weight loss journey, just since I do has so many new people that are subscribed and I have a lot of videos and I know it’s kinda impossible to just go watch all of them. Pretty soon I will try to do that but in the mean time I just want to let you know I am still successfully maintaining my losses and yeah that’s it so I’ll check in again soon. Take care bye.


Water Intake and the hCG Diet- 6 Tips to help you drink the right amount for YOU

August 4, 2012

Let’s talk both about drinking enough water on Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) but also the dangers of drinking too many liquids as well. Here are 6 tips to help you drink the proper amount of liquids for your body.


Drinking enough liquids while on HCG Injections is a definite factor in not eating too much on the protocol. Sometimes when you think you are hungry on the protocol, you are actually thirsty- use this as your first line of defense before you eat too many calories on the protocol. Try drinking something first, like some hot tea with stevia, and see if you are still hungry after that. We know that eating too many calories on the diet makes the whole protocol totally ineffective, so this is a good thing to try when you’ve eaten your calories for the day and think you’re still hungry for more (being excessively hungry on the protocol is also often a dose issue which I talk about here.)


Interesting fact about your kidneys….it appears that healthy kidneys can process about a quarter gallon of water per hour at rest- that’s 1 quart. So it’s a good idea not to chug down a whole gallon of water in 20 minutes- that could be kind of taxing on your kidneys and cause an electrolyte imbalance as well. You don’t need to really overthink this, but I wanted to just mention it briefly because on this protocol, many people online and in youtube vlogs put a lot of emphasis on drinking tons and tons of water. This could actually be unsafe, even life threatening, depending on what your definition of tons of water is of course. One thing that can happen if you drink way too much water all at once is that the electrolytes in your system can get too diluted leading to a condition called Hyponatremia (insufficient salt in your blood). Honestly this isn’t probably gong to happen to any of you hCGers- most of the time this appears to be an issue for athletes who’ve just done a huge amount of exercise and lost a lot of electrolytes through their copious sweating and then drinking plain water which doesn’t replace those electrolytes. But it’s still worth mentioning, proving that, as with all things in life really, you want to approach everything in a balanced way, including how you drink liquids. Be sensible. Don’t panic and reach for a couple gallon jugs when the latest youtube vlogger reminds you to drink tons of water.



It is going to vary somewhat obviously because we’re all different heights, weights and have different activity levels on the protocol . Dr. Simeons who wrote the original diet protocol recommended 2 liters of liquids a day, which is a little over 2 quarts, or half a gallon.


It should be a copious amount and pale or clear (unless you’re taking lots of b vitamins, in which case the color of your urine will probably be bright yellow even if you’re fully hydrated). So if you wake up the in a.m. and don’t really have to pee much or it’s fairly dark in color, you may likely be dehydrated.



Try weighing yourself daily for a week- your weight should remain relatively the same when you weigh yourself in the morning. If you’re not drinking enough water and your body is dehydrated, your body is actually going to hold on to water and you may see bigger fluctuations on the scale.  A good example of a time we’ve probably all experienced this phenonemon is when you eat 3 slices of pizza and a beer with your friends one night and the next morning, your face is feels swollen, your rings won’t budge, and you weight 3 lbs more on the scale than usual. All that’s happening is that your body is retaining water to compensate for all the sodium you took in. Water makes up about 60% of the human body, give or take. Here’s a great short article discussing water and our bodies. That’s why it’s important to get our fluids in. But some of us really don’t like to just drink plain water so it can really be a challenge- that’s why in my next post I’ll talk about some creative ways to make drinking enough fluids while on the diet plan both easy and enjoyable.


P4 Update- 108 days since Round 4 end for hcgchica

August 11, 2012


It’s been 108 days since the end of Round 4 of HCG Injections.

Still crossfitting 3-4 days a week. Love it. JUST. LOVE IT.

I mention this because my LIW (last injection weight) is 126.6, but since I’ve been trying to build muscle with crossfit, I’m currently 132. That’s 5.5 pounds over my LIW. The neat thing is that since this vlog, I had a hydrostatic body fat test done, and it turns out 5 lbs was muscle and only ½ lb was fat- I did better than I gave myself credit for!


I had what I called more “dietary indiscretions” during this p4 than usual, so that’s why I was concerned that a larger percentage of the weight gain was fat, but as it turns out I was wrong (thankfully). I think this goes a long way in showing that continuing to do something progressive for your body after Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (like crossfit!) is a great way to help your body continue to grow while not gaining “weight” in the sense of fat.

I’ve been able to eat a surplus of calories all this time in a way that my body then used almost all of it to build muscle not fat. Pretty cool huh? I love being able to be so free with my calorie intake, and all I have to do to enjoy this is go to crossfit 3-4 times a week for an hour each time. 3 hours a week guys! That’s it. And I can eat calories freely without counting (and I don’t eat like a bird, I promise you that).


Round 5 of the diet will be starting in the near future. Why you may ask? Am I not “done”? My goals in regards to my body are a little unique in that I desire to reach a specific type of body composition. I’m trying to increase my muscle mass and lower my fat mass, over time, to have a well sculpted, lean body with a fairly low body fat percentage.

My bodyfat percent was at 23.9% at my last hydrostatic body fat test at the end of Round 4. But being that I go to crossfit, there are women there who look fantastic to me with much lower body fat percentages. As an example, one of the trainers at my crossfit gym is a young woman of about 23 who is 10% body fat by hydrostatic. I don’t necessarily hope to get that low, but 15% would be pretty neat. I know it won’t happen over night, even with the diet, so that is why my body has become a little “project” of sorts- a fun thing to gradually work on that someday might be in a more “done” state.

To this end, I am cycling crossfit (4-6 months at a time or more) with rounds of the protocol (3-6 weeks).

I’m getting quite muscular with crossfit, but my goal is not simply to be strong. I want to be both strong and lean at the same time. This requires that I lose more fat. After several months of crossfit I can feel myself starting to feel more “thick” all over, and then I know it’s time to do my next cycle and shed some more fat.


Lastly, I also had a food allergy test that showed that I’m allergic to a number of foods that I eat, and in addition, quite  a few foods on the original Dr. Simeons protocol.  I will be experimenting with not eating the foods I’m allergic to on my next round to see if this gives me better fat losses.


P4 update- 120 days since end of Round 4

August 23, 2012

20 days since Round 4 of  HCG Injections ended and holding!  P4 is a blast I must say.

I’m excited to say that while I still don’t eat “sugar” in the sense that most people think of it, I eat a TON of fruit. I think the fact that I go to crossfit makes this more possible for me. But I’ve been almost living on figs lately. Also I’ve been having some alternative baked goods like rice flour, sorghum flour, etc. and maintaining my fat losses well.

I’m also still off all my thyroid medication. I don’t want to mislead anyone and say that Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is the sole cause of this because that’s not true. But it was certainly part of the picture that led me to being to recover my health in such a whole way. I used to take what’s called Cytomel or T3- it’s active thyroid hormone to replace what my body was not making. I took a pretty high dose too- 87.5mcg. But now I’ve been off it entirely since the beginning of March and I feel energetic and normal- that’s unheard of.

I just can’t believe how different my life is since I lost all this weight. I feel like myself again. I know many of you perhaps have never known what it feels like to be a normal weight. For me, I did experience this back in my mid-to-late teens. I was thin and fit and felt confident and felt like….well, just me. So now, to get back to my original shape I once again have those same feelings- confidence, comfortable in my body. If it’s your first time being thin in your life, you may have some different feelings than me.

What’s interesting is that when I was thinner, I used to love to wear black and more muted natural colors. As I got more overweight I found myself wearing brighter and more outlandish clothing in order to make myself look prettier and kind of “dress up” my chubby shell or perhaps to distract from it. Now as I get thinner, I find myself once again being drawn to black and more natural tones again. It’s so funny! What an experience this hCG journey has been. I’m so happy to feel like “me” again.


Hydrostatic Bodyfat Testing after 5 months of Crossfit and completion of HCG Diet

September 19, 2012

146 days since the end of Round 4 now. Almost 5 months of maintaining my HCG fat loss from just Round 4 alone. Over a year of maintaining my fat loss from more HCG Injections rounds combined. I’ve been a size 4 for over a year now, so that should tell you something (when I started out pre-hCG as a size 16/18).


End of the hCG Diet Round 4: hydrostatic body fat test results dating May 5, 2012:
Weight: 127.4 lb (.8 above my LDW)
Pounds of fat: 30.48lbs
Pounds of muscle: 96.92lbs
Bodyfat %: 23.93%

4.5 months of Crossfit later: hydrostatic body fat test results dating September 18, 2012:
Weight: 133 lbs (6.4 lb above LDW and 5.6 lbs above my last hydro test)
Pounds of fat: 30.95lb (gain of less than ½ pound of fat in last 5 months)
Pounds of muscle: 102lbs (gain of 5lb of muscle in the last 5 months of Crossfit)
Bodyfat %: 23.2%

Gain of .5 lbs fat
Gain of 5 lbs muscle

Can you say SCORE????

Conclusion: I have maintained almost 100% of my fat losses from the diet during the last 5 months, and actually for the entire past year as well. This is one happy Chica (doing a happy dance right at this moment).


Interestingly, while my Omron handheld body fat monitor has been a useful tool for me both in accuracy and consistency, something about how it works on my body has changed. It used to underestimate my body fat percent when I was heavier by about 2%, which is fine, it’s close and it was consistent in showing me my gradual drop in body fat percent as I lost weight with the protocol. This time when I went for my hydro test however I discovered that for the first time, the Omron had actually overestimated my body fat percent by about 2%. I’m guessing this is because my body composition has changed so much that that is how it now interacts with my higher muscle composition.


Recently we had a fairly stressful event in our family life, where our house was foreclosed and we had to find a new home to live, etc.- the whole process of moving, from a three bedroom home, while having a 3 year old soon, and in the circumstances it was under was pretty stressful.

Through all this I did find myself reverting back to my old eating habits for a short time. One of these days I will do an in depth personal vlog/blog post about it because I think it could help others to know that eating disorders can be overcome. It mostly started because I was without my oven for a few days while we were moving. I used to sugar binge (the real kind of binge- like 3000 calories worth of carbs and sugar in 30 minutes kind of binge). I have broken that terrible cycle twice now. It’s been almost a year since my last sugar binge. But as we were moving, I wasn’t able to cook what I normally cook and I have a very difficult finding something I can safely eat out because I’m so sensitive to gluten and it appears to be on almost everything in most restaurants. I ended up cutting myself some slack in an area I shouldn’t have and allowed myself to have some store-made gluten free cookies that contain real sugar. This led to me desiring to eat more of them. Within just a few days, I was already starting to crave sugar and carbs again in a big way, driving all the way across town just to purchase those cookies and eat the whole package.

This was scary to me because this used to be a daily problem I dealt with, and I have spent most of the last year in a lovely state of no craving and easily eating healthfully- this is because I eliminated all regular sugar from diet entirely.

Thankfully I nipped this in bud within a week and a half of this bad cycle starting because I already know where that path goes, and I just can’t allow myself to end up their again. The way I address this issue is through my own little “sugar detox” protocol that works for me. I will detail it in another post, but basically I eat high fat, low carb for several days and almost instantly it kills the cravings.

Interestingly enough, despite eating a high sugar, high carb, high calorie diet for that week and a half, my hydrostatic test results show that I didn’t really have much if any fat gain from it. I just thought that was interesting and I attribute that both to this weight loss protocol and Crossfit. Crossfit really keeps my body and metabolism and strong working order and really does allow quite a freeness of calories after you’ve been going for a time.


Finding some type of exercise program after the protocol I think can be an important element in continuing to be motivated to take care of your body properly.

It really keeps me on track with my clean eating because I’m so hapy with the good things I’m achieving with my body through activity.

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R3- No sugar/carb Loading, veggies instead of fruit on p2, pre hcg low carbing

October 12, 2011

Ever the experimenter, I experiment not simply for the sake of doing it, but I experiment when my life experiences seem to necessitate it.  In this new experiment, I chose a plan of action that would accomplish a two-fold goal: get rid of my sugar addiction again, prepare my body to enter ketosis as quickly as possible to hopefully bring about greater fat loss and less muscle loss on hcg.

About nine days prior to starting my load for Round 3 of HCG Injections, I started a high-fat, super low carb diet (almost no carb really).  We’re talking steak and bacon and grass fed burger patties all day.  Why nine days?  No reason really.  Just wanted it to be long enough to clear carbs from my system and to hopefully get through any period of sugar withdrawal and the resulting torturous cravings that I knew could possibly occur.  But guess what?  From my research, eating high fats is supposed to help with cravings, and indeed it did.  Getting off sugar was the easiest it’s ever been for me!  I removed ALL sugars including fruits and even most vegetables.  This isn’t something I necessarily suggest you do long term, but it was for a purpose- my re-addiction to sugar was no joke and I needed to find a way to fix it before I started the protocol or I knew that I would fail again.  Following the 9 days of the high-fat almost no carb diet, I started loading for this weight loss protocol.


Round 3 Loading Phase for hCG Diet: .6 gain in 2 Days – CLEAN / Low Carb Phase 1

October 13, 2011

Low carb loading led me to have my smallest loading gain yet.  Only a half pound gain.  Not sure how this would translate to my experience with hunger and weakness my first week of the HCG Injections though.

Starting my round at 142.6
Load day 1: gain 1.2
Load day 2: loss .6
Total loading weight: .6


Hey guys! HCGchica. I’m here to report on my second loading day that was yesterday. This is a first for me. I actually was down .6 this morning so my total load weight gain is only .6. As I said yesterday I loaded on only fats and proteins. I had no sugars or starches all I had in the total 2 days that had any sugar was a 1 small apple from my apple tree so anyway that’s a first for me. My first round I only gained .8 on loading so it’s about the same but I had a lot of sugar and starches at that time and I didn’t actually have any loss so that’s very interesting. .6 is my total gain. I gained 1.2 the first day and lost .6 the 2nd day. So I’m starting my round at 142.6.

I also did not stuff myself on loading like I have on the past.

I basically just ate like I’ve been eating the last week and a half which is high fat, protein. I’m gonna guess I had somewhere maybe around like 4000 calories or so. Probably around 4000, that’s just a guess but that’s about how much I usually eat like 3000-4000 calories and when I eat low carb I can eat that much and not gain weight. But as soon as I add carbs in with that amount of calories I do gain weight. That’s just interesting. I’m starting out with 45 pounds of fat which is about where I started out last time, last round. I’ll be interested to see how things go. I don’t know if this first week will be tough or not since I did not gain too much loading.

I don’t know like how my hunger will be. Right now it’s actually already 12 o’clock and I’m feeling fine. I’ve had 1 cup of black tea just with a little stevia in it and I’m having my water and I’m gonna have my lunch in a little bit later.

So far I’m feeling really good. I’m taking a small dose of Isocort once every hour or so. I’m taking a total of 15mg of cortisol and I took that the last 2 loading days so that’s encouraging to me because since I did have a loss yesterday even though I ate all that fat and I did take the cortisol. That’s encouraging to me. Hopefully I will be able to continue taking that on this round and that might you know help other people who have adrenal problems. They may be able to take that and still lose weight so we’ll find out. That’s it for today. I’ll check in with you guys soon.


R3D1 – 2.2, Ketones at 80, no fruit on p2 today

October 14, 2011

Soooo low carb loading led me to high ketosis after my first vlcd day!  Yup- experiment totally did what I thought it would do.  I was extremely pleased to see that dark color on my ketone strip that morning.  Also a 2.2 loss on the scale, especially after only a .6 loading gain, was quite pleasing indeed.  Another experiment I chose to try is to have no fruit on p2.  This is not something I suggest you do unless you really think it through because I do believe it’s much easier to get low blood sugar if you do this, so just proceed with caution if you choose to do this.  Since I’m not eating the fruits (or grissini/melba- I never eat that), I chose to increase my veggie intake.  I wasn’t trying to lessen my calorie intake below the 500, I was just trying to keep as many sugars out as possible because of my recent addiction to sugar that I was coming out of.


Hey guys! HCGChica. I’m here to give you the results of VLCD 1 yesterday. This morning I got out and I was down 2.2 pounds which is pretty exciting considering I only ended up gaining .6 on loading. My second round I gained 3.8 loading or 3.6 and I lost 3.4 the next day. To lose 3.4 on my second round when I still had almost the same loading weight and this time to lose 2.2 after only gaining .6, I’m already ahead of last round that’s super exciting. That puts me 140.4 and that means I’ve had a total loss of 2.8 because I loss .6 after my second loading day, also my body fat went down a whole pound to 44 pounds. That’s significant also cause last round it took me a few days before I lost any fat I think that’s also interesting and then the other thing that’s super exciting is that this morning I did the ketone strip and I was already at 80. I’ve never even seen 80. I didn’t do ketones on my first round, but on my second round I did them for a while and I kinda just gave up after a while because it never showed anything and then finally later I tried it again and then it was showing like really, really light and that was like for a couple days so anyway I have never been in high ketosis but my ketones where at 80 and that is after only 1 VLCD day so that is so exciting to me because for me I was am most concerned about losing fat. I don’t care about how much I weigh what I care about is my body fat percent and how much fat I’m losing. So I’m so excited about that.

The things that I think contributed to me getting ketosis that fast are, one loading on almost no carbs. I loaded only on high fat and high protein and secondly, my VLCD day yesterday I did not have any fruits or grissini. I never did the grissini but this time I also took out fruits and I am eating extra vegetables though so I don’t mind getting to the 500 calorie. I’m just trying to do it without fruits for the time being. Between those 2 things I think that’s what did it also as I said before I did 9 to 10 days of low carb still high calorie but low carb previous to starting this round.

I feel so excited about how well it’s starting out and I actually have really good energy and that is due to the Isocort that I take. I think that this protocol can be kinda tough on your body and this is my 3rd round and I have adrenal issues as it is and I think a lot of people out there may have adrenal issues and the hormone I do think can make it worst, it’s just a lot for your body to go through and it can be hard on your adrenals. So with that in mind I think it would be good if you aren’t feeling good on the protocol or you don’t feel good after it, check in to any adrenal issues that you may have you can actually take a cortisol test it’s a saliva test that you take a saliva like 3 -5 times in a day and send it to this lab and they test your cortisol levels and that will tell you if your levels are low or medium or high. One of the things you can do to relieve that is by taking Isocort which is a natural form of cortisol and each tablet has just a little bit. But I’m just taking that every hour or 2 throughout the main part of the day and that has been helping my energy tremendously pre-HCG and now I’m continuing on here and it doesn’t seem to have hurt my loss the last couple of days and I have much better energy so far than I did the last 2 rounds. That might be something to look into for other people as well who have health issues. Anyway I just wanted to share that.

Yesterday I had black tea with stevia I had a 100 grams of cod and asparagus for lunch. I had shrimp and fennel for dinner and around 10:30 pm I was kinda hungry because I didn’t really eat that much so I had some broccoli. I steamed some broccoli and again like I said I did not have any fruits so I’m not really too worried about having too much vegetables so I’m not weighing over anything because without the fruits I know I could just have as much vegetables I want I’m pretty sure.

I slept for 9 hours last night. I did have some hunger yesterday not a lot. Most of the day mostly fine just here and there and then I would eat a little bit of my food and I was fine. Today I actually injected just a little more. I usually inject a 150ius that what has worked for me all last round and half of the first round. Today I actually injected a little bit more just because of the little bit of hunger I had gotten and to a new HCGer it is normal to be hungry the first to 2-3 days especially if you’ve loaded on higher carb things. It’s like such a drastic change and maybe whatever insulin was put out to bring your blood sugar back down from all the carbs It’s like you might have a hard time the first couple days and be hungry and that doesn’t mean that your dose isn’t right it just takes a few days, usually after day 3 if you’re still hungry then you might wanna think about it adjusting your dose I’m just kinda mentioning that. For me personally I did try increasing my dose just a tiny bit like a 166ius and I’m actually more hungry today, I’m having like it’s only 12 and I was having, I think around 11:30 I was starting already like a hunger grumblings so I had my shrimp but I think I better go back to 150 or maybe a tiny bit lower. Anyway that’s what’s going on with me.

At the moment I’m taking a brand of the hormone called Zykog. I don’t actually think it’s made anymore. I bought it back in February and I bought several ampules and I can’t find it now. It has worked really good for me because none of my rounds had I been hungry. I had always have not been hungry at all. That’s why I liked it because I trusted it but anyway I did order some new hormone from alldaychemist that I’m gonna be switching over to, and that brand that I chose is called Fertigyn. Pretty much if you order from alldaychemist or whatever all those brands are good brands I’m sure any of them would work fine but I was just doing a little research online of you know brands that people like more than other. Some seem to be a little more potent than others because of people having to adjust their dose base on which brand and I’ve decided to try the Fertigyn because a number of people said that they felt really good taking that brand they said they felt like really happy and just mentally and emotionally really good and that’s always a plus. I’m gonna try that when it comes and I will let you know if that feels any different from the one I’m taking now, like I said I inject on my stomach about 150ius a day in the morning and that seems to work good for me for now.

That’s my update and I will let you know how tomorrow goes. I am so excited about the Ketone thing. I don’t know I just never seen that with me so that is so exciting. So there maybe something to this low carb loading. If anyone else tries this and it works well let me know. SeattleSuzi actually loaded that way unbeknownst to each other we each had decided separately to do this I didn’t even know who she was before I decided this and she didn’t know who I was and I saw her vlog and she ended up loading low carbs as well and she actually lost 5 pounds loading that’s pretty amazing but I know she’s still probably loaded with fats and everything. She seem to have good results from that and we’re about on the same schedule I don’t know if I got to see what she lost after her first VLCD day yet. That’s it for me and I’ll check in again soon.


Great Teas for P2 on HCG- losing FAT! -R3P2D2 -1.2

October 15, 2011

Tea is one of my saving graces on the HCG Injections.  With a little stevia, I can find a way to be satisfied when I can’t eat.

My favorite black tea is Numi’s Organic Chinese Breakfast Tea– 2 cups of this each morning is what wakes up this Chica each day.

Numi’s Green Rooibus tea and Numi Organic Honeybush Tea are super tasty herbal/uncaffeinated teas.

Tazo Zen Green Tea is so delicious- a blend of lemongrass and spearmint- a truly inspired combination if you ask me.

Zhena’s Gypsy Chocolate Chai Tea

For the chocolate lovers out there, the The Republic of Tea, Double Dark Chocolate Mate is yummy and rich.

Total loss 4 pounds in 2 vlcd days so far.
only had .6 loading gain
Loaded on only fats and proteins
Not eating fruits on p2 right now, eating extra veggie instead.


Water and Calorie Intake on HCG according to Dr. Simeons – HCG R3P2D3 -1.4

October 16, 2011

Dr. Simeons mentioned in his book Pounds and Inches that you should drink about 2 liters of water per day while on the HCG Injections.  I never knew how much that was in terms I can understand (like quarts) till I looked it up.  Turns out 2 liters is a little over 2 quarts or 64 ounces.  This was actually surprising to me as when I think of drinking a lot of liquids I think more in terms of like, a gallon, which is twice as much as that.  It certainly possible to drink too much liquids too so this was nice to re-read.

Additionally, some people around the web who do HCG police the policy that “you must eat the full 500 calories on HCG!!!!”  Must you?  Here’s is what Dr. Simeons said….”those not uncommon patients who feel that even so little food is too much for them, can omit anything that they wish.”  Also, “the diet must not exceed 500 calories per day.”  So what I take this to mean is that you feel like the full 500 while on HCG is too much (ie you feel full or not hungry), go ahead and eliminate whatever you want (aside from your protein- that’s not an option), but if you’re purposefully trying to get away with eating only 350 calories or something and feeling super crappy and weak while doing it, in that case it would probably be smart to up the calories to the full 500 in that case.

137.8 this day.


R3P2D4 -1.4, total 6.8lbs in 4 days on HCG

October 17, 2011

Since I wasn’t eating fruits on the HCG Injections for round 3, that made my carb intake almost zero, so I felt kind of shaky and weak in the morning.  I added some cottage cheese in the morning to help combat the weak feeling.

I found myself feeling thirsty and ended up drinking a gallon and half of water.  I read online that being thirsty is one sign of ketosis and my ketone strips are at 80 so it seems to make sense- made it easy to get my water in!

Also of note is that fact that I’m probably only consuming about 350 calories on the protocol at the moment since I’m not eating the grissini/melba or fruit at the moment- I’m only eating 2 100 gram portions of the proteins and 2 vegetables- and I’m losing a lot of fat, so overall this seems to be working quite well.


Demo of Omron Handheld Body Fat Monitor- HCG R3P2D5

October 18, 2011

I have been using this handheld body fat analyzer by Omron everyday while on HCG Injectionsand off when in P3 and P4- for me personally I have found it to be very consistent and quite accurate.  My model is actually quite old- like 15 years, so I haven’t personally used this newer model.  Several people who have bought it on my recommendation have found it to be consistent, while a few have mentioned that the numbers fluctuated too much or were really “off” from their true body fat percent via hydrostatic bodyfat testing.  This hasn’t been my experience, so I’m not sure what makes the difference for some.

One thing I do know is that it’s very important, in whatever circumstances you use the body fat monitor, to keep things the same every time you use it- I use mine immediately upon waking, unclothed, right after using the restroom.  I stand on the same floor.  If I walk around for 10 minutes and then use the monitor, the reading will be different and will not be a good comparison to other days when I use it immediately upon waking.  So it’s important to be consistent in how you use it. By doing this, this particular body fat monitor has proved to be both consistent and accurate when compared with hydrostatic testing, enough so that it’s very worth having and using while on the protocol- it gives me a general idea of how much fat I’m losing and where my body is at.  Of course ideally it would be great to have a daily DEXA scan while on the protocol so you’d know exactly how much fat and muscle you were losing, but obviously that would cost wayyyy too much, and also would not be too smart for your health either.  So for me this bridges that gap.

You can purchase the fat monitor on Amazon for only $30, and it has literally been the most useful tool in my weight loss journey aside from the actual hormone itself.


This has been very useful because I wouldn’t feel comfortable eating the 300 or 350 calories or so that I’ve been eating while on the diet plan without being confident that I was losing mostly fat and that my muscle was staying intact.  The body fat monitor has assured me that my losses are almost entirely fat- and this is interesting, since last round I was actually eating more calories- some days maybe more like 700 calories of non protocol foods and I didn’t lose as much as fat as I am now on only 300 calories of the proper protocol foods.  So that’s why for me the handheld body fat monitor has just been sooo useful as it really helps me make knowledgeable decisions to get the best results from the weight loss protocol.  I hope this helps you guys too!


HCGer’s with good p2 and p3 recipe ideas – HCG R3P2D6 -.6,

October 19, 2011

Here are some great resources of youtube hcger’s who have great recipes for p2, p3 and p4:   – not protocol usually- this is for those who are doing a rogue HCG Injections round.


Hey guys! HCGchica. I’m here to report on VLCD 6. I was down .6 this morning so that puts me at 135.4 and that’s a total loss of 7.8 pounds in 6 low calorie days so very good. My body fat also went down a whole pound today so I’m at 41 pounds of fat I started at 46 so that’s 5 pounds.

Yesterday I had a quarter cup of cottage cheese in the morning. I’ve been doing that because I’ve been feeling like I need something in the morning and I’m not having fruits right now. I had chicken for lunch and I had a little cucumber not much though, I’m really not liking cucumbers right now I don’t know why. Usually I like them but I guess that’s what the whole oil and all the other stuff so I can’t do that right now.

I had shrimp for dinner and again it’s like I’m out of all the vegetables that I can actually eat on large amount of, because I had some chard and I tried making a salad and I just didn’t like it so I hardly eaten any of it. I had 1 tomato that night because I was feeling hungry and then I had another quarter cup of cottage cheese again just a little hungry and I wanted to go to bed.

That was pretty good though my body fat went down a whole pound. I slept for 8 hours. My ketones were 80 again so all of that stuff was really good and I just wanted to share. I’m assuming that pretty much everyone who’s subscribed to me is already subscribed to these people that I’m gonna mention, because they have the same amount of subscribers as me or way more but since I’m like a really boring P2 food person with like no interest in food recipes or combinations I wanna share some of my favorite HCGers on here who are always telling or even showing recipes online on their videos what they’re eating on P2 and just special and yummy foods since I don’t do that. I wrote them down here. I’m gonna put the link below to their users so that you can find them.

Like I said you probably all know about them already but one of them is HcgSkinnyB she has a lot of good ideas for what she makes. A lot of here blogs whenever she’s updating she’ll mention what she ate that day and how she did it and she even has some recipe blog as well. Also MouserNerd she has some really great ideas, do keep in mind that she is doing her own protocol so it’s a lot of the foods are not on the normal protocol things like mushrooms and zucchini and like 0% yogurt that she’s eating so just be aware of that if you’re new make sure you know what you’re doing and that you’re choosing to do something off protocol. That’s totally fine we all do it but just be sure that you know that that’s not on the regular thing and that it’s your personal choice to actually do that but anyway if you do wanna do that she has some really, really good recipe ideas for how she’s making things and they kinda make your mouth water and they sound really good.

MsHcGGirl she has had a few really good recipe blogs, one is her P3 smoothie another one is I think her coconut bowl bread I think that’s also a P3 recipe so she’s got some great P3 ideas for food. And then hcgbesties they also have some of recipe blogs as well. I can’t remember if they’re p3 or p2 I now there is a couple for p3 at least. Anyway those are some of my favorites if I missed you and you do lots of recipe stuff you can let me know. Those are the ones I thought of at the top of my head. Anyway that’s it for today and I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow, bye.


Cravings On HCG? Try removing the fruits…- HCG R3P2D7

October 20, 2011

So far on this round 3 of HCG Injections, I had been eating no fruits or grissini while on the vlcd part of the HCG diet and I have had literally zero cravings to eat more- the diet has been the easiest it’s been for me.

I found myself having trouble cooking and eating enough vegetables though, so I decided to try having an apple- not long later I found myself having strong mental difficulties sticking to the diet and feeling like all I wanted was to eat more food.  I’m not sure if it was the apple or the cinnamon I put on it (I have since discovered I have a bit of an allergy to cinnamon).  It could have been total coincidence, but I highly doubt that when I look at the whole scenario.  This probably doesn’t happen to everyone and I have since done Round 4 successfully with fruits included, but it’s an idea for anyone who finds themselves having a lot of cravings and troubles sticking to the protocol- it might be worth doing a trial of removing these items to see if your cravings abate.


Consistency in Body Fat Monitors/Scales is important- HCG R3P2D8 -.8, 134.2,

October 21, 2011

P2 Idea folks:  Have a green smoothie to get your veggies in.  If you have a Vitamix or Blendtec, those green smoothies can be quite tasty since they completely pulverize everything into fine particles so the smoothie goes down smooth without making you gag.  My green smoothie was really good!  It was just a mix of water, 3-4 cups of spinach or so, a large bunch of  italian parsley, and some grape flavored stevia. I know!  I know.  It sounds totally gross.  It’s really quite good- promise- and if you try it and come back and say “Chica, you lied, it’s gross!” well I guess that just shows how very unique of a person I am, because I honestly do like it.

Regarding body fat monitors- I had some people asking me if the body fat scales you stand on are as accurate and useful as my handheld one for tracking body fat while on HCG Injections.  I have not used a body fat scale myself- the one that I use is a handheld monitor only.  But after doing a little research it seems that the body fat scales tend to be inconsistent and that the numbers it can give tend to fluctuate a little too wildly when used multiple times in a row, making it difficult to know which number to believe.

The best advice I can give to anyone who wants to know if their particular body fat scale or monitor is useful for body fat tracking while on the protocol is to start using it every day, and under the same circumstances. The numbers you should be getting while not on this protocol should be staying consistently the same (unless you’re gaining weight or something), and while on the diet, the numbers should be fairly consistently going down.

For our purposes, accuracy is of secondary importance. It’s okay if the percent you’re being given on the scale is a few percent off. What matters is if the numbers you are getting as you lose weight are consistently going down, showing your reduction in body fat. If you see wild fluctuations in numbers with no seeming rhyme or reason to it, then that body fat scale is not useful to you.

My handheld body fat monitor by Omron has proven to be very useful to me because the numbers I get from it are very consistent. Additionally, after comparing my results to my hydrostatic body fat tests results a couple of times now, it has proved to be only 2-3% off in accuracy, which for a $30 device that I can use on my own in my bathroom every morning, is superb.

Some body fat scales may prove useful, and some may not. Either way, you need to do your part to ensure it’s ability to be as consistent as possible. You may have a very good body fat scale that is consistent on your hands, but if you are using it improperly, you may come to the conclusion it doesn’t work well and chuck it.

So how should you use the body fat scales and body fat monitors? Biggest thing is just use it the same exact way every morning. Let me give you an example of how I use my handheld body fat monitor. Every morning I, get up, pee (yes- I said pee. On a website/blog), remove my clothes, stand on my weight scale to see my weight, pick up my handheld monitor and plug in the correct numbers, and standing on my tile bathroom floor like I do every morning, hold my arms out to record the numbers for that morning from my monitor. I don’t sometimes stand on the carpet and sometimes the tile. I don’t sometimes take a shower first and sometimes not. I don’t sometimes go walk around and make a cup of tea first then come back and do it. All these actions will alter the results you get on a body fat scale or monitor. So by keeping the conditions under which you use the scale as much the same as possible, you will get the most consistent reliable results. Ideally you would use it the same time every morning, but I get up at different times each day so this doesn’t always work for me. Don’t sweat it. Make it fit with your life, just do what you can. If you happen to be sorely dehydrated one morning, you will find your fat percentage artificially inflated that day- but once you get to know your body and how the scale/monitor works, you won’t freak out about these things- you’ll know- ‘hey, I’m totally dehydrated so I know that number isn’t correct, and if I drink my water today my numbers will come back down tomorrow.’

The body fat scales and monitors are certainly not a replacement for actual hydrostatic body fat testing or having a DEXA scan. But since this is not something accessible to everyone, and even for those like myself who can get this done, it’s not something any of us would do on a daily basis while on the protocol, so in this case, the body fat monitors and scales can be useful- probably on any other diet you wouldn’t need or want to use this tool too much because the fat loss would be much slower and you could simply get a hydrostatic or DEXA from time to time. But for those of who’ve had experience being on the diet, weight loss and fat loss on the diet plan is strikingly fast, so it’s nice to know at what rate you are losing fat, and if it appears that you are losing more muscle than you should, it gives you that knowledge as it’s happening so that you can make alterations and corrections to the diet if need be.

I hope this helps guys!

For more relevant videos check out my hcg vlog.


Addressing low blood sugar and shakiness- HCG R3P2D9-11 132.4

October 24, 2011

I continued to eat no fruit on this round so far.

I wanted to mention that I lost 8.2 pounds in the first week on this 3rd round of HCG Injections, and I only gained .6 lbs loading. HCG R3P2D9-11 was by far my best average from any week or any round of HCG.

I’ve never experienced hunger while on the protocol on any round, but usually I am eating the fruits listed. This round I had chosen to remove the fruits because they were causing me to have sugar cravings. But this was causing me one complication while on the protocol which was that I was getting low blood sugar. One night around 10pm when I was just about to go to bed and I’d had my p2 dinner 4 hours previously, my blood sugar was 54. That’s pretty low from what I know. It doesn’t seem wise to go to bed with your blood sugar at 54 and then fast while sleeping for 8-10 hours. Maybe I’m wrong, but I definitely didn’t feel right. I had a little cottage cheese and that brought my blood sugar right back up to 95 and I felt much better.

One possible reason that I’m experiencing the low blood sugar as well aside from the fact that I’m not eating the main carbs listed in the diet is that I take Cytomel/T3 thyroid medication- this is powerful, active thyroid hormone, so when it’s active in my system, can easily make me hungry and need to eat. Since I take a pretty high dose of this, I thought to myself that perhaps the dose I’m on is now too high for me, so I tried reducing it.

Aside from just that night, I was finding in general that I was getting hungry and shaky only an hour after eating a p2 meal. I was waking up in the morning feeling weak and shaky. The way I was feeling I knew wasn’t sustainable and I had to fix it if I wanted to finish the round.

I reduced my thyroid meds to 50mcg and increased my Cortisol (Isocort) a little bit and I had fantastic energy for the ensuing days. I also started eating more frequently, just in small amounts, but just enough to keep my blood sugar stable. These things combined made me feel a lot better on the protocol.

In a nutshell what I found myself needing to eat to feel good this round is:

1/4-1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese upon waking

50 gram portion of sirloin 1 hour later

100 grams protein + veggie for lunch

1/4-1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese around 3pm (sometimes, if need be)

100 grams protein + veggie for dinner

1/4-1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese before bed

By doing this, my blood sugar was staying much more stable and I felt a lot better. Many may not need to do this, but with my current health issues and the fact that I wasn’t eating the melba/grissini or fruits on this P2, I found I needed to make these adjustments.

For more relevant videos check out my hcg vlog.


Increased HCG dose – no more blood sugar issues- HCG R3P2D12-16 130.4

October 29, 2011

One cause of having a gain on while on HCG Injections, aside from the obvious one (you cheated!), is water retention. In my case, there were a hot couple of days in my area and I was doing a lot gardening outside. One day in particular I got pretty hot, a bit dehydrated, and I could tell I was getting a sunburn on my back. All that together and I was up .6 on the scale the following day. I know my body was retaining water to deal with my sunburn and dehydration. So in this case, it’s nothing to cry over- it hasn’t slowed down my actual fat loss.

Another important point is that while eating more frequently did help with my low blood sugar, I finally thought about increasing my dose, and wala! Low blood sugar issues gone. So if you’re having low blood sugar, also give consideration to the dose of the hormone you are on and that you may need to raise or lower it. The dose you need can vary depending on what brand of hormone you use, and I’ve used different brands of hormone on every round pretty much. I had been taking 150iu, which usually worked fine for me, but I increased it to 166iu and I felt MUCH better in the hunger department. Wish I’d thought of that sooner.

Regarding the cooking of food for family members- this may not be possible for everyone, but I was able to talk to my husband and he agreed to cook for himself and our son while I finished this round. I was finding it difficult and very tempting to be around all this yummy food I was cooking- the aroma, the look of it all, everything. Rounds of the protocol are so short and to the point, you want to do whatever you can to make it as easy on yourself as possible so that you can get back to living when you’re done.


The Story on Miracle Noodles and Shirataki Noodles – HCG Diet R3P2D17-19 129.2, 10.5 lbs body fat lost

November 1, 2011

Total loss of 14 in 19 vlcd days now.  According to my Omron Body Fat Monitor, 10.5 lbs of this is fat, and puts me at 27.6% bodyfat when I started at 32.1%, which is a 4.5% difference in less than 3 weeks, with no exercise.

I sometimes have Shirataki noodles, also known as Miracle noodles while on HCG Injections.  I wanted to help clarify something about these noodles. Sometimes the packaging can be misleading because you might see the ingredients say “yam flour” or something to that effect. Well, obviously in the  english language, yams are a starchy carb vegetable that are definitely NOT allowed on the protocol, so hence you will see some people on forums telling people that they can’t have miracle noodles on the protocol.

Never fear. These noodles are NOT made with Yam flour- this is just how the Chinese translated the term for the root that the noodles are really made from which is called Konjac. The Konjac root is only soluble fiber- it’s not a starch we as humans can digest or absorb as calories or carbs- it simply goes through our system as fiber. So when the package says 0 calories, they’re not lying. These shirataki noodles are made from this Konjac root. Just be sure not to get the Tofu shirataki noodles- they’re a different story.

However, some people will stay “I don’t care if they are supposedly 0 calories or have no carbs, I had a gain, or I stalled when I ate those noodles.”

One thing to keep in mind is that while these noodles are just fiber and have no carbs or calories, they still have a significant amount of bulk to them. If you eat 1 lb of noodles, and you haven’t gone to the bathroom by the next morning, you have 1 lb extra of food sitting in your intestines- it’s not fat, you just have more food, more bulk, sitting in your intestines, along with a little extra water perhaps to move that fiber along. So again, if you see a “stall” or a “gain” from eating these noodles, it’s not a true stall or gain- just those noodles sittin’ in your stomach en route.

I feel you can safely eat the Shirataki/Miracle noodles while on the protocol. I have done that most of my rounds, and lost significant percentages of fat with those rounds (90% and 80% respectively I think it was).

Updated notation November 2014: I’ve been trying out some of the other styles of noodles made by the Miracle Noodle team- I’m LOVING the fettucine cut!  They are my fav. They also have a “rice” version and a angel hair pasta version – so if you want to have the various custom cuts of zero carb pasta, you can purchase those at the Miracle Noodle’s site here. And keep in mind their shelf life is like a whole year, so you have plenty of time to use them if you buy it in bulk.



R3P2D20 -1.0, 128.2 Feeling great!

November 2, 2011

15 pounds in 20 vlcd days now. Wow. 1 whole lb lost as of this morning from yesterday.  I did some measurements on myself and realized that I lost 1.5 inches across my bust area in only 2 days, and .5 inches from my belly in those same 2 days.  Talk about a fast change!


Hey guys! HCGchica. Today is VLCD 21. I was down a whole pound today. I was very excited about that, that puts me at 128.2 and that’s a total loss of 15 pounds in 20 VLCD days and my body fat right now is 27.7% my ketones were at 80 again as usual and I had miracle noodles yesterday, the day before, I had miracle noodles for the last 4 days. I was so excited to be 128 almost 127 really, because I just haven’t been that way in many years so that’s just- its surreal it’s actually kind of surreal.

I wanted to share real quick a couple of things about measurements. I just been kind of measuring myself randomly whenever I kinda feel like it so there’s no like rhyme or reason to it but it’s kind of interesting just from VLCD 19 to 21. Basically just 2 days ago, basically within 2 days from 2 days ago I loss 1.5 inches across my bust area and I lost a half an inch across my belly which is great cause I have a lot of that back flabby stuff around the bra line so I think that’s going. And also my belly it’s like that’s taken a while to go down and that’s one of the things that bothers me the most, you know after you have a kid and then being overweight. It’s just like this little bulge bellow your waist that shouldn’t be there. It’s finally starting to go away. That’s just crazy to lose an inch and a half in 2 days from my upper bust area and then also I lost a half inch right below my bust.

I’m one of those people that measures like all over, because I don’t know— the inches go from different places you wouldn’t always think of. I’ll definitely do like beginning of round 3 and end of round 3 measurements and then also from my first round to now. If I keep feeling good, I have been feeling really good TOM’s actually supposed to be here like today which he hasn’t come but any day now he should be here. We’ll see how that goes but so far I’ve actually been feeling really good the last couple of days and if I can hang in there feeling this good I’ll definitely keep going my round until, you know I would like to go to 120. I know I could do that if I did the full round I just, earlier this week I was thinking maybe I wasn’t mentally gonna be able to handle that but right now I’m actually feeling really good so maybe I’ll make it, and if I do get to 120 this round then I will most likely be done with the protocol for a while cause 120 is definitely, especially if I lose all fat that would put me at a pretty good spot and I don’t think I would feel you know- as long as I could maintain it which will see but I’m doing so much better this time around, my health is doing so much better and it just makes it possible for me to make the right decisions. I just feel so much more control of myself and my life and I just felt it’s gonna successful so I’m really glad.

That’s my update for today and I’ll talk to you guys soon.


P2 Recipe: Asparagus Shrimp Soup- Lip Balm, hCG R3P2D21 -.4, 127.8

November 3, 2011

15.4 lbs in 21 vlcd days on the HCG Injections now.





Shrimp and Shrimp skins/tails




Miracle/Shirataki Noodles (optional)


Simmered chopped asparagus in water, added turmeric, coriander, salt, and the shrimp tails until the asparagus was soft. Then removed the shrimp tails, and added the actual shrimp. Then blendered the whole thing with my immersion blender and added my miracle noodles (aka shirataki noodles).


Stevia Soda- hCG R3P2D22 15.4 lbs down, 11 lbs body fat gone

November 4, 2011


1 quart water
1.5 droppers of sweetleaf flavored stevia (grape is yum!)
A few shakes Trader Joes Organic Stevia Extract

So far my omron body fat monitor shows that I’ve lost 11 lbs of fat in 22 days.  My hydrostatic body fat test that I took after this round corroborates my results.

As some of you may know, I am writing these blog posts far after the fact when I did these vlogs- it’s been almost a year since this particular vlog. It has been really interesting for me to back and watch all my own old vlogs actually- it’s interesting to me how much energy I had this particular round and how good I felt- the fact that I was eating no fruit or grissini whatsoever and having no cravings and losing so much weight and so much of that weight being fat is really striking.   And that this particular round was the easiest one I ever experienced.  It makes me want to remove fruits on my next p2 again.


Losing FAT on the HCG diet, not just weight- why it’s important

November 7, 2011


16.8 lbs in 25 vlcd days now on HCG Injections for my 3rd round. I’m at 34 lbs of fat according to my Omron Body Fat monitor.

My Ketones have dropped to 15 for reasons I’m unaware of. I thought to remove the stevia in my water temporarily to see if by some minute chance, the stevia could be causing a reduction in my ketones via a blood sugar increase (doubtful, but you never know with HCG). Since I’m writing this post way after the fact of this vlog, I can now tell you that it had nothing to do with the stevia. I think what it comes down to is simply that my body was using the ketones in my body more efficiently and they just weren’t spilling out into my urine anymore. I’m thinking this because I really hadn’t changed anything in what I was doing on the protocol from the first half of the round where my ketones were always at 40 and 80, and I was continuing to lose fat. Yay for efficient ketone use I guess huh.

Another note on Shirataki aka Miracle Noodles- they are literally making this second half of the weight loss protocol SO EASY for me this round. Remember that the shirataki noodles are simply soluble fiber. That is all. You can see another more in depth post I did about miracle noodles on the protocol here:


Go online and google “5 pounds 5 pounds muscle” on google images. Wait, don’t bother! I’ll do it for you….click here.

Eye opening isn’t it? The volume that fat takes up is wayyyy more than muscle. If you lost 5 pounds of muscle, you wouldn’t visually look that much smaller- ie your pants would fit about the same. But if you lost 5 pounds of fat, you would shrink visibly quite a bit. And that is what is important right? To be visually smaller? I mean, if you weighed 102 lbs and looked like an elephant, you wouldn’t be too proud of the small number right? It’s the end result of what you look like that counts right? And not just for that reason, but many even more important reasons, we want to be concerned with losing fat and not muscle.

But why am I mentioning this? Don’t we all lose fat on HCG? Isn’t that what this protocol does? Well, when the protocol is followed properly, yes, you will lose mostly fat on the diet. However, in the days and times we are living in, many many people make various alterations to the weight loss protocol. This is not to say that they are all bad- certainly not. Some of the alterations I’ve made to my own protocol has resulted in continued fabulous fat loss. However, I have also made certain alterations to this protocol in the past that I believe led to excessive muscle loss instead of fat loss. So I’m bringing this subject up to encourage everyone to approach variations to the diet with caution and discernment. Don’t just randomly throw in an egg day or mac nut day because you’re bored or because you heard someone else did it and lost 3 lbs the next day. There are certain cases where I believe some variations, especially ones involving the addition of a significant amount of fat, cause that “extra great loss on the scale” the next day to come from muscle, not fat. That’s something you simply don’t want. It will ultimately harm your metabolism, make you unhealthier, and you won’t even look good to top it off!

That’s not to say that you won’t lose some muscle on the protocol regardless of how perfectly and purposefully you do the diet. Depending on how overweight you are, some muscle loss is to be expected and is even necessary in order to reach a normal amount of muscle mass for a person of your height and build. For instance- I am 5’1”. The normal amount of muscle mass for a person of my height is somewhere between 89-100 lbs. When I first started the protocol I had 112 lbs of lean body mass. A normal overall weight for a person of my height is about 105-120. If I were to have kept all my lean mass of 112 pounds, but ended up after weight loss at a total of say, 112 pounds, that would mean I would have absolutely no fat on my body at all! Not only does 0% body fat not exist, it would be super unhealthy- in fact, I’d be dead. We all need a certain amount of fat to be healthy and to be….um…alive. We have essential fat- our bone marrow is made up of fat, structural fat cushions in between our vital organs- this is necessary ya? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, much of our brain is fat!! After looking around I read in several places that while the brain is 75 percent water, what’s leftover is 60% fat! Additionally, enough fat, especially for women, is essential for proper hormone production and balance.

Getting off course here….so my point is that I had to lose some muscle in order to get to a normal body weight for my height. Our bodies naturally put on extra muscle when we gain weight in order to carry around all that extra fat we have. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to keep walking around. So when we lose that excess fat, we don’t need all that muscle we had. We just need a normal amount of muscle for our now normal body size.

As a person gets to the point on the diet where they are no longer overweight by very much, at this point, it is desirable however that most of the weight loss should be coming from fat. At this point your body is most likely not carrying excess muscle since you’re not that overweight anymore. In some cases with men, there is often 0% muscle loss while on the protocol. This is about the only time in my life that I wish I were a guy. We women do not have it so easy- I guess it has to do with the miniscule amounts of testosterone we women have in comparison with men. Oh well. We’ll make do just fine on our own won’t we girls?

On my 3rd  weight loss round I believe I lost somewhere around 87% fat and my 4th round was 80% fat- to me these ratios are excellent and more than acceptable.

I hope this post was helpful- I feel like it’s important to draw attention to this because I don’t think the world in general has trained us women to be aware of fat and muscle weight- we have be finangled into thinking that we have to be a certain weight and be “skinny” without regard to muscle. Times are changing thankfully and this will help us to maintain our weight loss and stop the yo-yo dieting effect.


Inch loss on HCG, 13 lbs FAT gone, HCG R3P2D26 125.8

November 8, 2011


-.6 today, at 33 lbs fat, 26.4 body fat percent. 125.8 lbs total this day. 17.4 lbs total loss on the scale, 13 of which my Omron is telling me is fat. This is great because at least 2-3 lbs of my intial loss is water, so that means that I’ve had very minimal muscle loss in relation to fat loss this round. I track my body fat percent daily with the Omron Handheld Body Fat monitor- my model is very old (like 15 years) but you can purchase the current model below:

Ignore the higher ketones from the stevia removal. The ketones were back down again on the 2nd day without stevia. I think my body was just using the ketones more efficiently.

I’m not sure if I’m an anomaly, but I actually have larger fat losses in and around TOM (time of the month aka PERIOD- yes I said the word) while on HCG Injections. That is if I can stick to protocol! I think pre TOM most women get more cravings to eat and that can leading to cheating on the diet, but if you stay strong and stick to protocol, you too might find that you actually have a larger fat loss once TOM starts. Could be worth it. :)-

I show my “before HCG” picture in this vlog- it’s the one I originally printed out from my computer and jotted down all my starting measurements- I measured everything- even my neck! I decided to do that after I saw a YouTube vlog and the woman lost 1.5” on her neck after doing this weight loss protocol- that made me realize I must have fat lurking in many places I hadn’t thought of and it was going to be nice to see on a day when say, my waist measurement was the same from last week. “Hey, my waist is the same, but my elbow shrunk by a half inch!” Just kidding about the elbow of course. What is so crazy to me though is that my starting bust area measurement was 42.5” and at the point of this vlog my bust measurement was now 34”- that’s 8.5” smaller!! In just one place. That is just so crazy to me. My belly starting measurement was 42.25 and as of this vlog was 34.75. That’s a 7.5 inch reduction in my belly! My waist started out at 34.75” and went down to 26.5”, an 8.25 inch difference.

What’s interesting to me is that given my natural shape and how my body has always lost weight, my thighs always seem to hold onto fat till the end, which is what has continued to happen even with this diet. The fat coming off my thighs has been slower, and now I can discuss in retrospect, during the following round, Round 4, I finally lost some fat on my legs! It was amazing to me to despite my small loss in pounds during Round 4, my legs totally reshaped while on this round and I lost quite a bit of fat there.


How to Deal with Difficulties on HCG; 124.4 pounds now, 18.8 lbs lost in 28 days so far

November 10, 2011

HCG VLCD 27= Down .8 to 125 lbs, HCG VLCD 28=  Down .6 to 124.4 lbs.

At this point I’ve lost over 65 pounds with the use of this weight loss protocol- I had what I call a “failed” round 2 on this protocol where I regained most of the weight I lost on that round, so some of that 65 lb weightloss involved re-losing some weight I had already lost.  This 3rd round overall was very easy and great for me, but this has not always been my experience, so don’t feel bad if you are having a hard time on the diet.

My first round on HCG Injections, right around Day 11 or so on the VLCD, the cravings for sugar I was experiencing reached a pinnacle where it was literally so bad I almost couldn’t cope- I didn’t know what to do with myself- I felt like if I didn’t have some sugar right now I couldn’t go on living- isn’t that crazy? But it’s true. I called my mom trying to figure out what to do. And I am usually the type of person who likes to figure out my problems on my own. Finally I had a diet coke and that seemed to help me get through the day, but just barely. I remember being curled up in a ball in my bed that evening just waiting for the seconds and minutes to pass hoping that I would feel better soon and that this horrible day would be over. It felt like each minute that I couldn’t eat anything, especially something like brownies or ice-cream, was almost unbearable.

I kind of feel as I write this that almost anyone who reads this will laugh at me about this, but it really did feel that hard to me. I couldn’t give in, even for just an hour or a day because this diet plan takes no prisoners when it comes to fat gain when you go majorly off protocol, and I knew if I gave up then, I’d be giving up potentially for a long time to come.

Guess what happened when the sun broke the following day? My craving had passed- and for the rest of that round the diet became much easier and manageable. I felt like I had gone through a major sugar detox.

These days whenever I fall back into a pattern of bad eating with too much emphasis on sugar, I try to go through my sugar detox before I start the protocol – it’s much easier to get off of eating sugar if you can eat a high fat, high protein diet in it’s place for a time- even a week will usually suffice for me, before I start loading for this diet (low carb loading for me always now). I’ve done this a few times now when needed and it’s much more painless. Once I’m “off the sugar” and the cravings and withdrawal symptoms appear to be gone, I can start my round and it is usually manageable overall.

If you are having a hard time on the protocol certain days, try to tell yourself that you will most likely feel it’s much easier the next day- it won’t feel that hard every day. That is what’s unbearable to me- the idea that how I’m feeling right now- “the diet is unbearable right now”- is how it’s going to feel every day and every hour until the end. If that were true I’d give up right away. But the truth is most likely, the difficult period will pass quickly, and you will find the diet much easier on many days.

Round 2 I experienced difficulties once again and this time it was more health based. This can really be a bear. If your health is too screwed up, ie. hormones, adrenal, or neurotransmitters off balance, this may be a case where you need to address your health first and come back to the protocol when you have some of these issues figured out and under control. That’s what I had to do. I felt so horrible most of Round 2 I pretty much cracked when it was over and gained 14 lbs back in 9 weeks. As I discovered not long after I was experiencing adrenal fatigue and sugar addiction. I was able to address these and when I started Round 3 I felt great, had great losses, and maintained all my fat loss. It really pays to listen to your body and know if you feeling unwell just for 1 day, or if there is something more serious going on that is going to hamper your long term success on the protocol if you don’t stop to address it.

I hope this helps anyone experiencing difficulties on this protocol to determine if how they are feeling on the protocol should cause them to just barrel through it till it passes, or to take a longer pause and come back to the diet while you address what might be something more serious.


Fit into Size 4 Jeans! HCGR3P2- 124.4 lbs

November 10, 2011

I remember how I felt this evening when I went shopping and all the size 4 jeans I tried on fit me.  Not just 1 pair.  All the pairs, different makes and brands.  Back when I was a size 16  that had become too tight on my waist and I was dreading the thought of having to shop for a size 18 is when I found out about HCG Injections and voraciously starting researching it online.  I would never in a million years have thought that I would once again be a size 4 as I was in my late teens and early twenties.  It was euphoric really and hard to believe.  What’s even nicer is that I recorded this vlog on November 9, 2011, and today it’s September 18, 2012, over 10 months later, and since then I still wear a size 4 and I’ve managed to gain over 12 lbs of muscle going to Crossfit during that time as well.  This protocol really works people.


Hey guys! HCGchica. I just want to share something really quick. I decided to go shopping today just to see what size I’m in cause all the clothes I have are like 6 and 8s which I’ve been in for a little while now. I decided to go to COLES and I tried on like 10 pairs of size 4 and they all fit I couldn’t believe it. I mean some are pretty snug but I could button and zip all of them and didn’t have to lay on the bed to do  it and they all fit.

This is a woman size 4. I can’t fit in any of those teeny bopper jeans that 3 and 5 type stuff cause I have hips, butt and thighs that’s where all the fat I have that’s left is there. Anyway all of them fit so I was like “I can’t believe it, it was like I was size 4 cause they all fit.” I didn’t but anything there cause it like 50 bucks per pair of jeans but I went to a thrift store after that and I tried down like 6 or 7 pairs of size 4 there and all of those fit and I found a 1 pair that’s a Banana Republic brand that fit me perfectly and there’s size 4. I just wanna show you guys cause I haven’t wear a size 4 for probably 6 or 7 years. I just can’t believe it.

I wanna show you. These are the jeans. These are a size 4 I promise I would show you the tag but it’s too hard to get to. You can see like they’re not like all muffin toppy or anything they fit comfortably. That’s it. I was a little excited I wanted to show you I kinda needed a pick me up today I was having a little bit of a tough day and I figured I wanna just go shopping.

The other really amazing thing is I tried on like 10 or 12 pairs of boots at Coles too even the ones that goes all up to your knee. I have always had trouble zipping them all the way up even when I was thinner I couldn’t zip them up and I could all of them fit perfectly fine I had no trouble with any of them and I was like “oh my goodness” I mean I could actually order a pair of boots of amazon and not worry that the cuff wouldn’t fit. That was so amazing too. I just wanted to share that at a 124 pounds, I’m 5’1 and I’m now at a size 4 and I started out at 172 in a size I was in a tight 16 basically when I started the protocol I had been on the 16 and they were all getting too tight and I thought there is no way I am buying a size 18. For a 5 foot 1 person no. Anyway from there to size 4 I just started my journey February and I’ve had long breaks between my rounds as well with the fail round 2 and it’s amazing how far you can get so quickly with the weight loss protocol. So I just wanted to share see you later.


R3P2D29 -30 New Body Fat Monitor- supposed to be more accurate!

November 12, 2011

A few tidbits about the body fat monitors out there.  The handheld body fat monitors scan the upper half of your body to give you a bodyfat percent and the scale body fat monitors scan your lower body to give you a bodyfat percent.

The body fat monitor that I decided to try out is both a scale and handheld that’s connected by a cable. Since it’s after the fact now, I can tell you that this body fat monitor turned out to be pretty inaccurate and was off by several percent when compared to hydrostatic. So in short, don’t buy it.

My handheld body fat monitor has proved to be a great little tool as far as consistency goes to tell me where my body is at, and it’s accuracy is even pretty good (especially for costing only 30 bucks)- in general it’s within 1.5-2% of the my hydrostatic bodyfat results, which is excellent.

You can purchase the handheld body fat monitor that works really well for me here:


RX HCG vs. Homeopathic HCG – HCG R3P2D31

November 13, 2011

A friend of mine has done both rx pharmaceutical HCG Injections and homeopathic HCG and she did a nice vlog discussing her observations when comparing the two that you might enjoy- most of us have only done one type of the hormone and we often wonder what it would be like to the other type, whether RX or Homeopathic. She has some insightful things to say about it:


Hey guys! HCGChica. I’m checking in for the results of VLCD 31 I had another goose egg, so that makes actually 3 days of goose eggs but again, actually happy because my body fat went down another half-pound to 32 pounds of fat and that brought my body fat percent to 25.5% and with the monitor I’ve been using it had started out at 32.1. If this number sticks which I always kinda like to wait a day or two that it sticks. But if it sticks that means I’ve lost 14 pounds of fat in 31 days and a total loss of 18.8 pounds which I am very happy about.

I know like sometimes we would all like to have that 1 pound a day average that Dr. S talked about but in reality if you’re losing almost all fat on this diet which on almost any the other diet you wouldn’t. The technician that I talk too that did my body fat testing hydrostatically he tests all kinds of people all the time and he said a lot of people who do Weight Watchers lose 50% muscle. Remember how I talked about the volume the space the fat takes up vs. muscle is much larger. Just keep in mind that on this protocol even if you’re only having a .5 average or whatever the case maybe if you’re losing almost all fat you’re getting a lot smaller with less pounds loss that on any other diet. Even if you did lose this much weight in this amount of time on Weight Watchers or something, you would be a little larger, you’re smaller because you’re doing it on HCG. And you still wouldn’t lose this much most likely in this amount of time on either diet either. Just keep that in mind when you’re wishing your have the 1 pound a day thing. I think in reality, unless you’re a guy it’s hard to actually lose that much fat every day but I am very, very happy with these results. 14 pounds of fat is a lot of fat.

My ketones are still at 15 I’m just going with that. Guess what my body fat monitor came today. The new one that I talked about yesterday. I can’t believe it, I just ordered it yesterday. I’m doing a free trial of the Amazon Prime. I’m not planning on keeping it. I just thought if I get a free trial then I get a free 2 day delivery that was supposed to be here by Tuesday and I got it today on Saturday so I ain’t complaining. Anyway I have to wait to use it in the morning and I probably need to track it for like a week to see if it’s consistent. I just step on it just for curiosity today but you know I had eaten and it was during the middle of the day but they do say that the scales tend to overestimate body fat percent but again this was supposed to be hand held scale it’s supposed to scan your whole body and the body fat percent was much higher than my hand held and I’m pretty sure it definitely overestimating it but again I don’t care about the percentage being off I just wanna see if its consistent and if it’s gonna help me track the weight that I’m losing how much of that is fat that’s all I really care about.

I’ll let you guys know my first impression just from that one thing today was like I don’t know about this but we’ll see cause the thing is I did it twice like one after the other it’s like 3% different the second time. We’ll see I may have to return it if it doesn’t end up being good but I’ll let you guys know about that. Other than that I know I’ve been having more than 500 calories lately but I‘ve been doing that a lot of the round I’m probably been having a little more yogurt than I usually have lately. My servings have kind of increased from a quarter cup to a half cup each time. But I’ve been losing fat and that’s all that I really care about and I’m totally happy with the half pound a fat a day. I guess because I’m getting to the end here on Monday 32 so I have maybe like a week left. I just don’t feel like being super, super strict. I’m still having the shirataki noodles every day. I have a 16 ounce package every day 8 ounces with each meal. I make a soup for each of my meals and then I have 2 – 3 serving of the Greek yogurt in between to kinda hold me over.

I do find that I have a half cup of Greek yogurt for breakfast sometimes I think like “oh I’m gonna try to go without it today” but I usually after an hour or 2 after I get up I start feeling like I need a little something so I just have that. I’m really happy with my results this round so I’m totally fine with that. I supposed if cut all the yogurt out it’s possible I would lose a little more but I’m just not feeling that mentally gang-ho about being really strict and losing a lot more cause I’m happy where I’m at. I’d love to get to 120 but if I don’t that’s fine I just need to finish out the round. I need to just do it in a way that I can manage it. You know while still losing something and I am still losing fat.

Also HCGmom that I told you guys to subscribe to a while back, my friend. She made a blog, finally, so go watch it. HCGmom nice and simple and she kind of gives you guys an update and what’s neat is she did injections for the first couple of rounds like I did and then for this round she’s actually switch to the homeopathic Buckeye Nutritionals. It might be nice to hear for any of you out there who are curious as to having a different experience.

Between the 2 she actually talks about that, her experience with both and the pros and cons that she has experienced. Even myself I’ve been interested in doing homeopathic before myself. In the end I decided injections would be the easiest and I’ve never had any troubles with them. But she mentioned some issues she had with injections that she wanted to see if the homeopathic would resolve and I think in fact it has resolve those issues. Definitely go and watch that if you want a comparison of homeopathic versus Rx HCG. In fact I think someone I was just talking to wanted to switch from homeopathic to Rx or something, so that will be helpful.

That is my update for today and I guess that’s it. I can’t believe I’m already on day 32 of the round. It’s actually gone really fast. The beginning was kind of slow and now I’m like “oh my goodness there’s only basically a week left” and I could go a few days longer if I wanted but I don’t know. I don’t really know what I’m going to do right now. In general I’ve been feeling really good again on the diet and it’s been easy. Today I’m feeling pretty tired and it’s always hard when you’re tired. And I did actually have an extra portion of basically a Shirataki asparagus soup. I’m thinking that’s only another 40 calories so I’m not worried about it. Anyway still doing good I’m just kinda winding down and I’ll be happy to be in P3 soon about this raw almonds from the farmers market today and I wanted to make sure they were fresh so I did actually eat like 2 or 3 of them and they were really good. It’s so funny when certain like just kinda boring things like playing nuts that are even salted. I like nuts and everything but I never thought they were the its funny when your on protocol and you’re not eating a lot all of the sudden like those simple tastes are just so delectable and I just wanted to eat a whole cup more probably shouldn’t have done that. Just kind of set off my little thing of wanting to eat but that’s okay. Overall it’s been fine. I will talk to you guys soon.


My HCG Protocol – Round 3- In Detail

November 16, 2011

This is an in-depth video discussing what I did during Round 3 of the HCG Injections. One of the biggest changes I made because of dealing with a lot of cravings during Round 2 was to remove the fruits entirely from the diet and to eat 0% fage yogurt and extra vegetables in it’s place. This pretty much irradicated all cravings and made sticking to the diet soooo much easier this time. I’ve already never incorporated the melba/grissini.


I chose to load low-carb (or what I called loading clean) this time, and after doing it and having fantastic results, I will always load low-carb for this protocol for any future rounds. This means I eat a lot of high fat foods and high protein, but these days are completely without sugars and almost all carbs for me. This did exactly what I desired it to do, which was to put me straight into ketosis after the first vlcd day. Fat burning mode people!

What I Eat on P2 of HCG This Round:

  • Ate ¼ cup to ½ cup 0% Fage Greek Yogurt 2-3x’s a day- basically I chose the times to eat this based on the times when I was hungry and needed a little food- breakfast, sometime around 2 or 3pm, and then before bed. This helped keep my blood sugar stable and prevented me from being hungry.
  • No fruits and no melba/grissini
  • Meat and Veggies: I made 2 soups a day, 1 for lunch, 1 for dinner.
    • Each soup contained: -100 grams of protocol meat- usually lean beef or shrimp-1 veggie in unspecified amount- usually 1 package of asparagus or ½ can of canned tomatoes

– 8 oz. of Shirataki/Miracle noodles

– Water as the liquid

– Salt to taste (I am very liberal with salt myself)

You can watch the actual video for a description of my little “process” for the soup making (it’s very basic). As I stated on the video, I am very boring on p2 during the protocol. I like to keep it simple and straightforward because, let’s face it, the food is very tiny. Who wants to spend an hour preparing a meal that only a mouse would be happy with? Well, I’m kind of kidding because actually once you add in the shirataki/miracle noodles, the meal becomes of a size that is more satisfying for a regular human being.

What I Drink on P2 of HCG This Round:


  • Hot Tea out of a large mug
  • Water with Stevia out a quart canning jar

No Fat on the HCG Diet:

Aside from that what I can say is that sticking closely to Dr. Simeon’s protocol is what brings the best results. I am very careful not to include any fat while on the diet now- that means no chocolate delight, no coconut oil, etc. I have come to agree that Dr. Simeon’s instructions regarding fat were on point and important to follow. The variations I have chosen to include which are the shirataki/miracle noodles and the 0% fage greek yogurt are acceptable to me because neither of them contain any fat and I have seen my percentage of fat loss stay quite high this whole round.


Review of Body Fat Monitors. Down to 122.6lbs on HCG now

November 18, 2011

Day 35: -.4 to 122.8, Day 36: +.6 to 123.2, Day 37: -.6 to 122.6

Total results so far: 20.6lbs in 36 days, 16lbs of which are fat.


I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but whenever I take an evening walk with my hubby while on HCG Injections I always have a goose egg or gain the following day. Water retention maybe?

Regarding the body fat monitor that I tried out that was both a scale and handheld monitor combined: I don’t like it! The numbers it was giving me were way overestimating my body fat when compared with hydrostatic testing (by like 10%- not cool). My handheld body fat monitor, which you can see below, is far more accurate when compared with hydrostatic body fat testing and very consistent, so I definitely continue to recommend this one.


Hi guys! HCGChica. I’m here to check in for the last few days results. I think l left you off at day 34 when I had a goose egg. Day 35 I was down .4 which put me at 122.8 which is crazy and then Day 36 the results from that I was actually up .4, back to 123.2 and I wasn’t worried about that because I took a walk with my husband the night before kinda late. And whenever I take a walk with him at night I always have a goose egg or a gain but my body fat stayed the same. Like again it’s probably just a little dehydration.

This morning I was down .6. That puts me at 122.6. My body fat still at 30 pounds which is fine that’s still really good and now I lost a total of 20.6 pounds it 36 days and I’ve lost 16 pounds of fat in that 36 days.

My ketones have actually been even a little lower the last couple days. More like 5 and I took a walk again with my husband last night too so I don’t know if it has anything to do with like using up more of the ketones possibly. But either way I’m feeling really good. Quick thing I wanted to share was my review of the body fat monitor. I know it probably seems a little soon to be giving it but I think its fine. I don’t need to test it out anymore. I wanna show it to you this is the one I had ordered. It’s a scale and a handheld thing that you stand on and hold. Basically I don’t like it. I’m gonna be returning it.

First of all I’m fine if something is a few percent off as far as the accuracy goes. Like I said as long as it’s consistent but this I’m pretty sure this is like super off like at least 8% off it’s over estimating it by at least 8 %. For instance, it’s been saying my body fat is about 36.5 every morning percent where is my handheld has been gradually doing down and the most recent days were around 24.5 – 24.4 percent. So that’s a difference of like 12%. Now this is my handheld one. I am assuming that this one is underestimating my fat via a couple few percent, possibly. So that’s the case. This one is still off by like 8 or 9% and nobody wants their body fat over estimated by that many percent. I don’t think that’s encouraging. I just don’t think it’s very accurate, also my weight on that scale has been different than my weight on the other scale and each day it doesn’t fluctuate by the same amount. I just don’t really like it. I’m sorry guys. I’m gonna continue to recommend this handheld one because I have found it to be very consistent and even if it underestimates your fat just a little bit I do think it’s fairly close to being accurate because I also went online and it’s called and I guess they have a body fat calculator on there and what you do is you enter your body weight, your waist in inches, your hip inches your forearm and your wrist, and when you enter all that in it gives you an estimate of your body fat and again it’s just an estimate but based on the measurements it should be close to being accurate right?

I did that when I was on 124 pounds and the interesting thing is that results came out to almost exactly what my handheld body fat monitor said. It said that I had 32.6 pounds of fat and 26.35% of body fat. And when I was at 124.4 it said almost that exact thing it said I had 124 it said 32 pounds of fat and 25.6% body fat so it was really close. Just like going to another source and getting an estimate of my body fat that’s kinda what makes me feel that this is much closer to being accurate and it’s consistent and it’s half the price of the other one this only like 30 bucks on the on Amazon and the other one is like 64.

I will be having my body fat hydrostatically tested at the end of this round and that will kind of clarify for sure exactly where I’m at. I guess it’s possible that this thing could be a fluke like it’s totally off but I really doubt it because it’s gone down so consistently this whole round so I know it’s not just random the number it’s giving me and like I said since I tried that calculator it seems to be really close to that which again makes the scale one I tried completely off.

That’s my update for today it did say my visceral cause the scale one does like visceral fat and your muscle amount all the stuff. It said that my visceral fat was 5 which I guess is good I guess it said anything under 9 is normal but again I don’t really know if I can trust that cause I don’t even trust the scale like just for weighing me. That’s my review I really don’t recommend getting it go with the handheld. The thing I wish is my handheld is really old. It’s like 10 or 15 years old and maybe it looks a little different than the handheld it’s the same company called OMRON but I’m hoping that the new handheld worked as well as this one. Because you know sometimes things that were made 15 to 20 years ago were better made than now so I’m hoping maybe some of you who do get the new handhelds could let me know if you find it to be consistent. Because maybe my older model is just better than anything now. I don’t know. I’m hoping that those handhelds are good qualities. That’s my recommendation and I have about a little less than a week left.

I’m technically supposed to have my last injection day I think on Tuesday and today is Thursday and to be honest I’m kinda sad because it felt so good this round. Usually I’m pretty happy to be done with P2 but I’ve just been feeling so good that I’m almost a little nervous to go on to P3. Even for my health I’ve been feeling so good and I know it’s actually due to the other factors. The other things I’ve been doing outside of HCG but still one of those things when you’re feeling so great you kind of want to keep everything the same but anyway I think I might get to 120 by the end. I’ve still got till Tuesday for injections and then of course there’s 2 or 3 days after that of low calorie. Because I’m supposed to go on a hike next Friday so basically the plan is that I need to be on P3 by Friday. I kind of wish I could push it just a little longer but I need to just go ahead and do this and get it done and move on and start exercising again and it’s gonna be fun. That’s my update for today and I’ll talk to you guys soon.


GAPS diet for autism, add, adhd, eczema etc.- book title; HCG R3P2D37 +.2, 122.8

November 19, 2011

Hi guys! HCGChica here. I’m here to give you the results of VLCD 37 I was actually up .2 this morning. My body fat has been staying the same at 30 pounds of fat for the last 4 days I have to admit I did have a large can full of pecans yesterday they were really good. I actually had a handful of almonds about 4 days ago- 3 or 4 days ago as well. That could have to do with my weight kind of fluctuating the last few days. Minus 4, up 4, minus .6, plus .2 so I’m on 122.8 which is really good. It would be nice to make the best of the last few days of my round but you know how that is. Sometimes when you’re almost done you just kind of ready to be done already which is kind of the case for me. Those pecans are so good.

So anyway, my last injection will be I think Monday or Tuesday. I’m doing good I lost 20.4 pounds net at the moment in 37 days. My ketones are at 15. I’m pretty excited that I lost 15 pounds of fat. It might seem 20 pounds in 37 days 16 pounds of fat 37 days it may not seem the most weight loss you’ve ever seen on HCG but like I had said I really wanted to just to make sure as much of the weight I lost was fat and so for me has been a very successful round and that I’m very happy with it. Even though I lost 27 pounds in my first 40-day round I had lost a lot of lean mass so I’m much happier with this results. I’d much rather go slower as long as it’s all fat.

I wanted to actually show guys this book it’s not necessarily related to HCG but this is called Gut and Psychology Syndrome and it’s basically a book talking about a special diet for certain disorders. It’s actually mainly for autism but my son is not autistic but he has eczema and this is actually supposed to be a good treatment for that as well it’s actually supposed to treat things like autism, ADD, ADHD, depressions, schizophrenia, and dyslexia and it’s really good cause basically the diet is based on a specific carbohydrate diet which is known to be a cure for things like crones disease and ulcerative colitis. Basically the premise of this book is that a lot of this issues like mentioned here on the front have a lot to do with like having abnormal gut flora and having the membrane of your intestines being permeable for being damage and then a lot of foods you’re eating, a lot of undigested particles are getting into your blood stream and your body is reacting to that. This is a really good diet for people who seem to have a lot of food allergies which is the case with my son. He’s only 2 and ever since we started feeding him real food whatever that was a year ago he seems to be allergic to so many foods he seems to be allergic to almost all fruits for one and then the nightshade family and just a lot of other things and it just really bothered me cause like all of you mothers out there we want the best for our kids and we want them to have the best chance to feel happy and good in life

Basically this diet it’s called GAPS and it’s basically an alteration of the specific carbohydrate diet and the whole point of it is to heal the guts. It’s supposed to heal the lining of your intestines so it’s no longer permeable and it’s also supposed to fix the balance of your gut flora cause basically they’re saying antibiotics or just birth control for long time or just all this different things can affect you so that you end up having more bad gut flora than good and when it gets out of balance like that the bad gut flora it feeds on sugar on carbs even on FOS prebiotic fibers and then it eats that and then the byproducts of those bad gut flora are different toxins that will affect you in other bad ways and the reason it’s called Gut and Psychology Syndrome is cause she has treated all this people with autism and schizophrenia and depression and basically by fixing this issues with the gut and doing this diet a lot of those issues went away. For autistic children she had people just becoming almost normal functioning where their brain was just able to handle things a lot better or for ADD things like that just really calm them down and the whole point of it is that by going on this diet she suggest that most people need to do it for at least 2 years that after the 2 years your supposed to be able to incorporate a lot of the foods that you originally couldn’t eat without having bad reactions. For instance my son he’s eczema is not super, super bad but as I said when he would eat this different foods their supposed to be normal foods he would it would get a lot redder and he would also get a lot more cranky. I know that he’s 2 and that with 2 come certain things like tantrums and stuff like that and I do expect that but I just felt like some of the things that he was doing just really seemed really over the top and just not normal and that’s why I started researching this. This book is really good and so if you have any children or know anyone that have any of this conditions you might want to read it basically there is an introduction phase and then there’s the full GAPS diet that you do that part for like 2 years but the introductions page is supposed to kinda jump start the intestinal feeling and that’s what my son is on right now. It’s been about 2 weeks and we have all noticed a difference in his behavior already before he would complain about something it would just go on and on for like 45 minutes sometimes you just fall apart. And now it’s over much faster he just seems a lot more in control of himself. And like I said he’s just like a normal kid but it seems like he has all this food allergies and eczema and already his eczema looks better as well and a lot of the basis of it involves eating probiotic foods like sauerkraut juice, eating your own homemade yogurt and kefir. Based on this book you’re not supposed to have any commercial dairy products at all. You have to make it all at home from raw milk if possible and then also all this bone broths, having this broths made from bones and marrow and the different gelatinous parts of the animal are supposed to be kind of like the basis of their diets.

Anyway I’m excited to like eat some of the stuffs I’ve been making because I’ve been cooking so much for my husband and my son and I haven’t. It haven’t really bothered me but I’m definitely excited to do it. So anyway it’s called Gut and Psychology Syndrome and it’s by Doctor Natasha Campbell McBride and she kind of came across this stuff based on trying out the specific carbohydrate diet and Elaine Gottschall also had had success with the similar diet with her autistic child many years ago and that’s intriguing other people. Sorry this is long. I just wanted to share because I really- a lot of what she says in the book really resonates with me and makes a lot of sense to me I kind of am the person who believes in meat, in grass fed meats and I mean it can be expensive not all may be able to afford it but she just talks about this different things and I just thought it would be helpful for anyone who has children with conditions like this to help address it in a successful way and also with the nice idea of being able to re-incorporate certain foods that they can’t tolerate now. Anyway that’s what I wanted to share and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.


LDW 122.8, HCG R3P2D40, Future Plans

November 21, 2011

My LDW for this round is 122.8.  It was a bit rough getting off the HCG Injections this round because of getting low blood sugar so I was having to eat a bit more still while getting off in order to feel somewhat normal.

As I watched this video I realized I can now make a nice comparison- I stated in this vid that I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing shorts in public yet because of the fat still left on my thighs- at 122.8.  During the break between round 3 and 4 I started going to crossfit and I gained 7 lbs of muscle in 3 months and started round 4 around 132 pounds.  During Round 4 I didn’t lose a lot of weight- my LDW was 126.8, so 4 lbs heavier than my previous LDW, BUT because of the muscle gains during my break and the fact that the fat I lost as I went from 132 to 126 was fat I hadn’t lost before (meaning, I had maintained my fat losses when I originally got to 122.8), I lost fat on my legs and my thighs!  Enough so that at 126.8, 4 lbs more than the weight I didn’t feel comfortable wearing shorts, I felt comfortable wearing shorts!  I hope this all makes sense.  For the first time ever after Round 4 was completed, I liked my leg shape!  That was pretty rewarding and helped me to realize when you get to the point where you don’t have a lot of weight to lose, even small losses make a large difference on your body.


Hey guys! It’s HCGChica. I keep trying to make a quicker blog but I just can’t seem to do it. This is my 3rd time re-recording this. Okay yesterday was my LDW I was 122.8 I decided to end my round a few days early because I was starting to grab a little handfuls of extra things and I just thought I am mentally done with this round so I need to physically stop it. My last dose was 2 days ago, yesterday my weight was the same as the day before I had a goose egg yesterday so 122.8 is my LDW that’s a total loss of 20.4 pounds in 38 VLCD days and I lost 16 pounds of fat. Today I was actually down a pound to 121.8 but my pounds of fat stayed the same and my body fat percent didn’t really go up much like it should have if that was lean body mass, hopefully it’s not lean body mass I sure hope not. I think hopefully just water or something or maybe my body fat will drop tomorrow that would be fine with me we’ll see.

That’s my stats I am having a little rough time getting off the HCG having that low blood sugar again so I actually am eating more yesterday and today just cause I have to. My blood sugar has been like 88 even after eating like small meal and I just feel terrible, very shaky like I might pass out just really not good so I am having to eat more. But I’m still trying to stay away from fats although I did have a little bit of nuts. So that’s that, I’m 122.8 that was super exciting.

The other thing is some of you may think that this is my last round that I’m done losing weight. That is not the case. I am doing one more round and I think if any who’s seen any of my vlogs this round you know that I do things sensibly and scientifically and logically so I’m definitely not just trying to be too skinny or anything. I still have abnormal fat. Believe me I do. And I wanna use my next round to lose more fat. My lean body mass right now looks to be around close to 90 pounds of lean body mass which for my height 5’1’’ is actually still at the top range. I found this lean body mass chart online so for 5’1’’ person like me it said 73 to 89 pounds of lean mass is the normal range. So of course if you’re really over weight like I was you’ll start out having more lean mass than that but this is the normal range for being on normal weight. So I’m actually still at the top range of that which is great and I love that this round I lost almost all fat and during my break which will be long at least 2 or 3 months I’m hoping to be hiking and doing all the stuff that I like to do depending on my health and everything I have to break back into it slowly. That will be that, just making sure that I’m nice and strong and then my 4th round I would like to get off probably even another— I haven’t actually calculated it out, I needed to figure out what my exact body fat percentage is first before I can calculate how many more pounds of fat I need to lose to be at a certain body fat percent but basically I kinda have a body fat percent in mind that I wanna be. If you look online there is a different ranges like 21 – 24 percent is considered fit and then something like 17 or 18 – 20 percent is considered an athlete. I would love to use HCG to lose fat in order to get into those more fit categories. Right now I’m guessing my body fat is probably in actuality more like 27% at least. I will let you know cause I’m gonna go probably do that this week. I would really like to do that that would be really exciting and that might end up putting me somewhere around 110 or something like that. When I was younger I was that weight for a long time. I was very fit so I would love to be able to do that again. That is my plan so I would be in a long break.

I don’t know that I’ll be checking in as much on P3 just have other things that I’ve been focus on this for 6 weeks and I kinda wanna do this diet for my son with his eczema just wanna focus on some other things for a bit but if I do any experimenting on P3 recipe baking and stuff I’ll definitely check in and give you a review or do a blog or something like that. I hope everyone else keeps doing well and I think some of you guys are all starting again soon so that’s exciting and I’m really happy to be starting P3. For a while it was like “oh I’m feeling so good on HCG and it feels pretty easy” and then just the last few days I just like I really like to eat and maybe it has to do with all the cooking I have been doing but I’m really excited to be eating.

The diet I’m kinda doing with my family is kind of basically a high meat high fat diet we do eat meat that is grass fed or pasture raised or stuff like that so there’s no hormones in it. That’s very healthy for us. I’ve done a lot of reading on that and that’s kinda what I believe in and I do maintain well usually on diets like that so I’m so excited. I’m excited to do that. I’m hoping that I will stabilize okay this first few, it probably will be scary and my first round I stabilize 1.8 above my LDW. I’m fine if that’s where I end up stabilizing this time too. I’m not really gonna sweat it cause I know I have a future coming up to get even more fit so I’m excited about that.

I do still have some good amount of back flab here and my thighs, my hips have gone down a lot which is really cool. My legs are still- I wouldn’t wear shorts in public still. I know that’s probably hard to believe since I’m wearing the size 4 jeans but since I am so short I’m 5’1 my upper body is much slimmer now, my waist is definitely a lot smaller but my legs have always been big which is fine but they have a lot of, they just have a lot of fat on still and I just don’t think they’re attractive so I probably wouldn’t wear shorts or anything yet but I think another- yeah, definitely by 110 I will cause they’ll look a lot better. I’m very happy here though. I haven’t been at 122.8 in, well when I married my husband I was I think 120 and our dating period I was 110 – 120. I did gradually gain a bit but that was almost 11 years ago. It’s pretty exciting I will be very happy here for a while. I’m just gonna enjoy it and then in a few months I think I’ll be ready to do the last bit of fat. Like I said still need to actually calculate out how many pounds of fat equates to what body fat percent for me. I don’t actually know that yet. I have to go calculate it out. I have 33 pounds of fat right now, if I can maintain that, I’m not sure like if I got down to the 20 pounds of fat or 25 pounds of fat what body fat percent that would equate to. I’m not sure so I have to figure that out. Anyway I guess it’s once again not a short vlog but oh well it’s okay you could just watch half of it or whatever alright I’ll talk to you guys soon.


1st Steak Day after HCG a success, HCG R3P3D5, 124.2 pounds

November 27, 2011

I kind of over did my start to p3 this time- I felt uncomfortably full those first few days of p3.  I found myself eating too much.  I found myself quickly almost 3 lbs above LDW so I did my first steak day since starting HCG Injections roound.  I had always been pretty shy of doing a steak day because I remember trying to do a fast day in times previous and feeling so weak and hungry by noon that I had to eat.  But surprisingly, the steak day was easy!

I realized that I think this is because of the fact that I wasn’t consuming starches and sugars during p3, so moving to basically what you’d call a fast day wasn’t such a huge drop in carbs, so hunger and weakness was more limited than it would have been had I eaten a bag of chips the previous day. Also my meals had been pretty high fat the whole past week so I think that helped my steak day go smoothly as well.

I actually enjoyed the Steak day / Fast day so much that I thought to myself that I’d almost like to do a fast day once a week. It felt very clean for my body to have a rest from eating and from being full.

Also! My body slid right back into ketosis after the Steak day- and this makes me think that perhaps this one of the reasons that Dr. Simeon’s prescribed “steak days” after the protocol work well- being on p3 with no starches and no sugars, it’s easy for the body to get right back into ketosis under the right conditions- like a steak day for instance. Just interesting to me.

I was down 1.4 from the steak day to 124.2.

I just discovered Crossfit and I talk about it briefly in this vlog. As of now, September 23, 2012, I’ve been going to Crossfit (aka xfit) 3-4 times a week for a little less than 9 months and I’ve gained over 12 lbs of muscle during that time. If you want to get strong and in shape, Crossfit is the way to go, period. Love love love it.


2nd Steak day; -2.0 lbs, 123lbs even. HCG R3P3

December 2, 2011

A 2lb drop from my 2nd steak day = one happy girl.  125 lbs to 123 lbs.

I feel like it’s important to state here that I didn’t actually lose 2 lbs. Not 2 lbs of fat anyway. When you fast for a day or so, you have to remember that your body has a lot less food/waste/etc. Sitting in your intestines the following day. If you tried to drink a lot throughout your fast day, your body may have let go of some water weight as well. Sure my body probably burned some fat as well, but not 2 lbs worth. That’s why you should never be alarmed to see your weight go back up some the following day or in the ensuing days.


Hey guys HCGchica! Just checking in to give you the results of my steak day from yesterday. I was down 2 pounds. I see them brighter than my first steak day so that put me in 123 this morning. I was 125 yesterday. Steak day is working guys I never actually done 1 before this last 2 even though I’ve done 3 rounds I’ve never done a steak day before and to be honest I was a little afraid of them but you know what? They’re not as hard as they seem like they would be. Not that hard at all because you’re still having kinda of a hearty dinner really with a good sized steak and I had a tomato and I’m down 2 pounds this morning. So that puts me actually almost exactly at LDW. I’m kinda expecting it to go up a little tomorrow just because in general most of P3 so far have actually been more like 124 – 124.2 so being at 123 feels pretty low but I don’t really expect that to stick but as long as I’d really like to stay within that 2 pounds and I’m just make my body do it so I’ll keep reporting. Talk to you soon, bye.


Fighting to stabilize new HCG weight- HCG R3P3D23

December 15, 2011


Hey guys! HCGchica. I’m checking in, sorry it’s been a long time. Just been really busy and I’ve been having trouble stabilizing my weight this time. Today is technically P3 day 23. I’ve definitely stuck to no sugar no starches. I haven’t done that, the most I’ve had when I have my smoothie. I have either half cup of strawberries or blueberries in my smoothie and sometimes I might have 2 smoothies a day that’s the only type of sugar that I’m having is just that tiny bit of very fruit.

Today I’m 126.4 which is 3.6 over my LDW. My LDW is 122.8 and I’m doing another steak day today. This is my 4th one this is my 4th steak day. I’ve had a lot of weight fluctuations it’s just my weight wants to go up and I haven’t been counting calories cause it’s something I just really don’t wanna do when I haven’t never really done it in the past. And I’ve been trying to avoid it but I’m coming to the conclusion that I may have to start if the problem is the way that I cook I don’t know how many calories are in a lot of the things that I make. That’s kinda my difficulty. Anyway I did start doing crossfit which is a really kinda high intensity interval with like heavy weights and running stuff like that. First I was thinking that maybe it’s that from water retention and I do think I have some water retention but I’m still doing the training so it’s not like it’s that and it’s only twice a week so it’s not like it’s that much. I’ve been taking some bike rides and walks and stuff here and there but I think maybe I’m just eating too much. I must be eating too much. I weigh a lot less than I did at 146 when I was 146 which is the end of my 1st round I did stabilize well and I felt like I ate a lot I felt I could eat whatever I wanted as long as there was no carbs in it and I’m not finding that to be the case this time.

I’ve been anywhere between 122.8 and I’ve gotten this high as 127. I was 127 this past Thursday. This past Friday and Saturday and on Saturday I did a steak day and I was down 2 pounds to 125 and then I stayed the same on Monday and then Tuesday I was at .4 which is yesterday. This morning I was up 1 pound.

So with the steak days I’m trying to kind of force my body to stay within a range. I don’t really know exactly what the purpose of Doctor Simeons, steak days were originally what he felt that it would do but I’m kind of wondering if he was saying that by forcing your body back within this 2 pound range whenever it went above that you’re forcing your body to stay in that certain spot at a certain way pretty much for 3 weeks and then after that period of time your body will kind of adjust to being that weight. That’s kinda what I’m thinking that maybe he was thinking, I don’t really know. That’s kinda what I’m trying to do is just keeps forcing it back. I did let it get a little high unfortunately because I, well I was doing some intense exercise when I kind of jump up to 126 something and so I waited a day or 2 cause I was really sore and I just didn’t think it was a good day to be fasting cause my muscles were really sore so as a result I am—even when I’ve done like the last steak day that still, I guess it put me within the right, no it didn’t, it put me still a little above my 2 pound range so I don’t know that I’m necessarily trying to stay within that now but I would like to be between 124 – 125 I don’t like seeing 126 on the scale and I definitely  don’t like seeing 127. I’m trying to make it work within there. The other thing is as my husband was telling me when you’re building muscle it’s really hard to build muscle and not gain any fat with it. And I am trying to really build some muscle and be strong so that’s a bit of a challenge and you know I guess I’m gonna have to be okay with gaining a little bit of fat while I gain muscle in this interim period and then when I do my next round of HCG of losing more fat. Because my body fat percent is lower at this current weight than it was like when I was on HCG at that weight which means I do have more muscle at this weight now than before but it’s just that I am getting a little bit of fat back too which is irritating, nobody wants to gain any fat.

Anyway just having a little bit of dilemma with that but I feel really stubborn. I feel stubborn – that I don’t – I’m gonna get it to stabilize but I have to tell you guys I’m not stabilize at all right now it’s been over 3 weeks and my weight is continually just jumping all over the place. I’m not exactly sure what I’m gonna do at this point. I don’t mind the steak days to be honest I kinda liked them. I guess it just gives me a sense of control not eating for most the day I’m just drinking lots of liquid cause I do find that I still tend to overeat and it’s just not a good habit and I don’t know why I do that even though I’m not binging on sugar or anything anymore right now. I’m just still eating a lot which is probably why I can’t stabilize this is just too much, I wouldn’t say I’m burning as many calories as I was after the end of my first round cause I was going to Zumba and I was doing all those gardening. Right now I’m doing some exercise but I definitely wouldn’t say it’s on the level that it was so that’s probably why I got away with eating more before than I can now.

The other thing is I don’t know if I have some issues with my thyroid and adrenals right now. I’ve been getting a little more tired this last week, not feeling quite as good so I’m trying to address that because that has a big role in weight maintenance as well so I was kinda hoping that if I could figure that out that I wouldn’t have so much trouble. But anyway that’s what’s have been going on with me it’s just kinda crazy how I just doesn’t wanna stay in this low 120’s. But it’s just like I said I feel really stubborn and I’m really trying to force it because as I see and I don’t really see a particular weight yet that my body wants to stay at. If it was 4 – 5 pounds higher but my body wanted to stay there I would be fine with that but so far I don’t see a weight like that where it just want to stay there. I just see it keeps climbing until I do a steak day and then it stays the same for a day or 2 but then it starts going back up. And I noticed lately with cheese specially that I seem to have big gains with cheese which is funny because I never have a problem with cheese before. I guess it’s one of those things as you get to be a lower weight your body just can’t have as many calories and I think I’m just not used to that anymore. Even at 146 I guess I could just eat a lot more than I can now. It’s a challenge but I’m up to the challenge because I’m happy with my body right now I don’t feel like I hate my body anymore and it’s worth holding on to, it is really worth holding on to.

I’m gonna keep up the fight. I may have to make adjustments as I continue doing this crossfit and bike riding. I’m actually hoping to train it’s called the Cinderella ride it’s a bike ride kinda like a marathon thing that I’m gonna do with a friend and I think it’s 65 miles, this bike ride. I’m hoping to do that it’s at March 31st and I was hoping to actually do a round after 11 or 12 weeks but I think now with the timing bike ride I might have to wait until after that so we’ll see.

My goal is to be strong and to be really fit. I may have to make some adjustments and view this more as a long process where I lose fat on HCG, build some muscle but then I will also gain a couple few pounds of fat as well but I’ll still be at a lower body fat percent than I was at that weight prior and then go on HCG lose some more fat and then as I build muscle again and get strong and get more fit. I just think it’s gonna be kind of up and down thing a little bit as I get lower to get the body that I want it’s not as simple as you’re just losing weight I guess. I guess if you wanna get really strong and really fit and be small I guess it’s a lot more to process. I’m okay with that I just had to- I just didn’t know that. I didn’t realize that when you work out a lot. I’m fine with water retention but I have seen my fat go up.

Basically I finished my round at 30 pounds of fat and I’ve been fluctuating between 30.5 pounds of fat and 32 pounds of fat. Every time I get up to 32 pounds of fat I do a steak day cause I don’t like that I’m fine with 31 and half, 31, I’m just trying to stay within that range between 30 and a half and 31 and a half. As you can see even though like for instance I got up to 127 which is actually for 127 is 4.2 pounds over my LDW my fat had only gone up I think 2 pounds. So basically as you can see 2 of that is water/muscle so I am in a better place like I said. Sorry this is very long but I haven’t been on a while I just wanted to explain what’s been going on so you guys can know.

Again I don’t mind the steak days at all I can’t say I’ve been really maintaining the loss from that but it does buy me some time because then my weight takes a few days to go up a little bit and like I said I don’t mind them I’m not really sure I haven’t researched it very much. I wouldn’t mind actually doing the steak day once a week just because it really feels good. I feel like I get all cleaned out I don’t feel bloated. I just feel good. So I might do that once a week but at the moment in order to actually keep my weight the same each week I would have to probably do it twice a week. And I’m not really sure that’s a good thing for me to do or not. I would have to look into that and really it would be better to just get my weight to stay the same and maybe not eat so much. I just hate having limits on food when it comes to the amount. I don’t why that is but it just that is the one thing that kill me it’s like I have to eat a certain amount forever it’s just- it’s hard. I don’t mind being super strict, not eating at all during HCG I can do something super, super strict as long as I know there’s a designated time period for it and then afterwards there’s a lot more freedom. Just having trouble I’m taking a little too much freedom lately. Other than that I am really good but I’ve been so busy I have a lot of things going on right now but they’re good so that’s great. I’ll keep you updated about my training with the CrossFit and the bike ride. I’m not exactly sure when my next round will be at the latest it will be like you know April 1st as I wanna start my 4th round at the latest’ I’ve really like to squeezed it in sometime in February but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do that or not, we’ll see. Anyway that’s my update for now and thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you guys soon.


Crossfit and sticking to p3- HCG R3P3D29

December 21, 2011

While I can’t say I stabilized, I chose to make going to crossfit and building muscle my goal for the time being. My fat mass has stayed relatively the same while my weight has gone up a bit so I was hoping at this time, and now since it’s after the fact I can confirm, almost all my weight gain was entirely muscle. So I can say with certainty I did stabilize my fat losses from Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

As far my current diet at this point goes, I was sticking to p3 pretty closely- the only sugar I was having was a small amount of berries in my smoothies, and an occasional sugar free chocolate bar made with maltitol. Other than that, no other fruit, no beans, no grain, no starchy vegetables including potatoes, etc.


Hey guys! HCGchica. I’m in p3 it’s day 29 I’m doing really well. I can’t say I stabilize still but basically in a way I have because I’ve been vacillating between 31 and 32 pounds of fat for most of the whole month so I had ended my round at 30 pounds of fat and I kinda had wanted to stay there but the reality is I seem to be sticking between 31 and 32 and if I stay there if I don’t go above 32 then I will consider myself stabilized and the reason I’m basing it of pounds of fat is because as I said in my last blog I’m doing crossfit now which is kind of a heavy weight lifting interval type training class. So I have actually gained weight more than that 1 pound of fat back and forth and actually my LDW is 122.8 and I’ve actually been 127 and 127.2, 127.6 the last 3 days.

Today I was actually down 126 point something but I think it’s just because I was too dehydrated. So as you can see I’m about 5 to 6 pound, yeah, 5 pounds even 5 and a half pounds over LDW. But like I said my fat actually has not been more than 2 pounds above and I am trying to build muscle. I’m not gonna try to get rid of the muscle that I’ve built. Anyway that’s what’s going on with me it’s just kind of a different experience this time around and it’s kind of too late now to try to stabilize my weight. I know some of you mentioned to stop exercising and stuff but my goal is really to get strong not just to be a certain weight and I definitely do understand the concept of stabilizing your weight before doing something new but I guess I didn’t do that this time at first so next round I may try to do that where I do the protocol and then my 3 weeks of p3 keep it light and not do anything too intense until I see my weight stabilizing then get kick started into a program but I already kind of got you know all hyped about it and already started it and I don’t mentally feel like I could just stop exercising now so that’s okay.

I come to the conclusion that I’m okay if as long as most of the weight that I gain is for muscle and just a little bit of it is fat that’s okay with me and then when my next round comes around sometime in March or April then I’ll get rid of more fat and what will I’ll be left with is a higher muscle mass which is exciting. That’s my plan and I’m gonna try a couple of cycles like that. I realize it’s gonna be a little bit of up and down since the results I want to achieve are not just getting thinner but to actually create a certain body physique and be really strong. I’m not gonna try and be like body builder or anything but I would like to get a lot of muscle mass and be really strong and just give me the capability to do a lot of hiking and just for thing to feel easier.

That’s my plan so I’m just staying on P3 as far as no starches no sugars. I just have like one of those Sugar-Free Choco Bars from Trader Joes here and there and I have a little bit of frozen berries in my smoothie by MsHCGgirl and other than that I really haven’t had any carbs. I have vegetables and stuff but no beans, no high carb vegetables, no yam, no potato, no grains at all so definitely doing the right thing I probably still eat a little too much but like I said as long as I see my fat stay in the 31 and the 32 pound range I’ll be happy with that and if it starts jumping up a bunch from there on my fat side then I will have to do something but other than that I’m doing good and I just wanted to let you guys know. Alright I’ll talk to you later.


R3P3 Update, and E-book on hcg- beyond basics

December 28, 2011

As of this vlog I was almost 8 lbs over LDW- and yet I ain’t cryin’!  Why not??  Because it’s almost all muscle folks!  I ended Round 3 of HCG Injections at 122.8 and as of this vlog was 130.4.

Perhaps because I’m kind of “new” to this intense exercise (not really new, but new in the sense that it’s been awhile), my appetite has been voracious.


Hey guys! HCGchica. Today is day 35 of P3 and I’m just checking in to let you know where I’m at. I have been doing really good with sticking to P3 foods and eating properly in that way. When it comes to my weight it’s another story if you’ve seen the couple of my vlogs you’ll know what’s been going on. But today I’m actually almost 8 pounds over LDW my LDW was 122.6. Today I am 130.4 although yesterday I was 128.6 so I’m basically between 6 and 8 pounds over LDW the last few days. But the reason for that is because of the fact that I’m doing this CrossFit program that’s kind of really, really intense exercise and as a result not only am I building muscle which is good that’s what I wanna do you know muscle does weigh something so that’s fine with me but I am getting little fat with it because my appetite is just kind of voracious right now because of the exercise so it’s kinda hard to reign that in right now. I don’t know how people do that with these extreme workout programs and then eating a specific certain amount, that’s tough. I think for me I’ve decided that I’m gonna be doing this building phase where most of the weight I gain will be muscle but a few pounds of it will be fat and I’ll lose that fat on my next round but I will keep most of the lean mass so that’s how I’m gonna do it. But as I said I am eating the right foods. I’m just eating a lot of it. If I could do this over I would definitely give myself the 3 weeks of stabilization without a lot of exercise. I would keep it super light so that my body has a chance to stabilize and get use to its new weight and I know that’s what others had suggested and I will do that next time and I suggest for others that you guys do that as well. For me this time it was kinda too late because I’m already into it and paid for the trainings and everything.

The results I’m getting are good in regards to building muscle but my results could have been even better if I had had a chance for my body’s weight to stabilize a little better before I started to going to be extreme and doing all kinds of other stuff.

The other thing that makes my case a little different is that I do take small amounts of cortisol. Cortisol is known to make you gain fat. That’s why stress makes you gain weight cause the stress hormone is cortisol however I don’t have enough cortisol so my adrenals aren’t working effectively and so I take the cortisol. If I don’t take it I’m extremely tired and fatigue so it’s kinda something that I have to do. That could be part of it why my case might be a little more extreme as far as the gains go and you guys may not have that to deal with. That’s what’s going on with that.

The last thing is I wanted to tell you guys that I’m actually writing an e-book. It’s not gonna be an HCG primer at all this book will be for people who already know all the basics of the protocol. What it’s gonna focus on is how to make sure that you’re losing fat on the protocol. I know I’m not the first person in the world to track my body fat on the protocol but I feel like I’m one of the first people that I’ve seen on YouTube to do that and I feel like I’ve learned a lot with all the different things that I’ve tracked and the experiments I’ve done and you know pretty much all the information that I’m writing in the book is already in my blogs for free, but I have a lot of blogs to go through and I tried to label them as clearly as I can but I just kinda thought for anyone who doesn’t have the time or wants to have it handy where they can just look at it and read it when they’re trying to figure something out while on the round that this would be useful for them. And I do think the information is useful and I wanted it to be affordable. I don’t know how much will be yet maybe like 10 bucks or something but I’m about maybe if they’re done with it I’ll definitely keep you guys updated about that so I’m excited. I’m excited about it cause I’ve been writing it, it’s just exciting.

There’s a lot of good info out there that we all need to be aware of. And just being informed, this isn’t about weight loss it’s about fat loss and I explained in the book why that’s so relevant and why it’s so important cause even I who’s obsess with fat loss I’m over just weight loss didn’t know some things that I came across in my research. Just even how much fat how much space fat takes up versus muscle, things like that and just seeing that in person how much more space it takes up is really eye opening.

I’ll let you guys know about that. Also I started a Hubpages account where you can write articles. You can write any article that you want and publish it and so I just did my first one which is actually an article proving that the weight loss protocol does  work for fat loss and I’ll put the link to that below if you wanna read the article. It has my before and after photo from the protocol which I haven’t done my before and after blog yet for this 3rd round but it has a photo of that so you can see that and it also shows my hydrostatic body fat test results. I actually have photos of them. So you can see that for real anyway that’s it for me tonight and I’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye guys.


Misinformation re HCG Rant, HCG R3P4- Hiking, Crossfit

January 1, 2012

Out of curiosity one day, after seeing my weight gradually moving upward over time, I decided to track my calories on myfitnesspal to see how much I’m consuming on an average day.  Turns out it was 2900 calories.  Woa!  And I would definitely say that’s about how I eat every day.  Interestingly, in contrast with what I thought was going on in my vlog, once I had my hydrostatic body fat test, it turns out that all these excess calories were put straight into building muscle- 99% of my weight gain during this time period was muscle.  Wheww!  That’s a relief.  But that also brings me to another point which is that those people who believe in that “calories in, calories out” mantra need to step back and realize we humans are much more complex than that.

Since that time while continuing to go to Crossfit, I’ve been able to continue to eat in a pretty high calorie range like this and have almost all my weight gains be in the form of muscle, which makes this chica one happy girl.

ALSO.  Don’t believe everything you read online.  Seriously.  I have discovered so much misinformation, presented as being knowledgeable articles, regarding Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.  It makes me upset really.  This weight loss diet is this amazing way to lose actual fat, so much more quickly than you could with any other diet, and honestly, for some people, possibly the only way they will ever lose fat long term and change their lives, and there are all these individuals out there who’ve never done the HCG Injections, who don’t know anything about it, writing these articles telling people that “it’s dangerous” and “hcg’s a scam”.  Arggghh!  So not true.  Look at all of us successful weight loss stories- there are so many wonderful before and after videos of those who’ve done the weight loss protocol, and yes, long term dietary changes are necessary in order to maintain the weight loss from this protocol, but that is true of ANY DIET.  This weight loss protocol simply facilitates changing your life in a way  that no other diet I’ve ever come across can.  I’m living proof!  I can tell you with 100% certainty that if I hadn’t found this diet plan I’d still be a size 16 and carrying on the daily motions of life while being shriveled and depressed on the inside.  Now I’m vibrant and full of life and happy.  My happiness does not come from being thin- there are many things in my life to be happy about, but my being overweight and unhealthy took away my ability to appreciate and enjoy those things I had to be happy about.  By removing this thorn of excess fat and accompanying health issues, I was now free to enjoy my life and all the things in it there were always there, ready to make me feel happy.

Okay- enough of that rant.  Even now over a year later I get revved up about it!


P4 Check in. Eat Stop Eat going great for maintaining my weight

January 7, 2012

2 fasting days down now with the Eat Stop Eat Protocol. I also added back in some healthy starches like potatoes and brown rice. So far it has been going great!

I’m not sure what it is about my genetics perhaps, but I can really pack it away! My husband is 6′ tall, weighs between 185-200 lbs depending on the season and has a very physically active job, and I can out eat him any day!

The intermittent fasting really helps put a control on my eating habits in a way that’s manageable for me. I eat healthy, I just eat a lot. Brad Pilon was really wise to realize that the only thing people will be able to stick to long term is a program that is sustainable for every individual. It has to be something that is manageable and not a drag or that will cause you to burn out and jump ship. Because this is only 1-2x’s a week, it’s more like something refreshing to experience every week and then you get to live your normal life the rest of the time. I’ve been surprised actually how much I have enjoyed the fast days.

One thing I’ve noticed in many of the HCG vlogs I’ve watched is that many of them, even if they’ve experienced a struggle that maybe they didn’t meet successfully (ie. they ate stuff they shouldn’t have while on HCG Injections), they take responsibility for what happened and taking measures to get back on track. That’s what this weight loss protocol is all about. We have all started this protocol with past failed weightloss attempts, eating disorders and the like. These are not going to disappear overnight- it’s a process. There will be time when we totally screw up. But the point is not to give up and think we’re failures forever. This happened to me in Round 2. I freaked out at the end and practically lived on ice cream for the following 9 weeks until I felt mentally ready again to make a fresh start.

There may be a time period in life where this happens over and over a few times- fall, get up, fall, get up. But eventually, at some point, I feel like you reach that essential realization/mental readiness where you have the gumption to make the change a more permanent one. I feel like that has happened for me now. My life has changed so much the last year and a half and I know what certain poor choices I might make lead to down the road in my life and I know I can’t do that anymore. I have a son to raise, a husband to love and support, and I just can’t allow myself to get a point again where I’m just a shadow of a person going through the motions of caring out these duties. My family needs me, and I want to be happy. I value what I have now at this point and the point that this protocol has helped me to get to so much that those other things are no longer worth it.

Well, enough reflection for now. Just suffice it to say that it’s okay if you’re at a point where you’ve fallen and you’re not ready to get back up. Don’t make yourself feel even worse about it by using guilt on yourself. Accept how you are feeling and know that there will be a turning point in your life soon that you will feel deep inside you and then you’ll be ready to take the steps necessary to make the needed changes.


Eat Stop Eat / Intermittent Fasting Update, P4 hCG

January 22, 2012

So far, using the Eat Stop Eat protocol to maintain my new-found weight has worked successfully and has been so…..freeing.  No calorie counting.  Eating in the amounts that I feel like on most days.  It’s just so…simple.

I’m came across his protocol in my search to find something that I could follow long term to maintain my weight.

We are all different individuals- some feel very comfortable counting calories on a constant basis and this is doable and easy for them- pleasing even. I’m not one of those people. Not only do I hate to count calories, it’s very difficult to do so because I make almost everything from scratch, so it’s very hard to figure out how many calories are in my homemade recipes. I don’t measure how much oil or butter I put in the pan to saute my garlic and onions. How many calories are in a huge pot of thai-style soup I made with no recipe, and how many portions are there in that pot and how many calories are in one portion?

Do you see my problem?

I knew there had to be something that would fit me and my personality best, I just didn’t know what it was yet. I knew if I just researched it enough, I would find the solution. And then I came across Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat Protocol- it totally fits me!  A more common term for what he promotes is called Intermittent fasting, but of course with his own unique twist, which in my opinion is the best.   I’m a very all or nothing person. So for me to eat what I want some days and not eat at all other days is perfect. It’s so simple and easy- I don’t have to think about it. 2 days a week I’m not allowed to eat. That’s it. No thinking involved. 5 days a week I eat in the amounts I want. That’s it. No thinking involved. This has been great for me mentally and emotionally.  Also, you never go a day without eating- even on your fast days you have one meal- for me it’s dinner.

Additionally, since using the ESE protocol, something in me has shifted. Prior to starting this, I always wanted to be eating- eating always sounds fun, all day. It doesn’t matter if I’m not hungry- I find myself just always eating. Since I started the intermittent fasting twice a week, I have started finding myself not being concerned with food- actually not wanting to eat.

For instance, say I ate a meal an hour ago. If I head to the kitchen an hour later for something, I think to myself, like I usually do, “I think I’ll eat something. I’m not eating, so I think I’ll eat something.” But lately when I find myself in this situation, I actually had a new thought pop into my brain which was “but I’m not really hungry- I don’t really feel like eating. I think I’ll just have some tea.” And that’s what I did.

That is a totally foreign feeling for me. Usually if I think of food or see it, I want to eat it, and it would be an inner struggle for me to refrain. It was so strange to feel sastisfied and not feel the need to stuff myself till I’m uncomfortably full- I actually would feel driven to do that in the past.

The fasting also helps me to crave healthy foods. Sometimes after making a dietary change for my health, I would find myself starting to lean too heavily on certain replacement foods that aren’t really that healthy- like some diet bar that’s supposedly low in calories but is full of ingredients that you wouldn’t really call food. Ingredients that in tiny amounts are probably okay, but that shouldn’t be making up the bulk of your calorie intake. But the intermittent fasting keeps me in this constant state where I’m in the mood for real food most of the time, not junk. Broccoli and steak sounds the most appetizing when I have fasting in my life, instead of the sugar free chocolate bar at Trader Joes.

This may not work for everyone, but if you’re anything like, and some of you probably are, it’s a great little tool to whip out when you need it (like stabilization in p3 for instance).


Reflections on Why I Eat So Much- re Weightloss Apocalypse

January 28, 2012

Many people talk about the emotional or other deep-seated reasons behind why they overeat. Robin Woodall’s book Weightloss Apocalypse talks about this as well. At first I could really think of a reason why I overeat. I was maintaining my HCG fat loss and I eat super healthy good quality food. I eat no grain, no sugar. However, despite this, I still find that I have a tendency sometimes to get overfull and to want to eat a lot, whether it’s steak or green beans and cheese.

After I thought about it a little more, one of the things that started me being more fixated on food was when I was around 22 years old. Around that time I started having symptoms of an illness that would remain mysterious for another 6 years. All my life I’ve been what you might call a “type A” person- very energetic, somewhat driven, I like to be busy, I like to accomplish things and I hate to waste time.

But I started having bouts of time where I would have such profound fatigue that I could barely do anything. Social occasions in particular, which I automatically get all hyped up and enthusiastic at, caused me to “crash” afterwards- sometimes for two or three days where I would feel horribly yucky and depressed and could barely cope with life because my energy levels were so low and I didn’t know what was wrong.

Others around me didn’t understand as well, which isn’t surprising, since I didn’t know what was going on either. But this was very disturbing and hurtful to me and made me feel very upset inside. My fatigue prevented me from doing all the things that used to be a big part of my life and that I found enjoyable- hiking, my business which was painting and was very manual in nature (I loved the feeling of manual labor).

Eventually I found that eating was one of the only things left that I could do that was enjoyable. All my other activities now caused me to have horrible symptoms afterwards. Sugar was especially enjoyable.

Since I could no longer exercise and I started eating more badly and more of it, my weight climbed.

Even though I eventually discovered what my illness was and was able to address it in stages, it was kind of like the pattern and habit was already there, so I continue to struggle with eating too much (even though now at least they are all “safe” foods).

The other thing that I believe causes me to eat more than others is that I take active thyroid hormone, which makes my metabolism keep running normally, but as we all now, taking something in a pill can never act in our bodies the way it would have our bodies produced it. But it was way better than being an invalid that’s for sure! Thankfully now I’m well enough that I no longer need thyroid medication. I have been off thyroid meds entirely since March 2012 and it’s now October, so it’s been a full 7 months now. I think my Crossfit that I’m able to do keeps me in good straits these days.

That’s all for this post guys.


Gains on Scale Was Almost All Muscle! P4 Update

February 28, 2012

I’ve been fasting less frequently lately because I did have goals in mind. While off HCG Injections I really had been intending to gain muscle while doing Crossfit and I was getting the feeling that the fasting was kind of hampering me a little in that respect. I can tell you the actual results now which is that in 3 months of Crossfit I gained 7 lbs of muscle and only a half pound of fat (not the 3.5 pounds of fat that my Omron said). This is what my hydrostatic body fat test results told me. So that was so neat to find out!

I still don’t eat any sugar, but I do eat quite a bit of fruit, and I eat dried fruit for “dessert”- specifically dried figs. Isn’t that pathetic? My dessert is dried figs? I bet you are sitting here thinking, ‘oh I hope I never get in such a sad situation as this gal.’ Really though, I don’t know what I’m missing anymore because it’s been so long since I’ve had the real dope (sugar). 🙂


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hCGChica’s hCG Diet Journal – Round 2 Thu, 05 Apr 2018 17:29:55 +0000 My hCG Diet Journal from Round 2 of the hCG Diet Protocol with injections Loading on HCG – Round 2 June 16, 2011 Transcript: Hey guys! HCGChica. Before I say anything else I wanted to ask everybody to take a … Continue reading

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My hCG Diet Journal from Round 2 of the hCG Diet Protocol with injections

Loading on HCG – Round 2

June 16, 2011


Hey guys! HCGChica. Before I say anything else I wanted to ask everybody to take a moment and comment below about how you get your water in. I was actually talking with my mom the other day about drinking enough water and how we can do that and I remembered someone who made a vlog regarding something they added something to their water and kinda taste like Kool-Aid. Well it turned out it was DeeHCGprincess. Thank you so much for that blog she mentioned a Stevida product that taste like Kool-Aid that she got off of vita cost so we’re gonna try that. She says she makes this big batch, you can go back she has a video just called Stevida Kool-Aid or something like that and she just makes a huge batch of it and drinks off that all day I think. That’s a great idea and I wanna see what other things you guys do to get your water and what makes it easier whether it’s putting something in your water to make it taste better or even like if you use a certain type of container or if there’s a method to the timing of it that helps you get it in just share what you do that’s successful. I’ll share my next vlog as well. I’ll compile your comments and share that and then also what I do to get my water because there’s something that I do that if I don’t do it I won’t drink hardly any water at all but if I have my special container I will drink a lot of water so just share that below.

Today is my second loading day and I’m not down, sure wish I was down, I’m up 1.4 pounds from before loading but I’m actually only .8 pounds up from where I’ve been maintaining off for the last 2 and a half months. I maintained for about 2 and a half months at 146.2 then I got the flu I lost 5 pounds kept 3 of it off for 5 days and then I was up a little bit not a couple days after that and then I started my round at 145.6 and then I’m up 1.4 from now which is 147. It looks like I’m gonna gain about maybe 3 to 4 pounds loading which seems about right for me. Loading is hard for me I don’t actually wanna eat as soon as I start taking the hormone it’s like instantly specially fatty foods really turns me off and makes me feel nauseous but I’m doing my best. I only gained .8 pounds loading last time over the whole 2 days so anyway I am eating you know, junk but not junk food but you know I’m loading. Alright I’ll check in tomorrow take care.


Round 2 Loading Phase: 3 Day Load on the hCG Diet – (It Ended Up Being A Big Mistake)

June 16, 2011

December 17, 2014 UPDATED THOUGHTS

I recorded this video in June 2011 – during what I guess was the first 1/3 of my hCG weight loss journey. I would like to let you guys know what the long term outcome of my choices during that Round 2 – including:

  • my choice to load 3 days (which is not always a poor choice- see my post Should You Load for 3 Days?)
  • to eat whatever I wanted including tons of sugar, ice-cream, and gluten
  • eating a huge amount

I can see after watching this vlog back for the first time in probably 3 years that I have a come a long way baby, and I am speaking NOT of physical weight whatsoever.

I also hope it might comfort you guys a little to see where my head was when I was early on my hCG journey, in case you find yourself identifying with that years-ago-me up there. Because I wouldn’t make any of those choices now, and I haven’t done so in about 3 years. But I DID make such choices at one time – and this just happens to be the only time it was caught on camera, but my making choices like this has been a pattern for a few years prior to arriving at this spot.

If you watch my current videos or see me results – that I’ve been maintaining my weight loss over 2 years, that I crossfit and lift heavy weights, that I don’t eat ice-cream and love kale, you might think I’ve always been this way. Then you might feel like since you may not be in that place that making this change will be too hard for you.

We all start somewhere, usually near some garbage can where we just threw what was left of a package of cookies, hoping it would stop us from eating the rest. Man, even that didn’t usually work.

And that was me at the beginning too.

But obviously, I changed, as will you. If I had known then that my progress wouldn’t be in a straight line or that it would take me a couple year to REALLY internalize and OWN the needed changes, I probably would have given up before I started. So don’t think too far ahead – just start on this path – do your research, make logical wise choices based on what really works and doesn’t work for others, especially if your Gut-O-Meter (ability to sense truth from your gut) has been damaged by sugar consumption.

The “After-the-Fact” Conclusion

Essentially, I made all the wrong choices during round 2.

And it started with the loading.

If you watch the video, I’d like you to listen for some key things I said that reveal how out of touch I was with myself.

I say things like, “I just had a gut feeling I should load a third day.”

2 Definitions of Gut Feeling:

  • “instinct, intuition” – which as far as I know means perception of truth, knowing what is truly in the best interests of your survival.
  •  “If you have a gut feeling, you sense something about a person or a situation, without knowing why, but you’re sure what you sense is true.”

Obviously my Gut-O-Meter was WAY off.

“Why yes self, I DO thing that quart of ice-cream and cookies is EXACTLY what my body needs for true success to be mine.”


Fasting for First VLCD- HCG R2P2VLCD1

June 17, 2011

I’m not recommending anyone do this, this is just what I chose to do on my 2nd round of HCG Injections for the first vlcd day.  I chose to fast entirely and drink nothing but water for the whole day to kind of jumpstart my losses on the protocol and to try to ease the “pain” of my body adjusting to diet those first few very low calorie days of the protocol (we all know they are uncomfortable).


Hey guys! HCGChica! I’m checking in so today is my first VLCD day so I’m so excited to get up and see my loss tomorrow. I loaded 3 days and I gained a total of 3.6 pounds and I’m pretty sure that after a day that some of that water is water just water it’s not fat it’s water because I had like pizza late last night. Today I’m actually doing something a little different. For my first VLCD day I’m actually fasting like not fat fast but fasting. Drinking a ton of water and then I’m not gonna eat anything today. And the reason I decided to do that is because I’ve actually been reading on a couple different nutrition workout people on their sites about how fasting can be used after eating, after gorge days fasting can be used to lose a lot of fat in 1 day. It’s not something I’m gonna do all the time but they said when you do fast strategically for 24 to 36 hours you can actually lose a good amount of fat. If you do it after you’ve eaten a good amount of fat. That’s what I’m gonna try I’m doing that today. It’s already it’s 4:30 I haven’t eaten yet I’ve been drink a lot of water and we’ll see if I end up having a good loss tomorrow and then I’m sure I probably  will because everybody does the first day. I just really wanna, just you know, like you guys try different things and see what produces different results and stuff like that. That’s it I’ll check in soon.


Fast Day Results after 3 Day Load – HCG R2P2VLCD2

June 18, 2011

After gaining 3.6 lbs loading over the course of 3 days prior to starting the vlcd for HCG Injections, I fasted my first vlcd to jumpstart the whole process and was down 3.4 lbs after the fast day!  In all honesty I wasn’t even really hungry while fasting which is surprising.  Seemed to work just fine for me.  I haven’t done a fast day since (I’m am beyond Round 4 now as of this writing) while on the protocol.  I may employ it in the future, but I tend to like to have some research under my belt before I feel confident with doing something and there just isn’t research that I can find that combines fasting with the diet- anyone who knows me knows that sparing muscle is one of my most important concerns, so I never want to jeopardize my muscle for the sake of experimentation or to make the scale go down faster.


Hey guys! HCGChica! Hey okay so I’m doing the ketone strips but I’m gonna show it you because I need  you ketone pros maybe you can tell me what color this is because to me my stick looks like totally none of the colors, it’s none of them, it’s different. I guess it looks closest to 1 of this 3 maybe but it’s like a totally different color so if any of you know please help me. The darkest one for anyone who doesn’t know is large ketones which is 160 and then the next one is large it’s 80 and then moderate is 40 but I mean honestly I can’t tell so if any of you know.

Today is VLCD 2 as you know I had 3 days of loading which is kind of different from the normal 2. I gained a total of 3.6 pounds loading and that was a gain of 1.6 the first day .6 the next day and then 1.4 the 3rd day. I started after loading at 149.2 I chose to do a fast day for my first VLCD, not a fat fast, but fast so I drink almost 2 gallons of water and I didn’t eat anything and to be honest I was hardly hungry at all I mean for not eating anything after eating so much for 3 days. The hormone for me really works with hunger and I was thinking that might help me get over those first few of days of hunger easier by just fasting that first day and I think it probably will be good for that and I really didn’t feel hardly hungry at all and I drink a ton of water. I bet you wanna know the results of my fast day and that is that this morning I was down 3.4 pounds. I’m 145.8 and that’s super exciting to me I think that was really successful because my last round I did a 2 day load and I only gained a .8 and I feel like I tried to load well but maybe I didn’t, I don’t know but I only gained .8 and I lost 1.8 my first VLCD day my last round so this round I loss almost double. I gained more loading. I lost almost double my first day and I fasted this time so those were the 3 differences. I’m very happy with that specially because I am keeping track of my body fat percent my husband has this handheld thing he use to used it when he used to be a personal trainer, you know in another life and it’s this handheld thing that does your body fat. It’s fairly accurate it’s not as accurate as hydrostatic but it’s kinda like I think it’s the 3rd one down. it’s like hydrostatic body fat testing and like the bod pad and then the calipers by someone who’s trained and using the calipers that would be like the next most accurate and then I think this handheld one is the next accurate It’s more accurate than the scale ones that’s for sure.

I lost a whole pound of fat from yesterday which to me is good because I had only gained one pound of fat over loading. So what that means is those extra pounds were just water, if that makes sense. My things said that I have 46.5 pounds of fat after I finished the loading and then it said that I have 45.5 pounds fat today. Isn’t that so exciting? I lost the pound of fat that I gained in the 1 day after 3 days. So that’s pretty exciting and just excited to see good out from here. I slept for 10 hours last night. So there’s that I’m just trying to think if there’s any other detail that you guys might want. I’m still going to be making that water vlog I’m just still getting a few more comments so I’m just kinda waiting to compile all that and I wanna try and make it a really good one where I like actually put photos in of the different containers that some of you guys mentioned. If you guys even have a photo of what you drink out off, you can even send it to ne if not I’ll just find it on Google. Everything is on Google. I’m doing fantastic I actually felt really good yesterday and I feel really good today. I did have a headache today and I know that that’s common with the protocol and today I forgot to tell you, today I am doing a fat fast and the reason I’m dong that is because like I told you earlier from what I’ve been reading from some different fitness gurus it’s a really opportune time to fast after you have had a high calorie day. If you fast it’s an opportune time to lose fat is what I have been reading in more than one place like a 24 hour to a 36 hour fast, so I fasted. Today I chose to do a fat fast because of the extra calories. I figured if I do that that will hopefully help my body not feel like it needs to hold on to stuff because now that I’ve kind of not eaten at all now I’m gonna eat so I’m like Oh ok so there’s more nutrition here. That’s why I did that and then I plan on starting my regular VLCD days tomorrow, and depending on how the fat fast woks for me I will incorporate that into the rest of the program this round. I don’t plan on doing anymore regular fast that was just for that first day. That’s it and if you guys have any questions let me know and I appreciate everybody I’ve been watching all of your vlogs and I know you know that because I’m commenting and I’m so excited because I was looking at my page and I have over 200 subscribers now which is kinda neat because when I first started my last round, I remember when I had about 20. And I liked it because I like seeing how you guys are doing and I’m subscribed to more than 200 people so thankfully not all of you are vlogging every day because that would be really overwhelming for those of you on P2 it’s nice to see how you are all doing. All right talk to you soon.


Fat Fast Results on HCG (no longer recommended)

June 19, 2011

While I did lose 1.8 lbs after my first trial at the Fat Fast day while on HCG Injections, I must make it clear that I NO LONGER SUPPORT the idea of doing fat fasting while on HCG.  I have come to my own personal conclusion that Dr. Simeons knew what he was talking about when he said to avoid all fats while on the diet.  It was kind of a craze to do fat fasting while on the protocol about a year ago and everyone was doing them.  What are my reasons for thinking this is now unwise?

I use a handheld body fat monitor daily- on and off the protocol.  While many people find these to be sporadic and unreliable, I have found the opposite to be true in my case.  I compared my handheld body fat monitor with my hydrostatic body fat test results from Round 3 (update as of 9/12: as of Round 4 as well) and it was actually pretty accurate, so I’ve found that using it is a fairly reliable way for myself to see what the composition of my weightloss is made out of- in other words- how much of the scale weight being lost is fat and how much is muscle or water?  That takes us back to the fat fasting- the day after doing a fat fast or any other “non-protocol” type day where I had higher fats in my diet than usual, I found that while I lost “weight” on the scale, my fat actually went up!  It’s possible this was a fluke, but likely not, in which case it means I was losing muscle and gaining fat when I ate fats on the diet.  Not a good thing folks!

Again, I don’t have solid concrete proof that this is actually what’s happening, as certainly there are fluctuations on my handheld body fat monitor and it’s more a useful tool when looking at an overall trend over time, but it’s enough for me to know it’s not worth the risk.  If fat fasting on the protocol causes muscle loss and fat gain at the same time, this is super unhealthy and the exact opposite of what you want to happen- you might as well consider yourself as gaining weight even though you saw the scale go down.

I hope I don’t offend anyone with my strong opinion on this- I respect everyone’s right to make their own choices, but for me I have decided this is possibly (likely) a very unhealthy thing to do while on the protocol.  I want everyone to get what they want out of this protocol- which is to lose fat and shrink visibly and get into those smaller clothes- am I right or am I right?


R2P2 VLCD4-7

June 25, 2011

VLCD 4= -1.4 lbs, VLCD 5= -1.0 lbs, VLCD 6= -.0, VLCD 7= -.0, VLCD 8= -.2, total of 7.8 lbs in 7 vlcd days so far.

In this vlog I talk about eating extra proteins and sugar free jello.  In general, I think it best to avoid those processed sugar free stuff made with aspartame, but that was then, this is now.  I’ve come a long way.  As you’ll see in future vlogs, Round 2 was my “bad” round- my Round 2 on HCG Injections is a good example of what NOT to do on the protocol.


Hey guys! HCGChica! I’m trying to give you guys a quick rundown of the last few days. I did actually upload a video that you might have seen already it was 7 and a half minutes and just trying to make this quicker so that it’s easier for you guys to watch.

VLCD 4 I was down 1.4 pounds. VLCD 5 I was down 1 pound and that brought me to a total of 7.6 pounds loss in 4 days and my weight at that point was 141.6. Now VLCD 6, 7 and 8 I was down 0, 0 and .2 so things really slowed down and I’m not ecstatic about it. To be honest, I can’t complain too much because my first goose egg day I’ve been doing my body fat percent thing every day and it actually said that I lost a whole pound of fat and my body fat percent went down almost a whole percent from 31% to 30.3%. Even though I didn’t actually lose any weight that day I actually lost a pound of fat, that’s actually a good thing so I probably shouldn’t complain at all. And then the next goose egg day and then today my pounds of fats remain the same which is a 43 pounds of fat that I have. I still have a ways to go I’m a 5 foot 1 person. I’m 141 right now so that’s 43 pounds of fat. I’ not exactly sure how many pounds of fat is normal for my frame size but I’m gonna guess maybe around 25. I definitely have a little ways to go. I’ve been drinking all my water but the couple things that I did do differently when I had the goose eggs was I was very active the day before each goose egg and I added a 3rd protein because I was outside it was hot, I was sweating I was doing gardening and shoveling, not a ton but I did enough that I felt like I should probably have a 3rd protein and I had it in a form of a cottage cheese. Maybe that wasn’t a smart idea I don’t know, the other thing is I had some sugar free Jell-O’s actually 1 of the days I have 3 of them and I know that’s definitely not ideal. They’re sweetened with aspartame which is I know were not healthy but I’ve never actually had a problem losing weight using that sweetener on the protocol. I don’t know, I mean in the Jell-O form that’s different than the coke form because they do have 10 calories each. I did have higher calories those days but, I don’t know I guess I didn’t think it would be a problem but maybe it was. Or maybe that’s just maybe my weight would have slowed down anyway. I’m not really sure, but anyway that’s what’s going on with me and I am having a little bit of a rough patch with the diet which is probably why I’ve been eating a little more and trying to sneak all those Jell-O’s in and stuff because just having cravings not necessarily for bad food but I just want- I’m craving the volume and then craving frequency of food. I just wish I could eat more and more often, and it’s hard so I’m just trying to distract my mind and hoping it’ll past because the same thing happened to me last round so it’s not unfamiliar but I know hopefully it will past. So I’m just kinda trying to stick it out and just wait for it to pass hopefully I wake up to another loss too and I’m excited to try to get into the 130s. That’s my update and I’ll check in with you guys soon. Talk to you later.


9.2 lbs in 8 days so far- HCG R2P2 VLCD 9

June 25, 2011

More mention of cravings again.  One thing I have since learned about my cravings is that the best way to curb them quickly is to eat low carb for a few days, eliminating even fruit (whether I’m on HCG Injections or off).

Beware- “fat” flashing going on here.


Hey guys! HCGChica! Today is VLCD 9 the results from VLCD 8 yesterday, this morning  I was down 1.4 pounds I’m really glad about that, that makes it a total of 9.2 pounds in 8 days and that includes the 3.6 loading weight. That’s nice because I had 3 slow days since you guys know if you watch my last vlog. I’m really happy about that, yesterday I drink 2 liters of water not nearly as much as I usually drink, I just wasn’t feeling very good yesterday I told you I was having a lot of difficulties sticking to the diet just because of cravings. I’m not actually hungry, I’m not hungry at all I just wanted to eat and wanted to eat good things so I was at Target roaming the isles and every time I saw something good I just thought about it, I thought “Oh it’d be so nice to just eat a bunch of that” but I just keep thinking in my head this feeling is gonna pass, this feeling is gonna pass and today I felt a lot better I feel a lot better, I’m not craving things I’ve been busy the day is going by so quickly, I still need to drink a little more water today it was a little slacking of on that again today. I’m hoping that I’ll feel better now for a little bit. So yeah that’s my update for that. I also want a real quick show you a little bit of a body shot. The thing is last round I had bought a pair of goal jeans they were size 8 and I didn’t get in to them last round and I ended up buying 3 pairs of goal jeans just because they were so cute and they were at the thrift store, it’s like pretty easy to drop 3 dollars. I got a couple more pairs one is actually a 10P 10 petite, their like a small 10 because actually I’m wearing a 10 very comfortably right now. But the pair that I have on that I’m gonna show you they’re still a bit snug they do fit but not well enough to wear comfortably yet but I’m gonna show you so that hopefully in a few weeks from now I’ll wear them again and I’ll be able to see the difference especially in my whole muffin top areas. I’m gonna stand-up and show you that real quick. Their actually like turquoise jeans I just love them so they’re a 10P and like I said they fit snugly but I’m gonna show you my fat you should feel privileged, don’t look if you’re scared. Just you can see when I’m not holding it in you could see how it still too snug on the waist, technically if I wanna actually look good with my shirt see that? Holding it in looks like that. You see when I don’t hold it in its like it’s still has that round of fat when I wear this pants that why they’re really not acceptable to wear yet see that is not attractive. As soon as I get a little smaller and hold it in like this then I’ll be able to wear them comfortably. This are 10P and honestly and honestly they’re about the same size as a bunch of other 8’s that I have. Just wanna show it that way I can compare, it’s actually mostly for myself so I can compare a few weeks so that’s were I’m at. I feel lot better today I’m really glad about that and I may be trying I bit of an experiment with exercise on this protocol. The reason being is because the 1 day that I didn’t lose any weight but it said that I lost a whole pound of body fat that was the biggest jump I’ve seen yet on this round and that was the day before that was the day that I did the most physical activity. To me it’s all about losing body fat I don’t care about losing weight if I’m losing fat. Or if the scales going down more slowly but I’m losing a lot more fat than I was, that’s really what matters to me. I’m not gonna overdo it but I am gonna maybe try doing some exercise because I really didn’t do any last round at all and this round I haven’t really done much just a little shoveling and stuff. But I think I’m gonna be more conscious of it now. I kinda like the results that nellieHCG has been getting and what’s she’s been talking about as far as the exercising ketosis and all that stuff. I’m probably gonna try that and I’ll let you guys know how it goes but anyway that’s it for today.

I didn’t get to update you guys on my mom. She’s doing well, we’re both having a slower round, I don’t know that my round is totally slower yet but her rounds are little slower she had some really good losses I don’t know what exact stats but I do know she had like a 3 or 4 days stall and then she did an apple day, I think just 2 days ago and I think she drops like a couple pounds maybe 2.2 and so right now she’s at 218 so she’s really excited to break 220. So that’s really exciting and she stayed the same again this morning and she maybe checking in to some of the other little stall breakers that are out there besides the apple day like there’s a steak day people do and there is the fat fast day. She didn’t actually feel too good when she did that fat fast day so she’s kinda hesitant to try it again even though she did get good results but we all know we also wanna feel good. That’s my update for today and I’ll check with you guys soon.


Experiment with HCG and Exercise while on Cytomel/T3 – HCG R2P2 vlcd 10-12

June 28, 2011

VLCD10: -.2, VLCD11: -1.4, VLCD12: -.2.  Weight today 138.2

So I did this experiment where I did a short burst of exercise (HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training to be exact) while on this protocol the other day.  At first thought it seemed like it brought good results, but I can’t really say as I didn’t get to try it much after this because my health just wouldn’t hold up to being both on the protocol and exercising.  And I still have that terrible habit of drinking Diet Coke on this round!  I’m so glad I finally broke that habit permanently. I switched to Organic Black Numi Tea that I just love with a little half and half and stevia- it’s just the right caffeine kick for me.

At this point in my weight loss journey I had wondered if taking T3/Cytomel for my Hashimoto’s Thyroid condition while on the diet caused me to lose excess muscle on the diet- later I found this to not be true as during Round 3 of HCG Injections I was still on my Cytomel medication and I lost a whopping 90% fat of the weight I lost.  So for those on T3 or Cytomel for health reasons- don’t worry about this!  You can do very well on the protocol while taking these medications- in fact you will probably do better than some others because you will be on the diet with a properly treated thyroid, so you’ll probably lose at a faster rate.


Hi guys! HCGChica! How are you all doing? I’m just checking in to give you my update to VLCD 10-12. VLCD 10 I woke up and I was down .2 and that brought me to 139.8 that was exciting because that means I’m out of the 140’s. The night before I slept for 8 hours I drink 1 litter of water which is not enough so I have been little lax on my water and I actually forgot to write down what I ate that day. VLCD 11 I woke up and I was down 1.4 that was awesome so that brought me to 138.4 and I experimented the day before that, they gave me that good loss, I exercised I went to the gym and I just did actually I only did 8 minutes of what’s called Peak 8, working out it’s like an interval thing I was on a bike and what you do is you do 30 seconds of the highest intensity that you can, my heart beat up to 190 and then you back off completely and go as slow as possible to recover for about 60 to 90 seconds so your heartbeat comes back down, I think mine came back down to about 160, and then you go back-up 30 seconds of highest intensity that you can do and just did back down again so you just do intervals of that and I only ended up doing a total of 8 and a half minutes, but I got really sweaty and the whole rest of the day I felt fantastic I have a lot of energy I felt really good then I help a friend move and then that night actually went to a party and we were dancing and so I actually got all sweaty from that.

The reason I chose to do that was because, as you know I’ve been monitoring my body fat percent and how many pounds of fat I have with the handheld one. SlimSteve actually just showed his in the mail mine’s really old, mine’s like 13 years old so it doesn’t look the same as his but it does the same thing. I chose to do this experiment with the exercise because I didn’t exercise at all last round and this round I am finding that I’m still losing a little more lean mass than I would like and I’m a little different than everyone else on YouTube doing HCG. That’s because I take T3 or Cytomel  and its active thyroid hormone and I just think it makes me a little different because as you know when your body makes something on its own it works much more naturally with your body but since I take something that’s synthetic and its external, I take it once in the morning and I take a fairly large dose I take usually about 87.5 micrograms of T3 and its powerful it rubs up your metabolism and its replacing what my thyroid doesn’t make but as you all know still, replacing something that your body usually would make is still not the same thing and it doesn’t do exactly the same thing. I just felt like that must be the reason that I’m losing more lean mass than most people, I was just racking my brain trying to think of because I can’t stop taking the medication that’s what keeps me alive and it keeps me feeling normal. I just thought how can I get around this because I don’t want lose too much more lean mass, its okay how much I’ve loss so far because as you get smaller you don’t need as much lean mass to carry your frame around but I’m getting to that point where I’m starting to weigh a lot less and I just can’t afford to lose too much more so I chose to try exercising in the morning which is when I take my medication and I thought maybe that would be a way to use up some of that t3 that active thyroid hormone in a healthy way that my body can then utilize better. I did that and I felt great which is a good sign, and I actually even ate a little less than normal. I skipped the fruit and the veggie not on purpose I just ended up being so busy and I didn’t even realize till the end of the day that I hadn’t eaten one of each of those. And that is what led to my 1.4 pound loss the next morning. Now what’s really interesting is that when I did my body fat analyzer that morning it said that I had drop 2.5 pounds of fat that I lost. Now I only lost 1.4 pounds of weight it said I lost 2.5 pounds of fat and my body fat percent went almost down a whole percent to 29.2% from 30.1%. That was so exciting to me because that’s the second time that I have loss equally the amount of fat that I lost weight or more. Usually I lose some lean mass and fat after every loss I’ve had so far this round and I just wasn’t happy with how much lean mass I was losing compared to fat. This really doesn’t apply to most people I think most people that I’ve seen they do lose mostly fat like I said I think it just has to do with the medication that I take but that just goes to show you that something’s not working to try to, don’t just keep doing the same thing over and over, try to analyze it and try to figure out why that’s happening because otherwise you get on hurting yourself, there’s a lot of different things I don’t think in Dr. Simeons’ day nobody took active thyroid hormone. I can probably say that 100% were sure to you that nobody took that. Anyway I was so excited after that day that put me down to 40.5 pounds of fat. I was so excited about that and that just made me felt like that was a good idea now I’m not gonna exercise everyday necessarily because I’m not gonna actually be bad eventually too if you get too sore etc.

On Sunday I didn’t feel sore at all yesterday so I went ahead went back to the gym and I did another Peak 8 thing with the intervals and I did 10 and a half minutes this time, it was pretty intense really sweaty and I was I little more tired after that and my calves were feeling kind of sore so I figured today I won’t do anything specially with my legs. I might do a few push-ups or something I didn’t do anything with my legs. I’m gonna let my body rest. This morning I was down .2 this is VLCD 12 and I was 138.2, I’m really excited about that I drank 2 litters of water yesterday I had 3 protein serving because of the whole exercise and sore thing I had 2 turkey breast little burgers I had a cottage cheese serving, I had strawberries, I had 2 sugar free Jell-O’s, still I’m eating those they’re not hindering my losses and sometimes like when I go to a party and there’s tons of food or something like that would been having people over a little more frequently that’s kind of the thing that’s like my treat to get through the night. So I had tomatoes and asparagus for my 2 vegetables and  I actually, I guess I didn’t have 1 of my fruits yesterday. I think you can see I’m doing a lot better on the diet as far as not freaking out or thinking about food all the time because I’m even skipping a couple of things here and there. I am still having diet coke. I guess that’s my little confession to you guys that’s probably why I haven’t been drinking much water for the last 4 – 5 days because when I drink diet coke I kinda don’t wanna drink that much water. I know that’s not healthy but you know what, it’s kinda the one thing that helps me get by on this diet I can stick to everything else but it’s just my one little crutch so I’m not ready to give it up, I did have that. But anyway so far I’ve lost a total of 11 pounds in 11 VLCD days. I’m really happy about that because this is my second round and I’m 138.2 right now like ultimate goal weight for me would be 120 you can see I’m really getting pretty close that’s only 18.18 pounds away or so. I’m really getting close, I’m very happy with the losses I’ve have the last 4 days it’s like I had .2 the 1.4, .2, 1.4, .2 so I had a couple big losses in between the smaller ones that’s really exciting.

I will keep you guys updated on what I’m doing; I’m sorry this vlog is a little longer than normal but I did have to explain a little more than normal. I’m  sorry I haven’t done the water vlog yet I still want to its just I’ve been so busy when I was having that rough patch I really just couldn’t focus on anything else but stalling myself over and over, “ don’t eat, don’t eat, don’t eat” but I’m really feeling a lot better so that’s good. I’ll keep you updated about that. it’s really nice being able to track some things. The body fat monitor is not completely accurate, sometimes there’s gonna be a little inconsistency but it’s actually pretty accurate as long as you do it around the same time each morning and do it right after you weigh, its actually pretty consistent. When I did the hydrostatic body fat test it was off about 2 to 3 percent but this is still a good gauge because the numbers are consistent and the numbers are consistently going down. For me it’s still very useful and it’s important for me since like I said my case is a little different so I need to make sure that I keep figuring out how to keep as much lean mass as I can. As far as things have gone so far I’m doing really well, it says I’ve lost about 6.5 pounds of fat and then I am assuming that at least 2 or 3 pounds that I lost is just water so that would bring it to either 8.5 or 9.5 and then I’ve only lost a total of 11 so that means I’ve only lost to this point like 2.5 to 3.5 pounds of lean mass and that’s a much better ratio than I had before. I’m gonna keep up with this new experiment and I’ll let you guys know how it goes and again sorry for the really long vlog but I just want to explain the few things that I’m doing and for some people it’s better to not exercise, like SlimSteve he has a ton of lean mass he said he had over 200 pounds of lean mass which is amazing, obviously he’s gonna have let some of that go to get down to 180. We’re all in different place and men also, I noticed a lot of the men who’ve done the hydrostatic body fat test, it seems the men are the ones who ended up not losing any lean mass on HCG, they lose a 100% fat. I think it’s just men are really different I think the HCG increases testosterone or something and women you know who don’t have nearly as much of that to maintain our lean mass though I think for men it’s probably a lot easier to do this diet like be super, super over successful but were still being really successful as women and we got to keep some of those curves anyway right? So we don’t wanna be 6% body fat and all ripped because that looks kinda nasty. Alright I’ll check in with you guys soon.


12.8 lbs in 13 days- HCG R2P2 VLCD 13-15

July 4, 2011

Again- I did another Fat Fast which I DO NOT SUPPORT anymore on the HCG Diet.  Having a really tough time mentally on this round and many cravings.  Looking back now I would have removed my fruits for a few days while on the protocol to get my cravings to go away and gone back to strict protocol- I think this would have helped me get and stay on track.  Oh well, can’t change it now can I?  The important thing is that I figured things out and had a successful Round 3 and 4 after this sad excuse for a Round 2 on HCG Injections.

VLCD13: -.6, VLCD14: -.4, VLCD15: -.8.  Today’s weight 136.4.  12.8 lbs in 13 days so far.


Hey guys! HCGChica. I’m checking in for days VLCD 13 to 15. VLCD 13 I was down .6 to 137.6, VLCD 14 I was down .4 to 137.2 and VLCD 15 today I was down .8 to 136.4 so that brings me to a total of 12.8 pounds loss in 14 days that is excellent. I shouldn’t have been complaining earlier this round and I’ve had some good losses since then so it’s kept my losses pretty high compared to days on the VLCD. I did do a fat fast yesterday and then I had a .8 release today I feel like it might have been bigger but I didn’t drink as much water as I should have yesterday, again. It’s so funny usually water is so easy for me and lately it’s been tough. Also I was up really late I was to like 2 in the morning which is not what I usually do I just couldn’t sleep I felt kinda tired all day and it was just like I perked up in the evening and so I was up till 2. I did sleep till about 9 o’clock that’s still only about 7 hours and that’s not as much as I usually get. I probably sabotage my fat fast day a little bit but I’m still happy with it. I mean it’s a good loss definitely. On the fat fast all I had was 1 cup of pecans and 4 ounces of cream cheese. I just kept it really simple and I believed that put my calories from fat around 87% and I think the calories ended up being like about 1150. It was just really simple I didn’t want to think about it so I just put the pecans in the bag and just kind of munch on them throughout the day and then took little spoons full of cream cheese and I think it was a good thing to do because I’ve got to be honest I have been having a really tough time in this second round mentally with sticking to the protocol. I have been finding myself grabbing little bites of extra stuff here and there, even stuff that I shouldn’t take a bite of. I’ve been taking a bite of stuff. I’ve just been wanting to eat more and kinda comes and goes but it’s been tough. The fat fast day was good because I guess when things are that high fat you don’t wanna eat a ton of it because it just doesn’t feel good like when I was having a cream cheese I would only have 2 or 3 small like half spoonfulls at a time before I’d be like “okay that’s enough for now” it was a good thing to do because I didn’t feel like I was gonna nibble on anything else.

The other thing is, the day I had my .4 loss the day before that, I was just on regular VLCD but I made the lemon truffles a few days ago and I made them in the evening so I had just a couple of like maybe 3 of them that night but the next day there is a whole plateful in my fridge and I know others discuss this issue as well I ended up eating almost all of them I think there’s only 3 left so I ate all of those, those day. That really messes with my head when I go off protocol that much, unintentionally, it just makes me feel guilty and bad and worried about the next day and that I’m sabotaging myself it just made me feel not well mentally that day. As it was the next morning I woke up to a .4 loss I still had a loss, that’s great. But who’s to say if I didn’t have all of those lemon soufflés if maybe it was supposed to be a 1.4 day who knows I’ll never know now but at least I still had a loss that’s all that matter it’s just was kind of afraid that waking up and having a gain because I ate quite a few of them. In addition to all my other VLCD stuff. I even had a couple of Jell-O’s and I had extra chicken that day it was just a day when I was just eating too much. But it didn’t turn not to be too bad thankfully. The other thing is that I did do my 10 minutes of my high intensity interval training I did that before the .4 release as well and that felt good. That’s about it.

Today I’m doing an egg day you know how that goes I just wanted to do something different like I said it’s just been tough this time. Last round it was so easy for me I just stack to the protocol and I never cheated and this time I nibble on stuff. I wanted to show you something real quick. I’m not suggesting that you eat this as a protein necessarily, but for me this is an acceptable choice so I just wanna share it because I think it’s kind of new they’re from Trader Joes and their actually called chicken hotdogs. They’re made out of chicken they’re all natural no nitrates. The cool thing is they only have 60 calories per hotdog, 2.5 grams of fat, 1 gram of carbs, 9 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. When I was kinda having a tough time this are really tasty with like a little mustard and for me the way I do the protocol I can have 2 of these because that equals to 120 calories and I can do that for me. Because when I do this protocol I don’t have any melba toast or milk or anything. What I do is I have 150 calories worth of protein for meal and then I have 40 calories worth of vegetable and it have 60 calories worth of fruit and if you do that twice that equals 500 calories, for me this does work. The only drawback about this is that of course as all processed meat stuff goes, it does have a good amount of sodium it has 250mg of sodium for each hotdogs, that means there’s 500mg of sodium for 1 serving. But when you’re not feeling well it was very satisfying it felt like I was eating something really tasty and so it’s not something I’m gonna do every day but it is something that I think is nice to have now and then when you’re really kinda wanting something tasty you know maybe at a barbeque or something. That’s my update for today.

My mom is doing so great she started at 235 beginning of this round- 235.4. This morning she was up to a 2 pound loss and she’s 214 this morning. So she is so super excited that means that she has lost 21 pounds this round and I think she’s on VLCD day like, I’m gonna say like 19 or 20, so she is still averaging a pound a day which is really good this was her second round as well as you recall we did take a long break and to be honest I do think that has helped our loses in this round, that’s just my opinion of course but I do think it has helped having that long break we took a 2 and a half month break between round 1 and round 2. She doesn’t exercise at all or anything but she’s really been having good losses still and she even said she does she eat more than 500 calories she’s not hungry anymore which is really exciting. But she says she does stick to the food with in the protocol in general but she knows that she’s eating more than 500. I think she has larger portions and stuff. It’s been working for her and she’s incorporated the coconut oil and her dressings for salad and that’s something that I’ve done as well. I’m really happy to hear that, it seems like this protocol is excellent and sometimes there’s small little tweaks that individuals may find that they are able to do without it really hindering their progress. That’s my update for today and I’ll check in with you guys again.


R2P2 vlcd 16-21 Stalling, Eating too much, my frustrations, ketosis discussion

July 7, 2011

A sad commentary on myself and how I was botching Round 2 on HCG Injections on a daily basis lol.  I should call it “the careless round.”  I actually am laughing at myself as I watch this vlog- so pathetic I was!  Boy that was painful.  I hate feeling out of control like that.

I read some little snippets here and there online saying that Aspartame can interfere or take people out of Ketosis.  So I finally cut the Diet Coke and tried replacing it with a Diet Blue Sky soda that is sweetened with Erythritol and Stevia.  But THEN I read some more and found others stating that it’s actually the citric acid in the soda’s causing the ketosis problems.  But removing the sodas and other sweeteners has proved to very difficult for me- I tend to crave sweet things (read= candida problem huh!)

This protocol does not have to be this hard!  For any newbies out there, I have had 3 successful rounds of this diet plan where it wasn’t complete torture and I maintained the weightloss….and then there was this round.  So don’t take this vlog as the way the protocol is for most people most of the time.

Current weight 135.8.


No Sweetener Day- HCG R2P2 vlcd22

July 8, 2011


Hey guys! HCGChica! I’m checking in really quick to keep myself accountable today as you know today VLCD 22 is my goal to not have any sweeteners of any kind and to just be completely POP except to possibly some coconut oil in my salad dressing that doesn’t bother me that’s not something that’s a crutch for me so I’m okay with having that. Anyway so its 5pm and I’ve done well I’m drinking my water I’ve stuck to everything so far. I just have to do a few more hours until I get to bed around 10 or 11. It hasn’t been too bad I still have thoughts of wishing I could be done with this part of the round. Anyway I’m hoping it’ll will be a good thing I did have a couple of salads I had one earlier with my lunch, just lettuce and I had a turkey ground turkey patty that I chopped up and put in there  with little coconut oil and half a lemon and little salt.  That was very tasty I had strawberries as the fruit and then by this time I’ve had one apple and I’ve just had another simple lettuce salad with the coconut oil and some red wine vinegar and salt and I still have 1 protein left and probably a vegetable too because the lettuce that I’ve eaten, there’s hardly any calories at all on the lettuce that I ate. Yup I’m doing good I really hope I have good thing to report tomorrow I did have a point for gain this morning when I had loss .4 that day before that so I’m still basically right where I’ve been for 6 -7 days, it’s just brings back calling to me that I need to make an adjustment for this to work on eating just enough to not lose weight. I wish I was done losing weight I’d be doing great, but I’m not so I’ll check in soon.


Mini-load on HCG, 19 lbs in 34 days so far, HCG R2P2 VLCD35

July 21, 2011

-1.6 lbs after my “no sweetener day.”  Leaving sweeteners out is always a good idea.  IF you can handle it mentally.  Believe me I understand that struggle.  I wish it was easy to make the right choices when it comes to what goes in our mouths.  If it was then this nation would not be so overweight though, so that’s how I know it ain’t easy!

Also I mentioned my mini-load I chose to do.  I wouldn’t say this was strategic so much as it was I ran out of self-control.  I gained 2 lbs from my 1 day mini-load, then the following vlcd day I did a protein type day to try to get back into ketosis faster- had an egg and a 4 oz. portion of steak.  The following day I was down 2.4 lbs.  Total loss so far, 19 lbs in 34 vlcd days on Round 2 of HCG Injections.


Hi guys, it’s HCGChica! I know you’re all thinking where have I been? I know it’s been over 2 weeks since I vlogged. I’m sorry about that. For any of you who were worried I did receive some messages from some of you. You are all so sweet. Actually it was just a computer technical issue that’s the only reason I haven’t vlog. Anyway though I left you off on VLCD 22 when I was gonna do no sweeteners that day and then I was gonna try to do that for a whole week and I did in fact do that and it was very successful. Sometimes it’s hard to say whether the change you made is what made the difference or if it was just coincidental and it was your time to lose weight because I had kinda been having 8 or 9 days being around the same weight which was around 135. After that first no sweetener day VLCD 23 I woke up to 1.6 pound loss, I really felt like all that effort that went into that first no sweetener day really paid off and also sticking to protocol cause I had been eating a little too much.

I was down 1.6 the following day I was down 1 pound the following day after that I was down 1.6 and that brought me to 131.6 on VLCD 25. Ever since then, today is actually VLCD 35, so in the last 10 days I pretty much vacillated between  131.6 and 130.4 again I’m basically having another 9 day pretty much stall where I’ve been down .2 then I had a 1.2 gain and then I was down .8 down 1.6 and then I was back up 1.8 and this past week end we had a really long, I was at something all day long for 3 days and had to get it really early which is not what I usually do so I already knew I wasn’t gonna lose weight on those days and I didn’t.

Today I am 130.6, I’m fine with the fact that I’m not losing a lot of weight right now cause I did have a nice drop 10 days ago, I loss like 4 basically I loss like 4 and a half pounds in 3 days and it’s just need to be on that border there of 130, almost into the 120 and I just wish that my body would hurry up and get in there just want to be 130 – 131 right now. I was mostly puff for a good week and a half but I must say the last 10 days there have been days where I wasn’t totally on protocol exactly. All this past weekend I was except for just having like 1 or 2 of those blue skies stevia soda’s because we had people over and that was kinda my little thing to get through the evening  but other than that I was totally POP. Now what happen was is on Monday that was VLCD 33 I just was really taxed from the weekend and from having social things then having a lot of food around me and I totally stuck to the protocol but I was just so mentally taxed from that whole experienced that I did end up cheating on Monday. It was kind of purposeful in the sense that I didn’t cheat until I decided to in my head like I didn’t just randomly grab for anything. I was good the kind of the first half of the day and then at some point I just felt like I just couldn’t handle anymore and I did end up eating a bunch of stuff I decided to call it a mini load I kinda decided that in my head and I went ahead and just ate whatever I want in the rest of the day and it was kind of hard to eat a whole lot because you know when you’re on HCG you get full really fast but I ended up having like 2 large scoops of ice cream in  my hand. I had a guacamole and chips, I tried to have a burger not with the bun but just with the patty but I got so full I couldn’t really eat much more than that and I have some cheese, I think, I have a few other things. I don’t know what the calorie count was but I had just whatever cause I was just so I’ve been, well as you guys all know I’ve been on the diet for over a month being totally mostly pretty strict and I just needed a break I just felt like I need a break, I’m just so sick of things so limited on what and how much I can eat anyway so I already knew that I would be up and I guess that I’d be up 2 pounds and that’s actually exactly what I was up, 2 pounds. So I was up 2 pounds yesterday, and then yesterday to start off getting back to ketosis quicker and everything like that I chose to do kind of like a protein day fast day, I just drink a lot of water had 1 egg for breakfast and then I just had a 4 ounce steak for dinner around 5 o’clock that’s all I ate all day and just drink a lot of water, I think like 5 litters. And then this morning I was down 2.4, I actually loss even more than I gain, but again I’ve been this weight like 6 days ago 130.6 and it’s not that I had cheated on the other days cause  I didn’t. It’s just my body fighting it.

My body fat has gone down, my body fat right now is I have 35.5 pounds of body fat I started out with 46.5 pounds of body fat so I basically lost 11 pounds of body fat which is really awesome and I’ve lost a total of 19 pounds so far in this round and that Monday 35. That’s pretty good since I don’t have a whole lot more to lose and also because there have been days where I eat too much and that is why I didn’t lose on some days, that’s what I’m assuming. My ketones where  trace this morning which means a little bit, I’m not sure what they’re gonna be tomorrow well I did pretty good as far as what I ate today, I did have a number of diet Zevia sodas. This round has been really tough for me to stick to, it’s like I’m almost mad at the diet, you know, a lot of days I’m just so upset that I have to not eat all the time. It just been tough but anyway I have made a great progress and I keep telling myself this is really worth it. It’s just that I get to a lower and lower weight where I am already at healthy normal weight right now. Like I could lose more and still be healthy, but I’m at a healthy weight I’ve had people telling me like you look perfect right there stop losing weight just be right there. Being at that as the case it makes it I don’t have quite the drive I guess you could say to lose more weight so that’s why this is getting more and more painful for me because it’s not like you know like I’m getting to be happy with my body so it’s hard to just keep pushing ahead cause I’m like is this worth it? I don’t wanna be a model I just wanna be healthy and happy because I’m really not, I’m just not that vain anymore where I feel like I need to be perfect. Although you know give me a couple months on P3 and I’m sure that I will be saying okay I’m ready to lose the very last 10 pounds I’m pretty sure. But just at this point my body has change a lot I’m like a comfortable size 6 at the moment I think in women’s wear not teenagers like I can’t get into a teenybopper clothes. I’m into my goal jeans like comfortably that turquoise pair of jeans I tried on in one of my previous vlogs and I was like showing you how my fat was spilling out over it. They fit completely comfortably now there is no fat hanging over it all. I’ll have to put them on for you guys and show you soon but. That’s really exciting, as painful a round as this has been I have made great progress to the point that I am you know I’m a normal person now! I look like a normal person. It’s just exciting that is really exciting like once again even though I had a successful P3 last time I am nervous about this P3 cause you know I weigh that much less now and I do eat a lot even though I eat fairly low carb. I don’t like to limit myself as far as eating healthy foods I feel like if it’s healthy then I should just eat what I want and exercise and I did that last P3 and that worked perfectly well for me I’m hoping it will work this time too. A little nerve wrecking. Anyway that’s my update and I’ll try to check in sooner now that I’ve got everything working properly again. I’ve got a few things to share with you soon as far as things that I’ve been drinking that are good. I wanna show you guys in future vlogs and that’s all I’m kinda just babbling now but thank you guys for all your concerns and I’ve been trying to catch up on watching some of you guys. I haven’t been watching as many vlogs lately I’ve just been doing some more gardening and just having other things on my mind but anyway, that’s it. All right I’ll check in again soon thanks a lot for watching


R2P2 VLCD36 Down 1 lb- 129.6!

July 22, 2011

Watch this vlog if you want to see a cute baby boy (mine).


Hi everybody! HCGChica here! Guess what? I broke through the 130 barrier this morning. I was 129.6. I’m so excited vacillated between 130 and 131 for like 9 days. I just wanted to let you guys know that 129.6 I was down a full pound and yesterday I pretty much stuck to my calories as far as the 500 goes but I did have several Zevia sodas like I think I might have had 4 of them but it seem to be fine because my ketones were still traced. I never really get like high ketones. I think the most I’ve gone up to is medium 1 day but usually they’re just small. I’m losing fat. I’m down to 35 pounds of fat so my body fat went down to 26.9% which is really cool. I just wanted to let you guys know that. Also I want to give you a quick update on my mom I forgot to do that lately. She’s doing well, her round she’s got a lot of things going on every weekend for like 3 weeks and she ended up doing what she wanted on the weekends and eating what she wanted and she would gain like 5 or 6 pounds every weekends but then she would get it off in like 2 days. Technically she’s only loss 2 pounds in net in like the last 3 weeks but gross she’s lost like 15 or 20. She’s happy with it cause she’s still, she started out I think at 230 she had maintained it 230 she gained like almost 6 pounds loading so she started out a late 235 or 236 and she’s at 212 as of yesterday. She’s still has had a good round and I think for her doing her round this way this time has made it doable for her so I think that’s what counts. She’s happy to have another chunk off and she’ll be ending her round soon as well. That’s it I just want to let you guys know that. And I know you guys will be happy to see my little munchkin today. Today is VLCD 36 I think so I’m getting close to being down I’m probably just gonna be on this another maybe 8 days or so that’s it! I’ll talk to you guys soon.


Salad tips and Zevia Soda Tips – HCG R2P2 VLCD37

July 23, 2011

This probably sounds crazy but cinnamon on a salad with coconut oil and cooked onions is super good!  I don’t use coconut oil on p2 anymore so I’ll have to re-try this salad sans coconut oil.  Chopped pickles in salad is super yummy too (not with the cinnamon though!).


Hey guys! HCGChica! I’m just checking in. Today is VLCD 36 or 37 I think it’s 37. I’m not sure. I was down .4 today so I’m 129.2 and that brings me to total of I think 20 pounds loss now in the 36 days so that’s really good. Excuse me I just had a Zevia soda. This is the cream flavor, it’s pretty good the cream soda, pretty good. I wanted to just share a real quick, a few salads that I’ve been making lately that are really, really good. One, this really p2 friendly, the first salad I have been making and it’s gonna sound totally crazy but you won’t know until you try it. When I did my no sweetener week I was just really desperate for something sweet so I ended up making a salad with the lettuce. I sautéed some onions, the onions were my vegetable. Lately I haven’t really been counting lettuce as vegetable cause it’s just the calories are so low and it hasn’t affected my losses that I’ve noticed, well maybe it has because I’ve had a lot of stalls. Anyway, I sautéed onions in coconut oil, I’ve put it on the lettuce and then I do a dash of red wine vinegar and then the key, this is gonna sound so weird but I actually sprinkle a hefty amount of cinnamon on the salad and just toss it really well and it’s delicious it’s really good that it gives it like this sweet taste it’s very satisfying to me anyway. Cinnamon on your salad with sautéed onions, give it a try. The other thing is I’ve been on sautéing radishes in coconut oil and then tossing that with the salad with the lettuce and a dash of salt. No vinegar on that one because the radishes already have kinda of a sharp taste. The coconut oil really complements it and then no vinegar on that salad, that’s really tasty too. The other salad I just made yesterday I ended up doing like an egg day yesterday I had 6 eggs and I did like a salad for 1 of them I made a salad of lettuce and then 2 hardboiled eggs that I just chopped up really small and then like 1 or 2 small, small pickles that are only like you know like those small baby dills, I chopped it up that small, again I melted some coconut oil, a dash of red wine vinegar and little salt and it was delicious it was so, so good. That’s a little bit more non-protocol so that would be something only if you wanted to experiment and I did that on my egg day yesterday. I haven’t been as strict this round with things. I’ve experimented more just because I wanted to experiment and see how things affected me and also just cause it’s kinda been the only way that I’ve gotten through this round at all is by keeping some more variance in the diet. That was great and I’m hoping that get to 128 point something tomorrow, we’ll see.

Today is just a regular VLCD day and that’s it. By the way I finally cause know for a long time I was drinking diet coke and I had tried the Zevia sodas and I thought they were disgusting. There are lots of flavors the Zevia sodas by the way. I went to a whole foods, a different whole foods and they had this tons of flavors so I decided to give them more tries also I’ve been off with diet coke for a couple few weeks now and so you know my perception of the taste I figured would be a little changed and I really do like a lot of them they don’t have any caffeine so it doesn’t give me that little boost but I’m happy with the taste I think I can honestly say that I can be off diet coke for good  and have these instead. The cream flavor is really good and the root beer flavor is delicious and then I saw a grape flavor but I haven’t tried it yet. I’m gonna try to pick some of that up today. I’m gonna try that but there as just tons of flavors. There’s black cherry that one is pretty good and then they also have just a regular seltzer can that’s plain. So I have ordered some stevia flavors, I was thinking of trying to make my own little soda in one of those plain ones and I’ll let you know how that goes. Those are my little salad tips and those are the little soda tips and I’ll talk to you guys soon.


R2P2 VLCD37 – Cheated again!!!

July 23, 2011

Hey guys! HCGchica. I’m on here to come clean. I just blogged earlier today and I think I don’t know if I did too much and maybe I didn’t eat enough soon enough but I just started feeling really tired and craving and feeling like I needed to eat and I should have of course just eaten my next item like my vegetables or something, but that’s not what I did, I ended up cheating like I’ve cheated on Monday. I had ice cream and I had a bunch of raw sprouted pumpkin seeds that were so, so satisfying and delicious.

Anyway I don’t know why I did that. It was stupid. I was so stupid. I don’t really feel too terrible mentally I’ll probably be up a pound tomorrow maybe more maybe 1.5 I don’t know we’ll see. I didn’t eat as much today as I did, Monday, I don’t think, I don’t know, maybe I did I don’t know, I don’t know. All I know is I felt really full right now and I ate stuff I shouldn’t eat so don’t follow me. I hope I’m not influencing any of you if anything I should hopefully this is showing you guys not to do this, be better than me. I’m obviously going to be up tomorrow and so I’m probably going to have to do another type of correction day where I might just have 2 small portions of steak tomorrow and tons of water.

The other thing is that I think I might have an ulcer. I’ve never have one before but the last year on and off I noticed when I would like have too much of my diet coke and on an empty stomach without much food, that my stomach would really hurt and that’s happening again. I think I’ve been having too many of the Zevia sodas and those are very acidic still. So my stomach’s also not feeling good from that. So I think I may have to lay off those too for a bit. It would be better if I could anyway. I don’t know why I can’t seem to do things in moderation it’s so frustrating for me. That’s why I try to avoid things like ice cream and other junk food in general because I can never seem to eat them in moderation it’s like I don’t even just want one cup of ice cream that’s not even the appealing to me. Because I know what I want is just to have a bunch of it until I’m like really full. So that’s not a good thing.

I’ve been trying to redevelop my habits and actually when I was on p3 last time for 2 ½ months I only had ice cream like, I think twice, once at my anniversary party and then once right before round 2 so I did really good I don’t want to get into a bad pattern. I think cheating the first time and seeing how quickly I got it off made it seem like not a big deal so then it’s less scary to cheat which isn’t really a good thing. Sometimes knowledge isn’t power. And who knows I could always come off that easy and then also of course hearing about my mom’s experiences about getting off 5 or 6 pounds in 2 or 3 days doing that 3 times.

Sometimes it’s not good to know too much. Last time I was so afraid of everything you know I’m like “Doctor Simeons said if you use lotion you’re going to gain weight and that’s so scary so I just was really, really careful totally POP pretty much and totally afraid to do anything not quite right. Cause I’m so afraid waking up gaining 1 or 2 pounds. so now I’m like yeah I’m gonna be up a pound but hopefully I’ll get it off the next day or 2. I think I need to be done with this round. I’m so done with this round just I’m getting careless so I need to stop now before I get out of control but I have to get off this weight first.

I really just want to finish the round I want to just complete it I’m so close to being done it just feels good to feel like you did the whole thing. I don’t know why that is for me. I just want to feel like I did the entire thing and it’s really only a few more days. Anyway I just had to come clean I feel bad had to confess. Okay so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I’m going to check in tomorrow and the other thing is I want to put together a little video showing clips of my first blogs I did because I look to them the other night and that what’s kind of motivated me at the time to finish my round. Because my face it looks so much different and I didn’t realize what a difference it is cause when I look at my face I look more normal but I still don’t feel like it’s extremely lean or something I just feel like I look normal but when I look at that other blog from when I loaded on my first round I looked like a totally different person and I remember thinking that I didn’t look half bad which is crazy. I remember looking at it and thinking “oh you know I don’t look too bad in this blog my hair looks good, my face doesn’t look too bad” and it looks really bad.

Anyway it’s actually very, very valuable having those past vlogs cause even pictures don’t always, you can totally see how you look in photos but when you see yourself real life it makes a lot more real about how you really looked especially when I can compare it to me now in the same lighting in the same area in the same vlog type thing anyway all right you guys, sorry for 2 blog s on 1 day I guess I’m catching up for the last 2 weeks so I will check in tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have better news after tomorrow when I hopefully do everything right and have a lost the next day. Bye.


Update after R2

Aug 12, 2011

Ended up losing 19.4 lbs in 38 vlcd days in Round 2 of HCG Injections.

Sadly after Round 2 I didn’t do P3 at all- the stabilization phase of the protocol is SO IMPORTANT.  My mind and heart weren’t in the game at this point in my life, and all I can say is that I’m glad this over a year behind me me now.


Hey guys! HCGchica. I am here to check in. I’m sorry it has been so long. I just came to kind of basically let you know what has happened since the last time that I blogged. I ended up ending my round on VLCD 39 and my LDW was 129.6. I decided to end it then because I was just really having a rough time sticking to the protocol anymore and I was actually starting to feel depress and the thing was is I was feeling really happy at the weight I was at and I really wasn’t losing much more. So it just felt like why am I still torturing myself if I feel like I look great? That kind of was why I decided to end. On VLCD 29 I was actually 130.4 and then a whole 10 days later I was a 129.6 which is only another .8 lost. So as you can see towards the end my lost was so slow that maybe mentally that made it harder probably would have been easier to stick to the protocol the last half of the protocol if I was actually losing at even a normal rate but I wasn’t I kept having this 6,7,8,9 days stalls where I was pretty much the same weight even though I was sticking to protocol. It was just really tough on me. Granted I don’t have that much more to lose but I’m pretty sure I can safely say that I could definitely lose another 10 even 15 pounds. So it’s not like I was completely done. anyway that’s where I ended up was my LDW only July 24th was 129.6 that was 39 VLCD days that means I started at 149.2 after loading so I lost the total of 19.4 pounds which is pretty good actually still really good.

However I’ve already stated that this second round has been tough it’s been really hard mentally I actually started feeling even pretty depress the whole second half and I was just so tired that I couldn’t do any of the things I normally do and you know after a while it just really starts to mess with you mentally when you can’t be yourself, you just start feeling like, “Man am I just always like this? Am I always so tired that I can’t do anything but watch TV on the computer and I can’t even make dinner because I’m so exhausted?” And I just think that really made me feel depress to not feel myself and to not be active. And that’s kind of the 1 drawback on HCG for me personally is that I do get pretty tired. Those kind of things does make me think I probably should have ended my round sooner so that it could have stayed a better experience the second time. My first time was great aside from the tiredness I maintained well the first time and all that. But as it said since the second round was so tough and because I probably dragged it out a little longer than I should have. I should have probably gone with just the way my body was feeling and reacting. I kind of freaked out at the end, well first of all even while I was on VLCD towards the end I had a few major blunders and I kind of basically loaded a few days separated by like 4 -5 days, I ended up loading and I would gain 2 pounds and then I would lose it on the next day or so but that probably should have been a warning indicator that I was getting imbalanced in some way. basically what happen what happen was I was so sick of all the rules it was just something was getting to me that what has happened is that I have not done P3 properly. As soon as I got to my LDW I didn’t even do my 2 or 3 days I didn’t do my 72 hours of VLCD which I should have. Although I actually didn’t gain weight those days, I actually still lost like .2 the next couple days and then after that I gained just kinda gradually like .6 .6 .6 then I would try to eat good and then I ended up just totally falling off the wagon this was like last week august 1st and second I just ate way too much, way too many sugary foods. I gained 1.8 both of those days. Just all around I have just I’ve just been not in the right place mentally with eating. It’s not the fault of HCG. I’ve been in this place before and as you all know where just there’s times when we’re more in a better place and other times when we’re not and we have to try to figure how to get out of that. as it is right now I think as of like a couple days ago I was 133.6 which means I am 4 pounds over LDW which isn’t really too bad considering the way that I have been eating but I haven’t even done P3 at all which is so stupid because I’m the one who’s usually like do p3 that’s the most important part. I don’t know I just freak out I just snapped and just couldn’t do anymore rules. anyway the thing is I ate really bad again yesterday and today so I did not weigh myself this morning I just didn’t wanna know so I’m assuming I’m even maybe 5 or 6 pounds of over LDW right now.

So that is the state of affairs. I’m just being honest of what happened I have some really great after photos of my round which is at 129 which is really not that far away I mean I started at 172 I’ve still come a long way even with the gains I had this past week. However I’m just trying to figure out what to do at the moment to get myself back on track. I’m not happy at where I’m at. I’m not happy with the way I’m eating. I’m not happy with my current weight being higher, I really, really wanted to be where I was or less so I’m just a little frustrated with myself. I’m trying to decide what to do because I really, I just stopped HCG on the 24th of July so I’m guessing that’s about maybe 3 weeks ago? I just feel like I need a fresh start, I feel like I need a fresh start with p3 but I feel a little discontent with starting P3 at this current weight now. I’m pretty sure I probably maybe 6 pounds now over LDW and like the clothes that I was wearing I was so excited to fit or snug. I don’t know. I’m really tempted to do a short round soon just to get myself in balance again I don’t know if that makes sense or if you guys thinks that’s stupid maybe you can let me know. But my reasoning on this it not just about the weight it’s about the mental aspect. at the end of the second round I’ve been feeling good for so long and was feeling so happy with myself that I kind of started failing to appreciate the weight loss and being smaller and I was like, “I’m happy with how I look” and “why I’m doing this?” and “what’s most important is that you are getting good things out of life” and I lost my appreciation and that cost me to kind of not worry and to just eat whatever, and I don’t like that feeling and now that I’m in this new place where I’m kinda being reminded now by eating the way I used to eat I’m being reminded about how terrible it feels and I hope that’s really not what I want. That’s really not what I want out of life. And it was a good reminder. And I feel like now having that rude awakening is valuable and I feel like maybe I could just do this a short round, re-appreciating now how it is to be the smaller size and to have that freedom of movement and to feel in control, I just wanna feel in control. and I feel like that would help me to do that and then do my P3 properly like I was supposed to and just really value where I’m at. I think what happened was that I was just not valuing where I was at by the end of my second round as much as I should have not realizing how precious it was and I don’t know exactly why that happened but now I feel like I value it more because I’m not there and I realize I’m really not happy being here and I just really wanna get my eating under control and I know that this doesn’t fix it cause I’ve already done this twice and it’s not like it fixes it but I just like after my first round I really did stick to p3 and I was happy with it and I had my smoothies and I think there is a few things that kinda mess me up this time I was kind of thinking of the Paleo diet which is taking out all dairy, I already cannot have gluten. I had some gluten recently and I had intense bowel pain it hurts so bad I just could not have gluten. and then since I have an auto immune decease the Paleo diet suggest taking out nightshade nuts and of course the regular Paleo has no dairy and no grain. So that made it like where I can hardly eat anything and it was just tough. I just think that it was not the right time for me to do that. It’s just too strict. last time worked really well for me to do my smoothies with the Greek yogurt in there and the blueberries and I think I would do better if I just kinda stuck to doing p3 the way I did it last time and I think I was trying to do something different this time and ended up backfiring on me. So anyway I’m sorry this was really long but I’m just kinda sharing my story and do p3 right, p3 is so important I don’t know what I was thinking not doing it right I just kinda, I don’t know my brain left. So anyway I’m not like terribly out of the water. I was 133, I’m probably 135 – 136 today buy I would like a chance to make it right without having to wait another month. I’m supposed to go on a hiking trip in like 5 or 6 weeks and I just don’t feel happy where I’m at right now like not in control and not fitting this clothes. but I don’t know if it’s stupid to do another round or not I just like I would have appreciated it more if I  anyway that’s just my input. let me know what you guys think and I’m trying to catch up with on you guys I’ve kinda been away from the YouTube for a while so . Alright talk to you guys soon.


HCG In Between Rounds

August 13, 2011

Hey guys! HCGchica again. I just wanted to check in and give a few shout outs real quick. Wisconsindieter I wanted to thank you so much for all of your personal interest whenever I disappeared during my round and after I would get occasional personal messages from her asking how I was doing and just worrying about me so thank you so much that’s so sweet. Your always on top of things like that which is really, really kind.

MsHcGGirl and stephsuniverse I’m sorry I did not get your channel comments. I don’t think I get a notification when there’s comments made on my channel so it’s only if I happen to look at it will I see if it’s there. And in truth I really actually haven’t been on YouTube for a probably, since before I ended my round like 3 and a half weeks ago. I’m just kinda taking a break so I just kinda didn’t see anything. However stephsuniverse I did see your blog in my queue something about T3 and thyroid stuff and I remember thinking to myself, OK when I comeback and watch that but I just didn’t have time at the moment so it’s been sitting in my queue and I know I was going to watch it. It’s just a matter of when and then I did, so I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner. I’m actually going to make another blog in a few minutes discussing more thyroid stuff for the benefit of stephsuniverse and just for others who have thyroid issues or might just some other things that I’ve kinda, come across. stumbled across or in my research, just to add more accurate information. Because I didn’t realize people were watching my previous blogs to get information. Because some of it is just like my observations at the time but now looking back I feel like I have a clear picture so I’ll do another blog about that.

Anyway, I just want to give you my current statistics, as I said I was pretty sure I was gonna be up even more from my pretty bad cheat days the last couple days and I was, I’m 136.2 so that means I’m exactly about 7 pounds over LDW. Not a great place to be. However I thank you guys all for your input regarding doing any round right away or not. and I also mentioned it to my husband which I already knew what he was gonna say, I knew if I was gonna try to do a round I probably shouldn’t even tell him which is so silly because I tell him everything it’s like almost impossible for me to not tell him something. I’m just like, last night itching to wish I could tell him, I know what he’s gonna say that I shouldn’t do it right now. Anyway I will wait I’m gonna use my head and wait. I’ll probably start it after I get back from my trips so that’s in a little over 5 weeks. It’s really not that long I just need to be happy at where I’m at I mean I’m still a full 10 pounds less than I was last at the end of last round or what I maintained at. I’m still 10 pounds less than that I just, could have been another 7. Who knows maybe like you said maybe a little bit will come off from eating clean? to be honest I actually already have eaten clean a number of days like off and on and I would lose a little but I didn’t really lose much fat and that I did the Paleo like super strict Paleo for 6 days and I think I lost like 2 and a half pounds or something but not even all of that was fat so I don’t know, I think I’m not too gung-ho at how about losing weight off of HCG I just don’t think- unless you catch it right away like if you gain 2 pounds and then that day did the correction day I think you could probably lose the fat from that but once it gets to be after a little while which it kinda has been I don’t really think it’s just, its yeah, I just don’t think it’s, and the thing is for me I just cannot eat all day and then eat a steak like that I just get sick, I feel terrible if I don’t eat. I’ve tried doing stuff like that before as far as the yogurt day goes I love the Idea but the truth is dairy is just not sitting well with me right now and I’m kind of trying to force my body to go ahead and accept it cause that’s kind of I already cannot have gluten. I’m very aware that I cannot have gluten and I’ll to about that my next blog. To cut gluten and dairy out is just too much for me right now. I am having dairy but I just can’t have too much. Or I get really stuffed up and I just don’t feel that great.

I’m not sure about the correction days like I said I’ve done that I also did this thing where I was juicing I was in my Vitamix I blended up a bunch of raw vegetables with a little stevia and a piece of fruit and it was so good I loved it but it turns out, I’m also gonna talk about this on my next blog, that raw brassica has goitrogens in it which actually they inhibit thyroid hormones synthesis. So I actually felt really terrible from having the raw juice. I loved it. I thought it tasted great and there was a bunch of raw kale in it and I felt awful. There’s just all this things this time after the end of the round that just threw me off. I was trying so hard to be healthy and then it backfired and then it just kind of mess me up mentally.

I’m actually feeling good yesterday and today so I think I’m just gonna go forward. Probably just stay where I’m at and just eat healthy, eat right. I think I like the idea of just sticking in P3 right now just doing that but not worrying about the amounts and just see if I can level up where I’m at or whatever. And then I’ll just start my new round in 5 weeks from there. So I think that’s what I’m gonna do. So anyway thank you guys all so much for your loving concern and interest. I do appreciate all of your input. I think like you said my head definitely needs to be in the game for the round and I kinda feel like I could actually do that right now but I thought that last time and then I ended up having a really hard time. I think it is good right now to just work on getting strong. I’ve been actually doing lot in the garden. I have a bunch of wheel barrowing and shoveling to do cause I built one more garden bed that I’ve gotta fill up now so I’ll just work on that and like I said I’m going to a hiking trip. I really need to prepare for that so I was hoping to just be thinner and then go hiking but the ideal thing of course is to just practice hiking now so I’ll probably do that. I don’t know if you can see this but I’m actually getting some pretty good definition in my muscles and it’s not that I’ve actually worked out more like since the round or during or anything it’s just that my muscle and my arms are fairly strong from all that I do both carrying my 30 pound son and doing all this yard work. I was pick axing the other day. I don’t know I just do a lot of stuff like that and since I lost so much fat on this last HCG round I’m like totally having my muscles pop out a little bit so that’s kinda cool. Anyway that’s it. I’m going to have thyroid blog next that I will share with you guys. Talk to you soon.


Plans for R3, why after R2 has “failed” for me, p3 importance

September 21, 2011

Hey guys! HCGchica. Haven’t checked in in a long time so I’m just here to give you an update. Let you know my future plans. Let you know what’s happened the last 8 or 9 weeks. I finished my second round at 129 pounds. I started my first round at 172 pounds and my first round went extremely well I stabilize properly and I maintained well. My second round I had a rough time I did not feel well. I felt really depressed especially like the whole second half I ended up cheating a good amount and I just all around at the end of it. I didn’t do the stabilization phase at all I just really wasn’t feeling well. So that just made it hard to do the right thing so I end up just kinda eating whatever.

As a result I have gradually put back almost all of what I lost on the second round. I’m between 140 and 142 right now. So I gained back about 11 to 12 pounds. In just the last, I think it’s about 9 weeks now. Anyway that’s just what happened and you know my health has not been well the last couple months and I haven’t really know what’s wrong. I research constantly and constantly trying new protocols and my most recent thing that I’ve tried that was supposed to help my Hashimoto’s and there’s a whole book on it that does help some people actually made me feel a lot worse and I read some more research base on why I am like worse on this when it’s supposed to help me and I did find some reasons and so now I have something new to try that I started today and I feel a lot better actually today. So we’ll see if that continues, I never based how I feel after trying something new the first day. I don’t make any judgments that quickly because I definitely think there’s a placebo effect to when you try something new and just your endorphins you’re going cause you’re excited and hopeful. So we’ll see if I keep feeling good.

But anyway just a combination of my health not being well and being really depress about that just kinda led me to overeat especially sugary things and I just kinda feel like got re-addicted to sugar so I’ve just been completely out of control on that front and I just have not had the mental where with all and joy in my life to do the right thing about that. That’s just the state of affairs but you know I’m still, started at 172 and I’m 142 so I’m still 30 pounds less than I was in February. I do plan on starting a third round sometime on October that I plan on doing right this time specially if I can find a way to feel better which I’m taking some high dose of Methyl B12 and I’m going to be taking the stuff called methylfolate another form of B vitamins like really high doses. I think I’m gonna feel better from that and that might help me on this next round too because I actually never did do any of the taking of the vitamins and stuff when I was on the other 2 rounds I just didn’t end up doing that. For some reason I couldn’t wrap my mind around which ones to take and how much and timing it with my food. I don’t know. But this time I will definitely do that. I’m going to do it right this time. I’m not exactly sure when on October cause I do need to make sure that I’m feeling better. I definitely can’t start this protocol when I’m feeling really weak cause it’s tough on your body. Anyway, that is the results, cause I’m definitely not happy where I’m at. I want to get back down and maintain it and just do better. Sometimes our bodies and our minds don’t always cooperate with what we want to do.

Anyway, that’s the case for me and I just wanted to let you all know how I’m doing. I haven’t really been watching any of your blogs you know I’m just kind of been living my life lately or not living it and feeling crappy but I’ve watched a few of you and it’s great to see how well you are all doing. I’m thinking of particularly somebody and I just forgot her name but you know who you are with your short black hair. You’re doing great. I’m so impressed of you. I’m actually kind of inspired to possibly try homeopathic this time. I’ve done Rx the last 2 rounds they’ve done well for me never been hungry but I really do believe in homeopathic. I’ve had actually my sons eczema has been essentially cured from a homeopathic remedy that’s kind of a professional help to me to discover the right remedy for him and literally it’s like, overnight almost cured, so I really believed in it. I may try that. I don’t know just because of the fact that my body have a lot of autoimmune conditions and so my body doesn’t seem to like, well not only does it not like me, my body doesn’t like me and my body doesn’t like foreign substances either. It likes to create antibodies to everything. So I was kind of thinking, maybe if I could take something that would cause my body to make its own HCG I don’t know. Maybe I would do better, I don’t know, so anyway it’s a thought. So that’s it for me.

You know, wow, I have a lot of subscribers I just look I think there’s supposed to be like 351 I don’t know how many of those are still active but it seems like lately a lot more people are subscribing so probably just HCG is continuing to explode and be heard about by more and more people and for all of those who are new out there this is a good example that this protocol works and is amazing but you have to be ready for it, you have to be feeling good so that you can do it right. Cause I did it right once and I did it wrong once. So it’s just a good lesson you know and sometimes you’re going to screw up and that happens. Just try again but make sure you’re ready. I’m hoping that I’ll be ready time and I’m taking the proper supplements to help me feel alright and P3 is essential. I know that that is the reason that I maintained my weight so easily. I took a long break between round 1 and 2. I took a full 9 week break by choice and I maintained that whole time and I ate a lot, I ate a lot. Since I was very strict about P3 doing no starch and no sugar keeping my weight within that 2 pounds it was like my weight did not wanna budge from there. It was fantastic and seeing comparison a second time. I didn’t do P3 at all. I didn’t do that period of no starch no sugar and keeping my weight within a certain frame of 2 pounds. I didn’t bother with that and as a result I’ve really seen how easily my weight just goes up, it’s just, there’s no set point for it. Definitely that is a key in the protocol is P3. So that’s all and I will be probably be checking in with you guys again in October sometime when I’m more sure of what I’m doing. I actually have a few friends doing HCG right now that I’ve been just helping out giving tips and stuff cause I’ve researched this protocol so much that I feel like I know a lot about it even if I don’t always put it into practice myself and then my sister in law might actually do next round with me so we’ll see. Anyway thanks a lot for watching and thanks to all the subscribers that I can’t believe there’s that many people. I know you’re not all watching me all the time but hopefully some of the other things I’ve said in other blogs have been helpful to some of you. Alright, talk to you later.


Isocort/Small Dose Cortisol on P2?, things to address for R3

September 28, 2011

I started out Round 3 of HCG Injections with an adrenal fatigue problem.  After mulling things over in my head for quite some time, I came up with my own plan of action to try out.  Whenever my adrenals are not doing well, I take Isocort, and over the counter plant-derived natural cortisol that patches me up pretty quickly- each little tablet has only about 2.5mg of cortisol- it replaces what my adrenals are too taxed to make and lets my adrenals rest and I have a lot more energy while taking the Isocort, so it’s the best of both worlds.  I was hesitant to take the Isocort/Cortisol while on the protocol because I feared it would interfere with my fat losses.  Some of you may know that elevated levels of cortisol cause your body to store fat, especially around the middle, and even though I didn’t think taking the Isocort would cause elevated levels of cortisol in my body, we all know the hormone makes our bodies hyper-sensitive to some substances and I just wasn’t sure about it.  The weight loss protocol is strict enough and difficult enough that I didn’t want to take too many chances of hurting my fat loss.  However, that all said, I knew the only the way I could even attempt this 3rd round was to continue supporting my adrenals- so as an experiment I went ahead and took the cortisol while on the protocol- and guess what??  As you’ll see in future vlogs, it worked just fine!  I lost a ton of fat on round 3, and had the best energy I’ve had of any round as well.  I’m so glad this experiment worked out successfully.


Hey guys! HCGChica. Right now I wanna talk about my expectations for this round and also things to address. For round 3, one of my biggest things that I want to address is getting over my re-addiction to sugar in the last several weeks that is definitely what happened. I really been re-addicted to sugar and it’s a real thing. For anyone out there who doesn’t know what that’s about, it’s a real thing, it’s just like any other addiction so it’s a tough thing to beat. And the nice thing about this weight loss protocol is it is helpful in a way because you are eating so minimally first of all and secondly you are having almost daily rewards for doing the right thing and I think that helps you to keep going whereas trying to get over something like this like having no sugar for a period of weeks till your cravings goes away. I’ve tried it, it can be really, really hard when you’re not seeing any real benefit right away or you’re not seeing any results right away from doing that. That’s the thing that I hope to do with round 3 it’s actually 1 of the most important things to me about this round. The other thing is I need to find a better source of caffeine for round 3 my first round I had diet coke and I’ve been on and off with diet coke a number of times. Yes I know it’s terrible for you. You don’t need to tell me anything about that cause I already know. But the thing about diet coke is I love it because it gives me the perfect amount of energy throughout the day. I feel really good when I drink it because it’s low calorie I actually like the taste better and it just gives me this perfect energy level. Whenever I would have a little coffee it makes me really jittery for about 1 hour so it’s kinda like this weird nervous energy that doesn’t even feel great but I guess its energy and after that I just feel like totally exhausted. It is not a good form of caffeine foe me.

I just would like to find something that I can either have not sweetened or sweetened with stevia because I will not be using any other sweeteners that would give me that kind of energy that just feel like a little more even, a little more balance, I don’t know why the diet coke does that. It does have (…..) in it which I know is a stimulant and I know aspartame is a stimulant and of course the caffeine maybe it’s the special combo on the diet coke that feels so good to me but I do need to figure out something because I tend to be really tired on p2 and I’d like to figure something out to give me a little boost. Green tea is a possibility, however with my immune condition green tea is actually counter indicated so I think it could possibly make me feel worst but I’m not for sure about that but anyway if anyone else has some other suggestions that would actually give me some energy that I could have on P2 I’d love to hear them. The other thing is I will be using the ketone sticks and the body fat monitor every day. I did the body fat monitor last round every day but I didn’t do the ketone sticks everyday so this time I will be doing that additionally I will be taking supplements so I think most of you out there already do that and it’s something that I know I should have probably done but at the time I don’t know if I was just too tired or what I couldn’t even wrap my mind around which ones I should get and I was just so tired and I was still losing weight really well so I just didn’t do it.

This time I will be taking supplements I plan on taking vitamin B, C, calcium, magnesium and of course my regular thyroid meds so anyway if any of you guys have any really important supplements that you have found like to be essential to you for some specific reason on the protocol I’d love to hear it. I personally have to be really careful about what I take; lately my body has gotten extremely sensitive. For instance I took a sublingual b12 the other day and I totally crashed after having that, same with glutathione there’s just certain supplements that for most people they won’t even notice if they felt the difference right away, where they would feel better and for me I feel worst whether it’s a detox or not I don’t know but it’s still hard to manage on a daily basis.

The last thing is Doctor Simeons specifically said in his protocol to not take any type of cortisone or cortisol medications. Cortisol as you know high cortisol does make you retain fat in your belly makes you retain water as well and it prevents you from losing weight and causes you to gain weight. With that in mind the thing is I do think I have an adrenal fatigue problem I have had one in the past and lately I think it’s been a lot worse and I think that’s why I’ve been feeling so bad so I did start recently taking something called Isocort. Basically it’s a natural source of cortisol I think it’s from pigs and in each tablet it has 2.5 milligrams of cortisol which is a very, very tiny amount. What I’ve been doing is just taking 1 every 2 or 3 hours about 4 times a day, and I do feel quite a bit better as you can see. I’m much more energetic. I am feeling much better. What it is doing is that it’s getting my adrenals a rest by supplying the cortisol for me so my body doesn’t have to make it. So my problem is that I’m having too low cortisol right now. My point is that I would like to be able to continue taking that on the protocol and I don’t know how it’s going to interact. It is a very, very tiny dose. The things that Doctor Simeons was talking about were really large doses of cortisol and much higher than that so I don’t know that this would react badly in the same way however it is still cortisol and we know with the protocol that everything is amplified.

If anyone else like you guys or anyone you know has taken Isocort or a national cortisol at low dose form like that while taking the hormone I’d love to hear from you because I think I’m gonna need it to feel like a normal person. I think that’s what went wrong last round I really felt so bad. I was really not functional and I probably had too low cortisol to lose weight my body is probably so stress that it wasn’t losing weight well I really didn’t lose weight well either last round.

That’s my thoughts on that and I’m just really trying to be prepared ahead of time I went and buy a number of frozen seafood items like tilapia and shrimp today from Whole Foods just trying to get myself prepared. I think preparation is one of the most important things to being successful. a number of people seem to feel fairly good while on P2 but a number of us do feel more tired and I mean you’re going through a lot getting your energy from your fat instead of food is more taxing on your body, been there of course it’s a good thing you’re losing weight fast, but it is definitely a lot more for your body to do than normal so it makes sense that it takes more energy and you might feel a little more tired so that being the case though if you have all the stuff to do its just more likely that you’ll be set up for failure because you’ll be tired and then you’ll just reach for a cottage cheese instead of a really quality protein. That’s all I wanna share for the moment and ill check in soon I shall be on the VLCD pretty soon talk to you soon.

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hCGChica’s hCG Diet Journal – Round 1 Thu, 05 Apr 2018 17:28:18 +0000 This is my very first round on the hCG Diet I ever did in March 2011. From start to finish, you can see my own weight loss journey with hCG injections unfold. HCG Diet – My Personal Introduction to YouTube … Continue reading

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This is my very first round on the hCG Diet I ever did in March 2011. From start to finish, you can see my own weight loss journey with hCG injections unfold.

HCG Diet – My Personal Introduction to YouTube

January 28, 2011

I learned SO MUCH from all the people I found on Youtube who vlogged their HCG journey for all to see.  Their weight losses, their gains, their experiments, their cheats, their final results.  I stayed up late many nights watching vlogs and learning all I could from real people actually doing the HCG Injections.

This inspired me to start vlogging myself- I knew it would help keep me on track.  Little did I know how neat it would be later to have these beginning videos where I can now barely recognize myself.  Little did I know later too that others would come to find me as an inspiration and helpful aid in their own HCG journey as well and I feel honored to be a part of that.

HCG Starting Hydrostatic Bodyfat Percent

February 18, 2011

Well, before embarking on my HCG journey, I went to the Fitness Wave hydrostatic body fat testing facility (it’s actually a mobile truck) to have my body fat percent tested.  It was important to me to know what exactly I lost while on the weight loss protocol.

I started out with 34.5% bodyfat.  I’m 5’1″ and this equals out to 59 pounds of FAT on my little body.  I weighed a total of 171 pounds that day, so the other 112 pounds was my lean mass- muscle, glyocgen, organs, tissues, etc.  Not a very good ratio.

Thankfully, as of today when I write this (April 2012) I am somewhere around 22% bodyfat- 12.5% less than where I started.  This was achieved almost entirely with using HCG Injections for fat loss.

HCG Round 1 Loading Day 1


February 26, 2011

Hello it’s me again nana HCGChica. I had my first loading today it’s actually not over I still have to eat dinner. I have decided to start with 175ius and I’ve decided to use injections. At first I didn’t considered doing those at all I was gonna do sublingual but in the end the two things that made me decide to do injections were 1, the ease of it when you do injections you only have to do it ones a day instead of twice. To me that was a big draw because you’re supposed to do the sublingual twice a day at the same time a day and it I just felt like it could be a little hard to do. And then the second thing was I felt a little concerned about making sure I absorbed the sublingual properly under my tongue cause I was concerned about swallowing some of it and then maybe I wouldn’t be getting it all going into my body so I just thought with the injection I am positive that I know all of it went right into my butt. So I ended up deciding to do injection which is crazy I never thought I would decide to do that. And then the third thing is actually kind of cost almost half as much cause you only have to inject once a day with half the amount. You do have to pay for the syringes stuff like that but it’s definitely cheaper.

My first injection was today and I kept staring at the needle and I kind of touching it to my belly and it kinda hurts when I touch the point to my skin, so I was getting kind of chicken and in the end I had my husband do his first and then I had him inject me. But I can say honestly it did not hurt at all I didn’t even feel him put it in but cause I didn’t look and he didn’t know it was like “Oh did you put it in already?” yeah I didn’t feel anything and I didn’t feel any of the liquid going in and it was cold the liquid was cold but I didn’t feel it going in at all, so that good. Like I said I’ve taken a 175 ius to start. I don’t know if it’s the hormone working already or not but I can usually really pack it away when it comes to food I can have a whole burger, fries and like two huge scoops of ice cream on one sitting and feel really satisfied with it. And today I have had the hardest time eating. I just don’t have an appetite I don’t wanna eat. We went to dim sum, which is a Chinese buffet and there’s a lot of greasy fried yummy foods and I could hardly eat any of it and normally I would have eaten way much more but I was trying and I think I was gonna throw up if I ate it was just making me nauseous just looking at it. That must be the hormone which will be a good thing hopefully once I’m actually on the low calorie diet. I did try having ice cream because that’s really my favorite, favorite, favorite, thing in the whole world and I thought something cold would be easier for me to get down then something hot and I was right so I did have a couple scoops of ice cream after that and I didn’t feel weird about getting that down. But everything else today, I’ve tried to eat that I normally would enjoy, I just really haven’t wanted. I honestly have not been able to eat as much as I normally would which kinda makes me a little nervous but I think lately I’ve been eating way too much anyway so I think I’m probably still eating enough to gain weight. Anyway so there’s that, I weighed myself this morning and I was 171.4 so we’ll see after today and tomorrow what my new weight after loading is and then we’ll proceed from there. That’s my update for today. My husband felt the same way about eating today like he didn’t feel like he really wanted to eat so were both gonna be trying the same dose. So yeah it’s interesting, it’s very interesting. Alright I will talk to you guys later.

My first experience with loading for the protocol was that it is very apparent right away the effect that HCG has on hunger and the ability to eat.  Normally at this point in my life I could literally pack away an entire 1/2 gallon of full fat ice-cream- no joke- without feeling sick afterwards.  While loading, the sight of food actually made me sick. We went to Dim Sum and I could barely eat a thing- fatty or oil things especially made me feel sick just to look at it.  That was a feeling I’ve never experienced but I’ve heard other (usually skinny) people mention.  In general, there’s almost never a time when I couldn’t eat more.  Already I knew the hormone wasn’t simply a placebo.  It was almost disappointing really- not that the hormone wasn’t a placebo, but that I couldn’t “enjoy” my time loading more!  My perspective on that has changed too though since my eating habits have changed for life and for me personally, I have come to the point where I can never allow an excuse to overindulge in such a manner.

Scared of HCG Injections?  I was too.  I was going to take hormone the sublingual way myself at first- but the more I thought about it the more my “cheap” side won out- you only need half the amount of the hormone for injections, and I liked the idea that you only need to take the hormone in injection form once a day, instead of twice as it is for sublingual.  I’m being totally truthful- I chickened out and made my husband do my first injection- and you know what?  I didn’t even know when he had stuck the needle in because….I didn’t feel a thing.  Really.  The injection was totally painless.  Now I have to be honest again and fast forward a year and 4 rounds of the weight loss protocol – after so many injections into my stomach, I had to find some other injection sites.  I’m not sure if it was scar tissue or having less fat in my abdominal area, but the injections into my stomach were getting not only painful but downright impossible during my 4th round- the needle simply wouldn’t seem to go in!  So I switched to my still very fleshy thigh and all was well with the world again.

Round 1 Load Day 2

March 2, 2011

Hi guys! It’s me again. We just finished our second loading day and it went a little easier than yesterday. It was a little easier to eat more. There’s still plenty of points throughout the day that I didn’t feel like eating so again it seems like guess that’s the hormone but I’m not sure. Anyway I’ll give you my official after loading weight tomorrow morning. As of the moment I weigh 174.8 which is about 3.4 pounds more than before loading but also it’s the evening so I’m not sure if I’ll weigh more or less tomorrow depending on, you know because I just had a big dinner recently. If that turns into more fat I may weigh more tomorrow or I may weigh less or the same since you weigh less in the morning than in the evening so we’ll see. But anyway it looks like about 3.4 pounds at the moment.

Round 1 VLCD 1

March 2, 2011

Hi! It’s HCGchica here! I had my very first low calorie diet today and yeah it went good. I’m gonna be honest and say I did feel hungry especially around, let’s say 2:33 and unfortunately at that time I was at the grocery store getting everything for the next week so everything smelled really good I just wanted to eat everything I saw but I stood strong of course. Anyway I’m feeling better now I think it’s just part of getting use to the new diet of course like I said I’m on a 175iu so I’m gonna wait for 5-6 days then after that if I’m still feeling ravenously hungry I think I’m supposed to either decrease or increase my dose a little base on that cause from what I read if you have the right dose once you’ve been on the diet for few days you should no longer feel hungry so hopefully I will adjust soon. Today I had chicken breast, cucumber and strawberries for my lunch and for dinner we had sea bass which was heavenly so, so good. We didn’t eat the skin but we had the sea bass and steamed fennel and it was so delicious and then an apple, I had my apple for my snack actually about 4 o’clock so like I said I was so hungry. Anyway that went pretty well and as far as my official starting weight after loading I was 172 this morning so that really means I only gained like .6 if that’s even fat I mean that could just be water. In the end it looks like I only gained a little bit but I did try to eat a lot of fatty stuff like ice cream and so hopefully I did the job right. My husband’s starting weight is about 2 pounds over his normal weight so he did pretty good on that too. I don’t know exactly what else to say but I’m feeling glad that I’ve made it, almost made it through the first day. It’s actually only 7:20pm I still have few more hours to go but I did drink a lot of water today and I had my tea. I did have one of my mugs with tea I had a little stevia and cause I was feeling kind of deprived and that did actually help feel a little better. So anyway I’ll keep you posted it is really nice as far as being simple. It’s so little food and it’s so straight forward and so simple that’s it just nice is that you don’t have to really think about it. That’s my update for today and I’ll let you guys know tomorrow if I lose any weight and that would be so exciting. This is what I’ve been waiting for. So I’ll talk to you guys soon


First vlcd’s are hard folks!!  If you loaded with any sugar and carbs and are used to eating more frequently (who isn’t???), those first few days DO involve enduring some hunger pains until your body adjusts to the new shhhedule.

I started this first round of HCG Injections by injecting 175iu’s of a brand called Zykog (don’t see that one around anymore).  This did well for me for about the first 10 or 12 days if I remember correctly before I found myself experiencing hunger again and needing to reduce my HCG dose a bit.

Round 1 VLCD 2

March 3, 2011

The way I chose to apportion out my 500 calories for this 1st round of HCG Injections, after doing some research, was slightly different from what Dr. Simeon’s outlined (not hugely different-just a couple slight tweaks based on what I read online).  I didn’t follow this same method for my ensuing rounds though.

Grilled asparagus on the barbecue is great guys!  I won’t be making an “hcg recipe” vlog for that lol, but basically- put your asparagus on your barbecue for a few minutes, then….eat it.

My HCG dinner “recipe” involved simmering celery in water till soft, then adding Tilapia (you could use any white fish i’m sure) at the end, along with salt and a seasoning or two.  You’ll see as time goes on that I am the queen of simple when it comes to cooking on this protocol- it’s just not worth it to me to put too much time and effort into food that is so….tiny.

I was down 1.8 lbs this day too!  Nice beginning to my first HCG experience.

Round 1 VLCD 5 Thyroid and Hashimoto’s talk

March 3, 2011

Day three was tough for me.  Wanted to give up- only on day 3!!  Day 4 and 5 were much easier- also I reduced my HCG Injections dose to 166iu’s and my hunger was better.  Looking back now 175iu’s was probably just the wrong dose entirely for me.  Most people seem to do best with a dose around 150iu’s and I found once I got to my 4th round, that 125iu’s was the best “no hunger” dose for me.

I know this is totally changing the subject, but that’s what I did in my HCG vlog, so I’m going to do it here too. :)-

For any out there who have Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease, it’s possible you may not know that iodine, while an important and valuable thing to have in our bodies, is something to avoid until you get your immune system under control and it stops attacking you.  Iodine can and will cause further autoimmune attacks, causing further bad body symptoms and further destruction of your thyroid.  I have experienced this numerous times first hand (basically what happens is, if I eat seaweed or anything with Iodine, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck about a half hour later and have to sleep it off for several hours afterwards).  The logical reason why this happens though is explained really well in this book by Dr. Alexander Haskell called Hope for Hashimoto’s.  It’s the only book I know of that focuses solely on Hashimoto’s instead of just general low thyroid/hypothyroid issues.  The book is appropriate too for anyone whose been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism because if you do your research, you’ll find the leading cause of Hypothyroidism in the United States is actually Hashimoto’s.  So if you have been diagnosed hypothyroid, you very likely have Hashimoto’s too- why don’t you know this?  Because doctors rarely test for it.  But it’s a different animal than just Hypothyroidism itself and should be treated differently as a result.

Round 1 VLCD 9 – Gain on HCG, Big Loss on HCG

March 4, 2011

Hi guys! It’s me again! I just recorded a video and then somehow the sound isn’t working on over half of it. So I’m here to re-record, maybe it’ll be shorter. Anyway today is VLCD 10. This morning when I woke up I was 162 pounds. I started at 172 so that means I’ve lost a total of 10 pounds. This morning I lost 3 pounds but I’m gonna explain a little more about that in a minute. I think my last check in date was when I had my zero day, I think that was VLCD 5 so after that I lost a .5 then 1.5 and then VLCD 9 yesterday I gained a pound but I know it’s just water weight the thing is I made a soup for myself that night that was just way too salty, really salty but I ate it because I had made it and I think that is why I’m up a whole pound. So anyway yesterday I tried to do a couple of things to counter act that which led to my 3 pound lost. And I did drink a couple of dieters tea last night. You get it at the Asian market. It’s supposed to make you go to the bathroom more and the other thing was I had a detox bath. It’s just a bath with a whole container of baking soda and half of the 4 pound bag of Epsom salts. So I did that and I lay there in there for just like 15 minutes but anyway it definitely did its work because this morning I never had a 3 pound lost yet so far. Usually you lose the most in the beginning. I’ve never even lost 2 pounds so 3 pounds is great. I am assuming at least some of that is water so I’m not sure if tomorrow maybe I might have a 0 or I might even have a small gain I’m not sure. I did drink a lot of water today and I tried to be careful not to salt my food too much today. Hopefully we’ll see how it goes and but anyway that was great.

The other thing is I want to say, I don’t know if you noticed my first few videos a little calorie diet days. I didn’t have my make up on and that’s because I wasn’t sure if I had oil in it. So I had to actually go to the drugstore and check the packaging of my different make-up stuff to see if It had oil and it didn’t seem like it did so now I’m back to wearing my make-up. Now I don’t look like death warmed over anymore. Anyway I was just trying to be careful you know this is my first time on the protocol, my round 1. I just want to do everything right that way I could see how it’s supposed to go and that way if something goes wrong I can try to figure out what was different. I also want to update you on my mom and my husband, my mom has lost 12 pounds now. She also had a 3 pound lost this morning. Its kinda funny some of our weight loses are similar sometimes. She has got a little more than me to lose so she’s losing a little faster at the you know since it’s the beginning for her. She’s down 12 pounds in 9 days and my husband is down 14 pounds in 9 days which is just ridiculous and it just makes you hate you guys sometimes it’s just so unfair. He’s looking great already. It’s so unfair, you know, I have more to lose than him. But anyway of course I’m happy for him I just wish it was me. Anyway were doing great, I mean 10 pounds at 9 days for me is great. I know it may slow down towards the end. The average is supposed to be .5 a day for women and I have Hashimoto’s, the thyroid disease so usually you lose even get slower. But I am on a really effective thyroid medicine. I’m on actual T3 called Cytomel and it’s much more effective than most thyroid medicines that people are on so maybe because of that maybe I’ll keep up with all the normal people. We’ll see. So anyway I’ll be looking to check in you guys again soon.

Having a gain on HCG is not always something to freak out about.  I’m a big soup person, and if you have a pretty large bowl of soup on HCG Injections (okay let’s just call it a big bowl of water with a few bites of meat and veggies in it) with “salt to taste”- which for me is super salty (I should get me a salt lick or something), you can experience some water retention- which I did….and gained 1 lb. It’s just water, not fat, so nothing to panic about.  I tried to be more cautious with salt use the following day, took a detox bath, and drank more liquids to try to eliminate the excess water retention.  The following day though I was down 3 lbs so it’s all good folks!

At this point in my round I was down 10 pounds in 9 days (and I gained I think a grand total of half a pound loading so this was basically all “new” weight), so I was obviously beyond pleased.

Why Goal Jeans Are Important – Round 1 VLCD 11

March 4, 2011

This is actually the first vlog I did where I stand up for a minute and you get a better idea of where my body is at.  I mention that at this point I’m trying to get back into my size 16 clothes.  That was March 2011.  Today, April 2012, I wear a very comfortable size 4, and an occasional size 2 depending on the brand.  I can now wear an old vest that when I first tried it on at my starting weight of 172 pounds, had a gap of literally, about 10-12 inches across my chest.  It’s so crazy to think where I started!  What’s even more amazing is all the other HCG youtubers out there who have made an even longer journey than myself- losing 100 pounds or more to get to their goal and maintenance weight.

I have a pair of goal jeans I show in this vlog (which have long since gotten way too big and then went back where they came from- the thriftstore).  Get some goal clothes people!  Seriously- you may think now that you won’t really lose weight on HCG Injections even though everyone else has (that’s what I found running through my mind at least), but just please, buy a pair of jeans that’s at least 2-3 sizes too small.  And try them on.  Take notice of how the zipper won’t zip up at all, of how far apart the hole and the button of the jeans is on your body, and at your fat squishing out between it.  Or perhaps the feeling of how you can’t really pull up the jeans over your thighs or bottom, so the crotch part of the jeans is sitting 4″ below your real one.  I’m not trying to be mean- seriously, do this, because then one day after you’ve been on HCG for a bit, you will pull those same jeans on and your jaw will drop when you they zip completely up….perhaps with a small muffin top, but still, they zip and button!  Then, not much later, perhaps 5 days more, and the muffin top is gone.  Then you’ll trade those goal jeans for another pair of goal jeans, another 2-3 sizes too small.

Do this, because it’s amazing how quickly sometimes we can adjust to our shrinking bodies and perhaps not see how much we’ve changed- but it’s not easy to forget how it felt and how it looked trying to wear those too small jeans, and then to physically see your body slide right into them 3 weeks or a month later.  It’s then you know you’ve come far.


Thyroid Symptoms Worse on HCG- Round 1 VLCD 14

March 7, 2011

Hi guys! It’s HCGchica again. Today is VLCD 14 and I think I last check-in on day 11 so on Day 12 I was down .8 pounds and in day 13 which is yesterday I had a zero, big fat zero. That’s ok because, that’s my second zero so far which isn’t too bad and I think I hear my son coming in here. Hi handsome. And then this morning I was down .8 so, I was happy about that. Overall my weight loss is still really good I’ve lost a total of 12 pounds now in 13 days, so that’s really good.

Today I made a strawberry smoothie. I took my strawberries from the farmers market, I weighed them and then I froze them and then this afternoon I pulled them out and I put them in the blender with some water and a little stevia and blender it up. It was pretty good I mean it’s not the most amazing thing in the world but it was something different and it was cold anyway you know it was fun to do something different and it seem like you made quite a bit actually once you mix it up with the water, it seems kind of substantial so that was pretty satisfying. I did notice that I think in general I’m not hungry but like today I was hungry and I realize that some days I’m just a little too active. I did a good amount of walking yesterday and I got really exhausted and I think maybe that’s why today I’m more hungry so I’ve just been trying to keep things low key. I can kind of do that. I’m a stay-at-home mom so my son does keep me pretty busy as you can see he’s energetic but I can still keep thing pretty low key and don’t have really stressful job or anything so for me that has been important. I have noticed on this diet that my Hashimoto’s symptoms have definitely gotten worse. I know it’s just a temporary thing, hopefully, that will just be happening on this protocol. But I’ve been feeling fairly good before I started this with you know, I told you I have a really good thyroid medication I take now called Cytomel. But definitely since I’ve started the protocol, I tire a lot more easily and I have a lot of the same symptoms that I used to have. Where I just really had to be careful how much I did or I will just fall apart which has happened twice now and I realize what it was so that probably won’t happen for most of you out there. But for anyone who does have Hashimoto’s, I have heard that a lot of people have had their things like that just disappear while on the protocol and they felt way better. But it looks like for me the opposite is true. It doesn’t matter, it’s still worth it, in the long run this is helping me make a life change that I need to make. I was getting into some really bad eating habits. I used to be really healthy, this is gonna be kind of a reflective blog today just telling you a little bit about myself I guess, that’s what I feel like.

In high school I was extremely healthy, I’m 5’1 so I was very fat, I was 102 pounds in high school but I was also very fit. I did bike riding and hiking with my dad all the time. I basically lived on lunch meat and carrots. I never ate any sugar at all. If I did I felt really guilty. It wasn’t necessary, I wouldn’t say it was necessarily a balance way to live but I was just very strict with myself and I was able to do that then. Cause I was younger and you know I just didn’t have responsibilities that I have now. Like a baby and a husband and you know, you need to cook food for people then you go to people’s houses you can’t be rude and just not eat anything. I’ve been at a place where I was you know like probably peaked fitness level.

It’s been hard for me in the last few years to gain weight. The reason it started was because when my Hashimoto’s kinda started coming on. I didn’t know what it was for a probably good 4 years. I was just kinda calling it chronic fatigue syndrome because that’s kinda all that seem like my symptoms were. I was just extremely tired all the time. If I did exercise and got to the point where any exercise would actually make me feel terrible after. The more I put in to the exercise like if I went for a long hike I would feel that much worse for that much longer. Just like extremely depress and just terrible for like 2 or 3 days and before it would lift. And I finally figured out that pattern thankfully so I stop doing that so I could at least function day to day without feeling awful. But that’s what had happen like I could no longer exercise and a lot of the things that I love to do in life were related to that, like hiking or backpacking. Those are things that my husband and I have always loved to do and I could no longer do that. So it was a hard time for me because I could no longer do the things I love to do and I couldn’t do anything active and eating kinda became one of the few things that was enjoyable that didn’t make me feel terrible. Combination of inactivity and eating more is something that actually gave me pleasure, kinda led to me getting weight.

I was really happy to find this protocol because I kinda have gotten to the point where I felt like it was kinda hopeless. I just felt like I didn’t have the self-discipline and the time or energy to put into a long-term weight loss thing. Like spending a whole year doing really hard things just to lose 10 or 20 pounds. I just feel like I didn’t have it in me. Cause I have so many other things to take care with my life. So I was very happy to find this and so far things are going really well. Anyway that’s kinda the low down on me. In general days aren’t too bad. There is you know, certain days, last Sunday was a really hard day for me but like I said I was too active on Sunday and then yesterday I probably did a little too much again and today is Sunday again and I having a few more cravings than normal but I’m managing to get by. I haven’t actually cheated or anything except for like when I had the one extra apple that day. I don’t know if that would really be considered cheating since I didn’t have my vegetable that day either. The one thing I have done once before which was last Sunday and then I am doing today is, watch out guys. I’m drinking a diet coke. I know that’s not a good idea but, you know there’s just certain days where you feel like you need a little something to get you by for that day and you know that the next day you’ll feel better. So I’m allowing myself this once a week indulgence. I love diet coke; it’s something I tried to get off many times. I’ve been off of it for over a year at different points. I just love how it tastes. I know that sounds crazy but I do. So I’m trying to just be really good but when I really have a hard day.

That’s kinda my one thing that I do there’s no calories so, anyway I guess this blog is getting kinda long but anyway let’s see. I guess I should update you on my husband and my mom. My husband is down, he started at 207 and now he’s 190.2. So I think that is, that’s like around 17 pounds or something crazy like that. Like I said so unfair, he should give me those extra 5 pounds, I’m telling you. And then my mom she’s lost 15 pounds now, she was down 2 pounds this morning. Both her and I have had two zero days so far in 14 days.

It’s a little easier now that I’m actually getting thinner and I actually feel a little thinner. It’s a little easier to deal with those days because I’m “Oh, that’s okay” cause I’m already feeling a little bit of a high look so I could handle day like that. The beginning was a little rough cause I didn’t feel like I look too much different and you know so just a little hard. Anyway I’m getting close to my 10 minute mark so I’m gonna be gone. Sorry this was so long but, I don’t know some of you guys out there have had some similar experiences as me with history, with weight, with food and thyroid stuff who knows. If any of you have any questions about thyroid thing. I have done a lot of research on it. I’ll probably do another blog specifically on that another time. But a lot of people don’t know about the thing that I take and I think it’s been a lot more helpful than what most people are on. Alright talk to you later.


My Hashimoto’s thyroid symptoms do feel a bit exacerbated on the weight loss protocol.  What this means is that I have to keep things in my life while on HCG really low key.  I view it as a special block of time in my life that I allocate out to losing fat and working towards my long term health.  Much is and has been accomplished in a short span of time with HCG Injections, but it does require almost your full attention mentally and emotionally in order to do it successfully.  But for me, it’s worth doing that for 3 or 6 weeks in order to live a normal, happy, healthy life in the ensuing months (and years) afterward.

In this vlog I also give you a little of my background pre-HCG.  Why I started gaining weight in the first place, how I called my mystery illness “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” (CFS) because those were the only set of symptoms my body seemed to match in my research (there is much new information out pointing to hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s as the root cause of CFS- start googling people- I have no references!  This a blog, not a research paper remember?) :)-


Round 1 VLCD 15

March 8, 2011

Hi guys! It’s HCGchica here. Today is VLCD 15. I just wanna give a quick update. Today I gained .2 so, I don’t know if that’s just from having too much salt or not going to the bathroom or perhaps the diet coke I had yesterday. The diet coke didn’t seem to bother me last week when I had 1. Anyway it’s just .2 so I’m not– I don’t think it’s a problem so we’ll see what tomorrow does. I dropped to .8 yesterday and the day before that I had zero. So overall I’ve been losing pretty good. My ratio of how much I’ve lost to number of days is gradually decreasing. Of course at the beginning it was over a pound a day, now I’m on you know on day 15. In 14 days I’ve lost 11.8 pounds so my ratio is going down a bit.

I keep trying to think of different ways to just maximize the amount of weight that I lose in this round. I know it’s to be expected that there will be some stall days and days where your body is adjusting. My husband says that I still look thinner though even though I’m not dropping a lot of weight the last few days. He says I’m definitely looking slimmer. I don’t know how that works but I am happy overall. It’s much easier to deal with days like this right now because I’m just getting much happier in my body so it’s not such a big deal.

I went shopping for the first time since my son was born and actually enjoyed looking for something for myself. My son is 16 months old. Basically since he has been born I haven’t felt good about myself and I just look for stuff for him. I will say shop at your stores I’m a stay over mom we don’t have that extra money and I don’t like spending money on things I can get for cheaper anyway. I usually look for clothes for him that I think that that’s fun but it used to be that I enjoy shopping clothes for myself. But I no longer did and so for the last year and a half I haven’t even done that I’ve gotten a few things if I needed to fit into certain clothes I would just get that but the last few months I haven’t shop for myself at all. I just didn’t even wanna go there it was really depressing. So it was fun I got this sweater there, it’s just really cute it has a lot of little- it’s very me and you can see I’ve been wearing it in the last few videos. I can zip it up but it’s pretty snug but I know like by next week I’ll be able to zip it up fine. So that and the jeans that I got the other day that I showed you guys. I actually enjoy doing that. So this has been really neat experience. I put on one of my size 16 skirts the other night. I know the sizes tend to vary between brands but that skirt was practically falling off, so that was really cool I was glad about that. Some of my other skirts are just kind of like you know a size large and they have a drawstring waist so it’s hard to tell as much well how something is fitting but this was actually a lined skirt with a zipper and it was definitely falling off. I had to wear really long shirt with it. And also one of my nice button-up dress black shirts, I haven’t gotten to the point where I could not even pull it close at all. It was like probably a 2 or 3 inch gap along the whole front of it but I couldn’t pull a clothes at all, and last night I put it on, I buttoned the entire thing up. It was loose around my waist very loose around my waist and fit just very comfortably around my belly area. And that was so exciting I’m just so glad to be able to fit some of my clothes again without feeling uncomfortable so that was really good.

My husband was down .2 today. He has officially down a complete 17 pounds from 207 to 190 in 14 days. So that’s just amazing. My mom actually lost 2 pounds yesterday; she stayed the same today so she is down a total of 15 pounds in 14 days. Totally awesome again and just a reminder were on the RX human chorionic gonadotropin, we are doing injections.

I was hungry the past couple mornings. I have never been hungry at all on this protocol except for like the first day. So we did make new batch, I was still feeling hungry especially in the morning so I decided to lower my dose a little this morning. I lowered it to 150 I was doing like 166 between 175 before I took 150 this morning. Hunger is gone I felt totally better again so I have heard from others that as they lose weight they tend to need to lower their dose and that definitely worked for me so glad about that. Also there is a couple of things I’m wondering about as far as since I did have that small gain. You know, I have grass-fed beef that I used to make a small burger for one of my proteins. Not necessarily every single day, lately I have had it for one of my proteins every day. It does have some fat in it but that was part of the protocol was having some grass fed beef. I have a much smaller portion, I have I think it’s like 2.8 ounces. From one of my proteins that equals a 150 calorie supposedly. Compared to when I have like say tilapia I get 5.5 ounces for 150 calories. But it’s worth it cause the taste is just so good it’s just very satisfying. But anyway, I’m kinda considering on tossing that out for a little bit and see if that could be affecting my weight loss.

The other thing is I know a lot of rouge HCGers says that mixing things up tend to help break stalls. I haven’t had a real stall yet but my weight losses slowed down and you know I’d like to speed it up if possible. I’m kind of thinking about doing an all protein day or something. Different things work for different people and I think you kinda go base on who you are as person. For instance some people say coconut oil just a little bit works for them. I don’t know what’s wrong with me exactly but whenever I have coconut oil it makes me feel ravenous. It doesn’t seem to make me feel good. So I don’t think that’s a good thing for me. I’ve heard other people saying they’ll eat like 6 – 10 macadamia nuts and that will break the stall. I could try it sometime but just knowing my own personal history I just don’t seem to do well with nuts. It’s not that I’m allergic to them that I know of, but whenever I eat them I could be hungry and eat some and it never quells my hunger. It never makes me feel better. But if I have a burger like some meat or some chicken, that always makes me feel better. I’m just a person who does really well with high quality meat protein. I’ve always been that way and so, that’s what it was making me think of possibly trying like an all meat day with no fruit and veggie we’ll see. I haven’t decided to do it yet but it’s just something I’m thinking about. I’m sorry this video is getting long I didn’t mean for that to happen. Hopefully I got some of the best info out at the beginning.

The other thing I’m starting to do again is the California Kicker. I did do it at the first few days of the VLCD. But I just did capsules, I had bought some actual good cayenne pepper and put it them into capsules and I took that. It just doesn’t seems it made a difference so I kinda haven’t been doing it. But I watched another video on it again and I was like maybe I should try taking it in the powder form like just straight in the glass so that it’s just burning and going down. So I did decide to do that. I had one last night and I have one this morning and so we’ll see if that helps at all. I ended up doing a quarter teaspoon of the cayenne pepper with the juice with half a lemon and about 8 ounces of water. So it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Just shagged it down really quick and actually it feel kind of good in my tummy it almost makes me feel a little more full which is probably a good thing. So there’s that and I guess that’s it. I’ll let you know my progress soon and thanks for watching. Thanks for all the subscribers too. I’m glad to know I’m not talking to myself anymore. Okay. Bye.


If you are or have been overweight, you most likely at one point or another no longer enjoyed clothes shopping, and that is the point I had gotten to after my son’s birth.  So basically I no longer did it.  It was simply too depressing.  As I got to this point in my first round of HCG Injections I went clothes shopping and enjoyed myself for the first time in a long time.

In general, my own personal opinion now regarding the protocol of HCG is to stick fairly closely to the original.  I’ve tried a few different things while on the protocol while tracking my body fat percent at the same time, so I’ve learned what I can “get away with” if you will, without hurting my fat loss, as well what I can’t do (or what will hurt my fat loss/cause more muscle loss).

Had my first cali-kicker this day! (cayenne pepper + lemon juice + water combo)  The idea is to boost your metabolism a bit I guess- not sure if it worked, but sometimes while on the protocol it’s fun to try new things just to feel like you’re doing something to help the process along.


Boo on Diet Coke! Bodyshot Round 1 VLCD 16

March 9, 2011

Boo on Diet Coke folks!  I ended up having diet coke for most of this round BUT I have since eliminated it from my life completely and forever, and suggest you do the same!  It’s soooo bad for you (once again- I have no references to back up that statement- head to google y’all.)  Besides, I know you already know that it’s bad for you, and if you’re still drinking it anyway, well- I actually do understand.  Because i knew it was bad for me too but I still couldn’t stop drinking it.  It’s addictive.

Still- if you can find it within yourself- a point where you are mentally and emotionally ready to make a healthy change- during the next year perhaps- remove it and find a replacement.  Finding a replacement is key to success in this endeavor I think.  I found a black tea that I simply love called Chinese Breakfast Tea that I drink with half and half and Trader Joe’s organic stevia (get only the organic one folks- it tastes a lot different promise!)  I love this drink, and I drink between 1 and 2 cups of it a day- it’s the perfect amount of caffeine for me (the caffeine content in regular black tea is actually too much for me and makes me feel shaky and stressed), and it has that wonderful homey comforting feeling attached to it when I drink it (that, believe it or not, I used to feel when drinking Diet Coke).

So glad I did a bodyshot in this video!  Wish I’d done a “live” one like this at the beginning though.  Videos speak louder than photos, that’s what I’ve learned!  I was down 1.4 lbs this day to 158.8 lbs.  Started at 172 and at this point I’m already in the 150’s!  My current stats at this point were 13.2 lbs in 15 days.  Not too shabby!


HCG Feels Easy Right Now- Round 1 VLCD 17

March 10, 2011

The farther I get into the HCG diet this round, the easier it gets for me.  I don’t know why, but I think my body kind of had an adjustment period, and after that, it got into the groove of it.  To be sure, there are certainly still days that are harder to stick to the diet than others, but overall, at this point in the diet, it’s feeling pretty darn easy!  14 lbs in 16 days now.

The neat thing I noticed, now that I’m re-watching these old vlogs in order to put them on this website, is seeing myself change before my eyes- the nature of my vlogs from when I started to now gets more bubbly and happy, my makeup is more elaborate and fun, and I’m “doing myself up” with jewelry and what not.  It’s amazing what shedding excess poundage can do for how you feel about yourself.  Of course being overweight really has nothing to do with your value as a person- however, when you don’t feel like yourself and you can’t do the things you like to do, because of your weight and or health, it can be difficult to value yourself as much.  It’s such a good feeling to see part of that problem dissappear with HCG Injections!


Abnormal Fat Reflections – Round 1 VLCD 18

March 11, 2011

Hi HCG family! It’s HCGchica. Today is VLCD 18. And this morning I was down .4 so that’s a total loss of 14.4 pounds and I now am 157.6. My husband, the sucker, he’s down 2 pounds this morning. He’s now 186.6. His starting weight is 207, I think when we got married he was 185 so he’s basically a pound and a half away from that. Guys have it so easy. I am not a man hater. I love my husband but man they just have things so easy and it’s just not fair but that’s okay I’ve already talked about that before.

One thing I do wanna mention is just how amazing it is the way that HCG takes of the surplus fat. The thing is I’m 157.6 right now. Basically almost a whole year ago I was about a 153 – 155 pounds so I actually weighed a little less than I do now. There’s some photos of me from that time. Granted my son was only like 4 -5 months old. So I don’t know if that changes anything as far as you know it seems like women carries an extra fudge or whatever. But I was a weight a little less than I do right now. But in the photos my face is so much puffier and just everywhere it look fatter than I do now. I just think that’s a testament to how amazing how the HCG really does seem to get rid of abnormal fat so that you end up looking better way sooner than you went on any other diet. You can weigh more and look better than at a lower weight on another diet. When at that time I wasn’t on a diet or anything but I was hiking and just losing weight because I had finally started taking thyroid medicines so a little bit was just kind of dropping naturally. I just wanted to share that because my face looks so much thinner than its looks in quite a while. And it’s taken only 2 and a half weeks to get to this point so I just think it’s so exciting.

My mom I think she stayed about the same today. Not much change for her but she still had a huge loss overall. Things are going well and lately we had scallops last night and probably lately I’ve been having mostly strawberries and apples for my fruit. I know I should throw some of the great fruit back in there. I do like the grapefruit. I don’t know why I haven’t been eating as much lately. I think it’s just a kind of pain to eat I guess with the spoon. That’s so lazy isn’t it? I just love popping those strawberries in my mouth but I know it’s good to keep things varied. I am doing the California Kicker still morning and night, up to half a teaspoon cayenne pepper per shot. I guess you could call it. Hoping to have a 1 pound plus loss soon.  That would be exciting. Either way I’m definitely shrinking. My arms, my arms look a lot better they were really starting to look not good. Their already slimmed down quite a bit so I definitely not feel as self-conscious in my short sleeves. That’s it. I will talk to you guys soon.


My face looks significantly leaner than it did at a lower weight a year previously at this point.  How is that??  I have found it to be very true that HCG does indeed take off true abnormal fat.  Now, as of April 2012 I’m 124 pounds, about 22-23% body fat, and for the first time in many years, I like my legs!!! I’ve always had bigger legs, and I always seemed to have this pad of fat on the inside of my knees, no matter how much weight I lost in years previous, that made my legs seem “fat” to me.  This last round of HCG Injections (4th round), I found that my leg shape totally changed!  I’ve never seen these legs on this (my) body before!

I have seen it over and over- the wonderful shape that the protocol gives to women’s bodies.  It’s just simply “weight loss” or even “fat loss”.  Losing fat specifically on human chorionic gonadotropin really seems to create a lovely, womanly shape, within the bounds of each person’s body type.  I can’t explain it properly, but if you watch enough before and after HCG vlogs, you’ll get where I’m coming from.


Round 1 VLCD 19

March 12, 2011

Hi guys! It’s HCGchica. Today is VLCD— I think it’s 19, I’m actually not sure I don’t have my paper in front of me. This is just a quick update. This morning I was down 1 pound so now it’s a total of 15.4 pounds in 18 days which is wonderful. My husband stayed the same today and my mom on the last couple days she’s fluctuated a little. She had a small gain I think of .2 two days ago or yesterday and then today she was down I think 1.2, something like that. We’re all doing well. I did choose to try doing an all protein day today I just finished that. At lunch time I had grilled chicken one serving size and then a little later maybe around 3 o’clock I had lean grass-fed hamburger and then for dinner I had scallops. We’ll see if that does anything. I’m also planning on taking a detox bath tonight too. Because I have a big thing to go to, an all-day thing tomorrow, where I wanna look good. I’ll let you know the results of that tomorrow most likely. That’s about all I really have to say. I’m definitely feeling good I used to like to wear overalls a lot. But I couldn’t fit in them anymore. Even if I did find a pair that kind of fit I just didn’t look good in them anymore but this pair is like really loose again so I’m so excited. Alright I will check in with you guys again. So I hope you’re all doing well. If you have any questions just let me know. Probably the one thing I’m best out on this diet is having variety and trying to make use of a lot of the different vegetables and meats and stuff. If you want any tips on preparing different meats or different vegetables just give me a holler. Alright.

15.4 lbs in 18 days now!


Stress and Miracle Noodles – HCG Diet Round 1 VLCD 20

March 13, 2011

Hi guys! It’s HCGchica. Today is VLCD 20. This morning when I woke up I weighed the same as I did yesterday so no loss and no gain. That’s fine this whole process there’s always ups and downs different days as far as weight loss goes. There were a few things that were different about yesterday that could have contributed to today’s none loss. One is I didn’t get to drink as much water that I usually do yesterday. Also I had a really, really, just busy hectic day yesterday. I had so much to accomplish and I was running every second to try to get it all done. So it was stressful and I totally wore myself out. I just felt so exhausted by the end of the night and I didn’t get to sleep until 12 which is pretty late for me. I think both going to bed late and the whole stress of the whole day could also have added to that. Also I did my all protein day yesterday. That could have contributed and maybe wasn’t too helpful after all. I don’t know, I’m kind of doubtful of that but it’s possible, it’s definitely not on protocol and I guess those were the main things that were different about yesterday. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I did have a long event to attend today, it was an all-day kind of seminar type thing and again I’m really exhausted.

I did eat on protocol today all the way up until just now. It’s funny the only times that I feel like I really need  to eat more or something that taste good is on the days that I just get really exhausted. Usually if I can keep my life really low key with my Hashimoto’s then doing the diet is not difficult. But of course it’s impossible to live that way all the time. I’m probably fortunate enough that I get to live that way more often than not. Because I have this thing that I have to manage. This evening I felt like I needed to eat something so I pulled out some miracle noodles, this is my 1st time trying it in this protocol. I had miracle noodles with just a tablespoon of tomato paste. Hopefully the tomato paste is okay. The ingredients looked alright but I don’t know if there could be any possible hidden sugars or anything. It seem like it was pretty much just tomato paste but we’ll see. It was only 15 calories worth in the one tablespoon and then of course the miracle noodles had 0 calories cause it all soluble fiber. I’ll let you know how that goes. I think with the soluble fiber when you drink water since it’s fiber it’s gonna pull in the water. And I think probably until you go to the bathroom and get rid of it you might even seem like your weighing a little more for a day or 2. I’m not gonna kind of worry too much about whatever happens tomorrow.   But I just wanted you know that was the thing I’m trying and actually it was very tasty. The miracle noodles with the tomato paste that’s all it was and maybe a dash of salt it was delicious. It did really hit the spot and I kinda needed something like that.

I still haven’t given the chocolate delight stuff a try so I have to do that one of these days. I guess that’s about all. My husband was down .4 this morning and I haven’t heard from my mom so I’m not sure about her. Overall it’s definitely good. Definitely it’s harder to go out on about and be around on people socializing when you’re on this protocol. It is definitely something you kind of wanna do and just keep things really low key and then when you’re done with it kind of gets back into civilization. But of course it’s not always possible. But anyway I am doing good overall still I’ve lost 15.4 pounds, I think, today in 19 days. Alright I will check in with you guys soon.


One thing I have definitely found to be true is that stress definitely causes slower or no loss, even on HCG Injections.  I’ve experience it over and over again.  Anytime I have an all day function to attend, I never lose on the protocol those days.  Also I find when I have stressful days, the diet feels much harder and my cravings to eat are much stronger.  That’s why, even though you may not always have control over the events in your life, it’s good to keep life as simple and low key as possible while on the protocol- there will be time to party in a few weeks when you’re done!

I have Miracle Noodles for the first time this evening- and miracle noodles (or Shirataki noodles) have become a mainstay in my personal weight loss protocol- I have seen that it does not impede my fat loss (they are made purely of soluble fiber and nothing else) and it’s very filling and satisfying- usually I eat them in soups.


Weekly Weight Loss Breakdown and Inch Loss So Far- Round 1 VLCD 22

March 15, 2011

Re myself: 16.6 lbs in 21 vlcd days on HCG so far.  Here’s the weekly breakdown:

6.6 lbs lost in week one

5.4 lbs lost in week two

4.6 lbs lost in week three

For the guys/men doing or thinking of doing this protocol out there, here’s my hubby’s weekly weight loss breakdown for his short round of 21 vlcd’s.  His total is 22.6 pounds lost in 21 days of taking the HCG Injections.  He went from 207 lbs to 184.4.  He’s 5’11” so that puts him at a great weight for his height.

9.2 lbs week one

7.6 lbs week two

5.8 lbs week three

Lastly, my mom was also doing this protocol, so I’ve put her current stats here too!  21.7 lbs total net loss in the three weeks so far.  And that’s despite a couple of accidental “cheats” (ie. Lambchops aren’t on protocol mom….)

8.7 lbs week one

7.0 lbs week two

6.0 lbs week three


17.5 inches lost so far!  Most significant inch loss spots so far are:

Biceps- 1″ lost on each side- in 21 days!

Bust- 3″ smaller

Waist- 2.75″ smaller

Belly- 2.5″ loss

Hips- 1.5″

Upper thighs- 2.0″ each side!! (that’s 4 inches total folks in case you can’t add)


Round 1 VLCD 23

March 16, 2011

Just mentioned that some people seem to have large loss days and then zero or gain days throughout their HCG Injections rounds, while others seem to have smaller but more continual losses.  Either way, we’re all getting to the same place!


Regarding Apple Days- Round 1 VLCD 24

March 17, 2011

Quoted from my info section of this vlog:  “Down .8 today. Total 17.6 lbs. Current weight 154.4.
Doing Random Apple day, even though I haven’t stalled or gained- we’ll see how it turns out!”

As of April 2012:  Note regarding Apple Days on the HCG diet – I really don’t recommend doing an apple day unless it’s in the way that Dr. Simeons originally meant to be used, as he outlined in his book “Pounds and Inches.”  It’s really meant to get rid of any excess water retention- not really a means to lose more weight as in fat, which is really the main point of our being on this protocol.  The idea is to only use an Apple Day if your weight hasn’t moved in a few days and you are personally getting too antsy and need to feel like you’re “doing something” to help the process along.  So he really meant it more as a way to soothe the stressed out soul, not really to lose more fat.  Since an Apple Day means that you eat no protein all day, that is why I think in general it should be avoided unless you really need it, since the amount of protein that is prescribed by Dr. Simeons on the Diet is as he had stated, just enough as to prevent protein deficiency.  I am a person who is very concerned with maintaining as much lean muscle as possible since losing it doesn’t accomplish any good and I feel that unnecessary Apple Days on HCG Injections could cause unnecessary muscle loss.  Again, this is just my opinion, I could be totally wrong.  Just throwin’ in my two cents since….it’s my blog!  Haha!  :)-


Eating Balanced for Life, Apple Day Results- Round 1 VLCD 25

March 18, 2011

This vlog is kind of reflective, discussing my own feelings on overeating and getting out of that cycle.  I am a very all or nothing person that tends to go to extremes.  As a teen I became super strict with myself never allowing myself any indulgence when it came to food.  It allowed me to become slim and strong, but it also required that I use a lot of mental energy to focus on myself.  Once you’re an adult with a family and other responsibilities, it becomes very difficult to do this, because so much of your time, mental energy, and emotional energy even are required to be focused outside of yourself.  Hoping to find balance instead of requiring such a strictness with myself this time.  This is because the downside to being so strict is that once you “fall of the wagon,” a person like me tends to throw in the towel all together and go to the other extreme, instead of just making allowances for a little fudge room occasionally.

The HCG diet itself is super strict to be sure- and there is no room for fudge- literally and not-so-literally!  But it is a time to re-train your brain regarding food and why you eat it, to detox from sugar addictions and the like, and wrap your mind around a new and healthier way of eating going forward, that you are already learning while on the weight loss protocol itself.  If you think about it, the protein, veggies and fruit that you eat, plus the small amount of starch and dairy while on the protocol are such a simple, balanced way to take food in.  Many who have never spent much time cooking pre- HCG Injections, find themselves learning to cook in order to do the weight loss protocol properly- they are learning life skills that they have then been able to put to use in P3 and P4 which enables them to successfully maintain their weight and fat loss.  The diet plan doesn’t come with pre-prepared meals or meals you call pull out of the freezer section at the grocery store- you have to cook it yourself- it’s you steaming that Tilapia and chopping that cucumber into bite sized cubes; it’s you simmering that celery in chicken broth and adding some chopped chicken and spices at the end.

Not surprisingly, I didn’t lose an ounce after my Apple Day- why is this?  Um….because I didn’t do the Apple Day at the appropriate time.  I had losses the previous three days in a row, so I obviously wasn’t retaining water and the Apple Day is really only meant to used when you have several consecutive days of no losses on the scale to eliminate any water retention.  Oh yeah, and two, TOM came.


Round 1 VLCD 28

March 20, 2011

Hi it’s HCGchica. Today is VLCD 28 I think. This is just a quick update, I’m sorry I haven’t been here for the last couple of days I’ve just been busy. Yesterday I had a great loss I was down 1.4. I was really surprised because like I said TOM started a couple of days ago. I was down 1.4 and then this morning down .2. So now I am 153.8 and that means I’ve lost a total of 19.2 pounds. I’m very excited about that. I don’t really have much to say except that the day before I loss 1.4. I had 2 pieces of chocolate delight. I didn’t have my vegetables. I don’t know how smart that is to be replacing vegetables with chocolate. I was trying to make sure I kept my calories within the right range. It was good and I definitely didn’t seem to hurt anything. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. I had kind of a busy day and didn’t get to drink as much water today and I was kinda walking around a lot. We took my son to the San Francisco Aquarium. It was a fun day but when you’re driving to San Francisco and around the museum you just don’t wanna have to pee every 30 seconds. I have to kind of wait till later to drink a bunch of water. Anyway husband’s p3 is going good. He’s been eating the Chile Verde I made him a special recipe from my grandparents. It’s a marinade for lamb and so I made him that with a vegetable kebab on the barbeque which he liked. So that was for this week and next week I’m gonna be making him broccoli beef it’s a Chinese recipe. Broccoli beef and tandoori chicken. So those are both definitely p3 friendly. The tandoori chicken is really good.  It has yogurt in it, just plain yogurt, and then a bunch of spices like paprika and coriander and cumin and stuff like that. So that’s my plan for next week for him. Nothing really exciting I wish I have more interesting stuff to share but I don’t so anyway that’s just my little update and I’ll be checking out the rest of you guys this evening and tomorrow.

I talked about eating Chocolate Delight and skipping my veggies in this vlog, and it’s really not something I recommend, and it’s no longer something I do.  I always eat my veggies on my HCG Injections rounds now, and I don’t eat Chocolate Delight.  The Chocolate Delight is a personal decision (a “dessert” if you will made of Coconut Oil, Cocoa powder, and some type of sweetener like stevia, truvia or splenda).  I lean more towards trusting what Dr. Simeons said regarding keeping all fats out of the diet these days as I have noticed fats to interfere with my body losing fat and possibly causing excess muscle loss.  I can’t be sure 100% sure of this- it’s just my observation based on tracking my body fat with my handheld Omron Body Fat Monitor- days when I’ve done things off protocol, like eating chocolate delight or having an “egg day” etc., I always lost weight on the scale the following day, but my body fat percent would often stay the same or go up indicating lean muscle loss.  So in general I don’t go there anymore unless the diet “tweak” I make is something I’ve confirmed for myself not to hinder fat loss (ie. I replace my fruits sometimes with 0% Fage Greek Yogurt without incident while on P2 of the protocol.)

153.8 this day.  19.2 pounds in 27 vlcd days of weight loss protocol.


Sesame Almond Flour Crackers – P3 Recipe – Round 1 VLCD 29

March 22, 2011

Hi guys! I t’s HCGchica. Today is VLCD day 29. I just want to check in and share couple things. I want to share my progress and also a couple of p3 ideas now that my husband’s in that. Today, yesterday and the day before I was down .2 pounds each day. Now I’m 152.4. I started at 172 so that means I’ve released 19.6 pounds. Week 4 I lost 3 pounds. In the previous vlog I mentioned what I lost the first 3 weeks. Week 1 was 6.6, week 2 5.4, week 3 4.6, and week 4 3 pounds. A little bit less each week. Still what other diet you’re gonna lose 3 pounds in a week when you’re on the 4th week. None, no other diet.

I have been doing some cooking today for my husband cause he’s on p3 and I know everyone has been mentioning the flax seed crackers. I wanna share that in a minute but I found another recipe it might be on YouTube somewhere too, but I found this on a food blog. It was for sesame crackers made with almond flour and according to my husband they were delicious, I don’t know because I didn’t get to taste them. But I just wanna show you one. So this is it and I’m going to post the link to the recipe below but it’s on it’s a food blog and the ingredients are 3 cups almond flour, 1 and a half teaspoon sea salt, 1 cup sesame seeds, 2 eggs whisked until frothy. And two tablespoons, grape seed oil, I used sesame oil because that’s what I had on hand. It was very easy and it’s filling because it’s made with the almond flour and definitely p3 friendly. So might be something you wanna try. The other thing is I made the flax seed chips or crackers whatever you wanna call them. These were not bad. The recipe I found was a little different. It had flax seed meal and grated Parmesan. My husband said those were pretty good to. Maybe not quite as good as the sesame crackers but he said probably if it had a little more salt it would be good. So this recipe was one cup of cold flax seed meal, 1/3 cup of Parmesan cheese and I would do at least 3 quarters or a teaspoon of salt and then half a cup of water was the recipe. I actually ended up doubling that recipe so that it was spread out to fill my whole baking sheet. That’s what I would suggest. I’ll try to post that below as well. Another idea I was making my husband some salads today and I’m just trying you know think of different things to make them a little different and create some texture. I ended-up roasting some pepitas. Actually to be honest I’m not sure what kind of seeds they’re from. I kind of wanna say pumpkin seeds but I don’t think that’s actually right. They’re called pepitas and I roasted them probably with a little salt that would be tasty but anyway I put that with some slivered almonds in a salad with sprouts and artichoke hearts and cucumber. I also made a dressing that’s called French vinaigrette and that was a really good recipe too. Maybe I’ll try to post the links to some of these recipes I found cause my husband said their very tasty. Anyway those were just a few ideas.

I made call carne asada for my husband tonight. I’m not gonna recommend it as a p3 food necessarily because it has soy sauce and it has a little teeny bit of sugar in the recipe. But other than that its fine. My husband like I said he has a very active job so he really hasn’t had trouble maintaining. So for him having a little bit of that isn’t gonna be a problem for him, but you know, take that and use that info with caution for yourself, but anyway it’s a very, very good recipe. Obviously without the taco, without the corn tortillas or flour tortillas so it’s just the meat and then I just made a simple onion, lime, and cilantro. Little salsa, I guess you can call it, to go with it. Anyway I just- those were a couple of ideas I’ve just kind of been really trying to prepare myself for p3 and get more ideas. I’m gonna start a kind of a list of snack ideas. The baby pickles. I really enjoy baby dill pickles. I’ve been eating few of them on p2 you could continue to eat those on p3, fruit, hard boiled eggs, avocado. My husband actually mixed up some coconut milk and a banana the other night in the blender. And I think with a little stevia that would be pretty good and I think I’m kinda thinking of freezing in ice cubes like coconut milk and almond milk into ice cubes and that way when you blender things up you’ll be able to get it nice, cold and smoothie-like without having to water it down too much. Those were just a couple of my ideas so far I’m gonna be happy to share a few more. He’s been maintaining fine and I guess that’s all I wanted to share so I’ll check in again soon.

Below is the link to a fabulous P3 cracker recipe that has no sugar and no starch or flour.  The base is the almond flour and sesame seeds.

3 pounds weight loss for my 4th week of HCG of my first round.


Goal Jeans Almost Fit! Round 1 VLCD 31

March 24, 2011

Hi guys! It’s HCGchica. This is just a quick check in. Today is VLCD day 31. I had a good day today and yesterday as far as releases go. Yesterday I had a release of 1.4 and this morning .8. Now I’m down to 150.2. I’m so excited basically by tomorrow or the next day I’m gonna be out of the 150s so I’m so excited about that. So that means I’ve loss a total of 21.8 pounds. I just feel like it’s getting really substantial now so it’s really exciting.

The other cool thing is I haven’t been able to take my wedding ring off for quite some time and last night I was able to slide it off pretty easily. I’m really excited about that. That’s kind of a neat change. Not that I wanna take it off it’s just nice to see those small changes. Other thing is my special goal jeans that I bought at the thrift store almost fit. It’s so close guys probably in another 3 to 5 pounds. Another week or 2 and they will fit. When I first bought them I couldn’t even pull them up over my thighs at all. Now I can pull them all the way up over everything and I just need like another inch or 2 and I’ll be able to zip and button them. I’m so excited those are a size 11 so I’m getting close to that.

When I first started the protocol I had basically busted out of all my size 16 stuff and I needed to be getting size 18 but that’s when I decided I needed to figure something out cause I didn’t wanna buy more clothes. Anyway I was basically an 18 and I’ve pass up the 16 and I guess right now I’m probably a 14 and getting down to an 11/12 soon. So that’s great too. A little update on my mom, she had a couple of cheat days a couple days ago. I guess she ate some of my dad’s left over sweet and sour chicken and rice or something. It get fried from a Chinese restaurant. The next day on her skip day she had a bunch of popcorn with butter. I know many of you know what it’s like to have a cheat day. Sometimes it just happens. The day after her butter thing she dropped a pound but then this morning she said was up 2 pounds. It did come back to bite her but that’s okay she’s still done really well over all and and it happens to most of us. I’ve definitely considered cheating on a number of occasions so I understand the feeling. Anyway she’s still doing pretty good. I think she’s lost about 23 pounds net now so that’s great and she’s still ahead of me. My husband’s maintaining well I think he was 1 pound above his LDW yesterday morning. Yesterday he just tried to be a little more careful that he just ate when he was hungry. He said he was kinda just eating a lot because he could and when he was bored. It’s so easy to get back into that pattern so he decided to try to just eat when he was hungry and he was gonna see how things turned out. I didn’t get to talk to him about that yet. So there’s that. I guess that’s about it. That’s all I really have to say today so I will check in again soon. I’m trying to been catching up on your guy’s vlogs as well and so I’ll talk with everyone soon.

21.8 lbs in 31 days.  150.2 this day.


P3 Ideas- HCG Round 1 VLCD 32

March 25, 2011

For anyone not aware of it, is a fabulous google powered search engine.  I basically search for recipes mostly on this site- it searches all the top, high quality food blogs.  It’s a great place to find any manner of recipe for p3 or p4 and I have found it to be a great resource for “alternative” recipes- recipes that don’t have wheat, or gluten, or eggs, or dairy, or whatever it is you’re allergic to (as it happens, between myself, my husband and I, we are allergic to just about everything- we really should be living on water).

My other little P3 discovery so far is plain yogurt with stevia.  I never eat regular yogurts with fruits or flavorings already in them anymore- they all have a TON of of sugar.  I’m absolutely in love with plain yogurt and stevia now.  You can either add enough stevia to make your yogurt sweet, OR I have found that adding just a little stevia cuts the sour taste of the yogurt and reduces it to that simple “creamy” taste that I like.

Another 1 week on HCG Injections yielded the following inch losses:

Bust: 2 inches down

Waist: 1.5 inches

Belly: 1.25 inches

Hips: .5 inches

Each Thigh: .5 inches

20 pounds lost now in 31 vlcd days of the protocol folks!  At this point I’m fitting into size 12 pants and jeans, where I started out at a size 18.  It’s amazing how just 20 lbs lost on HCG  lead to dropping 3 dress sizes already!

Video Transcript:

Hi guys! It’s HCGchica. Today is VLCD day 32 and this morning I was down .2 so now I’m 150 even which means I lost 22.2 pounds. I wanted to share a couple of things, again p3 ideas. There’s a resource I use online all the time but I’m not sure how many people are actually aware of it. It’s called and it’s actually a Google powered search engine, but it’s a search engine that specializes it only searches all the top food blogs. I’m not sure how many of you have frequented food blogs but I like to cook to we like to make things like really gourmet and authentic. I use that all the time and people come with the neatest recipes on a different food blogs so you can type any type of meal that you wanna make like a specific meal and it will bring up all the recipes only from a selected list of food blogs. I’ll put it in that thing below but it’ It’s a really great resource because it has these really high quality recipes that are really outstanding so that’s pretty much the only place I actually look for recipes this days.

The other thing was plain yogurt I think you can have that on p3 and everyone likes the Greek yogurt, I do. The FAGE brand is really good but of course you can’t have any sugar. A while back I had been having plain yogurt with stevia and it’s really good. Someone was talking about how plain yogurt is really sour and that they don’t like that taste and some people do like it and that’s fine it does have its uses but sometimes if you just wanna eat it for a snack it’s a little sour. I noticed when a put stevia in my Greek yogurt it completely cut the sour taste. You can put enough to make it sweet or just putting enough that it cuts the sour. It ends up being just kinda creamy tasting. For some reason I don’t know what it is with the stevia but it completely neutralizes the sour taste. I have noticed myself that stevia is really good in some things and then in other it just doesn’t taste good to me. For instance I like tea and I have a lot of different teas, I don’t know if I’m repeating myself  maybe I already talk about this before if I did I’m sorry I have a bad memory but anyway I have rooibos tea and just teas that have a more basey flavor those seem to pair really well with stevia and then teas like lemon or lemon grass or rose tea or anything with a higher taste and a palette I don’t know if that makes sense but those teas just never taste good to me with stevia so it’s kinda nice when you find what works well and the yogurt was actually kind of surprising to me but it taste really good with it. Those were really the main things I want to talk about. The other thing was, my husband tried today, I know probably a lot of you on p3 don’t eat bananas because I know they are really sweet. But you could try this with something else too. At the Asian market where we are and I’m thinking a lot of the other ones may have it too. In the frozen section they have this frozen coconut milk and its pretty high in fat you don’t have to use a ton of it but it’s really, really good. It’s a lot thicker you know then coconut milk in the can I think and anyway it doesn’t have and of the weird like sodium benzoate or anything like that, that’s in a lot of canned coconut milks. It’s really good it’s in like a square package like this big and it’s flat like that and it’s frozen. He used that and some banana and a little stevia and blender it up and he says it was delicious it’s like super good. Like I said if you didn’t wanna have a sweet banana you could try with some berries or Ms. HCGgirls blueberry protein smoothie. I can’t wait to try that that just sounds so good I think that would be a cool thing to try with. Anyway that was my tips for that.

The other thing I wanted to share was I did take my measurements again. On the 22nd, yeah so couple of days ago. These measurements are after my 1st measurements a week ago. Did I make sense? So on the 14th I took my measurements and I put that  in one of my past blogs and then a week later which was the 22nd I retook my measurements and I had loss an additional 6.5 inches. Just to break it down my bust I lost 2 inches which definitely coming of the back, my waist went down another 1.5 inches, my belly area 1.25 inches, my hips .5 inches and each of my thighs went down another half inch. I think it was pretty amazing in just one more week to lose that many more inches especially on the whole midsection area. Because that’s really what really what needs work, so it’s exciting.

The other thing is I think I’m a size 12 now. I haven’t- all my clothes are- I don’t really have pants that are certain size anymore because I just wear black stretch pants because you know when you get larger jeans their just not comfortable anymore and they like cut into your fat in your middle and stuff. So Brazilian girl was saying how it didn’t seem like I could be a size 14 because I look a little which is really sweet to say. I do have a pair of size 14 jeans and they fit but they are a little loose now. I did go shopping today again at the thrift store, that’s my thing. And I got some clothes for myself. I know I’m not done losing weight and it probably would make more sense to wait until I’m done but I think these clothes will fit for a while because they were on the snugger side and I was just so excited it was so fun to go shopping for myself, by myself without having any complaining kids and to have a shape again and to have a waist again it was just so enjoyable. So anyway I did fit the size 12 pants so I think that’s my current size and I did try some 10s and they do not fit yet. Soon enough though I ended up buying a more goal pants for after my goal jeans this ones were even a little smaller. I may not fit them but at the end of this round but I really like the pants and they were only 2 dollars and I know I’m ready to go all the way with this thing. I’m excited to start the next round in six weeks after the end of this one and I’m ready to go all the way. I had about given up I just really didn’t think I’d ever be able to lose weight and just feel normal again. Now I’ve seen how possible it is I wanna just go all the way and lose all the excess fat, all the excess abnormal fat. I did find a size 8 skirt but I kinda squeezed into. It’s like really high up on my waist though where it’s smaller so I definitely lose a little more around my middle before it fits properly. It was so fun to buy a few things that even though they don’t really fit yet I know they’re going to and it’s exciting to think about that in the future. Only on this protocol would you be able to do that. If I did it without this protocol I would just be depress that I didn’t fit in to them. That’s about it. Oh this video got long. Well I’ll talk to you guys soon.


P2 Tips and Bodyshot – Round 1 VLCD 33

March 26, 2011

Hello everyone! HCGchica here. Today is VLCD 33 and I had another good release this morning, 1.2 pounds come on. On day 33? That’s so awesome honestly I can’t believe how well I’m still doing on this. I keep expecting it to slow down. But it’s kind of been varying up and down the whole time so it’s awesome. Now I’m 148.8 so I’ve loss a total of 23.2 pounds and I’m out of the 150s. Anyway that’s so exciting I just can’t believe it. Those are my stats for today I think I’m gonna do a little body shot today too and I wanna share a couple things- P2 related.

One. I know different things work for different people. Sometimes it’s hard to know if what you’re doing is actually contributing to your weight loss or if you would be losing the same amount anyway so I wanna come to pro-posit by saying that. Some of the things that I think are helping me, I’m going to share. One getting enough sleep, I think I mentioned that before I think that’s so important whether you go to bed early or sleeping. And the other thing is lately like the last week I’ve been varying my calories a little bit. That’s because I’m just really not hungry. I’m getting used into eating so little sometimes I almost feel like I could go without eating entirely. Although that’s not true I do get hungry for small meal at meal time. What I mean to say is, what I’ve been doing for couple of days I’ll have my 2 proteins, my 2 fruits and I’ll have 2 pieces of chocolate delight and I don’t have any veggies. Like I said before I have to still keep it to the 500 so something’s gotta go. I do that and I’ll have good releases and then I’ll kind of [peter?] down. I have read in Dr. Simeons’ protocol again recently that you can I have some cottage cheese in replace of the protein if you get sick of meat. So I don’t know I just thought that sounds kinda good to have something different. I had some cottage cheese I and had kind of a lighter day where I didn’t have my vegetables and I had my fruit and I had the cottage cheese so I was definitely under 500 calories that day, maybe more like 400 or something. Anyway I had a really good release after that. I think that might have been my 1.4 day or something. So I did that.

I’ve kind of been doing that where I vacillate back and forth between having chocolate delight and my full 500 calories for a couple days and then taking a day where I have a little less and I don’t have any chocolate delight. I think that’s working for me and helping me to lose pretty good. I have a loss every single day for the last 8 days 3 of which were over a pound and then I had one zero before that on the 9th day previous. I’ve been having really good losses late in the game. I’ve heard a few people say that, oh you know, you need to make sure you eat the full 500 calories or you won’t lose as well. But I’ve been reading Dr. Simeons’ book again and in there he specifically states after giving you all the different foods you can eat in the portion sizes, after all of that he says, if you wanna eliminate any of them any of the items you feel like you don’t need them that it’s okay to do that. To me what he’s saying is if you eliminate a portion of something you’re gonna be eating less calories than 500. To me what I read was that he was saying that that was okay. You might wanna look at it again yourself to be sure that you get the same understanding but that’s what I understood. That makes me feel more comfortable as well with eating less on certain days. I just do that on the days where I feel like it’s not gonna bother me, like some days I just like, “I could not eat that right now” and just you know have a little bit of smaller meal. I think that’s kind of done good for me. The other thing is I’ve been getting pretty tired lately. I have been tired on this whole protocol in general, I know I seem all excited on here and I do that for you guys, I do have days of energy but in general with my thyroid disease. I’ve been more tired on this protocol than when I’m not on it. Which is fine, it’s totally worth the results and I can still manage I’m still cooking for my family I’m still cleaning I’m still organizing. I just felt motivated to, like my hobby is quilting. Probably seems weird but I’m kind of young but I love to quilt. I’m also usually a very active person I love to go hiking which I know obviously I can’t do on this protocol right now because I haven’t been too active before I started. I just haven’t really wanted to do those things because I just feel too tired like I used too much energy and too much effort so that’s a little different. What I want to say was I was extra tired the last few days and yesterday especially I started to feel like really cranky and just irritable and exhausted. I was kinda thinking probably getting a little bit of a nutrient deficiency. Since I’m not even eating my vegetables lately, a little bit. We’re eating so little and back in Dr. Simeons’ time I think people had better nutrients. The food they had had more nutrients in it there wasn’t as many processed foods so the fat that they had, the excess fat that they had was hopefully built up with more nutrient dense stuff in their fat. It just seems like now we’re so unhealthy and what we eaten that got to this weight is fat that doesn’t have nutrients in it. That’s just kinda my own little personal theory.

I took some vitamin B yesterday. Vitamin B is a water soluble vitamin which means if you’re not taking it in your body doesn’t store it in your fat. So you pee it out every day. So you need to take vitamin B in continually its kinda thing that I’m probably not getting in here. Basically within like 20 minutes or half an hour I’m taking a good size dose of vitamin B which make sure you check the label because some of them may have starch or sugar in it. Mine didn’t. I felt a 100% better I felt a lot better. I also took some vitamin C I just kinda look through my whole thing of vitamins and herbs that I usually take off protocol and I took whatever I was able to. So that made a big difference. If you are really feeling really tired I would suggest trying that out because I think the longer you’re on this you might start getting some deficiencies. I kinda hadn’t meant to be taking it all along but sometimes just to be safe we choose not to do certain things. That’s my two cents there.

The other thing is, my husband, I keep forgetting to mention this earlier he has a very active job he does a lot of manual labor and actually one of you other HCGer’s violytrula she had mentioned that she had started feeling sick on the protocol and she was kinda thinking it was because she had a very active job or something. I want to talk about that a little because my husband he does manual labor for work, he works super hard I mean he must burn, I don’t know, I mean he burns high 5 or 6 or 7 thousand calories every day. He mows like 20 – 25 front and back lawns every day and he uses his heavy like machines that he has to hold his arms out like constantly to trim stuff, he’s up on ladders, so he’s really active. First he felt fine on the diet and then like a 4 – 5 days into it he started feeling really fatigue. But he was again for himself thinking like he needed more nutrients so he has this green drink. There are different brands out there that have it. It’s a green drink made up from things like kelp and different stuff like that has a really nutrient dense stuff it taste nasty, just warning you. It’s something you chug down with water and then drink something else real quick after. But anyway the brand he uses, I think it’s from you could check it out. I put it in the little comments below. The green drink when he took that it was 60 calories so he uses that in place of some vegetables. And he said he got rid 90% of his fatigue. He didn’t have it every day. He just had it maybe once or twice a week. And that just seem to make him feel almost completely better so he was able to do his job and do the round successfully and not feel terrible. I want to mention that too, to any of you who are feeling tired or who maybe have an active job that really worked for him. This video is already pretty long so I’m gonna make another one doing something else on the second but I just want to give you that update and a quick body shot for anybody who’s still watching.

Here is me now, this is like significantly different as you can see. I don’t know if I wanna show you my real fat, maybe I’ll show a little bit. I have like this bit but a lot smaller than it was. Anyway that’s it, thanks for watching guys. I found some new subscribers today I mean I found some people to subscribe to today and I’m gonna make another vlog in a second mentioning a new few people who are starting that you might wanna check out. OK thanks.


Get enough sleep.  It’s so important!

I find that varying my calories and foods seem to keep my losses going.  Remember, as long as you don’t actually feel hungry, Dr. Simeon’s book specifically states that you can eliminate any foods but the proteins on any given day, meaning you won’t always feel the need to eat the full 500 calories.  This first round, I definitely felt like there were many days when I truly didn’t need to eat hardly anything.

Down 1.2! Total 23.2 pounds in 32 days. New weight 148.8.


Round 1- Capella Drops and Shout Outs

March 26, 2011

Hey it’s me again same day, just a few minutes later. One thing I want to share I forgot is that my Capella drops came today see? I have like 8 of them. This is ginger bread, vanilla custard, cola I’m hoping to make my own healthy diet coke version with stevia and that we’ll see. I’m kinda doing a, I don’t know if you wanna call it a pole but can you guys please anybody who has used the Capella drops who likes them or I guess even if you don’t like them maybe tell me why you don’t like them but please tell me what you do with your Capella drops. Simple recipes for either p2 or p3 I guess mostly p3 is probably where you’re gonna be using it the most. Anyway let me know what you do on p3 with Capella drops because I wanna get some ideas. I have a concern about them because they came and even inside the bottle they smell like strongly of sweetness that kinda made me a little concern because the whole goal here is to eat healthy right? To occasionally indulge but to not be reliant on a sweet taste all day every day. I kinda was a little concerned about getting dependent on this taste drops that taste like cinnamon coffee cake. Do any of you have any opinions on that? Has that affected you at all or has that not been your problem? Because I definitely like the idea but I don’t want it to become like a crutch where instead of eating healthy food I’m having other things that are sweetened with sweet tasting stuff. I don’t know if that makes sense. If anyone has input on that please share and please share recipes.

Now time for my shout outs. I haven’t really done any of those too much so I’m sorry I hope I didn’t seem like all self-absorbed. I’ve already have so much to share about the actual journey it just seems like there’s never a time. I found a few new people today. hcglight92, she’s just starting her journey I think her second loading day is like today or yesterday. You might wanna check her out she looks like she’s ready to go and It’s funny we actually have the same starting stats pretty much we’re both 5’1 and our weight was about the same, so that’s pretty cool. MissAprilSkye, she’s part way through her p2 journey already but she’s new to blogging she just put up a second video. You are kinda running into some struggles MissAprilSkye. Basically it seems like you’re having a lot of hungry issues? And because of that it’s causing you to cheat a lot and that making you feel not successful or discouraged on the diet. I kinda wanna tell you I don’t know exactly what form and amount of HCG you’re using and that would definitely help us help you figure out that problem. But I really think it’s a dosage issue or your HCG is not good because you should not feel hungry on this protocol specially 16 days into it. If you could figure out your dosage problem we could help you with that if you gave us some more info. You won’t feel hungry anymore and then you’ll be able to stick to it. Being hungry is torturous and yeah you’re gonna fall of the wagon so don’t feel bad but let’s try to get that worked out so you don’t feel like it’s something that you just can’t do. I did feel like the diet was hard like the first week or so but now it’s been like a month my cravings are gone. This is so easy for me now. And I think in general that can happen as long as your dose is right and you get passed the, what I like to call withdrawal symptoms of not being able to have sugar or really fatty things or whatever it is that is your pleasure. I hope you figure that out and you guys might wanna check MissAprilSkye out too and give her some support.

The other one is Hcgktransformed. You are starting soon and I’m excited to see how your journey goes. I’m really glad you did your research, I like when people say “Ohh I’ve been researching HCG for a couple months” and that’s what you said and that makes me feel good because it is the kind of protocol, it’s very different, it’s controversial so if anyone finds out you’re doing it you’re gonna get weird comments from people that don’t know anything about it cause their just genuinely concerned but when you have done that research you can feel secure in yourself knowing that you’re doing the right thing and that it is healthy etc., etc.  I’m excited to see how that goes for you. Also LosingLaura, you’re also just starting your journey and you were showing all the stuff you are eating for a loading it’s funny at first I would never been able to watch that cause I would just be too tempted. But now like I said it I’m just not having any cravings it’s been so long since I’ve had any of that good stuff that I can’t even really picture how it taste but anyway you have this photo of pineapple soda, I have actually never heard of that but it looks really good. I want to tell you I think you mentioned that you hadn’t gained a lot on loading although I don’t think you had weighed yourself for the second day yet or maybe you did I don’t remember. I didn’t gained a lot on loading either I think I only gained .8 pounds but I have still lost well so that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t do well. If you did eat a lot of fatty foods I’m sure you’ll be fine. For me I attributed that to the fact that I had already been eating high quantities of high fatty foods for the last three months. I felt like my body was kind of used to that’s why it didn’t pack on the pounds really fast but either way it was still a good amount of fatty food so your body will still release the weight.

Also one more I found she’s not new this was Niecy D-Nel I just found you today, you’re actually on p3 or p4 but I really appreciated your most recent blog you were talking about how you found that not restricting your calories on p3 was actually the key to losing and maintaining your weight and that you realized you are only eating like 700 calories in p3 and you didn’t realize it cause you weren’t hungry but that you are gaining weight, At least I think that’s what you were saying. Sometimes I get things mixed up but you found that not restricting your calories within the guidelines of the no starches and no sugars was actually helping you maintain and I think that can be true. That was really neat and I was glad to find you, I guess you might be doing another round and I’ll be excited to see how that goes for you.

So yup. That’s all. Also shout out to current HCGers, mzbekdiva I just want to say I’m so glad you figured out your hunger issue with that it’s so frustrating. Definitely the potency from everything I had read online was like don’t go pass 20-23 days and make a new batch midway. I’m really glad you figure that out and you’re doing so good .8 pounds average for your round that’s awesome that is so awesome so good for you. And genuinelatinahcg, 1.8 release the other day that is so great. So good for you. You gotta love those days cause they don’t happen every day, but when they do it’s just like so fun! So good for you. That’s probably the end to my shout outs and I will talk to you guys soon

I tried out Capella Drops while on HCG Injections – they aren’t sweeteners so you’ll still have to add something like stevia or splenda to your food or drink, but the Cappella Drops add the flavor of butterscotch, carmel, orange cream, strawberries, etc… is an Amazon search for the drops:

They seem to work well for adding to things like smoothies, water, and carbonated water, along with your chosen sweetener.  If you check the comments on my vlog you’ll find some other useful information regarding how others make use of the Capella Drops.

Aside from that, I’m feeling fantastic at this point in the round- my cravings are gone and the HCG diet is feeling pretty easy.  It doesn’t feel easy every day, but certainly at this moment it’s been pretty smooth sailing.


HCG Round 1 VLCD 34- Figuring out Hunger Issues on HCG

March 27, 2011

Hello everyone VLCD day 34. I was down .8 this morning so another really great release so now I’m 148 which means I have lost 24 pounds in 33 days. Excellent.Excellent. I wanted to ask you guys something. My mom had done very well on the earlier part of the protocol but I’m just kinda worried about her now. She’s been physically hungry this entire time, we’re on the same schedule so for 33 days she has been physically hungry that’s what she says for the entire time. And we have tried adjusting her dose several times and we’ve tried lowering it, we’ve tried increasing it. She’s kinda a little bit of an anomaly when it comes to drugs and medication she always needs like the maximum amount or often times even more of whatever she’s given for it to have any effect like when she goes do the dentist she has to have more than they give any other patient of the Novocain or else she’ll feel their drilling. Based on that we kinda started increasing her dose and she actually tried 300 the other day and she said that they didn’t feel hungry. But then I guess the next day even though she did the 300 again she felt hungry again and she’s been down all the way down to 175 and it just as seems like no matter what dose we tried she says she feels hungry. It just makes me worry I think now that it’s getting to be further into this it’s getting harder on her cause she’s craving fat and it just worries me that I’m just concerned one that she might be losing muscle because she is physically hungry and also that this will be a bad experience for her cause like for me I’m not hungry in general it’s been not too bad of course everybody body has bad days. Today I wish I could eat a little bit but we’ll see, cause I am worried about her so I’m feeling a little stress. I just wanted to know if anyone else had had this experience where they couldn’t seem to find the right dose. We do RX injections. She uses the same stuff I do. I mixed up both of our batches and it works great for me. I only take 150IU now and I started out 175 and that was good for like the first 2 weeks and then I needed to lower it. And based on that, she tried lowering hers too but it just seems no matter what we do she’s still feels hungry and I’m just kinda wondering, gosh is there anyone out there who’s had to take even more than 300? I mean I haven’t really heard of that but she’s so different from most people. I just feel bad. I wish I could figure it out for her because she was saying for the next round she definitely think she should do a short round because it’s just getting hard on her cause she’s really starting to crave fat. Cause she’s missing that fat in her diet and it just seems that this protocol is so difficult if you’re feeling hungry. I don’t know if any of you have any experience with being difficult like that for the whole time and if you still stabilize well cause I’m concerned the whole losing muscle thing I’m concerned about her not stabilizing well because when you feel starved for a month as soon as it’s over your body is gonna want to eat lot and I’m just concerned that that might happen to her. And also like I said I wanted this to be a positive experience for her. It’s just I feel like she’s not gonna wanna do another round if she has this negative feelings associated with it. She has been fine about it she hasn’t complained about it at all. She’s just kinda seeing the facts that lately her weight has fluctuated around the same weight now for like I think for a whole week. Granted she did have that cheat earlier in the week so that could be part of it too but she says now she realizes that she’s eating too much protein every day and that’s why she’s not losing because she just feels the need to have some fat. I’m just worried about it I couldn’t even go sleep the last couple of nights for a while cause I keep thinking about it and just wishing I could fix it for her and I don’t know what to do. The HCG has to be good because it’s the same stuff that I used. Anyway I’m just kind of throwing that out there. There maybe there isn’t a solution but I guess I’m just really hoping that she’ll be able to stabilize okay and that this one end up being like, you know, that this whole experience won’t end up backfiring on her cause I’m the one who invited her to do it with me and I’m just gonna feel so bad if it ends up being like a total backfire thing where she lost weight and then gains it all back and more or something. I’m just worried. If anyone has any thoughts I’d love to hear them. I know she does eat pretty late at night she has that kind of weird work schedule so she will eat lunch and then maybe sometimes she won’t end up meeting her dinner till like 10 or 11. She’s a music teacher she teaches singing lessons and I guess she’s just so busy she just has less than straight to the afternoon and to the evening. We do need to work on things for her for like getting food prepared ahead of time since she can’t take a break and eat it. That what I’ve been trying to work with her on as far as creating better new habits because obviously if you don’t change your habits when you do go back to eating normally you will gain weight if you’re eating too late at night and not eating before that for 8 or 9 hours so it’s just not good for your metabolism. That’s it I guess I’m just worried about her, like I said and I just wanna do the most that I can to help her be successful so I thought I would see if you guys knew anything. Anyway I’m doing fine today I’m really tired and when you get tired it’s not that I’m craving anything. Today I’m feeling like OK I’m ready to move on to the next phase. But in general I’ve felt pretty happy on p2, yesterday I was very happy on p2. So it does a little. Thanks a lot for watching. Talk to you guys soon. I’ll be checking you out in a minute.


First of all, even though I’m asking for help regarding hunger on HCG Injections in this vlog, I’m putting it here in the HCG tips section because of all the wonderful comments regarding possible causes and solutions presented by a number of helpful people.  I’d also like to state for the record though that it is NOT NORMAL to experience on the protocol, once you’ve addressed the normal possible causes.  Usually if you are experiencing abnormal hunger while on p2 of the weight loss protocol, it’s usually either a dosage issue, a potency issue, or a mixture issue.  Ask yourself did you mix your hcg correctly?  Seems like a dumb question, but there have actually been several people on youtube, who once it was brought to their attention as a possibility, went back to check what they had done and realized they did indeed mix their hormone incorrectly.  Potency of the hormone can easily be checked with a pregnancy test (the dollar store ones work great for this!).  Usually though, it comes down to finding the proper daily dose of the hormone- this can be a little different depending on what brand of HCG you are using, where you are in your current weight loss journey (lots of fat left to lose or very little), and just the unique state of your individual body.  Most people find the happy no-hunger (except the normal hunger just before your usual meal times) medium somewhere between 125-200 iu’s.


HCG Diet Round 1 VLCD 35 – Miracle Noodles Can Cause Temporary Weight Gain

March 28, 2011

Hi guys! hCGChica checking in.

I’m gonna cover stats, my mom and a couple new people I found and maybe a couple other tidbits.

Okay so stats, this morning I was up .2 so I’m 148.2 which make my total loss 23.8 pounds

Just a little explanation about that I know that it’s not fat it’s just water or food because late last night I was kinda feeling hungry so I had a little bit of miracle noodles with tomatoes, canned tomatoes with no sugar, so it was really good. I’ve done that a few times now it’s never affected my weight loss but I had it pretty late, I had that around like 11pm last night. The actual bowl of food weighed definitely quite a bit more than a quarter of a pound. I know it’s just the food and the water being still in me. So as soon as that goes away I’ll be continuing on my downward journey, so that’s that.

Updated Info November 2014 on Miracle Noodles and Shirataki Noodles

I’ve been trying out some of the other styles of noodles made by the Miracle Noodle team- I’m LOVING the fettucine cut!  They are my fav. They also have a “rice” version and a angel hair pasta version – so if you want to have the various custom cuts of zero carb pasta, you can purchase those at the Miracle Noodle’s site here. And keep in mind their shelf life is like a whole year, so you have plenty of time to use them if you buy it in bulk.

Many people who try out HCG Injections at one point or another give miracle noodles (aka shirataki noodles) a try.  They are zero calories, made up entirely of soluble fiber.  If you use the non-name brand noodles from the Asian markets, don’t be fooled by the ingredient list that states “yam flour” on the package.  This is just a misnomer because of the translation from Chinese to English- it’s really made from the root of the Konjac Root, which is simply a soluble fiber, and as such doesn’t contribute any calories or carbs.

So why did I have a .2 gain after having the miracle noodles one night?  Because being a fiber, one, it adds more bulk than normal (till ya poop it out that is!) and two, it soaks up water.  So basically I had a lot more stuff in my intestines, and that weighs a bit extra than normal.  So that I had gain was not fat.  It’s nothing to worry about at all- it’s simply water and food.  I have used shirataki noodles on the HCG diet all of my rounds and I feel safe recommending them to people as a tool to create a feeling of fullness and satiety.

 Back to My Round 1 2011 Blogpost

Regarding my mom thank you guys so much for all your responses and replies to me, some of you wrote some really long messages to me with ideas and your experiences and things. I really appreciate it even everyone who just wasn’t sure what it was with just writing with encouragement and hoping I would figure it out. I really appreciate it and it’s so nice of you all. It is helpful to get different ideas and different things out there and different questions so that we can try to tear it apart and figure out what it is.

What we’re gonna try for the moment is she has been taking 300IU for like the last 4 days or so and her hunger still isn’t gone. Dawman wrote to me that out of like 2000 people that he’s dealt with only 1 person needed 300IU to get their hunger go away. Based on that and the fact that her hunger isn’t gone on 300, I think we’ve hit the max of- she’s basically hit the highest dose that’s usually ever taken with the hormone and since that hasn’t done it, I think what we need to do is totally go the other way. She’s gonna try 150 for like the next 3-4 days and if that doesn’t get rid of it we’re gone drop it to 125. That’s the plan for the moment I do still need to actually test the hormone HebbiDobbie mentioned that even though I mixed it for her it’s really not old at all and it’s the same stuff I used. She did mentioned that in the same shipment sometimes there could be differences so yes it’s definitely worth checking out.

The only thing is I’m not able to get to her house right away she does not have time to go to the store and get the test and everything so I’ll have to do that in another probably not until Thursday unfortunately cause I won’t be able to get up there. But anyway that’s the plan for the moment and we also talked a little more and she hadn’t really looked at her paper though I had made a couple papers or had printed out a couple papers that showed the different foods allowed on the protocol and how much in stuff and I guess lately she hadn’t really look.  So just regarding the whole weight stalling thing after her original cheats like a week ago I guess she’s been having some none-protocol foods like carrots and cauliflower. I’m glad we’ve got to talk about that, she’s like “oh wow really” and then she had jicama- I mean I know those are healthy but she didn’t realized that they weren’t on the protocols.

I taped my sheets of food with the calories they equal or taped to my counter, so I’m like “tape them to your counter so that every time you’re making your food it’s right there” it just makes it really easy so she’s gonna do that. We only have a week and a half left of injections. Were just gonna really buckle down and try to stick to the protocol. I gave her the chocolate delight recipe she’s actually never made that yet, I hadn’t actually she mentioned that to her before I just didn’t wanna confuse her cause she just doesn’t have a whole lot of time to do, to make different things but I think it’s time. I really think the chocolate delight has helped me lose better, I’ve been having really good loss in this last half of my round and that’s when I started the coconut oil in the chocolate delight and I don’t have 2 pieces everyday but I have 2 pieces every maybe for a couple of days and then I won’t have it for a day, you know something like that so I think it’s really help. I’m hoping that will help her too.

Updated Info November 2014: I no longer support the use of Coconut Oil on the hCG Diet at this time- I just don’t have enough proof that it’s not causing muscle loss on the diet – Dr. Simeons was very adamant that no fats or oils be used on the diet, and that is what I currently believe. This particular round we are speaking of, Round 1, I lost a significant amount of muscle mass, FAR more than any other round, and it’s the only round I used coconut oil. I do not know if they are linked, or if I would have lost the muscle anyway (I have some interesting thoughts on this here), but I’d rather be safe than sorry, and that this point, that is my recommendation to you guys too.

That’s the plan so I thank you guys very much there is couple of new people starting also duckyluvey you guys wanna check her out and give her some support. She already did her loading and I think she already had her first VLCD day or maybe her second one and then also barbarad388 it looks like she already has a good number of subscribers but for any of you watching me who haven’t seen her go check her out so she’s starting too. It’s actually her second round it was her first blog she posted today I think. Anyway those are the new people I found and that’s what I wanted to share today. I’m sorry I’m kinda being boring at the moment. I guess that’s it. I will check in again tomorrow and I’ll see everyone soon. Bye.


P2 Food Ideas – HCG Round 1 VLCD 36

March 29, 2011

Hi guys! HCGchica here, checking in. Today is VLCD 36 this morning I was up .2 again so this is my second small gain in a row. I’m 148.4 which makes my net loss 23.6 pounds. I think it’s to be expected to have some stalls and small gains, I’m not worried about it there may not be a real reason for it but there also could be. The last couple nights I got to bed really late like last night was like 12:45 before I even went in to bed and then I couldn’t fall asleep for a long time. I’m really starting to have some major insomnia lately I don’t really know why. I didn’t have any caffeine yesterday or the day before but I didn’t get as much sleep the last couple of days so I kinda think that could be a part of it. Other than that it’s going good. I just finished my fifth week, this last week I loss a net of 4 pounds which is really good actually because week 4 I only loss 3. In general I had gradually loss a little less each week but this week I ended up losing a whole pound more. Definitely nothing to complain about there.

hcglight92 you are asking for some p2 food ideas. I don’t really have anything like interesting to say but I do pretty simple stuff cause I’m busy I just felt like spending time in this really boring food. The few things that I do that I do enjoy, I do barbecue a lot for me barbecuing chicken I also have grass fed beef or just get some healthy low fat meat beef, I barbecue my little burgers. I know they say not to do beef too often and I’m careful with that I don’t have it every single day cause I know sometimes people mention that it can slow weight loss but it is really tasty. When I do have it, asparagus can be really good barbecued also. I steam a lot of stuff. I don’t know how much you’ve had like scallops but I hadn’t really had that much before this protocol but I kinda wanted to keep my diet varied so I’ve been trying some things. I get frozen scallops. I get frozen shrimp and I put a little paprika and salt and if you steam that or barbecue it it’s really, really good. Also I know not too many of you out there eat fennel braziliangirl you were talking about fennel and that you didn’t like it too much and then I forgot the other one the blonde hair no glasses you were mentioning fennel too on a comment the other day. I love fennel and what I do with it is I steam it and you cut off the bulb part of it, you can toss the rest, you can eat that too but what I do is cut off the bulb part like an onion, sliced it up and then I steam it in the steamer until it’s nice and soft. It can sometimes take like 10 or 12 minutes and when it gets really soft I just add little salt and pepper and its super good. When you’re not on p2 if you add a little olive oil it’s even better and when you’re on p3 I actually like to roast it with the olive oil and pepper and salt and I find it very tasty, that’s something you could try. Also soups, a couple soups I’ve done I have simmered my portion of celery and water and then I add tilapia at the end or you could do chicken and I have found that pretty tasty and it’s very filling. The only thing you wanna be careful of with soups I have found is that I find myself adding too much salt. I kinda like things that taste salty and I guess for soups since it makes a big portion since there’s so much water. I ended up having like a 1 pound gain after I had my soup but that’s because I added too much salt. This is something that you keep in mind with soups. I haven’t actually had too many soups since then cause like I said I like things salty and I didn’t wanna go there again but I think you can, it is very good. Also chard chips there’s other blogs on here giving the recipe but the chard chips were really good actually. Just make sure you go light with the spices before you pop them in the oven because they shrink down and those flavors get really concentrated and I made mine a little too strong. I found them very tasty and they definitely feel that kind of snack kind of craving.

Those are the few things I’ve done. That’s all for that. So I’m gonna be posting something else soon too.


Variation of Calories and Food on HCG Seems to Help – Round 1 VLCD 37 – 1.4 Loss Today!

March 30, 2011

Hey you all HCG folks, HCGchica. Today’s is VLCD day 37 so guess what. Got on the scale and I was down 1.4 this morning this is so awesome. You know what this means is that I’m now 147 and that means I’ve loss a total of 25 pounds. If you include my .8 loading weight which I am choosing too cause otherwise it’s just too confusing for me. 25 pounds! That’s a lot more than 24, yup. There’s something about those 5 number increments that just really seem big like anniversaries 5- 10. I had my 10 year wedding anniversary month or 2 ago. I’m just so excited it’s just kind of funny like looking back at the whole pattern of weight loss I had a 1.4 loss exactly one week ago too. There’s not really any pattern but you know it’s interesting to look at that and you’re like “oh wow starting of the week right again”. I’m glad, the gains were really tiny but still no one likes to a backward. I’m really excited about that and I also wanna mention what I did yesterday was I didn’t eat the 500 calories again I probably ate like 420 I had 2 proteins and 2 fruits and actually by 4 o’clock all I had eaten the entire day was 1 protein. I didn’t really mean to do that. I just end up getting really busy and I am just like the longer I’m on this I’m just not hungry at all almost ever. I know that won’t last forever when I’m not on the protocol anymore which is sure is fun though. It’s just fun not feeling addicted to food it’s fun not feeling dependent on it. I really, really enjoyed p2 in general. My opinion at least what is worth for me is that varying your calories and varying your food seems like really crucial to having continually good losses. That just what seems to be the case for me. It just seems like your body adjust to things really easily. Our bodies are smart it’s like they adjust so easily even to the same foods and I think that is why Dr. Simeons specifically said in his protocol not to eat the same foods in the same day like have 2 different fruits, 2 different proteins and I know that can be kind of challenging sometimes cause of the prep work involved sometimes but I don’t know it really seems to make a difference and I think with the amount of calories that makes a difference too. Varying it from somewhere between 350 and 500. I’m really noticing a difference this second half of just losing well. I don’t know. I think that’s what I think it is. And the chocolate delight, the coconut oil that really seems to make a difference for me too. Just want to throw that out there I have probably said that before.

But anyway, suziehayes1 guess what I’ve got, almond flour gluten-free cookbook that you recommended I’m so excited looks like there’s some great recipes in there and I am excited to do that. My husband does have- he’s not allergic to gluten like entirely like his not a celiac but he did have a food allergy test some time ago and it did show irritation to gluten so if he can avoid it as much as he can I mean he would definitely feel healthier. The other thing I’ve got I don’t what this are gonna be like cause I just got them but, I’m sorry I know they’re backwards, these are stevia cookbooks. The more I use stevia the more I get used to it and the more happier I am with it and now we would all like to have less sugar in our diet, obviously most of these are sweet recipes cause that it’s just using stevia but yeah there’s still like cake recipes in here, all kinds of stuff and it’s kinda interesting cause I was looking at like this one and it shows like a sugar comparison of like for instance this one is from almonds pound cake has almond flour. Actually I’m sorry no it doesn’t it has regular flour but anyway it has a sugar comparison and it show the calories with the recipe they give and the recipes with the traditional sugar recipe. This one the calories for I guess one slice of the pound cake is a 183 calories and then they show in the traditional sugar recipe that it would have 570 calories, a huge difference. It also shows the sugars like there’s only 3 grams of sugar in the stevia pound cake recipe and in the regular one it’s 50 grams of sugar. So I have no idea how this taste but eventually you know P4 I’ll probably be trying some of them and I might even try to adopt some of them for p3 like with the almond flour and stuff we’ll see. So that’s kinda interesting. Also I’m kinda thinking of trying Brazilian girl Rosanna your flax seed bread I kind of thought about it again after Niecy D-Nel posted a vlog about how she’s eating it for a couple mornings and had pretty good losses. I know she’s early in her round and you always have better losses then however like I said I’m really thinking is varying the diet thing is super successful and since I never have that if I throw that in the mix I’m kind of wondering if might have a couple of good days if I do that. I’m thinking about it, that’s it.

I’m gonna try to catch up on you guys I had a busy day. I meant I want to mention melatonin thank you guys for responding about my insomnia. I did actually have some melatonin around it’s like we have our own herb shop. I have a huge drawer that we put all the stuff we’re not currently using and then we have like in my kitchen all the stuff we are currently using which is also a lot. It’s just weird I can go shopping in my own drawer because we have so many different herbs and vitamins and stuff like that. I had melatonin. I did try it last night and I probably need more. It was a 5 milligram capsule time release and I didn’t sleep well at all last night. I don’t know what it is. I just- the last few nights my mind has been going I can’t turn it off. I’ve had periods like this in the past but in general I’ve been sleeping pretty well the last couple few years so who knows I might try taking more. Tonight I actually do feel fairly tired I had a long day, a fun day but a long day so I think I’m probably gonna sleep well tonight. I was outside quite a bit which actually being outside and getting sun is also really important for being able to sleep at night. I had been kind of indoors a lot lately.  In here reading all you blogs it’s just fun I should probably get like some type of computer that I can go outside with instead of holdup in this little office cave. But anyway that’s it I will check in I’m gonna catch up with you guys now.

This is simply my observation, not proven fact, but I find that varying my calories on this protocol and varying my foods seems to keep my losses going well.  But I could totally be reading into things.

Also, in prep for P3 and beyond and my new life without sugar, I bought a couple of Stevia recipe books.  Here’s the links if you want to check them out (click the pic to take you directly there).


Round 1 VLCD 39

April 1, 2011

Hi! HCGchica here! With my son checking in today is VLCD day 39. I’m here to report on the flax bread experiment and I’m happy to say I was down .8 this morning so to me that’s a great loss. I seem to kinda this last stuff I seem to vacillate between over one pound loses like 1.2 or 1.4 and then other than that I have .2 loses and then I have .8 loses that’s mostly what I’ve been having lately. So that seems to be going right along with it since I had a 1.4 loss just 2 days ago and a .2 loss yesterday. That went great so now I’m 146 which means I lost 26 pounds now. Kinda sad because technically P2 is supposed to be ending soon, my last injection is supposed to actually be on Saturday which is in only 2 more days. I didn’t realize it was almost already over I’m a little torn. I am kinda considering continuing my injections just long enough to get to 30 pounds which I’m guessing would be another week or so. I’m undecided. I am kinda thinking “oh it would be nice to eat” I’m actually craving salad but I’m not craving “craving” it but it sounds so good to have a big salad we have lettuce in our garden right now that’s all ready to go. I just feel like it’s getting to be a nice weather here. I’m in California it’s just warm and the garden is growing it just makes me wanna start hiking again and eating garden vegetables. I kinda do wanna stop but then again it would be so nice to get to that 30 pound mark its only 4 pounds away. This protocol has gotten so easy for me as time has gone on, for me it’s easy to add on and continue whereas when I started it was pretty tough for me at first at certain times with cravings and things so I’m not sure, I’m gonna see I’m basically just gonna take it one day at a time and see how it goes.

I wanna give you a report on my mom she checked in with me today she has been on 150 now for I think 3 days and as far as the hunger goes I think she feels like she has something mess up with her, you know brain synapses with the whole hunger mechanism and stuff, from years of dieting, different things, you guys know. You guys have all been through it. But it’s not unbearable for her she’s on the 150 but anyway I do wanna report that she has had finally some good loses she had that kind of major stalling and then let me just share she had a 2 pound gain which was after the cheat, that was sometime last week and then she had a .2 loss .8 loss, 1 pound gain, .4 loss, so she was still kinda hovering around the same weight within a pounds or so of the same weight for like 8 days but anyway she reduce her dose and she had a loss. And then she lost 1 pound on VLCD 38 yesterday and then this morning she was down 5 pounds can you believe that? That’s even bigger than her last crazy 4.2 release which was earlier in the round. Needless to say she was super excited she said she double checked the scale more than once and it still said the same thing so she was down 5 pounds so that kinda makes up for all that kind of vacillating within a pound or 2 last week. Now she’s lost 31 pounds in 39 days. Needless to say she’s extremely happy about that and she says she looks so great that all her hunger fails in comparison so she’s feeling good. I was actually the one who’s a lot more worried than she was. It’s just doesn’t seem to be normal to be hungry in this thing it definitely seems to be manageable for her and like I said were basically done with this round almost then we’ll be on p3. I’m excited so start that with her. I’m actually gonna be cooking for her for like lunches and stuff like I said her work schedule is kinda weird so I’m gonna be doing some cooking so that her food can be there at where she runs a music school so she’ll be there every day and they have a fridge so I’m gonna have her food down there. That way she can make sure she gets her food. That’s the report on her.

My husband is maintaining well. He’s still 185.6 I think which is like .2 up from his LDW, at one point he was almost 2 pounds above his LDW and then the next day he didn’t do a steak day or anything cause he wasn’t over 2 pounds and he works really hard so it’d be hard for him to do that. He’s just trying to make sure to stay stable but he’s just ate a little less the next day and he went right back down. He’s been under and over a little bit so he’s doing really well.

Is there anything else I wanted to share? That flax bread it was so good. Oh my goodness, I mean I’d be careful if you’ll experiment with it just be careful because it’s the kind of thing when you eat it you wanna eat more. And I even use a little less coconut oil than Rosanna. Yeah nana that’s like banana huh! Yeah.I used 2 teaspoons of coconut oil she uses 1 tablespoon which is 3 teaspoons and I could have probably even use a little less coconut oil if I had wanted to reduce the calories more I could have done that. It actually tasted pretty oily still, but it was delicious so, so good. Anyway but just a warning, if you do experiment, watch out! I had a little bit more of a craving yesterday and I think that might have been why. I’m not gonna be doing it every day may throw it in there in a rotation like every four days or something. Yesterday I think I ended up eating over 500. I didn’t mean too but I was just a little wanting to eat more yesterday so I ended up probably eating 550 or 600. Still had a good loss today and then today I’m planning on. I have an active son as you can tell he’s so good he’s very active. And today I’m planning on eating around maybe 350 or 400 I’m gonna skip my vegetables and have no coconut oil and just have my 2 fruits and my 2 proteins so for me that will end up being about actually that will be about 420 so I’m gonna do that today and then tomorrow I’ll up them again and have the coconut oil. For me, I’m serious guys, variation, that’s gonna be my keyword for this year for every round. It starting to feel like a game like okay let’s see how am I gonna vary it today and it always seems to work out. I’ve been having really good loses this second half. I’m just really pleased. I know it’s different for everybody, everyone loses weight differently. It’s so interesting how genuinelatinaHCG your weight loss journey has been so different. It’s just so interesting to watch. My mom same thing. Everyone has a different weight pattern and that’s kinda what’s nice about this first round is you get to see what your pattern is. And then I think for the second round it will be a little easier to know maybe what to expect, although I know patterns can change but- Can you say hi? Hi! Hi! Hi! I love this guy I love this guy. He was a little bit of an unexpected surprise after 8 years of marriage. We weren’t really planning but we won’t trade him for anything.

Okay that’s it. I’m sorry this got a little long. This one kinda let you know the results of a few different things and I’ll check in and I’ll catch up on you guys. It has been a little quiet but I understand it’s been hard for me lately to keep up with all the blogs so I didn’t do one yesterday either it’s just the weather is getting nice and I’m starting to wanna be outside but it has been so encouraging just sharing my journey and watching yours I think that has been crucial to my success this first round.


I’m sharing my flax seed bread experiment here (eating a flax seed bread recipe while on P2), however, this is not something I would any longer recommend.  For the most part, aside from one or two small changes that I have found don’t impede my fat loss or cause unnecessary muscle loss, I really side with sticking to p2 foods as Dr. Simeons wrote the original protocol.  While I lost quite a bit of weight my first round, I also lost quite a bit of muscle, and I’ll never know if that could have been prevented or not.  Subsequent HCG Injections  rounds I lost almost entirely all fat, which I am very pleased with, and I think sticking with Dr. Simeons instructions to keep all fat out of the hcg diet during this time is important to achieve these results.

On a side note, my mom had a 5 lb loss overnight the other night!  Wow that’s crazy amazing!


Round 1 VLCD 40

April 2, 2011

Hi HCGers! HCGchica here. Today is VLCD day 40 and I was down .2 so now I am 145.8 just excellent. That’s 26.2 pounds and my mom stayed the same from yesterday which she was glad about. She had a huge five pound loss yesterday so she was glad she didn’t have a gain she’s feeling that weight she loss is a stable release of weight. I’ve come to the decision that tomorrow will be my last injection. I had been considering continuing but today and yesterday I’ve been feeling weaker and I feel like I need more food. I think I’m kinda hitting the mark there for the whole nutrient deficiency thing or whatever I just- I’m ready for a change and I think I’m ready for some good food. Your body goes through a lot losing so much weight all at once and eating so little. I think it is a good time for me to stop, maintain and then I’ll start the next protocol in 6 weeks.

I’m actually excited to start p3 now. I’m actually craving savory foods. I’m craving salad. I’m craving meat. Just I wanna eat real meals. I am excited to start that and I actually really want to build some muscle. I just I feel like working out and getting some exercise. Those two things I’m just really feeling excited about that’s why I decided that it would be a good time to just stop even though it is tempting to try to lose a few more pounds. I know as many of you told me a lot of people end up losing more inches and maybe a few more pounds on p3 anyway. Really the inches are what matters to me anyway. My size 10 jeans are not truly comfortable yet and that’s kinda what I have been hoping to get to but maybe when I’m doing some muscle building and hiking and stuff maybe I’ll get some more inch loss anyway and I’ll feel comfortable in a few weeks. That is my ultimate decision. So that means on Wednesday, in four days, I will be starting p3. We’ll see what the next two days holds as far as loses and it went so fast that’s why I figure the 6 week in between will go fast too cause this went really fast. It’s already over and I can’t believe it. Alright I’ll check in again tomorrow.

So after 39 days on the VLCD of HCG Injections I’ve lost 26.2 lbs- I was pretty happy with that.  Ready to move into p3 and start exercising.


Before and After the HCG Diet- Round 1 only


LDW for Round 1, 27.2 lbs lost, 26 inches, Fruits in p3?

April 4, 2011

I’ve been wearing my young son on my back in an Ergo backpack since he was born.  However, as I gained weight, it got to the point where I could almost no longer wear the backpack as I had to stretch the belt out to the full length- now I can cinch it up quite a bit and it’s much more comfortable to wear because my stomach is so much flatter than it was.

I also mentioned in this vlog a question regarding who includes fruit in p3 and who doesn’t- definitely check out the comments section of the vlog to see what people had to say regarding what foods caused them to gain or not in p3 of their HCG Injections.



Biggest inch losses:

bust area- 5.5 inches

waist- 5.5 inches (34.75″ waist to 29.25-” measured at the smallest part of my waist)

belly- 4.25 inches

hips- 3 inches


Water Retention from Exercise after HCG – R1P3Day3

April 9, 2011

With the start of my first p3 (the no starch no sugar phase of HCG Injections) I tried out a Zumba class to get back into exercise.  These days, I really recommend Crossfit for getting in shape and being strong.  Not that Zumba is bad by any means- certainly not- but if you want the most bang for your time when it comes to exercise and fitness and strong bones and muscles, Crossfit is the best thing I’ve come across so far.  Crossfit is a combination of high intensity interval training and heavy weight lifting in a class setting with a trainer.  It’s absolutely fantastic.

But speaking of exercise, it can cause temporary weight “gain” on the scale as torn muscles retain water in order to heal.  This is nothing to be worried about, since it’s not true “weight” that we need to be concerned with in the form of fat- but it’s good to be aware of this so that you don’t see a higher number on the scale and wonder what is going on or get discouraged.  Otherwise if you see a higher number and get discouraged, you could be like me where I might end up doing something self destructive as a result of my discouragement.  So when you see the scale up, before you freak out, consider that if you are exercising, it could simply be water retention as your muscles heal and rebuild, and that’s a good thing!


Hi guys! HCGchica checking in. This is my third day on P3. I just wanted to let you know how I was going so far. As you know my LDW was 144.8 and following the 3 days of the VLCD with no injection I lost an additional 1.8 so I was 143 when I started P3 3 days ago. The first day I enjoyed getting to eat more food. I had a hamburger patty and some roasted vegetables for breakfast. I also tried out MsHCGgirl’s blueberry smoothie which I just love, love, love, love and I just generally ate like that. Also I did some lunges, some push-ups and then I took a hike with my son and then when I hike I wear this little guy on my back and he weighs 26 pounds. Needless to say my legs were really sore and my lungs got a good workout. Anyway I did that and then the next morning I weighed the same 143 which is 1.8 under LDW and then that morning I went to a Zumba class which was an amazing cardio workout. I’m pretty out of shape I think. After about 10 minutes I felt like I had probably had a good workout and I could be done there was 50 minutes left so I hung in there for the whole hour but it was a majorly good workout. My muscles are really sore and I’m gonna talk a little about water retention in a second from exercise.

This morning I woke up and I was 1.4 up which means I’m still under LDW but I’m gonna talk about that, because it’s water weight. I did a little research on retaining water after exercise and here’s a couple things I had found, for instance it says “an intense workout, like I was getting, can cause the body to retain water because water is attending to those muscles that are working overtime, strengthening muscles or muscles that have been pulled or torn are areas where water travels to in order to heal.” So in the whole workout process when you’re building muscle, that muscle has to be torn apart first and then rebuilt bigger. I don’t know the scientific but in a nutshell I think something like that. Anyway the water needs to be there in those torn muscles to help it heal. In addition to that it talks about getting dehydrated which can happen easily when you’re getting exercise because you need more water than usual. It says “When your body does not have enough water to keep the body hydrated it tends to store or collect the water you do take in because it does not know when more will be coming. Drinking enough water allows your body to stop preserving and you will notice less water retention”. That’s kind of interesting and then the last thing it says “If you did not previously have a routine workout and then started a high intensity workout, which is what I’ve done this couple days, your body can go into a sort of shock like state this extra stress has your body collecting nutrients and water to protect it. When you keep a routine workout the body will get used to this sort of exercising and adjust.” I just wanted to throw that out there because I definitely don’t feel like the 1.4 gain is fat for sure I know that I’m not over eating. Even though I’m not counting my calories yet, I just know I’m not overeating. I’m eating good and I got a great amount of exercise in those two days so I believed that is some water retention.

Today I’ve tried to drink a lot of water and I’ve been peeing like constantly so I think that’s good I’m probably gonna see this scale go down tomorrow, that’s my prediction anyway. I just read all over other places the same thing, this one person had said on the different message was they frequent most of the people who are intense exercises do agree that you retain water after intense workouts and a lot of people said that after they had a hard workout they would gain 2 to 3 pounds the next day of water weight and then it would just magically disappear. That’s just a normal part of that and I think it’s important to be aware of things like that because otherwise it could kinda get you down. Even for me, even though I feel logically know what this is, this is water weight and I know I’m eating good and I’m exercising it still it’s so easy for those numbers to mess with your heads. So that’s why I did that research today and I just want to share that with you guys as well because if you do start a workout program there is some of that that can often be involved in it. And I wanna give you one example of this, my last backpacking trip in 2005 I was actually on Weight Watchers at the time and I think I was actually about the same weight as I am right now at that time. We were gone for I think nine days. I was carrying I believe 40 pounds on my back and we were hiking, well you know I mean backpacking and there’s no car you just carry everything on your back and we were hiking in and around places for 9 days and we were only eating back packing food which is freeze dried so probably I wasn’t even getting that many calories. It was an extremely great 9-day workout. I felt very lean on the trip because even though were drinking water it was just so intense that I probably was dehydrated but the point is when I got back and I went to my Weight Watchers meeting maybe like 4 days after I got back from our trip. I had gained I believe 3 or 4 pounds and at the time I didn’t know any of this stuff about water retention and I was so discourage I couldn’t figure how I could possibly have gained 3 or 4 pounds when I had just burned 50 thousand calories or something. I should have lost weight and I was so discouraged by that but that was water weight that was not real fat. It’s important to know those kinds of things otherwise we can get discourage and give up when we’re actually doing good. I just wanted to share that and I want to let you know that my mom is stabilizing at the moment. I mean it’s only been 3 days I was surprise I see a whole lot but she is excited just to be stabilizing for 3 days because in the past she said she’s never been able to keep any weight off for any length of time at all, so that’s encouraging.

I do plan on continuing to exercise and I’ll keep you updated as regards on my weight thing and as I said I’m not counting calories right now. I’ll let you know if I do start. I know most of you do that the thing is if I can get away with not counting I would prefer to. Because the way that I cook it would be very difficult for me to figure out how many calories are in everything I’m eating. Hopefully I can get away without it but it will be a last resort. We are avoiding fruit except for the half cup of blueberries in our smoothie. My mom loves the smoothie too and I think it’s a great thing to have late at night, sometimes you know you get munchies and you wanna have some ice-cream and this seems like a really good low calorie alternative to having ice-cream and it’s very satisfying. I guess you know I’m just not one of those people who cannot do a short vlog. I don’t know why I don’t know why that is. Last thing I would did when I mention that was in the smoothie, you might have to look this up on your own but if you add a little bit of guar gum and xanthan gum, I read about it in another smoothie blog and it actually thickens your smoothie to this consistency that it’s just really delectable it makes it really thick like a real smoothie so it’s not runny at all and it’s so good and you can even freeze it and stuff. It’s very tasty you might wanna look into that. I’ve done that and it’s just really good. I guessed that was all I had to share like I said I’m still under LDW and I’m kind of thinking that my weight’s gonna go down tomorrow. I might actually be going to another Zumba dance class tonight and then I’m having my body fat tested on Saturday. I’ll let you know the results of that. No matter what the results are however much muscle I did or didn’t lose I’m glad I did this and this has gotten me motivated again that I can move forward I had gotten to a place where I didn’t feel like I could make a big change anymore. Even if I did lose more muscle than I would like. If that’s the case as it would have been in some other diet. I’ve come so far I feel so much better that I’m so motivated that that’s fine with me. I’m ready to rebuild whatever muscle I loss. We’ll find out. I will definitely give you results of that. I’ll check in again soon.


Veggies for Breakfast in P3 and P4- HCG R1P3D5

April 11, 2011

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to eat for breakfast when you aren’t eating starches and grains after finishing a round of HCG Injections.  One thing my family and I have done that has worked well is to chop up a whole bunch of veggies- usually a mix of purple onion, squash, zucchini, tomato, bell pepper, okra and mushrooms, toss them with some salt, pepper, oil and vinegar, and seal them in a 2 gallon plastic ziploc bag in the fridge.  Each morning we barbecue these vegetables in a metal basket that goes on our grill, along with a grass fed burger patty.  If you don’t want to barbecue you could probably also saute them on the stove.  Barbecued it’s very quick (7 minutes) and very tasty in the mornings.

It’s an idea anyway.


Hey everyone! HCGChica. Today is Day 5 of P3 things are going well. I can’t believe it’s only been 5 days I feel like I have been eating more food for longer but it hasn’t been that long. I’m getting addicted to those blueberry smoothies, they’re really good. I have been stabilizing fine today I’m exactly at my LDW. I was down .6 the before yesterday and then I was up 1 pound as of this morning so now I’m exactly at LDW. I went to a Zumba class this morning and it’s such a great exercise. I don’t know if any of you are looking to do a little  exercise in P3 see if there’s a Zumba class in your area because I think it’s spreading like wildfire it’s like a new thing. It’s like doing high intensity salsa and all kinds of different Latin dances but it’s a great workout and it’s so fun, so fun, it’s not at all like an exercise class. I wouldn’t go if it was because I find those really, really boring and I hate them. It’s like torture but this was so fun and I’m pretty sure I burned about maybe 400 calories. I kinda like to get one of those things you wear in your body that tells you maybe how many calories you’re burning I might look into that.

The exercise really puts my mind at ease as far as not being as worried about eating too much. I feel like by having that extra activity that it gives me a little bit more leeway with what I eat. Even though I’m still of course not having really almost any carbs and hardly any fruit at all. It just makes me feel a little more calm and not worried about it as much. But I do think there is a little more variation with weight from water weight with exercise so it is good to be aware of that. My mom is stabilizing good too at the moment she has stayed within 1 pound of her LDW for this whole 5 days, so she’s really excited. I mean it may not seem like a big deal to most people but to her she feels regulated about that, that she was able to maintain such a large weight loss at all for any length of time, she’s really excited about that. I really do think that all your advice that you gave about the fruit was good I think that’s probably a big part of why we’re maintaining well so far. Because there’s actually are a good amount of carbs in fruit. I haven’t really thought about it too much because you know, we think oh! Fruit, fruit’s healthy. But they do have a lot of carbs and sugar so you know even though  it’s kind of a healthy food I think if you’re not really active that those carbs and sugar don’t get used in your body could be stored as fat. I think I maybe a little more lenient with myself with fruit if I continued to do high intensity exercise because before exercise you are supposed to have a carbs before you do something really high intensity like that so you don’t feel too tired and say you’re body doesn’t start using like lean muscle mass. I don’t wanna lose lean muscle mass from exercising and not having any carbs. There are carbs in vegetables even the low carb vegetables, they do have carbs so I think I could probably get away with just having the vegetables.

I wanted to show you guys what I have been eating for breakfast lately. We’ve been having grilled vegetables with a protein. I like to be time efficient, I cook a lot all at once so that things are easy. I’m just not one of those people who can start cooking at 5 o’clock every night kind of thing, I don’t know it’s just hard for me to do that. I’d rather do something in the morning and have it be ready later or do something like a big amount of something and just reheat for the next days. That’s just how I like to do things. I just want to show you what I have been doing, I cut all these vegetables up. This bag here is 2 gallons, a 2 gallon size of flat bag, I don’t know if you guys ever seen those but they do exist. It took me about half an hour to wash all this vegetables, cut them all up, toss them with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper, later on you can add other things like soy sauce or vinegar or whatever and then to dump it in to this bag, and this bag will last us for four mornings which is 8 servings for my husband and I. I know it seem like it should last longer I mean 2 gallons of vegetables but they really shrink on the grill.

Anyway I just wanna show that to you guys because if you just spend a little time on a Sunday for half an hour and getting all this ready you’ll have all this vegetables ready for you know, if you’re just one person, for over a week. And we’re eating so many more vegetables now since I started doing this last week. Both of us love it. If you don’t have a grill you can just sauté them in a pan but they’re delicious and I it only takes like 7 minutes in our grill for them to be done and that’s really easy. In this bag I put okra, yellow and green squash, tomatillos, purple onion, mushroom and bell peppers and that’s it. That’s my little tip, you could do breakfast or for dinner whatever you wanted but it’s just nice because it’s all there you don’t have to do any prep work at all for four days with it. That’s my little tip there. I guess that’s all yeah we’re doing good so I’ll check in soon and I had to record this video like 3 times because the first time the sound cut out and the next time I mess up and since I keep re-recording I start forgetting like if I told you guys what I wanted to tell you where if that was on the last blog that I recorded so hopefully that was everything. Alright I’ll talk to you guys soon.


Savoury Almond Quiche Recipe was great! – HCG – R1P3D9

April 15, 2011

Inch losses for my mom after her first HCG Injections round.  I Increased my thyroid medication a little while on Round 1 of the weight loss protocol as I was feeling quite tired, and found this gave me more energy while on the protocol.  This may not be an issue or an answer for others on thyroid meds while on the diet but looks like for me, at least on this 1st round, it was a good thing to do so I wasn’t so exhausted feeling.

Tried a recipe “Savoury Vegetable Quiche” from the Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook.  It’s delicious and an easy reheat p3 recipe that good for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.



April 16, 2011

So far my stabilization for this round of HCG Injections has gone better than expected.  I did what I would call “overeating” a few nights- still healthy foods but higher calorie and higher amounts, and surprisingly I didn’t have a gain.

A simple discussion of anaerobic conditioning by means of short intervals of high intensity training.


Hey guys! Today is day 10 on P3. Sorry the lighting keeps changing here. I’ve been doing well I’m 145.8 today so I’m still 1 pound above LDW it seems to be hovering around. I seem to be hovering around that weight this whole time pretty much so my body seems to like that weight so that’s a good thing and that is even considering that a couple nights I ended up doing what I felt was overeating , where I was concerned about having a gain but I didn’t have a gain. A couple nights I waited too long to eat so I got hungry and got a low blood sugar and I ended up eating a lot, you know how that goes. I had the full fat Greek yogurt and nuts but I didn’t have a gain the next morning when I’ve done that so that’s encouraging. I also want to mention something that I’m looking into that I’m gonna be doing. There’s probably different names for this but what I’m reading is Dr. Ricola a lot of you may know who that is online he has all kind of holistic health articles and videos. He talks about something that he’s calling Peak 8 fitness and what’s new about it is it involves exercising only for 20 minutes 3 times a week but the way that it’s done is very efficient and it does something different that normal  regular exercise doesn’t do. And to get all the full details you could look it up, he’s calling it Peak 8. I know there’s probably other names for people who have done this in the past. Basically its types of interval training but in a nutshell I guess we have different muscle fibers in our bodies, we have slow action, fast action and super-fast action muscle fibers something like that. Regular exercise only uses the slow reaction and fast action muscle fibers but our super-fast action muscle fibers when they’re stimulated they actually either produce or stimulate the production of human growth hormone which is really important for muscle building and for metabolism and losing fat and all kinds of stuff like that keeping you young. The only way to stimulate those super-fast action muscle fibers are through really short anaerobic style energy burst of activity. Base on that principle, like what Dr. Ricola is doing with this other guy who kinda originally talk about it in some book is doing 30 seconds of kind of all-out exercise, whatever it is your on whether it’s on a bike at the gym or stairs machine or elliptical or just outside doing a sprint or whatever it is you do 30 seconds all out and you could like can hardly breathe at all and your heart beat is really fast and then you slow down, you completely slowdown for 90 seconds and let yourself recover and you do this cycle 8 times total so you end up only doing this extreme pushing yourself for 4 minutes total. And the whole thing that being about 15 minutes and then you do a couple minutes warm-up or down it’s like 20 minutes. They have been finding that doing this really is increasing people’s lean body masses and lowering their body fat percent and because it’s stimulating human growth hormones. I just want to share that with you guys because it’s supposed to be really effective really much more effective than doing hours and hours of just regular exercise because it’s getting to something that you wouldn’t normally get to which is really fast action muscle fibers. It’s kind of exciting I’m doing it, my husband has been doing it already at the gym, we’ve been doing this stairs machine it’s not actually stairs stepper like actual stairs that go around. In the past he’s gone on that for like a continual 30 minutes at the same phase and yeah he did get stronger but he is noticing now that he’s doing this 30 seconds on-90 seconds off thing in just 15 minutes he feel so much stronger so much faster, it’s pretty interesting. It might be something for you guys to check into, that’s it for today I’m doing good, nothing really interesting going on except for that little exercise thing but I’ll check in again soon.


Sugar Free Chocoperfection Bars – HCGR1P3D14

April 20, 2011

I have to admit these are pricey, but these Chocoperfection Bars are delicious in every way for a person who is trying to avoid sugar.  They have only 2 net carbs in the whole bar, and they are sugar free.  The sweetness comes from Oligofructose, which is a pre-biotic fiber, and Erythritol, one of the higher quality sugar alcohols that don’t usually effect your digestive tract the way that Xylitol sometimes does.  I have gotten to the point where I totally avoid Aspartame (I used to be a diet coke fanatic), as well as Splenda (makes me feel horrible- for awhile I was buying those Diet Hansen sodas at Trader Joes and couldn’t figure out why both my tummy and head started hurting daily- realized it was directly connected to the Splenda and it literally only takes a few minutes after ingesting it for me to start feeling the effects).

Since these bars only have 2 grams net carbs they are definitely super low carb and having no sugar, this means you can have them on p3!  I did after this first round, and there were definitely a bit of a savior when I wanted something yummy and sweet.  Like I said, they are definitely pricey, and I haven’t needed to eat them lately, but I really feel for someone just coming out of bad habits, after a first round of HCG Injections, that these are a great tool to have in your box for those tougher days until the food changes you are making are more set.


Stabilized my New HCG Weight! R1 End of P3

April 29, 2011

My experience from this first p3 after HCG Injections is that my body really does have a new set point now.  The first week my weight did fluctuate a bit, so definitely expect that when you start P3, but I watched it and made sure to keep everything in control, and the last 2 weeks of p3 I found my weight remained very stable!  I was in shock actually to be honest.  That Dr. Simeons really knew what he was talking about when he discussed his whole weight loss protocol in his book Pounds and Inches.  I didn’t count calories, I ate heartily (no starches or sugars still of course though- including fruit for the most part aside from some berries in my smoothies), and I exercised with Zumba classes and gardening. It has been very exciting to see how my body works and how the process of stabilizing one’s weight works.

My body stabilized 1.6 above my ldw- that is definitely where my body seemed to like being- so I didn’t fight it to keep it right at ldw- it has been very stable at the 1.6 over so I’m totally happy with that.  I’m concerned more with my weight being stable than I am about being one or two pounds less.


Hi everyone! HCGChica here. Sorry I haven’t checked in in a bit, I’ve just been busy I have been watching your vlogs though as much as I can. I just want to give you an update. Today is the end of p3 for me I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks already and it makes sense to me now why Dr. Simeons kind of designated a 3-week period for stabilization. That first week was a little iffy and scary and had a few more fluctuations but this past 2 weeks has been wonderful I just feel like every day that I continue to be the same weight or around the same weight it’s just one more day showing me that my body is adjusting to its new weight and that it wants to be there and so I have stayed basically 1.4 above my LDW as what my body seems to like and I have been 146.2 almost the whole time the past  2 weeks with just a couple variations. I just think that is really exciting to see that your body really can create a new set point. I feel like it’s really doing what it says it does. I eat a plenty of food I eat full fat foods and I even eat late at night. I told myself I wasn’t gonna do that I thought oh! That was the one thing I said okay I’m gonna start not eating after 6pm anymore since I’m kinda doing that on this protocol and it’s starting to feel easy. But you know when you do have access to more foods that are good and they’re more appetizing you find yourself wanting to eat them at night. So I’ve been eating full-fat Greek yogurt or one of my smoothies or nuts or cheese, you know what? Every time I do that I think I’m probably gonna have a gain tomorrow and then I don’t. I don’t have a gain so that’s pretty exciting. One thing I haven’t done is eat out at a restaurant yet but I did attend a function in honor of myself and my husband the other day. We had our 10 year anniversary and we went to a party for ourselves. So I planned ahead that I was going to go ahead and indulge and eat the food everyone brought and so I had ice-cream, I had toppings, I had rice and bean dish thing, I had some bread so I indulge a bit and I felt very dehydrated that evening as I was eating I was trying to drink some water but I could tell that I was retaining water because I also went to a baby shower a few hours before that party and I ate some of the food there. I didn’t have any major carbs at the baby shower but I did have some different salads and kind of pre prepared things that were salty, like a Hudson deli meat and stuff like that. By the time I was at the party I had eaten other food, I was definitely feeling dehydrated so I knew I was gonna retain water so I already expected it and the next morning I was up I think 2 pounds but again it’s like I knew in my heart that it was just water retention and so rather than do the steak day for myself I decided to wait 1 day and see what happen, and sure enough my weight went right back down to 146.2 so that was exciting because I did have carbs and not just one carb. I did go to my Zumba class that morning to help compensate and I had planned on going on Sunday morning after the party but I came to sleep really late I’m so tired so I didn’t end up doing that but anyway I haven’t exercise since Sunday so this is the 4th day in a row that I haven’t exercised at all, my weight has still stayed the same so that’s exciting.

My mom is still stabilizing well too she has a few more fluctuations the I do due to some salty meals I think at times but her weight does go back down when she eats her normal food and salt intakes so I think that’s good too. I also noticed that it seems like your body does find a way somewhere within 5 pounds of where you were, like some of you I noticed have stabilized under your LDW’s by 2 or 3 or even 4 pounds which is kinda neat for you because it makes you feel that you’re ahead. I know that ChunkNoMore you did and also socalplum I think you guys both had stabilize under your LDW. It does seem like your body kinda find something nearby that way that it likes and it’s good to be comfortable with that, even if perhaps it’s not quite the 2 pounds, well that just my opinion and I’m just saying that because if your body seems to like being 2.2 pounds over and you might be kicking yourself and feeling terrible but if you look back and you figured it out and see oh your body wants it like I’ve been the same weight for 2 weeks actually you should be glad, to me, because you have stabilize a weight very close to your LDW it’s just a food for thought. I’m not telling you guys that you shouldn’t do a steak day or that you should not rave up the 2 pounds I’m not saying that okay! I definitely if I totally over did it and I knew that it was from being something really wrong I would definitely do a steak day. I’m just saying you know, trust your body and see the pattern and don’t beat yourself up over something when maybe you’re actually accomplishing something good, anyway I have to clarify that. So what was the last thing I wanted to share? I’m gonna be starting a new round in a month or so, in about 4 weeks I think I’m at around May 24th is my plan. I may wait even a little longer I’m not sure but that’s kind of the plan is to start Round 2 then my mom will start around the same time. I’m going on a vacation right before that for a few days with my husband and I don’t wanna be loading on our vacation because I know that I’m gonna feel really crappy when I load. I know from the last time I didn’t wanna eat at all, once I started the HCG like right away it was hard for me to eat a lot and I am looking forward to loading as far as this time I wanna do it better. I kind of wanna indulge a little more than I did and have all my favorites since I don’t get to have them hardly ever anymore and I don’t wanna feel crappy on my vacation, were gonna be hiking and things like that so I’m not gonna worry about loading. I will do that when I get back like on a Tuesday and Wednesday that’s the plan. Other than that nothing else is new I think I am gonna start adding in a few carbs since it’s the end of p3 for me. I had an apple last night I didn’t affect me bad so that’s good, my body seems to like this weight and I just think that’s encouraging and I wanna share that with you guys so that you guys can feel confident going into P3 as well and just to know in advance that while the first week will be a little iffy and fluctuating it does seem like those last 2 weeks your body does start picking a weight It likes and sticking to it. Just to be expecting that and don’t think that first week is how it’s always gonna be in general. I know we all have different experiences some of has have more struggles than others with p3, we’re all so different I myself actually didn’t feel so great on p2 I was pretty tired. It’s always different but that’s just been my experience and you know maybe an experience for you too. That’s it, I don’t have anything else to say I’ve been trying to catch up with you guys and read your blogs and I try to comment when I can and I hope to talk with you all again soon so I’ll check in later.


Sticking to Low Carb 1 Month into P3

May 4, 2011

Hi guys! HCGChica. Today, it’s been 4 weeks now since I ended p2. I just want to tell you all that I’m doing well. I haven’t added in too much in the way of carbs because I’m noticing that I really just feel better without too much carbs I have added in a couple higher carb vegetables like peas. Basically things like peas are my carbs now for the moment, besides the yogurt and some dairy those have some carbs too but I am eating a little more fruit mostly just like before I go for exercising I might have an apple but other than that I’m still not really having any carbs. I’m just pretty happy where I’m at I feel good where I’m at and I think carbs make me tired so that’s what I’m sticking to. Anyway I feel great I have a lot of energy I’m doing a ton of stuff and can’t believe it’s been a whole month. I’m maintaining perfectly I keep staying at the same weight 146.2 or so. I did actually lose a little weight, might have just been water for like 3 days? The last 3 days or so. I was actually 145.2 and then 144.8 which was my actual LDW. I think I had been doing some particularly hard exercising or something and then today I was back up to 146.2 which is where I’ve been for like 3 weeks. It’s cool I’m doing good I’m not trying to lose weight now because it’s so much easier to lose weight on the protocol so I’m happy to maintain. I’m happy to eat what I want. I’ve been having plenty of fat, my smoothies, wish I could kick my diet coke habit but I can’t, that’s probably the one unhealthy thing that I still have every day.

I wanted to tell you guys that I made a pizza but the crust was obviously not flour and it was really good, I mean it taste enough like pizza to me. It doesn’t have the texture the crust is not the texture of a regular but anyway the taste of it to me felt like pizza enough that I probably ate too many pieces. What it was, was a ground-up sunflower seeds, ground-up pumpkin seeds and flaxseed meal. Actually combined 2 recipes so I guess I can say that it’s my recipe and it turned out really well and then I just top it like a regular pizza and it was delicious it was so good and I just cut them up into little pieces and put them in the baggies. It’s like there is 2 small pieces per day for each of us in our lunches but it’s delicious and it’s really a nice satisfying snack because you know other than that I pretty much just eat vegetables and meat and the smoothies or dairy too I guess. It is good I’ll try to maybe do a vlog about the recipes sometime and show it to you guys or at least with the recipe yet perhaps. I’m so busy lately because I’m feeling so good that I‘m just like just getting so much done. I just want to let you know that I’m still maintaining well and I’m really happy about that. I’m not sure again when I’m gonna start my next round my plans were to start around the 24th of May but it’s coming up soon. I’m just really enjoying my exercise right now and I’m enjoying eating. I know I wanna be mentally prepared for the food abstinence. I know if I’m not mentally prepared it could be hard. It’s just going so fast that I’m not sure if I’m gonna be ready for the next round that soon so we’ll see. But anyway I just want to let you now I’m doing great, alright talk to you soon.


6 weeks since end of P3, Hydrostatic Body Fat Test discussion

May 13, 2011

Decided to take a longer break between HCG Injections rounds because I was feeling so great- I’ve been able to eat the amounts of healthy that I want, exercise, and have energy.  Basically I was enjoying this point and wanted to continue enjoying my new body and maintaining my weight while eating lots of yummy healthy food.

Also in this vlog I talk about the fact that my first round of  the protocol, my hydrostatic body fat test results show that I did lose a significant amount of lean muscle- at first this was pretty disconcerting to me.  However, I couldn’t worry to much after seeing how easily my body stabilized and easily I kept the weight off.  Additionally I never had that ravenously hungry feeling as if I had been starving, and I still have a high amount of lean mass for my height.  I’ve given a lot of thought as to the possible reasons for this muscle loss.  I can’t say for sure.  I tend to lean towards the idea that a very overweight person is naturally going to lose some muscle until they end up at a normal amount of both muscle and fat for their body height.  If that is not the reason, it’s possible the deviations to the protocol that I made caused excessive muscle loss (diet coke for one).  But I know this diet doesn’t cause unnecessary muscle loss when you do the protocol properly, because all of my subsequent rounds of the protocolI have lost 75-90% fat which is superb, considering the fact that we are only taking in 500 calories a day on the weight loss protocol.


Gluten, Thyroid, and Cytomel

June 2, 2011

As a person with Hashimotos, which is an autoimmune condition having to do with the thyroid, I have found that gluten really affects my condition and energy.  If you have any autoimmune conditions, it’s well worth it to try removing gluten from your diet completely for 3 months.  HCG is what actually got me to have the self control to actually do this.  2 or 3 weeks of being gluten-free won’t cut it folks- I tried it.  Apparently the gut lining takes 3 months to heal from inflammation- so trying to reintroduce gluten before that time won’t tell you much.  That proved true with me.   The first time I tried to remove gluten from my diet, it was tortuous and I only lasted about 3 weeks.  After reintroducing gluten (if you can call it that- it was more like just giving in to the  “give me some real cake now!!” feeling I had),  I didn’t notice “squat”  as far as side effects go.  Didn’t seem to affect me.  So I figured gluten wasn’t part of the picture for me and that the gluten-free train was being ridden a bit too hard by the different health sources out there.

Being on HCG Injections for 6 weeks and then p3 for another 4-6 weeks (I chose to stick to p3 longer) meant that I inadvertently went without gluten for 3 months.  It was easier to do this time since in the process I lost almost 30 lbs and making that huge change in my body really felt worth it.  When I tried eating a normal sized portion of gluten again following this period……well lets just say it felt as if my intestines were literally on fire.  It was excruciating.  I’ve had this experience about two more times since that first one after eating gluten, so I know it wasn’t a fluke.  Wow.  I made a discovery- my body does not like gluten!  I have stayed away from it ever since.

So, if you have an autoimmune condition, you owe it to yourself to try going gluten free properly, for the full months.  It’s not easy to do, I know!  I wasn’t able to successfully do it myself until I went on the Diet.  It worked out perfectly- lose a bunch of weight and go gluten free at the same time.

Another thing I wanted to mention is regarding thyroid meds and the protocol.  Most people who are hypothyroid take t4 meds like synthroid.  I take something very different- t3 meds, one brand known as Cytomel.  Cytomel or T3 is active thyroid hormone- it’s like taking your metabolism in a pill.  When I take the pill, it immediately works as usable thyroid hormone in my blood stream.  Being that it’s so powerful, I started to wonder if taking my t3 while on the protocol could have a caused the seeming excess muscle loss I experienced only on my first round.  I am doubtful of that now in retrospect because my subsequent rounds of the diet plan I lost a high percentage of fat on the Diet, while still taking my Cytomel/T3.  I’m not sure I’ll ever be sure what caused the muscle loss on Round 1, or if it was preventable at all.  I did have quite a bit of coconut oil on Round 1 (I no longer recommend this), and I included the coconut oil calories in my 500 calories a day, so I was taking in very few other food calories that first round (which I also don’t recommend!).  This could very have caused some uneccesary muscle loss.


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Nikki’s hCG Weight Loss After Thyroid Cancer + P3toLife Experience – Episode 64 Wed, 04 Apr 2018 01:06:20 +0000 Hello lovely hCGers. This interview is part of what is now a plethora of weight loss success stories with real everyday women (and men! There’s a few dude interviews in there) who have used either hCG injections or drops with … Continue reading

The post Nikki’s hCG Weight Loss After Thyroid Cancer + P3toLife Experience – Episode 64 appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

Hello lovely hCGers. This interview is part of what is now a plethora of weight loss success stories with real everyday women (and men! There’s a few dude interviews in there) who have used either hCG injections or drops with the hCG diet protocol to lose between 20 and 150 lbs. You can see the current episodes available here.

Nikki and I had quite the lengthy and fun chat. 😀 I’m sure a lot of you would love watching and reading about the interview where she shared some details about her health struggles, hCG diet journey, and her experience with P3tolife and what she loves about the program.


  • Height: 5’4″
  • Age: 34 years old
  • Weight before hCG: 155 lbs
  • Weight at current point in hCG Weight Loss Journey: 139.6
  • Health Conditions: Thyroid cancer at 28 years old. Her thyroid was removed and she now takes Naturethroid, a natural dessicated thyroid hormone replacement that has both t4 and t3. Initially lost weight after having thyroid removed, then gained without explanation to her before hCG starting weight.
  • hCG History: Had a few different rounds and a few different Phase 3’s but this was the first time she was able to stabilize and maintain her hCG weight loss – using the P3tolife program – as of the time of this writing she spent 2 full months maintaining. She experienced a 4 lb gain more recently after deviating from the P3tolife eating style near the holidays. She is planning on another round since she would like to lose additional weight anyway and plans to follow P3tolife “to the T” for her upcoming Phase 3.

Show Note Links:

Battling the Big C and Struggling with Weight Loss

Nikki is 34 years old, stands 5’4 ½” tall and currently weighs 143 pounds (about 4 pounds of which she only gained back in Thanksgiving after being stable at 139 pounds for several months). The first time she did hCG was in 2015, when she was 31 years old. Prior to trying hCG, she weighed 154/155 pounds.

At the age of 28, Nikki was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. She had to have her thyroid removed through surgery and she has since been taking thyroid medication. According to Nikki, she was diagnosed after she passed out in her apartment. It was during an echocardiogram when her thyroid tumor was found. Nikki believes that the cause of her cancer was from years ago, while she was still in college. During Organic Chemistry class, she may have been exposed to radiation when she mishandled some chemicals.

Nikki continues to take thyroid medication. Because she did very poorly on Synthroid in the past, she is currently taking Nature Throid and Thyrocin.

Prior to her diagnosis and treatment, Nikki’s usual body weight was 139 pounds, but shortly after her cancer experience, her weight dropped to 126 pounds which she believes was caused by stress.

Nikki remembers that after her thyroid medication adjustment (done for TSH suppression to prevent recurrence), she immediately gained 25 pounds and her weight shot up to over 150 pounds. She assumes the adjustment of the medication did something to her adrenals and it caused the quick weight gain.

Nikki tried many things to lose weight including Medifast, detox, bone broth fast, but none of them did anything to help her lose weight. For someone like her who does dance performances and has to be in front of people, her weight gain and inability to lose weight psychologically affected her.

Support on her hCG Journey

After her weight gain and not being able to lose the weight through the different diets she tried, Nikki started wondering what was wrong with her. She had tried and failed so many times that her confidence had basically dropped to zero.

Nikki knew about hCG but was afraid to try it. She kept on researching for at least a year before she finally decided to try it in 2015. Among the things she found in her research was hcgchica which she decided to use as a guide. 🙂

“You have actually been along with me on my hcg journey, without you knowing it”

I was really glad to hear that Nikki was able to use the resources available in the website to aid her in her hCG journey. She told me about how she learned to inject herself by watching the tutorial videos. Nikki did really well on her first round, her weight dropped from 155/156 pounds to 130/131 in 30 days. A weight loss of 25 pounds!

Note: Nikki had to ask her doctor to decrease the dose of her thyroid medication during P2 because she started having palpitations.

Nikki felt great after losing weight. However, it didn’t take long for her to gain back some of it after she got a new job where she had a 4-day training and she couldn’t follow P3. She said she rapidly gained back around 8-10 lbs in those 4 days.

When her weight went all the way back up, Nikki felt like her initial efforts were wasted and that she botched the whole thing. However, watching hcgchica videos helped her cope psychologically with the weight rebound.

I completely understood where Nikki was coming from. I told her how I went through the same thing. Oftentimes when we mess up – and this is not just in terms of dieting and weight loss, it can be in all other aspects of life – it’s easy for us to think that there’s no way around it or that we can’t overcome it. I have learned that troubleshooting works. You just have to make a plan. Think back on what happened, why it happened, what you have learned, what you can do better next time. When you run into issues and you feel discouraged, take a step back and do some research. Find the possible solutions and things can still turn out great.

When Nikki thought about trying hCG again, she didn’t really have the trust and belief that she could do it, even though she had lost weight the first time she tried it.

After the experience of gaining all the weight back, Nikki felt her confidence drop which is the reason she did a poor second round of hCG months after her first try. She felt that at some point, she just lost faith thinking about how she did not have a thyroid anymore and how she was unable to maintain her weight loss. She admitted that she did not really trust herself at that point and did not have a mindset of success when she went on her second round and so did not lose much weight.

Nikki’s last round of hCG was in July/August of last year, this time followed by the P3toLife program. However, she said she did not strictly follow the protocol and had deviated from it sometimes. Despite that, her weight still went down from 154 to 136 pounds, it then went up a little to 139.6 (her pre-thyroid cancer weight). It was not her ultimate goal, but she was happy to be at that point. She maintained that exact weight for about a couple of months until Thanksgiving where she gained about 3 or 4 pounds, bringing her to her current weight.

In terms of exercise, Nikki Started working out 2 weeks into P3 (she mentioned she stayed on the program longer than 3 weeks). When she signed up for the boot camp workout, she was still on P2 and it was during her last 2 days of hCG when she took a tester class and she just felt absolutely horrible because the exercise was so intense. She inevitably waited until her second week in P3 to formally start working out.

Food for thought for those who are wondering about exercising during P2. I tried to keep crossfitting during my 4th round of hCG. I actually went to crossfit for about one or 2 days and just like Nikki, I felt horrible. I had no energy and I felt like everything was just sucked out of me. I felt like eating the whole house to compensate for my hunger and exhaustion. I also had a stall for 10 days (about a week and a half). It’s really not a good idea to pile on too many stresses on your body all at once. It can cause adrenal fatigue later, especially for women.

Another thing that Nikki and I discussed during the interview was how she kept a record of her daily weight on her hcgchica P2 workbook. I was really happy that she found it very helpful and that she has both the hard copy and the device version.

Nikki loved using the workbook because she found it beneficial to have a template to track her journey in. She also liked tracking her weight. And with the digital workbook on her device, Nikki can open it up and track her hCG journey everywhere.

For those who are interested in the workbook, please visit The digital workbook is available in the printable version and there’s also the device version which you can use with the adobe app.

Maintaining Her Weight Loss with P3 to Life

Even though Nikki did not follow a very strict P2 and the P3 program during her last round (she admitted to having some sweets/candy or a very small piece of chocolate sometimes), she still managed to lose weight and maintain it for at least a couple of months before she gained a little back during Thanksgiving. She also did not have to do any correction days on P3 and except for a few instances when her weight fluctuated just a little bit, she pretty much stayed the same at 139.6 pounds.

Before starting P3 to Life, Nikki felt a little scared at first because she wasn’t sure she was going to be able to make it work because she didn’t really cook that much in the past and she wasn’t sure how she could make time for it because she works full time. But after trying out batch cooking and as she got used to making the recipes, it took much less time and effort. Nikki found that she was having a lot of fun and cooking did not feel like work at all.

She credits P3toLife for teaching her how to cook. Nikki hasn’t tried making all of the recipes from the program yet, but she said that among her favorites are the Fish Taco Bowl, Indian Curry, Turkey Chili (which her boyfriend loves and refers to as “crack”), Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya (another one her boyfriend refers to as “crack”), Bacony Egg Cups (she just loves how easy it is to make them), and Steak and Cauli Rice.


According to Nikki, she does her batch cooking mostly on Sundays, but she also does some meal preps on Monday or Thursday.

For those of you who are thinking of following the program or who have just started following the program, if it takes a lot of time to prepare your meals during the first week or two, don’t fret and don’t think it will always be that way, it’s all about getting up to speed. It will eventually become second nature. Give yourself time to adapt, it will be more enjoyable.

“P3 to life gave me the confidence I needed”  – Nikki

Nikki feels she has found a home in eating with the P3tolife program. She feels really satisfied with the meal plan and feels she can eat the recipes forever. 😀

Despite her background in healthcare and her knowledge of the science of nutrition, Nikki thinks she’s never really eaten like a regular person. She feels that what P3 to Life has taught her is how to integrate a normal, happy, and healthy way of eating.

“P3tolife teaches you how to eat as a normal person”

For Nikki, the program promotes a healthy structure with the meal plan. One of the things Nikki loves about P3 to Life is how the meal plan is laid out for 4 meals a day instead of the usual 3. She thinks it works really well especially for someone like her who enjoys exercising.

P3 to Life versus Plain ol’ P3?

Nikki believes that after completing P2, you’ll need to be committed to sustaining a way of eating to keep the weight off and you’ll need a strong mindset and a plan for the next phase in order to be able to do that. She believes that most people’s failure in P3 is because of going into it not having a plan.

Although Nikki created a P3 plan for herself using her one-pot wonder meal ideas, she found it so boring and she ended up not wanting to eat any of the meals. One of the things she repeatedly pointed out about the P3 to Life recipes is how appealing and mouthwatering they looked. She mentioned being so impressed that when she made the recipes, they actually looked as good as in the photos.

She also found preparing the recipes very fun. According to Nikki, she feels like a gourmet chef looking at all the meals she could prepare and feeling very excited to make them. With P3 to Life, she felt like she could integrate the meals into her normal way of life. She can cook for her boyfriend and they can eat the same food. She feels like she can throw a party and serve the meals from the program and her guests would love it too.

“The program is so beneficial in so many ways. You give someone the confidence that they can actually keep the weight off and they’ll find the process fun, they won’t feel restricted.”

Nikki’s ultimate weight goal is around 125 pounds so she plans on doing another round of hCG, properly this time, without any deviations. P3 to life gave her confidence that she needed because the program worked for her and she knows that keeping the weight off is possible and a happy, healthy way of eating is sustainable.

I was so glad to hear from Nikki and from many of you that you’re happy with the recipes and you’ll be happy to eat P3 to Life meals long term. It was one of the things I was concerned about before because I never wanted anyone to feel like they’re stuck in a cycle of dieting. It was so important for me to find a way of eating that actually works to keep the weight off with meals that will make you happy and satisfied.

Thank you so much for making time for the interview, Nikki. I hope your next round goes great! I’m really excited for you! 🙂

Nikki’s Experience with:


What were/have been your biggest concerns when contemplating going into P3?

I had difficulty believing that it would be possible for me to maintain my weight loss. The first time I did hcg was in 2015.  I lost ~24 lbs and I kept it off for 2 weeks eating a low carb diet. But then I went away for a 4 day work training where they fed us 3 meals a day and snacks. It was so decadent and it woke up my carb/binge brain.  I literally gained 8 lbs in 2 days. I never recovered from that and in fact, gained to my previous start (maybe even plus a couple of extra pounds). After that, I’d tried doing 2 more hcg rounds, but my brain was not in it.  I did a horrible job in both P2 and P3. The most I lost was like 6-7 lbs, which I gained back. I still remembered my first round of hcg and how it worked tremendously – but that I fudged it up with a horrible P3. So I tried to hone in on the knowing that weight loss is possible, with the additional knowing that if I didn’t do the protocol correctly, or follow-up with P3 correctly, that it would be a failed effort yet again.

What did the P3 program provide to you that you feel like you didn’t have before without it in past Phase 3s?

Confidence, a roadmap, and a game plan.  It was also exciting – it was like starting a new plan unto itself. Even though I’d previously created a P3 meal plan of my own, it wasn’t something I wanted to stick to. I was curious about all the P3 recipes (the pictures looked great!) and was also grateful to have the coaching videos. I liked how the nutrients and macros were all spelled out so I wouldn’t have to worry.  It would be VERY doubtful to have a gain eating 800-900 calories and gradually transitioning up.

How did you end up following the program – did you do the original plan, the simplified, or build your own meal plan or just tweaks to one of these? Can you give a few details of how you utilized the program and tailored it to yourself and your circumstances?

So, I never made the smoothies, which I regret!  I still want to make them as they are so pretty looking.  I used the simplified meal plan for week 1, and then used the build your own meal plan in combination with the original plan and simplified plans.  There were some recipes that looked cool from the original plans (like the morning mug breads) that weren’t on the simplified plans, so I would make those separately.

Did you have to do any correction days during P3 this time and if so, what do you think was the cause and how did your correction day(s) go?

No – I didn’t have to.  And I’m also glad because I have realized, through my experiences on hcg and in hundreds of previous diet attempts, I am not good at having to “correct” in any way, shape, or form. I was exercising during P3 and there were some days where I dropped a bit more than 1 lb below my LIW (139.6 lbs).  For most of P3 I stayed literally at that exact weight, to the decimal. The highest I fluctuated was 1.8 lbs above my LIW, and that was one day (I also believe that I had carbs when I was not supposed to). Now, three months later, I stay within 1 lb of that (even when I overdo it on carbs).

In a nutshell, can you share your tangible results from following the P3tolife program? – how your weight has been, while following the P3 program?

My LIW was 139.6 lbs and my weight on day 21 of P3 was 139.6 lbs.  Exactly the same! 3 months later, I fluctuate between 139.4-140.8 lbs.

How did you feel about the portion sizes & taste of the P3 meals? Did the portions and taste of the food make any difference in how you felt about eating/relationship with food while on p3? If you still felt hungry, how did you adapt it to add calories?

Oh my gosh yes – I can’t believe how amazing these recipes are.  I’m way beyond week 6, and I’m still loving week 1 foods. My boyfriend, who has no kind of weight problem whatsoever, says the turkey chili from week 1 is like crack!  Same for the Jambalaya and Thai Curry (I made it red versus yellow) from week 3. Everything that I have made, so far, from the recipes is phenomenal. They look good (good enough to post on Instagram, so I’ve been showing off :)), they have tons of flavor, they make the process exciting.  I honestly feel like a chef and it’s built a confidence in me that I never had in the kitchen. I feel like these recipes taught me how to cook, and I feel so good about sharing these foods with others. I will make the recipes in bulk and can feel fine about my boyfriend OD’ing on the portions because he’s getting in tons of veggies. I also love the idea to batch cook.  I would never have thought to make these things on my own. I feel like this has taught me how to be a normal eater, as well (this is how real people eat – versus what I used to do. I’d cook eggs for dinner. Or whatever would fit in one pan, for one person. Now, if I have a family, I feel I’m ready to feed them).

Can you share a little about your personal life- ie work full time/part time, kids or hubby or school? Would love to hear how you made the logistics work of cooking the program with whatever time constraints you deal with. How did you manage to fit in preparing the meals with your schedule each week?

I work from home, full-time (over-time, I should say) and live with my boyfriend in a one-room studio. When I started P3, he was out of town long term, so I was alone. We don’t have a working oven, so I bought a convection oven and got over the fear of using it before he got back (haha). I initially tried to make most foods on Sunday, but I ended up batch-cooking 3 times a week.  I then became more disorganized and didn’t have a format (that didn’t work so well – I think that figuring out days to shop and batch-cook is a good idea). Initially, cooking took me longer because of the learning curve (for myself – a non-chopper, non-oven using person). But now that I feel more confident and comfortable, I can prep quicker. So I will sometimes batch cook one recipe at a time for a dinner and do a build your own meal type of meal for lunch/breakfast.

Have you struggled on past p3’s and if so what were your struggles? Did the P3 program help address these struggles/how so?

Oh yes, I struggled.  I also struggled in P2 aside from my first round. My first P3 was totally botched when I was “fed” during a 4-day work training 2 weeks into P3.  My subsequent attempts were really just failed efforts – I didn’t follow the plan for P2 or P3 so I set myself up for failure. I really appreciated having a program where all the doubts I could have were already worked through (I wouldn’t have to doubt myself in failing at the creation of my own diet plan, or how many nutrients and calories I should consume, etc.). I could just relax and follow something that others had tried.

Were there any positive results from following the plan that surprised you, that you weren’t expecting? Have you learned anything new from the program?

I’ve learned how to cook awesome meals (including meat – I really would not touch raw chicken.  I wouldn’t know how to make any of this). I learned how to cook period! To prep in batch. To use a convection oven.  I didn’t expect that I’d be excited by what I can create in the kitchen and that it actually gave me a roadmap for what I can prep for others.

What were one or two of your favorite recipes in the plan?

I love the Bacony Egg Cups (I could eat those for breakfast, lunch, and dinner). When I made the Fish Taco Bowls my boyfriend said it looked amazing (and it also tasted amazing).  Also – the Jambalaya and turkey chilli for the fact that they were such a huge hit and are relatively easy to prepare. I was also excited about the Spanish Cauil Rice, and the Meatballs and Spaghetti Squash, both from week 1.

Was there anything in the coaching section you found useful or that resonated with you and how so?

I’m behind in life so I’m still not finished watching them!  But I always appreciate the intense exercise encouragement (I did a bootcamp that started shortly after I started P3 and I think that this was really helpful in jump-starting my metabolism and maintaining my weight loss – especially since I wasn’t “perfect” in how I followed P3.  I did have some occasional carbs of the non-desirable varieties.

Any other closing thoughts that you want to share about your experience with the program, or that might help others considering whether or not to give it a try?

Honestly – I think this program is the gift that keeps on giving. I have so many more things to try from the recipes.  I do want to take off about 15 lbs more – and I think if I started the P3 to Life program again, from the start, to a T, that I would actually be able to accomplish the rest of my weight loss doing this.  I may actually try to do this and see what happens. I’ve been playing with the idea of doing another (and final) hcg round in Januaryto get to my goal weight of 125 lbs, but if I can do this with the P3 to Life program, that would be even more ideal.

What type of hCG did you use?


Have you ever used Lipo shots or b12 shots, and if so, what do you think of them?

My first round in 2015 was prescribed by a doctor and it had B12 mixed in.  I can’t say for sure it made me feel any different – but out of the 4 attempts that I’ve done hcg, I lost the most weight that time (I got down to 130 lbs).  

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My Stories: Video Ramblings and more from February 2018 Fri, 30 Mar 2018 02:00:14 +0000 This is a monthly series of my IG stories put together to show you both what I’m up to on a more personal level, as well as answers to things related to the hCG protocol and maintaining weight loss. Please … Continue reading

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This is a monthly series of my IG stories put together to show you both what I’m up to on a more personal level, as well as answers to things related to the hCG protocol and maintaining weight loss. Please note that the writing below may seem a little funky at times because it’s just taken from my verbal IG stories but I know ya’ll might not want to watch but you still might like to know the basics of what’s goin’ on.

The post My Stories: Video Ramblings and more from February 2018 appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

My Stories: Video Ramblings and more from January 2018 Wed, 21 Mar 2018 05:27:10 +0000 This is a monthly series of my IG stories put together to show you both what I’m up to on a more personal level, as well as answers to things related to the hCG protocol and maintaining weight loss. Please … Continue reading

The post My Stories: Video Ramblings and more from January 2018 appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

This is a monthly series of my IG stories put together to show you both what I’m up to on a more personal level, as well as answers to things related to the hCG protocol and maintaining weight loss. Please note that the writing below may seem a little funky at times because it’s just taken from my verbal IG stories but I know ya’ll might not want to watch but you still might like to know the basics of what’s goin’ on.

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hCG Diet Sale – $99 free Lipo Shots or Tablets with any 60 day hCG kit Mon, 19 Mar 2018 06:14:25 +0000 Hello! This is where I always post when there is an hCG sale going on from one of the companies listed here on my blog. At the moment, there are no sales, however, you can sign up right here below … Continue reading

The post hCG Diet Sale – $99 free Lipo Shots or Tablets with any 60 day hCG kit appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

This is where I always post when there is an hCG sale going on from one of the companies listed here on my blog.

At the moment, there are no sales, however, you can sign up right here below for my email list and I always send out an email to my whole list of hCG ladies and gents when a sale comes along – typically every 1-2 months.

In the meantime, feel free to check out the current legit sources for hCG (plus there is actually a built in ever-running “sale” if you will because you get a $50 discount on hCG injections through me!) here:

Current Recommendations for getting real hCG online

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This hCG sale is with Diet Doc and gets you a free bottle of Lipo worth $99 with any 60 day hCG (now comes with B12 in it!) kit purchase.

NOTE: to get the discount, you MUST add the coupon code “b12chica” into the coupon code box (pic below).

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Remember, all the hCG from any of the sources mentioned on my site, including Diet Doc here, are prescription hCG – the real hormone – with them you can get it in injection form or tablet form. You get your prescription THROUGH Diet Doc themselves, so you do not have to have a prior prescription for the hCG.

The hCG Sale

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How to order:

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Get the hCG sale

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 So once again…..

Sale Dates: Monday March 19 – Friday March 23

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Buy a 60-day supply of hCG injections or tablet kit (this now comes with free B12 already inside!) and receive a free bottle of Lipo worth $99.

How to order:

1). Add the 60 day hCG injection or tablet kit (this now COMES with free b12 already inside!) to your cart
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4). See $99 instantly taken off- then finish checkout.
Don’t forget: Enter the coupon code “b12chica” to get the $99 lipo shots or tablets free.

Get the hCG sale


Here is a quick video instruction too in case that helps:

For anyone who is planning a round of hCG, I hope that helps!

Remember, you can find all my tutorials for injections – how to mix, how to inject, all that fun stuff here:
Injections Tutorials
(although please note Diet Doc does customized dosing, which means your mixing of hCG may be different than my tutorials but their kits will give you the instructions on the vial of exactly what ratio to mix and how much to take).

Lastly, you can get all the basics on the diet to start it out right here: hCG Basics

There is now also the Digital Phase 2 hCG Daily Tracker and Guide all in one which you can check out here!



















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Men on the hCG Diet – 47 lb weight loss in 60 days – Interview – Thomas – Episode 63 Tue, 06 Mar 2018 02:30:52 +0000 Hello lovely hCGers. This interview is part of what is now a plethora of weight loss success stories with real everyday women (and men! There’s a few dude interviews in there) who have used either hCG injections or drops with … Continue reading

The post Men on the hCG Diet – 47 lb weight loss in 60 days – Interview – Thomas – Episode 63 appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

Hello lovely hCGers. This interview is part of what is now a plethora of weight loss success stories with real everyday women (and men! There’s a few dude interviews in there) who have used either hCG injections or drops with the hCG diet protocol to lose between 20 and 150 lbs.

See all the hCG interview episodes
These are in-depth conversations one-on-one with hCG ladies where you get to hear their whole weight loss story and the tips that helped them succeed.
Read short written hCG testimonials
These are short testimonials of ladies who’ve written in their hCG diet results to me for quick motivation.

I’m so excited I found another male hCGer! This protocol works so well on men as well. Just like the previous male hCGers we interviewed, Thomas had some phenomenal results with the program. Watch our interview and read on to know more about Thomas’ hCG experience and how the diet has also helped him with his health issues.

Read his story below.


  • Height: 6’2″
  • Age: 39 years old
  • Starting Weight: 279 lbs
  • Ending Weight: 232 lbs
  • Total Weight loss with hCG injections: 47 lbs – 2 Rounds of hCG, 30 days each. So: 47 lbs lost in 60 days on Phase 2
  • Size Change: XXL shirts to XL shirts. He can fit into clothes he wore 15 years ago.
  • Maintaining: He’s maintained all but 5 lbs of his weight loss for 5 months, through the holidays.
  • Health Conditions: Thomas has had 2 major accidents (car and motorcycle) and has been through 50 surgeries. He’s been in a coma. Needless to say, he’s been through a lot, and can’t really exercise a lot or even have much mobility like he’d like. This led to his gradual weight gain over a period of years.
    He’s had a knee replacement. Losing weight will allow his knee replacement to last longer.

Show Note Links:

Phase 2 hCG Protocol he followed:
  • 500-850 calories daily
  • Foods he ate on P2:
    • Chicken breast
    • Broccoli
    • Cauliflower
    • Carrots

Cost of local hCG Injection Program he checked into in Manhattan:

$2,000 for a 30 day round of hCG
He needed to do this twice – so that would have cost him $4,000!
He did it on his own instead through the online sources on my blog (link) – he specifically used Rejuvi Medical and felt very happy with their customer service.

Here is Thomas’ original email to me:

Hi there my name is Thomas I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done for me if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have lost 44 pounds in 60 days I’m 6’2″ and was 285 lbs. if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have gone on the HCG diet and if it wasn’t for you I probably wouldn’t have completed it correctly.

So I just wanted to pop in and say thank you very much I love my results I fitting clothes I haven’t fit in in 17 years I’m only 38 years old and the reason I gained so much weight is because I had over 50 surgeries because of a horrible accident, where I broke or I should say shattered everything from my hips down ( pelvis, legs , femurs , arm ribs, shattered- I have about 20 pounds of rods screws and plates in my body ) and then I had to deal with a doctor-screw up surgery related and a nice infection from the hospital still being laid up for a long time and not being able to walk like I used to I’m a little stuck but because of you I went on the HCG diet I lost the weight and I’m lighter on my feet which is better on my knees because I also need a knee replacement.

I finished my diet about a month ago and I did everything the P3 correctly I’m still about 3 pounds from my weight when I stopped HCG shots.  You’re the reason for everything that’s happened to me and I just wanted to say thank you.

Thomas’ hCG Injection Weight Loss Story:

Last year, from June 18 to August 18, Thomas went on two 30-day rounds of an hCG Injection program (a total of 60 days). At 39 years old and standing tall at 6’2″ (used to be taller at 6’3″ but has gotten shorter with age), Thomas weighed 278 to 279 pounds before going on the diet. At the end of the 60 days, he lost about 47 pounds, going down to 232 pounds. He also went from size XXL to size XL and his clothes from 15 years ago now fit him again.

Gaining Weight

In his late 30s, Thomas has already been in 2  major accidents that left him  shattered from the pelvis down caused him to go into a coma. He has also already undergone 50 surgeries. It was due to immobility, from being bedridden after his accidents and surgeries, that he started to gradually gain weight.

Thomas recalls how difficult it was for him to stay in the hospital and be unable to walk. He had always tried to stay healthy as best as he could but the circumstances made it impossible for him to avoid gaining a lot of weight.

According to Thomas, what really drove him to seek a diet program that will suit him and his condition was when he found out that he needed to undergo total knee replacement at the age of 39. His doctor explained that the procedure is not going to give him permanent results and that in another 15 or 20 years, he would need to undergo another total knee replacement. He was told to do whatever he can to make it easier on his knees. Thomas knew that his number one option was to lose weight and that was when he started looking for a program that would fit him and give him the results he needed.

Discovering hCG

In order to get his results, Thomas did his best to really stick to the diet and follow the instructions of the protocol to a T. He believes that focus, discipline, and following the diet the way you are supposed to made it really work for him.

Thomas found out about hCG after visiting a doctor in Manhattan who told him that he could help him lose 50 to 60 pounds through a diet called hCG. Thomas was intrigued and did his research on the program. With the information he gathered, he felt that hCG fit him perfectly. Wanting to lose weight but not wanting to starve himself, he decided hCG was the best option for him.

However, Thomas did not want to pay the doctor $2000 for a 30-day cycle so he decided he would try the program by himself through the online sources – he chose one of the providers on my hCG blog. It helped a lot that during his research he found hCGchica and after reading the blogs he felt confident he could do the diet himself.

After successfully losing almost 50 pounds with hCG, Thomas felt the huge difference to his overall health. He used to take a low dose blood pressure medication but has since stopped because his weight loss helped bring down his blood pressure. He also felt much lighter on his feet and being over 20 kilograms lighter helped relieve a lot of pressure on his knees.

But the best part for him was receiving all the compliments he got from his family about how great he looked. Coming from a very medically oriented family, Thomas knew they were very skeptical of the program in the beginning but he knows that that is not the case anymore now that they have seen his results.

His hCG Journey

Thomas did the program for a total of 60 days.

While on P2, his hCG dose was 150 IU and his calorie intake was between 500 to 850 calories per day. Thomas remembered having some difficulty during his first 2 weeks with the limited amount and kinds of food he could eat as well as dealing with some hunger, but he found that as long as he kept his mind busy, it did not bother him so much and he eventually got used to it that he found it easy to maintain.

Although 175 to 200 IU is usually more apt for guys, Thomas says he didn’t have to adjust his hCG dose because he felt it was what worked for him best.

Thomas joked that, right after the hCG protocol, he doesn’t really want to see or eat chicken for while because all he had during the 60 days he was on the diet was chicken. He kept it real simple – his 2 daily meals consisted of chicken breast with broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.

Even though he was pretty strict with his meals, Thomas admitted to a few instances of cheating. Most of his cheats though, were just extra veggies (a few extra broccoli or cauliflower florets will not ruin everything). He also remembers not being able to resist having a slice or two of pizza about 2 or 3 times during the duration of his hCG diet. Although he felt extremely guilty afterwards, he did not feel he had to do any correction days. If he did have any weight gain, it was probably too insignificant because he does not remember it and he feels like it did not really have a big impact on his results.

For P2 recipe and meal ideas, check out and subscribe!


Thomas injected hCG every morning in his belly. While on the protocol, Thomas also gave himself intramuscular lipotropic injections once a week. He believes that the lipo shots contributed to his results and also helped make his liver work better.

Asked if he has gained any weight since he concluded his second 30-day round, Thomas said he gained about 5 pounds after all the holidays, particularly after Thanksgiving. However, he does not fuss over his 5-pound weight gain knowing that after finishing 2 cycles of the program, 5 pounds is easy to lose.

Gained a few pounds? Read about my post on ways to lose 5 to 7 pounds without hCG.

As for P3, Thomas mainly remembers gradually introducing certain foods back to his diet. He ate the same things again, but this time he was much stricter with his portion control. He also made some small, simple changes to his meals like removing croutons and cheese from his salad. He knows that these little changes make a big difference over a period of time.

For other guys (and gals) who are curious and interested to try the diet, Thomas recommends following the protocol instructions to get the best results. However, he also advises to do what you feel is right with what you are comfortable with. Because you know your body best.

Because of the results he got from hCG, Thomas is already thinking of doing another 30-day round in the springtime. 🙂

“Your opinion matters a lot because you deal with the hCG diet all the time”

– Thomas (on how Rayzel and helped him on his hCG journey)

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hCG Diet Interview – The last 15 lbs with hCG & the P3toLife Program – Episode 62 Wed, 28 Feb 2018 03:21:05 +0000 Hello lovely hCGers. This interview is part of what is now a plethora of weight loss success stories with real everyday women (and men! There’s a few dude interviews in there) who have used either hCG injections or drops with … Continue reading

The post hCG Diet Interview – The last 15 lbs with hCG & the P3toLife Program – Episode 62 appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

Hello lovely hCGers. This interview is part of what is now a plethora of weight loss success stories with real everyday women (and men! There’s a few dude interviews in there) who have used either hCG injections or drops with the hCG diet protocol to lose between 20 and 150 lbs.

See all the hCG interview episodes
These are in-depth conversations one-on-one with hCG ladies where you get to hear their whole weight loss story and the tips that helped them succeed.
Read short written hCG testimonials
These are short testimonials of ladies who’ve written in their hCG diet results to me for quick motivation.

This is a written interview only today. No audio/video.

Read her story below.

Hillary was one of those ladies who just had that pesky 15ish lbs or so she struggled with. She lost 17 lbs total between the hCG Diet Protocol and my P3tolife program afterwards. While P3tolife is designed for stabilization, some of the ladies who follow it lose weight and choose to go with it (although you could compensate the calories to prevent weight loss if you chose to).


  • 50 years old
  • 5 feet 5 inches tall
  • Starting Weight: 145
  • Ending Weight: 128
  • Weight loss with hCG: 11 lbs
  • Weight loss with the P3tolife Program: 6 lbs
  • Total weight loss: 17 lbs

Show Note Links:

  • hCGChica’s Phase 3 to Life Program – you can enroll anytime, but I recommend at least a week BEFORE P3 starts if at all possible so you have time to familiarize yourself with the program and plan ahead.

Here is Hillary’s original email to me:

Hey Rayzel-

I’ve been meaning to take the time to send feedback. I thought I would wait until I finished P3, but I might as well respond now. First, and foremost, thank you so very much for your program and all the support you provide through your blog. You’re journey, experience, collection of feedback from others, and heart really make you a resource for those of us looking for guidance. I’ve done HCG twice before and never made it through P3 without MANY steak days. I fell into several of the traps you discuss- going too low carb, no portion control, calorie dense foods (cheese, nuts), etc.

This time- I did a 6 week round of HCG. Did not have insane success (only lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks!), but it seems as if the weight came off in the right places. I took a leap of faith with your plan. I’ve never really cooked before and, quite honestly, didn’t even know what many of the ingredients were. I followed week one pretty closely; however, since I needed to have two meals out, I chose two meals not to cook. WOW- you can cook, girl!! I’m not usually a person who likes a lot of spice or lemon/lime, but EVERY SINGLE meal was so insanely delicious, I kept trusting you and was amazed at the yummy, yummy food! The second week, I couldn’t bear to waste all the perishables (I’m only cooking for myself) I purchased for week one…so I didn’t follow the week two plan.

I chose meals I could make using the perishables I already had ( i.e., used leftover ground beef and ground turkey instead of ground pork to make pork-cauli fritters) and did shop for a few of the foods to make other week two meals. Again, the meals were outstanding!! This past Friday, Saturday, Sunday (end of week two, beginning of week 3 for me) I had family in town for Jazz Fest in New Orleans. I knew I would not be able to follow the plan. I watched your tutorial on drinking in P3 which helped. I did not stick to a couple drinks; however, I kept the calories low, reduced the fat intake, had protein, and continued exercising (running plus lots of walking at the festival and sightseeing).

When they left, I resumed, by buying ingredients for about 4 main meals and the frittata. SOOOOO GOOOOD, everything! Including your fave- fish taco bowl. And…I’m actually down 4 pounds from my LIW. No steak days, no gains. I never eat this much fat or this many carbs when trying to be “good”, but I think you’ve figured out the key! I don’t want to jinx it since I still have today and three more days to conclude P3.

Again, thanks so much for everything,




Hillary’s Experience with:


Interview below:

What were your biggest concerns when contemplating going into P3?

I have had great difficulty stabilizing in the past requiring many, many steak days.  I hated the uncertainty of never knowing whether or not the scale would be up 2 pounds from LIW.  

I approached Phase 3 with great apprehension, in the past, because of the lack of structure.

If you were to explain to an hCGer in just a few sentences why the P3 program has been valuable to you, what would you tell them?

Structure and trust!  I took a leap of faith with your program because you have maintained your weight loss for years and collected anecdotal evidence from so many women.  

Once I realized I could eat according to your meal plan and not gain (even lose some more weight), the anxiety of P3 disappeared.

What did the P3 program provide to you that you feel like you didn’t have before without it in past Phase 3s?  

Again, much needed structure.  You figured out the calories and macros for each dish, day, and week in a way that works!  

I was able to eat more fat and carbs than I ever have before in P3 without gaining.  There was no bingeing on cheese or nuts, approved foods for P3, because the meals were so delicious and satisfying and they fit within your overall structured plan.

How did you end up following the program – did you do the original plan, the simplified, or build your own meal plan or just tweaks to one of these? Can you give a few details of how you utilized the program and tailored it to yourself and your circumstances?

I did the original plan, mostly, for week one; but needed to have a couple meals out so I just didn’t cook two meals.  I did more tweaking in week 2 because I didn’t want to waste the perishable food I had from week 1.  

I made some logical substitutions, i.e., ground beef and turkey for ground pork, eliminated some meals, and made some of the week one meals again.  Also needed to tweak during week 3 as I had company for three days (for New Orleans Jazz Fest) and knew I’d be doing some drinking.  

I followed the general principles in the drinking on the P3 Interview (although I did drink more heavily), did not gain during the visit, and then selected week 3 meals to prepare for the rest of the week.

Did you have to do any correction days during P3 this time and if so, what do you think was the cause and how did your correction day(s) go?


Can you share your tangible results from following the P3tolife program? – how your weight has been, while following the P3 program?

I had no gains and lost an additional 5-6 pounds.

How did you feel about the portion sizes & taste of the P3 meals? Did the portions and taste of the food make any difference in how you felt about eating/relationship with food while on p3? If you still felt hungry, how did you adapt it to add calories?

The portion sizes worked well for me and the taste of the meals was A-MAZING.  I’m not one for spicy food, curry, or lemon/lime- at least, I thought I wasn’t.  These recipes made me a convert.  I didn’t need to supplement, except a bit at breakfast.  

I will say, going forward, I like a hardier meal in the morning and smaller meals for lunch/dinner.  I think that’s probably because you work out in the afternoon and I work out first thing in the morning.

Can you share a little about your personal life- ie work full time/part time, kids or hubby or school? Would love to hear how you made the logistics work of cooking the program with whatever time constraints you deal with. How did you manage to fit in preparing the meals with your schedule each week?

I am a single woman with a full-time, stressful job who has never really cooked before.  I’m the chick who had the sign, “I have a kitchen because it came with the house.”  I actually took a picture of my stocked P3 refrigerator and sent it to my sister with the caption “Did you ever think my refrigerator would look like this?!”  I used to live like a bachelor.

That said, I enjoyed learning how to cook (somewhat) and every recipe except one (due to my personal dislike of kale) was extraordinary!!  I’d cook up dinner (and the next day’s lunch) and think, wow, that’s way too much work, I can’t live like this on a regular basis.  Then, I’d sit down to enjoy my meal and it would be crazy awesome!!

Have you struggled on past P3’s and if so what were your struggles? Did the P3 program help address these struggles/how so?

Absolutely!!  I’ve done two other rounds of HCG, years apart, and struggled on P3 both times.  

I’m extremely disciplined so no worries with P2, but I couldn’t seem to figure out P3.  Never strayed from the rules, but had problems with portion control, trying to be too low carb, low fat, etc.  I think you have truly found the key to a successful Phase 3.  

Were there any positive results from following the plan that surprised you, that you weren’t expecting? Have you learned anything new from the program?

I was surprised to lose additional weight.  

I learned there are spices in addition to simply salt, pepper, garlic salt, and paprika.  All kidding aside, your videos are inspirational…truly.

What were one or two of your favorite recipes in the plan?

The Fish Taco Bowl, Buffalo Chicken Salad (and I’m not a spicy girl), Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs, Curry Meatballs over Cauliflower Rice, Curry Chicken, Garlic Creamy Chicken, Pork Cauliflower FrittersBacony Egg Cups, Mug Muffins, etc., etc.  

I’m sure I have the names wrong because this is if the top of my head.  The meals were absolutely delicious.  I didn’t make them all and still plan to do so even though I finished P3.


What type of hCG did you use?

I used injections from the US company you recommended.  I do not recall the name.

Any other closing thoughts that you want to share about your experience with the program, or that might help others considering whether or not to give it a try?

I think anyone considering your P3toLife program should give it a try.  There is absolutely nothing to lose.  I’ve never really cooked and I was able to stick to your plan.  

The recipes are easy to follow and I would say amateur-cook-proof.  

The plan provides what I think is a fool-proof way to stabilize your weight.  I am one of those people who has never been what others would consider significantly overweight; however, I need to watch my weight and am always struggling.  

If a diet says you’ll lose 10-15 pounds in a certain period of time, I’ll adhere completely and lose 8.  

Your program allowed me to stabilize on P3, for the first time, and at a reliable 5 pounds below LIW.   

In straight numbers I’m 50 years old, 5 feet, 5 inches tall, pretty active with respect to exercise, started a 6 week HCG round at 145, only lost 11 pounds (but a good 11 pounds) ending up 134 at LIW.  Then, during the 3 weeks of your P3 program dropped to 129/128.  I have remained at that weight for an additional week.  

Fingers crossed I’m not jinxing that result by writing it here.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


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Lost All The Weight You Need Before Your hCG Diet Round Is Over? What To Do Mon, 26 Feb 2018 19:42:22 +0000 There are times when you’re a little lady who only has about 10 lbs to lose and you might just accomplish that in a couple weeks time. What then? And if you’re wondering if the hCG Diet is worth doing … Continue reading

The post Lost All The Weight You Need Before Your hCG Diet Round Is Over? What To Do appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

There are times when you’re a little lady who only has about 10 lbs to lose and you might just accomplish that in a couple weeks time. What then?

And if you’re wondering if the hCG Diet is worth doing when you have just 10-15 lbs to lose, please check out my interviews with similar ladies who’ve had success with that.

10-30 lbs hcg diet interviews reviews success stories

How to Handle Finishing Your Weight Loss on the hCG Diet Early

Dr. Simeon’s original instructions were that in order to re-set your hypothalamus function, a round of hCG should be done for no less than 3 weeks – actually 23 injections to be exact. Which includes the loading days while you take hCG so technically it would be the 2 days loading + 21 days of injections on the 500/800 very low calorie diet – VLCD + the 72 hours of the VLCD without hCG at the end = 26 days from the start of taking hCG until day 1 of Phase 3. If you wonder what these hCG diet specific terms are, check out the hCG Diet Dictionary here.

In his words, from the Pounds and Inches manuscript, page 51:

“We never give a treatment lasting less than 26 days, even in patients needing to lose only 5 pounds. It seems that even in the mildest cases of obesity the diencephalon requires about three weeks rest from the maximal exertion it has been previously subjected to in order to regain fully its normal fat banking capacity. Clinically this expresses itself in the fact that when in these mild cases treatment is stopped as soon as the weight is normal, which may be achieved in a week, it is much more easily regained than after a full course of 23 injections.”


Let’s cover a couple ideas:

  • What to do when you’re done losing weight but still have several days left of Phase 2.
  • How to conclude Phase 2 properly in this case – the 72 hour period while hCG is leaving your system
  • Possible alternatives
  • Doing the hCG Diet for Less than 3 weeks

What to do if you finish losing weight before Phase 2 of the hCG Diet Is Over -


Perhaps you don’t have a whole lot of weight to lose- maybe just 5-10 lbs.

What do you if you lose all the weight you want before you get to the end of the minimum 3 week round?

Dr. Simeons original instructions were to continue the diet for a full 23 injections (and remember, these injections include the days you load), but that you were to increase your calories to 800-1000 calories in order to simply maintain your weight until you reached the 23rd injection, then get off hCG the normal way as described in my 72 hours to get off hCG blogpost.

To be honest, this sounds like it would be a really hard thing to do. I mean it’s hard enough even when actually having that satisfaction of weight loss. That is combined with the fact that many ladies actually do continue to lose weight at the 800-1000 calorie level on hCG. However, this may not be the case if you are truly at that “goal” weight, I’m not sure.

How Does This Change Getting OFF hCG?

The main thing for you that would be different is that during the 72 hours, you wouldn’t be trying to hold to that 500 calorie mark, you’d still be eating your 800-1000 calories, again, simply trying to maintain till the hCG leaves your system, at which point Phase 3 can begin and you can up your calories even more like everyone else.

What Would Happen If You Just Got Off of hCG Early?

I’ve wondered this myself! This is still unknown territory. The thing is, I agree it would really suck to be stuck on hCG for a week when you weren’t attempting to lose weight – so I can see why a person would want to just simply get off after a week or two when they reach their desired weight.

All I can tell you is Dr. Simeon’s reasoning behind saying to stick with a minimum of 23 injections.

In his practice, he felt that it took about 3 weeks for hypothalamus to re-set. And it’s true we don’t want to forget that this is a huge part of what we’re attempting to achieve with this protocol- it’s not simply about the weight loss, it’s also about attempting to really change the way our body works for us on a daily basis- how it burns fuel for us – our core metabolism.

That said, Dr. Simeons himself was always experimenting and stated at the outset of his book pounds and inches that much of what he says in his book should still be considered hypothesis and should be experimented with more in the future.

So the only way to find out if you CAN get away with doing the diet for less time is to experiment with it.

Some of us are in a place where we feel ready and able to experiment with something different, while others of us feel most concerned with doing what we can be sure of.

IF you do choose to experiment with doing a round of hCG for less than 3 weeks

I would love to hear your feedback about the following things:

– How did stabilization go?
– How did Phase 3 go?
– Are you maintaining the weight you lost with your shorter than usual round of hCG?

To me, these would be the identifying markers for whether doing a round for less than 3 weeks was a successful way to do it or not.

From what I’ve heard so far:

Some have done 2 week rounds and felt it went well.

It seems like more of the feedback though that have done 2 week rounds share that they couldn’t really stabilize or maintain it as easily as when they had previously done longer rounds of at least 3 weeks.

HOWEVER. However. Many people struggle with stabilizing their weight loss after the hCG diet in Phase 3 – whether they are on hCG for 2 weeks or 2 months. What I’m finding is that when you follow a structured detailed plan for Phase 3 – the likelihood of stabilizing and maintaining your hCG diet weight loss is MUCH greater, and I think it’s likely that this may be the case if you do a 2 week round as well. I have just such a plan – in March of 2017 I released what’s called the P3tolife Program – a full structured program for Phase 3 and beyond and the ladies who follow it stabilize and maintain! It’s as simple as that. Check out the P3tolife Program here.

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Ladies in Menopause Who’ve Lost Weight Successfully with the hCG Diet Sat, 17 Feb 2018 09:24:31 +0000 One of the most frequent questions I get through email or in the blog comments: ‘does the hCG diet work for women in menopause?’ Well don’t take it from me. Take it from the 14 interviews and counting below of … Continue reading

The post Ladies in Menopause Who’ve Lost Weight Successfully with the hCG Diet appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

One of the most frequent questions I get through email or in the blog comments:

‘does the hCG diet work for women in menopause?’

Well don’t take it from me. Take it from the 14 interviews and counting below of women in Menopause, who’ve lost between 25 and 122 lbs with the hCG diet. Some of them were on hormone replacement therapy while on hCG, some were not. Some used hCG Injections, some used drops.

I hope this will give you a feel for what’s possible for this protocol for women with similar situations as you.

Are You At a Disadvantage Doing hCG while In Menopause?

Before you dive head first into all this transformation amazingness, you need to know that ladies like you in menopause are doing GREAT on the hCG protocol, not just because the hCG diet itself works so well on it’s own, but because you are mature enough to plan ahead, and respect the guidelines of the protocol and follow through with it.

So sometimes, you ladies might be feel like you are at a bit of a disadvantage dealing with menopause – and it’s understandable that you feel that way because along with the many challenges that menopause brings with it (and I’m only going off what you ladies tell me! I’m still a few years from that yet) are fast/unexplained weight gain and difficulty losing weight on other diets that used to work. So naturally you feel like you’re the underdog in this scenario.

But as you’ll see here, women lose great on this protocol AND combined with the maturity level you ladies usually have from your long life of adulting so far ;)- you often do BETTER than the average lady attempting this diet. hCG is HARD. You’ve done lots of hard things in your life by this point. You are ready to handle this challenge and meet it well.

Best Tip for Avoiding Trouble on hCG While in Menopause

Okay so I said the last tip was the last tip, but I just remembered one more VERY important tip – IF you do the hCG diet in menopause, it’s possible you may need a lower dosage of hCG than normal to have the proper no hunger effect.

Let me repeat that because #YOURSANITY is as stake.

In Menopause….


I have a very in-depth post on dialing in your hCG dosage here – it’s really a must read for success on this diet because hCG IN THE RIGHT DOSE (which is unique to your body) impacts our hunger levels on hCG – it can both make you un-hungry and super-hungry. Obviously the latter is what you want to avoid like the moldy mushrooms in the bottom of your crisper bin.

Women in menopause may find themselves needing to take anywhere between 80-120ius, when the standard lowest daily dosing is 125iu. Please see that article for gauging when you need a dosage adjustment and how to go about making it.

Should You Continue Your Hormone Replacement Therapy While on the hCG Diet?

This is a personal decision for you and your doctor to make. In general, it seems that most women stay on whatever hormones or medications they are taking to support their various hormone systems. I’m by no means an educated medical person, but I don’t personally see the hCG hormone and this diet as something that just fixes all the things, and if you have a good balance and are feeling well with your current med/hormone protocol, it seems potentially unwise to mess with this groove, especially while on a diet.

Some medications like thyroid hormone and adrenal support, may actually increase your weight loss results vs going without while on hCG, and other things like estrogen and/or progesterone replacement MAY slow down the process a little bit, but overall, big picture here, it’s better to feel mentally and physically well and take the pace just a tad slower than throw caution to the wind right?

And now without further ado, I give, you the interviews!

25lb weight loss with hCG Injections while on Menopause & Hormone Replacement Therapy

At the age of 57, Lynda successfully lost 25lbs with hCG injections. She’s menopausal and she has to be on Hormone Replacement Therapy. She’s a p3tolifer and she stabilized pretty well while feeling all satisfied and full! Lynda also shares her strategies to succeed on P2 in her interview.

Watch Episode 60 here

50lb Weight Loss & 19% Bodyfat despite Menopause & Hormonal Imbalance

At the age of 51, Tamara lost a total of 50lbs and went down by 10 dress sizes. Despite post-menopause and serious bouts of hormonal imbalance, she had great results with hCG injections and have been successfully maintaining 19% bodyfat for a full year!

She has been thin and active all her life but as she got older, she found it was harder to maintain her weight.  She has always worked out and ate healthily but noticed a change in her weight drastically 5 years ago.  This was due to a hormonal imbalance  – which lead her to feel tired, overeat, indulge more in things and food like carbs, wine, etc.

Watch Episode 57 here

180lbs to 122lbs hCG Diet Results despite Major Health Issues

Michelle was diagnosed with Celiac disease about 6 years ago, she also has HPT, fibromyalgia and Hashimotos. Currently at the age of 54, she has done 5-6 rounds of hCG over the past 5 years and overall lost more than 50 lbs and went from a size 14 to a size 4.

She has struggled with her weight her entire life from her own words. In college, she gained the “freshman 15” which was really more like 30. She gained and lost weight over and over again: 45 lbs when she was pregnant with her first child, and did not lose it all before gaining another 35 with her second. She was almost 180 lbs at her heaviest weight.

Watch Episode 55 here

Melting away 35lbs & 53 inches Off her body in Menopause

Pamela had a health problem which was stress-induced (PTSD) psychological dysfunction and she struggled with this for 5 years. She has tried 3 half rounds of prescription drops and homeopathic spray a few years back. Currently, at the age of 60, her most recent round where she lost 35lbs was with hCG injections which she found the most effective overall. Over this one-year period of 2010-2011, she melted away 35 lbs & 53 inches off her body.

Watch Episode 51 here

167lbs to 127lbs: 40lb hCG Diet Success Story at 60


At 60 years old, Helen has regained her size and weight from back when she was 15! Helen talked about how over the past 10 years, she gradually gained weight, in part due to menopause but more from finding comfort in food during times of great stress because of some very difficult situations she through. Her weight loss journey went from 167 lbs to 127 lbs.

Watch Episode 43 here

183lbs to 135lbs with 2 Rounds of the hCG Diet

Moe lost 47 lbs and have transformed from a size 16 to a size 6! She’s menopause, has Multiple Sclerosis, a reformed cigarette smoker, and she’s about to be 52 by the time of her interview. She used sublingual drops on her 2 rounds within a span of 100 days.

After quitting smoking, she gained 45 pounds over the course of 6 years. For her & her husband, it was such an intimate thing to cook and to eat. Everything went into her mouth. Her triggers were meat & cheese trays, savory comfort foods and anything salty/crunchy, good beer, good cheese, good wine, good chocolate.

Watch Episode 38 here

102lb Weight Loss despite Menopause & LipedemahCG Diet Interviews - Real Results - Episode 37 -

Diane started her hCG journey when she was 57 years old. She lost 102lbs with homeopathic drops. Diane mentions a disorder that she has that as many as 11% of women worldwide deal with called Lipedema and interesting tips on cosmetic surgery post weight-loss.

Watch Episode 37 here

302lbs to 200lbs with the hCG Diet despite HysterectomyhCG Diet Interviews - Real Results - Episode 36 -

Vicky is 56 and lost 102 lbs with the hCG injections. She went from size 26 to size 14. She had a hysterectomy, a very bad arthritis, and slightly high blood pressure.

Her first pregnancy made her pack 55lbs and had a C-Section so recovery and losing the baby weight was tough. She got pregnancy 7 years later at very unhealthy 195lbs, she did weight watchers during that pregnancy and only gained 16 pounds, but never lost any weight after the baby.

Vicky has some tips to make this diet doable and tips for traveling while on hCG.

Watch Episode 36 here

75lbs Gone & 12 Inches Off Her Waist in 3 Long Rounds of the hCG DietEmotional Issues Tied Up with Weight Loss - hCG Diet - hCG Diet Success Stories - Episode 28 -

Nance lost 75 lbs with hCG injection in the late 50’s. She went from size 22 to size 8 and lost 12 inches off her waist! She talked about moving past the yo-yo dieting mentality which started as early as the end of high school. We have a very detailed discussion about Phase 3 that will definitely benefit you guys. She charted her macros and calories on Phase 3 so if you want to know more, check out this interview!

Watch Episode 28 here

A 62-year old’s Inspiring hCG Journey

hCG Diet Interviews - Episode 18 - 122 lbs Lost -

Janie lost 122 lbs with hCG injections. She had her hydrostatic body fat testing after hCG with her results at 23% body fat, which for her age is considered as LEAN.

She recalls being a pudgy fat little kid and always has the weight problem all her life. She has tried Nutrisystems, and “everything you could think of”, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Zone diet and nothing has ever worked for her or maybe it started to work but then she just couldn’t stay on it.

She’s 62 years old when I interviewed her and she has a very inspiring story to share.

Watch Episode 18 here

90lb Weight Loss Success with the hCG Diet & Making A New Way of Eating Stick

HCG Diet - Before and After Weight Loss Results Interviews - Episode 13 -

Carma lost 80 lbs with hCG. She started her hCG journey at just over 50 years old and she is in menopause.S he was heavy her entire life, even as a child. Her highest weight was 247 lbs.  She stared her journey at just over 50 years of age at 235 lbs in a tight size 18/20.  She’s 5’7.  She’s now a very comfortable size 12 and says she can even occasionally wear a size 10 in certain brands.

She has gone to great lengths to discover the best recipes, the best resources, the best tools to prepare food in a newer healthier way that doesn’t feel like a downgrade to the taste buds. And she shares all that in this interview.

Watch Episode 13 here

A 69-year old Lady’s Successful journey with the hCG Diet

Miriandra lost 36 lbs with hCG. Her first 2 rounds of the protocol she did not really follow the rules for Phase 3 too well.  She was misled by the misinformation out there online that leads some to believe that once Phase 2 is over, you can eat whatever you want.  She went back to eating how she used to eat because she thought she could.

She has failed previous rounds but when she took the protocol more seriously she has maintained really well. We talked a lot about how she went from failure rounds to successful rounds. She shared lots of tips on how to not fail based on her own experience.

Watch Episode 11 here

50lb Weight Loss with hCG Injections despite Menopause & Hypothyroidism

Bonnie lost 50lbs with hCG injection. She went from a size 12 to size 2. Bonnie went into surgical menopause about 4 years ago when she had a hysterectomy.  She was already overweight up to about 175ish pounds or so (being 5’5″ tall) at the time of the hysterectomy, but following the surgery and entry into menopause, she put on another 20 lbs in the span of a few months, putting her close to 200 lbs.

She was a healthy weight for her size, in the upper 120’s, earlier in life until she got pregnant and had two children 18 months apart. She found herself eating more because she was not feeling well, and eventually wound up in that 175 lb range.  At the time that she has the 20 lb weight gain from menopause, she also went to see a thyroid doctor who diagnosed her with hypothyroidism.

Watch Episode 3 here

A Cancer Survivor’s 15lb Weight loss story with hCG Drops

Barbara, a 56-year-old cancer survivor lost 15 lbs with homeopathic hCG drops, in menopause no less! The anti-cancer drugs she had to take caused a change in her hormones and put her into early menopause.  With that came a 15 lb weight gain which eventually she was able to lose with the 500-calorie hCG diet.

Watch Episode 2 here

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Ladies & Gents Who’ve Lost Over 100lbs with the hCG Diet Mon, 12 Feb 2018 14:44:10 +0000 What Does It Take to Lose 100+ lbs on the hCG Diet? The 13 interviews of ladies (and 1 guy!) you’ll see below have lost between 100lbs – 150lbs with the hCG diet protocol. When you have 100+ lbs to … Continue reading

The post Ladies & Gents Who’ve Lost Over 100lbs with the hCG Diet appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

What Does It Take to Lose 100+ lbs on the hCG Diet?

The 13 interviews of ladies (and 1 guy!) you’ll see below have lost between 100lbs – 150lbs with the hCG diet protocol.

When you have 100+ lbs to lose, I understand that seeing interviews of ladies who are all excited that they lost the 15 lbs they needed to lose might just make you want to gag a little bit. Right? In all honesty, your time will come when you will be at that point, but for now, this doesn’t exactly RESONATE with you and where you’re at. We need to see and hear from people in a similar position to US doing and achieving what we want to achieve.

I had about 50 lbs to lose myself when I discovered the hCG Diet protocol and the hCG Injections (my current recommended online hCG providers are here). and since I had already given up on finding any real solution for my weight and resolved myself to it, I felt like I would just be happy to drop a few sizes, even if I was still overweight at the end to some degree. It’s all perspective right?

When you have 100 lbs or more to lose facing you, there’s a couple things that are unique to you:

1. You may feel overwhelmed by the task in front of you – you know it will take you multiple rounds to get to a weight you feel comfortable with.

2. You need consistent input to help you maintain your motivation during your journey since it’s a little longer.

Most people feel pretty motivated at the start of any diet – and it might be enough to carry you through a round or two of hCG. But motivation wears off and the whole things starts feeling like a big drag at some point. Maintaining your motivation can be done by listening to these interviews and continuing to learn about all the aspects involved in making this life change – both eating and mental stuff – I try to provide as much as I can to address both those things on my blog. My P3tolife program for phase 3 may be an excellent tool for you to stabilize or possibly even lose between rounds.

3. You will want to make use of sanity savers

It’s inevitable that you will have difficult days – having ideas up your sleeve that aren’t out and out cheating on the diet will help you STAY SANE. Please see my post here on how to cheat without cheating on the hCG Diet.

1 Pointer for Sanity During A 100+ Lb Weight Loss Journey

You will find that initially, your weight loss average – how much you lose during 1 round, may be pretty high. Some of you ladies MAY even have that notorious 1lb/day weight loss that circulates online a lot – the 40lbs in 40 days type deal. Many of you still may not, but it’s definitely possible.

But this number WILL go down as you get smaller. And there is nothing wrong with you or you body when this happens. It’s a simple matter of science really – when you are a smaller person, you actually have a lower metabolism in general naturally just by way of weighing less. This means you burn less calories at rest than before. Additionally, think of this: if you lost 35 lbs in one round whiled weighing 250lbs to start, that’s 16% of your bodyweight you lost. But if you lose another 35 lbs in a round, with a starting weight of say 170 lbs this time, that would actually be 20% of your total bodyweight you lost – logically it doesn’t make sense to lose a larger percentage of bodyweight as you get smaller. Does this make sense? That same 35 lbs is a larger amount technically coming off a smaller body than a larger body. If you lost the same 16% of your bodyweight, that would be 27 lbs this time – and like I said you likely won’t even continue to lose the same percentage of bodyweight but less – if you lost say, 13% of your bodyweight at 170 lbs ,that would be 22 lbs.

Once you get into the 40 lb weight loss range, your typical weight loss ratio will usually be more in the .5lb/per day range (which would equate to more like 20 lbs in 40 days)

I hope that makes sense.

My point is, it’s totally normal for your total weight loss each round to gradually go down, this is GOING to happen and I’m warning you now so that you won’t think you’re doing something wrong and get all bummed out. You are doing JUST fine girl.

On with the interviews!


104 lbs & 89 Inches Gone with the hCG Diet
hCG Diet Interviews - Real Results - Episode 47 -

Amy has been overweight as long as she can remember. She lost 104 lbs with the hCG protocol and lost 89 inches overall.

Being overweight was something her whole family struggled with. She recalls that as early as junior high doing diets with her family. They did the cabbage soup diet, Atkins, Slim Fast and so many more.  She would see losses for the first week or so and then it would completely stop and would go right back up – like a yo-yo pattern.  By the time high school hit, she was already over 200 pounds and in a size 16 pants and XL shirt.

Watch Episode 47 here

130lb Weight loss with 6 rounds of hCG Injections

hCG Diet Interviews - Real Results - Episode 44 -

Leeann has been overweight since she was 9 years old. She said that she’s a child of divorce / alcoholism / dysfunction ….all that stuff.  Food was her comfort and  as an adult, she still has emotions of guilt and anger so those childhood emotions carried over into adulthood. She has lost 50 and 80 lbs in the past but it all came back plus more.

She lost 130 lbs with hCG injections – a total of 6 rounds (5 long and 1 short round).

Watch Episode 44 here

110lbs & 16 sizes down with hCG Drops

hCG Diet Interviews - Real Results - Episode 40-

Melissa lost 110 lbs on her hCG journey. She used homeopathic hCG drops. Her body fat test shows her body fat percent is 24.2% and currently at 17%! We discussed hCG as a tool and not to rely on it forever where it becomes a crutch.

She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in late teens and dealt with Bulimia in the past which began in high school. She said she would lose 20-30 lbs purging, but of course, gain it right back.

Watch Episode 40 here

302lbs to 200lbs with the hCG Diet despite HysterectomyhCG Diet Interviews - Real Results - Episode 36 -

Vicky is 56 and lost 102 lbs with the hCG injections. She went from size 26 to size 14. She had a hysterectomy, a very bad arthritis, and slightly high blood pressure.

Her first pregnancy made her pack 55lbs and had a C-Section so recovery and losing the baby weight was tough. She got pregnancy 7 years later at very unhealthy 195lbs, she did weight watchers during that pregnancy and only gained 16 pounds, but never lost any weight after the baby.

Vicky has some tips to make this diet doable and tips for traveling while on hCG.

Watch Episode 36 here

150lbs Gone in 6 Rounds of hCG despite Major Health Issues

hCG Diet Interviews - Real Results - Episode 29 -

Heather lost a whopping 150 lbs with hCG prescription troches, sublingual drops and injections. She has diabetes Type 2, Hypothyroid and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. She tried hCG first as a way to avoid invasive surgery.

Heather shares her history with weight including being put on her first diet when she was 7 years old, which made her think something was wrong with her. She reached a point in adulthood after trying many diets and not being able to maintain weight loss.

Dieting is hard on your psyche. So for a period of years, she tried to simply eat healthfully but be at peace with her body as it was. Eventually, she was led to hCG after discovering her health really as in danger with her weight.

We talked a lot about the process of getting over emotional issues related to her weight.

Watch Episode 29 here

108lbs Gone with hCG Injections after failing with other diets

108 lbs gone with the hCG Diet - Episode 26 -

Laynette lost a total of 108 lbs & 17 inches off her waist alone with hCG injections by the time this interview was published. She started being overweight when she was around 10 or 12 and went into adulthood overweight. She has lost weight off and on through the years and has gotten up to the 300lb mark.

Watch this interview as she shares how her life changed by doing this protocol and how having your mindset help you succeed in this protocol.

Watch Episode 26 here

A 62-year old’s Inspiring hCG Journey

hCG Diet Interviews - Episode 18 - 122 lbs Lost -

Janie lost 122 lbs with hCG injections. She had her hydrostatic body fat testing after hCG with her results at 23% body fat, which for her age is considered as LEAN.

She recalls being a pudgy fat little kid and always has the weight problem all her life. She has tried Nutrisystems, and “everything you could think of”, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Zone diet and nothing has ever worked for her or maybe it started to work but then she just couldn’t stay on it.

She’s 62 years old when I interviewed her and she has a very inspiring story to share.

Watch Episode 18 here

Losing half of her Weight with hCG Injections
HCG Diet Interviews - Episode 17 -

A follow-up interview with Lisa from Ep. 10. She has lost a total of 125 lbs. with hCG injections. She has dealt with major hypothyroidism issues as well, so her experience is encouraging.

Lisa ate healthily and exercised but still, she gained weight and could not lose it. She had tried different kinds of diet but only lost the weight on hCG. We discussed a lot of topics on hCG and metabolism.

Watch Episode 17 here

Men on hCG: 345lbs to 235lbs in 6 Months
hCG Diet Reviews: Man's 100lb Weight Loss in 6 Months - Episode 9

Nathan lost 110 lbs with homeopathic hCG. His starting weight was 345 pounds. And for a guy who stands 6’6” tall, he was a pretty big guy. According to him, he felt like he was probably at stage/class 2 obese and it was pretty scary. Prior to losing weight, he had a lot of health problems. He was on a lot of medications because of the problems brought about by his weight. He found it very difficult because he even had to take medicine because of the medicine he was taking.

This is the first real diet he has ever done and he did great. He was able to go back to physically demanding work without feeling “weakness” after his weight loss.

Watch Episode 9 here

127lbs Gone with hCG Injections despite Health ProblemshCG Diet Reviews - 127lbs lost - maintained weight loss 1 year - Episode 6

Donna has a very motivating story to share. She lost 127 lbs with hCG injections and she went from size 20 to size 7/9. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 15 years ago.  It affects all parts of our body because it involves the nerves- your brain, your speaking, your walking, your balance.  Then 6 years ago she had a mild heart attack- she’s had 2 heart surgeries for stints.  High blood pressure for 8 years which she has a long family history for.

She states first of all that the biggest factor that she learned in hCG is that she is in a healthful mindset now. Before she began the protocol, she was taking 17 pills a day for just her regular medication to help her function on a basic level- that didn’t include supplemental pain meds.  After completing the diet, she was down to 7 pills a day- less than half.

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