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This one is going to be short and sweet (ha! well short in hcgchica world which is probably long in most other worlds), because I mostly just want to highlight the fact that I’ve maintained my weight loss from the hCG protocol with hCG injections for over 2 years now, with no further hCG use during that time.

My other exciting news has been the release of the comprehensive hCG Diet Workbook – something that took me 6 solid months to complete. It is now published and up on Amazon for you guys. You can learn more and see inside the hCG Workbook here, or purchase it on Amazon here and remember that the first month it’s for sale, April 19th-May 20th 2015, you get a special thank you gift FREE – and it’s something of true value, not just a dirty sock. ;) You can find out how to get the thank you gift here.

Before the hCG Diet, at the end of my final round, and 2 years later without any futher hCG use - this was with hCG Injections -

In the near future I will be sharing my personal updates with regards to how I’m actually doing that right now – maintaining – my challenges and successes these past several months, to help you troubleshoot and succeed at your own journey.

Side View - Before and After the hCG Diet with HCG Injections -

This .gov article on pubmed states that “weight loss maintenance may get easier over time; after individuals have successfully maintained their weight loss for 2-5 y, the chance of longer-term success greatly increases.

This is encouraging since I am now in this range. I remember reading something like this when I still in the middle of my hCG journey and feeling like that seemed like a long way into the future. And now it’s here. This is all not simply to be like yay me but to encourage you guys that this CAN be done.

Body Shot Before and After the hCG Diet with Injections -

I finished my final round of hCG in November 2012 and it’s now April 2015, 2 years and 5 months later. My bodyfat percent is currently 16.5% (per hydrostatic bodyfat testing – see below). About 21 lbs of me is fat, and the rest of my 126 lbs is muscle, water, bones, and oh yeah, my all important organs! Gotta have those. Even got my good ‘ol wisdom teeth still.

Body Fat Test Results 2 Years After the hCG Diet - Still 16-17% body fat - hcgchica.comI began my journey at 34.5% body fat percent, which was 59 lbs of fat on my short 5’1″ frame. This means there is almost 40 lbs less fat on my body.

Body Fat Percent Before Starting the Protocol - hcgchica.comWhat You Need to Know

The most important thing that you need to know is that my weight is not static. I ain’t no concrete statue man! I have a range on the scale between 124-128 lbs where I’ve been at any given time the past 2 years with a handful of days where I hit 129 lbs. I make both almost subconscious and conscious corrections on a regular basis in response to what I know about a combo of these three things:

  • my weight on the scale,
  • the way my clothes are fitting, and
  • how I’ve been eating in the recent past week or two

Between these three factors, if my weight is pushing the end of my comfort zone, I will consciously be more cautious in some way – either for a day by fasting, or eating more clean than usual for a few days to a week.

The reason I feel this important to clarify is because I think my concept of weight maintenance meant staying the same weight all the time, so just so you know, these small fluctuations are okay and a normal part of life if you know how to respond to them consistently and not let them get out of hand. Because we’re ALL going to either over-do it here and there occasionally, or be dealing with a hormone issue that can cause weight gain.

hCG Diet Results- Maintaining Weight Loss from HCG Injections for 2 Years!

These jeans are a size 2, but I say I’m technically a size 4 because that’s what’s comfortable to wear most the time. It’s all about comfort for me these days! I just realized something looking at the above picture – can you imagine how much less pressure is on my spine and back with all that fat gone?

I think you really should check out the video though – you’ll see me having body fat testing done before the diet and then 2 years post hCG – seeing it side by side is crazy!

Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing Before the diet, and 2 years AFTER the hCG diet completed - hcgchica.comHydrostatic Body Fat Testing Pre and 2 Years Post hCG - hcgchica.comHydrostatic Body Fat test 3

Hydrostatic Body fat test hCG Diet 4

I know hydrostatic body fat testing is not accessible to everyone, but I really encourage to give a little google search for it in your area – knowing your actual fat loss results is so empowering AND it’s also helpful when you “gain weight” that testing shows to be muscle, which was the case for me. If I hadn’t done that testing, it would have been harder to know exactly what was going on.

Body Shot images are everything!

Maintaining hCG Weight Loss IS indeed possible - hcgchica.comMy face shrank that is for sure. You can see it all on camera lol since I was you-tubing my hCG journey right from the day 1.

hCG Diet Face Pics During hCG Weight Loss Journey - watch my face shrink! -

Me and Hubby -

Loves me regardless - love my boy!

Lastly, I just got an iPhone finally! Yes, the power of better video while I’m on the go, in my hand. :) Could be a little dangerous given how camera happy I already am.

So my question to you guys is, would you find it helpful if I took more video of my daily life as far as what I eat, or what I do to maintain etc in a more casual way? Would this be something you would like to see?

And don’t forget the hCG Diet workbook is now published and up on Amazon for you guys. You can learn more and see inside the hCG Workbook here, or purchase it on Amazon here.


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It’s here! The hCG Diet Workbook is FINALLY here! Mon, 20 Apr 2015 09:37:56 +0000 Before you is the front and back cover of the newly published hCG Diet Workbook guys! I’m going to take you INSIDE the workbook though today so you can visually see it and get a feel for what it’s all … Continue reading

The post It’s here! The hCG Diet Workbook is FINALLY here! appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

Before you is the front and back cover of the newly published hCG Diet Workbook guys!

I’m going to take you INSIDE the workbook though today so you can visually see it and get a feel for what it’s all about and see if it’s up your alley.

And if you’re wondering why the cover suddenly looks different from the draft, well we had a showdown on Facebook and this one ended up being the winner. Oh yes and I trapped my parents and brother till like one in the morning on video skype to force ideas and feedback from them at gunpoint – oh wait, it’s skype, that wouldn’t be threatening. Nevermind, they were actually glad to help. Thanks fam and FB fans!

Cover of hCGChica's hCG Diet Workbook -
Many of you have already been expecting the book’s release and know you want it, so for you, you can find it below. The rest of you, read on because I have lots to show you!

Buy hCGChica’s hCG Diet Workbook

OH! and don’t forget that I have a special thank you gift for everyone who purchases the book between April 20th and May 20th – and it’s not a dirty sock. It’s actually something that I am hoping you will find very helpful in your weight loss journey; a 5 Day hCG Coaching Course. Check out the details of the thank you gift here.

Why Is an hCG Diet Workbook Better Than Ice Cream?

Well, now I don’t know if I’d go THAT far, but I’ve given up some things in life that I thought were good for something that I found was even better. Quarts and half-gallons of ice-cream made me happy in the past for 20-30 minutes at a time. Being fit and healthy all day every day makes me happy, well not 24/7 because that’s just not possible, but, well a LOT of the time.

This workbook may be the ticket to catapult you over whatever hump you’ve been facing with weight loss or hCG.

I began this as merely a few scribbled designs of tracking layouts in a notebook. It included drawings of features I knew would be useful on a person’s weight loss journey with the hCG protocol. I’d kept my own records during my rounds, but wanted something that would give the ability to track more than I did, and in a way that was easy to read and gauge progress and patterns. I also felt the need to share some of the things I’ve learned along my weight loss journey that were the main reasons for my ability to not get frustrated with my weight loss in general, which was important to the entire thing (all extra weight) ever getting fully accomplished.

Here’s a peak at the daily Phase 2 Tracking pages:

There are 9 weeks, yes 63 days worth, of this, each day with either a unique Quote or hCG Tip.

Daily Tracking Sheets for Phase 2 of the hCG Diet - part of hCGChica's hCG Diet Workbook for Phase 2 -

I wasn’t sure if this project was even worth pursuing originally as far as wondering how many people would actually want something like this, so I asked my facebook page about their thoughts on my idea. Boy I think the only other time I got so many comments on one status update were my before and after hCG photos! Even now, I have continued to get a lot of excited emails and messages about the workbook- mostly asking if it was done yet!

Sorry it took so long….but I think you’ll agree it was worth the wait once you delve into it with your bare hands. :)

Why A Workbook from hCGChica?

In case it matters to you, because many ask, I specifically used hCG injections for all my own weight loss, and have been maintaining my weight loss, from a size 16 to a current size 4, with no further hCG use for almost two and a half years now. What I share in the workbook are many of the main reasons I was able to achieve this, when previous attempts at dieting and maintaining failed.

Additionally, I am a very visual and detail oriented person so I spent quite a bit of time carefully laying out the tracking areas and diet instructions in a way that I hope will be visually easy to digest – which is important because this protocol can be a bit overwhelming when you are first learning about it. This is something I can’t actually do in a blogpost because the formatting doesn’t allow for it. I was able to go hogwild in the book with this!

Here’s an example – Overview of the hCG Diet

Overview of the hCG Diet from hCGChica's hCG Diet Workbook -

4 Main Features to the hCG Diet Workbook

  • Coaching Discussions
  • Diet Instructions both for Original Protocol and Modifications I feel comfortable mentioning (clearly differentiated in the book btw)
  • Quick Glance Tracking for Phase 2 & 3.
  • Daily Comprehensive Tracking for Phase 2

Examples of the Coaching Areas

Expected Weight Loss on the hCG Diet - from hcgchica's hCG Diet Workbook for Phase 2 - hcgchica.comNow if that awesome stick figure cartoon doesn’t make you want this workbook, I don’t know what will. ;)

Beginning of the Coaching Article on Stalls During hCG:Stalls on the hCG Diet - from hCGChica's hCG Diet Workbook -

Yes, essentially in a nutshell the 60 page or so coaching section is telling us all to not be insane. Oh I know all about it, I was crazy-bones too once! But my effort here in the coaching section is to explain the logical reasonings that I came across during my weight loss journey and through my research not only about what’s realistic, but more importantly, WHY it’s realistic – I find that makes it easier to accept and feel positive about.

Let’s break up all this black and white with a brief color interlude of fun:

Flexible for Use with Multiple Ways of Approaching the hCG Diet

This is probably one of the most important things that you know. I designed this workbook to be flexible, because with the number of people doing the hCG diet, there are quite a variety of ways that people are approaching it now, and as I explain in the workbook, in the end, after you’ve done your research, you have the right as an adult to make your own choice about how you choose to do this diet which I fully respect.

The workbook accommodates the following:

  • Both hCG injections or homeopathic drops
  • Various lengths of time ON the diet – there are 9 full weeks of daily Phase 2 tracking
  • Counting of calories, each meal and per day – so you could easily track 500 calories or 800 calories, or anything between.
  • Breakfast fields, snack fields aside from regular Lunch/Dinner areas
  • Modified food choices – some that I feel comfortable mentioning specifically, and blank fields for adding your own unique foods.

Daily Tracking Log for hCG Diet - from hCGChica's hCG Diet Workbook -

Above again is what the DAILY tracking area looks like, and…

below you have an example of the Quick Glance tracking areas:

Quick Glance Weight Tracking for hCG Diet -

More Quick Glance Tracking Stuff: Inch Loss

Inch Loss Tracking for hCG Diet -

If you’ve seen enough and feel this post is getting too long, you can buy the hCG Workbook here:

Buy hCGChica’s hCG Diet Workbook

But wait, there’s more!

Trouble shooting Log:

Troubleshooting Log - hcgchica.comWait, what? I’m telling you you’re going to have trouble on hCG? Just stop it! Enough hCGChica!

Like I said, this is all about being REAL. Many things are not worth being concerned over, and yet there are some things worth addressing, so instead of burying our heads in a drawer full of goal jeans, we can troubleshoot the problems. I will make a video tutorial in the future on how I see this are being used.

The Table of Contents:

Table of Contents - Workbook -

Table of Contents for the hCG Diet workbook-

I hope this help you get a clearer picture of what the workbook has to offer. If you do end up trying it out, I’d love to hear your feedback through email – let me know how its working out for ya!

Buy hCGChica’s hCG Diet Workbook

And don’t forget to claim the special thank you present that is NOT a dirty sock. When you email your receipt – it doesn’t have to be the actual physical receipt, it can just be a screenshot of your confirmation of your order, or whatever you have on hand like that to show your order.

Thank You Gift - 5 Day Coaching Course -

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A Special Thank You Gift Just For You – During April 19th-May 20th Sun, 19 Apr 2015 19:41:19 +0000 Hey you guys! I wanted to give something as a gift for everyone who is supporting the release of the hCG Diet Workbook, by purchasing it during the first month it’s for sale, April 19th-May 20th. I decided to put … Continue reading

The post A Special Thank You Gift Just For You – During April 19th-May 20th appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

Hey you guys!

I wanted to give something as a gift for everyone who is supporting the release of the hCG Diet Workbook, by purchasing it during the first month it’s for sale, April 19th-May 20th. I decided to put together a 5 Day Video Course that would have some of the most important things I’ve learned in my weight loss journey – things that prevented me from succeeding in the past with weight loss.

All you have to do is email your amazon book receipt to and the coaching course will be emailed back to you!

If you don’t know about the workbook and just randomly arrived at this blogpost, you can check out the hCG Diet workbook here.

Thank you gift for those who buy hCG Diet Workbook - hcgchica.comThank you guys so much, this has been such an incredible journey of learning and connections – I feel so honored to be in contact with so many awesome people in the hCG community and to get to be a small part of seeing each of you transform your lives just as I’ve been able to do with this protocol.

I hope both the workbook and the video course will help keep you motivated and help you to have that balance between inspiration and being realistic to keep you sane enough to complete this journey successfully!

There are some of you hCGers behind me on my office wall right this very minute. :)

I would love to hear your feedback on how the workbook is working out for you once you start using it! You can email me here:

hCGers and Me -

The post A Special Thank You Gift Just For You – During April 19th-May 20th appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

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Can’t Sleep on the hCG Diet! Why It’s Important and How to Fix Problems Sleeping Sat, 18 Apr 2015 21:58:03 +0000 While we know that sleep in general is a must, we are going to discuss…. Why sleep is important especially when on a diet like hCG. (seriously, there’s a way cool scientific study I found that has to do with … Continue reading

The post Can’t Sleep on the hCG Diet! Why It’s Important and How to Fix Problems Sleeping appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

While we know that sleep in general is a must, we are going to discuss….

Why sleep is important especially when on a diet like hCG.

(seriously, there’s a way cool scientific study I found that has to do with weight loss and sleep- read on for that!), but even more importantly…

how to actually DO it. Sleep.

Most of you may be already thinking, ‘yeah I KNOW I need to sleep – that’s my problem, I can’t!’ So we will talk about grand interventions, as well as ordinary tips that we all tend to forget, all of which can really make a big difference in your ability to fall asleep. One in particular helped me, both on and off the hCG diet, when I was having a particularly hard time falling asleep at night.

But first, yes that’s my little guy. On an image about the hCG diet. I know, totally weird. That’s what happens when you arrive at a blog written by a mommy who lost 50 lbs with hCG and lived and maintained the weight loss to tell the story :)  He was about three years old at the time. Okay, there’s no use in pretending I don’t really remember specifically. He was exactly 3 years and 4 months, something I know because I keep photos of him carefully organized on my computer by every month and year of his life, and I recall he was passed out on the couch because he was sick with the flu. I miss those days a bit because my son is currently growing up so fast! That was him then, and this is him now. Sigh.


And yes of COURSE that’s a diaper on his head. Where else would it go? Maybe from this you can tell I’m one of those got-pregnant-later-in-life-which-means-I’m-a-laid-back-mom people. Yes I am. I also used to let him pull all his clothes out of the drawers when he was 11 months old because he was creating a pile of “rocks” for his toy bull dozer to push.

If you’d like to leave my blog now because I’m still talking about my son I totally understand, but we really are getting to the main point, I promise.

Sleeping Like a Baby?

We often hear the term “slept like a baby”, and while some of us as brand new mothers who had active newborns might be inclined to disagree that this term means sleeping a lot and deeply, since that was my exact opposite experience, the truth is, my son eventually did sleep a lot. They can easily sleep 12 hours a night (the key word was eventually – perhaps the phrase should be more like, “slept like a 10 month old”, or maybe even “slept like a 14 month old” since my son did NOT, I repeat DID NOT sleep through the night until fourteen months). And that amazing ability they have to fall asleep WHILE sitting up, or reading a book, or eating a cracker, or amongst 200 loud people at a wedding, if tired enough.

I have underestimated the importance of sleep many times.  In fact I still probably do. It’s 10:47 pm as I’m trying to finish this blogpost and I feel like I likely won’t get to bed for another couple of hours. But then I also sleep in later than most probably (9a.m.) so it’s possible it evens out.

My son was recently saying he wished humans didn’t have to sleep and that he hates to sleep and I honestly I had to agree with him! I think we have so many things we want to do and accomplish it’s hard to get ourselves to stop and take a break. But I explained to him just why it’s so important and it’s part of the design of our bodies.  And it’s even more crucial on hCG actually.

I want to talk about why this is – what can happen when you don’t get enough sleep on hCG and how getting enough sleep prevents this. And lastly of course, many of us WANT to sleep, we just can’t. And while you’ll probably never be so good at sleeping that you can achieve this state while at your niece’s 200-guest wedding, there are two specific grand-intervention type things are known to help, and some more ordinary tips that we can forget but that actually can have grand effects.

Which yes, after all that, we have finally arrived at the meat of the discussion.

Less Sleep = More Muscle Loss and Less Fat Loss

According to this small study done in 2010, between 2 groups of people that were tested on the exact same diet, though the TOTAL weight loss over a 2 week period was the same, the ratio of fat loss to muscle loss was QUITE different. This was due to the factor they were testing. One group was sleeping only 5.5 hours a night, while the other group had a full 8 hours a night.This study did not involve the use of hCG of course, but I feel the principle will most likely apply to any weight loss efforts.

Here’s the weight loss and sleep study summary:

“The volunteers lost an average of 6.6 pounds during each 14-day session. During weeks with adequate sleep, they lost 3.1 pounds of fat and 3.3 pounds of fat-free body mass, mostly protein. During the short-sleep weeks, participants lost an average of 1.3 pounds of fat and 5.3 pounds of fat-free mass.”

Check out the short video on this study here.

I checked into the details of the study, and the body fat determinations were made using DEXA scans, which I’ve talked about before- they are the current gold standard for measuring exact body fat percent and very accurate.

This is so fascinating you guys!  Even I had no idea the potential that sleep has on WHAT we’re losing. The implications of this are huge – since fat takes up more space on our bodies than muscle, and since retaining more muscle over fat will lead to an overall much better metabolism, we can see why the final results we get on this diet could be drastically different.

I’d like to put this idea into perspective with a made-up example:

Say 2 twins who have the same starting weight lost 20 lbs with the hCG diet. The only difference is one slept 5-6 hours a night, while the other slept 8 hours a night during the protocol.

The potential based on the discovery in this small pilot study is that the twin who slept 8 hours a night could say, end up a size 6 because 50% more of the weight they lost was fat, and the other twin (who lost the SAME amount off weight btw) that slept only 5 hours a night may be a size 8-10 because less of the weight they lost was fat and more of it was muscle.

Additionally the twin who lost more of their weight as fat could potentially eat more calories on a daily basis and maintain due to having a higher metabolism because of having more muscle. This example is purely hypothetical as we don’t know how many exact lbs translate to dress sizes lost, but the truth is, the person who has more of the weight lost as fat WILL be physically smaller inch wise/appearance wise and WILL be able to eat more and maintain. How much exactly of course I don’t know.

Mindblowing you guys.

Being awake more hours of the day = more hunger

The same article I referenced above also had this to say about sleeping less: “When sleep was restricted, dieters produced higher levels of ghrelin, a hormone that triggers hunger and reduces energy expenditure.”  You can learn more about how the hormone ghrelin affects you here.

Additionally another study was done showing that less sleep equated with lower leptin levels (lower leptin = more hunger) and higher gherlin levels (a hormone that causes those growling hunger sensations sounds – more ghrelin – more perceived hunger).  Of note in this study as well is the TYPE of additional food they felt compelled to eat in this state: a craving “especially for calorie-dense foods with high carbohydrate content” – of course the exact opposite of what we’re allowed on the hCG protocol, which would obviously present a tremendously mentally draining problem while on the diet.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because you couldn’t sleep?  I’ve done that and sat in the dark on my couch with my ipad researching from 3-5 a.m. and I felt so hungry I actually felt sick to my stomach.

When I’m asleep during those hours however am I feeling hungry? Nope.  So being awake more of the time in a 24 hour period, than someone who is getting 8-10 hours of sleep, can affect your hunger which results in a change in how much you will want to eat or end up eating when on the diet.

To which you might be saying, YEAH, well, I’d LIKE to sleep….that’s what I’m having trouble with!

There are 2 possible reasons for difficulty sleeping on hCG.  One is…..

#1 Why You Can’t Sleep: Elevated Cortisol

One possible reason for difficulty going to sleep is elevated cortisol. When you have a healthy cortisol pattern going on, it’s raised in the mornings when you are (ideally) most alert and productive, and gradually falls to a low point at night so that your brain and body can kind of power down and let you head off to slumber.

However, when on a diet, this overview on studies of dieting show that cortisol is indeed often raised during such times.

The 2 Faces of Cortisol

Today’s Dietician on: Cortisol

Signs You Have Way Too Much Cortisol

Cortisol and Weight Loss

Stress, Cortisol and Damage to Weight Loss

The reason cortisol can become elevated while on this protocol is that you ARE doing something rather, well, exciting.

I’m not sure you’ll see that as a scientific explanation in any specialty journals. ;)

But seriously, Eating far less, forcing your body to switch over to fat burning mode and relying on your fat stores for fuel, is in itself a “stressor” on your body, which can put your adrenal hormones, including cortisol more on alert during this time.

Doesn’t mean it’s bad – the only way to achieve great things in life sometimes IS to do something that involves some type of stress. But it’s also important to keep that within balance.

This is also one of the reasons that in general I don’t favor or recommend doing very long rounds of hCG, because perpetually raised adrenal hormones can caused adrenal fatigue and make recovery difficult- versus doing hCG in rounds of 3-6 weeks, for most people, seems to be short enough that your body doesn’t get overly taxed and the breaks between allow your body to sufficiently recover and stay healthy.

This can make going to sleep difficult, since typically cortisol is supposed to actually be lowest in the evening but on the diet, cortisol can actually be raised at night. Raised cortisol will make you more alert, making it hard to fall asleep.

#1 Solution to Elevated Cortisol

One way to address this issue is with a supplement called phosphatydlserine.  Foss-fuh-what?  Don’t let the name scare you off. There can be other reasons for trouble sleeping, but if elevated cortisol is the problem, this really works!

Basically what this supplement does is normalize your cortisol levels. It will help your body lower the level when they’re higher than they should be at a certain time of day, and raise them when they should be higher during specific times of day. That’s a simplified explanation, and if you want more you can certainly google it. This was my problem when I was having trouble sleeping for a time, because the very evening I took it the first time, I was able to sleep just fine. This is one of those things that works when you take it, and doesn’t need time to build up in your system for weeks or anything.

This is one good quality brand of phosphatydleserine.

This article explains just how stressors in life can affect our bodies, specifically our cortisol levels, and how phosphatydlserine can mitigate this.

#2 Why You Can’t Sleep – Messed up Melatonin ie. Body Clock Gone All Whacky

This seemed like a pretty informative discussion on the use of melatonin and how it relates to sleep.

Dr. Oz has an interesting article on Melatonin as well and how it may not be the magic bullet for sleep.

But then there’s the other side with articles showing melatonin really does help sleep.

#2 Solution to Messed up Melatonin

Honestly, it can be really confusing and hard to know who to believe. In the end, I usually take actual results of real people over theory or explanations, and I do not know that some hCGers do indeed feel that melatonin has helped them get to sleep, at least for a time, at different periods in their life.

It sounds like if you DO try taking it, that it’s best to keep the dosage pretty low and that many pill forms have a higher dosage.

As such, I was able to find smaller 1 mg dosage tablets of melatonin here.

Trouble Falling Asleep Because You’re Hungry

We already discussed that being awake too many hours during the day can cause more hunger than for others on the hCG diet. Aside from this however, if your dosage of hCG is off, this can cause hunger as well, which then snowballs into difficulty sleeping, causing more hunger, making it hard to seep, and so on.

You can get extensive guidance on hCG dosing here.

If this doesn’t fix your hunger, it may be wise to either save a small portion of your 500 calories as a snack before bed, or to allot just a little more calories in the form of an extra 50 gram protein serving and/or veggie just before bed.

Because in the end, you may be following the dietary rules of the hCG protocol exactly, but if you’re not sleeping half the night, you will be facing poor results regardless. Raising calories just a little, if it enables you to sleep, will most likely get you better results in such a scenario.

Still, before doing this I’d look at all the other suggestions we are discussing in this article – hCG dosage, timing of caffeine, and that FOSS-FUH stuff (phosphatydlserine) or melatonin.

Hot Shower Before Bed

I have a habit that I didn’t even realize I had until awhile back. I realized I must take a hot shower before I go to bed. Doesn’t matter what time it is, 10 pm or 2 am, whenever I’m finally ready to hit the sack, I find myself taking a hot shower first. When I don’t do this, I can’t seem to go to sleep. My feet will feel cold and take like two hours to warm up and I will not fall asleep before that finally happens. Also the shower seems to really relax my whole body so that when I hit the pillow I just feel….good. A perfect state to be in before falling asleep.

Caffeine Intake – How Much and When It’s Consumed

I am pretty sensitive to caffeine- possibly more than most people because I don’t do well with Coffee at all – even one mild cup of Joe just leaves me feeling jittery. Must be a liver problem. However, I DO find that 2 cups of black tea (this is my favorite – you ca try it in a box of tea bags to see if you like it first, then buy in bulk looseleaf like I do) is the perfect dose of caffeine to bring me from that unmotivated place each morning where I feel like I’d rather not accomplish anything every again, to that feeling of, ahhhh, I think I have an idea! And I think I can carry it out!

However, beyond that, I have discovered that 2 things negatively impact my ability to sleep well in a very noticeable manner- those 2 things are:

  1. Having decaf tea beyond my 2 cups of black tea, doesn’t matter what time.
  2. Having caffeine, decaf or not, anytime after about noon.

The reason I discovered this is because I actually sleep very well, but every time I start having additional decaf black tea again, or drinking decaf later in the day, I have fitful rest and feel like I wasn’t really asleep for much of the night. As soon as I take it back out, I’m sleeping deeply again.

Turning the Power to Your Bedroom Off At Night

This one change made me sleep like a LOG. A real, dead, log, laying in some quiet dark forest with no night creatures about. Seriously, don’t knock this one till you try it for a few nights.

And what I’m assuming is that by sleeping so much deeper, the sleep is much more restorative.

Okay so this might be a new idea to you guys, and depending on how your home circuitry is, might be a challenge. About two years ago, my family and I started turning off the power to our house at the circuit breaker every night (except for the circuit that our fridge was on). The reason we chose to do this was based on research we’ve been doing on the negative impact EMF’s are having on our health and because we both deal with some chronic health conditions that have greatly impacted our life in recent years. If you’re interested in reading more about this, this is one of the books we read:

Toxic Electricity

People are still debating a LOT on whether this stuff (emf’s, electricity charges etc) is truly harmful to your body or not, so I won’t get into that here. One thing I DO know that can’t be debated is that I started sleeping MUCH better once we turned off our power at night.

We paid about $300 to have an electrician adjust a few things on our circuit breakers so that the power to our bedroom and surrounding rooms could be off at night, while the kitchen was left on for the fridge and freezer.

One other very, should I say, weird thing, happened when we initiated this. I felt really depressed for like 3 weeks. I stuck with it because I knew that there’s no way the electricity could be something I actually needed, so I chalked it up to some form of strange detox, and soon enough, the depression lifted, I was of course sleeping much better, and we haven’t looked back.

It’s VERY easy to do. At first when my husband suggested this I thought it sounded like a pain, but it’s totally not. Basically each night, whoever is last to bed, turns off their computer, flips 1 switch on the breaker, then heads to bed. Takes all of 30 seconds.

 Falling Asleep Easier When You Do Something Active in the A.M.

I read that this is the case. If it’s true, I have no idea because I don’t consistently exercise in the morning. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t and I haven’t paid attention to whether or not it helps since as I said, I sleep quite well all the time now since turning off our circuit breakers and not drinking caffeine beyond a certain time of day.

Getting Sunlight in the A.M.

Another thing I read that I can’t really comment on, but sounds like worth a try. I’ll try to research this further in the near future and add it here when I get a chance.

Sleep is when YOU turn off and your BODY turns on

Part of what my son and I discussed when he expressed his wish that God didn’t make nighttime is that when we go to bed and sleep is the time that all the “workers” in our body wake up and starting doing their jobs.  That they can’t do much work while during the day because our body is too busy doing all the stuff we need done while we’re awake like thinking, talking, walking, digesting, etc.

This is obviously very simplified, but the point is there.  We forget what is actively going on while we’re asleep because well…we’re asleep!  And we can’t visually see it.

So the next time anyone tries to make you feel lazy for sleeping, you could rightly say the definition of sleep is misconstrued and that you were busily working while you were asleep-

busy losing weight. :)-


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10 Things to Know About Miracle Noodles | Zero Calorie Noodles on the hCG Diet (or Shirataki Noodles) Thu, 09 Apr 2015 06:56:12 +0000 Miracle Noodles, Zero Calorie Noodles, No Calorie Noodles, Shirataki Noodles, whatever you want to call them – they are not part of the original hCG protocol, just to be clear from the outset. I’m pretty sure these noodles did not … Continue reading

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Miracle Noodles, Zero Calorie Noodles, No Calorie Noodles, Shirataki Noodles, whatever you want to call them – they are not part of the original hCG protocol, just to be clear from the outset. I’m pretty sure these noodles did not exist for Dr. Simeons, in Italy, in the 1950’s, because it looks like they originated in Japan and the world wasn’t nearly as accessible then as it is now.

I used these noodles almost daily for 3 of my hCG diet rounds, and would gladly do so again, and I’ll try to share more info here with you about why I feel that they aren’t a problem. Since I’ve been maintaining my weight loss from hCG Injections for almost two and a half years now, I feel this opinion does carry a little clout. You can listen to me blab about them when I was actually using them on hCG if you feel like it below:

Me Blabbing about Miracle Noodles during Round 5

Me Blabbing about Miracle Noodles during Round 3

You will have to of course make your own personal decision whether you feel comfortable using these on the hCG Diet or not. I’ll just try to give you some details from my perspective – what they are made out of, how they seem to interact in your body, and my personal experience using them.

If you decide to use them, you can purchase them online with these brands:

Miracle Noodles. This is the brand that I currently eat and love. The others may be just as great, I just haven’t had a chance to try them yet. Available noodle cuts: Angel Hair, Rice, Ziti, Fettucine, Spaghetti. Shipping is free.

Skinny Dip Noodles. Free shipping. Cuts available: angel hair, fettuccini, macaroni, rice pearls and (exclusive) lasagna! Now that sounds fun.

Nooodles (that’s 3 o’s!)

Miracle Noodles Okay for hCG Diet -

The Need to Knows About these Ambiguous Clear Noodles

#1: They Really Are Zero Calories – If Cardboard Tasted Good, You Could Eat That on hCG Too

The question, how exactly can noodles, that take up a bunch of space in your bowl, that you can clearly see with your own two little eyes, have no calories? That’s like saying the moon has no mass right? Well, here’s the reason.

These noodles are made entirely out of soluble fiber and basically go through your body undigested. So it’s kind of like eating cardboard to your body. That is what I gather anyway. I hope you’re not considering eating cardboard by the way. If you’re getting that desperate on hCG, then we need to talk and you need to check your hCG dosage for better hunger management.

They are made from what’s known as the Konjac root, composed of water and glucomannan, which originated in Japan. You can read more about their origin and makeup on wikipedia.

There’s actually an interesting article on how fiber interacts with our bodies. One thing of note it mentions it that soluble fiber binds with toxins in our body and if we aren’t getting enough fiber, “the toxins that we should be eliminating through our bowels get reabsorbed into the bloodstream”. It’s commonly understood that toxins are stored in fat, so I have felt that sometimes when we feel crummy on the hCG protocol is may be caused by toxins being released into our bloodstream as we are losing fat at a more rapid rate than usual. Based on this, these noodles which are pretty much entirely soluble fiber may actually be more than just neutral on the hCG Diet, they may even be helpful- at helping our body eliminate these toxins instead of reabsorbing them and continuing to feel sick.

#2: Shirataki Noodles or Miracle Noodles? What’s the Dif?

Shirataki noodles are basically just the non branded version of Miracle Noodles- the miracle noodles can be purchased online and are a bit pricier purchased under that name brand, but it’s also easier to find them this way.

The Shirataki noodles as you see here in this image below can be purchased at most local asian markets or ethnic markets, as well as the more on top of things organic type grocery stores like Whole Foods- you will find them in the refrigerated section.

The ingredients of the Shirataki noodles will often say “yam noodle” or “yam flour” in paranthesis on the package. There has been some confusion over people seeing this and then thinking the shirataki noodles contained actual yams as we Americans think of them and thus starch but this is not the case. The asian shirataki noodles are actually made purely from soluble fiber (fiber meaning our body does not digest it as any calories to us) from what’s called the Konjac Root in Japan- whoever translated this onto the package from chinese put it as “yam” but it’s really the Konjac root and NOT yams that it’s made from.

Here’s what one package of Shirataki noodles looks like:

Shirataki Noodles on the hCG Diet -

#3: Be Careful not get the ones with Tofu

When you are at the store, there are actually noodles labeled “shirataki noodles” with varying ingredients. Some have tofu, which have calories and carbs, so you want to avoid these. So when picking out your noodles, be sure to check the ingredients and make sure they do not contain tofu.

#4: I Ate Miracle Noodles on Phase 2 of hCG and I Gained – Doesn’t That Mean They Don’t Work for Me on P2?

Some people will stay “I don’t care if they are supposedly 0 calories or have no carbs, I had a gain, or I stalled when I ate those noodles.”

While I don’t believe in blanket statements that a particular thing will always or never work for everyone, there is a very logical explanation unrelated to fat loss when it comes to gains or supposed stalls while eating these noodles that is most likely the cause of this.

A. While these noodles are just fiber and have no carbs or calories, they still have a significant amount of bulk to them. If you eat one pound of noodles, and you haven’t gone to the bathroom by the next morning, you have one pound extra of food sitting in your intestines. It’s not fat, you just have more food, more bulk, sitting in your intestines.

B. Soluble fiber, which what these noodles are composed of, draws in water – so when you eat the noodles, they also absorb more water into your intestines than usual, and that water weighs something as well.

So most likely, if you see a “stall” or a “gain” from eating these noodles, which I did as well, it’s not a true stall or gain- just those noodles sittin’ in your stomach en route.

Zero Calorie Noodles aka Miracle Noodles -

#5: They Have a 1 Year Shelf Life

If you are purchasing them online, the noodles are sold in bulk packages of like 10. The nice thing about them is that while they come ready to eat (no cooking necessary), in the sense that you can essentially eat them out of the bag if you really wanted to (although you probably won’t quite do that), they still have a shelf life of about 1 year, so you it works out just find to buy them in bulk since they last for quite some time.

#6 Do These Taste Like REAL Noodles?

If you mean, do they taste like the kind of noodles you get at an italian restaurant, NO. Do they taste like the noodles you’d get in a bowl of soup at a Vietnamese restaurant? Pretty much. What this means is some people HATE these noodles, and some people love them. I love them.

#7 Preparing the Noodles to Fit Your Taste…or er….Texture Buds

Some people do not like the texture of the noodles because they are rather slippery feeling. This made me start thinking about our taste buds, but it really isn’t a taste thing, it’s a texture thing, which made me start wondering why don’t we discuss having texture buds? We obviously have them since we often discuss the mouth-feel of something!

But I digress. Being that the texture of the noodles is not what everyone is accustomed to, you need to know how to best prepare them for your personal taste/texture buds.

A. Rinse them well. I have this little handheld mesh strainer. I simply cut the bag open, pour it into the little mesh strainer, and rinse with very hot water.

B. If you find the texture funny, put them in soups. You don’t notice the texture at all then. I ate Phase 2 soups pretty much daily on my final round of hCG with the miracle noodles and they were so. good. It was very filling and it was fall when the weather was getting cool.

C. I like to cut mine up with scissors while in the mesh strainer still because I don’t tend to care for long noodles. Or you could just buy the “rice” cut noodles.

D. If you’re okay with the texture you can actually use them as you would other regular noodles- tossed with Phase 2 meat and veggies, etc.

#8 Where To Buy These Noodles

Once again, if you decide to use them, you can purchase them online with these brands (and the first two have free shipping so you can’t really go wrong there):

Miracle Noodles. This is the brand that I currently eat and love. The others may be just as great, I just haven’t had a chance to try them yet. Available noodle cuts: Angel Hair, Rice, Ziti, Fettucine, Spaghetti. Shipping is free.

Skinny Dip Noodles. Free shipping. Cuts available: angel hair, fettuccini, macaroni, rice pearls and (exclusive) lasagna! Now that sounds fun.

Nooodles (that’s 3 o’s!)

OR your local ethnic or organic grocery store may carry them – if they do, you will find them in the refrigerated section. Places like Whole Foods most certainly carry them.

#9 Recipes for these Noodles

I’ve started a Pinterest Board for Phase 2 hCG Diet Recipes made with Zero Calorie noodles – it’s a bit sorry lookin’ at the moment, but I hope to be adding more to it soon. If you have some recipe ideas, please post them in the comments below!

#10 If This is Too Off-The-Wall From Original Protocol For You

If you feel that this will not suit you in Phase 2 and that you need to stick to the original hCG protocol, that is totally fine! Just remember that if it comes down to a duel between you and cheating one day – a bowl of zero calorie noodles with a tablespoon of tomato paste is a much better choice than that bag of potato chips. It’s just nice to have something up your sleeve in an emergency. ;)


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Modifications to the hCG Diet Protocol – What Works and What Doesn’t Wed, 08 Apr 2015 22:05:27 +0000 Some people feel the only way to do the hCG protocol is to do it exactly as Dr. Simeon’s wrote it. Others I am seeing feel they can pretty do anything they decide on hCG without consequence. My personal feeling … Continue reading

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Some people feel the only way to do the hCG protocol is to do it exactly as Dr. Simeon’s wrote it. Others I am seeing feel they can pretty do anything they decide on hCG without consequence.

My personal feeling is that there is a balance somewhere in the middle. I have observed myself as well as a lot of other people doing this protocol now, and by and large the main difference for those who maintain their weight loss or not has not to do with how strictly they followed the protocol per se, but what changes in their eating habits as well as lifestyle habits they make long term. This is not to say that any modification is okay, certainly not. But when I get occasional emails of disgruntled ones saying that only Dr. Simeon’s exact original instructions work, I need only to point to myself as an example to know that is simply not true. With all the modifications I have made, I have been maintaining my weight loss without any additional hCG rounds for two and a half years as of mid 2015, I have an excellent metabolism, and I haven’t been eating “low carb” in over 2 years. Some modifications, done smart, DO work.

I’d like to share modifications I have made, and under what circumstances I made them, and how I feel they turned out.

Modifications That Went Well:

There are several little adaptations I’ve used as I went through my own journey that I found to be just the thing for me, but some of them could be considered “off protocol”.

It’s important that you read the circumstances under which I made each of these modifications, because I do believe that makes a difference.

For instance, on rounds where I ate off protocol vegetables, it’s important to note that I was also not eating the Phase 2 fruits and grissini/melba – so if you were to make the same modification without removing the Phase 2 fruits, this may not work as well.

1. Doing a little 7-10 Day Pre-hCG Diet.

The purpose of this was to clear my system of carbs and eliminate sugar cravings.

2. Loading “Clean” on the hCG Protocol.

The purpose of this was a few fold. Mainly it was to ensure that I didn’t experience sugar cravings being a previous sugar addict and binge eater, but also I desired to make sure I could start losing new fat as soon as possible and get into ketosis more quickly.

3. Removed the Phase 2 Fruits and Replaced with Veggies or Fat Free Yogurt

This is not something I did every round. I did this only when I was breaking my sugar addiction, as I found even the sugar in fruit to cause cravings for me. You can read all about how I incorporated this modification here.

4. I DID Mix Vegetables – but there is a caveat.

Again, this is not something I did every round, but my final round of hCG I chose to allow the mixing of veggies because I was not eating the Phase 2 fruits and I felt this gave me a little more leeway with my vegetables. The key, as you’ll read more about in the actual post on this topic, is to be more conscious of how much you are eating when you mix veggies, so the calorie count doesn’t get out of hand.

5. I Ate Off-Protocol Vegetables

I did this my final round as well. Again, the other factors you should know is that this was done on a round that I did not eat the phase 2 fruits or grissini/melba toast, so I felt there was more leeway for me with the vegetables since I had eliminated a large source of the carbs from the protocol. The reason I chose to incorporate some different vegetables is because a food sensitivity test I took showed I was somewhat allergic to many of the vegetables on Dr. Simeon’s list. This was an experiment that I feel turned out well for me.

The vegetables I incorporated that were off protocol:

  • Broccoli
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • Yellow Crook Neck Squash
  • Zucchini
  • Mushrooms (yes I ate these daily in a P2 style soup)
  • SMALL bits of raw carrot in my salads – and we’re talking like 1/4 of a carrot, just for flavor.

How did I decide what vegetables to add in? I looked carefully at their carb content and chose vegetables that seemed to be lin line with those on the original list.

6. I Ate Miracle Noodles Daily During Phase 2

This is something I did on 3 of my rounds and I think it helped me greatly! Miracle Noodles also known as the non name brand Shirataki Noodles (caution – NOT the ones containing Tofu!) have no calories. They are simply soluble fiber, made from the Konjac root.

I would eat an entire package daily in soups during Phase 2. This made me feel more full and satiated. The only type of “weight gain” I feel one will experience from incorporating these is the 1. bulk of the noodles themselves (they weigh something), and 2. extra water that the noodles may absorb while in your intestines. This is transitory – it’s not real weight. I do not feel eating this impeded my actual fat loss on the protocol.

I have an entire blogpost JUST about these darling little zero calorie noodles if you’d like to learn more.

7. I Ate 99% Fat Free Ham

The main importance as I see it with the proteins on the hCG diet is that they be extremely lean, with as little fat as possible. Secondly, meats without hormones I feel is probably pretty important as well. Usually the hormones or toxins would be found in the fat part of the meat, so if you are eating super lean meat, this is hopefully not a problem.

With that in mind, I did eat 99% fat free ham during my final round in my salads as a Phase 2 protein – the regular ol’ 100 gram serving. This does contain more salt than some meats, since it’s processed in a way, but I was okay with this as I have a hearty sodium intake most of the time.

8. I used Subcutaneous Injections (SQ), Not Intramuscular (IM) for hCG

This got brought up to me recently as an issue, because Dr. Simeons originally gave his patients the hCG by intramuscular shots and the suggestion was made to me that not doing this will yield results that are not as good. Today, almost everyone uses subcutaneous injection for hCG, and these are the needles that are sent with all U.S. based hCG kits now.

Certainly there is nothing wrong with using IM injections, but in my observation and research, there is really no difference in result using one or the other, and the Sub-Q injections are much easier to handle, since the needles are much shorter and only going into your fat, vs. your muscle.

I used Subcutaneous injections for my entire hCG weight loss journey. In fact, I have never done an IM injection. The main four reasons I feel they are perfectly fine to be the standard today are:

1. Same no-hunger effect on the right dose of hCG.

When your dosage of hCG is dialed in correctly, the no hunger effect Dr. Simeon’s describes hCG producing in the body is the same. As an example, my final round, when I was actually getting quite lean, I injected 125 IU daily, with a Sub-cutaneous needle of about 5/16″ long, and was so un-hungry some days I felt like I didn’t need to eat at all.

2. Weight loss amount is the same

I have gotten feedback from individuals who have used both IM and SQ shots and their weight loss amount was no different.

3. Able to Maintain Weight Loss

I’ve been maintaining my weight loss for 2.5 years as of mid 2015.

4. My hydrostatic body fat testing shows the majority of my weight loss was indeed fat.

The hCG hormone is supposed to preserve lean muscle and go more for utilizing your fat stores on such a low calorie diet than would otherwise be the case if you did such a low calorie diet without hCG. I had hydrostatic body fat testing done before and after every round and the majority of my weight loss has been fat. I maintain a 16-17% bodyfat now (on me this is about 20-21 lbs of fat on my body), which is in the athlete category for a woman. Since I started at 34.5% bodyfat (on me this was 59 lbs of fat), this is significant and shows the level of fat loss I experienced.

Modifications That DIDN’T Go Well For Me:

Some of you know who have been with me awhile know I had 1 round of hCG out of my whole weight loss journey that was a complete fail. I’d like to share some unintentional modifications I used during this time and what happened.

1. Unintentional Changes

There is a very strong connection I feel between choosing to make an adjustment, vs. the feeling of giving in to something that you hadn’t planned on. When I feel like I “gave in” I feel bad about my choice because it’s the opposite of what I had intended to do.

2. Replacing whole foods with frankenfood.

My only failed/screwed up round was my 2nd one. One of the things I did wrong that I tried to reason away, was the eating of some special “cookies” that were made up mostly of fiber and sugar alcohols. While I carefully checked them and planned on only eating what would amount to the same calorie count as say my Phase 2 fruit, or my Phase 2 vegetable, that is often NOT what ended up happening. This is because they are still essentially junk food, and while on Phase 3, eating these occasionally might be a nice replacement for chocolate cake, they were not a wise choice to be replacing my fruits and vegetables with. I would find myself eating more than I should, because they tasted sweet and sugary. And did I mention I was then not eating whole fruits or vegetables? Yes, not a wise choice.

Modifications That Don’t Seem to Go Well for Others:

1. Doing the hCG diet for longer periods of time

The original protocol was designed to be done in 3-6 week batches, wherein you would then take a break from the low calorie diet for several weeks- in fact with each round, these breaks get longer and longer. You read all about required breaks from hCG here.

Some have chosen to experiment with doing this diet for longer than 6 weeks. This sometimes goes fine. The key word here is sometimes, and really should say rarely. Who does this work for? On a rare occasion there is an individual who is highly motivated, has worked through their emotional issues with food, etc. and just has their nose to the grindstone to get ‘er done.

More often than not though, despite wanting to be this special person, those who attempt rounds of 8-10 weeks find themselves getting really burned out, cheating, and kind of flipping out when the diet is over because they stayed on too long and their will power and self control is totally shot.

2. Taking Shorter Breaks from hCG Than is Usually Required

The reasons this doesn’t often work out well is very similar to the reasons for not doing the diet longer than 6 weeks or so.

This protocol, while efficient and amazing, is still a lot of hard manual labor in a way for your body. The breaks in general are really needed to give your body time to recover and stay stable. The breaks prevent you from developing chronic deficiences. My particular concern with these longer rounds and shorter breaks is the effect it can have on the Adrenal glands. Adrenal fatigue is a very common condition these days, and being on a diet like this can indeed make the adrenals work harder than usual. This is okay as long as you take those breaks and don’t stay on too long. But if you don’t, Adrenal fatigue can easily be the result, which is no small matter to recover from.


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hCG Diet Interviews – Episode 22 – Men on hCG – 65 lbs Down in 8 Weeks Wed, 08 Apr 2015 07:04:57 +0000 This one is for all the males out there. For any of you who think it’s impossible for a large grown man to be comfortable on a 500 calorie diet, perhaps James’ input will help you re-think that. The hCG … Continue reading

The post hCG Diet Interviews – Episode 22 – Men on hCG – 65 lbs Down in 8 Weeks appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

This one is for all the males out there. For any of you who think it’s impossible for a large grown man to be comfortable on a 500 calorie diet, perhaps James’ input will help you re-think that. The hCG hormone does not appear to be a placebo in light of user feedback like James, who at 6’3″, with a very active job, can take 200 IU of hCG a day and live on a 500 calorie daily diet for 8 full weeks, without hunger comfortably. I feel pretty certain if there was placebo effect involved, it would have worn off pretty quickly. You can check out my other male hCG interview, Nathan who lost 110 lbs in 6 months as well.

Ladies, lets all try not to be jealous okay? I know I know, men have it so good when it comes to weight loss. But we’ve got some advantages men don’t have too right? Let’s take this time to support and applaud how well they can do on this protocol!


  • Age: 53 years old
  • Height: 6’3″
  • Starting Weight: 410 lbs
  • Currently: 345 lbs
  •  Weight Loss: 65 lbs in 1 round of 8 weeks long.

And of course you can check out all the other hCG Diet Interview episodes for more motivation as well. Current recommendations for purchasing hCG Injections here.Men on the hCG Diet - HCG Interviews - Episode 22 -


Download Episode 22 Transcript – PDF

Or read it below!

HCG Interview Episode 22 –
Rayzel: This is Episode 22 of the HCG Diet Interviews with Everyday People. I have snagged another male to interview. It’s something that I have a hard time getting a hold on. There are a lot of men doing this diet but they’re just not as around for me to find and to make the time. I have James with me today and I really appreciate him taking the time to share how his journey’s going so far. He’s still in the middle of his weight loss journey. He’s lost 65 pounds with 1 round of HCG which is pretty exciting. So we’re gonna talk all about that and just a little bit of his past and his current lifestyle now. You’re in P3 right now, right?
James: I am right at the end of P3. I’m actually eager and excited to do the next round.
Rayzel: Cool. That’s awesome.
James: I’ve been like that before but I’m really excited and eager to go to the next round right now.
Rayzel: Tell us just real quick how old you are, how tall you are, basic stuff like that.
James: I am 6’2” and I think I used to be a 6”3. I am 53 years old. Today I weigh in at 345 point something. I have been as heavy as 485 before. Started watching TV interviews and pictures of guys that are only 600 something pounds lined up on Big {inaudible} and couldn’t {inaudible} and I’m thinking, Lord I am only a little over hundred pounds away from that. I’ve got to do something. I started having panic attacks and just didn’t know what works so that came out and it’s just all kind of stuff you know. But I’ve found HCG and I started under a, well, actually I was fortunate to get to start under a medical supervision kind of thing that isn’t using the big shots. I hated shots. I mean if I could have taken a shot, honest to God, in high school I would have become an intravenous drug user. I had friends that did it but I could not take a shot to save my life so just started taking shots. I was [inaudible] everything and now thank God it’s come out with this little diabetic needles and half the time I don’t even feel them much less it doesn’t hurt I can do it.
Rayzel: That is true. The little subcutaneous needle, that’s what he’s talking about, for injections. For anyone who’s nervous about injections then you’re not sure. It’s not like going to the doctor and getting some big shot. They’re really tiny needles, they’re short and they’re very thin. So like he said when you injected it to your fat which is what you’re supposed to do. You really don’t even feel it. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about, this maybe the round that you just completed, you said you started this particular round at 411 pounds, right?
James: I did.
Rayzel: How long did you end up doing this round? How many days were you on the diet would you say?
James: Well, this is the only thing that really works for me in my life. I did lose a lot of weight with HCG and then I just let myself go back to doing everything I was doing before to half gallon ice cream, you know, stupid stuff. Life turns on you, you get depressed, and you lose a business here and there, whatever. You try to turn yourself to what makes you feel good, that stuff that’s killing you. But anyway, in a while, I decided that I wanted to do HCG again. I couldn’t find a doctor around here, it costs a fortune to buy it, so I started looking at the internet and I found your webpage. So I have had the benefit of ordered through your webpage and then I got the product that had the B12 with it. I thought that would be cool. I’m thinking seriously about trying the product that’s got the fats
Rayzel: Oh yeah like the lipo shots
James: I’d like to see what that’s about. Anyway, I did the last round and what I ordered and the amount I was taking gave me 50 shots so I’ve decided do 50 shots. I was still losing weight everyday so I thought {inaudible} or anything. I skipped a day a week. So I scratched it out very close to maybe 8 weeks.
Rayzel: Cool. So about 8 weeks on the low calorie diet and you lost about 65 pounds. Did you load for 2 days like usual or?
James: I did a fat load.
Rayzel: How many pounds did you gain loading?
James: I did a clean load. I’m serious. The clean load- I never thought about that before but it makes so much sense because you end up doing a whole bunch of sugar and carbs when you’re trying to fat load. Let’s have pasta, let’s have pizza, let’s- Ice cream’s got fat and you know I just decided not to do that and part of it is like, “Oh your fat enough you don’t need a fat load” but because I read his manuscript and because I believe in reading his manuscript big time if you’re gonna do this. I decided it was important to do that. I did the fat load for 2 days and then I started right in.
Rayzel: Great. Did you gain weight during the loading?
James: A pound or 2 maybe.
Rayzel: [Inaudible]
James: You know sometimes it can be a little weird because I’m really sensitive to salt and so a whole water is in a heartbeat so you know honest to God one day even that heavy I can fluctuate 5 or 6 pounds if I eat a big salt meal. But I think I only did 1-1/2 or 2 pounds doing the fat load but I honestly dropped 15-20 pounds the first week been thinking about it.
Rayzel: For anyone who doesn’t know, when he’s talking about a clean load the original protocol you load on high calories for the first 2 days of the diet before you go to the low calorie. Originally it was kind of just you eat whatever as long as it has fat but oftentimes it would include things that had sugar and carbs but what I ended up doing for a few of my rounds was loading without sugar and carbs but still making sure to eat a high fat diet and I found that to be much better for me just overall. So that’s what he’s saying he did. The nice thing about it is that usually when you load clean the loading gain is usually not much. You can count on that which is nice because it’s nice to be losing new weight as soon as possible.
James: Yeah it is. Fortunately for me my weight drops out of my face first. It’s like this huge motivator. The scale’s going down. The face is whatever.
Rayzel: So people notice it probably pretty quickly then.
James: Yeah and pretty soon I’m due for a haircut. Every time I get a haircut, “Oh you’re losing so much weight.”
Rayzel: That’s that little trick. Cool.
James: I tell you one thing. There comes a man when I was doing probably a few years ago. I got down to just under 300. My son was going to this Boy Scout thing. The keys and the [inaudible] you can’t get on the boat if you’re over 300 so [inaudible]. But I had a picture snapped at me at a Mother’s day with all my grandsons, my wife Rene and I looked so drawn out. I look like such an old man. I was used to looking at this fat guy for years and this scared me. My mom went to her 50th reunion it’s like “When have a change” he said, “Well fat builds up the wrinkles.” I’m like “Yeah right.” And to some degree it might but it freaked me out. So this time I’m taking time to look in the mirror every day. You know what I’m getting older slow; you get a wrinkle or 2. I’d rather be slimmer. I’d rather not to have to be walking off curves and second guessing myself. I walk almost every day a couple of miles around the lake and another few pounds I’ll be on my bike again. Now I got on the bike last time I was doing HCG. I hadn’t been on a bike in 30 years and I got to where I am because I hate exercise. I cannot stand it. As a kid we have to do this presence physical fitness thing and it was the worst. I couldn’t do the pull up, I was always last running. I hate, hate it, hate it, exercise. And I got this picture when I was 18/19 years old. I thought I was so fat. One picture I’m curbing up my stomach and the other picture I’m there and I’m skinny as a rail and it just freaks me out that I thought I was fat.
Rayzel: Isn’t that funny? Perceptions of ourselves can be so off when you look back.
James: They really can.
Rayzel: So it sounds like you just weren’t very strong or something even though you were thin.
James: I don’t know what it was.
Rayzel: Yeah like “I just hated exercise, I couldn’t do it.”
James: I got this picture where I’m flexing a little bit and standing there or something and I heard a man a couple of years ago say they did this big study with women that are working out in these clubs and they’re in front of these big mirrors and very rarely can they lose weight because they’re seeing this picture of them overweight every day and that’s the picture [inaudible] I got rid of the mirrors on my [inaudible]. I got this big 3×4 flip poster of me, that was gonna be my before picture right? Rip and cut then I’m gonna have an after picture now I’m like “My God, get me back there!” So I’ve got that on my wall and once in a while people walk and they were like-
Rayzel: What? What is that?
James: That’s the picture I want in my mind. Sometimes I think hope that’s not the picture you’ve got in your mind but you don’t look like that yet.
Rayzel: Yeah, right. That’s interesting too what you mentioned about the mirrors. You know I talk about CrossFit all the time and there are no mirrors at CrossFit gyms. There’s no mirror so I think that’s a good thing. You don’t know what you look like so you’re just there to work hard and see what comes of it.
James: When you do start losing weight like you know because I’ve done this round before and I hate that I went back up 300 pounds and then I got to go back down. But from like 400 to 350, I mean, people can see in your face and you can see your belly shave off a little bit and you know, shirts that you couldn’t wear once you go you start looking back a little bit and that’s all cool.
Rayzel: Yeah.
James: When you start losing from between for me, 350 to 300 that’s gonna be different for everybody. Then you start really seeing yourself different and you get this little that’s like, “Wow is that a leg muscle?” you’ll work it and not only is there a shape here and then sometimes you’re like laying in the bed or just something happens and you’re like “I feel thin” or “I don’t feel this fat around me, I feel like what might be a normal person. I just feel like I’ve got this walls on me right now and it’s the coolest feeling and I’m learning to try to capture those feelings. I’ve been trying to write those down and I’ve heard if thoughts like that come to you and it all somehow actualizes or get them in yet you’re gonna lose them so I got a journal I drive around with. I don’t journal a lot yet but some that I work on but at least throw down that thought.
Rayzel: I love that you say that because you’re right there’s those sensations where you feel like “Oh this is a very comfortable normal feeling in my body” and you’re right it’s a very good feeling. Like when my clothes fit more comfortable now and I just feel like, I don’t know, it’s just not an issue for me- I was only about 50 pounds overweight to start with but it’s still a good amount of weight. I’m only 5’1’’. I just remember in the car I felt just very uncomfortable driving in the car just because the seatbelt would just always cut in to my fat. It’s like I could never be just comfortable just sitting. I just wasn’t comfortable all the time. I don’t worry about that now.
James: That’s funny. Driving the car was one way I measured my fat loss because- I have a tape measure but it’s like the steering wheel is digging into your belly right? Well, after a few days of HCG, a week or so. It’s like” Hey, its stop dragging my belly anymore” and “Hey there’s a finger width now” and now I’m up to 3 fingers width.
Rayzel: Awesome! That’s perfect. That’s a great stuff to have. At the end you’ll have your measuring tape with how far away from the steering wheel your belly is.
James: The measuring tape for me is hard because just figuring it out and what not, pulling too tight so that you get- I wanna do my measurements like that I’ll do them without looking previously. So frequency where I was, I got these little tricks with me but you know we need them.
Rayzel: Actually speaking of measurements I’m working on a little workbook right now to help people keep track. It’ s kind of like a tracking hCG diet tracker I’m working on and it’ll help track what you’re eating, your weight, but also measurements; how to kind of accurately measure yourself with like maybe doing it once a week or something. I think that would be helpful.
James: I was thinking something, you’re [inaudible] you got yourself in. A lot of times [inaudible] talk about this, and they’re like hormone, you know, you growing boobs, I already got boobs, [inaudible] but it’s not an issue. I mean, again if you just read the manuscript- is it Simolton?
Rayzel: Simeons, Dr. Simeons.
James: But if you read that thing, you’ll realize it’s not an issue. My wife unfortunately for her, she’s so frustrated sometimes because she still has this bulge in her belly to get rid of her so she’ll keep on hCG to get rid of it but she doesn’t lose any weight like when you don’t have any more fat really to lose your body it’s not gonna work. So we [inaudible] and I like that aspect.
Rayzel: Right. Sometimes I have a little excess skin so I still have those like bulge in my belly just because there’s excess skin there that’s not fat so.
James: I thought it’s pretty brave of you to show that on your webpage. You’re so cool.
Rayzel: Well I wanted to be real cause I for so long, and I’m a woman, so it’s different but you know I was raised looking at fitness magazines so I thought that’s what a healthy normal person looked like. They have no excess flab anywhere, anything imperfect, so it’s kind of like no matter how thin I got because I actually was fairly thin in high school. No matter how thin I got I felt like I didn’t look good and that I was overweight and I wasn’t. Now with CrossFit it’s completely changed my whole outlook on women and what’s strong and healthy looks like and because they all look about like me I feel like hey I look great! I think it’s like exuding that like these are the normal things that a woman looks like and be proud of that.
James: You know what you go back to those renaissance painting and you see those women on those paintings and they got bellies, they got, they you know whatever but men are still abs perfect, you know. Oh please.
Rayzel: Yeah that’s interesting. Well maybe I can ask you now when you first discover the HCG because like you said a lot of men have concerns about the diet. Did you have any concerns yourself before you started it that you were worried about after reading what the rules were?
James: I did not. I’m not a big research guy I kind of go on like that sometime. So after reading the book The Weight Loss Cure, all that stuff but reading Simeons protocol I just realize thousands of people have done this. Basically no bad effects, you know.
Rayzel: So do you feel like that really help you then though reading those books versus if you have not read those books and someone just told you “Oh there’s this diet hCG you eat 500 calories”, would you have been more sceptical then if you hadn’t have the details?
I can’t imagine that I would have done it and I can’t imagine why anybody would. If they don’t read the manuscript and got some misunderstanding of what’s behind this? To me understanding this is everything. It’ll motivate you when you’re down, when you don’t want to do this. One thing that gets me through is I’m a late night eater. I mean I go all day long and not eat but when I want to eat at night you know, so trying to quit eating around 6 is whatever. So my wife will- she had leftover coffee in the crockpot or whatever. She will put little cream in it and really get away from that but she put stevia in it and she’ll make coffee ice cubes for me. So when I want to eat something at night, I want something sweet. You let those coffee ice cubes melt just a hair and they’re e not hard to crunch and you can suck them, you can beat them. You feel like you’re chewing eating something, you feel like you got those great tripe treat and coffee cubes have gotten me through more hardships than you can imagine.
Rayzel: That’s a great tip. I’m gonna put that on the blog post that goes with the interview. That’s a great idea. Very cool. That’s awesome.
James: I got a great thing I just did this last week of Phase 3 thing. Anyway instead of potato salad uses the cauliflower. So then the same stuff and it’s like man this tastes basically like potato salad just you know.
Rayzel: That’s fantastic, that’s great. So just going back real quick to the advice about researching the diet, you know for, if you’ve just heard about it and then you feel like sceptical. I think that’s a normal reaction that’s fine. It’s fine to be sceptical. Just you know it might be worth researching further before you make your final decision because it’s true like you said when you actually research the premise behind it and even for instance a lot of people were like that’s a female hormone. That’s the pregnancy hormone. It is true that women produce it a lot when they’re pregnant but actually men do produce very tiny amounts of the hormone in their body. I did research that so it’s not like it’s never in a man’s body, it is, it’s just small amount and that really is what you’re taking on the diet is very small amounts so it’s not really as crazy as it sounds on the outside.
James: Again, if your me, this protocol you’ll see how I get in to all this and actually found this beneficial for boys and issues. And it helps right now with their issues. You talk about investigating stuff, unfortunately people go to the internet and they go, hCG this is the worst thing in the world, that’s where they’re gonna stop. They’re gonna listen to people that haven’t done it. I’ve never heard anybody or seen any interview of somebody that honestly done HCG that had bad effects. No one got up there and said “Hey you know what I lost a kidney”. I just haven’t seen it.
Rayzel: Yeah, well it’s funny too because there’s actually a lot of flak for like just low calorie diets in general and fasting. But the more research I did on that. I still believe in the use of HCG, I feel like it just makes the whole thing work so beautifully. But honestly even when I started researching fasting more it’s not, people have made a lot of hoopla about that being unhealthy too but when you’re very heavy, your body does burn fat even on just a regular low calorie diet so it is yeah, you can’t always believe what the mainstream media or blog say.
James: I keep [inaudible] your webpage but honestly chica that’s and I think these interviews are good cause people are seeing more people other than yourself. But people can see if you want to really do something or you’re really walking through something, you know and you’ve been doing this 2-3 years or whatever and it doesn’t seem to be adversely affecting you. I mean you know I never stop to check all those [inaudible]
Rayzel: No, no, that’s good. That’s good.
James: I just you know when I was a kid, high school, we did stupid stuff. I did drugs and [inaudible] like Oh you did that you didn’t die okay. But with this again thousands of people doing something that they’re not having the bad effects. I mean I’ve done a lot of fasting before and I’ve done it you know to try to [inaudible] and things like that. I’ve done 30 and 40 day water fast.
Rayzel: Wow. You have. Interesting.
James: Again you can drop 40-50 pounds doing that but when you start eating again and in a week you got it right back and worst.
Rayzel: Right. We should talk about that, yeah tell me about that cause you said before- I didn’t mean to interrupt you but just before you said you’ve lost weight hCG before but then you had a rough patch in life so tell me the comparison with how the weight came back on after hCG versus after fasting like you said.
James: With fasting it just came right back but with hCG, you know, I lost a business, [inaudible] my wife, no money and you know just being stupid but it took months and months, I mean it took a couple of years to get that 100 pounds back on me. That was just being foolish for the whole time. I mean I hardly tried and then when you just even try to do something then you don’t really go anywhere. You just kind of held up and then boom you’re climb some more. The very first time I did HCG because of the fasting and not wanting to lose muscle because I don’t want to lose whatever would be helping me. I’ve done Atkins before and well I was doing nothing but 95% fats. I was eating macadamia nuts trying to lose weight in Atkins you know. I still love macadamia nuts I can’t stand a little. That’s news for you if you really love something just gorge on it a little while
Rayzel: Then you get sick of it. I don’t know that never happened with me and ice cream. I still have to avoid it.
James: Well there are great stuffs there [inaudible]. The first time I did HCG I went for the hydrostatic testing, you know the water tank. I went in to the water tank and tested before and after to make sure I was not losing muscle.
Rayzel: I’m so glad you did that.
James: Again, that helped me see that for myself it’s working. I was in a situation where they can hook me up with electrodes and try to differentiate body fat and muscle. Like I said how much water your body is actually utilizing and all the fancy words with. I did all of that. Not only could I see it but they could all see it. People at the doctor’s office and everybody can see it happening.
Rayzel: Do you remember the details of the test results, by chance, before and after? I know it’s been a while.
James: No.
Rayzel: Could I get them later somehow?
James: I’ll do my best to try to dig those up.
Rayzel: If you find it because I that’s actually the kind of thing that I wish more people had access to because you’re right that’s pretty much the ultimate proof.
James: Well I haven’t thought about any of that in such a long time. I barely, I’ve got some before pictures, my wife man, she posts those on Facebook when I first open up a Facebook page and it was one of the ugliest me sitting down fat. Why would you put this on my page? I don’t know how to get it off. You know, stuff like that. [Inaudible]. But she’s actually; bless her heart she’s been faithful to put up with someone who’s heavy and coming from a background where she doesn’t like heavy. She even got up to, well I’ll get in trouble, best stop talking, and her story is her story. She’s mighty grateful to be back down.
Rayzel: Let me see here. Let me see where I’m at. Oh so maybe what I can do is if you do find the test result type stuff, I’ll put it in the blog post or something. I would just love to see that. I wish more people could do that testing.
James: Well, I guess, when I started this round honestly I just so mad at myself that I’ve gotten heavy again and let this happen. I took some before pictures but I was just so mad. I took one without clothes on and you can’t see anything personal unfortunately, all you can see is fat. It’s ugly picture. So you might not get that one until I get to be abs and cut.
Rayzel: But I’m sure you’ll get there. It seems you’re in a different place mentally after going through what you did. Would you say what’s change about your outlook that’s making it feel like this is the time that you’re gonna keep it off this time.
James: I am doing a lot of things in my life to persuade my heart of different things. That’s a whole long story that this forum doesn’t allow but it has a lot to do with how you see yourself, what you see, the pictures you allow to stay in your [inaudible], the self-talk you allow to keep self-talking. I’m just learning to put those [inaudible] send it a way and change that. So that’s got a lot to do with it and I think the other is I did lose the weight and I gained it back and it’s like well I will never would come here again. I gave away all my big clothes. Because of it I have one pair of pants to wear through the winter. I’m just like not buy any, I’d go to Goodwill or something, get a couple of pair but I’m just not go over again. But now thankfully I am [inaudible] back in the closet. You know there’s a time before I’m not gone with my shirts tucked in for 30 years or 40 years and I ended up in a restaurant situation and I didn’t have anything to wear and my wife bought me a shirt to wear so I went to the [inaudible] and I had to tuck it in and it’s just like. Oh it was weird, it hugged you but it’s like I’m super embarrassed. This is a milestone. That’s what’s different. I’m learning to grab a milestones when something feels a little different it feels good. Right. Something I can do is like Wow I can pick my foot up and wash it. I can put my leg on my knee to tie my shoe. I can tell you a bunch of things that are just too much information. Fat people. Fat, fat people. You know Dr. Simeons he calls a 300-pounder a colossus. I’m like “Oh my God, they’re not totally obese, they’re a colossus. My God!” You got the colossus thing with you.
Rayzel: That is the weird thing about how things seem to have changed since when he was around and doing it. Somehow it seems like the food, the types of ingredients in our food are different meaning making us heavier than ever before. That’s interesting.
James: You know how you do in your blog about [inaudible] but I was just reading a very, very respected public figure and doctor and I don’t know, I didn’t check this stuff myself but he was saying that China and India are now the 1 and 2 leading nations in the world for diabetes. European countries are it’s almost 40% of the population has diabetes. And the number, I forgot how many billions, it’s like 2. Something billion people are overweight in the world. You’re asking me what’s different and I think I’m just kind of waking up to realize it is totally my responsibility. I can blame my mama, I can blame a lot of thing but I have a choice today. God gave us the power to choose life and death and [inaudible]. I choose life today.
Rayzel: And you can break that mould you know. I believe that because my family history in my mom’s maternal side, my grandfather, they all pretty much died of complications of diabetes and they were all larger people and they all have very big appetite which I do. Like I said, my husband’s 6 feet tall, I’m 5’1’’. Even to this day I probably eat much as he does but I think since I CrossFit it’s okay, it works out but you know I eat really healthy but I can eat a lot of food. There’s some genetic component there where we’re very attracted to sugar and a lots of it and of course that turns into diabetes and you know being heavy and then dying of complications of that. That’s a big thing in our whole family line and I feel like I’m kind of breaking that cycle because I realize like “Okay, I’m inordinately attracted to sugary foods.” My husband’s not. He can eat a piece of pie and be done with it and move on and he won’t be thinking about it after that but I’ll be kind of wishing I could have eaten the whole pie if I do that. That’s always how it’s been for me. So I realized I have to make some really drastic changes in my life to break away from that end result and I feel like I have. You can do that but you have to be able to recognize it and then make a drastic change.
James: Well, I’ve got some really- I thought we could take this in a different direction. Something that I recognized when I did the hCG the first time before I did it, I parked and I was late for a movie one night with my wife and so I ran or try to run to get into the theatre and well my knee started to hurt and my knees hurt for 6 or 8 months and you know I was in bible school I was trying to [inaudible] taking pain meds and stuff and yada yada ya. Well when I ran into the protocol part of this does is moving get rid of fat but actually rebuilds fat in your heels, in your knees, in different places where you’ve lost it and that was my experience. Honest to God I had to negotiate a full ridge curve like you wouldn’t believe. These knees, it couldn’t sleep, there’s no position that it can be comfortable in and 2 days before I finished that first protocol. I actually woke up with no pain that day. Dissipated little by little but I woke up with no pain in my knees and I went on to- it took me a month to get my regular gait back. I didn’t realize I was walking weird because of the pain. The whole month to walk regular again and then I made this mistake that some people might make and I thought I would mention and that is “Oh wow, I lost 65 pounds that was the easiest”. You know HCG is the easiest thing I have ever done and I personally can’t imagine doing something that’s easier. Is it easy to do? No. Okay. Well, let me say it this way, it is not without effort. You have to make an effort but the reward of the effort in HCG to me is more powerful than anything. I still have to watch myself because you know what he talks about the abnormal fat “This is the only way to unlock the abnormal fat like HCG is the only answer.” There are other answers. But my knees kept hurting me and I’m sorry- the point is I found it so easy to lose the weight that when I got off hCG it’s like within 3 days there were my birthday and family took me for an all you can eat King Crab leg. Woo yeah! And for a few weeks after that it’s like well I can lose this weight again. I didn’t get to do this for 6 weeks. What’s the difference? I got a whole different mindset now. It’s like, let’s not go back to this or let’s get our body to a place where [inaudible] crab legs, I won’t get some crab legs. But I found it so easy to lose the weight that I did not value what I have done and I went back to being foolish and eating and doing all the things that’s gonna screw your hypothalamus and take you back to where you were with the mindset of “Oh I can just do hCG again”. That is a trap.
Rayzel: It is. It is true I think that it’s something that a lot of us have fallen victim to. I kind of ended up in that spot for a little bit initially too because when I actually- to be honest when I first started the diet I didn’t really have any intention of changing my eating habits long term. I really didn’t. I was so kind of addicted to the way I ate. I just didn’t see how and I’m probably repeating myself from another interview where I talked about this but yeah I just didn’t see how I really could make that change because I was just so addicted to all the foods that I ate. It was kind of like with the short range thing in view. I’m sure I could do a diet for a few weeks and then whatever happens after that, I’ll figure it out then but thankfully once you start to see the changes that can take place and how you can change. You start thinking more and kind of gradually implement any changes.
James: I think what you’ve done with the exercise is totally beneficial for you. I actually have walked in that and I like it. I missed it. Before when I got riding my bicycle I got to where I liked riding it and I hate exercises badly as I did. It’s really something. I have [inaudible] certainly I remember when I look at how skinny I was when I was 18 it’s crazy, crazy, crazy. But I don’t know what’s there that I don’t know now. I do know that you don’t get to go camping with your kids because you don’t want to walk around. You just don’t wanna do stuff when you’re so heavy and you just missed out on moments in life so I don’t want to miss out on too much more of the moments of my life.
Rayzel: Those are nice thoughts you know.
James: You know that’s one reason to do it but you got to do it for yourself. You can’t do it for your wife; you can’t do it for yourself. Certainly you can use those as motivators but when you get miserably heavy. You’re not really too worried about anybody else if you’re me.
Rayzel: Those are good thoughts. I agree. It’s like wanting to be there for your family. I think those are add-ons but like you said ultimately I think it has to be motivated like you said by the desire to do it for yourself too. That reminds me, this is kind of a different subject but, my husband he’s kind of a musician, like he can play just about any instrument. When we were younger I would sing and he would sing and he’d play instruments but I’m not really- it’s just not really my thing but I tried to learn guitar for him like 4 or 5 times now. He doesn’t mind like he’d never press but I’d be like “Oh I wanna do this for him” but I don’t really wanna, I just don’t care that much. So I’ve tried like 4 times and it just never work. I give up. It just never works because it’s not in my own heart. It only carries you so far if it’s not there inside you.
James: It really does. This last round I did. I didn’t do it, I don’t know if I mentioned that or not-
Rayzel: No actually I want to talk more about that in a minute too like the logistics. No that’s good why don’t we go ahead and go there now. I wanted to talk about like the actual logistics of while you were on this round. How many calories you ate? What your dosage was? How, you said you have a labor intensive job so why don’t you talk about that now.
James: Well I did lose a 20-year business about 3 years ago and so this last 3 years I’ve been in sales but it’s appliances [inaudible] and for the last 6 months I’ve been working to launch another business so I’’ve been just helping with the deliveries. So this last round I was physically working very hard. You know all the refrigerators and washers and dryers and things. I live in the Atlanta Georgia area. It’s pretty hot in summer and literally I would sweat through shirts and clothes like crazy. Even though I was doing all that I still pretty much stuck with the 500 calories. I mean if I thought I was a little hungrier or I thought I want an extra big piece of chicken I didn’t care [inaudible]. It made sense to me, you know, whatever. My wife was very helpful there, almost too helpful because she’s always like this is a serving and I’m like put that half a cup thing away and give me a bowl. So I would go along with the servings and I would try to drink water. I try to get the concept of drinking water. I don’t even drink with my meals anymore. I got it in my head somewhere that you digest food better enzymes and stuff isn’t so diluted. That’s just in me now. So I try to, I think about it I try to drink water 30 minutes or well before I ate. Or if I was hungry at night, I’m a night time eater, I told you that. I would like, go drink a big glass of water first and just see how you do in 5 to 10 minutes. If you think you just got to have that piece of fish, I try to eat protein if I was gonna cheat. My energy was really great and even the times I thought I was worn out it’s like you know you just move all kind of machines you’ll be tired anyway. In times I’ve done it before I get towards the end of it and I would get kind of light headed or I couldn’t stand up too quick cause you think you’d pass out. I didn’t go through that this time and that might be because I didn’t eat the fruit. I chose not to eat the fruit and I didn’t miss it. Once in a while I might have an orange slice or something but I just didn’t miss it.
Rayzel: So overall then for the makeup of the 500 calories you have the protein and the vegetables and then did you replace the calories from the fruit with something else?
James: I might give myself a little more; eat more bites of the vegetable or whatever. You said something in one of your videos just give us some explanation to why you thought Simeons did 500 calories and he didn’t want you to be so regimented because you know this much fish and this much steak is gonna be different calories. It made a lot of sense to me. I just decided I won’t gonna worry about it too much plus this idea of just eating to hunger and not overeating or stop when you’re just kind of not hungry anymore. That’s a new one for me you know. I know that’s a good thing but the thought of doing it is trouble. It’s funny if you just stop and think about it. I tell myself every year Red Lobster does this thing with the all you can eat [inaudible] I mean we’ve been there before and we pride ourselves on boring 12, 15, and 18 servings of this stuff and last week it was like Oh it’s trip festival again I’m gonna drive down there before I go back home and I thought about that and then I’m learning to listen inside you. I’m learning to not think about my head or my habits so much but it’s like what do I really want? And I thought about going to Red Lobster doing that and it’s like I don’t really want to do that. So I’m wanting what I don’t want to do it just because it’s a habit and I’ve done it the last 10 years you know I have to go do it and boy I tell you what being able to get away from stuff like that or give yourself that little facts like you wake up the next day and you go man, I nearly trash myself eating last night. [Inaudible] and you feel so good the next day. Perk me up when that scale reward you. Well that daily reward and I still do the daily weight because that is a reward.
Rayzel: I think like you said part of that stems from really valuing the progress that you’re making now like you value what you’ve accomplished because even for me, even to this day, every now and then when I go to a grocery store I might see a package of gluten-free cookies and I use to buy those and eat the whole package and still on occasion there is a fleeting thought through my head of like it would be fun to buy those and eat them all but immediately following that quick thought is like I value all that I’ve achieved far too much to do that. It’s just not worth it and then I move on. But it’s not like I never, I still occasionally have a little thought like that.
James: You know there’s some mind battles when you’re doing this low calorie diet. I was [inaudible] one day I [inaudible] and they smell so good I couldn’t believe it. A mustard sandwich just seems like the end of the world so you still have some mind battles. I have noticed on each little deal you get on this kick and you kind of do that the whole time. This last time I got into mustard. I have mustard on my fish, I have mustard on my chicken and I love mustard and I love mustard with them. You would ask me about just doing thing. I loaded clean.
Rayzel: You loaded clean and overall you already explained that but just to clarify it because people are so worried about it. You are a tall larger man that works hard and you ate 500 calories a day and you didn’t feel really weak and hungry so you had good energy, you weren’t hungry overall.
James: That’s the truth. Again I think it has a lot to do with your mind and your expectation. I don’t know how people do it but in mind I was like okay if a 100 pound woman and a 300 pound man both do 500 calories then what’s left unlocks what they need. In my mind I’m like okay if I’m working my tail off, slept like a dog and drinking water like crazy then my body is unlocking even more of the fat store beginning what I needed.
Rayzel: Actually that makes sense because I don’t know if you’ve ever read Robin Woodall’s book it’s called Weightloss Apocalypse, but anyway she talks about it seems counter intuitive but once you think about it oftentimes it’s actually thinner people that have a harder time on the low calorie diet because they just don’t have as many fat stores and hCG can’t stimulate as much leptin as when you’re a larger person you do have a lot more that your body can utilize so it is true you actually can do it almost more easily, the low calorie.
James: I think [inaudible] he’d just get so frustrated because I’ll get up and I’ll be dropping a pound or two every day. I have my days where I go 2-3 days and nothing would happen or I would eat salt and it’ll step up. But I mean to go through, to be at the end of the 40-50 days and still be knocking down 2-3 pounds a day sometimes. Oh it’s the best feeling in the world. It just makes her so mad. But then I think generally men do lose it easier.
Rayzel: They do. They have more muscle mass to start with to and testosterone and all that. But anyway speaking of pattern of weight loss. So you said you would have a large loss some days but then other days you would not lose anything for 2-3 days, is that how it would be?
James: Yeah I got a few of those.
Rayzel: Because it’s good to know what’s normal, like you said, what to expect. Some people kind of freak out if they don’t lose weight for a day or 2. Like Oh my gosh, it’s not working but usually the pattern is not super consistent. Sometimes it’s big and then nothing and then big and that’s okay.
James: I think when you know you’re eating right then you don’t have to feel guilty. When you do something foolish then that sets in on you and then that scale gone up and you’re oh that’s what happen or maybe that didn’t happen maybe I just ate a little extra salt or something else irritated my body where it wanted to save itself but you know I do[inaudible] makeup thank God. I find a reason to thank God every week.
Rayzel: That’s the one for this week.
James: Yes. You know I would just really get in the way back too if I knew that I was doing pretty much what I needed to do. I would just keep [inaudible] whatever you do have like this 3 pound drop you’re like okay we’re probably not going anywhere tomorrow so that happens and you just have to rationalize it and again to take a look at your webpage. You have so many videos that help you understand when things aren’t quite going alright or you have so much information in there. It’s just incredible.
Rayzel: Thank you. Thanks. And I think what you said is what you have to keep in mind is you don’t want to overanalyse things like you said because you could just drive yourself crazy cause most of the time you are doing everything right and you just kind of need to wait it out so I think that that’s good advice.
James: I think I only had 1 time this last time where I went 3 days and the 4th day I didn’t go anywhere or I’d gone up a pound or 2 and not go anywhere. So that’s when I would normally do an apple day but when I’ve decided you know why would I do an apple day, you know, it’s totally sugar and I don’t want to do that so I would just fast that day and the thing about hCG is I’m generally not hungry. You can ever separate the mind battle from real, real hunger. You realize you’re not hungry so the people that talked about the dangers of low calorie stuff. You know if you learn to listen to your body and that’s what I’m getting from you a lot to just kind of listen. It’s like what would I want to eat? Why am I craving maybe there’s something there I need? I’ve had enough to eat I don’t need it anymore. I need a rest or whatever. It’s a new experience for me chica. Cause I you know, I think it is for a lot of people.
Rayzel: It is. Yeah. The dose that you were on, how many iu?
James: Is it Rayzel or chica?
Rayzel: Rayzel. That’s fine.
James: We refer to you as chica right?
Rayzel: Either way is fine. So what dose of HCG were you taking on that round?
James: 200.
Rayzel: 200iu. Okay cool.
James: It is easy to pull up into shot and I figure that will work for me now. I thought about towards the end of it and I wonder should I reduce this a little bit and I just never did. I stuck with that.
Rayzel: It sounds like you felt comfortable on it.
James: I wasn’t hungry I was trying to listen to my body and I watch your videos about how to judge your [inaudible] so I was like am I hungry? No. Do I have a problem am I weak? Whatever. I didn’t sense that.
Rayzel: That’s great. I have noticed for people watching that men in general seem to need a slightly higher dosage than women. I have just noticed that most men feel good on 175-200. My dad actually did a round sometime back. He was on 175. I think he actually started in 150. He was pretty hungry, he was struggling, he was getting really grouchy and then he went up to 175 and he’s like I don’t know, it’ s okay. Then he finally went up to 200 and he seems to feel a lot better. He wasn’t feeling so hungry. The grouchiness went away so it does seem that men do good on a dose around there.
James: That happened to me in my other round years ago where I just feel like I was doing nothing and I was doing a regimented thing with somebody and they wouldn’t give me [inaudible]. So I had to figure out.
Rayzel: It is nice to have a little bit of control over the way you carry out the protocol so that you can judge for yourself what you need.
James: I tell you it’s nice to be able to get something in the local pharmacy. I’m not a research person. You seem like you are and I really trust your sincerity. I trust the research you’ve done. I think you go a long way in trying to build something to really help people. And because of that I trusted your references, your referrals. It is nice to be able to [inaudible] I don’t have to mess around and spend an 800 or a thousand dollars. I was in a situation one time where the doctor just let me order directly from a pharmacy. They send it to me at this cost. It’s like $18 a bottle and I had a year prescription for it. Whenever I run out I was like [inaudible].
Rayzel: That’s the thing about doing this diet. I mean no matter where you get hCG whether you go to a clinic or you get it online, I feel like there are, that’s why I put so much information in my website is because I feel like there’s a lot of things that the people dispensing the protocol don’t know because they’ve never have done it and people struggle because they don’t have those details that they need to do the protocol properly so that’s why I’m always telling you to read my blog post on this site to help find a good dose for you and to learn how to get rid of cravings and all that cause those are all the things that make it work for real is paying attention to all that.
James: You know chica, I’ll say this to you, people who has come to an end of this, I always get nervous when I’m coming to the end of it because when I’m on it, the food is so limited but it’s so easy for me because it’s like A-B-C and so now I got all this choices again and you’re losing and you’re just like you want to keep losing. I find the people that in groups that I’ve done ball with whatever they’re just trying to squeeze every little thing they can or whatever and I think what they did is they end up fixated on the food. I try with being fixated on the food and then when I’m eating I’m trying not to, you know, I’m sitting in front of the TV or do something where I’m scarfing it down but you know try to chew that food up until it’s liquid in my mouth and enjoy the flavors and stuff and when you really come off it though you really enjoy other stuff. There’s thing who go through the market [inaudible] she’s never made while I’m doing the diet [inaudible] but we’ll go through the market and I’ll see things like lychee nuts or just things that I’d like to have and so I put it on a list. That’s the other thing I just run into something and it’s like Oh I got to have that. It’s like you can have it in 4 weeks, you’ll have it the rest of your life. So we make such a big deal and I have and I still do, sometimes you make such a big deal about food. Some of our biggest fights have been when I was doing HCG before and it wouldn’t taste good or she would burn something or just something I was like, so disappointed.
Rayzel: I know, like that’s all was gonna get to have and it wasn’t satisfying. That’s so funny. That’s why when in regular life I tend to order the same food at a restaurant like when I find a dish I like I always order the same thing because I’m so afraid that if I order something else it’s not gonna be as satisfying.
James: Fortunately for me my wife is extremely, extremely, good cook. The downside of that is it makes going out to restaurants and stuff because you get disappointed. That is you know I don’t have to go to a restaurant. So we’re learning some of that. We invite a couple over, invite somebody over. Make a deal, make eating a deal and enjoy it.
Rayzel: Why don’t we wrap this up with just talking a little bit about P3 now because you mentioned that you’ve actually lost a little weight in P3. Why don’t you tell me how you’re eating? What types of food you’re eating now in P3 while you’re staying stable.
James: Well I definitely decided to stay away from the starches and the sugars and I pretty much stayed with what I was doing before and just added a couple of things in for those first 2-3 weeks. I had to had one or two nights or whatever where I was like I wanna have something cool here. I saw my [inaudible] so I would do that but I’m pretty much been eating what I want to and I still have a thing about wanting to eat at night so I’ll just try to eat protein, make some cheese chips or just something that’s not carbs or my ice cubes, we made other kind of cubes. I don’t particularly care for, I’m trying to get away from Splendas and sweeteners and couple of that mess. I don’t think we’ve got sugar in the house. We’ve been using Splenda now for a long time and but she found some coffee flavors that did have Splenda and stuff that I’m like for occasional treat it still be [inaudible] what I’m doing before and where you don’t feel like you’re totally deprived or anything and you’re still enjoying life and that’s last P3 I’ve had some corn chips the last few days and I’ve had some stuff and I had a few nights where it’s like I think I’m going to brace here a little while because you know we’re still trying to get business going. We’re still dealing with real life and I’m not body beautiful yet so. So I have few night where I would just graze for whatever but I get up the next morning I’m thinking I’ve had a couple of days where I won’t even weigh. It’s like the scale’s gonna kill me I don’t even want to see it. I’ve decided I’ll go in here anyway and I will be shock to find out I didn’t gain any weight so that has been a tremendous experience for me. Now I’ll eat some salt or something, I will so I’ll chill back off of this for a day or so and I’m staying right there. My ending weight is 349. I really wanted to be under that 350 park you know. But at the end of the day I had always weigh less in the morning than in the end of the day. The other day [inaudible] I would step on the scale I was 342 and I’m like [inaudible]
Rayzel: Yeah, yeah, cool.
James: So like I said I’m staying 344-345 right now and not really trying to lose weight right now. It’s just like I’ll put my efforts, efforts back when I go back on track.
Rayzel: Obviously you’re making good choices because you’ve lost 5 pounds or so in P3 even so.
James: I mean I can see mine again, way too much information for people but we’re colossus. Only when you can see your ankles, when you could push on your skin and it doesn’t leave the imprint of your finger anymore, I mean these things are cool. I’ve had some issue, I had the side of my leg was just stinging and going numb and I started a couple of nights I woke up and it’s just what I think shingles would feel like. My leg is on fire I couldn’t touch it whatever. But since this last round that’s pretty much all gone away and you know I don’t know what I look like right now. I’ve made a mistake of going to a dermatologist the day before this and so I’m going to be looking [inaudible] couple of days. They thought oh it looks to be precancerous let’s just freeze it for the heck of it. When I did that and I have absolutely no idea why [inaudible] sorry.
Rayzel: The cool thing about this is I can edit anything out so that’s what’s cool about pre-recording it’s not like it’s live.
James: I don’t think people will watch a 2 hour video anyway.
Rayzel: Why don’t I just ask you one last question and that’s just-
James: You know I’m gonna think of a million things as soon as we sign out after this.
Rayzel: Later like God I thought about this.
James: I will tell you this though. This is pretty cool. I found this yellow rain jacket years ago and it’s like a 2X. I was up in the 7Xs. The short I have on now is the 4X and loose. I had this 2X jacket and when I did get down like the 300 I decided just I said because one day I’m gonna be able to wear this. Inside I’m [inaudible] it’s still a little snug but it’s like Oh my God I can wear it.
Rayzel: That is so cool.
James: It’s very cool. It’s still in the closet but I’m still looking-
Rayzel: It is actually really- it’s just a weird feeling a little bit when you have experiences like that wherein like for instance when I first started the diet I have bought a couple of items of clothing that didn’t fit yet but that I was looking forward to fitting into. But then as time went on eventually those clothes were huge on me. The clothes that I couldn’t get into were now way too big. It was just a weird feeling. It’s like I couldn’t even put that on before and now I can’t even wear it because it’s too big.
James: Well now I’m coming into thinking of looking into my wardrobe again and coming back into which is very cool. I think it should be obvious and but we haven’t even talked about it and that is the self-esteem that comes. Now people are like “Oh James you look so good you must be proud”. And there’s this little voice in me going I’m not proud, I should have never got this big. So I didn’t really let myself do the little whatever but I’m learning, and you know what you got to let yourself do the little whatever so what you screwed up you’re working on it again. Let yourself enjoy the accolade. Let yourself- you know you don’t have to in a lot of stuff just say “Hey thanks.”
Rayzel: Yeah. It’s good because you have value to offer from it. I’m actually writing this blog post about why I’m glad I was overweight at one time. It’s taught me so much. It’s not that I’m proud that I got that way but everything that I’ve done since that time- I mean this my whole website wouldn’t be around if that hadn’t happen. If I hadn’t had something bad happen and then turn that around and use HCG and I learned so much through the whole thing then yeah the website wouldn’t even exist. It’s true all the experience you have whether good or bad you can use to inspire other people.
James: I have this correlation with the weight loss but it also correlates into this story where I must be one day and somebody said something about winning the lottery. I’m like I don’t want to win the lottery. My wife almost got mad said “Aren’t you tired of where we’ve been? Why would you not win the lottery?” I don’t like being here. I know God didn’t put us here. It’s not his desire. He has better things for us and I don’t want to stay here but while I’m here I wanna learn what I can so that I never have to come here again. I know what it’s like to be just big and I don’t think since I was 20 years old. I want to be near that 240-250 range so it’s like why do you want to get [inaudible] and I’m like I’m shooting for a strong healthy 250 and let’s see what that feels like. I know the chart says I’m supposed to be 185 and I was like I just can’t see it right now. Let me just get down to 250 and then let’s see where we’re at and where we will go. But I would like to get there. I will get there. I have more confidence in it now and in the confidence you know I got a business that were cranking up but I’ve got some things I want to do and man I need. I need the self-confidence. My wife’s like “People just generally don’t like, there’s [inaudible]” and I’m like yeah she’s there’s a lot of truth to this much as we don’t like it. There’ a lot of truth to it. I still need to get myself worth other than what I look like and that’s just part of it.
Rayzel: Yeah. Yeah that goes together though. Well I’m so glad that we got to talk now because I do figured when you get to your goal and it’ll be so fun to do a follow up interview when you get further along and see how you’re doing and just everything that’s transpired since now.
James: I’ll give you a shout when I get through the next round and I’m sitting at 290 instead of 345.
Rayzel: Yeah, sounds really good. Thank you so much for being on here today.
James: You’re quite welcome and I really I feel like I’m talking to a star right now but at the same time chica it’s weird because you come on this video and you’re talking about your family and you get pictures of your kids and that kind of stuff so sometimes we feel like we all know you and you’re our biggest buddy and you’re my grandma we’ll be able to pick up the phone and call you. Well and you know basically you don’t know me but it’s okay cause what you’re doing, it’s really imparting yourself to folks and I personally really appreciate it. I hear people slamming you here and there whatever and I’m like you know, people will slam people that are doing something. Your motive seems like you really want to help people not to build something that helps you make a fortune.
Rayzel: Thank you and I do tell people that I do love to help people but it is true if I couldn’t make income from it as well I’d have to go get a job from somewhere else to support my family and I think people would recognize that like I couldn’t work 30 hours a week for free. No one can do that. So it goes together. But it is true, I love doing this and it’s- I don’t have to do all this, I don’t have to do these interviews or make all these- like you said I research hours and hours for every article I write because I feel like this has changed my life. I feel like if I hadn’t found this I don’t know where I’d be. I don’t know what would be happening. I feel like I’d really be missing out on my life and my family.
James: You know for the people that have the arguments that very low calorie is dangerous or this is dangerous or that is dangerous. Being obese is dangerous.
Rayzel: Exactly.
James: My blood pressure is down now. I didn’t have to take meds before but I probably should have and just you know stuff that other people are still going through that I don’t go through.
Rayzel: Yeah Episode I think its 18, I haven’t published it yet but it will be published by the time this one is published but she’s the woman who her body fat percent is currently 23%. She’s lost 120 pounds in a year and she was at the point where she said before she found hCG she was very heavy and she said the next time she needed to call 911 cause it had happened before she had this surgery and all this crazy stuff, she’s like, she had decided the next time that happen she just wasn’t gonna call. That’s where she was at. She’s like kind of like giving up like I’m that’s it, I’m kind of done, I don’t know the solution. Then she ended up finding HCG because she’s like I’m gonna try one more time. She discovered HCG and now she’s lost over 100 pounds. She’s planning all this surgeries to get rid of her excess skin. I mean she’s excited about life. She feels so much better. So it’s changed her life.
James: I wish her well with the surgery and stuff I’ve got to look at that too, you know when you’re that huge. I do believe the picture and stuff I’m seeing where HCG tightens up your skin and things like that. There’s a couple of natural things, a couple of frequency things, a couple of things I’m gonna try to work with and just see if we can’t go that route first. I’m glad for her. I’m looking forward to seeing that.
Rayzel: I think in another couple of weeks I’ll put that one out.
James: She [inaudible] and which is like I’m just afraid every time I’ve got to lose some weight but who’s afraid to do this but you know that now my son- I have a 33 year old son that has lost 60 pounds doing hCG, I don’t know if I told you that or not- he’s just got through with the round and he weighs less now than he did when he was 22, he’s never been a big person but he is excited but my mom will listen to him. He’s more thorough, I did it, Jim you do, you get all that stuff it’s more practical. She’s like “I’m thinking about it”. So I gave her your web page I said just go read the manuscript. Go read Pounds and Inches. I haven’t look at that yet and I said its okay mom but when you get a chance read a couple of pages. I said it’s really interesting reading to me.
Rayzel: It is. Well it’s just kind of like this weird, when I first started reading it I was like, “Whoa, this is just weird, I don’t know it’s like something I’ve never heard of before” and it’s very intriguing but like you said it made sense.
James: Well you know I’ve been accused of being a conspiracy theorist. But it makes a lot of sense to me that big, big, big [inaudible], big medical, big [inaudible] really has no incentive for anybody to really be healthy. But again it boils down to maintain our responsibility for myself and trying to listen to my part and doesn’t have the need to. You want to sit there and say I won’t forget there cause you went there once and you went away from it and you know I’m just gonna go there and I do look forward to doing this interview on another round around December
Rayzel: Yeah. That’s gonna be awesome.

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It’s here! The hCG Diet Workbook for Phase 2 Thu, 02 Apr 2015 22:43:30 +0000 I can’t believe it! After a few scribblings on a notebook 6 months ago, many many hours of painstaking writing and design, much feedback from both my email list and Facebook (you guys are truly awesome – be sure to … Continue reading

The post It’s here! The hCG Diet Workbook for Phase 2 appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

I can’t believe it! After a few scribblings on a notebook 6 months ago, many many hours of painstaking writing and design, much feedback from both my email list and Facebook (you guys are truly awesome – be sure to check out the gratitude page of the workbook if you guys purchase it ;), the hCG Diet Workbook is finally ready for you! It clocks in at 272 pages and 6 sections. This was not thrown together by any means. I carefully crafted this to be as useful and appropriate to us hCGers needs as possible. Since I have done this protocol, I understand what these needs are.

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hCGers and Me -

Video Tutorial of Workbook Coming Soon!

I will be adding a video tutorial where I’ll actually show you visually all this stuff I’ve about to talk about in a few more days – till then, here’s a little rundown of what you’ll find inside the hCG Diet Workbook for Phase 2!

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When I am deciding if I need something, I like to get as much information about it as possible. I hate when there’s only 1 image and I have no idea what’s inside.

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This area covers the type of stuff that no one else tells you about because they don’t know about it. It’s all the realizations that took me from yo-yo dieting for years to being able to lose and maintain. The thoughts here are based on a marriage of both logic and mental outlook.

Inside this section we’ve got:

  • 4 Reality Checks
  • Discussion on Expected Weight Loss on hCG
  • Stalls/Plateaus on the Diet
  • When to Allow Failure and How to Plan Better for Next Time
  • Should a Number Be Your Ultimate Goal?
  • Happiness & Health as an Ultimate Goal
  • Never Say Never…Or Say Never, but Then Embark on the Journey Anyway

Beyond Excited

Section 2: Diet Instructions

The complete directions for the original diet that Dr. Simeons created, along with modifications that many are using that I feel comfortable recommending. I’ve laid it out visually in a very easy to understand way – at least that was my intent. I guess the feedback will let me know if I succeeded or not!

Section 3: Quick Glance Progress

This section contains areas for:

  • Starting and ending photo
  • Tips on Measuring Yourself
  • Inch Loss Results
  • Inch Loss Tracking Log – Phase 2
  • Inch Tracking Log – Phase 3
  • Quick Glance Weight Tracking – Phase 2
  • Quick Glance Weight Tracking – Phase 3
  • Troubleshooting Log – Phase 2

Essentially, these areas are designed so that you can see a lot of your basic stats that you’re keeping track of, at one time.

Back and Front

Section 4: Main Phase 2 Tracking Area

This is the main section for DAILY tracking of your round of hCG during Phase 2. There are 9 full weeks worth of daily tracking charts! So if you have a very long round, you’re covered.

Features on these pages: Daily tip, quote, or recipe from either myself or other hCGers.

Types of stuff you can track on these pages:

  • Weight
  • hCG Dosage
  • Hunger level
  • Hours of sleep
  • Injection location
  • Drops/Pellets Dosing
  • Supplements
  • Calories
  • Simple check off boxes for foods you eat each day.
  • Liquids/Water intake – in either Liters OR Ounces!
  • Space provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner for those who include a breakfast.
  • Space to indicate if something was an in between meal snack.
  • Daily personal notes area
  • Calorie area for each meal (should you choose to do this)
  • Areas to fill in your own “other” foods of your own choosing.
  • Weekly inspirational Quote
  • Weekly personal reflection area

Section 5: Reflections and Personal Notes

This area has a section for reflecting on your entire round at the end – the triumphs, the struggles, as well as several pages of blank note area for you to write whatever you need.

Section 6: Phase 2 Calorie Count Charts

This area has the approximate calorie value/carbs/protein/fat for various amounts of the Phase 2 foods, as well areas to input your own off protocol foods should you choose to include them.

How the Workbook is Flexible and Can Adapt to Different Methods on the Protocol:

I’ll add this section soon!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I’m one of those have-to-go-overboard-on-research-before-i-buy type people too.

If you think it will be useful for you, you can purchase the hCG Diet Workbook on Amazon.

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hCG Diet Phase 2 Recipe – Cold Curried Chicken Salad Wed, 01 Apr 2015 18:11:47 +0000 This recipe is taken with permission from Chefy Brain. Oh, sorry you don’t know who Chefy Brain is. It’s Tammy Skye. From her highly rated hCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook. I am calling Tammy the amazing chefy-brain because how you could … Continue reading

The post hCG Diet Phase 2 Recipe – Cold Curried Chicken Salad appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

This recipe is taken with permission from Chefy Brain. Oh, sorry you don’t know who Chefy Brain is. It’s Tammy Skye. From her highly rated hCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook.

I am calling Tammy the amazing chefy-brain because how you could come up with over 350 Recipes for Phase 2 (between the 2 volumes of her cookbooks- volume 1 has over 200 recipes, volume 2 has 150 recipes) with such a limited food list, I just don’t know! She is incredibly creative with food and this particular recipe was delicious.

I know it is because I made it and ate in in Phase 4 while having access to french fries, so you know when a recipe tastes good under those circumstances that it’s a winner.

And while you could simply read the recipe below, I really think you should watch the 5 minute demonstration cuz my son and I have some silliness goin’ on to send a little laugh and smile your way today. ;)

Everyone Dances While Making hCG Diet Recipes Don't They?

Demo of Cold Curried Chicken Salad Recipes for Phase 2 of the hCG Diet -

Cold Curried Chicken Salad

Posted with permission from Tammy Skye’s hCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook


  • 100 grams chicken, diced
  • 1 apple, diced
  • 1.5 cups celery, diced (optional) hcgchica note: I think you should add it, it’s TOTALLY yummy- gives it this awesome crunch and makes it a larger serving.
  • 1/4 cup water (you may need a little more depending on the level of heat in your pan)
  • 2 TBS. Lemon Juice (about 1/2 a lemon)
  • 1 TBS. Finely minced onion
  • 1 clove of garlic, crushed and minced
  • 1/4 TSP. Curry Powder or to taste (I often put more hehe)
  • Dash of the following:
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion powder
  • Cayenne powder
  • Cinnamon (oh yes, don’t skip this!)
  • Turmeric
  • Stevia to taste (oh yes, don’t skip this!)


In a small saucepan, lightly saute chicken in lemon juice until lightly brown. Add 1/4 cup water and spices. Stir well and simmer over low heat until liquid reduces to form a sauce and chicken is cooked well (this doesn’t take long at all if you diced the chicken small). Add water as needed to create the consistency you want. Chill, add chopped apple and celery, or omit the celery and serve over a green salad.


Free Phase 2 hCG Diet Recipe from Tammy Skye's hCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook -

My and my son cooking hCG recipes together -

Ingredients for Phase 2 Chicken Curry Salad Recipe - Phase 2 hCG Diet -


And some awesome being-silly-ness





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Episode 21: 70 LB Weight Loss with HCG Injections – Stephanie Tue, 24 Mar 2015 17:08:11 +0000 Stephanie was an operating nurse, teaches nursing, and has even worked in the bariatric field of nursing. She saw and was very aware of the complications that can occur with bariatric surgery like gastric bypass. When the tables turned and … Continue reading

The post Episode 21: 70 LB Weight Loss with HCG Injections – Stephanie appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

Stephanie was an operating nurse, teaches nursing, and has even worked in the bariatric field of nursing. She saw and was very aware of the complications that can occur with bariatric surgery like gastric bypass. When the tables turned and she was pondering bypass surgery herself, her friend who was a nurse practioner responsible for follow up care of bariatric patients suggested she compare the pros and cons of surgery vs. the hCG protocol. This woman was helping patients who AFTER weight loss surgery, where having issues losing weight, with hCG.

You will get to hear about her 3 rounds of hCG as well as her fitness program – Crossfit! Ahh….a woman after my own heart. :)- We all know I could talk about that all day.

Height: 5’6″
Age: 45 years old
Starting weight: 256 lbs
Current weight: 186 lbs
Total weight loss so far with hCG: 70 lbs
Clothing size change: Size 22 to Size 12 currently.

  • Round 1: 40 days
  • Round 2: 30 days
  • Round 3: 30 days

These rounds were done between September 2013 and August 2014 – of course she wasn’t on hCG the majority of that year- just those 30-40 days at a time.

Special Tip! Stevia-sweetened chocolate:

Lily’s Dark Chocolate with Stevia Original — 3 oz

Lily’s Dark Chocolate Premium Baking Chips – Sweetened with Stevia

Episode 21 of the hCG Diet Interviews - 70 lbs gone so far - Size 22 to Size 12 -

Download Episode 21 Transcript – PDF

Or read it below:

Rayzel: Hey guys! hCGchica! Guess what? We’re on Episode 21 now of the hCG Diet Interviews. I have Stephanie with me today. She’s lost 70 pounds so far with the hCG Protocol and we have a lot of interesting stuff to talk about. One is she as a medical background in nursing and she’s actually been a part of seeing bariatric surgery and stuff like that so we get to ask her some questions today, just comparisons because some people have considered weight loss surgery but then they happen to hear about hCG so we can kind of hear her feedback on the 2 options today. So welcome. Thanks for being with me.
Stephanie: Thank you. Thank you so much.
Rayzel: I’m excited to have you. So give us just a few little basic stats like your age and height and all that stuff.
Stephanie: Okay. I am 44. I’ll actually be 45 years old this coming September. I am 5’6’’ and my current weight is 186.
Rayzel: Okay. 186. And what weight did you start at?
Stephanie: I started at 256 pounds.
Rayzel: So how does that weight loss there, that 70 pounds, how does that translate as far as your clothing size change?
Stephanie: I think that’s been the most dramatic. I’ve gone from a size 22 down to a size 12 now.
Rayzel: Wow. That’s so amazing. That is awesome.
Stephanie: It’s huge.
Rayzel: Yeah that is huge. So tell me how many, with the 70 pounds, how many rounds have you done so far to lose that?
Stephanie: I have done 3 pounds. I started at the end of last September. I have done 3 rounds currently as of August 2014.
Rayzel: Cool. That’s really neat so basically from September to now, which of course you haven’t been on hCG the whole time you’ve lost 70 pounds.
Stephanie: Yes, it’s been amazing.
Rayzel: Was it 40 day type rounds? That 3 rounds?
Stephanie: The first round was the longest round that I did and I did do 40 days my first round but my 2 subsequent rounds have been 30 days each.
Rayzel: Oh cool. Great. That’s a really good accomplishment then. Maybe you could tell me about the low point that you had reached before you started the hCG protocol?
Stephanie: I think it started almost a year prior to when I decided to do hCG. I had gone to Walt Disney World with my daughter and I remember trying to squeeze in to the airline seat and the entire time, of course you walk hundreds and hundreds of miles while you’re there and my knees hurt, my back hurt the whole time that we were at Walt Disney World and the same thing of trying to squeeze in to the seat for my rides and I’m 45 but I also have a 5 year old and a 13 year old. So really the low point was thinking about my future with them, quality as a parent can I be, and how active I could remain as a parent.
Rayzel: It’s interesting you mentioned that too cause I think that’s actually one of the things that kind of makes a lot of woman, myself as well, start to think that we have to make a change. I remember when my eating habits ad gotten so bad for a while and my son, he was like 9 months old, so he’d be in his car seat and I’d go to Target and I’d buy this whole package of cookies and I’d be eating them in my car and it’s like he’d be like “Eh, eh”. I’d given him one or two cookies and I knew that was good enough for him for now but I was thinking to myself in another year or two, he’s gonna be aware of what’s going on. He’s gonna want to be eating like me and I was like I can’t teach that to him.
Stephanie: I know. My 5-year old daughter always sits next to me at the dinner table and now that I’m eating very, very healthy, she’s so happy to be eating whatever I’m eating and so even my son had picked up good habits as well. They use to see me go for seconds and even thirds at the dinner table and I think about that now, I don’t want those habits passed on. On top of that, as a nurse, and teaching nursing in the clinical setting, I take students in variety of hospitals every week and I see our population of overweight, Type II diabetes and hypertension are skyrocketing. It’s through the roof. So I knew it was just a matter of 1 or 2 more pounds. God had been gracious that I knew at any time I was gonna cross over and I was gonna be hypertensive and I was gonna have Type II diabetes. It was inevitable.
Rayzel: Yeah, just like that clock ticking. You knew where it was headed if you kept up. I remember thinking the same thing when I would just be eating a lot of sugar and I had a blood sugar meter and I would check my blood sugar after I had consumed a huge amount of sugar and it was like 140 something, way too high for me. It scared me because I couldn’t seem to stop myself though but I knew where it was leading. My whole family, the whole side on my mom’s dad’s side, they all have died from complications of diabetes. They’ve all had it. So I was like I have to make a change. And like you said, I love now that pretty much all my son knows is healthy eating. We don’t have junk food in the house. He gets treats now and then but it’s pretty much set.
Stephanie: It’s a fun healthy treat that he has no idea if it doesn’t have a cup of sugar in it so then it’s still fantastic.
Rayzel: Well you know since you mentioned with your nursing background, why don’t we talk about that now? Tell me like what you’re background is and then what you’ve seen as far as those different type of weight loss surgeries.
Stephanie: My background is as an [upper?] I teach nursing now in a university setting in a Baccalaureate program. I’m working on my doctorates. But my background has been actually as an operating room nurse. I’ve worked everything from general surgery to open heart surgery and one of the first hospitals that I worked at actually did bariatric surgery. Not only did I see the bariatric surgery but I saw the complications that went along with some forms of bariatric surgery. Let me [inaudible] this up by saying you can have- anything can go wrong with any type of surgery but I would like to [purpose?] this by saying I considered bariatric surgery. I was to the point in my weight loss journey before I found out about hCG, I didn’t care about the side effects. I didn’t care about the complications that can occur with a gastric roux-en-y. You’re going in and you’re having major abdominal surgery let’s just keep it simple as that. So anytime you have major abdominal surgery you can have bad things that can happen. You can have adhesions in your bowels. You can have bleeding. But long-term and what we have seen in nursing and in nursing care is the side effects from the bariatric. Some forms, but not all forms, but some forms of bariatric surgery have led to low mineral levels which have a whole another side effect and side effects eating side effects. So when we talk about bariatric surgery, most forms not every form but it’s permanent. You’re thinking about doing a permanent change in your body that is not irreversible for most forms of bariatric surgery. So when we have the option now of hCG to get such dramatic results and not temporary results but permanent result. I think that you owe it to yourself to always investigate both sides.
Rayzel: I agree with that because like you said with the surgery is not being irreversible. In certain cases you may need to consider it but that is the nice thing about hCG is that may work for you and you will still be able to eat a normal amount of food when you’re done. It’s a big difference.
Stephanie: Another portion of looking at bariatric surgery and the permanence of it, I actually do hCG under the guidance of a good friend of mine who is a nurse practicioner and an RN first assist and she actually worked hand in hand with a general surgeon and did many, many bariatric surgery and then ahs been responsible for follow up care. Well her role now is she is helping this people that have had a permanent weight loss surgery who still cannot lose all of their weight and so what is she helping them with? hCG.
Rayzel: There you go.
Stephanie: Yes. And so it would benefit you to investigate both side before you ever decided to do something as dramatic as bariatric surgery.
Rayzel: Yeah I agree with that. As far as you know with the background and everything that you’ve seen, what types of medical conditions do you think would basically go away if people could lose weight from being overweight.
Stephanie: Type II diabetes, hypertension, you can see dramatic reduction in hypertension with losing 10 pounds and so what we’re talking about it really is, especially when you think about what we talked about, and I’m sure you have some recorded issues in the first rounds. The first round is always significant. It’s always an amazing round. You have a lot of weight to lose. You have a lot of fat to lose and so you’re looking at 20 to 30 pound weight loss. That can reduce your hypertension dramatically. Almost, not every person, and of course you have to follow the advice of your physician but you may very well be able to come off of your hypertensive medication if you lost 20-30 pounds. Depending on what type of weight loss you need, you can definitely see and the same if you’re Type II diabetic and need to lose weight that you could actually get your body back into where it can self-regulate.
Rayzel: That’s so amazing too. There are so many side effects with taking medications as well, aside from the actual condition. So it’s kind of compound so if you can eventually get away from that, you know.
Stephanie: Oh, absolutely, you owe it to your body definitely to try to lose the weight to get off of the medications if those are the reasons that you’re in medication is because you’re obese then by all means. The side effects alone from your blood pressure medication can be constipation. You can actually develop low blood pressure, standing and rising, based on the medication. So any times that we can get our body in back into being able to self-regulate, we owe it to our bodies to try.
Rayzel: So tell me now with your personal experience with losing this 70 pounds, how has that changed things for you, like how you were feeling then and how you feel now?
Stephanie: Oh my gosh, I had gotten to the point where I didn’t want to get off of the couch. I was literally exhausted. I teach nursing as I said and I’m very active with that but I’ve also had a passion of riding horses my whole life and it had gotten to the point where I just couldn’t advance any further in my riding because I have gotten so heavy and my knees had started to hurt and my ankles were swelling all the time. I was just carrying a lot of—because of the excess weight I was carrying a lot of excess fluid all the time and so my knees hurt and my back hurt. I hadn’t wanted to move. Now that I’ve lost 70 pounds after the first round I started boxing and kick boxing. I needed to add activity back at the end. So I got that weight off and I thought I could do this. I started working out and I started feeling great. Through my 2nd round of hCG I did boxing and kick-boxing and then at the end of this 3rd round I started doing CrossFit. And that’s 2 months ago.
Rayzel: Wooh!
Stephanie: Yey! Go CrossFit!
Rayzel: I can’t stop talking about that. Everyone knows.
Stephanie: So love it. I have worked out through my last 2 rounds. I did boxing and kickboxing 5 days a week on my 2nd round and on my 3rd round I was still doing the boxing and kickboxing and then I looked over to doing CrossFit and I’ve done that 4-6 times a week and I did that through my last round.
Rayzel: Wow. So that’s pretty significant. Maybe we can delve into that a little bit more because I get that question a lot like can I exercise on hCG or not and what I’ve found is it really varies from person to person. I could not handle it but in your case you were actually doing quite a bit of exercise while on hCG. So tell me when you did that how did you experience the rest of the diet while you’re doing that? Did you eat more than 500 calories? How is your weight loss? Can you explain that?
Stephanie: My weight loss through the 2nd round was still very significant, I think, I might have had, maybe we all go through stalls when we have it but I don’t think I ever saw a significant stall from working out. Being a woman, I think I had a more associated weight stall of course during menstruation. Right before you start your period is basically when you would see that time for weight stall but I didn’t really see that with the hCG. If anything I increased my protein a little bit. I might have gone up to 130-140 grams of protein at a time. If I felt really down, for me, I get by with using Jay Robb whey protein. I might have that in the morning if I was feeling a little bit low [inaudible]
Rayzel: So you have a shake of the Jay Robb, would that be like a 3rd protein then?
Stephanie: That would be a 3rd protein for the day.
Rayzel: Good. That’s what I often suggest to people who do want to keep trying to exercise through hCG is something like that, like adding a 3rd protein or something or so.
Stephanie: I think with the hCG and with the exercise like you said, I know you’ve talked about in several times is You have to listen to your own body and you know when you’re kind of exhausted and you’ve pushed it a little bit too far then you just step back a little bit. But I think at least get up and start walking. Don’t just do the hCG, next the time get into your 2nd rounds. It’s time to get up and start moving.
Rayzel: Yeah. It’s true on different rounds, like some rounds I felt very fatigued but other rounds I actually felt pretty good. I had good energy and at those times I could do stuff like that. At least do walking and stuff. That’s good. So overall when you did the exercise your energy overall was fairly consistent. You felt okay.
Stephanie: I felt okay. I never felt really, really bad ever. I think I I feel really good actually I have always felt great during the hCG rounds. I slept good and I’ve felt really good.
Rayzel: It’s interesting to hear people report various things of how they feel on hCG. Some people feel great, other people feel like, “I feel like I’m pregnant again and I feel like irritable” so it’s kind of interesting. So how long have you been crossfitting now?
Stephanie: 2 months. 2 solid months of crossfiting
Rayzel: So I want to hear a little bit more about CrossFit now. When you started- I know it’s only been 2 months but have you seen any improvements from start to now yet?
Stephanie: I have a same dramatic improvement, range of motion. You don’t even realize the range of motion that we lose in our everyday life of just living and what you don’t do anymore. And when you see a little toddler squat with their knees apart and their bottom down, you’re like, you don’t think anything about it until you try to do it. Then you’re like “I can’t do this.” So the range of motion, the strength that I’ve gain, my overall fitness level has increased dramatically. I look at some of the people in my gym and of course I’m like “Oh my gosh, I’m never gonna be there”. But I also look at the fact that I did a 135 pound deadlift this week and I started out at 55 pounds 2 months ago. So I see dramatic improvement with strength, flexibility, range of motion, and overall cardio level because of course there is- every day is different too when you go in to do CrossFit so you never know what you’re gonna find on the board. The support in there that you can get especially if you’re on a weight loss journey and we find it so, so, so intimidating being overweight and trying to even contemplate working out again that I believe most of the CrossFit gyms, the Box, has a very, very supportive environment. I have gotten nothing but support and encouragement. I’m usually the last kid on the block finished in my gym. Occasionally not but I get cheered on all the time and I get dramatic support so I don’t know, I’m a huge CrossFit fan. I see doing it for life. I love it.
Rayzel: That’s cool and I’m glad to hear you say that too because sometimes people do, like you said, feel intimidated so it’s good to hear you say that you feel supported in there because that’s really what I’ve observed as well. Some people feel like they have to wait till they’re thin to work out at CrossFit. Cause there are a lot of really fit people on CrossFit. When I go there, there’s a lot of really muscular, amazing like athlete looking people. So you feel like, “do you I have to be like that or am I gonna feel weird?” But actually there is a whole other set of people that are just regular everyday people who are still losing weight. Who is still might be overweight. And I feel like I see the same thing that they are supported. The other day, she’s trying to lose weight, she’s been coming, she’s probably in her mid-50s and with burpees like things like that sometimes you have to modify and that’s totally okay. Nobody makes you feel like a loser. She has joint issues and so she has to kind of be on her knees but, like you said, she was finishing last but she went til the end and it’s like the trainer guy who’s this young fit guy, he did it with her, with her like at her pace to finish- to support her.
Stephanie: I can’t tell you how many times like out on some of the longer runs where there is a young high school cross country girl. She’s come back out finished hers and come back out and run my running with me. I can’t tell you how many times that has happened that somebody has stuck it out and they’re always like “You can do this” and “You can finish”. There were some movements at first where he gave me a piece of PCV pipe just to learn the movement and occasionally I’m still stuck with the bar and learning proper form and movement and granted my weight hasn’t moved up with that but I just can’t beat CrossFit, you can’t, hands down for overall fitness not just one piece. One other thing my body loves CrossFit. I have already developing muscle. I always wanted to be that skinny girl. I always saw all this skinny girls, I wanna be skinny. I look at the CrossFit girls and I’m like, my family laughs, my husband he’s super supportive and my mom, my dad are like “You want muscle?” I was like, “Yes I want muscle like that”.
Rayzel: It’s true; it changes your perception right? I thought the same thing. I used to always look at the fitness magazines which have very thin people in the front and some people do have that body type. I don’t really have that body type. I’m sure I’m stockier and I agree I used to be actually very thin and I still felt I was fat because I still didn’t look like those models. Now, those women there like I think at first I would have though “Ooh, they look a little muscular” but now I think it’s very attractive because you know what that muscle can do. The guys think it’s cool too. So I feel so confident in my body now like I feel like I love how I look and yeah it just change my perception of myself and my body which is just so healthy for my body image.
Stephanie: Yes. I’m the same way. I’m like my lower legs have never been beautiful and so I started doing the CrossFit and I was like “Wow! I’m already laying down muscle on the inside of my leg where I’ve never had muscle and on the outside of my leg. I’m like my body does really does love this, for me, for my shape, for my body type. It’s gonna change me dramatically. I can’t wait to even see a year from now.
Rayzel: One more question then I’ll move on. I can talk about CrossFit all day. Do you feel safe there when it comes to cause you know I tell people there’s heavy weight lifting that is involved, some people thinks CrossFit is extreme, so do you feel safe? Do you feel like they’re teaching you proper form? What are your thoughts on that?
Stephanie: Absolutely. Actually the place that I go is called- I guess it’s fine to say the name of it- I know they don’t care. It’s Forfeit. It’s owned also by people that owned a physical therapy and so it’s owned by physical therapist. My CrossFit gym is very, very attuned to proper form and so I’m supported 120% when it comes to proper form and taking care of myself. You know there comes a time too where you had to know your own limits but you also have to know how to push yourself. I think for somebody that’s been overweight and out of shape. You get both in a good CrossFit gym. You’re gonna be pushed. Every day I think you’re pushed out of your comfort zone when it comes to fitness at CrossFit, when you’re new to it because you’re like “I started late today, I was tired when I went to the gym today and I looked at the board today and I thought Hmmm, I don’t know if I can do that today.” I thought that to myself and then I thought hmm, well okay I felt this way one other time but we got through it and I did it. So you have that support there and I think nobody should be intimidated. Go try a CrossFit gym. And don’t just try one because every gym is gonna feel a little bit different. You’re gonna find one that feels like home when you walked in. But I haven’t seen anybody walk into our gym that wasn’t just embraced and part of the team.
Rayzel: That’s cool. Thanks for sharing all that. Let’s move one. When it came to Phase 3 how did stabilizing go? You’ve had a couple of Phase 3 now. Three Phase 3s now. How did those go?
Stephanie: Yes. They’ve gone great. I’ve pretty much followed protocol for me and added things back in very, very slow but after my first Phase 3 I pretty much kept my 2nd and 3rd Phase 3 the same and so for me I, the end of my Phase 3 the first time. I realized I had a gluten sensitivity and so my weight became unstable every time I would have something with gluten so I ended up taking gluten completely out of my diet and my weight stabilized. For me I kept a little bit of dairy in my diet and so it took probably about at the 10th to 15 day mark I’ve been able to have a little bit of cheese. I’ve had a little bit of sour cream and yogurt and I’ve done fine with. But then I stick mainly just to the proteins and my go-to vegetables of broccoli, cauliflower. Cauliflower is my go-to vegetable now for mashed potato, casseroles or whatever I’m eating. I use a lot of bison. I used bison in P2 and so bison just increases in P3 as well as my chicken. I do some pork tenderloin in Phase 3 and my weight has stabilized every time with no problems but I am very, very careful and try to go very, very slow. That is the hardest thing and that is the best advice I can give is be patient. It’s not that you’re hungry “hungry”, you’re just hungry for taste of other food but be patient and it’ll come.
Rayzel: So when you say going slow do you mean both calories and food groups in Phase 3. Gradually adding both or?
Stephanie: I think just food groups? I have increased my calories dramatically in that 1st week and not had any problem with it. It take some effort I think to get in 1600 calories that 1st week. You’re just not that hungry. So I track, I used, that’s how I track my food and then the other cool thing about that if you track your food like that, you have that to-go-back to [inaudible] phase and so you can go back to those months and still look at those days and look at your food. It keeps a record of your food that you enter, it keeps a- it’s right there and so easy.
Rayzel: So now you mentioned that with the dairy you added that in sometime around day 10 or 15 of P3 is that right? So when you would start P3 what are the main food groups you were eating at that point?
Stephanie: Okay. I stick to my vegetables and my protein.
Rayzel: So it was just vegetables –
Stephanie: The vegetables, protein and adding coconut oil in everything.
Rayzel: Okay, gotcha, cool. Were you eating any like nuts or fruit or no?
Stephanie: I have. Almonds have been a go-to for me and I’ve never had any problem with them and so there’s a couple of brands of even chocolate infused almonds. It’s just dark chocolate and they’re just infused with that. Those are kind of my go-to snack.
Rayzel: Do you remember what brand those were?
Stephanie: I do, well, Sprouts in your whole foods will carry some on their both section. They’re [inaudible] to get. I just can’t remember the name of the nut, kind of, one of the major nut producer made really good ones as well.
Rayzel: So you leave those tricks for like a treat or something.
Stephanie: Absolutely. When I want something. Another thing I add back in at that time, I think I had told you about that they are packed with virgin coconut oil, it’s by Hail Merry, it’s little chocolate macaroon and very healthy packed with lots of coconut oil and I eat those. Those are my go-to snacks too.
Rayzel: Are those P3 friendly?
Those have been P3 friendly for me. I have not any problem with those.
Rayzel: What is these sweetened with?
Stephanie: I wait till probably at the 15th day, the end of my 2nd week for those but then I easily add those back in.
Rayzel: It sounds like you’re very strict the 1st week and a half, two weeks of P3 where it’s like meat and veggies and then you started adding in a little dairy or like you said you add coconut oil and then you started adding in a little bit of—
Stephanie: And eggs, I also add back in avocado usually that first day. I usually do eggs and avocado for breakfast and so I add those back in and had no problem with those.
Rayzel: And so in doing all of that your weight has stabilized within a couple of few pounds of your LDW, is that how it went?
Stephanie: Yes. I have stabilized this time it’s so funny, you’re already cool in CrossFitting and stabilizing was perfect 100% timing. Because I did stabilize about 3-4 pounds over where I ended up at but I was CrossFitting and so I was like, “I will not panic, I will not do another steak day, I will be okay” and so it’s remained very, very stable from that point. But this last time after the CrossFit, it peaked just a little bit and I went back and read that article and I thought “Okay, CrossFitting and those go together.”
Rayzel: Yeah, it’s so true. It’s like that’s the whole purpose of it, so it takes such space on your body weighs something. It’s funny how we can end up fighting ourselves sometimes because of the number on the scale but-
Stephanie: I think- I don’t know if it’s the words at in your asking questions but so I started out by the book as far as my body fat percentage or my BMI. I never had it tested when I started but I went back in I looked at BMI and our weight and so I had started somewhere in the area of 39-41 for a BMI and then I did the DEXA testing at the end of this round and I think I told you 29% body fat which is amazing.
Rayzel: It is. That’s fantastic. For anyone else who’s not aware of what a DEXA scan is, it’s basically the most accurate way you can have your body fat tested outside of being dead and you know. It’s cool, so it’s like this thing I had a couple done before. It scans your whole body, usually they’re actually is to check your bone density but now they can use them to check your body fat and it will actually tell you how much fat you have everywhere eon your body like your right arm, your left arm, left side, it’s really interesting. One thing I have found is that since I’ve done a lot of Hydrostatic Body Fat Test too, I found that the DEXA scan is higher, like I would get a higher result as far as the body fat percent and I know mentioned this too-
Stephanie: That’s good news for me.
Rayzel: Yeah. I mentioned that too because it was actually a few percent higher so it’s actually very possible that your body fat percent is 27% according to like hydrostatic so kind of interesting. But of course DEXA’s more accurate. It’s just that as far as the way the industry on line compares they use the hydro more as the way for comparison. But yeah that’s great 29%, that’s doing great.
Stephanie: I think I’m gonna do another round probably in October. I will have been off from like the middle of June, of course to start off the 4th round and so in the September first of October I’m gonna do my 4th round and I’m gonna do the DEXA again right before I do that, with the CrossFitting and I’m gonna continue to CrossFit through that round as well.
Rayzel: Good. I hope it goes good. Can you tell me how you’re eating habits have changed from then to now? How’s that different?
Stephanie: Absolutely. That’s probably been the most dramatic change. I used to be hungry all the time and so I will drive through the drive-thru and it will be nothing for me to order hamburger, 2 orders of fries and eat that or to eat fast food anytime I was hungry and since I did my 1st round of hCG I don’t eat fast food at all, anymore. I don’t drink any Coke, I don’t drink any soda, I don’t do any of the additives anymore in my water even except for a natural oil that we’ll talk about in a little bit but I eat clean and so what does that mean? It means I personally make all of my food. I’ve got 1 restaurant that is a go-to back up by my work that they make fresh food and so they’ll grill up some chicken and peppers for me and then avocado and I can have that but if it’s not fresh and it’s not made fresh I don’t eat it. I’ve taken out all of my- I’ve been experimenting a little bit with no grains and so I’ve taken out all of my pastas and stuff. I use spaghetti squash as my go-to for pasta now. I just eat clean, no refined sugars, when I want a treat I have the Hail Merry, I have Lily, other brand Lily makes a chocolate bar with stevia. I do have that occasionally but I’ll have a few pieces of chocolate and so my chocolate almonds. It’s like having an almond joy. So I just eat clean and if I don’t have something to eat clean I don’t grab something. I’m not gonna die if I don’t have food within the 5 hour period. I don’t leave with that constant pressure of I have to eat all the time. I used to have that just constant hunger, that’s gone away and I don’t have that mental fatigue of I have to eat, I have to eat, I have to eat. Today in fact I was trying to get a paper done working on my doctorate, I need to do some cooking and so I’m low on food and so it’s like Okay what do you have to eat? Well I have some eggs and some avocado until I can get some cooking done this evening. It’s just about eating clean and being busy in being a nurse it does mean that I have to do food prep now.
Rayzel: Yeah, talk about that.
Stephanie: So I might make up 2 pounds of ground bison. I’ll use that in stuffed peppers, I’ll use it for spaghetti, I’ll have it with salt in it, and I’ll just make it with tomato paste. I’ll have it a variety of ways and I might make it with a soup with it, the broth. I might make up a pound of chicken. I might cook up onions and peppers. I always try to have something or my grill is right outside the door. I always have something I can throw in the grill. Can I throw on a lean flat iron steak? Yes. And so a steak, a porkchop, anything. I think I told you the 1st time we spoke that I’ve been starving that day? I got up, I cooked up, I have boiled squash. So my squash was already made up. I threw a steak on, made that steak and that’s what I ate when I was hungry instead of I used to would have eaten a frozen burrito, thrown it in the microwave and that’s what I would have had.
Rayzel: Gotcha and you know it’s kind of funny even though in some cases it does take more time to cook healthy food. In other instances I found that it actually is the same or even less time in certain cases. The time it takes me to go drive to a fast food place and get the food and come back or you know I can make my kale salad that I love, I timed it, it took me 2 minutes and 40 seconds and that was to chop up an entire head of kale, add pine nuts in and I actually do dry cranberries the type with little sugar but I’m in Phase 4 so it’s okay and my dressing that’s homemade and I literally like 2 minutes and 40 seconds and it’s very filling and I love it. So sometimes it’s just making that transition and like you said finding what you can do like with the grilling the meat thing. Cooking a steak actually doesn’t take that long.
Stephanie: It’s so funny because I have never eaten a lot of fish and one of my very good friends is a gourmet cook, wonderful cook, and she’s told me, she’s like “We will go shopping this week, we will pick out 3 pieces of fish, a salmon, white bass and something else. I will show you how to have that made in 10 minutes and you will love it. I can even show you how your kids will love it over rice. You don’t eat it over rice, not a problem; you can steam some broccoli with it.” But she was like “Give me this week, spend 2 hours with me and I can show you how to make 3 pieces of fish in 10 minutes.” 3 different kinds and so I’m looking forward to that I have a – I think- probably I don’t know there is fully on both sides- for me I’ve never cooked much or had time to cook and so here I am at 45 learning how to cook healthy but I’m completely okay with that.
Rayzel: Yeah, when you were eating fast food before hCG, could you picture yourself like taking that time out to cook on a regular basis, could you have picture that then?
Stephanie: No, never. Our [inaudible] in the middle of my Sunday afternoon after church maybe for me when I’m working for my doctoral work or something that I would also have the oven, the stove going and I could be cooking up 2 different types of meat at one time while multitasking. I would have never have done it. Now I do it all the time.
Rayzel: It’s just like groove you get into.
Stephanie: Yes. Absolutely.
Rayzel: And I really feel hCG helps you kind of get started on that a little bit. Because you have to cook on hCG to follow the protocol.
Stephanie: I hadn’t thought about that but that is so correct. You do. It starts you back into cooking process and you have to prepare. My friends had asked or talked about or just briefly asked about hCG I’m like “For me when I’m on Phase 2 I cook up a ton of bison, cherry tomatoes, with some balsamic vinegar and those are already pre-made in the refrigerator in their little container with their little 100g and my chicken I put on skewers and I grill that so my chicken is right there and you do get you back in the habit of cooking and making your food.
Rayzel: How many meals at a time would you sometimes make on Phase 2 in advance like that?
Stephanie: Oh my God, 8 to 10.
Rayzel: Cool.
Stephanie: Yeah 8-10 most definitely.
Rayzel: Awesome. Yeah, I totally think that and part of it too sometimes when you started the day you think I could do anything for a few weeks so like I could cook for few weeks and you might not be really thinking at the time that you’re gonna keep doing it after but after you’ve done it for a few weeks it starts to become a habit it doesn’t feel so hard anymore. So then you’re like why would I go back to what I was doing, like I’m gonna keep doing this and maintain.
Stephanie: Right, absolutely, it becomes easy. I preach that all the time to various friends about hCG that it really changes your mindset and then helps change your habits. Those are the biggest thing is it changes your mindset and it changes your habit. I have, it’s actually sitting across from me I can’t get it right now but I have a metal one liter bottle that I fill every day, I’ve got about 3 different sorts of them, actually 2 to 3 of those a day but if I don’t have that bottle, if I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t drink it. So again it’s just another habit. I stick my lemon oil in it, my young living lemon oil.
Rayzel: Oh yeah, we can talk about that now. She adds something to her water that makes it yummy and it’s healthy. So go ahead.
Stephanie: Absolutely. It’s Young Living Essential Oil. They’ve got citrus, lime, lemon and they’re fantastic. They’re pure oils made up like the purest form that you can get.
Rayzel: That’s food grade right?
Stephanie: Right. So I put in a couple of drops in all of my water so it gives it flavor. The oils are really, really good for you. Lemon actually helps detoxify your body and so it’s really, really good for you.
Rayzel: We’ll have a link to that in the blog post if you guys want to check those oils out, we’ll have a link to the companies.
Stephanie: That’d be awesome.
Rayzel: So now you’ve also dabbled a little bit now with a little bit of a intermittent fasting which is something else I’m a big fan of so I wanted to hear your feedback on that.
Stephanie: I think it has mental and physical benefits to it. I think mentally it just reiterates I do like the 16-20 hour fast when I do it. I think it just reiterates to my mind that I’m not gonna die without food, that it’s okay that you don’t wake up first thing on the morning and have to eat something so it just kind of reiterates that to me and then physically I just feel better by doing it. If I even see a pound spike or something it also gives me the mentally to eat cleaner the rest of the day so I have fasted that long so when I do go to eat I’m gonna eat something healthy. I’m just gonna continue that good habit throughout that day and so some of the days I might do it maybe the days that I don’t CrossFit on. I get up and I need to eat definitely a little cleaner that day and maybe not quite as high at calorie content because I’m not CrossFitting. I just think it’s a good physical and mental thing to do. I feel good doing it.
Rayzel: I do too.
Stephanie: Once a week probably the least that I do it.
Rayzel: I found it to be a great tool in that way too like you said once a week sometimes I might only do it once a month but sometimes once a week and I feel actually very alert on those days and I get a lot done because I’m not having to worry about making food or eating it. The other thing that I love about it, I don’t know if you’d experience this too but say I’ve kind of gotten into a thing where I’ve been eating slightly not as good as usual and it’s not as clean and I feel like I’m craving that. If I do a fast day it makes me crave clean. Like when I’m done with the fast I don’t want junk food. I want broccoli, a steak, that’s what I’m actually craving.
Stephanie: Absolutely, that is what I’m craving and that’s usually what I’ll end a fast day on is something really good. It’s like you have that to look forward to in your mind too. It’ s like I’m gonna cook up, for me, like a pork tenderloin tonight and maybe do a cauliflower casserole and so I look forward to eating clean like that especially ending a fast day like that.
Rayzel: That’s great.
Stephanie: One of the things that I want to give credit too and I think everybody needs. A fitbit.
Rayzel: Oh sure, go ahead, talk about that.
Stephanie: Absolutely. That really gives you a reality to how much you move and how much you don’t move and it hold yourself accountable and it’s just personal. You know you don’t have to share it with anyone. Then it’s fun, it becomes a game. You’re like, I’m gonna hit 10000 steps today. I’m gonna park in the back of the parking lot when I go to WalMart because I want my 10,000 steps. Or I’m gonna take the stairs at work because I want my 10,000 steps. So you just find yourself moving a lot more.
Rayzel: That’s cool. Does it track your calories at CrossFit.
Stephanie: It doesn’t track your calories. I think you might have a way that you can upload that but I’ve never done that.
Rayzel: Cause I thought there was some device that supposedly could track every calorie burned.
Stephanie: You get the app really quick, I have it right here, it syncs to your smartphone and yes you can track let’s make sure that it has-
Rayzel: There might be different models too, I don’t know, with the fitbit. I don’t know.
Stephanie: I think it does. I can’t find it I mean- Oh here we go.
Rayzel: Okay cause it seems like that’d be pretty hard for it to gauge accurately or not. I just had done some research that supposedly there is some device, but I don’t remember what it was, but it somehow could measure the heat coming off of your body that can then accurately translate it into calories burned or I don’t know. I thought that’s interesting.
Stephanie: I think one of the biggest things with the CrossFit and comparing it to- okay so like I would get a lot more running or miles in when I was boxing cause it usually involves part of bit of little more running even then and so much more cardio but I think what you had to remember is I’m always amazed after I do the heavy weight lifting and how spiked your heart rate is and then you’re lying on that muscle which does burn more calories on the long run and so I think you have to keep that in mind but I haven’t figured out a way to measure that. You’ll have to share if you find something.
Rayzel: Yeah, I know. It sounds so neat to me. I was curious about that. And I agree, I feel like I can eat fairly freely calorie wise because of CrossFit. I have 12 more pounds of muscle, 12 less pounds of fat since my 3rd round like I did 2 more rounds after that and then I was CrossFitting in between so it’s like that’s what those last 2 accomplished. I think it’s made a big difference. I don’t count calories, I don’t like to do that so. But [inaudible] that I don’t have to. It’ s nice if you don’t want to that you don’t have to ideally.
Stephanie: Absolutely.
Rayzel: Well thanks for being with me today. I really appreciate all the feedback. So how much further are you hoping to get?
Stephanie: I’m hoping to do at least 2 more rounds. I’d like to essentially see at least another 20-25 pounds gone, theoretically in my mind. Hopefully 2 more rounds of hCG and I’ll be there.
Rayzel: We’ll have to do another re-interview and check back in with you when that time comes.
Stephanie: That’s cool. Check back with me.
Rayzel: That sounds great.
Stephanie: How many pounds did you lose- how much did you lose on the last 2 rounds of hCG that you did.
Rayzel: My 4th round I only did, for, that’s the only round that I did a 3 week round, so it’s the only short round that I did. That round I only lost like 7 pounds. I still don’t know because I actually attempted to keep CrossFitting that round and I only did it like the first 2 or 3 days of the diet but when I did that, my weight loss stopped dead right at the beginning of the round which is pretty uncommon but usually the 1st week you will lose fairly well and I literally didn’t lose any weight for like 10 days after the 3rd or 4th day. I have some health stuff so that’s why for me I think it’s possible that it was really too much and maybe my body was like too much. No. So that’ s why I don’t know if that was the cause of that round being very low but anyways I only lost 7 pounds that one but that was also the round that my legs totally changed shape. My body shape changed more drastically, I noticed. So that was interesting.
Stephanie: I myself, I have to hear that because that’s the biggest change that I’m waiting for now.
Rayzel: Yeah, the 1st 3 rounds, my legs like they were getting smaller but they still have the overall same look. After round 4 even though I was like getting over the okay 7 pounds, I’ll take it. But then I’m like staring at my legs one day and I’m wearing shorts and I’m like “Hey, my legs looks pretty snazzy.” They actually look really attractive and I’ve never though that. They actually have this curve to them because some fat had been lost that gave them a curve. So that was nice.
Stephanie: Yes. Okay I’m looking forward to that.
Rayzel: And then actually my 5th round it was a long round and I lost I think 17 pounds. But it was a little bit superficially high because I didn’t eat any fruits on that round so I did have to stabilize higher because of that, because of the glycogen store. It is true, I think, when you’re getting down to the last bits that it can come off slower but I do think it makes less pounds make so much more drastic change on your body though so I think it’s okay.
Stephanie: Yes. That change in shape you’re talking about and I think that might be a little reason why I stabilize a little higher with the CrossFitting was I took out pretty much all carbs at that point in time. I even quit, I was in the gluten-free bran crackers in my 3rd round and I quite doing those as well.
Rayzel: That’s good that you mention that because I actually have a post. I think it’s already up but maybe it’s not. I don’t know. I have so much going on. I have so many drafts to blog post but I have an article talking about if you do Phase 2 without fruits that you will most likely have to stabilize outside of the 2-pound window because of the whole glycogen store thing and that’s totally okay.
Stephanie: Absolutely, I can live with that.
Rayzel: Thank you so much! I’m really excited to check back in with you in several months or whatever. Thank you.

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The post Ends March 5th! 10% off all hCG products at US hCG Shots, before permanent price increase appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

US hCG Shots is one of the most affordable options for U.S. made hCG online. They are having a permanent 10% price increase starting March 6th, which still makes them extremely reasonably priced in all honesty. But the good news is they are having a 10% off sale for the next two days, today and tomorrow, March 4th and 5th – 10% off everything in stock, before their pricing goes up.

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Injections Tutorials

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The post Ends March 5th! 10% off all hCG products at US hCG Shots, before permanent price increase appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

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Episode 20 – hCG Diet Interviews – 50 lb weight loss in 12 weeks Wed, 04 Mar 2015 18:27:57 +0000 Mary, where did your knees and neck go btw? I’d like to start this interview by giving a shout out, not to Mary, but Mary’s husband. Mary’s husband are you there? We think you’re awesome. We know you love Mary. … Continue reading

The post Episode 20 – hCG Diet Interviews – 50 lb weight loss in 12 weeks appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

Mary, where did your knees and neck go btw?

I’d like to start this interview by giving a shout out, not to Mary, but Mary’s husband. Mary’s husband are you there? We think you’re awesome. We know you love Mary.

Mary shared with us that her husband married her as a bigger woman, which is actually the before photo you see here of Mary (way to go on the non traditional dress lady!) So Mary’s husband, I guess it’s all just guacamole on the paleo chicken dish from here eh!

HCG Diet Interviews - Episode 20 - 60 lbs Lost in 12 weeks -

It’s such a blessing when a husband loves and cherishes his wife just as she is. My husband never made me feel bad about being overweight or pressured me to change. He let me be however I was- thin or overweight. I really appreciate this about him because I feel to experience the opposite actually becomes a barrier to making this particular life change.

A fantastic quote from Mary herself,

“A failure to launch is sometimes more educational than a total stellar success.”

Mary’s Weight Loss Journey With hCG Injections

Height: 5’2″
Age: 40 years old
Starting weight: 250 something lbs
Ending weight: 183.4 lbs
Total weight loss: over 60 lbs
Total hCG Rounds: 2
Weight Loss Time Frame: All weight lost between January and June of 2014.
Type of hCG used: Injections (if you are interested in sources for this you can compare choices here.)
Dosage: 125iu

Mary lost about 25 lbs in each of 2 rounds of hCG of about 6 weeks each. She lost several additional pounds during Phase 3.
Essentially what we’re saying here is that in a period of 12 weeks she lost 50 lbs. 12 weeks is 3 months guys. Of course since she took a break between her rounds, we say between January and June- however, the actual amount of time Mary spent “on a diet” being under her calorie balance, was only 12 weeks.


Download Episode 20 Transcript – PDF

Or read it below:

Rayzel: Hey guys! Hcgchica! Guess what? We’re on Episode 20. 20 Episodes now of the hCG Diet Interviews. I’m so excited. I can’t believe it’s been that many now and today I actually have Mary with me. She’s lost over 60 pounds with this hCG protocol and one of the things we’re going to talk about today that I’m excited about is how things have changed for her in regards to ccravings and the feeling of being hungry all the time and stuff like that. She’s noticed a drastic change in what life used to be like for her and how things are now. So that’s just one of the things that we’re gonna talk about today. So welcome Mary! How are you today?
Mary: Hi! How are you?
Rayzel: I’m good. So give me just a few basic stats like how old are you? How tall are you?
Mary: As of May I’m 40 and I’m 5’2’’ and I don’t think I’m getting any taller. I’ve finally given up the hope.
Rayzel: I keep telling my son, he’s going to be like my height when he’s 11. That’s so weird.
Mary: Right. That’s not bad.
Rayzel: Yeah I know. It’s just so bizarre.
Mary: Right now I weigh 183.4 pounds and I started after my load, my first, I did a 3 day load by the way, and January of this year I was at 249.9. It’s the biggest I’d ever been in my whole life and I was ready to have done with it.
Rayzel: Yes. So basically from January to—
Mary: This morning.
Rayzel: Well you’ve been off of hCG for a while though, right?
Mary: Yeah, 2 months.
Rayzel: Yeah, so you finished your last round, when was it?
Mary: At the very beginning of June.
Rayzel: Yeah, so from January to June is when you lost over 60 pounds. During that time so from 250 practically to 180 something. Between January and June.
Mary: 183.4
Rayzel: Yeah you know hCGers do that. We all know like “No I don’t weigh 125, I weigh 125.6.”
Mary: Yeah. Today. Today. We’ll see tomorrow it might be up a little, down a little but it’s been really really steady this last P3 and I’m still on P3 and I’m gonna stay on P3 until I do my next round. Until I get to goal.
Rayzel: And we’ll talk more about that too as we go on because that’s one of the things people get so nervous about is how I know that I can maintain this or how do I do that. So we’ll talk about that. So how has your weight loss that you’ve had so far? How has that affected your clothing size?
Mary: Well, it’s funny, I was doing the before and after pics for you today and I put on my wedding dress. Of course, I would be getting a married for the 2nd time but I wouldn’t be getting married at my heaviest. Like you said, he really loves me, he really loves me.
Rayzel: Yeah, I know, I thought that was actually really sweet because now you don’t have to worry about that. It’s a little scary. [crosstalk]
Mary: So that was a size 16. So when I try it on, it hung on me. So I’m probably a 10? Or a top 12. And it’s true that hCG changes your body composition because I’ve never had what you called like slender legs but now, even though I’m still not at my goal weight, I feel like my body is in more proportion. I don’t feel like I have problem areas anymore. I just have a bit of weight to lose.
Rayzel: Yeah but it’s like more evenly distributed. Your kind of a shape you’re going to be at the end just slightly larger.
Mary: Right. It’s so interesting because I’ve gain and lost a million pounds. I don’t even want to know. I wish I had money each time the pound I’ve gain but I’m telling you my body is different. It’s a good feeling.
Rayzel: It’s kind of neat you mentioned that because that was actually one of the things I mentioned too. Actually with my et round, it was a round that I lost very little weight actually. It was only 7 pounds in 3 weeks and I was getting leaner though. But anyway, nevertheless, it still kind of hmm, that doesn’t seem normal. However, even though it was a small amount of weight loss that round, that was the round my leg shape changed the most also and I’m like you. I’ve always had thicker legs out of my body even when I was really thin in high school. My legs are still a little tree trunks that’s what I refer them they didn’t have much shape. And yeah they had a shape, I thought that these were attractive.
Mary: Mine has always had shape, just a lot of shape.
Rayzel: Too much.
Mary: Too much. That was weird right. You said something about how hCG- I’m gonna keep referring to you, I hope that doesn’t freak you out- you said something about how hCG body shapes are different and nice. If one of the nice shape and I thought yeah cause they weigh less. No, no, no, the composition’s different, I know what you mean now and it’s true. My mom even said something like where’d your legs go? I don’t know, I’m not gonna find out.
Rayzel: We’re leaving that outside. Tell us real quick you’ve done how many rounds of hCG now?
Mary: 2.
Rayzel: Okay, so just the 2 and you lost about how much weight each round?
Mary: Each round I did the injections at 125 every morning in my belly and I lost, it’s really funny cause I lost a lot at front the first round, it’s about 23 pounds or so for the entire 40 days because I have a big goal. And it seemed like the majority of the weight was lost right at the beginning and I really kind of lost a little hard at first cause I thought “Oh God, if anyone’s been a chronic diet like I have often times it’s just water.” I remember my last week on my first round in P2, I mean, it was like a pound a day. So wait a minute.
Rayzel: So it’s like a kick back up?
Mary: This is it. I said, this is really happening. And when you’re 500 calories a day you really do want that reinforcement. My 2nd round was a little more steady. I never lost a pound a day but I read on this thing online, the average person weighs a pound a day; maybe they’re putting men in there.
Rayzel: Men tend to but women I almost never see that. There’s been like 3 people out of like thousands that I’ve seen that did that.
Mary: So yeah, that wasn’t me. But when I put the pen to paper I also lost the same amount of weight but just a little more steadily, gradually. It was about 23-25 pounds. I think I told you before that I was nervous because I was losing weight between rounds and I’m sure we’ll talk about P3 in a minute but—
Rayzel: Right, I know yes we’ll talk about that too. But I wanted to mention just with your story about the pattern of your weight loss I think that’s a great thing for people to hear about because it does vary from person to person and even within the same person from round to round it varies. I have the same experience. Sometimes when you’re first starting, people can- it’s scary, cause you don’t know if what’ happening is normal or you’re doing something wrong and of course you want the best result possible but it is normal sometimes some rounds you lose the majority in the first part of the round and then it’s really slow and like you mentioned- you’re not the first person to mention this that towards the very end if you do a long round of it, weight loss can actually pick up again. So that’s kind of interesting. And like you said other rounds it can be steadier like a ton of .4, like forever in a day. But in the end you still end up getting to that same number.
Mary: Here’s another thing for people that maybe are getting discouraged with those .4s is those used to be a celebration for me at Weight Watchers after a week of depriving myself of everything. You know I take a .4 off all day long.
Rayzel: Especially because if you’re thinking about it being the ideas that you want to be losing fat. I do feel that this allows your body to access more fat than normal versus muscles. That’s actually a of calories in a sense as far as losing fat on your body.
Mary: Some people say, 500 calories how can you survive? I’ve got nachos here, hamburgers here.
Rayzel: Plenty for my body to feed up.
Mary: I’m good. I’m not gonna starve.
Rayzel: Yeah I think that’s really encouraging for people to know, do expect that to vary and it’s normal. Can you talk about the low point that you reached before you started this protocol cause you have a kind of an interesting story about that.
Mary: Yeah, you know, it’s funny I wished I had done the hCG when I first heard about hCG which was a few years ago. Like I said, I’m the person that was like 500 calories? That’s crazy! But I had an injury a couple of years ago and broke a bunch of bones in my left foot. My left foot. My story. I wasn’t able to exercise to keep my weight in check and it just went up and up, gradually. Up and up and up and up and then I got married and it went way up. And I was at doctor’s appointment and the doctor gave me a referral to go to- I’m a military spouse and the insurance here will cover the old school gastric bypass and it’s the many different choices you have this days it’s the most draconian. They’re cutting your stomach out basically.
Rayzel: You were starting to consider gastric bypass, were they like taking a large part of your organ out.
Mary: The doctor, they wanted to send me to my insurance to pay for, it’s like Weight Watchers but it’s not Weight Watchers, it was either that or just hearing your doctor say, “You know gastric bypass is a solution to your obvious problems” was like the way to go. My numbers have always been great, my blood panel, I’m super healthy and obviously there’ something that needed to be addressed and my husband loves me just the way I am and anyway perhaps he probably loves me, the me too. So I went to they make you go have the insurance pay for your major surgery, they make you go to this information session at the hospital and I went and I remember “Oh my god, that’s not me, I can’t, no, no, no.” I mean, absorption problems later on, that you won’t be able to—you’re probably have to take multivitamins for the rest of your life and I’m just kind of a more natural person.
Rayzel: Yeah, that was like really drastic to consider it.
Mary: Yeah, it seemed really, really intense and so I drove home and I was crying cause I just- oh and by the way, I was barely fitting in my driver seat of my car- things were starting, like my body in space was starting to be an issue, like airplane seats suddenly seemed small. What? No wait, Kevin Smith has this problem. I don’t have this problem. So you know it was just so many factors and the world is not kind. I grew up kind of being the chubby kid and always fighting with my way and so to be that heavy was devastating and I was willing to maybe not have the surgery but I was willing to try something that seemed a little cuckoo or at least learn more about it. So I got back in touch with my friend who told me about it. She was really encouraging and I found a place here in my town a clinic, with a naturopath doctor to check me out and walk me through it and took the plunge.
Rayzel: That’s cool. So you thought it was crazy and now you think it’s great.
Mary: Oh yeah. I go to Kelly’s. It stills sounds bananas.
Rayzel: Yeah on the surface, yeah you’re like “Huh?”
Mary: “Hu-what?”
Rayzel: That’s what I use to think about intermittent fasting too. I used to think that was like so I read cause all I read were like newsstand Fitness Magazines which of course have the most up-to-date information that’s accurate so yeah, it’s like, “No, you’re starving yourself” and after a while “Oh wow, I feel like I know so much more now.”
Mary: And you’re probably in ketosis too when you’re doing the fasting and when you’re IF?
Rayzel: You know I don’t know that I get into ketosis cause I only eat carbs when I’m not fasting and I only fast for like 20-24 hours at a time so I don’t think it’s long enough to go into ketosis.
Mary: I was curious about it.
Rayzel: If I ever wanted to lose more weight like if I low carb and did fasting definitely but I eat a lot of fruits so. I’m now low carb day to day life. I have to support my crossfit habit which requires some carbs.
Mary: Yeah and you look great and I love you’re crossfitting and I would totally be there with you but my foot is just not amazing.
Rayzel: Yeah, that’s a problem.
Mary: I had a question for you.
Rayzel: Sure.
Mary: How many rounds of hCG did you do? 4?
Rayzel: No I did 5.
Mary: You did 5.
Rayzel: And 1 was a failure.
Mary: Oh that’s right your 2nd one.
Rayzel: Yeah. So it’s not like it took me 5 rounds to lose the weight that I lost. It’s that I had to fix 1 round and then the others technically I’m about the same weight that I was at the end of my 3rd round. The difference is losing fat and then gaining muscle then losing fat then gaining muscle. So I’m a size 4 at this weight whereas before I was like a size 8 at the same weight.
Mary: Okay. I’ve been curious about that. It’s kind of like your hCG rounds were like my college years. There was one that was not quite—
Rayzel: And I learned a lot from it. It allows me to help people and to understand and have compassion because yeah.
Mary: Yeah. A failure to launch sometimes is more educational than a total stellar success.
Rayzel: So you had 2 first weeks on hCG since you’ve done 2 rounds and when we talked about it originally you mentioned to kind of having a different experience with each one. I wanted you to kind of share how that first week went on each round. What was different about it? Why was it different?
Mary: I think the most- what was so different about the 2nd round is that I discovered you. During my first round and did a clean load my 2nd round and I also never left P3 between my round.
Rayzel: So you’ve been eating clean for quite a while.
Mary: Right. Right.
Rayzel: So how did you actually feel the first time you did hCG that first week. What did that feel like?
Mary: I hate to tell people that. But you know I’ve also heard some people just, they have 1 day feeling moody or crappy. I was not. I was at a full addiction withdrawal. I mean fetal position pretty much. Atkins people call it a carb flu, even though it’s technically eating carbs with the fruit, I didn’t have the melba.
Rayzel: Yeah. Just way less than—
Mary: It’s way less. It’s like switching to keto- you know to my body fat for fuel.
Rayzel: What kind of fruits were you- cause with this first one I think it’s important for people to know what to expect and there are ways to kind of remediate it or mitigate it to make it better which we’ll talk about. So how are you eating before, like you said, cause there’s that carb withdrawal and I have that too on hCG that first round. And actually fetal position, that type of thing, totally. Like “Oh my god, if this is gonna stay like this, there’s no way I can get through this.” But it does go away.
Mary: It does.
Rayzel: So how are you eating before that it made it so different?
Mary: I’ve been pretty much most of my adult life a vegetarian and not that that automatically means you’re a carbo boar but for me it did. It just meant I was not eating as much protein. Some vegetarians do it beautifully where they’re eating a lot of eggs and tofu and seitan and all that stuff but I wasn’t, I was a carbo boar.
Rayzel: So what kind of foods? What kind of carbs?
Mary: I thought I was being healthy. I’m eating whole grains, healthy whole grains, right, they go together. I don’t think I bought white bread and there’s this baguette in Paris, you know what I mean? I like purchase white bread in 15 years seriously. But…
Rayzel: A lot of grains still.
Mary: Vegetables. I’ve always been a healthy eater I just was eating too much and then having binges. After my injury it was just exacerbated the weight gain because I didn’t have my old trick. Which some people could have classified as exercise bulimia. I’ve beeni n the gym for 3 hours.
Rayzel: Wow, really obsessive.
Mary: Yeah, I was a little obsessive and that has been the biggest change this time and why it’s been so freeing and so nice is that mental obsession has been lifted. I can’t explain it. I would get up in the middle of the night and eat. Blood sugar is I’m sure, like I said, addiction, it’s so soothing but this has been a real blessing. Did I answer your question?
Rayzel: Yeah you did, we can actually- let’s keeping talking about that was another thing we’re gonna get to- basically you were eating- you had a higher carb weight eating before and just for everyone else out there, sometimes when you first get on hCG it’s like you can go through carb withdrawals and it feels horrible and even detoxing a little bit if you’ve been eating crappy foods which actually doesn’t sound like you’re eating too bad but some people have been eating a lot of fast food.
Mary: Right, well my load was epic.
Rayzel: Oh, gotcha. So for first load was just with whatever which includes whatever, probably tons of dessert or I don’t know.
Mary: Right, [inaudible] I cry. You’ll laugh and I know you’ll laugh and I think people will relate to this if they knew, they’ll relate. But yeah I probably had a higher than average- Oh Christmas is sad in the standard American diet, probably not if we will look at that old pyramid with the 6-11 servings of grain a day which is just like cuckoo shot. Oh my gosh. I was really right on target. But yeah, I’ve been loading with stuff I wouldn’t normally eat. I think I had- I remember [inaudible] market, it’s a chicken establishment that is closed on Sunday. I went there-
Rayzel: An epic meal there-
Mary: Epic, epic. It’s so funny when you’re doing the load if you’re a compulsive overeater. Part of it feels like I’ve been here before and then part of it also feels like it’s my duty.
Rayzel: Well it feels like a qualified excuse a little bit. Oh well, I’m suppose the book says, like so. But then that’s what you really want to do anyway is eat food.
Mary: Here’s the 2 times I cried. The first one I cried is when the doctor in my hCG clinic told me, well he told me how much weight I’ll lose, blah blah blah. And it’s’ probably gonna be a lifelong commitment for me at least, no sugar, no starches. He said some people can bring them back in they call it [inaudible]he claimed it. But he said he lost 60 something pounds, older man, great shape, I personally just don’t miss it. I was like “Hu huh u” No Easter bunny, no Santa Claus. That’s when I realize I have an addiction. I thought maybe I had before but like, it was like taking my would be away. The 2nd time I cried was I was listening to your podcast about the clean loading because during my first P2 you fantasize about the load. Once you stop feeling sick for a minute, part of the carb flu is just you don’t think about food, it’s ingenious how they do it, ingenious. Cause you don’t look at them, you can’t look food in the eye for a little while and then it comes back and then you think “Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh” and you said you went on a clean load and you had chicken thighs and stuff and I was like “What! Croissants.” And then you know Lo, Behold when it was time for me to do my second round I was like, you know what, I worked too hard and that’s- honestly, it was the freedom from the obsession more than worrying about weight, more than worrying about being set back even further. It was the freedom of not thinking about the sugar or my next meal every 5 seconds that made me want to do the clean load and so glad that I did. It was so much easier at first week.
Rayzel: Was it? So you don’t feel as crappy after doing a clean load. That’s good.
Mary: No, but there was definitely that, oh here we go again. But the physical stuff was so much easier. I think I did a little bit of detoxing-
Rayzel: But much less than
Mary: Oh my gosh, yes.
Rayzel: Yeah that was the conclusion I came to too. I didn’t clean load to like gain less weight or anything. It’s that realization that I don’t think it’s a healthy thing to kind of almost plan a round of hCG in a sense so that I can load, you know what I mean? To have a reason and I found myself thinking that way and I was like, I just- that’ s probably not a good thing.
Mary: You said if you have- you said it the nicest way- if you have an issue like mine you might want to think about and I was thinking “She’s crazy.” And that was when I cried I was like “[inaudible] me too”. I just felt looking forward to.
Rayzel: You know what’s funny is I think everyone goes through this whole transformation in different way because to be honest when I first started my first round, you said your doctor telling you like you’re going to have to change your life forever, when I started my first round I was completely addicted to sugar, I had no intention of changing how I ate long term. I really didn’t because I didn’t see how that was even humanly possible. I was like I can do this diet for 40 days but there’s no way I could even mentally fathom not eating sugar after.
Mary: That’s crazy talk.
Rayzel: Yeah. I started out that way but then like as you said once your body detoxes a bit you stop craving that stuff, all of a sudden you’re like, “Oh”, you don’t realize that it’s actually a different state of being and we can actually go ahead and talk about that now like you said before you used to feel hungry all the time and we can talk about that too.
Mary: [inaudible] some money.
Rayzel: Yeah, I know, I’ll put a link to it. So just go ahead and tell me what your experience has been with that. How you actually feel about food and eating.
Mary: Where do I start? I mean you know. Food. FOOD. I love food and I love to cook. My first round my husband was in the military and he was not here so I think it was a little easier. I’m just focusing on me, just focusing on what I have to do and the 2nd round was cooking for him. I was around food more. You inspired me with those gloves.
Rayzel: I don’t even remember where was I wearing this? Which video?
Mary: These are the gloves you wear if you’re [inaudible]
Rayzel: Really? I don’t even remember. I’ve done so many videos that I don’t remember.
Mary: I know, that’s so cute though. You know honestly I will always have a complicated relationship with food. It’s just a lot less complicated. I’m a lot less needy. Food and I have been married or going steady or something. I’ve become a much cooler girlfriend.
Rayzel: Cool, less co-dependent.
Mary: Absolutely, yeah. I really love my food now. I’ve kind of adapted a more of a Paleo- you do CrossFit, you probably- I don’t eat any grain, I don’t eat any beans that were a shift.
Rayzel: Okay, cause being vegetarian, that’s usually
Mary: I cut the beans and the like but I have to say I feel really good. My skin is cleared up a lot. I love my food and I’m very, very careful now that I eat meat, about where I get it, who I’m buying it from, what did my meat eat. Those kinds of questions are really important. People are so removed from their food and I used to be one of them and when you’re coming from a vegan vegetarian background which I was almost for 20 years vegetarian, I think I was vegan for like maybe 6 months and I got trip out [inaudible] honey. But you know you’re used to eating these products that are not whole food. I was eating TVP Textured Vegetable Protein, it’s just [inaudible] food
Rayzel: Yeah still going process
Mary: If somebody- if that’s the choice they’re making. I’m so for it. I think it’s great. This is a way of eating that makes sense to me and my body. I’m able to hear my body a little better. I’ve been a yoga teacher for 10 years, did I say that?
Rayzel: No, no.
Mary: Yeah so the weight has been problem and my foot obviously but you know—so that was part of the vegetarian thing. It’s a Buddhist idea of non-violence. The meats I do eat are very, very careful about where it’s coming from and like I said from whom it’s coming from and what their practices are. I’m having more of a relationship with my food than I did before.
Rayzel: But in like a healthier way.
Mary: I’m just not as obsessive. I’m interested.
Rayzel: Yeah and you had also mentioned to me that you used to just feel hungry all the time.
Mary: All the time.
Rayzel: Talk about that a little and how that changed.
Mary: Some people take a great pride of being able to drink someone under the table; I could always eat someone under the table. It was like my hunger was like people say “Is it head hungry or is it belly hungry?’’ and when you’re in that kind of fugue state that I lived in it’s both. It’s both. I understand what they mean but I think how the placebo effect is it’s here but it works. So even if I was head hungry I felt hungry. It didn’t really matter. That never helped me.
Rayzel: Yeah, it’s like either way I feel unsatisfied unless I ate.
Mary: I’m thinking “Where’s the cake?”
Rayzel: Yeah, just stuff in and pass it.
Mary: So that whole enlightened eating, gentle eating, I’ve tried all these things about how to become more aware. I have a meditation practice in my yoga practice and why can’t I bring my meditation practice to my food. I’m just not wired in that place unless I’m in a ketotic- ketogenic—
Rayzel: Ketogenic, hey, I like the word ketotic, that’s cool. I make up words from time to time.
Mary: Yeah, unless I’m in that physical state, my brain is gonna go cuckoo. It’s horrible. I think of all the years, I wished I’ve done this years ago. I really, really do.
Rayzel: Yeah and so a lot of people aren’t familiar with ketosis but basically you eat under a certain amount of carbs each day after a number of days your body will be in ketosis where it’s like fat burning mode. It’s not like living on carb. Instead of using carbs for your main fuel source and it’s different. How does that feel being in ketosis, how does that feel different to you?
Mary: Well, I thought I would be in this big brain fog for one thing and I’m feeling bright and clear, I’m able to write. I write a lot and I feel like it takes a little getting used to. I sleep really well which surprised me because I read online that sometimes people have a hard time sleeping but hCG I slept like a baby and I think part of that is because I was in ketosis. Now that I’m practicing ketosis like, oh okay. It’s not that it’s not the hormone necessarily; it’s the state my body got into. It feels really good and it feels really good because I know even if I have a little indulgence, for me little indulgence like maybe a couple ounces of macadamia nuts or dark chocolate or whatever. I know for a fact I ate more than 2000 calories. I know that it’s not gonna trip me, it just not, not if I have a big piece of birthday cake that might be different but I will also feel goofier like I had a slip with some wine, not too long ago, my father passed and we had some wine in his memorial. Compare to what I used to drink I was very modest, I had 3 glasses of wine over an evening. A. The next day I was hangover so now I’m a white wake and B one of the first things I thought about when I woke up, and this is January, was I’m hungry. Not only am I hungry, I want a bagel. Which is a hangover food but that’s what I was thinking like “Oh, there’s a bagel shop” and then “Oh my God”.
Rayzel: And you haven’t thought like that in a while.
Mary: Luckily since around the New Year. So it was like, Oh there was it again and I recognize that voice.
Rayzel: That’s a really common thing like you said with carb withdrawals, I actually talked about this in one post, I don’t remember which one it was but just that if you eat, carbs make you hungrier and carbs make you hungry sooner and crave more carbs in. So if you eat a lot of carbs at night before bed it’s like you’ll wake up feeling ravenous, I’ve felt that before and it’s so weird. Wait, I ate more than usual and I’m waking up just 8 hours later feeling hungrier than normal.
Mary: It makes no sense.
Rayzel: It’s very interesting. But then when you take that out of the picture, you actually in ketosis you don’t feel really hungry all the time anymore right or crave?
Mary: Now this is first, you ask me how I feel different and why I feel differently. I have to remind myself to eat and I love my food, it’s not like it’s unappetizing to me. I’m like “Oh you k now what, it’s 3 I should probably eat something.” I eat a lot of bone broth because I’m trying to heal my foot. There’s a book called Healing Tooth Decay or something like that, basically, anything that’s good for your teeth is good for your bones, makes sense. [Inaudible] stuff right now but I have to remind myself like “Oh, I got to eat something before I take the supplement”. I have people say I forgot to eat.
Rayzel: And you’re like “What? Whatever? I don’t even get what that’s all about.”
Mary: What are you talking about? I forgot to breathe. So now it’s like “Ohhhh, I get it”.
Rayzel: I know and it’s like you used to think those people were just really lucky or something like I wish I could feel that way but I’ve never felt that in my life. I remember thinking that same thing and I’m the same as you now. I get so busy when I’m doing hCG so I’m like you “Oh gosh, it’s 3 o’clock. I’m gonna eat something cause I need to do something else”. I never thought that I could cause I could out eat my husband, basically I did, every day and he’s like almost 6 feet tall and he weight 185 and I’m 5’1.
Mary: You never outweighed him did you?
Rayzel: No, but I was being close.
Mary: I have. I outweighed my—
Rayzel: Did you? I was close. I didn’t like that feeling. It didn’t feel very good. Or just like when his shorts, they fit my waist and I’m like almost a foot shorter and then I was like that didn’t feel very good.
Mary: Like when you’re pregnant but not.
Rayzel: Yeah. And I know a lot of woman deal with that too. But it was nice to get away from that. So you are in ketosis on Phase 2, were you?
Mary: Yes.
Rayzel: And that’s because you didn’t eat the Melba and then you only eat 1 fruit a day. Is that right?
Mary: Yeah it was a green apple.
Rayzel: Okay. Which is lower in carbs. So just for everyone else, if you do the diet as it’s written like with the melba and both fruits, you may or may not get into ketosis, it may be too many carbs and you have to do that to lose weight well but if you do do that, what’s nice about ketosis is it adds to the non-hunger effect. When I took fruits out on the protocol it was like you even on VLCD I just wasn’t hungry, I just didn’t care about food, so that really helped. It just made it easier to do the diet surprisingly, you know.
Mary: It seems like “Oh God, that’s one less thing I can eat.” But how your body feels, for me at least, this is what you’re talking; it just made the hunger thing a little easier. I wasn’t as focused.
Rayzel: Once you’re on it you realize how important that is, to getting through it. Now in Phase 3 with ketosis maybe we can just talk about that a little bit now. What food groups basically do you eat in everyday life with Phase 3 that keeps you in ketosis as well?
Mary: Okay. More vegetables in a vegetarian, I mean more fresh vegetables and actually now I’m picking my vegetables on purpose too for the bone and teeth thing. Cooking lightly your vegetables, raw is good, lightly cooked is supposed to be more bioavailable the vitamins. Lot of vegetables, lot of good fatty meat, organ meat.
Rayzel: You mentioned that, you’re eating a lot of liver.
Mary: I order from this farmer, Slanker Meats in Texas, you should call him. He [inaudible] primal ground which is a ground beef, it’s all grass-fed. Pastured beef, ground beef and then it’s like 30% liver, he hides it in there, I think maybe a little kidney, a little spleen, I don’t even want to know.
Rayzel: From grass-fed animals. Awesome.
Mary: It’s already kind of hidden in there for you. In fact I just had a salad. I’ve got recipes by the way.
Rayzel: Good.
Mary: I mention that in the email.
Rayzel: Yeah. Please.
Mary: A lot of organ meat. Eggs with the yolk. I do a lot of bone broth, I mentioned that before. I love seaweed. I know that sound weird.
Rayzel: No I do.
Mary: Okay that doesn’t sound weird to you.
Rayzel: But just the dry nori sheets. I use to just eat those plain. They’re so good.
Mary: I eat those. I put them in the bone broth sometimes in the morning with an egg. I also eat a lot of- probably more than I should- cheese. I do raw and grass-fed cheese, as much as possible. It’s available as it can be.
Rayzel: You do nuts too, right? You’re able to eat nuts.
Mary: Nuts but I do a soak and I dehydrate my nuts.
Rayzel: Oh great. So they’re kind of slightly sprouted in a sense.
Mary: Yes. It’ supposed to get rid of the phytic acid. I don’t know if that’s true or not but I do know that my teeth are nice and strong and my last visit to the doctor it looks like my bones growing back in my foot which have been a real problem so—
Rayzel: Awesome. That’s so cool.
Mary: Fermented cod liver oil which is so gross.
Rayzel: I have that too. Wait, which brand do you have? Maybe it’s the same.
Mary: Green Pasture.
Rayzel: Yeah, the same brand. People thought cod liver oil was bad, wait till you try fermented cod liver oil. It’s so gross and I make my son eat it.
Mary: Good. You’re a good mother.
Rayzel: It’s like okay, just chug it down and then we’ll have something sweet.
Mary: I’m so glad. Which one did you- Cinnamon?
Rayzel: No it’s actually non-flavored.
Mary: The one I get before. You’re hard core.
Rayzel: Yeah.
Mary: So I do that especially in the mornings I do that and usually before dinner half a teaspoon. That’s really about it plus those horrible to someone that hasn’t already been through.
Rayzel: Right. I know.
Mary: You know it would totally sound horrible to me 6 months ago.
Rayzel: Yeah you’re like “What?”
Mary: “And you’re bragging?”
Rayzel: Yeah but that’s what the cool thing is that you never saw yourself like this on a regular basis either, right? Originally.
Mary: Oh and sardines.
Rayzel: Oh I love sardines. Cool. Do you eat fruit? Do you eat fruit at all?
Mary: I don’t really love fruit. If I do, I like berries.
Rayzel: So it’s not a big part of your diet?
Mary: No, I thought it was going to be when I was eating more sweets and sugar. I thought that was going to be my new go to right?
Rayzel: Right. Yeah.
Mary: I don’t really miss it and it will kick me right out of ketosis.
Rayzel: Yeah, still carbs and sugars so.
Mary: But dark chocolate doesn’t as quickly and I’m not sure why that is, I don’t know if it just has less- I don’t know. Dark chocolate.
Rayzel: Well, that’s encouraging for everybody because I have my post in P3, the thing is it that the full point here is that you’ve been able to maintain your weight loss between rounds. It’s been a couple of months since your last round. You said you’re very stable right?
Mary: Very stable.
Rayzel: Some people don’t know what they can eat and be stable. I try to address that but the real thing is just htat it does vary for person to person. Sometimes I suggest if you’re having trouble and you’re eating nuts and dairy try taking one or two of those out but then there’s plenty of people who can stabilize fine with nuts and dairy which you’re one of this people.
Mary: I’m really lucky and I don’t have major food allergies. I have a friend that’s allergic to eggs and they’re e in a lot of thing. I mean it’s just been really- who knows, I’ve got another 2 rounds in front of me. You got me right in the middle which I think should be a [inaudible] love to talk to you in 6 months.
Rayzel: Yes, I’ll do a follow up. How much further are you kind of hoping to get do you think?
Mary: Probably another- I want to be under 150. For me, it’s not a matter of beating myself up over a goal. It’s okay to move the goal post. So if I get to 150 and I’m like [inaudible] another 21 days, we’ll see. We’ll see. I know I have the capacity. I’ll probably lose nice and slow.
Rayzel: Yeah, that’s so cool.
Mary: Those 7 pounds you lost. Hard earned.
Rayzel: Yeah they were. That was—I kind of think that might have been, for me, I tried to exercise that round at the start and I think it stalled me out. Actually the next round after that I think I lost more. I don’t know. Let’s get back to you. I don’t remember. So now with Phase 3, you’re stable, those are the foods you’re eating. About how many grams of carbs do you try to stay under to stay in ketosis?
Mary: I try to stay under 50 but I rarely do. The aforementioned you know nuts have carbs. I love carbs and the chocolate. Anything under a 60 to 65 I generally will have a—
Rayzel: Yeah show us the special thing that tracks your ketones.
Mary: It just helps me kind of figure out; I do it the morning after kind of after I weigh myself instead of taking an hCG shot I just check my ketone level. It’s called Ketonix. It’s from Sweden. Basically you plug into a USB port. This is the cheaper; this is not the sport edition, just under $100. If anyone who’s testing their ketones, it’s expensive, those strips and they’re also not very reliable. This is turning out to be show you its working. It’s really reliable. It starts out blue and then you blow into it, it’s like a breathalyzer, and you can get a green, yellow or red right. The green is a light trace of ketones which means you’re in ketsosis but you’re right on the edge of not being in ketosis.
Rayzel: So don’t have a piece of chocolate after that.
Mary: For instance. Or just watch it. Watch it. You’re about to not be in ketosis. I’ve never actually had the red which is hard core ketosis because I believe in living my life and I only get hardcore when I’m actually taking the hCG. That’s the only time I’m gonna be- I mean I’m gentle with myself now I wasn’t before. But I blew a yellow today, I was like “Mar it!” I mean I’m turning into such a super nerd getting excited about liver and moderate ketosis. I’m getting old!
Rayzel: That’s so funny. Cool. Thanks for sharing that. That’s just a nice device for people who are really serious about getting into that.
Mary: It’s great, it’s really interesting and I can see while I’m not tracking as seriously as I was in the first few weeks of P3. I can usually think back to my last meal and say “Okay, what is going on?” and “Oh”. That’s how I figure out the Macadamia nuts were actually making it go. You know I can have 2 handfuls instead of 4.
Rayzel: Cool. Yeah. You know by the handful. Let’s talk now about how- so you’ve had 2 P3s, your first P3 you actually ended up losing a significant amount of weight during that time. Why don’t you talk about that?
Mary: I did and it worried me because everything I’ve read in the protocol because they gave me Simeons’ protocol said you want to stay within that range, that 2 pound on either side of that injection, for me injection, and I keep losing and losing. Not a pound a day.
Rayzel: Were you tracking your calories during that time or now?
Mary: Yeah.
Rayzel: So about how many calories were you eating when you were losing in P3?
Mary: My first couple of weeks both times of P3 I was around 12 to 16. I think my first day was 900 and I felt so scared. I think that’s really normal. But I keep losing, not hCG losing but—
Rayzel: Gradually it’s going down.
Mary: Almost 14 or 15 pounds. I even got a little cocky. I was like maybe I don’t need this hCG stuff anymore. I can stay in P3 because I was enjoying my food and then I thought, you know what, that’s just crazy. When have I ever lost weight like that? Let’s just do this again. Let’s just stay on track.
Rayzel: You lost about 15 pounds during Phase 3 over what span of time was that?
Mary: It was over 2 months. It’s just about 2 months. Then I started my last Phase 2 in the late April so I was doing hCG on my 40th birthday. I stayed home. I had no problem being 40, I’m fine with it but my friends down in Austin they were worried about me. They thought I was really upset about turning 40.
Rayzel: Depressed.
Mary: That I didn’t want to come down and party. It was really just cause I’m on hCG. For me it was like I didn’t want to booze out cause I’ve never cheated.
Rayzel: That’s a good question too. Even at difficult times like that for you, you stuck to the protocol.
Mary: I either stirred away from the problem cause you know, No Austin or I would just show up prepared. I was like that boy scout “Be Prepared!” Always had a green apple with me or something. You just got a plan. You only have 500 calories there’s a lot less wiggle room with that amount. If you’re prepared in advance, and I think it’s a good idea just in your life. Sure there’s [inaudible] spontaneity for sure but if I went to a new restaurant I always, you have the internet; you don’t have to call anyone or harass them like what’s in your [inaudible].
Rayzel: Just look it up.
Mary: Okay I see what I’m gonna order. I’m portable now. But yeah I was really serious about not cheating. If I was going to have a surgery, seriously considering a surgery, I wasn’t gonna do this wrong. I would complain and moan a lot. I’m sure my husband wished I cheated.
Rayzel: Yeah like “Stop whining and just eat the chocolate.”
Mary: “Here’s some cheesecake, shut up woman!” He’s been really good in supporting.
Rayzel: So with some moaning and groaning you made it through.
Mary: Made it through. That 2nd round was actually harder.
Rayzel: Because you were cooking for your husband you said. Gotcha. Now would you say that you did kind of alter how you did things when you were on Phase 2 versus like you know saying going out with friends as much. Did you feel like you’ve turned more social things down while you’re on Phase 2?
Mary: You have to or you just pack lunch or pack your dinner. Yeah. I found myself no parties, no thanks, no thanks. It’s only for 40 my FOMO, do you know what FOMO is? Fear Of Missing Out. It’s already pretty low. I’ve had a beer, I’ve had the laughs, I have my friends. I think it’s probably a little easier for me to do this protocol now than it would have been in my 20s. As much as I complain and wish I’ve had done it in my 20s I think it’s easier now because I’m a homebody. I like to cook and handle my dog. It worked out for me in that way but I definitely had to turn some stuff down that made me a little bit sad.
Rayzel: Sometimes you have to do that. It’s only for the few weeks, that’s what I try to tell people. You can’t always make everything go away completely. Yeah but to the extent that you can, you know sometimes it’s worth just being a little homebody a little more. Just while you’re on the diet just to help you get through it.
Mary: I look at it as self-care. I looked at it as if it was some I had some cleanses under my belt. If you’re in a real serious hard core cleanse, the last thing you want to do is go out. Your stomach is messed up for one thing. It’s also just a time for yourself. You’re taking time for yourself. That’s a big lesson especially like moms I know, it’s always about your kids. I think it’s probably a really good thing for people to take that time and put that FOMO away cause you’re not missing anything except your big butt or whatever it is you’re trying to lose eventually. Navigating cheating, cheating on hCG and I totally-
Rayzel: Oh yeah, like with moms- sorry, came back to me. Just like with moms you know like you said doing self-care because I think it’s very hard sometimes you feel like you’re being selfish or guilty or not giving to your family or your husband or whoever by doing this because actually to be honest I couldn’t even handle cooking – I did do some cooking on hCG for my family but not all the time. I couldn’t handle it as much as I would have normally done and my son ate more granola bars while I was on hCG. You could view that’s being a bad mom but the thing that I was looking at the long term is my life and the life of my family is very different now as a result of the changes I’ve made that I had to baby myself for a little while or there’s no way I could’ve made those changes at all. Period. And I’d still be eating gallons of ice cream and at this point now that my son’s 5, he would be eating them with me. But because I let him eat a few extra granola bars and let my husband fend for himself a little bit for a few weeks. Now, it’s like, yeah, I feed him fermented cod liver oil which he’s probably not gonna thank me for anytime soon but being able to make that change that I had to baby myself a little.
Mary: I’m glad you did and then you made it okay for a lot of people to baby themselves too.
Rayzel: Yeah, you’re just realizing that, you know, give yourself that-
Mary: And what good is mama if mama is angry at herself all the time and feeling bad physically and emotionally. It’s worth it to take that time.
Rayzel: You know you said you went through some crappy times recently but you were surprised that you still maintained your weight. Can you tell me why you think you were able to still maintain during that difficult time.
Mary: I think a lot of them were just the benefit of being ketosis is that you don’t have the hunger and it’s so much easier for me to make that [inaudible] between their food and my food. Their whisky sours, my mineral water. Do you know what I mean? It’s a little easier you don’t have that fear of missing out. I was really surprised especially like I said my father passed away. We were in and out of town. I’ve always had a cooler with me with my cod liver oil and everything else I need. My mom doesn’t even question anymore. She just makes room for me in my fridge.
Rayzel: Cool. So it’s kind of like you’ve really committed to it and you’ve made it a habit and it seems like maybe enough time had gone by with your new habits that it was easier to just kind of keep doing what you’re doing now.
Mary: Yeah and I don’t have the temptation. My brain really sees the food and the alcohol differently and the sugar. It’s not my food. It’s not even food.
Rayzel: Right, and I do think that is the benefit of being in ketosis and also of time cause I’m not in ketosis anymore but I’ve had my healthy habits long enough now that like you said there’s just certain things I don’t eat and I don’t think about it cause it’s been so long. It would actually be hard to make myself eat certain thing like I haven’t actually had chocolate in like 2 years.
Mary: That’s one of those- it’s that food.
Rayzel: I was addicted to chocolate cake like every day almost. I don’t crave it anymore and sometimes I think like “Oh’’. It’s been so long it would be hard to break that chain.
Mary: Right. For me I can’t say I’m always gonna be, I’m not gonna try to be in ketosis my whole life but that’s good to hear that you’re not in ketosis that you also had the shift in your perspective about what it is for you and what is not for you.
Rayzel: Yeah. For sure.
Mary: I had a lifetime of that. Do you know David Sedaris, the writer? He’s so funny, oh my god you should check him out. He quit smoking, he’s like a famous smoker and he quit smoking. At a certain point he said I’ve had enough cigarettes in my life. At this poing I think I need to stop. I’ve reached my maximum of anyone should be able to have and get away with it. I kind of feel that way. That’s to say I’ll never have, never say never, just in maintenance at least, for me it was relatively easy and I was really surprised. The second P3 for me was not as magic like “Oh, I’m still losing weight”. I was afraid to even say it out loud cause if someone said that to me I would get out of here.
Rayzel: Get away.
Mary: I can’t help it. You got me. Get out of here. You know, I can’t stand myself but my 2nd round of the P3 was definitely more [sound], it’s like I parked the car.
Rayzel: It’s not going anywhere and empty the gas tank.
Mary: I’m like 3-1/2 pounds under my LIW right now.
Rayzel: And stable there.
Mary: Oh my gosh, freaky stable. I was convinced there was gonna be a huge jump because I didn’t weigh for that whole week of the funeral 2 weeks ago. I drag my cooler but not my scales like I said yesterday. I don’t travel light when I’m doing hCG but I brought my cooler. I was worried to get on the scale.
Rayzel: That’s so nice, huh, like you stopped being nervous after a while of seeing it stay at the same weight?
Mary: Yeah and I’ve had tequila, I’ve had fajitas without the corn, the tortillas, I’ve had steak. I didn’t miss any meals.
Rayzel: And I think that’s great too for everyone to hear because there is that question a lot about whether it’s okay to lose weight in P3. So obviously the fact that you lost weight in Phase 3 didn’t harm your ability to stabilize at another weight lower later because you’re stable on this P3.
Mary: I am so grateful to be parked here. Please understand as much as I love losing that weight, felt like a freebie, I say that but I was not a cheater. I earned it. I’m really, really happy to have that because I feel like the hypothalamus gland clicked down and said okay we’re here now. It makes me feel happy because my next round or 2. Hopefully I’ll be able to park it and then park it. It gives me hope.
Rayzel: Yeah just now that you know like “Okay, this is what it feels like” but it’s cool just that what you did before didn’t hurt your ability to be stable now. So it is okay to lose weight in Phase 3.
Mary: My doctor is like “Great, good for you”.
Rayzel: “And quit your whining!” That is a question people get a lot. You said you love to cook. So I wanted to know what was one of your favorite go to meals on Phase 2 that you created.
Mary: Phase 2. Okay the 2 recipes I’m gonna give you both involve ground beef or ground meat. One is a P2 and one is a P3 friendly. The protocol I was on actually said don’t use ground meat so it was the one thing I kind of put the dice on because it was like no fat in it. You can see it’s bright red.
Rayzel: It’s like 99% fat free or something.
Mary: Right. It was bright red. So the first one, obviously you’re not gonna use any oil but you’re gonna brown your protein, your meat. You can sauté in slivers of garlic if you like garlic, if that’s okay, if you tolerate it well, some people don’t. I use a lot of fresh green onions which is really, really healthy for you, they’re like loaded with all kinds of goodness. Ginger, if you like ginger. And you can use liquid aminos. I snuck in a little fish sauce which is a no no.
Rayzel: Why? Why would fish sauce be no no?
Mary: I’m not sure, I think some of them contain sugar but the brand I was using was literally just anchovies, water.
Rayzel: That’s what I think I have.
Mary: But if you can find sugar free fish sauce. Go to town. It’s a little harder to find it though. Anyway, brown it up, mix it all up and then you just eat it with lettuce. It’s like a delicious little- because you’re eating it with the lettuce for me it just felt like more food. You can just threw it on top of lettuce and made a salad I’m sure that’d be fun too but there’s something like, I like to get my hands on things and [inaudible] like we talked about like “Oh so good.”
Rayzel: So more of an experience that way.
Mary: Yeah, it’s more of a sensual things. Obviously I love those green apples. Those Granny Smiths save my life. I love them love them love them and bake them. That was my big trea t.
Rayzel: So you just like slice them thin and bake them?
Mary: Or when I was at my mom’s she had a corer. Of course she kept saying “Oh honey, I just [inaudible] in there” it’s like “Get away, get away, you woman”. But cinnamon’s great on protocol, its friendly and cinnamon really feels like you’re getting away with something. Cinnamon on the apples and they’re baked it’s just heaven. That’s something I still do. Of course it’s summer now but that’s something I’ll always do. I really didn’t do that before. Slice fresh apples with cinnamon.
Rayzel: Yeah that’s so good too. When you bake them what temperature do you bake them at for how long usually?
Mary: 350 the classic baking temperature. It depends on the slice of the apple and how well you got the core out. You left any in there it doesn’t bake as well. You want that air in there for convection. It heats from the inside out basically, bigger the hole although less apple faster it’ll cook. Bake it for 40 minutes.
Rayzel: So you bake it whole. So actually you’re not cutting it, slicing it up, you’re baking it whole.
Mary: Yeah.
Rayzel: Oh I see, cool. That sounds good.
Mary: Delicious. Or you can slice the apple if you don’t have a corer.
Rayzel: I actually have that peeler that has this pointy jagged edge for coring it too.
Mary: Those will work. In my P3 go to has been really fun and that’s been, do you know the broccoli slaw? First of all, genius, right? I’ve always wondered cause I’ve like to save and [inaudible] I’ve always wondered what happened to the stem? They’re perfectly edible.
Rayzel: You’re right.
Mary: So that’s what happens to the stems so I get the organic it’s in a bag which is nice because it’s convenient. So that’s the salad, I toast up some slivered almonds. You’re doing almonds in P3, some people do and do it well. I chopped up cilantro and that’s the base of the salad and then you can use whatever dressing you like as long as it’s not sugary. I like the balsamic. Today I did that primal ground beef on top but you can do any high protein you want but that’s the base. Broccoli slaw, cilantro, if you like it if you don’t like cilantro, super tasters it tastes like soap, people say it tastes like soap?
Rayzel: I don’t know, I like cilantro so I don’t know.
Mary: I do too. I’m like “Oh that’s so sad”.
Rayzel: You know the thing I love though is fresh Italian parsley sometimes that can be used instead for people that don’t want cilantro.
Mary: Sure, delicious. The toasted almonds really give you that.
Rayzel: Yeah a little crunch there.
Mary: It’s so crunchy and it will make your jaws hurt if you try to eat the whole thing which I have. You know it’s great with salmon base underneath. The cilantro and barbecue sauce for some reason, if you can do a low sugar barbecue sauce, that’s a party. So good.
Rayzel: Cool. And for everyone watching we’ll write out the recipe so you can get them and make them if you want. Also, can you tell me the name of where you’re getting the primal ground beef again?
Mary: His name is Ted Slanker.
Rayzel: Do you think he has a website?
Mary: He does. I think its
Rayzel: Okay cool. There will be a link to that in the show notes too.
Mary: The show notes. I’m so excited.
Rayzel: What advice do you have for others embarking on this protocol? What do you want to tell them?
Mary: Let the haters hate. You’re not gonna change that. I think we’re more beautiful when we’re vulnerable just in general human beings are. I think the more open you are with especially with your loved ones about what you’re going through and what’s going on, you’re gonna get support. Don’t be afraid to be inconvenient. I was- I’m such a people pleaser that I don’t want to inconvenience anyone with my crazy diet, there is another crazy diet, you know cause I have a little track record and stuff. But this is the craziest right? Funny it’s the only one that’s work so far. Don’t be afraid to put yourself first and don’t be scared of hair loss. Did we talk about that yet? Oh goodness. So I started losing hair after week 3, phase 3. It just started coming out. It’s because I’ve lost weight quickly and it’s really normal, it happens, in like 9 cases out of 10 when people have the surgery done, [inaudible] lose hair. It’s growing back. It was about 3 weeks, it really scared me and you can Google it. People say don’t worry, it’ll stop, it’ll grow back but I started taking Bioten.
Rayzel: Yeah Bioten’s great.
Mary: Just in case. I’m not getting enough vitamin B by the way. You know liver smoothies. But just in case I went and got a supplement.
Rayzel: And I’m glad you brought that up because I do get that question a lot and not everyone experiences hair loss but some do, it is expected but that’s the point is it grows back and that it is normal with any type of any stressful situation and losing a lot of weight fast is very common. I’ve lost hair but not after every round, I think it was only after 1 round. I did lose some hair but the thing is I’ve actually had issues with like alopecia where I got bald spots on my head since I was 15 like every other year. But the thing is it always grew back. So I [inaudible] I’ve been through the hair loss thing a number of times and I would actually get bald spots and other people don’t get that. But thankfully I could always hide it. It’s always grown back and it only happened after that one round. Another interview I had actually, she had a recommendation for something that can stop the hair loss. She said it worked for her and other people that she’s been guiding so I’ll just mention it to you too. It’s actually just mixing in some MSM powder in water, in a spray bottle and spraying it not on your hair but actually on you rskin. She’ll do it after she got out of the shower and she said actually that it stopped her hair loss and others that she had do it did too. I haven’t tried it to know but it’s not something that would hurt to try.
Mary: Oh, I just remembered something. Along those lines and I’m gonna try that. MSM powder in a spray. I know all kinds of stuff like that but that sounds great. I had a horrible rash detoxing. Rashes on my legs. Once the flu symptoms went away, the rash went up and I got to my friend that had originally told me about the protocol and she actually works for a wellness center in Dallas Texas and she said “Oh, you gotta get activated charcoal.” And I was like”What?” and of course you know me being so strict, I took it out of the capsule and drink it with water. My rash was gone in 3 days. It was aamazing.
Rayzel: Cause that’s supposed to mop up toxins, right? The activated charcoal.
Mary: That’s what it does. It soaks up. It’s probably heavy metals. More than likely just the type of rash I have cause we store a lot of toxins in our fat.
Rayzel: And I do get people asking about that too from time to time, getting a rash. That’s good the activated charcoal. Also the other thing that’s really good for mopping up stuff is chlorella.
Mary: Yeah, yeah, I’ve seen that in the store, green right?
Rayzel: Chlorella is very good for especially for heavy metals.
Mary: And it’s compatible in hCG?
Rayzel: Yeah, it’s just like little green- That’s good. I’m glad you brought that up actually. That’s cool.
Mary: It was really uncomfortable.
Rayzel: I bet. Was it itchy?
Mary: It was more just hot. It was like, have you had prickly rash? I’m from Texas so we got all kinds of- it’s like a prickly rash in the middle of February. I was like “What is going on?’’ and _____ “you’re detoxing, that’s really good.” She was so excited for me. That’s great that means you’re getting through some of the layers of fat. I was like “Oh man, I don’t want to take this yucky black stuff.” It’s black, it’s charcoal. But it doesn’t taste like anything. In fact I now use it to brush my teeth because I’m crunchy and [inaudible]. Whiten your teeth.
Rayzel: Awesome. Very cool. I think it’s good too that you mention that because I kind of think that you know what you said that toxins are stored in your fat—oh jus that sometimes people feel really crappy on P2. Like I had rounds where I felt horrible and I had rounds where I actually felt quite well. Part of it I think could be, one factor could be that sometimes the fat your losing may contain a lot of toxins and your body is having to process that and it’s circulating like in your bloodstream. That’s where it might be good to be taking stuff like the activated charcoal and the chlorella but that could be why you feel so crummy whereas maybe other fat was cleaner. It’s like you feel better. That’s just kind of my guess.
Mary: I assume it’s like the crust of the earth the different layers, geologic layers. This is the layer where Mary got married, here’s the divorce layer for all toxins. And as you lose weight I think that’s probably what it was.
Rayzel: I have like a diet coke layer. The 2 year everyday diet coke layer. That’s probably like full of aspartame or whatever.
Mary: Oh God. I can’t even- I’m sorry body. I loved it. I still love it. That’s a treat sometime I won’t lie.
Rayzel: Actually, I didn’t have any for llike 2 years cause I was such an addict to it but on occasion I’ll have like one like a diet A&W, so I’m coming clean everybody. On occasion I do lately because it’s not something I’m finding myself needing to have every day because that I don’t feel as healthy but now and then I do have one cause I really like how it taste. Once a month.
Mary: You gotta live. You gotta live. You can choose your battles.
Rayzel: Anything I find myself starting to need or crave, that’s when I’ll cut back. I’m like “Okay I don’t want to get in that place again” but this has been okay.
Mary: Yeah, smart.

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What Length of Time Should I Be on the hCG Diet? Mon, 23 Feb 2015 06:09:07 +0000 How Long Do I (Can I) Do the hCG Diet? In a nut shell, anytime between 3-6 weeks long.   Original Length of Time Per Dr. Simeons After going over his manuscript again, his direction was basically: Do the diet … Continue reading

The post What Length of Time Should I Be on the hCG Diet? appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

How Long Do I (Can I) Do the hCG Diet?

In a nut shell, anytime between 3-6 weeks long.


Original Length of Time Per Dr. Simeons

After going over his manuscript again, his direction was basically:

  • Do the diet a minimum of 3 weeks
  • Don’t go beyond 40 actual injections (different from # of days on the diet- we’ll discuss more in a bit)

What If You Have More Weight To Lose?

Which is usually the case right? If you have more weight to lose than you can lose in one round of hCG, you do multiple rounds of the diet with breaks between- the length of hCG Diet breaks are discussed here, and this is why breaks from hCG are a good idea.

This whole process is done in short batches, whereafter you take a break and stabilize (called Phase 3 and Phase 4) – these breaks are IMPORTANT you guys, for multiple reasons, discussed in the articles I just linked to.

How Long Do You Do the hCG Diet? -

Back to Length of hCG Rounds

Dr. Simeons stated at least 23 injections, and no more than 40 injections. When he said “23 injections” etc that included all injections, including the ones taken on the loading days, so technically speaking it would be 21 injections while on the 500 calorie diet. Additionally, on the longer 40ish day rounds, many people skip 1 injection a week based off the original protocol, so the number of days you’d be on the 500 calorie diet overall would be a bit longer.

23 injections – 2 days of loading with injections = 21 days of 500 calorie diet with injections + 2 days of 500 calorie diet without hCG at the end = 23 days of 500 calorie diet total.

Another example:
40 injections – 2 days of loading with injections = 38 days of 500 calorie diet with injections + 6 days of 500 calorie diet without an injection (the once a week no shot day) = 44 days of 500 calorie diet with injections + 2 days of 500 calories without hCG (at end) = 46 days of 500 calorie diet total.

Additionally, regarding a woman’s menstruation he says, “During menstruation no injections are given, but the diet is continued and causes no hardship; yet as soon as the menstruation is over, the patients become extremely hungry unless the injections are resumed at once.” This means that a woman might possibly end up being on vlcd even longer than 45-46 days to get to her 40th injection if you take this into account.

But honestly, I don’t believe you have to get this anal about it – if you look on your calendar you mainly want to plan out, what days you will load, and how many days you will be on the 500 calorie diet.

So within the boundaries of what he said…..

The basic idea is to do the hCG diet for at least 3 weeks. But you are not required to do a full 40 injections once you pass the 3 week mark. So if you choose to stop on day 38, so be it. If you stop on day 34, so be it.

Does this work in real life?

I’ve done differing numbers of days on hCG- 38 days, 43 days, 23 days, etc. I have never attempted to do less than 3 weeks, the original shorter protocol that Dr. Simeons outlined, so I can’t tell you how doing the diet for less than 3 weeks would fare for you- Dr. Simeons felt that it would not work well and he may be totally right about that. We won’t know for sure unless a lot of people start experimenting with that (hint hint – if you decide to do that, please email me and let me know the results!)

Everyone’s brains and minds work differently, but I even found it worked well to not commit myself to a certain length of time beyond 3 weeks. My final round I planned on it being a short 3 weeker, but I was feeling so good that at the end of the three weeks, I decided to add on another week, and I just kept doing that each week that I felt like I could handle a few more days until I ended up completing a full 6 week round. This worked well for me. For others, committing themselves to a 6 week period beforehand may be better if they feel they will be too likely to just kind of quit otherwise.

Biggest thing to keep in mind when choosing the length of time to do a round of hCG:

Choose a time in your life that will have the least stress, the least family/social functions- when you can lay the most low. I can’t say this enough. You will thank me by day 5 for this advice.

Why At least 3 weeks?

In plain people speak, Dr. Simeons noticed in his studies that people regained the weight they lost if they didn’t do the diet at least 3 weeks- remember, this protocol is actually considered a hormone healing protocol if used properly and the aim is not only to lose weight, but to actually change and reset how your hypothalamus/metabolism operates in your body – Dr. S felt that this seemed to take at least 3 weeks.

In Dr. Simeon’s Words:

Under the topic, “the Duration of Treatment,” starting at page 51 in his manuscript is the following:
“Patients who need to lose 15 pounds (7 kg) or less require 26 days of treatments with 23 daily injections.” p.51, par. 2

“We never give a treatment lasting less than 26 days, even in patients needing to lose only 5 pounds. It seems that even in the mildest cases of obesity the diencephalon requires about three weeks rest from the maximal exertion to which it has been previously subjected in order to regain fully its normal fat banking capacity. Clinically this expresses itself in the fact that when in these mild cases treatment is stopped as soon as the weight is normal, which may be achieved in a week, it is much more easily regained than after a full course of 23 injections.” – p.51, par. 3

If you reach your goal weight before the 3 weeks is up, he instructed patients to increase their calories to 800-1000 or so and maintain the current loss till the end of the 3 weeks, THEN move on the no starches no sugars phase.

Rounds Less Than 3 Weeks

If you decide to try a round for less than 3 weeks, it would have to be an experiment, and I’d love to hear from you if you do! I’m always interested in hearing how experiments turn out – that’s how we learn new things right?

Why did Dr. Simeons say not to go beyond 40 injections?

He described what he called immunity to hCG setting in. For some odd reason, neither I, nor other hCG coaches like Robin Woodall, have ever seen hCG immunity actually happen.

Dr. S characterized immunity as suddenly becoming ravenously hungry on hCG, when you were feeling fine before. Most hunger on hCG is a correctable dose issue, and many people do rounds longer than 40 days, or don’t skip a shot once a week as he said doing so could delay the immunity, and still we haven’t seen this sudden raging hunger come on at the end of a round.

He did mention it didn’t happen to everyone, so it looks like it was a precautionary measure across the board since he couldn’t know in advance who would become immune and who wouldn’t, but I’m just saying, today anyways, for some reason, it doesn’t seem to really happen.

Here is what he said in his manuscript on this subject under the subheading “Immunity to hCG”:

“The reason for limiting a course to 40 injections is that by then some patients may begin to show signs of HCG immunity.”

“In those comparatively rare cases in which signs of immunity develop before the full course of 40 injections has been completed- say at the 35th injection- treatment must be stopped at once.”

“In those that take 40 injections the onset of immunity can be delayed if they are given only six injections a week, leaving out Sundays or any other day they choose, provided that it is always the same day.

My Own Little Input on the Immunity Idea

To be honest, there have been a lot of people now to do hCG longer than 40 injections worth and I don’t know that I’ve seen any true symptoms of immunity going on – so I’m not sure how real that is. I still think there are other very valid reasons for limiting the length of time you are on hCG at any given time though. I asked Robin Woodall, the author of weight loss apocalypse, who has coached thousands of people through the hCG protocol personally, and she agreed she hasn’t seen immunity actually happen.

So You’re Saying I Can Do More Than 40 Injections Then? Yippee!!!

Not so fast partner!

Since Simeon’s time, people have experimented, and occasionally a person does okay staying on the diet beyond 6 weeks, but there are some major cautions here, so please see my 2 articles related to this:

Doing Extended Rounds of hCG

Why Taking Your hCG At a Normal/Slower Pace May Be Wise

When Can You Start Your Next Round of hCG?

Essentially it’s not that you CAN’T or you’ll die- some do extend their rounds of hCG a bit. The main thing though is that I feel you want to be balanced in how long you do this diet for at a time because if you push the envelope, I feel adrenal fatigue could develop. Adrenals are often doing more during any diet, and cortisol can be raised- if this goes on too long, it can weaken your adrenals which produces more than one problem – it causes horrible fatigue – the kind that makes you wonder how you can continue working and caring for family; it can really take a long time to heal, and it can make maintaining weight loss not work well.

And I know some of us may kind of read over this nonchalantly and kind of go on our merry way of trying to do 60 days on the diet anyway- some of us have to learn the hard way right? Totally me- been there, done that, and probably STILL doing that, but PLEASE you guys, I’m telling you, this is not something to take lightly. It’s SO much easier to stabilize weight, to maintain weight, and to feel happy and well when you are MAINTAINING your health rather than trying to get it back. Getting it back can be a LONG and painful road.

Sometimes we may see a person doing a really long round, or taking really short breaks, and they are fine at the moment. and so we might think to ourselves, “hey, it’s working for them! I might as well try it”. What we don’t know though is how they’ll be doing and feeling in 2 or 3 more months. So be careful with taking the protocol to extremes. It can always work for awhile – but there can be a residue of chronic health issues that can develop from it.

Granted, if you’re needing the hCG protocol it’s likely that your health isn’t the best to begin with, but adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues are no joke- it’s not so easily fixed once it’s screwed up and you can keep these systems functioning well if you try to stick within the confines of the original time limits for the diet.

Buying hCG Online: # of Days for the Various “hCG Kits”

One thing that can be confusing is that each online hCG company has their own “kits” with a labeled # of days on them, and they vary from each other by several days.

What I wanted to say about this, is don’t let the number of days you are seeing on the kit have a bearing on which company you choose to buy from.

Regarding the shorter 3-4-weeks-ish round kits:

The above kits all contain the EXACT same amount of hCG – one 5000iu vial.

Regarding the longer 6-weeks-ish round kits:

The above kits all contain the EXACT same amount of hCG – two 5000iu vials.

How is that? Is that misleading? No it isn’t actually. Let me explain.

The thing is, the dosage of hCG that’s best for you will vary from person to person – each clinic tends to prescribe one set dose of hCG to their patients, but I have found that the dose you feel the least hunger on is unique, and can even change during a round.

So the amount of hCG you take each day is what affects how long your vial of hCG lasts.

If you take a high 200iu dose of hCG (which is uncommon for what actually feels best for hunger) one 5000iu vial will last you 25 days worth of injections (5000/200). If you take a dose of 125iu which works for many, your vial would actually last you 40 days (5000/125). HOWEVER, typically the potency of hCG drops off enough that by the 3rd or 4th week you want to no longer use that vial and either finish your round, or mix a fresh batch of hCG from a new vial.

So essentially what I’m saying, is any kits listed in the 20-30 day range will all contain the same amount of hCG, and you can expect them all to last you anywhere from 3-4 weeks, depending on which dose ends up working for you best.

This really isn’t something that you can decide beforehand. I do get emails all the time saying what dose should they take so their hCG lasts such and such number of days. You do not want to take hCG this way. Find the dose that allows you the least hunger, regardless of how long it will make the vial last. That should be your priority here.

I realize you want to get the most bang for your buck, of course. But now you can see that all these kits have the same amount of hCG- so if you order a 56 day kit form US hCG Shots, you are not getting more actual hCG than if you buy the 46 day kit from Nu Image, okay? They both contain the same amount of hCG. If you need a lower dose (which most do), your hCG from EITHER Nu Image or US hCG Shots would last you 56 days.

Choosing hCG Dose Based on Hunger vs. Number of Days You Want It to Last

This really isn’t something that you can decide beforehand. I do get emails all the time saying what dose should they take so their hCG lasts such and such number of days. You do not want to take hCG this way. Find the dose that allows you the least hunger, regardless of how long it will make the vial last. That should be your priority here.
I realize you want to get the most bang for your buck, of course. But now you can see that all these kits have the same amount of hCG- so if you order a 56 day kit form US hCG Shots, you are not getting more actual hCG than if you buy the 46 day kit from Nu Image, okay? They both contain the same amount of hCG. If you need a lower dose (which most do), your hCG from EITHER Nu Image or US hCG Shots would last you 56 days.

Well, I hope this helps you decide what you want to do! As always, it was a mouthful. But I’m the kind of person who wants detail so I can make an informed decision, so that’s why I provide to you guys.

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I Lost Weight Loading for the hCG Diet (or Didn’t Gain) – Is That Okay? Tue, 17 Feb 2015 18:14:25 +0000 I Lost Weight Loading for hCG- Is That Normal and Okay? Yes it is – as long as you actually did LOAD – ie. you didn’t view the days as diet days trying to lose weight by eating less. The … Continue reading

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I Lost Weight Loading for hCG- Is That Normal and Okay?

Yes it is – as long as you actually did LOAD – ie. you didn’t view the days as diet days trying to lose weight by eating less.

The point of loading is to:

1) Eat higher fats than usual, and

2) Eat higher calories than usual.

You don’t have to make yourself sick, but you also don’t want to kind of go about your day and forget to eat those days either.

If you’ll recall I mentioned in other videos my macros for my 2 load days my final hCG round were 4000 calories and 300 grams of fat EACH day.

So as long as you done your best with loading (and remember, just eating more crackers and pasta isn’t really helpful- those are higher calorie and higher carbs, but doesn’t really contain that fat that you need), and you still lose weight, or don’t gain, that’s okay.

I’ll Just Quote Dr. Simeon’s On This Subject

“During the two days of forced feeding from the first to the third injection – many patients are surprised that contrary to their previous experience they do not gain weight and some even lose. The explanation is that in these cases there is a compensatory flow of urine, which drains excessive water from the body. To some extent this seems to be a direct action of hCG, but it may also be due to a higher protein intake, as we know that a protein-deficient diet makes the body retain water.“

How This Sometimes Plays Out

So the majority do gain weight loading or gorging in the 2 days before starting the VLCD on hCG, but some, including myself, have lost weight on at least 1 of the loading days. Typically for me I lose a little weight after the first loading day- like maybe .8 or 1 lb, then I gain 1-3 lbs the 2nd loading day, so my net loading gain is usually like 1.5-2lbs.

And yep, this is fine!

To learn more about the loading phase you can check out the treasury of loading for hCG info I have.

Is It Okay if You Lost Weight Loading for the hCG Diet (or Didn't Gain?) -

The post I Lost Weight Loading for the hCG Diet (or Didn’t Gain) – Is That Okay? appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

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