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“500 calories a day??? Absolutely not.”

Famous last words Heather! 150 lbs with hCG later…….

What. A. Transformation. I mean right??

You are so inspiring to us all.

My 50 lbs ain’t got nothin’ on you girl!! I hope this will give hope to those of you out there who have a further way to go than some.

  • Age: 42
  • Height: 5′ 11″
  • Health Conditions: Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS
  • Medications: hypothyroidism
  • Starting Weight: 427
  • Current Weight: 283
  • Total Weight Loss with hCG so far: 150 lbs
  • Size Change: 10 sizes
  • Number of rounds: 6

Beautiful words from Heather:

If I am looking at food as an enemy, and my body as an enemy, that is emotional depriving. When I feel emotionally deprived, I want to feed that, with food. I had to start offering my body and myself a lot of love. It helps fill an emotional hole that had been there for awhile, and I don’t need to fill it so much with pizza and cheesecake anymore.

Heather shares her history with weight including being put on her first diet when she was 7 years old, which made her think something was wrong with her. She reached a point in adulthood after trying many diets and not being able to maintain weight loss of quitting all diets. Dieting is hard on your psyche. So for a period of years she tried to simply eat healthfully but be at peace with her body as it was. Eventually she was led to hCG after discovering her health really as in danger at her weight.

Towards the end I REALLY picked her brain about what has been involved in getting over emotional issues related to her weight – she’s had a counselor to help her with this, and I was curious about this process.

Lastly, key points on the need to white knuckle it at times – both of us have experiences with this on hCG and the urgency to binge or eat does go away if you get through those crucial moments.

But you really must watch/listen to enjoy her whole story!

Other resources you might find helpful:

Sugar free Electrolyte mix – Heather mentioned this as a huge help with the initial large water weight loss at the beginning of the diet, which can cause an imbalance in your electrolytes.

Sugar free Cheesecake – we don’t have Heather’s exact recipe, but here are a few that look promising! These are for Phase 3 folks, just fyi.

hCG Diet Interviews - Real Results - Episode 29 -

  1. Basics:  (age, height, menopause? any meical details you feel are important- ie thyroid etc).

I am 41 years old and 5’11”tall. I am not in menopause but do have these conditions: but Diabetes Type 2, hypothyroid and PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome.

  1. How much weight you’ve lost with hCG/starting weight/ending weight/ clothing size change.  How many rounds did you do, how long was each round?

I am finishing up my 6th round this week (this was back in like maybe April/May of 2015 – it takes me awhile to get these interviews up!). I started my first round in July of 2013 at 427 pounds I am currently at 283. 150 pounds lost so far. The length of my rounds varies based on my other activities.

  1. How long have you currently been maintaining (or where are you currently at in your hCG journey)?

I maintain within 5 pounds of LIW after each round. The only exception was between rounds 5 & 6. I had an approximately 5 month break and fell into my old bad eating habits over the holidays. I regained 20 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. I learned a very valuable lesson about respecting my body and P3!

  1. Tell us how you came to be overweight and your struggles with that?

I like to say that I was “born fat”. At birth, I was 1 month premature and weighed about 9 pounds. My mom was Type 1 diabetic and I have always had blood sugar issues. (Diagnosed with “reactive hypoglycemia” at age 6. I was not diagnosed with my DM 2 until my mid-thirties, though). I was a tall, chubby but athletic child. I was taken to the pediatrician for diet pills at age 6 (thankfully he refused!).

I started my first diet (The Cabbage Soup diet) at age 7. I lost 20 pounds and regained it quickly. This was my introduction to a long string of low calorie diets followed by bingeing/regaining. When I hit puberty at age 11, the weight gains intensified no matter how much I exercised.

I struggled with every promising diet that came along throughout my teens and 20s.

In my early 30s, I finally gave up and decided that I would always be obese. I truly tried to accept my size. But while I enjoyed my new found emotional freedom from the disheartening starve/binge cycle, my health worsened. I continued to slowly gain weight while “eating sensibly”(lots of green veggies and lean protein but with occasional additions of chips and my favorite  sugar free desserts). I developed uterine fibroids in addition to my PCOS, my thyroid began to go haywire and  I was finally diagnosed with diabetes 2 in my late 30s.

I continued my active lifestyle and ignored my doctor’s diet advice because, after a lifetime of enforced dieting, I was sick of being shamed for my size and wanted to take control of my own life. For years, I stubbornly refused all offers of diet counseling and surgery. I was determined to be fat and happy and love the body I was given.

However, after injuring my knee a white water rafting accident, I realized that despite my belief that it was possible to be overweight and healthy that it was not possible for me. Not only were my blood sugars climbing higher at each checkup and my thyroid was difficult to correct, I was now immobile and trying to rehab my knee at 427 pounds. I had joint pain and embarrassing skin conditions related to my size.  I felt helpless and knew I could not continue on this way.

In the fall of 2011, my doctor encouraged me to think of gastric bypass surgery. I was terrified at the prospect of major surgery. That winter, she mentioned the hcg diet.  I thought she was nuts to recommend a 500 calorie diet! I was worried that I could go into starvation mode.

By the next summer, I was desperate enough for a change. I had been researching both gastric bypass and hcg. I decided to try hcg first as a way to avoid invasive surgery. I really wasn’t sure that it would work but I was desperate. Thankfully, it worked!

  1. What type of hCG did you use? If injections or prescription drops, what dose worked best for you?

I have used prescription troches, sublingual drops and injections. I’m currently injecting 175u. It seems to be working for me.

  1. What would you say your experience was the first week on phase 2? Easy or hard? explain. Could also discuss how you loaded if you like. What parts of the protocol were easier for you and which parts were more challenging? How did you handle the challenging aspects?

The first week of my first round was especially tough. My blood sugars were already high and my body had to adjust to the low calories. That, along with the water weight release, caused me to struggle with light headedness between VLCDs 5-10. But once my body got into the groove, I felt better and had no hunger. My doc also recommended an electrolyte supplement that I take each round.

In subsequent rounds, my hunger and dizziness were less. But I have also learned to slow my physical activity and take my electrolytes. I rarely have hunger on P2-even during week 1.

I load “muddy”. Not quite a full blown, carb filled, pig out but also not a clean load. I eat a lot of homemade, sugar free cheesecake and ice cream plus fatty meats and avocadoes. When loading for this round, I even got my favorite meal at my local Chinese restaurant! Loading for me is a balance of eating healthy fats, low sugar foods AND eating yummy foods to help me emotionally prepare for several weeks of fasting.

  1. What did you find yourself liking to eat during Phase 2/vlcd – how would you prepare your meals?

My phase 2 meals are very simple. I keep it simple. Grilled lean protein, green veggies, fruits, a little coconut oil and some non-fat milk in my coffee. I avoid recipes in P2 because I love food and love to cook. BUT this places too much emphasis on food for me during P2. I keep it mostly plain though I “liven it up” with hot sauce and spicy mustard. I do have one treat…frozen blueberries drizzled with a little balsamic vinegar and erythritol. Let the berries soften a little on the counter and then smush them up with a spoon and eat. Delicious!

  1. What tricks do you have up your sleeve to stay sane while on Phase 2?

See above. I keep it as simple as possible.

  1. What Lessons have you learned during Phase 3 – give us the good and the bad! What types of things did you discover when it came to maintenance that did and didn’t work?

Because of my lifelong blood sugar issues, I am still reactive to simple carbs and sugar. I can gain 5 pounds of water weight overnight after one carby meal. This includes P4 foods like beans, sweet potatoes and whole grains. I find I must stay on P3 to maintain.

Also, P3 is a time to re-nourish your body. If you are going to do multiple rounds, make sure to emphasize lots of healthy veggies, proteins and fats.

I do best on a low-carb Weston Price style diet so I eat grass fed beef liver, butter, coconut oil, avocadoes, sardines, salmon, a rainbow of veggies and even cod liver oil during P3 to replenish my fat soluble vitamins/minerals.

  1. In Phase 4: Can you tell us what types of foods you eat now in every day life? And how is this different from what you used to eat on a normal basis?

I stay with P3 as much as possible. I hope that once I reach goal I will have better blood sugar control and be able to add back in P4 foods. But for now I stick with P3 to maintain between rounds. I was low carb (but stopped losing) through much of my 30s. P3 is not much different from that…except now I limit processed foods and nuts.

  1. What have been your tools for maintaining your weight loss? 

I stay on P3. I weigh frequently and notice when a food causes a gain. This helped me to discover that I need to limit nuts on P3. I also have been working on my emotional eating issues with a counselor.

12.  Do you have any memories of your life/body pre hCG that are totally different for you now?

I was living a limited life before my weight loss. While I firmly believe that we all need to love our bodies and embrace life at whatever size/shape/age we are, I found that, for myself, I was *not* happy at 427 pounds. After losing 150 pounds my blood sugars are in the normal range (with medication). I also love being physically active in the outdoors and I am now much more able to move about like I want to. I am even saving up for scuba lessons!

  1. When you want a treat now, give us a couple examples of what you might eat? Also, are you ever able to indulge in a regular treat, like cake at a party, and still maintain?

On P2 I like my blueberries with balsamic vinegar. On P3, I make a great homemade cheesecake with stevia and erythritol. I also love to experiment with coconut flour. I really try to adapt my former comfort foods to P3 friendly foods so that I never feel deprived.

If I do splurge with regular pizza or cake when out with friends, I notice an overnight gain and an immediate return of my old carby, cravings. My “cheats” are very rare because of this.

  1. What factors have you noticed to play a role in people NOT succeeding on hCG?

The biggest thing I have noticed is going back to their pre-HCG eating habits. Hcg is a wonderful tool for weight loss but, like any diet, you have to permanently change the eating/lifestyle habits that contributed to your weight gain.  I have also found it helpful to take things slowly when transitioning between phases. Add P3 foods in slowly over the course of your 3 week stabilization/transition.

  1. What do you feel are the most important keys to success on the hcg protocol? If someone said they want to have the same results you have, what would you tell them?

1) Stick with it. Do Not cheat on P2-Hcg is very unforgiving of cheats. Develop a plan and stick with it (I eat mop but I stick with my mop).

2) HCG is a huge change in lifestyle. Make it as easy as possible on yourself. Plan your rounds with social engagements/holidays in mind. If you love to eat with your family at Thanksgiving dinner, make sure you are on P3/4 on that day so that you can be more liberal in your choices.

3) Develop healthier recipes for your favorite comfort foods while on P3. Again, try to avoid temptation while enjoying your food. I failed at many a diet because I felt deprived and punished while “eating healthy”.

4) LOVE YOUR BODY in all its shapes and sizes.  As someone who struggled with weight since childhood, I was taught early on that I was unacceptable because I was big. I grew up believing this and blamed my body and myself.  The only solution that I knew was to fight my body with starvation diets* and lots of self-criticism. This led to abysmal self-esteem and diets became a way to punish myself while trying to force my body (and self) into a “better” shape.

HATING MY BODY (even those pesky, wobbly,  fat bits) NEVER WORKED! ( at least not for very long) I have made a conscious effort to look at my body (and myself) with love and compassion. This has made a huge difference in my ability to stick with the diet. HCG is a tool that makes it easy to eat low calories without feelings of deprivation or hunger but I know that when I am thinking of my body as wrong and trying “fix my flaws”, I begin to feel deprived emotionally, too. When I am emotionally deprived it is easy to want physically feed the emotional deprivation.

I now think of myself as a grand work in progress. I am kind to myself and my body. I make sure that P2 is as easy and as comfortable as possible. This includes seeing the diet as a way to love myself towards better health and returning to my beloved activities. Each pound lost is a step towards a healthy, more active me instead of a step away from a hated body size. For me, this was a subtle but profound shift.

*Yes hcg is a low calorie diet…but I do not believe it is a punishing, starvation diet. Because of the hormone, I have found that I am able to gain muscle while losing gobs of abnormal body fat. And P3 is there for a reason. To maintain, stabilize and re-feed your body with healthy foods.


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Or read it here below:

HCG Diet Interviews – Episode 29 –

Rayzel:            Hey guys! hCGChica. Welcome back to the hCG Diet Interviews. I have Heather with me today. This is Episode 29 and she has lost a total of 150 pounds so far with hCG so it’s just amazing and she told me that amounts to 10 sizes down in clothing or her so far. That’s just amazing.  That’s huge! Do you feel like that’s huge?

Heather:          I do! I do! A year and a half so it’s come up on me slowly but yeah! Pretty amazing!

Rayzel:            Hope you recognize what a huge accomplishment that is.

Heather:          Oh yeah, took a while

Rayzel:            Well thanks for being with me today. We’re just gonna hop into it. I’m gonna ask some general questions and then we’re gonna get deeper into her story. The emotional side of things because really that is a huge part of weight loss as you guys all know and so she’s gone through the gambit of it actually. Why don’t you give us just some of your basic stats, your age, any health conditions that you have, things like that.

Heather:          Sure. I will be 42 in May. So coming is my 42nd birthday. I do have Type II diabetes which is one of my main motivators for starting the hCG. I do take meds for hypothyroid and I also deal with polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Rayzel:            Okay, so those are her stats. So just you guys know, there is a lot of people doing this protocol who are not in perfect health and it can help. It’s not like it fixes everything but you can lose weight with health issues in this protocol, I think it’s the main thing for people to realize.

Heather:          Yeah, and I found that even with the polycystic ovarian syndrome that my cycles have smooth out. For the first time in a decade I can have regular cycles.

Rayzel:            Really, is that new for you like when you’re not in hCG? It’s more stable

Heather:          It does. Between finishing up round 6 and my last round I took a 5 month break and towards the end it starts to get a little bumpy again. But I think it’s just the weight loss and the calories? I don’t know if it’s the hCG itself but it does seems to give me clockwork cycles.

Rayzel:            Interesting. That is really interesting. And so tell us what is your starting weight was, if you don’t mind and where you at right now.

Heather:          I started at 427 pounds and as of yesterday I was at 283. I think that’s just about 150 pounds even, gone.

Rayzel:            And you’re tall, right? You’re 5’11?

Heather:          I’m 5’11. So yeah!

Rayzel:            You’re like my opposite. You’ve got 10 inches on me. We should stand next to each other sometime. Why don’t you tell us how many rounds you’ve done for this 150 pounds weight loss? When did you originally start, that type of stuff?

Heather:          Sure. I’ve been finishing up my 6th round and I started at- so I think, I think, I can’t remember my notes now but I think I started in July of 2013 I believe.

Rayzel:            That is correct. That is what you wrote. Got it all right here!

Heather:          Yey! So July 2013 did my round 1.  So yeah, you want to have a- that was your question right?

Rayzel:            Yeah. So that’s good. So 2013 in July. It’s actually not even quite 2 years later, right? IT’s like a year and 9 months something. And you were not on hCG that whole time right? You did rounds.

Heather:          I did. When I first started doing the rounds I would take Dr. Simeons traditional breaks between the rounds and length. So yeah that accounts for a lot of time in it and this last time between round 5 and 6 I took a 5-month break just because I was tired.

Rayzel:            Awesome. So see, this is something you guys- I’m always trying to show you guys, weight loss is really pretty quick even though sometimes people get upset about their average weight loss but you know when you think about it over the whole scheme of things you’ve lost 150 pounds in basically a year in a half and you weren’t on the diet most of the time. It’s just like several weeks here and there. So most of the time she was like in Phase 3 eating normal amounts of calories for her body or normal foods, so you can accomplish so much with that.  Cool. So thanks for sharing that.  Okay so you’re still in your process then of this. You said your last break was actually 5 months and so were you able to maintain most of your weight loss between your rounds? Can you tell me about the story with that?

Heather:          Sure, actually between most of my rounds between rounds 1 and 5 I maintain really easily. I just have a mindset of “Hey, this is it! I’m losing weight, I’m maintaining!” I was really strict and I did say on P3, P4 for me when you bring in the beans, the starches and legumes, I gain. So I stay on P3. Now my last 5 months of P3 break between the last 2 rounds I maintained until right up until Thanksgiving and then on Thanksgiving I got off path and I gained 20 pounds between Thanksgivings to New Year.

Rayzel:            That happens to a lot of people. So I have one of those little things and little blip. Let’s just call it a little blip, blip in the journey, a little blip in the journey. Okay, good. So thanks for sharing that. We’re gonna get into more I think a little bit later about the whole maintenance aspect of it later. You mentioned something when you were writing down answers to this questions. You said you learned a very valuable lesson about respecting your body in Phase 3 from that blip. What exactly did you learn? What is the lesson that you learned?

Heather:          That, well, hCG is a tool. It’s a diet weight loss tool. You lose weight easy. It’s the easiest diet I’ve ever been on.  However you have to stick with it. So how I learned to respect the body is you have to stick with what’s healthy for your body. So I learned that you know, cakes and cookies and all those holiday foods are not healthy for my body and I do have to respect it and my body I have hormonal and metabolic issues and I don’t process carbs that well and I have to learn to respect my body and I have learned not to use food as recreation and that’s what I was doing over Christmas. Respecting my body is knowing what my body can and can’t tolerate. I weight everyday on P3 and that’s how I learned that nuts will actually make me gain. Dairy is okay for me but nuts will make me gain so those are rare treats for me.

Rayzel:            That’s good. I appreciate that because sometimes actually when we screw up with that it’s a very valuable thing to learn. Sometimes what you need to do almost in a way to kind of reinforce something that you kind of were thinking was true but maybe not enough to prevent you from doing it. Like you said, you were strict on all those P3 and then sometimes you might go like, “Maybe I can also eat clean if I do this or maybe even better.”

Heather:          Yeah. I’ve lost enough weight now. I bet you I can fudge a little bit and have this turkey dinner with 3 scoops of mashed potatoes. It’ll be okay.

Rayzel:            Yeah. So then you like test it out, okay, maybe not. And like we’ll get into talking more too like you said you have some metabolic issues because I do find for you guys out there listening that a lot of people can move into Phase 4 and eat clean but like with Heather she has dealt with some things since her childhood that are really not related to overeating but still having weight issues and we will talk about that a little bit but there are those different scenarios there. Well why don’t we just get into that whole topic then? Tell us your history when you become overweight. What’s the story related to that?

Heather:          I like to say I was born chubby. I was born a month premature already weighing 9 pounds. My mom was diabetic and I think I probably inherited metabolic issues from her. But basically from birth I’ve always been overweight, chubby. I think I put in my notes to you that my mom took me for a diet- my first diet when I think I was 6 and I did my first diet when I was 7.

Rayzel:            Cabbage Soup Diet – it says.

Yeah. It’s the 1970s cabbage soup diet.

Rayzel:            You were 7. That’s so sad. How did you feel? What did you think when you were that age and someone put you on a diet? What did you think? How did you feel about that?

Heather:          Well when you were a kid you don’t really know how to interpret what’s coming through. My mom was doing it because it was the 70s and she was concern for my health and there was a big push to be thin, thin, and thin. But when you were kid you really don’t understand, all you know is I can’t eat like everybody else because my interpretation was there was something wrong with me.

Rayzel:            You know my mom actually said the same thing. She had the same thing, she was chubby as a little kid, her first diet was basically around the same age and she said the same thing. It made me think there was something wrong with me, like I wasn’t- something’s wrong. Okay.

Heather:          Yeah but its okay now a whole another story on that. But yeah, so, always maybe 10 pounds overweight. Again, not a lot. I was also a big child. I was 5 feet tall in the 1st grade.

Rayzel:            And yeah, obviously bigger boned because of that too, for sure.

Heather:          Oh, yeah. Always playing sports, hockey and soccer and whatever. Always playing sports so always, always active.

Rayzel:            You were pretty healthy because if you can actually do all those movements it means you have a lot of muscles on you and you’re actually pretty healthy.

Heather:          Yeah, I was big, just big, chubby as well as big and tall. So yeah, very athletic, and you know that that first cabbage soup diet did start kind of a roller coaster which any of us who’ve had weight issue in our past can look back and say hey, there’s that diet that starve yourself for a while and eat, eat, eat, eat. Lose and gain, lose and gain, lose and gain, and that was the cycle I got on. Then when I hit puberty. I started puberty at 11, game over. No matter. I just gained. Gained, gained, gained.

Rayzel:            Now did you feel at that time, I mean I don’t know if you can remember this but, when you gained weight and those hormones kicking in do you feel like you were eating more poorly than the average person or do you feel like you were eating fairly normaly, what do you think?

Heather:          I think I was probably eating very healthy. There was a big emphasis on eating healthy in our family. My mom was Type 1 diabetic. She always had to watch whatever she ate and that kind of went along to us. However, I think being a child of the late ‘70s early ‘80s there’s the emphasis on low, low fat and whole grain. And you know what? I gained. I was constantly hungry and dieting and constantly hungry but eating bread and –

Rayzel:            It’s kind of like a case of misguided nutrition. You guys were tempting to healthy with what was considered healthy at the time but it didn’t bode well for your body.

Heather:          No it didn’t. It didn’t. I just remembered it did make my blood sugar issues. I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia is what they call it back in the ‘70s. I would have feel those roller coasters up and down the blood sugar. So constantly hungry, constantly. Yeah. So I forgot your questions. [laugh]

Rayzel:            No that was good. I think that was really good. So you ended up doing those diets as a young child and as time went on you just continued with the yo-yo dieting issues as you got older.

Heather:          Yeah, I mean I tried everything, Weight Watcher, Jimmy Craig, Nutrasystem, everything! It was always gonna be the next diet would get me to be thin and beautiful like I wanted. There’s always that next diet. Which I think there’s a lot of us out there that could understand that hope. But it was a roller coaster diet.

Rayzel:            So you would always regain the weight after you lost?

Heather:          Lose, lose, lose, then be really strict with the diet til I couldn’t take it anymore and just go off and try and re-feed because you know eating a thousand calories for 2 months, you’re hungry.

Rayzel:            Kind of like you spaz out, like you go so long that you literally snap. Instead of stopping before you’re at that point. Even on hCG people do that sometimes. They take it too long. When P3 comes they’re so like just burned out it’s like they snap and like “I don’t care!” I’m always telling people even on hCG, stop the diet before you get to that snapping point.

Heather:          Yeah, and I’ve come close to that snapping point on hCG too and it’s not worth it. The extra 5 pounds is not worth it.

Rayzel:            Yeah. Good point. So what happened then you said you kind of had a mind shift in your early 30s. Tell us all about that story.

Heather:          I had just been for 23 years or so had been through the diet roller coaster and I realize I was only gaining weight. I gave up on ever being thin. I was like to heck with it, I’m going to be fat and happy. And I’ve always been active outdoors, athletic, and I just kept up with my athletic lifestyle but I just said I will not diet again. I’m not gonna do it. I think it was hard on my body, I think it’s also hard for my psyche. So I just said, forget it. Probably for 7 or 8 years I just did. I tried to eat healthy. My version of healthy which for me as an adult is more of a low carb, higher protein and I did that. We eat greens, whatever lean meat, but it was also adding in potato chips and what not. You know?

Rayzel:            Yeah who doesn’t want to be able to eat a little bit of junk food here and there without you know. So you’re eating fairly healthy. I like what you said that you got to that point where like if you’re always dieting like you said and never feeling like you’re good enough because you’re not where you think you should be, like what kind of a life is that, you know?

Yeah, I’m just at the point where I am just going to learn to be happy with myself.

Rayzel:            Yeah, cause you couldn’t find the solution to being thinner so that makes perfect sense too. We should love ourselves who we are.

Heather:          We really should. To me what I’ve really come to learn over the past couple of years of HCG and throughout my life is that there’s kind of a split mentality to diet in this country which there’s some you know, “Hey, you’re healthier in shape, you want to lose a little weight, feel better physically, you do it” then there’s the whole cycle of “You’re not good enough unless you’re size 5”. That kind of what I got caught up in. I think thousands and thousands of people in our generation, got caught up in that. There’s that message out there. I just said in my early 30s, to heck with it!

Rayzel:            Yeah. It’s good that you did that. As we talked about kind of ended coming to a middle ground eventually. But I actually, even though I did get thin in my teens, just to add to the story of how messed up the mentality is in the United States and all the input that we get about being thin. I actually was very thin and I still thought I was overweight. I am short but granted I’m short but I was still very small it’s like a size 2 or size 0. Like super small but I have what my mom calls a _______ body which is my legs are muscular, always have been and even at my smallest size, it’s still quite thicker looking than some other thin maybe Asian people or something like that. I always thought that they looked fat, I just was so, so conscious about them. If I have a large meal, I’ll be panicked that I was gonna gain a lot of weight or that my stomach was now 4 inches bigger, which is ridiculous and when I think now back about all the emotional energies spent on that. It’s just awful. It’s such a waste. I can be a little bigger now, actually, very muscular from my heavy weightlifting and I’m proud of that and I think I feel like yeah I have big legs and they look great, you know. Awesome.

Heather:          That is awesome. I love weight lifting for the same reason, because I am strong. But I get you, when I was 14 I think I live for 6 months on fat-free turkey, some Diet Pepsi and I lost, I got down- for me which is really thinner- I got to 165 which is very thin and I remember my rib showing and looking at myself in the mirror and looking at my hips, cause I have big hips. That’s where I carried my weight. I’m thinking, “Oh I’m 5’11’ and I’m a size 14, ugh, I just wasn’t good enough.” So yeah I get that. I think you know by the time you hit 30, “Oh to heck with it!”

Rayzel:            So you came to that place where you realize that importance of accepting yourself but what kind of problems did you end up running into still?

Heather:          I still did continue to slowly gain and I would say it’s probably because my metabolism was probably messed up from years of yo-yo dieting and so when I stopped dieting altogether, I think I just continued to slowly gain over the next 7 years and I did get to the point where I was at 427 pounds about. So I did still experience a problem in my mid-30s I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and I was so shocked because I was like, I’m exercising and I’m eating fairly healthy but when it comes to a certain point when you’ve got so much extra adipose tissue, your body can only handle so much. And so I was diagnosed with diabetes and my thyroid started to poop out, I had to start taking thyroid med. It just got to a point even though I was active, I was just not healthy when you start to add in age to what you know. Time caught up with me. I think I told you in my notes I was white water rafting we had an accident and tore up my knee and then that was the final tipping point for me to go and start thinking about weight loss again because it’s very, very hard to be immobile and to be rehabbing a knee when you’re 250 pounds overweight.

Rayzel:            So you kind of started rethinking things a little bit. So tell us from there then, how you kind of come up across the protocol.

Heather:          I had been going to a doctor. I’ve had the same doctor for 10 years now and she had been occasionally approaching me about weight loss and I’d be like No, I’m not interested, I’m just going to eat my low carb diet and be fine with it. Then after this accident I started thinking to myself. I wouldn’t admit it to anybody else but to myself, I have to do something because I cannot be immobile. My doctor had mentioned a weight loss surgery and that scared me, because that’s a major invasive surgery and I was really scared about it and I said, absolutely not. A few months later she brought up the hCG and I said 500 calories a day? Absolutely not.

Rayzel:            Especially with your history when it sounds like, “Oh, I’m just going to be fueling the same thing I used to do technically” like this unhealthy mindset and it can sound like that.

Heather:          It does. Exactly and that’s how it came up to me. Oh, come on, it’s a crash diet. Then I went through the whole year then I by next summer I was on vacation and I was out on the middle of Central Washington a hundred degree, hot, hot, hot. Here I am sweating in my knee brace, it’s hard to get around, and I’m uncomfortable in the heat. Something started giving up.

Rayzel:            Gotcha. You like, okay, I give up, I’ll try it.

Heather:          And so I tried hCG because I was really scared to have the weight loss surgery. I figured hCG was my last stop before weight loss surgery and I didn’t expect it to work. I thought I was having the weight loss surgery and so that’s how I got on it.

Rayzel:            Then you’ve used prescription hCG right?

Heather:          Yes.

Rayzel:            But you used different types right?

Heather:          I have. Yeah. For my first 3 rounds I went with the NuImage and I just used their troches and that was really convenient, just pop one in your mouth, under your tongue. Then my doctor, the same doctor, her clinic, they actually have someone who does hCG there and the way my personal flexible spending account is setup I can use that to pay them and so I started going to the clinic for my hCG and for me that’s really convenient because I have somebody right there who can do a bioimpedance electronic scan and helped me if I’m using extra vitamins or on P3 extra need proteins and so they’re there to troubleshoot with me.

Rayzel:            I’m curious about how the first week of Phase 2 feels for you and then after that we can talk about what parts of the protocol are more challenging for you, what parts are easy?

Heather:          Sure. So the first week of P2 is a challenge for me. It’s gotten a lot easier probably after Round 3. Just a lot more used to it when I know what to expect. However in my first round of July 2013. Well I was coming from diabetic, high blood sugars and a lot of water retention too from being overweight so that first week to 10 days of P2 was a real struggle for me. You’re going low calorie so your body is not getting the same amount of sugars it’s used too also you’re losing a lot of water weight so I struggled with dizziness and light-headedness the first week and that’s something like if you are diabetic or have high-blood sugar issues, I just kept an apple on me and when I feel it coming I would just eat an extra apple.

Rayzel:            You do it to handle that and did it eventually get better then?

Heather:          Yeah, by about week 3 my body was used to it but then again there were some roller coaster ride and one thing I did start doing to help with the light headedness is I got some sugar-free electrolyte mix and I would take 2 servings a day. So some potassium, magnesium, because you do lose a lot of water specially if you’re quite a bit overweight, you’ll be losing a lot of water weight the first couple of weeks.

Rayzel:            In fact, I tell people that too a lot. Sometimes people who are thinner compare their weightloss with people who are heavier and I try to tell them that actually when you’re heavier you’re also carrying more water weight and that’s why there’s such huge losses sometimes. If you’re thinner you can’t expect to be having that same result. But thanks for those tips, the sugar free electrolyte mix with the low blood sugar and dizziness and keeping an apple on you if needed. Just a quick question, I know this is in the more in the medical space so she’s not giving recommendations and neither am I but I’m just curious from your own experience since you’re on medication for your diabetes. Did you need to adjust that at all in the protocol or tried doing that? I was just curious.

Heather:          I started out on 1500 mg Metformin and in Round 4 I was really eager to take off my medication and we tried it with my doctor and you know my blood sugar started coming back up so I’m not ready.

Rayzel:            Yeah even on hCG?

Heather:          Oh, no, I’m sorry, that was in my P3. On my P3 we tried to reduce some of my medications but my blood sugar crept back up but I’m still 90 pounds overweight and I’m 42 so there’s that to be said. Now I will say when I started my first round of hCG in 2013, my A1Cs were around 9 and just this last fall after Round 5 my A1Cs while still taking the same meds are down to like 5.1. So that’s pretty normal A1C.

Rayzel:            Cool. And what’s A1C for those of us who don’t know. Can you share what that is?

Heather:          A1C is a blood test for anybody. It’s a blood test to measure your blood sugars over a certain period of time. So it’s not just taking your blood sugar and measuring what it is right then. It’s looking at how your blood sugar run over the past several months. To make sure that you’re not in a – and here I am not a clinical person. So to make sure you’re just healthy.

Rayzel:            So yours have come down quite a bit.

Heather:          Oh, I did. I came down quite a bit. Technically, I’m in a healthy range but you know I’m still diabetic on meds.

Rayzel:            Sure, gotcha. Yeah. Oh, cool, well thanks for sharing that though because I was just curious about that. You mentioned in what you wrote that with getting on Phase 2 as well you learned to slow your physical activity as well.

Heather:          So yeah during P2 I do slow my physical activity. I don’t know how people who are much thinner but for me being above 300 and keeping my regular activity routine, I would get light headed and weak and kind of a little bit breathless so instead of going to a gym and lifting weights and doing aero cardio, what I’ll do is like right now once a week I take gentle yoga class and I’ll do gentle yoga before bed, stretching, focusing on stretching and basic core maintenance.

Rayzel:            That’s good. Sounds like you’re really balanced and I’m glad you mentioned that. Actually, even for people who have much to lose, I do find a lot of people don’t do well trying to fit too much physical activity in. A lot of people try to say you can but well for me I have some health issues too. It made me feel really crappy and really weak when I would try to and then after that I’d wanna eat a bunch of food so that’s not a good feeling on P2 so it is very individual but what I try to tell people is that this protocol, your body is doing a lot- it’s kind of like a cleanse. Your body is used to using food for fuel and now you’re not getting that. It’s having to break down your fat in order to make it fuel for your brain and for your activity and it’s just a lot to be in. So just don’t make your body do too many things at once. It’s gonna have a hard time.

Heather:          Yeah. hCG is great. It targets those abnormal fat source but it only do so much and if you’re used to burning 3000 calories a day with your activity, I don’t think your body can keep up with that.

Rayzel:            So it’s totally normal if you have to slow your life down a little bit. For you guys listening. Cause I think some people worry about when you got that weak feeling. Oh, I’m gonna feel like this in P3? No, you’re not. It’s just during this time, let your body kind of process the fats, a little. Then when you get to P3 you’ll be eating more, you’ll be back to normal. Pick your life in. You feel better, right? In P3.

Heather:          Yeah. Right now, my very last week of this round, I just can’t wait. I’m ready to eat. But yeah I will say that I did do try to incorporate even moderate exercise on P2 thinking that I was gonna burn extracalories and get ahead of the game, my body just said no. I would immediately stall or go up a few pounds of water and it just even out the extra loss for me.

Rayzel:            Thanks for sharing that too. That is often what I see as well. Your body kind of rebuilds. It’s kind of funny, it’s just one of those things where our body have a mind of their own in a way. You can’t negotiate, sometimes you think it’s that straight forward like if I burn more calories I’m gonna lose more weight on hCG, it’s just gonna flow. It just doesn’t work that way always.

Heather:          You’re rowing upstream at that point.

Rayzel:            That’s good input. Good feedback for people to be aware of that. Don’t try to make it be more of a normal pace, try to accept the normal phase because sometime when you try out too many trick, it ends up backfiring. Alright, so share now maybe when you do your loading process. How have you loaded for most of your rounds?

Heather:          I personally very first loading process was hog wild as dirty as you can get because I was like, I’m not gonna eat for 6 weeks.

Rayzel:            It’s my last chance!

Heather:          Exactly. So it was pretty intense eating. Now, I’ve kind of- I meant I’ve worked through some of my emotional issues with food so now I do what I call a muddy load, so it’s not a dirty load and not a clean load. Clean being the lowest carb, veggie greens and meat. So I do a muddy load and for me it’s just a halfway between clean and dirty so I will do my normal P3 foods of lean meats, and veggies and butter and coconut oil then I will try and add in some treats for me. It’s a psychological balance there for me. So I will make- instead of going and getting cheesecake at the cheesecake factory I will make a low carb cheesecake at home. I might add in a few a treats like last time I went to Chinese dinner at the restaurant across the street. Full on carbs but it’s a balance between keeping it healthy and the emotional preparation for 6 weeks of 500 calories.

Rayzel:            And for you, you knew that that was working for you. Like it didn’t have bad effects later right? So that’s okay. And that’s why it is good. Every person is like individual so I encourage people to kind of learn about yourself and like how you react to things and it’s like I do interview a lot of women who don’t have emotional issues with food so they can load dirty, even dirty because they’re actually not addicted to sugar so it’s like big deal. So you can do that. Or I like your idea of doing a little bit of in between. For me I had to clean load or I would just feel like miserable in Phase 2. Learning to do what works well with your body and noting your reaction. So good. Thanks for sharing that. How about Phase 2 as far as the meals that you would eat. Did you keep it simple? Did you make lots of little recipes?

Heather:          On Phase 2 I had to keep it simple. I think part of that is with my emotional eating. I love recipes and I love to cook but I find in P2 if I’m focusing too much on looking for recipes and putting too much thought into that food. I want to eat more of it. So for me, 3-1/2 oz of protein, a green veggie and some fruit. I don’t do much more than that. I just keep it simple, I don’t have to think about it. But the only thing I do is I have before Phase 2 I buy a big bottle of hot sauce and a big bottle of mustard and I just dump that in everything.

Rayzel:            The 2 best P2 condiments.

Heather:          Exactly.

Rayzel:            Cool. And you having just a little bit of something with that really nice flavor can make a big difference and like I said P2 not being about food cause I found the same thing, that I needed to kind of not spend too much time on food or I would eat more of it. It’s like just do it, get it done. And then Phase 2 you want it to be about other stuff, like about life or doing other things.

Heather:          Exactly. And it comes in to as hCG as a tool for me. So I’m going to inject or take my hCG and I’m going to do my work of eating my P2 food and then move on with other things and that is how hCG has worked well for me is that it’s just so simple. It’s plug and play if you’re prepared.

Rayzel:            Cool. I wanted to ask you what tricks you have up your sleeves for staying sane on P2. You mentioned there was a couple of things that you have on P2. Do you remember what those were?

Heather:           [Laugh]

Rayzel:            I know because you wrote it down on here. [Laugh]

Heather:          I still don’t have my notes next to me.

Rayzel:            Well, one of them was the hot sauce spicy mustard. So that’s a good one and that’s Phase 2 friendly. You mentioned one other treat and I’ll just blanket this real quick for everyone. Her little treat is technically off of the original protocol, we call that rogue, but I am not opposed to modifications to the diet at times because I’ve seen how it can work for different people and they maintain but I just want to let you guys know that it is off protocol. So share the little treat that you have.

My little treat is I take frozen blueberries and drizzle them with a little balsamic vinegar and then I use erythritol which is a sugar alcohol and lets that set in the counter till it melts a little bit, mush it up and it’s kind of a dessert for me.

Rayzel:            Sounds good for P3 too.

Heather:          It is. It would be good for P3. If I say I’m toying with a sorbet recipe, I think it’ll be really good for P3.

Rayzel:            Cool. So about how many frozen blueberries would you use and about how much balsamic vinegar on top of that?

Heather:          I put about a cup of blueberries and then maybe a teaspoon of balsamic and then a sprinkle of erythritol, maybe no more than a tablespoon, not very much. I just do it to taste. I found it doesn’t mess with my blood sugars and it doesn’t mess with my weight.

Rayzel:            And you would use that as Phase 2 fruit for the day?

Heather:          Yes, I would use that as my fruit and I’ve always done kind of what you call rogue. I don’t do strictly protocol. But I do have my own plan and I stick to that. That’s another P2 trick, I stick with your plan. hCG is not forgiving of cheating.

Rayzel:            Right. I think that’s a good point that I do think modifications at times work well but like you said that one of the keys is mentally we’re affected by the choices that we’ve made or haven’t made. Sometimes if you make a modification that you want on. It’s like you perceive it to yourself as cheating and affects you occasionally. The other thing is some modifications are not wise and they will affect you negatively and that is not a good choice. Like berries are very low in sugar, just like strawberries are and like you said you knew that that was kind of within the realm of the principle of the diet which is keeping things low sugar. I was thinking for people who want to stick to the original protocol they can do that recipe with frozen strawberries. Like sliced frozen strawberries with the balsamic and a little bit of erythritol that sounds really good.

Heather:          Yeah, I’ve done that with strawberries too. It’s just a little sweet and sour kick.

Rayzel:            Also some people find with sugar alcohols, that’s one of those things like it’s individual, you have to see if it affects you or not. Some people find it’s not a problem, other people, even in small amounts they’ll notice it affects them and I’ve noticed with leaner people they can’t get away with as much when it comes to that. So it’s just something to be aware of. Also it’s the frequency and how often is part of it. So if you’re only having a little bit now and then, it may not be a problem, but if it’s like a lot every day, it can probably, you know.

Heather:          This is something I did test on P3. I did not start doing this on P2. I knew how my body would react to it. Helped me feel safe doing it on P2.

Rayzel:            That’s smart. Planning ahead.

Heather:          One thing I forgot is, planning it around holiday. Don’t give yourself too much temptation.

Rayzel:            That’s such a good point. That’s one of those major tips. I think sometimes we think “I can handle this” in advance when you are not on it. When you are, it’s like “I totally can’t do this”.

Heather:          You know if you’re going to your brother’s wedding in May, don’t start your round then, especially if you like to eat.

Rayzel:            Right, exactly. It’s not a weakness, that’s just—anyone.

Heather:          Human nature.

Rayzel:            Yeah, anyone would find hard. I find those situations hard. So don’t plan around during those times.

Heather:          Exactly. Make it easy for yourself.

Rayzel:            Yeah, so if something like that came up would you stop around earlier than usual if something like that were to happen?

Heather:          Yeah, if it was something like a wedding where I do- I know myself personally in social situations, even we have a big staff meeting at work. I knew that I would want to eat because I just do in social situations so yes, I would probably have done a planned interruption if something like that was on the horizon. But so far I’ve been lucky to just be able to plan ahead. So I’ve never had to interrupt a round.

Rayzel:            Okay, so why don’t we get into Phase 3 now in more detail. So because like you said, you have some thyroid issues that you have metabolic stuff with the diabetes and just having issues as a young person. How has Phase 3 been for you as far as stabilization and what you find you can eat in between your rounds?

Heather:          I do stick to P3, I’ve not really move on to P4 during my stabilization and I just need to be strict. I still weight every day. I think I said that before that’s how I discovered I don’t have too many nuts. It’s a little carby for me. I stick to more of a low carb paleo. Lots of meat. I do fattier meats, I do okay on fats. So fattier meats, green veggies, lots of butter, coconut oil, avocado oil. So that’s a low carb paleo, that’s how I do P3.

Rayzel:            Let me interject here. Do you feel happy with that? Emotionally? Do you feel like you’re at peace with eating that lifestyle right now?

Heather:          I do feel that way. I will say that I do make modifications to it so I will, you know, cream cheese is not strictly paleo so it’s more primal but I will make like a low carb cheesecake with the erythritol and stevia, it’s just finding that balance what I feel healthy on which is more of a primal paleo lifestyle and a balance of I’m still a human being with 20 some years of food issues and I need to make it easy on myself so I do give myself treats.

Rayzel:            So you have your little treats that you can do that won’t totally derail you.

Heather:          Exactly. I really concentrate on trying to make my comfort foods at home P3 friendly.

Rayzel:            That’s great. I think that’s actually something we all need to do. We need to find replacements for what we use to eat that still taste like a dessert. Speaking of that, do you think we could get a link or something to the recipe for the cheesecake with erythritol on it, later?

I don’t actually have one. I just kind of throw stuff in a bowl. I will say Maria Emmerich, she has some stuff, she has a great avocado and lime sorbet which is really good dessert, that’s really good for P3.

Rayzel:            Oh my goodness, okay, well I will give you guys the link to that in the show notes so sounds really good.

Heather:          That was really helpful for my first couple of rounds because I knew I had to figure out something.

Rayzel:            Yeah, avocado lime. That actually make sense though, for a sorbet. Okay, great. So you found that you couldn’t really enter Phase 4 because of your metabolic things, you’re actually still hoping to figure out more as time goes on, right?

Heather:          I hope as I become leaner that my metabolic issues will decrease, at least, according to my doctor that’s what we’re hoping. And I hope I do have some more leeway. I would like to have more beans and what nots.

Rayzel:            You have the tools to maintain and still have some treats that you can make and eat healthy.

Yeah, and it’s comfortable. I don’t feel like I’m always on a diet which is really important.

Rayzel:            And now when you stabilize where do you stabilize from your Phase 2 usually?

Heather:          I usually, tomorrow for this round will be my last injection day and on those 3 days that you don’t inject that you eat lower, I tend to drop down below LIW and so I usually stabilize 5 lbs below up to 2 lbs above and I really, really try to stick with that. Extracting last holidays.

Rayzel:            Yeah, alright, I know, well aware of the blip. I wanted to know if you, you don’t have to talk about this, but you mentioned that you’ve been working on emotional eating issues with a counselor. I was just curious, how are you working with that? Like how does a person do that?

Heather:          I think it will be really individual for a person but for me, my childhood, being in a diet when you’re 7 and like your mom said feeling there’s something wrong with me and I took that as what have I done wrong? And to learn that your body is not friend that young of an age and paradoxically I think with all the emphasis on diet in my young life that I learn to use food for my emotional issues. So food was my enemy and food was my friend. Just depending on what cycle of my diet I was on. So learning that, and learning to have some and live my life without food being so paramount cause I think when you’re again that young and you’re caught up in this diet and for me it was diet and overeating cycle, diet binge. There is- I think you mentioned there was a lot of emotional energy that gets focused on food and where you can now learn to take that emotional energy and focus it in other areas of your life and learn that there’s life without the whole great big monster of diet and fat and body and exercise. There’s so much more to life out there and that’s what I’ve really been working on is learning how to live my life without really focusing on food. Getting excited about going on a camping trip or getting excited to go on a road trip somewhere.

Rayzel:            Gotcha. So would you say like, cause I’m just trying to figure out logistically how a person makes this change cause I think about this with myself too and I wonder that like how have I changed. I’m trying to figure that out to help out other people. Logically, it’s like talking it out then thinking it out sounds like part of it, like, actually adjusting like what went wrong? Is that helpful? Trying to figure out what is my issue with it is part of that talking it out?

Heather:          I think for me it’s a small part of what went wrong, how do I use food, how do I hide behind my body, that was a big thing for me, it’s hiding behind my body. My body and food early on were enemies but it was also my friend because I could just not have to deal with whatever maybe I’m afraid of rejection or I can just say, “I’m fat”, I’m just gonna stay in and eat pizza. So that was one of them.

Rayzel:            So you talk it out and you figure out this was where this is stemming from. Cause it sounds like trying to make the important things in your life not revolving around food. So did you just start practicing, like you said, you planned a road trip or you found other things in life to do, to try to make your about other things, did that help? Sorry, I’m totally picking your brain right now.

Heather:          No, it’s great, and I haven’t actually thought it through in detail. For me hCG because I had to stick to it and I have to pull money of my own pocket, for me, an expensive vial of hCG. It was a commitment and I just had to white knuckle it and get through my diet and I knew come whatever, I was not gonna cheat, I was not gonna regain, this was it, I’m paying for it. In my advantage you know what, I had been at that point almost 40 years of diet and exercise. I’ve been through the diet cycle, I’ve been through the no diet cycle and it might have just been my time to just say this is my life, this is my body, I get to be the captain of this ship. And I get to be the captain of this ship whether it’s  _______ or it’s gonna stay 400 pounds, it’s my body and I think for me, it’s also learning to love myself no matter what. And I think I put it in my notes there cause for me I’ve learned if I am looking at food as an enemy and my body as an enemy, that’s emotionally depriving and I found for myself when I feel emotionally deprived, I want to feed that, with food. So sticking to it, I just had to start offering my body a lot of love and offering myself a lot of love. I don’t know really how to explain it more than that, but it helps fill an emotional hole that has been there and I don’t need to fill it so much and pizza and cheesecake anymore.

Rayzel:            Yeah. That’s good, learning to know yourself differently.

I think I got myself off track there. The hCG being that expensive in the beginning. It was just easy for me not to cheat and it kind of just threw me out there though I had to kind of learn the emotional techniques because I just knew I was not-

Rayzel:            Right, mistakes are kind of high, right, like you said it cost so much.

Heather:          It’s very unforgiving, you cheat, you- for me I cheat I gain 5 pounds.

Rayzel:            Yeah, like other diets you can take a day off but this diet, it’s true, you’re forced to commit or it’s like bigger than usual consequences so I do appreciate that other point that sometimes there’s that a white knuckling period. Actually, I kind of went through that too my first round, I told this story before you guys, sorry if I’m saying my story too much but just for those of you who were new, like 11 days into my 1st round. I did binge for a couple of years before on the diet. Like 11 days in I went through withdrawal period and I’m like, it’s horrible. I was just like curled up in a fetal position in my bed, I was craving like a chocolate cake so bad and I knew, I knew the consequences like if I do that right now because it takes 72 hours for hCG to leave and it’s kind of like those cravings hit you, “Oh okay, I’ll wait in 3 days”. It’s either now or I stick to it. I’m gonna give in now and I was like, this is such a big moment, because I felt like it was kind of my last hope and if I give up now like that’s it, that was the last hope or something like, I was calling my mom and I don’t usually call her for advice and I was like “What do I do? I just don’t know what to do, this is so hard.” And like you said I white-knuckled in a sense and after about 2 or 3 days that feeling actually went away and it felt a lot easier and so I think with hCG it helped break a cycle for me then I was able to make better choices going forward and realizing my previous choices how it made me feel and I don’t want to feel that way again now that I had broken the cycle.

Heather:          That sparks something, it reminds me of something, white-knuckling it. I did that, I went through that white-knuckling period. I remember coming home at 5:00 in the evening and going straight to bed, if I stay up I will eat something. I white-knuckled for the first round but getting through that it really taught me that I don’t really need to eat what I thought I need to eat. One, I really wasn’t hungry. Two, white-knuckling it for me through those wanting to binge times taught me that I was okay on the other side of this. I really had never had the chance to see the other side of a binge without the guilt of having eaten huge amount of food so it really taught me that it’s okay to not.

Rayzel:            And you feel better and that that feeling actually does go away. The feeling, the urgency to eat something, it goes away. I’m glad we talk about that. Cause I’m just thinking more and more lately about how people make this change for real. It’s such an organic process really and like you said so individual. But just trying to think how it is happening to help other people make that change.

Heather:          Yeah, that’s something I have thought a lot. I think you just have to come into a certain point where you’re ready.

Rayzel:            Sometimes I tell people, it’s almost like a click that goes off like my 2nd round I totally screwed it up and I was just eating whatever I wanted after that for a while and I did feel ready emotionally and I did weigh. I think it helped me weigh which is good. Then I actually at some point several weeks later after just eating whatever I wanted. It was like I felt a click on my brain, “Oh, I feel ready now, just refreshed”. And that was the right time. If I had started before then, I think I would have just had a really bad round again, cheating, you know, so.

Heather:          Yeah, your head has to be in the right space and this round has been difficult for me because I don’t think I was completely ready and I think it more of as a I’m just gonna do it. It’s been difficult. There’s been days on this round in particular where I have struggled with wanting to over eat.

Rayzel:            What factors have you noticed to play in a role in people not succeeding on hCG, what would you say about that?

Heather:          I think going back to our last talk about being ready for it. Then also sticking with P3, sticking with P4 if you go on to it. What I have seen is a lot of people who do not maintain is going back to old eating habits and maybe using hCG is kind of the trick up their sleeves if they gain 10 pounds, I’ll just do another round. So I’ve seen that and that’s the one thing that I try and avoid.

Rayzel:            Okay, so not taking advantage of hCG is something as an easy fall backwards.

Yeah, just knowing, hey this is P3 I need to respect it and maybe it’s because I’m still- I have a way to go yet I don’t want to go backwards. But yeah, P3, sticking with it. Honoring P3.

Rayzel:            Honestly, I actually feel, you know, everyone feels differently but I feel like hCG is challenging so even for me I don’t have any desire to do it again. Yeah, to me that is motivating like sometimes I think to get out of reality a little bit when we’re off of it, we think oh it’s not that bad but it is pretty challenging. So if there’s any way to keep making the right choices and keep things in check without it. It’s good. Cause like you said it’s a commitment. Several weeks there’s P3, you know, so. Okay, so the last question is what do you feel are the most important keys to success on the hCG protocol for someone that wants to have the results that you’ve been getting. You mentioned 4 different main factors. What were those?

Heather:          I’m gonna look at my notes a little bit here because I got a little verbose but my first one is stick with it. Just stick with it. Commit to P2. Just know it’s gonna be 3 weeks or 6 weeks or however long it is and just do it. The hormone is unforgiving of cheating. It’s only for a set period of time and you can slowly work your way back and the results are worth it. So that would be one, stick with it. And then two, it’s a huge change in your lifestyle, so schedule it, be as easy on yourself as you can because you’re already going to be doing a 500-calorie a day diet so if you, like for me, I know on my notes I think I said if you know that you love to eat Thanksgiving dinners, you love your Aunt’s cranberry salad and you really want some of that on Thanksgiving. Don’t try and make yourself be on P2 or just in your 3 weeks adjusting Phase on P3, don’t be in that during holiday, just make it easy for yourself. Eat healthier recipes, it goes along with making this easy on yourself, so let’s say you’re going to Thanksgiving dinner and maybe you can find a recipe online for a low-carb tricky stuffing, maybe you can make that and have that for yourself so you’re still getting the taste that you crave. For me, it’s cheesecake, so I learned to develop my own cheesecake recipe and it’s a lot easier on P3 when you’re driving pass Taco bell and you’re thinking, “Ugh, tonight’s the night I could just get away with one Taco grande” or whatever they’re called. But you know instead of avoiding that tasty treat, you know that there’s something, there’s a reward waiting for you at home which is your sugar-free cheesecake. So it makes it easier on yourself.

Rayzel:            I love that you said that. I actually did the same thing to this day, it’s been over almost 2 ½ years since I’ve been off hCG to this day, if I go somewhere and there’s like a bunch of cookies or ice cream, I am thinking to myself. I’m not thinking, “Oh, I can’t have that”. I’m thinking, “Oh I can’t wait to go home cause I can make my Phase 3 smoothie and it’s gonna be big and fill me up and I can have much of it as much as I want.” So that’s the thinking on my head. I love my little treat, I love how it taste, I’m used to it and so that’s exactly what I’m thinking.

Heather:          For me it’s great because in the past diets I’ve felt restrictive and deprived and so instead of thinking, “Ooh, you really have a messy plate of nachos, I’m gonna miss those plates of nachos because I’m on a P3, I’m on a diet, I can’t have it”. So instead of thinking about deprivation of can’t having a treat, you think of the positive reward of having whatever it is your healthy treat at home and that makes it so much easier and then love your body. That’s been a big one for me. Hey, I’m almost 42 years old and I still look in the mirror and I still struggle but I have found it so much easier to stick with hCG, again kind of going back to my last point, making hCG more of a reward and more of being kinder to yourself thinking of hCG as a step towards being in a healthier body, towards meeting a goal you may have, rather than thinking of it as a punishment or a withdrawal of food.

Rayzel:            Well that’s good. Actually, do you mind? I just want to read what you wrote in this letter, cause it’s really good, you guys. Under her 4th point for succeeding she wrote:

“LOVE YOUR BODY in all its shapes and sizes.  As someone who struggled with weight since childhood, I was taught early on that I was unacceptable because I was big. I grew up believing this and blamed my body and myself.  The only solution that I knew was to fight my body with starvation diets* and lots of self-criticism. This led to abysmal self-esteem and diets became a way to punish myself while trying to force my body (and self) into a “better” shape.

HATING MY BODY (even those pesky, wobbly, fat bits) NEVER WORKED! (At least not for very long) I have made a conscious effort to look at my body (and myself) with love and compassion. This has made a huge difference in my ability to stick with the diet. HCG is a tool that makes it easy to eat low calories without feelings of deprivation or hunger but I know that when I am thinking of my body as wrong and trying “fix my flaws”, I begin to feel deprived emotionally, too. When I am emotionally deprived, which we did discuss this, it is easy to want physically feed the emotional deprivation.”

I hope you don’t mind me reading that. I really like that. That was good. That hating your body never works.

Heather:          Yeah, if I could put that on a billboard and walk around with that, I would. That’s really what I believe in.

Rayzel:            Yeah, hating your body never hurts, I’m gonna title the blog post that, I think. That’s really good. Thank you so much for being with me today Heather. We covered a lot of stuff but I think it’s so valuable and I hope the rest of your journey goes well, I would like to touch base with you again.

Yeah, I would love too.

Rayzel:            In 2 or 3 more rounds, to see how things are going.

Heather:          I would enjoy that.

Rayzel:            Awesome. Thank you.


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Sale on hCG Injections – Friday through Monday, August 31st – Up to $128 off Fri, 28 Aug 2015 16:48:11 +0000 US hCG Shots is one of the most affordable options for U.S. made hCG online. They are having a 20% off sale for 4 days only – Friday through Monday, August 28th-August 31st, while supplies last, when you pay with … Continue reading

The post Sale on hCG Injections – Friday through Monday, August 31st – Up to $128 off appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

US hCG Shots is one of the most affordable options for U.S. made hCG online. They are having a 20% off sale for 4 days only – Friday through Monday, August 28th-August 31st, while supplies last, when you pay with Echeck or American Express. The discount is on all products and kits in stock. The discount will be applied automatically at checkout if you select the E-check or American Express option for payment. Get the exact savings (actual dollars saved) on each kit further below so you’ll know beforehand what the actual deal is – you know I always like to break things down for you.

And just to clarify main questions I often get:

  1. The kits contain both the hCG and all the stuff you need to both mix your hCG and take your daily shots – all syringes etc. included.
  2. You get your prescription THROUGH their medical staff- you do not have to have a prior prescription from elsewhere.
  3. The hCG is made in compounding pharmacies in the United States – your vial will contain the details of the pharmacy your hCG came from.

20% off everything and anything in stock, when you use echeck or american express, till midnight August 31st only.

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Buy from US hCG Shots

This is one of the companies I got to visit with in person in Florida back in January btw – I met their entire staff and got to see the inside of one of the pharmacies they use where the hCG is made.

Check out a snippet of my visit in this short video clip:

And yes, HANDSTANDS happened! How could we not when I found out one of the customer service reps is a fellow crossfitter? Score!

Customer Service at US hCG Shots - Handstand Time -

At the Pharmacy Where hCG Injections Are Made- hcgchica.comThis is the pharmacy I got to tour while visiting US hCG Shots back in January.

Here’s a breakdown so you’ll know how much you’d be saving

I rounded everything off by a cent – let’s just keep it simple right? 😉

HCG Injection Kits:

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For anyone who is planning a round of hCG, I hope that helps!

Remember, you can find all my tutorials for injections – how to mix, how to inject, all that fun stuff here:

Injections Tutorials

(keep in mind, the mixing instructions for all the US companies is the same – so I don’t have one specifically for US hcg shots yet, but you can simply follow my tutorial for either Nu Image or Advanced hCG)

Lastly, you can get all the basics on the diet to start it out right here: hCG Basics

There is now also the Phase 2 hCG Daily Tracker and Guide all in one which you can find on Amazon!

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Buy from US hCG Shots

Hope that helps you guys! Here’s a couple pics I took with some of the staff.




The post Sale on hCG Injections – Friday through Monday, August 31st – Up to $128 off appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

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hCG Diet Live Q&A with hCGChica – Episode 1 – on Periscope #hcgdietscopes Wed, 26 Aug 2015 04:58:35 +0000 Well I was SUPER nervous to do my first live video stream with the app Periscope, but guess what? It was totally the bomb. We had a fantastic time. There’s nothing like real time interaction with you hCGers. So I … Continue reading

The post hCG Diet Live Q&A with hCGChica – Episode 1 – on Periscope #hcgdietscopes appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

Well I was SUPER nervous to do my first live video stream with the app Periscope, but guess what? It was totally the bomb. We had a fantastic time. There’s nothing like real time interaction with you hCGers. So I definitely think it’s going to be happening more.

Download the Periscope app:

Find me on there: search hCGChica and follow.

Why Is This Like Chocolate Delight for hCGers Without the Calories?

Why yet another app and yet another social media? Let’s be honest, we can’t do them all (yes, twitter, I have failed you). But we CAN pick and choose our favorites and this might be one of those ones you choose to ditch another for.

I was able to get your questions LIVE through periscope and answer them on the spot. Even better, when I experienced lyme brain 😉 you guys filled in for my mind and reminded me of what question I was supposed to be answering. Yes, that really did happen.

It was a little bit like playing that bop the gopher game at the arcade, where I’m trying to read your comments, read your questions, answer a question with sufficient detail, while trying to catch and write down other questions being written in while I’m speaking, all at the same time. A bit dizzying!

MAIN POINT: It was an extremely positive, supportive environment going on for everyone, with hCGers interacting real time with each other while I spoke – it was especially because of this – the many of you typing in comments and support to each other during the session, that made it really great. I think everyone left feeling refreshed and renewed to keep on with the protocol.

#hcgdietscopes - hCG Diet Live Q&A with hCGChica - Episode 1 - - Periscope

A few comments that were made during the live chat that you might find encouraging:

  • I loaded no sugar no carbs R2P1 on the second day and felt better immediately! I will load clean.”
  • Your site has given me success. in my 4th 02 week and am 15.4 pounds down. thank you. thank you!
  • I have your book. It’s a great help. Thanks for being so inspiring. I need to loose 100lbs” – she means the hCG Diet workbook.
  • “hcgchica interviews help me – her whole site is my lifesaver” – you can find all Episodes of the hCG Diet Interviews here.
  • Take potassium for your leg cramps. They helped me so much.
  • “You’re right if I decrease from 18 (180 iu) to 16 (160iu) no headache.” – Show how important hCG dosage can be.
  • Just finished phase 2 and lost 36 lbs!!”
  • “We all rock!! hcgers r incredible”
  • Too much water effects electrolytes” – good point! Tips on water drinking while on hCG part 1 and Water tips Part 2
  • Wish I could live on hCG. I was NEVER hungry. I felt great!! 😁” (Remember, hunger is related to dose, and not everyone feels fantastic on hCG – some rounds you might feel great, other rounds you might feel crummy- it really does vary).
  •  “Maintained for 7 months so far and doing great.” – this was from a viewer who has lost 90 lbs with hCG.
  • “The majority of my weight loss was fat. I lost 6% body fat which is over 13 lbs fat total loss 15 lbs.” This is a BIG deal you guys. 6% might not seem like a lot, until you realize this is based off being like 25-35% bodyfat, not 100% fat- you get what I’m saying? It makes more sense when you look at the 13 out of 15 lbs being fat. That’s a BIG deal. That means she’s just changed her ratio of muscle to fat on her body by a huge amount, in a short time (either 3 or 6 weeks – not sure how long her round was).
  • “Better to have loose skin than blubbery fat”. I second that.
  • “I was a weight watcher leader and lost muscle.” We discussed this because body fat testing done by me and others on hCG injections have shown a very high ratio of fat loss – like 80-95% of weight being lost as fat. The body fat technician I saw stated that many of the weight watcher dieters that came in often experienced only 50% of their weight loss as fat (meaning the other 50% was muscle).

Main Links and Resources Mentioned in this Q&A

Answers to Phase 3 Questions

Buying prescription hCG online – my current recommendations for legit stuff

Book: Weight Loss Apocalypse – Emotional Eating Rehab Through the hCG Protocol (address the emotional issues with weight loss, as well the scientific theories on how hCG is actually working in the body – to me, a must read).

Sources for Researching Hormone Imbalances and Treatment

A few lot of questions I didn’t get to answer and QUICK answers from me

Q: What are your thoughts on eating only proteins to break stalls during p2?
  • I think this can be good – you still want to probably make sure you are eating enough calories of course and whether that’s with additional protein or leaving your Phase 2 vegetables in, that’s your call, but you could try both ways.
Q: I’ve only lost 17 lbs in 3 weeks :( I’m stalled for this last week
  • This isn’t a question I know, but a plea for help – what I wanted to say here is that 17 lbs in 21 days is actually REALLY good girl! Sometimes if we lose more at the start, there is a period of time where it all balances out with compensatory low loss or appearance of stalling, but if you look at your overall journey together instead of day by day, you will see you have a high average weight loss for your time on the protocol so far.

Q: What is hCG 2.0?

  • You can check out the book on this here: hCG 2.0 modified protocol – the one thing I will say is this modified protocol allows the use of some foods that I’m not sure about when it comes to Phase 2 like beans for a protein source, which are high carb – not saying it wouldn’t work since I don’t know, but it’s something I myself would probably wait and see how it fared with others before trying myself. Maybe I should get the author of that book on the blog to interview him sometime eh??

Q: How long between rounds?

Q: Did you have any areas that were hard to loose? Butt hips?

  • This is a goody! You know, it doesn’t necessarily seem hard to lose fat where you need to so much as you don’t have control over the ORDER of the places you lose weight from, and this order seems to vary from person to person, probably due to genetics and maybe hormone levels as well. What I will say though is that overall, people using the hCG hormone seem to lose weight all over their body which means that they gradually shrink into this super balance looking body. If that sounds confusing, what I mean to say is that you are going to be losing inches on places like your neck and your knees too – not just your waist and hips. In the short term, this can mean you THINK you’re not getting super visible results ie. like your hips shrinking by 20 inches in one round while the rest of you stays the same size, but in the end, you really do want to have a balanced overall shape, and I think hCG accomplishes this.

Q: Can you exercise during p2?

Q: Can menopause be harder to lose weight?

  • Yes. However, don’t let this discourage you because I would say that honestly a VERY sizable portion of those frequenting my blog are women in the menopause and peri-menopause age bracket, successfully losing weight and changing their lives. Even if losses are slower, in the grand scheme of things, remember a few extra weeks to get to your goal is not that big of a deal. It helps to adjust your mindset to expect slow (and hey if it’s faster, you’ll be extra happy).

Q: Is Stevia the only sweetener allowed?

  • Technically, the other cancer causing ones are allowed as well, you know the aspartame and nutrasweet stuff. Whether or not you utilize that is up to you. What’s hard about all this is who knows, we may find that stevia causes cancer in a few years too you know? And there also has to be the consideration of what I like to call sanity saving. If having a very small amount of something is going to save your sanity, and allow you to get over a hump that will aid you to your 50 lb weight loss, even if it’s not the best thing in the world, I might just choose to do that right? So yes, I had a few diet cokes on hCG. I wouldn’t make it a daily thing, but when desperate, a diet coke over an entire Pizza binge on Phase 2 – well you make the choice. When it comes to the sugar alcohols, I think you have to be more careful as it seems that these can more likely interact with your blood sugar and effect your weight loss. When in doubt leave it out (unless desperate) and track what you do so that you can adjust when needed.

Q: Do I load after stopping my round x2 weeks??

  • Dr. Simeons mentioned in his original protocol, laid out in Pounds and Inches, that if you were off hCG for less than 2 weeks, you could re-start the 500 calorie diet without reloading. If you are right at that 2 week mark, it may be that you might do something in between and do 1 loading day. Just an idea.

Q: If I still have HCG because of dosage adjustments can I keep going after 40 days?

Q: What do I do about leg cramps on Phase 2?

  • Hawthorne berry (not vouching for this brand, just found it in a quick amazon search) and Magnesium as well as Potassium were mentioned by viewers as things to try for leg cramps. Side note the magnesium I linked to is what I take every single night in daily life- not only helps with muscle ache but keeps you regular as well. ;0 I take 2 of those large horse pills every night. The viewer that mentioned Hawthorne berry said that it “increases blood flow to the limbs.” Thanks for that!

Q: When working out would it be alright to add more protein to supplement instead of veggies?

  • When including exercise during Phase 2 of the hCG protocol, I would probably tend to suggest more that you keep your veggies in, and include additional calories in the form of protein as well to compensate and support your body doing that “extra” stuff.

Q: What did you eat for breakfast without fruit on Phase 2?

  • I didn’t eat any food for breakfast on Phase 2 myself – to this day actually I have no need for breakfast myself, going on like 4 years now, but for those who need it, some have eaten a half portion of protein even, say 50 grams of chicken, or added in a 3rd protein serving that they eat for breakfast. For those with blood sugar issues however, it may actually be very important for you to eat something for breakfast, and to eat something with a little sugar and carbs- meaning, your fruit.
Q: Friend has Hashimotos and has very resticted diet to manage weight. Is hCG generally a good fit?
  • I find that it is – I have Hashimotos myself and the hashimotos condition is actually the number 1 cause of hypothyroidism in the United States, and there are a lot of hypothyroid women out there doing well with the hCG protocol. As I say in the periscope though, getting proper thyroid treatment is still going to be key to maintaining weight loss from the diet – that has been my experience and observation anyway. You can research this topic more (which includes what true effective thyroid hormone treatment is – may be very different from what your GP is recommending) here – researching hormone issues.
Q: Always hungry.
Q: How does one know if its hunger versus cravings? I think I am a sweets/carbs addict.

Q: How do u dispose of the used needles and the sterile water?

  • You can either get a sharps container, or I believe others will put them in an empty plastic gallon milk jug and toss it that way. I believe the legality of all this varies from state to state so you might want to look that up for your state.
Q: Can hCG lose effectiveness?
  • Yes there are a few ways this can happen. One is that hCG is very unstable in liquid form. That’s the reason it’s put into powder form before you get it in your vial (called Lypholization – watch the pharmacist explain this process to us here!) Once the hCG is mixed up by you, the guesstimate is that it stays usable (as long as you keep it in the fridge at all times except when you use it to get your injection) for about 4 weeks or so. Usually after 4 weeks, it’s always a good idea to re-mix your hCG, even if you have some left. You can often start to tell that it’s losing potency because you’ll get hungrier and having issues with weight loss. I have re-mixed my hCG at 3 weeks many times just to be safe.
Q: Can I take laxatives if I get constipated?
  • Be careful with this. Some do, and some use things like smooth move tea and such – but these things can dehydrate you as far as I know and cause more fluctuations later and mess up your own body’s natural peristalsis. You might try more natural methods first like:
  • higher doses of magnesium
  • probiotics
  • pysllium husk (be careful with this one! When just starting it you want to start SMALL and make sure to drink proper amount of water with it otherwise you will have opposite problem and be even more constipated – but with enough water and gradual increase, the fiber really helps keep things moving in your colon) and
  • lemon water.
  • These tools really can be very effective, and you don’t usually need to do them all. Higher dosages of probiotics by themselves, or higher doses of the magnesium, by itself, has been able to completely get rid of my constipation. Don’t go hog wild your first day, but for instance me, I would take maybe a double dose of what is recommended on label), I have found this to REALLY fix constipation issues, and it seems to do it in a more natural way that doesn’t cause other additional issues later.
Q: By cutting my hCG dosage because of hunger would this effect your weight loss?
  • Great question! This is a commonly misunderstood thing and I can totally understand why, because usually we’re all like, if a little of something is effective, MORE of it is more effective right?? Actually, in the case of hCG, that’s not true. What I have found is that you usually have the best amount of weight loss, and the best TYPE of weight loss (fat, not muscle) when you take the dose that puts you in the most non-hunger state. I could be wrong about this, but being extremely hungry on hCG (which is often how women feel on the higher dosages of hCG 200 iu and up) makes me feel like something is wrong and that the body will not be behaving in the same way as when it doesn’t feel hungry- I guess what I’m saying is that I worry that more muscle loss might be going on if a person was feeling constantly ravenous on a too high dose of hCG. I don’t know this for sure, it’s just my concern, and from what I’ve seen, the lower doses that work best for most in the 125-150iu neighborhood have yielded great body fat testing results as far as ratio of fat loss goes.
 Q: Do a lot of people binge after the deprivation of Phase 2?
  • I don’t find this to be the case because since being on the proper dose of hCG does actually change your feeling of hunger, you are not actually feeling starved, as you would if you went days on end eating 500 calories without the hormone in your system.
  • But the caveat here is that this is IF you are on the right dose of hCG for you and IF you are not extending your round of hCG too long, and IF you are not experiencing other major health problems that are making you feel like utter crap on hCG (me my 2nd round). If you transition into Phase 3 feeling sane – you are usually good to go and can incorporate back into normal amounts of food and no binge issues no problem- this is what most experience. But if you have an issue 1 or more of the above 3 things I mentioned, then yes, there is potential for bingeing after concluding Phase 2. I know the feeling. The best thing I can think of to liken it to is like if you had been holding your breath for far too long, when you finally release your lungs to inhale air, it’s like this super fast gasp where a huge amount of air rushes in and you can’t stop it – that’s the feeling I’ve had before when I’ve felt super hungry and basically inhaled food. But like I said, if you go about this protocol in a wise manner, the way it was meant to be done, you will not have this issue.
Q: Please tell me I’m not the only one who has cheated😢 clean eating and back on program best?
Q: Can it do more harm if you cheat?? Like will the weight come back on easier later?
  • I think this has to do with where in the timeline of your round you’ve cheated, as well as how frequently it’s happened. For instance how close to the end of your round was the cheat? If you are early or mid round, I think you can recover and get your body back into a groove more easily. If you are very close to P3, it might present a little more of a challenge. If you have cheated frequently throughout the whole round, I could see this presenting a big problem. But see my answer to the next question as well for more thoughts on this.
Q: My naturopath’s secretary actually scared me- told me that if you cheat your body holds onto fat.
  • I agree that cheating is not a good thing on hCG. And I do think that you will gain fat from a cheat much more quickly than if you were to eat those same foods off of hCG. Ie. chocolate cake off hCG might give you a .2 gain, but chocolate cake ON hCG might give you a 1 lb gain. It’s crazy stuff. That said, I don’t believe in scaring people into thinking that cheating will ruin their entire course on the diet or maintenance after. I just don’t think it’s that drastic. I have had at least one cheat I think on most of my rounds, and I managed to stabilize and maintain my weight loss. I did indeed gain from the actual cheat, and it took some days to start losing again, which was totally not worth the cheat true, but once the cheat was behind me, I do not feel it hampered my long term results, if that makes sense – and this is coming from someone who maintained her weight loss between rounds, and now almost 3 years after my last round. So don’t beat yourself up over those mistakes and fear super long term consequences. I think our bodies are quite resilient and if you do the logical things to get back on track, your body will get back on track too.
Q: Tips for beginners?
1. Cheating REALLY isn’t worth it. REALLY. It’s still probably going to happen, but maybe knowing this will help it happen only once or twice instead of four or five times.
2. If hCG were more socially acceptable, I would make up hCG DOSE MATTERS or GOT THE RIGHT DOSE? t-shirts. Do not underestimate how powerful tiny adjustments can be, and do not make huge adjustments all at once, or you can skip over your best dose for you entirely.

Q: Rayzel have you tried chocolate delight?

  • Yes I have. I did this my first and 2nd round. I chose after that to no longer use coconut oil during Phase 2, so that wiped out my access to chocolate delight. :) I do have a pinterest board with hCG chocolate delight recipes. But you also might want to give my post on things to consider when thinking about Coconut Oil and hCG as well.

Q: Can you freeze the hCG to keep it longer?

  • People do this with success from what I’ve heard.

Q: I couldn’t even tell my husband. He is so against me dieting/losing weight.

This can be tough. While there are many people we do not need to tell about what we’re doing, it’s nice to be able to include family in what we’re doing, one cuz they’re family, two, because they can be a source of support (sometimes), and three, it’s rather hard to hide something like that from the people you eat with every day.

So what do you do in a situation like this where someone close to you is really against the idea?

I don’t know if this will help, but perhaps showing the logic behind it – even perhaps written out, could help. I have gone to great lengths now to try to prove that this protocol is NOT a starvation diet and is not stripping every last bit of muscle off your body.

A few sources from my blog that demonstrate some proof that skeptical family members might find useful:

My bodyfat testing:

Before hCG, After finishing hCG, and 2 years after finishing hCG. It’s clear from these hydrostatic body fat tests, which is a very clear, accurate, reliable way to test body fat that body builders and other fitness enthusiasts use to track their progress, that not only was the majority of my weight loss fat, I have a healthy amount of muscle mass for my height (5’1″) and this combined with the fact that I have maintained this for what was at that time, 2 years, shows that my metabolism wasn’t not hampered negatively.

My post on 5 common misconceptions about the hCG Diet.

The argument for hormones. hCG is a hormone. Just like the hormones in birth control are powerful enough to prevent conception, hCG is not a placebo.

I realize that sometimes if a person is not in the mood to believe something, it doesn’t matter how logical you are, they’re just going to think what they want to think. But perhaps for some, this type of proof might be convincing.

There are probably various reasons that people don’t like the idea of this protocol. Some have something against accomplishing something faster than the traditional way. But if the weight being lost is indeed fat, and ability to maintain is there shown by others, why would accomplishing something in a more efficient manner be a bad thing? Washing machine? Why yes! I’d love one. Don’t got time for the clothesline in twenty-fifteen. Times have changed and our lives are hectic, busy and stressful. It makes sense to be efficient where we can, so that we can use our time for other things that can’t be rushed- like family time! 😉

– Share the benefits to hubby.

Q: Apple day good for stalls? And why?

I actually have 2 pretty detailed posts on Apple days for ya here!

Q: The amount of protein needed at each meal, is it pre or post cooked?
  • Dr. Simeons indicated that the 100 grams/3.5 ounces of protein, twice a day, was to be weighed raw.

Q: Is it important to take 6 weeks between rounds? Is 4-5 good enough?



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How to Find Your Dose of hCG On the Injection Syringe for hCG Injections – if you mixed 5,000 iu hCG with 5 ml mixing liquid Wed, 19 Aug 2015 19:23:05 +0000 It was time for an updated video on this topic – the prior one is from like 2012 and my camera gear has come along way since then! 😉 IMPORTANT: This tutorial covers how to find the various doses of … Continue reading

The post How to Find Your Dose of hCG On the Injection Syringe for hCG Injections – if you mixed 5,000 iu hCG with 5 ml mixing liquid appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

It was time for an updated video on this topic – the prior one is from like 2012 and my camera gear has come along way since then! 😉


This tutorial covers how to find the various doses of hCG on a syringe IF (and only if):
You mixed your hCG in a 1:1 ratio: that means a 5,000iu vial of hCG with 5 ml’s of your mixing liquid
(for a tutorial on how to find hCG dosage on a syringe for 2:1 mixing ratio – ie. 10 ml’s mixing liquid with 5,000 iu hCG see here).


Finding the Right HCG Injection Dose.

When you are new to the hCG diet, and HCG Injections, it can be pretty overwhelming. Phrases like “syringe” “iu’s” and “bac water” can really throw us off and make the HCG diet feel intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I guarantee if you take the time to continue to research and read up on the diet, things will start to click. To help you in that way, I thought I’d demonstrate how I go about getting the correction hCG injection dose.

If you are here, you are most likely interested in learning other stuff like how to inject and such so you can you find all my hCG injection tutorials here, including a live demo where I stick myself with a needle for your benefit even though I’m no longer on the diet just to show you how not a big deal it is. How’s that for love?? 😉

And if you are still in the research phase for purchasing hCG, you can compare my current recommendations for RX pharmaceutical hCG that can indeed be purchased online (and comes in powder form, as it MUST if you are using the real hormone) here:

Check out buying hCG options

On to the lesson folks!

Lesson 1: What the numbers on the Syringe mean

The “syringe” part of the injection is the barrel that will contain whatever you’re going to inject and it has little numbers and hash marks to indicate how much it holds. The numbers on the syringe are referred to use “units” and 100 units = 1cc or 1 ml. The most common syringe sizes I see come with the hormone diet kits are 30 unit syringes(.3 cc/ml), 50 units syringes (.5cc/ml) and 100 unit syringes (or 1cc/ml).

Regardless of whether you have a 30 unit syringe or a 50 unit syringe or a 100 unit syringe, the numbers I’m throwing out here still apply, as long as your syringe says that your syringe is a fraction of 1 ml/cc total.

That means:

  • a 50 unit syringe should say it’s a .5 (or 1/2) of a cc/ml
  • a 30 unit syringe should say it’s a .3 (or 1/3) of a cc/ml

Even though the barrel of the 30 unit syringe looks smaller/thinner than say the 50 unit or 100 unit syringe, or has different hashmarks, it doesn’t matter, just remember if your syringe says one of the above, you can use this tutorial.

How To Find Your Dose of hCG on the Injection Syringe When You Mixed 5,000 iu hCG with 5 ml of bacteriostatic water - 125 iu, 150 iu, 175 iu, 200 iu, 225 iu, 250 iu

(If you mixed your hCG differently than what I just stated – you can find a tutorial on how to find your dose of hCG when you mixed 10 ml of bacteriostatic water with 5,000iu hCG here).

In a nutshell, this is where the various doses are:

  • 90 iu = 9 units
  • 100iu = 10 units
  • 125iu= 12.5 units (as close as you can get to it- there will likely be a hashmark for 12 and 13 units- just do your best).
  • 150iu = 15 units
  • 175iu = 17.5 units
  • 200 iu = 20 units
  • 225 iu = 22.5 units
  • 250 iu = 25 units
  • 275 iu = 27.5 units
  • 300 iu = 30 units
  • 350 iu = 35 units

I bolded the most commonly used dosages on the hCG diet. You can also get detailed help on knowing what is the best hCG dosage for you.

Lastly, I’ve got quite a smorgasbord of other hCG injection tutorials for ya as well.

10 units is 100 iu of hCG when hCG is mixed 5,000 iu hCG with 5 ml bacteriostatic water -

12.5 units is 125 iu of hCG when hCG is mixed 5,000 iu hCG with 5 ml bacteriostatic water -

15 units is 150 iu of hCG when hCG is mixed 5,000 iu hCG with 5 ml bacteriostatic water -

17.5 units is 175 iu of hCG when hCG is mixed 5,000 iu hCG with 5 ml bacteriostatic water -

20 units is 200 iu of hCG when hCG is mixed 5,000 iu hCG with 5 ml bacteriostatic water -

25 units is 250 iu of hCG when hCG is mixed 5,000 iu hCG with 5 ml bacteriostatic water -

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How to Find Your Dose of hCG On the Injection Syringe for hCG Injections – if you mixed 5,000 iu hCG with 10 ml mixing liquid Wed, 19 Aug 2015 19:10:56 +0000 Sometimes people choose to use a little more mixing liquid when they mix their hCG for injections, and go with a 2:1 mixing ratio- That Means: You mixed 10 ml’s of mixing liquid with 5,000iu hCG. If you are here, … Continue reading

The post How to Find Your Dose of hCG On the Injection Syringe for hCG Injections – if you mixed 5,000 iu hCG with 10 ml mixing liquid appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

Sometimes people choose to use a little more mixing liquid when they mix their hCG for injections, and go with a 2:1 mixing ratio-

That Means:

You mixed 10 ml’s of mixing liquid with 5,000iu hCG.

If you are here, you are most likely interested in learning other stuff like how to inject and such so you can you find all my hCG injection tutorials here, including a live demo where I stick myself with a needle for your benefit even though I’m no longer on the diet just to show you how not a big deal it is. How’s that for love?? 😉

And if you are still in the research phase for purchasing hCG, you can compare my current recommendations for RX pharmaceutical hCG that can indeed be purchased online (and comes in powder form, as it MUST if you are using the real hormone) here:

Check out buying hCG options

On With the Lesson!

So. Mixing your hCG 2:1 – 10 ml’s of bacteriostatic water with a 5,000 iu vial of hCG.

Some choose to mix in this way because they feel the hCG is dispersed in their body better. I always mixed in a 1:1 ratio (5 ml of bac water with 5,000iu hCG – tutorial on mixing 1:1 here, and hCG dosing for 1:1 mixing here.) for all 5 of my hCG rounds, and I felt like it worked great. 1:1 mixing is currently the standard way most people do it.

But it’s nice to have options right?

Keep in mind though, if you choose to use the 2:1 mixing ratio with 10 ml’s of mixing liquid, make sure you check the size of your syringes FIRST because if you find yourself needing a dose any higher than 150 iu of hCG, you will need to have at least a 50 unit syringe (many of the online U.S. hCG injection companies and weight loss clinics now send 30 unit syringes). You can buy larger hCG injection syringes ala carte for this purpose if you found it necessary from – the ones I just linked to are 1 cc/ml syringes, so you should be able to get any hCG dosage you like with those when mixing in the 2:1 ratio.

Mixing 10 ml of hCG with 5,000 iu hCG - finding your dosage on injection syringe -

This tutorial shows you how to find the various hCG dosages for the diet if you have mixed in this ratio.

  • 25 units = 125 iu
  • 30 units = 150 iu
  • 35 units = 175 iu
  • 40 units = 200 iu
  • 45 units = 225 iu
  • 50 units = 250 iu

Find hCG Injection Dosage on the Syringe - WHEN You Mixed 10 ml of mixing liquid with 5,000 iu hCG -

If you need help knowing what hCG dose to take, you can find my tutorial on choosing and adjusting hCG Dosage here.

Additionally, I have quite a smorgasbord of other hCG injection tutorials to help you guys out as well!

25 units is 125 iu when mixed 5000iu hcg with 10 ml bacteriostatic water -

30 units is 150 iu when mixed 5000iu hcg with 10 ml bacteriostatic water -

35 units is 175 iu when mixed 5000iu hcg with 10 ml bacteriostatic water -

40 units is 200 iu when mixed 5000iu hcg with 10 ml bacteriostatic water -

45 units is 225 iu when mixed 5000iu hcg with 10 ml bacteriostatic water -

50 units is 250 iu when mixed 5000iu hcg with 10 ml bacteriostatic water -

The post How to Find Your Dose of hCG On the Injection Syringe for hCG Injections – if you mixed 5,000 iu hCG with 10 ml mixing liquid appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

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75 lbs Gone with the hCG Diet – hCG Results Interviews – Episode 28 Thu, 06 Aug 2015 04:40:12 +0000 This just goes to show how far in advance I’m doing hCG interviews these days- we did this in 2014 and now it’s already August of 2015- where is the time going? #raisingkidsmakestimefly #amIrightoramIright? You will love Nance. She is … Continue reading

The post 75 lbs Gone with the hCG Diet – hCG Results Interviews – Episode 28 appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

This just goes to show how far in advance I’m doing hCG interviews these days- we did this in 2014 and now it’s already August of 2015- where is the time going? #raisingkidsmakestimefly #amIrightoramIright?

You will love Nance. She is so down to earth and elegant. And she’s really tracked what she’s done on this protocol. We discuss Phase 3 quite a bit in this interview, so all you who are in oh-my-word-P3-is-coming land, this is for you.

Main Stuff We Discuss:

  • Moving past yo-yo dieting and getting over the sensationalism of Phase 2 on hCG.
  • Phase 3 failure and success comparisons
  • Learning the language of good nutrition in daily life
  • How Phase 3 is like the “wet cement” stage

Emotional Issues Tied Up with Weight Loss - hCG Diet - hCG Diet Success Stories - Episode 28 -


  • Age: 58 years old
  • Height: 5′ 5.5″
  • 3 rounds completed in 2014 – about 6 weeks each round
  • 25-27 lbs lost per round
  • Average weight loss was .6/lb per day – this is the normal average that most women experience on the hCG protocol.

Body Changes from hCG injections:

  • Starting Weight: 223 lbs +
  • Ending Weight: 148 lbs
  • Clothing size start: 22 pants
  • Clothing size end: 8/10 pants
  • Waist Inch Loss: 12″ gone!
  • Belly Inch Loss: 10.25″ gone
  • Hips Inch Loss: 8.25″ gone

Links mentioned in this interview:

Once again, I have to apologize for the poor quality of the audio- as much techie stuff as I have learned the past few years with this whole blog/vlog/video/etc thing, I am a bit stumped right now as to why when I am recording skype interviews lately it keeps sounding as if we are super rude and talking over each other, when we totally weren’t doing that! I think my internet connection is not as good as it was or something. Sigh. So anyway- sorry guys, I’m doing the best I know how! I hope it won’t let it stop you from hearing the wonderful insights and gems that Nance has to share.

Also, she created some wonderful reminder docs that she wanted to share with everyone!

Nance 3 pts Action Plan for Stabilization Nance 4 Differences in 2014 Nance hCG HALTS questions

Lastly, this is Nance’s personal adaptation of the hunger scale that is discussed in detail in Robin Woodall’s book, Weight Loss Apocalypse – Emotional Eating Rehab Through the hCG Protocol (a HIGHLY recommended read). This chart is posted with Robin’s express permission.

Personalized Hunger Scale - Weight Loss Apocalypse - Robin Woodall - how one woman uses the hunger scale for the hcg diet -

Nance P3 Graphs

Nance July P3 Log

Nance Measurements Before and After

Read the transcript:

Download Episode 28 Transcript – PDF


Or read it here below:

HCG Diet Interviews – Episode 28 –

Rayzel: Hey guys! hCGChica! Welcome back! We’re on Episode 28 now of the hCG diet Interviews. I have Nance with me today. She’s lost 75 pounds this year. 2014 with hCG protocol and we’re gonna cover a few basics about her weight loss journey but what’s special about today is that we’re gonna actually go into great detail about her Phase 3s this year and that’s because she’s gone into a lot of detail on her Phase 3 and done it successfully and I know that that’s one of the things that you guys want more help with because as we’ll talk about, Phase 3 is really- actually she came up with a good word for it – a bridge between P2 and P4 and it’s a very important part in order for this weight loss journey to actually, for the weight loss to last.

Nance: Very well today! It’s such a pleasure to be online with you today.

Rayzel: Yeah I’m so excited. So Nancy sent me like, this is the most detailed interview as far as information I’ve got like I’ve ever had. She sent me all this awesome information and what’s great it’s everything to cover that she’s like typed out for me, I’m gonna have all of it in the blog post that goes with this interview for you guys.

Nance: Glad it could be utilized. I hope that a lot of people are really benefitted.

Rayzel: So why don’t we start out, you just tell me your basic statistics? Your age and height and how your sizes change and stuff like that.

Nance: Okay. I am 58 years young, almost 59. I’m 5 foot 5-1/2 inches tall and I went from 223 pounds and then some last February to 148 just end of November. Clothing size, I was down to 1 pair of pants I could wear and they were real stretchy ones so I think I was 20-22 and currently I’m size 8 to 10. My size 10 are loose on me but I like them cause they’re longer pants but I’m sure I could fit into 8s.

Rayzel: Yeah and it’s nice just to be comfortable.

Nance: Oh yeah.

Rayzel: Sometimes you can – and there’s something that – I’d probably just be comfortable.

Nance: Such feeling.

Rayzel: Right. Like a balloon that hasn’t been blown up, like stretched you know. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing all that. A huge drastic change there and I think I have in your notes here. So you’ve done this year, 2014, you did 3 round. Is that right? About 42 days each and then you had the 2 P3s in between of those.

Nance: 2 P3 completed and on a P3 now.

Rayzel: Right. Gotcha. Okay. Cool. It looks like you’ve lost about 27ish pounds on each round.

Nance: Yeah. 27.5 in the first one, 27 on the 2nd P2 and then 25.5 on this latest one.

Rayzel: Just to clarify for everybody, so her average weight loss was about .6 to .65 pounds per day, cause I do get that question a lot, how much weight I will lose on a round? Yeah and that’s very, in general, for most women they’re gonna lose between, depending on how lean you are or how much weight you have to lose, .5 to .6 or so will be the average and that’s pretty expected and that’s good. Look how far you’ve gotten and just this year with breaks.

Nance: I’m amazed. I’m so happy.

Rayzel: And you look like so healthy and vibrant too, like your skin looks healthy, and yeah.

Nance: Thank you. That’s something else I go into great detail.

Rayzel: Awesome. What was some of your inch loss on like your waist and your- do you have that in hand?

Nance: I lost a foot. A 12 inches off my waist. I’m amazed.

Rayzel: That’s amazing.

Nance: My brains gotta catch up with it. It’s like, you’re not big anymore, and you’re small. 9 size less. Then 9.75 off my breasts and 10.25 off my belly and then 8.25 off my hips. So I’m just amazed. I’m dealing with some loose skin. I’ve never had that before in my weight loss efforts but boy it’s sure is better to deal with that than—

Rayzel: That’s kind of what I tell people who asked about that too. It’s kind of up to you. Have the extra fat or have a little loose skin. Most people will choose the loose skin.

Nance: Definitely. I seem to be tightening up in areas too so it’s not a problem.

Rayzel: Good. That is—and also I like to, you measured around your knee and that’s where a lot of people have fat too.

Nance: Oh my goodness, yes.

Rayzel: And you have lost about 5 – almost 6 inches around your knees so that’s—

Nance: I would like to like bend and pick my legs up and see if I could touch my fingers just over my knee and u-uhm it wouldn’t happen for a long time and now I can so it’s like a quick indicator so yeah, 6 inches off my knee.

Rayzel: That’s awesome. I like that too because probably your inch loss maybe came off in different places more in different rounds. I don’t know if you paid attention to that.

Nance: Oh yes. It was very interesting how that happened and especially in the latest P3 how it really came off in the backs of my legs and my arms. Also, just a side note, is without doing fruit on the P2 where the glycogen stores are coming back too. That’s kind of interesting so. (crosstalk) Keeps me from looking gaunt at the waist. It’s a more healthy look so yeah, it’s better to have fat, that little cushion there.

Rayzel: Yeah. I’m glad that you mentioned that too because glycogen stores are totally normal, it’s a natural part of how your body looks and sometimes you see pictures online of people when you go on a really low carb diet, you do tend to lose the glycogen stores so even if you see my videos, just my regular hcg diet videos that I did on my final round, I wasn’t doing the fruits. I look pretty lean like my face here it’s leaner but that’s because I didn’t have the glycogen stores so it’s fine in a way but it’s not really maintainable so I’m healthier and I probably look a little stockier but my body fat percent is actually the same it’s just like you said, that extra normal amount of water.

Nance: Yeah. A beautiful healthy look.

Rayzel: Yes. It’s nice. Sometimes I think we have to change our perception of what we view as attractive and healthy and know why this lean look is possible. You can do it for a few days but it’s hard to keep on a daily basis so that’s – you don’t have to shoot for that.

Nance: Very good point. Balance and health are really the way to go.

Rayzel: We’re gonna get in the main point of what we really want to talk about today which is all about Phase 3. Nancy is very slow and gradual and very present with this P3s she’s had this year. We’ll compare them to some previous P3s in the past that didn’t go well and a lot of us have those types of P3s in the past and so we’ll just try to draw that comparison and know exactly what types of things we can do to really make it work and to actually stabilize. How have some of the P3s for you gone in the past before this year?

Nance: I found about hCG in about 2009 when I saw my friend shrinking. I’m like “Wow, how did you do that?” and I think I would go on P2s, I think I have about 3 successful Phase 2s where I would lose between 20 and 30 pounds and then, but just gave kind of lip service “Oh yeah, there’s a Phase 3 there’s a Phase 4” but I’ve lost the weight. And I basically gave lip service to it or ignored it and with that I can’t tell you how many P2 fails I have between 2010 and 2013 too.

Rayzel: So you would lose the weight on Phase 2 but then since there wasn’t really much attention to the Phase 3 and Phase 4 you just gradually gained it back.

Nance: Yeah. One more way to be a yo-yo. To have that yo-yo dieter’s mentality.

Rayzel: Can you expand on that? What is that mentality that causes us to kind of brush aside the P3. Why do you think that we tend to forget that it’s important or to not put our interest on it.

Nance: I think for me, earlier in years, I found that the sensationalism over Phase 2 was lose the weight and there was just not that much emphasis on P3 and how to keep it off and make a lifestyle change and so I was just in that flow and just didn’t pay attention. Clarify the question for me if I didn’t answer it well.

Rayzel: No. That was good. Like I said some of this are off the topic.

Nance: One of the first thing I noticed if there is a slip up or a cheat it’s like my perfectionism “Oh my, it’s gotta be that number on that scale got to stay right there” and when it doesn’t shame kicks in, guilt, and this driveness to fix what I’ve made a mess off and then I would stop weighing myself cause I was too ashamed to look at the number. Then I would keep eating and I’m what is it about me that I lost all this weight and then I eat because I’m ashamed that I have like eating’s gonna fix it.

Rayzel: It’s what we do though. I made this little hCG cartoon, you know I draw those stick figures and I was like, I’m eating chocolate cake cause I feel so bad that I ate chocolate cake. It’s true. I did the same thing. I think you’re right it goes back to a little bit of that perfectionism issue that as soon as you make one mistake, it’s like, you feel like Oh I failed and the comfort is in the food so it’s just this vicious cycle.

Nance: I had a circle of my weight, really end of high school, my adult life and I had just ingrained a yo-yo mentality. Life will take over and you know talk about how emotional triggers would take place. Things I don’t want to deal with and I was trained up very well that butter ice cream make everything better. Eat something. Eat something. And it just reinforced a yo-yo dieter’s mentality in a whole range of motion that cropped up with that. So this was the time to take the scissors to the string on the yoyo.

Rayzel: Yeah, that’s good. I like all that you said, sometimes they talk about the dieter’s mentality and like you said sometimes as soon as you gain a couple of pounds you “Oh I have to go on a diet.” And that we’re trying to get away from that and then I realized that part of it is I think a lot of women we find ourselves, you’re in one of two places, you’re either dieting or you’re eating or like whatever. You’re not really conscious of what you’re doing, it’s kind of like eat or don’t. Instead of like the other part of life which is being conscious and making good choices on a daily basis to keep things in balance.

Nance: Yeah. That’s just very, very aptly put and that’s where it’s at.

Rayzel: Okay. So we talked about the things that didn’t work and those are the type of things that a lot of us have suffered from. I had a failed P3 too where I was basically pretended like it didn’t exist and hoped that it wouldn’t matter and it did matter and then it was like – and I didn’t know how to fix it or just readjust myself and so let’s talk now about what has made these P3s this year for you because and – we’ll show the graph too, Nancy if you see, she has this graph of her weight, it’s extremely stable. She never have to do a steak day and she gradually increased her calories too. And we’ll talk about that cause I just got another email recently where the person’s like I’m so scared about P3 cause I’m eating 500 calories and sometimes we stall or something, so you feel like “How could I possibly eat 1500 and not gain weight?”

Nance: That is so right. At first, the part of the dieter’s mentality creeping back in is how is it’s gonna work? No, this is a whole new phase.

Rayzel: The hormone’s out of your body. Your body’s smart. It will adjust and what’s so cool is that you’ll see in her graph, she’s eating 700 calories 1 day in the beginning and then at the end she’s eating 1500 calories, her weight is the same. It’s not going up so that’s encouraging. So you mentioned that there is 4 main differences that you applied that were kind of the things that guided your P3s this year. Can you share those things with us?

Nance: I looked back 2010 to 2013 and then what is the difference that caused me to form an action plan that was successfully carried out to P3.
Number 1 I was, still am, motivated by serious health issues. I have studied as a Nutritionist in the past and we were taught that sometimes people do not make pivotal changes in their diet until they’re faced with a health issue. I knew all this in my head but now it’s time for the rubber meet the road and I had to get that weight off and now stress my adrenals and my thyroids by anymore yo-yoing. It was done. Over.
Number 2: More knowledge about hCG Phase 3 and Phase 4. I noticed on the internet, of course, meeting hCGChica and finding the recipes and all that. Also, I looked back on my files and I found a file of the outline of what Phase 3 is all about. It was from Kevin Trudeau’s book as well as Dr. Simeons’ information. I just reread that each time I went into a Phase 3 and go okay, here’s the ground rules. I applied and just enjoyed the more knowledge I had about Phase 3 and Phase 4 which tampered the sensationalism of Phase 2. I was ready for new food combinations and I just knew preparation methods. I had looked into raw food eating and I had some of the gear in my kitchen to slice vegetables really thin, fruits really thin. And I really was interested in to how to learn – use spices instead of calories to enjoy eating and so I took that time. Boy, I got this knowledge and ready to use it.

Rayzel: Yeah, you spend a good amount of time then like preparing yourself in really just that side of things.

Nance: Yeah, what I had over the years of what I’d learned and gain. Okay, now is the time to apply it. Then before, last but not least is I ran and applied the information on the book Weight Loss Apocalypse by Robin Woodall.

Rayzel: What we all started with. This book you guys. She’ll tell you more in a sec but I pretty much recommend it to every single person that’s doing this protocol so tell us why. What is it that – how did this book helped you?

Nance: There’s a lot in it that is yet to apply but the main 2 points in this P3 we’re talking about is understanding of the fat hormone leptin is and Robin’s graphing of the process of hunger to being ravenously hungry and to be in content, not even thinking about food, it was the other side. I lost my track –

Rayzel: That’s fine.

The hunger scale. Going from either contentment to being ravenously hungry or contentment up to so full I’ve made myself sick. So yeah.

Rayzel: So that’s what she’s talking about Robin calls it the hunger scale. It’s a different way of not that you can’t count calorie count here and there but I actually hate to count calories so I don’t do it but this is a different way of gauging how much food your body needs to be healthy and to maintain and it’s based on actually being more in tuned with how – like she said it how being hungry, being satisfied or being overly full and stopping at a certain point and so many people have talked about basically how it completely changed their world and given them more freedom. Because you know that hard thing with counting calories is like if you work out you need more calories that day. It’s like you can’t always gauge like what my body needs this amount of calories every day. It actually does vary depending on what you do all day and so that can make it hard. You could end up eating too much one day cause you didn’t do anything or being hungry in different days so it’s much better approach. So just to cover real quick again the 4 points, and again, she made this cool little paper and I’ll put it in the blog post but so you were motivated by serious health issues, that was the first point. The second key difference for doing Phase 3 well was more knowledge about hCG when it comes to Phase 3 and Phase 4 which she mentioned she did by really researching more and finding the different, for instance now in my blog, I have a bunch of posts now about P3 like what’s the point of it, how to do it better that type of stuff and as well as the books you mentioned that cover it and then the 3rd thing was being more open to new food combinations and preparation methods right so researching that like spices, as you said even just cutting vegetables thinner. I love how you said that because it’s true, sometimes a big hunk of carrot doesn’t taste- I don’t know for some reason but when something’s shaped thin and it’s like, this delicate salad or noodles, it’s really- the texture really is a lot more pleasing. Things that you didn’t really realize that make such a difference that makes you happy with that new way of eating. And then your 4th point is reading and applying the info from this book and I do recommend everyone purchase it. You can get it on So you have those 4 things that were kind of the basis for what you decided to do after Phase 2. So how did you take those things and form an action plan for Phase 3? What did you do specifically?

Nance: Well I specifically became very intentional about Phase 3. Just as intentional about Phase 3 as I was about Phase 2. Took effort. It took effort – mental effort, focus- so I wrote out a plan for myself to increase my calories very slowly like Dr. Simeons said to do and I discovered not all calories are created equal. A fat calorie and a protein calorie are complete different animals so during this time I also kept track of my grams of carbohydrates, fat, protein. Number 2 I set my protein as priority, in Phase 2 protein is a priority and somehow Dr. Simeons understood just the very threshold that we had to be at before we were wasting our muscles and we stay with that and so to keep that protein as priority that is what I try to add first into it. I found on the web places where I could put in my information and find out what my ideal protein grams are which is anywhere – some of the websites differ- I was anywhere between 63-74 grams so. And then the 3rd was to personalize the hunger satiation chart. For me that was the most efficient way to take Robin’s amazing revelations and internalize them. I see P2 is very strict externally. Taking external reference. My yo-yo dieter’s mentality – always taking external references. And P4 get really getting in to the freedom of not having to worry about that, not having to count calories anything like that is being internally affronted, understanding what my body’s saying to me, take stopping, taking time to listen and understanding what I can change and what I better pay attention to as far as my body calling out for certain nutrients that I need. So personalizing that chart was huge.

Rayzel: That’s good. I’m thinking what I might do is we’ll put this chart – – I’ll double check with Robin, after we make sure that we can put her chart. I’ll link it to her book but I’ll ask her and if she’s okay with it I’ll put the chart that Nancy put together with her personalization of the hunger scale. They’re for you guys to see like how she approached that. Cause I like how you have – she’s got feels actually with her notes for physical, mental, emotional and actually the last one I printed out got cut off just maybe in the other notes or.

Nance: Actually, my Lyme disease’s symptoms.

Rayzel: Oh, Lyme. Is that okay if we mentioned that? That you have Lyme? Okay. So that’s part of the chronic health issues stuff that she deals with is Lyme disease which I do actually get. There’s a lot of people out there that have it. So she has put notes next to the hunger scale of how she feels in these different scenarios herself personally. It’s really great. So detailed. Okay good. So those were the 3 things. Increasing calories in grams slowly, two set protein as priority and three personalizing the hunger chart. So I wanted just real quick talk about your P3 log showing your weight and your gradual increase of calories maybe. Cause that kind of goes along with the number one action that you took for P3.

Nance: Okay. I’m gonna pull that out so I can refer to it also.

Rayzel: So in this P3 log that Nance has. Your weight is about 167 starting P3. And what’s so neat, and again I’ll have this chart on the blog post actually I’ll probably insert it in the video so that you guys can see it, but yeah if you look closely at it, you’ll see her weight, it’s exactly the same for all of P3 and your calories, you started out about 700.

Nance: The columns are my calorie goal, next to it is the actual. There you go, I was kind of all around the board. It wasn’t exact science for me. So that’s what it was.

Rayzel: That is interesting. Some days you eat a lot less and some days you eat more.

Nance: The fat, carb and protein columns. I set it so that if I went under 50g it would give a highlight in green. Carbs if I went over 20g it would highlight in blue and if I was under 50g in protein then it would highlight.

Rayzel: Cool. In Excel right? That’s great. I never did learn how to use Excel and you did. I get confused when I opened it. That’s great. So you did gradually increased your calories. I can see here you’re under your actual but then some days you still were less and that’s probably like you said cause you were eating to hunger more?

Nance: Yeah. Cause I was just doing well, I’m not hungry. I was in a place where symptomatically, I just didn’t feel good. I didn’t want to eat and so later on I bring out that chart where sometimes it’s a symptom I’m facing and sometimes it’s actual hunger or lack of hunger so there’s the difference.

Rayzel: Yeah you can talk about that too. I like this because – you guys can see it, I have it here. It is true like I just said, you don’t need as many calories some days and some days you need more. I think it’s important to talk about that actually because I feel like I actually put this in my little workbook that’s coming out in Amazon. I wrote about the idea that – I felt frustrated because I felt like when I use to read fitness magazines and stuff I felt like they’re telling me you need to be eating all the time or your metabolism will slow down. Okay so how do you I have to be eating all time or I’m gonna gain weight but I’m overweight and the only way to lose weight is to eat less than your body needs so like how do I accomplish this? How do I be constantly eating and still lose weight? That’s what I felt like I was essentially reading. Easy for you to say when you’re already a fitness trainer and you’ve never been overweight. So frustrating. You know I do use intermittent fasting here and there. It’s not – sometimes I don’t even do it every week but sometimes like once a week, there’s a day that I’m just busy. I don’t feel hungry. I actually felt very good on the day that I fast. I’ve been doing that for 3 years and you know what? I have a great metabolism. I don’t have to under eat other days or I start gaining weight. I realized that everyone has different hormone levels that can affect their metabolism. But it was so freeing to realize that it’s okay to not eat when you’re not hungry sometimes.

Nance: Taking your cues, your internal compass rather than external rules or — or whatever. It’s so freeing.

Rayzel: It is. So it’s nice to see that variety actually in calories on you on your days there. That’s a great idea too how you have the things about you know if you go under a certain amount of protein. Can you tell me why protein is important you mention something about-

Nance: Of course, below a certain level the body begins to depend on muscle to get the protein stores also Dr. Simeons’ I believe said going on a certain level of protein deficient, the body tends to hold water and I found when I go serious about that, oh my goodness, I have been so protein deficient. Because that is one of my challenges during P3 was “Oh my goodness, I’ve got to eat more protein” and it was really out of my comfort zones, out of my habits, to eat this much protein and so that was challenging.

Rayzel: So you said there’s a site you used to figure out how much protein your body seems to need. Is that what you said? What was that?

Nance: I will look at the note to find that website.

Rayzel: You might have sent me something.

Nance: No that was my one Swiss cheese hole of information.

Rayzel: Yeah, don’t worry about it, in the links that goes with this interview we’ll put the websites that she utilized to find some of this different macro amounts. Because it’s true for different body- like for me since I CrossFit and I do a lot of heavy weight lifting probably my protein requirements are fairly high. I don’t actually know exactly cause I don’t count. But I do try to make sure that I eat a good amount of protein but like you said sometimes if it’s not something you’ve been in a habit of, you’ve been in a kind of more in a starched base diet just because. It can feel different like you didn’t realize that okay, this is about how much meat I need to be eating a day like when you don’t have a reference it’s good to find out by using a calculator like that.

Nance: (crosstalk) Cause I’ve never been a calorie counter as much as I love detail I just don’t want to feel restricted by it. I also, I’ve got the other side of my brain where the artistic side’s spontaneous so loving – taking a recipe and never making it the same twice – I just love all that so that’s where I want to be in P4 but I found that I did not understand the language of grams. Grams of carbohydrates. What is a half cup of strawberries? How many grams of carbs am I eating? A half cup of banana? How many carbs am I eating? So I just took that time to learn the language of good nutrition – good P3 nutrition, good P4 nutrition. Right after this P3 I stopped using the food log as part of my effort to use internal cues. So it was important for me to do it in that P3 and important for me not to do it afterward.

Rayzel: I’m glad you really mentioned that too because that way people can know also that just because you might be a little bit more detailed, like she mentioned gradually adding calories, gradually tracking fat grams and carb grams. It’s okay to have a point in time during P3 that you do that with the knowledge that that’s not something you have to do for the rest of your life.

Nance: Great point. 3 weeks.

Rayzel: Yeah just enough to track that that’s your new life, the only way maintain- that’s not true. But like she said if a lot of us are having to make a complete change in our life like you said, you have no reference point, you have no idea of what’s in what and so it’s like hard to make a general choice in your when you just have nothing to go off of to make a smarter choice. Like you said, using P3 as a training ground to become aware what’s the general amount of carbs in these types of food.

Nance: (crosstalk) I was like there’s carbs in yogurt? You know and I’m like, “Oh my, there’s carbs in yogurt”. Just to learn all that and then carry on.

Rayzel: Right cause then you pick up the basic principles like they’re in your head. And so that’s helpful too cause I would feel the same way if I have to count calories to maintain a regular life, I’d feel horrible, I’d feel like eating chocolate cake. For me it makes me fell – I don’t know – just trapped.

Nance: Yeah that’s why I put the little logo in the bottom corner of my page of a prison cell opened up with blue sky. Because this is about being set free. It’s not about another yo-yo – another form of the yo-yo mentality.

Rayzel: Good. So it can be very useful though to do what you’ve done within the framework and then use that to move beyond it and be more free in P4 and we can do that.

Nance: I’m glad you brought that out. Let’s see we’ve got – we’ve looked at my P3 log and oh the P3 graphs because they’re easy to see and if I need to reconfigure them I sure will but they’re stacked so that you can compare them one with another. Here’s the calorie increase and here’s the gram comparison so that’s Nance – P3 graphs jpeg.

Rayzel: Cool. But I’m gonna do so you guys – this graph that Nancy’s talking about, I’ll put it here in the video right now and in the blog post. You can kind of see she track how her fat, protein and carbs increased from the beginning of P3 to the end so you can see that in the graph. Your calorie increase and then your weight. Your weight was so stable.

Nance: Just amazing. I was like this is working, it’s really working, not that hard.

Rayzel: Did you say that you didn’t eat fruits in P2 before this P3 started or no?

Nance: I had a very few glycemic fruits. I had my blackberries or raspberries and a few strawberries, like a quarter cup of strawberries on P2 and on P3, actually I had some oranges cause apples and oranges are technically allowed on P2. Apple, no, they’re like way high off the glycemic chart for me unless I would take slice one really thin and then totally coat it with cinnamon which helps metabolism so but in P3, this P3, apples were out, oranges out. I took my oranges juice then freeze them into cubes and then in P4 I would put cubes of orange juice into my green smoothies but I was surprised when I was preparing for a time here how little fruit I did eat. I was looking through but I did have from Costco I got a bag of the 3 berries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries and I would have those from time to time. Specially with a little yogurt. That was a treat. So yeah.

Rayzel: Cool. So pretty minimal on the fruit in P3 though. Actually just to give a little more detail then about – we talked about gradually increasing your calories in P3 when it came to what made up the carbs that you ate. What would you say- what was the sources of the carbs that you did have during P3?

Nance: It was definitely all veggies.

Rayzel: Can you give us some examples? What types of vegetables, I’m just curious.

Nance: My P3 log the very first time I entered the types of vegetables I usually have, zucchini squash, romaine lettuce, radishes, yellow bell pepper, mushrooms and some shaved carrots sometimes into my salad. That was at the beginning. And I found the spinach going into a green smoothie and cucumber, my goodness, that’s like a candy bar. Cucumber? That’s like a candy bar. I start to put those into green smoothies toward the end cause boy that would just rack up the carbs so yeah.

Rayzel: Interesting. Did you use the peel of the cucumber when you made the smoothie or no?

Nance: No, I would peel the cucumber.

Rayzel: I just asked because I didn’t know this until someone mentioned it that there’s actually a lot of carbs in the skin of a cucumber.

Nance: Interesting.

Rayzel: At first I thought it’s just like fiber carbs but it’s actually not. It’s actually carbohydrates.

Nance: Interesting. From the nutrition training I learned just how much value there is in the skins and coatings of fruits and vegetables yet because of the pesticides, the urbicide, and the wax that they put on these vegetables, yeah, in the case of the cucumber. I’ll peel that out maybe. Yeah.

Rayzel: I just thought that was interesting. So really most of the carbs that she had then in P3 was very minimal fruit, sounds like it was an occasional thing and mostly from the vegetables that she mentioned. Looks like you had a little yogurt sometimes. So that have a little bit of carbs and just remembering again you guys that this is just a set period of time as well, just like P2 so it’s not like okay this is my life forever it’s just realizing that when you finished P2 it’s really not the end of the protocol.

Nance: (crosstalk) P2 my body is now “wet cement” for a set point and I’ve got 3 weeks to train it into it’s new set point and then I’m on my way and it made my whole P4, a hundred days after so much more easy because I was intentional about P3.

Rayzel: That’s great. I love that illustration too like the “wet cement” and then it can solidify and harden in P3 if you do it try.

Nance: Definitely. I remember that over again wait this is a special time, this is a crucial time and I want to stick to it. You have videos concerning when that last injection weight needs to be reconsidered and that is such valuable information.

Rayzel: Good. Thank you. It’s true you know like for you, you were so stable, it worked out fine and sometimes that is how it is, where you don’t need to adjust your LDW and that’s great if that happens. I had that happened a couple of times but then there are other times with the topic, the ones that she mentioned I’ll link to those articles in the blog post that goes with the interview for anyone who’s wondering why would there be a time that I wouldn’t stabilize within the 2 pound window because I talked about those specific scenarios and they do make sense. Actually a friend she was doing hCG, she kind of panic, texted me a while back, like, “Oh my goodness, my weight’s off like 5 pounds and I kept doing steak days, should I do another one?” And like “I don’t know what to do!” and she’s freaked out that it’s gonna keep going up so we kind of talked on the phone about what could be going on and we finally were just like “Is that okay to just stabilize a little higher?” And I was like: “Yeah, at this point based on everything you’ve told me and everything you’ve tried it sounds like adjust your mind a little bit and see what your body’s wanting to do is to stay put.” And she texted me a few weeks later and she’s like “Hey, I just want to let you know my weight hasn’t move an ounce from that adjusted LDW”. She’s so pleased because she’s eating clean, she’s working out but if she’d have kept trying to get the lower one and then the problem is we were talking about trying to make this emotional change in your life and you can’t get your weight to be what you want it you end up doing stupid stuff and eating chocolate cake because you’re upset or (crosstalk).

Nance: Like holding a kind of whole inflated beach ball under the water in the ocean when there’s six foot waves coming in. I mean it keep happening and yeah as I prepared for this time together in P3 I went into my next P3 that I’m in now and it was a real good dose for any perfectionism that I have because this P3 is nothing like the July P3. It’s really – It’s a different ball game. I’m facing different things metabolically, symptomatically, and it’s a great comfort that I can move off that 2 pounds. That hard 1-2 pounds and actually not invest energy into holding that yo-yo down when it’s gonna go – it’s like a rubber band. Stretching rubber band, by putting that tension on on myself and beautiful example that you just gave, we don’t have to do that to ourselves.

Rayzel: Yes. It’s just knowing when to stop. If it’s working out good. You want to make those reasonable efforts to see cause obviously like you said if you’re doing a P3 where you’re just not doing P3 maintaining of course, there’s a reason for that but you know what you’re doing and you know if you’re doing everything right or you’re checking different things. Yeah, just to clarify for you guys, with me, my first P3 I stabilized easily within the 2 pounds. I was eating low carb but I ate quite a bit, I have thyroid meds, it was great. Later P3s I did some different things P2 which affected my P3 and I didn’t know that at first so it’s like I took my fruits out. Made the diet really low carb in P2. Started crossfit and my weight was it’s like I was these doing steak days and it would immediately go back up the next day. I just could not get it to stay there and I was trying for like 2-3 months like, “Uh, come off, come off!” And finally, my husband, he’s the smart one. He’s like “You know honey, you’re trying to build muscle, you’re working hard, you’re doing the right thing. Maybe you should try to work with your body a little and just have a see where it leads.” I was like, “That’s scary.” But you know, he’s right, this is obviously not working.

Nance: That’s a fantastic example of the tension that we place ourselves in to actually keeps the yo-yo going. When we’re wanting to step off that whole cycle to go from being externally refronted into being in touch with how our feelings, what our body wants, because our body knows what it needs and using that hunger satiation scale to apply that immediately in the situation that we’re in. To me that was like, wow, somebody just gave me the scissors, to snip the string off that yo-yo, I don’t ever have to go there again and what you’ve said about changing the LDW weight, so comforting. Hearing your life experiences with this. It’s just comforting. Wow, what’s 5 pounds when I’ve lost 70? Heavenly days. I haven’t been here since shortly after high school. I plan to live here and a little less the rest of my life so, yeah.

Rayzel: It’s true cause you can lose sight of that and finishing what I’m saying about the weight going back up thing I finally pretty much, my final 2 rounds, I stabilized actually about 7 pounds higher and I want to clarify that when I actually finally went and got body fat testing done cause you guys, know I’ve done a lot of that cause I wanted to know am I losing fat? What am I gaining? It was muscle and glycogen stores, yeah almost all of it. So that was like the proof cause I didn’t know any of these stuff either. It’s like before I started blogging, I started blogging about it because it’s like I’m learning all of this stuff that I was clueless about before that kind of kept me jailed in that yo-yo mentality because I didn’t know all of these things and so finally realizing “Oh, this is what this is and then you are free to stabilize a little higher or whatever and feel good about it.”

Nance: That’s it, feel good about ourselves and move on with life. Go to the next stage. P3, just 3 weeks and it can be a joy. It really can be. And 2 July, the longer my weight stays stabilized. I was just really happy with that and I was just savoring the foods that I got to eat and that was one of the other thing it’s like my yo-yo mentality was going “What? You ate an avocado? And all that coconut fudge?” You know I make that freezer fudge with a coconut oil and the cocoa and you’re not gaining weight. It was almost like a nasty tape playing in my mind it’s like that’s right I didn’t gain a pound and I’m eating healthy fats and I’m gonna keep on. You know?

Rayzel: So you mentioned the vegetables that you ate in P3 but since you were talking about that, what were some other foods then that you’re eating so you mentioned avocado, the coconut oil, and the coconut fudge recipe which on Pinterest there’s all kind of recipes for that. What other foods did you end up eating then in Phase 3?

Nance: One I can eat fairly soon and that’s flaxseed crackers. I have a dehydrator, that’s one of my raw food recipes. Just take flaxseed and a little bit of ginger, wee little bit of soy sauce and the other spices, but then just spread them out then on the dehydrator sheets and I end up with this wonderful lazy crackers. Took the place of gluten cause I have to go gluten free, sugar free, and those flaxseed crackers are just scrumptious. And the other is along the same lines I call pizza flatbread and Alissa Cohen wrote the book “Living on Live Food” and I want to give her credit for that recipe, it was basically almonds, flaxseeds, ground up with carrot, bell pepper, cilantro, parsley, and a number of other spices, again made into a batter, spread out thin, put it in the dehydrator until it makes a flatbread. Just like the flatbread that’s in the store now but this piece of flatbread is so absolutely satisfying. I just take a few bites I feel like I’ve had a salad leather, you know what I mean? I’ll send you a picture, I made a picture of one of my flatbread sandwiches, just nutritious. And that’s the thing about eating nutritiously, nutrient dense food, a few bites and the hunger is gone cause the body says, wow, I got what I like so that flat bread, those crackers and then my beloved green smoothies, I really like those. I think with taking the green smoothie challenge that’s out there for men. I put together fruits and vegetables and herbs that I had never imagined I would ever put into one blender and that opened me up to eating, drinking a nutrient dense food getting the fruits and vegetables I need and it really being yummy.

Rayzel: Awesome. Maybe what we’ll try to do is if we can we’ll try to gather a few resources for you guys like stuff like couple of recipes that she’s discussing and the book and just different things that you’re interested in checking out some of those things that she was mentioning because people just love – you know it’s so nice to have actual resource. That sounds really good. How long does it take in the dehydrator to make the flax crackers?

Nance: In my like June, July, August where I live, the humidity is like 4%. It’s a wet day if the humidity gets around 17 or 20% so I have an Excalibur dehydrator and I think it operates really fast because of the environment that I live in but it’ll work anywhere. I think that the flax seed crackers anywhere for 6 hours? I turn them over after about 2 to 3 hours and just let them get good and crispy but within a day.

Rayzel: That’s great. Those are great resources, those 2 that you mention. Especially if you’re coming from changing from whatever diet you’ve had before which like for me was not good and really carby. When you make that transition you have to have those replacements that kind of give you the feel from things starchy or crunchy or the texture. Sometimes you might move past that after a while and not even need that at all but sometimes you may need that interim thing and it’s good to have cause I used to – I am able to have – cause you know I’ve been in P4 a long time now, almost 2 years but yeah, there are plenty of carbs that I can eat and maintain so I do that and that’s kind of my little fix but one thing when I was still low carb and trying to stabilize and change in my diet was that I needed to find those alternatives so making stuff with flaxseed meal or pumpkin seed meal that was like kind of more lower carb but tasted like my previous starchy thing that was cookies whereas now I actually never bake at all. I just don’t feel like I need that particular thing because I have other carbs that are healthy, that feel fine, but it was very important that time to be making that change.

Nance: I’m glad you brought that out. Our taste buds actually change in this lifestyle change. What we wanted before does not – is like yuck now and what was yuck before was like, I’m gonna eat that? It’s like we’re looking forward to that kale salad now, you know.

Rayzel: I know. It’s like if you’re one of those people like you’re still eating cookies and ice cream and you’re like I don’t want kale, I do not want salad, that’s how we started out too. I remember eating all this junk food and I’m trying to make dinner for my husband and my son, I did not want to eat green beans, it’s like that looks so unappetizing because I just ate 15 chocolate chips cookies and that’s all I want more of. You don’t crave that, but when you clean out your system which P2 helps to deal right? It cleans that out.

Nance: Yeah it really does, got to drink a lot of water.

Rayzel: Yeah and your cravings do change and then those food that you use to force yourself to eat, they actually become appetizing and they start tasting good.

Nance: Absolutely, avocado tastes like a (crosstalk) to me now. It’s so amazing to be able to eat all these things that I really do love and they taste so good and my taste buds are not numbed by the processed chemicals and artificial –

Rayzel: That’s a perfect way to say that. Yeah, your taste buds gets numbed with all – yeah, you’re right that’s so much perfectly

Nance: So much better over here.

Rayzel: Okay, let’s see, we talked about-

Nance: I did- When I went to the hunger satiation scale I really had a – because of the hardships I was facing. I had done a lot to stuff my feelings and I was going through a lot of emotional triggers and I didn’t want to see what I was seeing and feel what I was feeling and so that’s more than a miracle that I would be losing this weight, not using food as a crutch. But the segue into how I was in touch with my hunger scale internally. That’s where I put in the HALTS acronym is just to say this is the snip to the yoyo diet right here where I stopped, I halt and go okay, what’s really happening here? And that’s what the HALTS page is about. We can take as long or as little time as needed because that’s simply the way, the questions to ask, get in touch with one self just goes what is really happening here inside me to take me away from being externally referenced on “they treated me like this”, “they did this”, “I didn’t get this”, “I deserved that” into “how am I feeling and how can I apply love and grace and mercy to my situation?” by being self-accepting and that the self-acceptance was huge whether I’m eating Cheetos and burping apple fritters at the moment, can I still love myself right in that moment and still accept what’s happening in me. For me that’s like the clutch on a vehicle to begin to move in a different direction until I apply that self-acceptance, I stay stuck and shame and all that. So I don’t know – you just kind of guide me how far you want to go with that but that’s just simply, that’s where the rubber meets road for the scissors cutting the yo-yo mentality is becoming aware of what’s happening inside.

Rayzel: That’s good. Yeah, why don’t we talk about each of those points? So she has a little chart to share, a paper she made and I’ll show it to you guys on here and on the blog post. Just about stopping the yo-yo and it’s a little acronym called HALTS which she said to you. It’s adapted from AA. So you said “When I feel the urge to eat hit me, I stop and ask myself this questions, listening to my gut response called HALTS.” Why don’t you talk about each of those?

Nance: Okay and you’ll have it there and you’ll be able to read this. HALTS I learned a long time ago and was originally am I too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. As I realized my food addictions, I applied this and it expanded a little bit so H stands for Hunger-driven – am I getting triggered emotionally that I want to just go into automatic and eat? What just happened that I’m gonna turn into the fridge door instead of dealing with something that I need to deal with. A – Am I Angry, Anxious or Afraid? Part of my yo-yo mentality is feeling powerless. My weight is going up and there’s nothing I can do about it. I might as well have that other half of that chocolate cake. So feeling hungry, anxious or afraid, I found that behind that on angry because I really, my little girl in here feels very powerless and afraid and hurt and so I want to stop and get in touch with that and apply the positivity, the parenting to my person inside rather than again turning to food to mask those feeling and just cover it up. L is Lonely and I generalized that. Am I again trying to distract myself with the way food feels, away from a painful emotion. Another one that I found for L is Lacking in Nutrient, sometimes I find myself starting to get compulsive and wanting to eat things and I realize my body is missing a nutrient, specially with P3 and the protein in all that, little low in veggies and fruit. Our bodies can go into an acidic state and I found boy, all I need is like a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or some of my homebrew kombucha and it just cuts right through my desire to forage and my body to look for that nutrient that it’s missing. It’s very individual and it’s a wonderful process of self-discovery in that. Just our body has wisdom, our body wants to be balanced and well, we just stop and say okay, what do you need right now? And it’s amazing how the answers come up.

Rayzel: Oh yeah, I was gonna say it’s true cause sometimes you might need a little protein or it might even be a little bit of extra fat you need. I love how you say that cause it’s true, you find yourself kind of like “blah” and you kind go in too much of the wrong thing but sometimes you need a little extra fat or a little extra protein. It could be either one cause sometimes it’s true when you get that you feel like “Oh, I feel better”. For instance, the other day, my husband, he’s had some salmon, he hadn’t had it in a while and the fat in the salmon, you know it has the omegas in it. It just like he felt a lot calmer after having it. He’s like “I felt like that was just what I needed”, He might need a little bit of that, you know maybe it’s been a while. You know, fat it’s important to like the cholesterol and how the stuff- what is it? The myelin in your brain? – everything it’s like stuff like that is important and if there’s an imbalance there it really can help. Your brain function and your –

Nance: That was L on that Lonely or Lacking on Nutrient and then T – Tired or Thirsty. I have found that if I need a nap my lifelong tendency has been to keep driving myself a little bit of caffeine, a little bit of sugar, get to that deadline, got to do it because I’ve chosen to commit to many things and I’m a woman of my word and I’m gonna get it done and WOW! I’m a little bit of tired and I need to take a little power nap, that’s what I needed to do. Or Thirsty, is this hunger I’m feeling? Or am I just really feeling thirsty? If I just take a good jug of water, yeah, just have a good 8 or 10 ounces of water. That’s what I needed or water with lemon, to help that acidic alkaline balance. That is really to discern between what is hunger and what is thirst would speak for me. And S that is not in the original acronym but I added it because I’m dealing with symptoms and more lately because of the prescribed antibiotics side effects. Am I wanting to use to temporarily mask my painful symptoms or the side effects of the medication and I don’t like that being in that place at all. It doesn’t seem to be going away too fast so it’s time for me to practice some self-acceptance and care for myself as I would a child who’s been ill. Deal with the grief of loss over things that I cannot – I used to be able to do that I can’t do now. The fear that it’s a – I’m looking down a tunnel with no end so it goes into a whole thing that again I”ve got to be in touch with myself cause otherwise I’m gonna use food as an addiction to mask all that.

Rayzel: Cause that feels like that’s easiest thing.

Nance: Least resistant. Path of least resistant right there.

Rayzel: We need to address it that way, you know. Have you found in trying to adjust that, in not doing that. Have you found ways to deal with these things in a healthier way like to put things that help you to deal with that?

Nance: Very, very sure would be to use binders in a diet alongside the antibiotic which kill the pathogen and then they die off creates an immune response that is very uncomfortable, it’s called a Herxheimer Reaction and activated charcoal, chlorella is wonderful. Chlorella is smart about what it absorbs and doesn’t absorb as far as not leeching the body of minerals and that’s another one, making sure that I’ve got enough minerals. Taking a high potency relief mineral cap every day is really important. Then opening up the tea talk fast ways. Hot beds. Using essential oils, foot baths, making sure that I’ve got fresh water, fresh air, and so on. Do you want me to go on and on about that but-

Rayzel: But you’re trying to find ways to address it that don’t involve just eating. Cause you can apply that principle even if you don’t have a chronic illness, if you have other stressful things happening in your life. I think the point is to not only stop doing the unhealthy pattern you had before which is to eat or whatever but to find a new healthier patterns to replace them with just like how you replace old food standbys with healthier versions. You can’t just stop doing things and that’s it. You have to replace it and finding – cause I had to do that to. Whether it was the illness or just like you said like I would eat cause I get stressed too or for me like with crossfit that’s something that I can do and it really does kind of keeps me in a consistent healthy frame of mind that if I ever do feel a little off track a day here and there with eating or start getting kind of “blah”. It kind of brings me back. You know it reminds me like “Oh yeah, this is the way of life I like living”. Even a hot shower or taking some time to read a book.

Nance: Just good self-care, meditation is huge. I mean, settling in to one self. I think through a lot of life events that I realize, I don’t want to be in my body, I don’t want to be here. Instead of getting my nickers in a knot, it’s like “Oh wait, I’m here, I’m going to enjoy every moment I have”. And that way with the P3 foods, going into P4 like your husband enjoying that salmon, it’s like, “Oh my goodness, I get to love food, I get to enjoy every bite”. Just really enjoying life. And opening up detox pathways with all those things we mentioned because we live in a stressful environment and learning how to open up those detox pathways, drinking lots of water, keeping things flowing is a good thing.

Rayzel: And actually you mentioned the activated charcoal and the chlorella and I want many to know that idea could be applied to Phase 2. I talked about this in another interview. It hasn’t been published yet. Toxins are stored in fat so there’s this thing where I kind of feel like sometimes on P2 people feel really crummy, sometimes they feel good, sometimes they feel crummy and sometimes I’m thinking you’re losing a lot of fat at once, that’s where toxins are stored when you’re losing that fat, toxins can be getting into your bloodstream. You know like, mercury, aluminum, or all those things, that could contribute to feelings of unwellness on P2 and I do think that there’s merit in taking both chlorella and the activated charcoal on P2. That’s kind of a experiment but this one gal I talked to that’s what she was doing and I was like “I can’t believe I’ve never thought of that!” That’s a pretty neat idea. So you guys might want to check in to that activated charcoal and chlorella cause like she says, it binds with various things and if it just basically can help get it out of your body better instead of it just circulating around in your blood and then resettling somewhere else.

Nance: And just a theory I had, those pounds that I put on years ago went on with a certain avoidance tactic or stressful situation or locked up emotion and could it be from an energetic stand point that those are being flushed away and released too as we are losing that extra weight. Just a theory.

Rayzel: No, no, that’s really neat. Actually speaking of that, I almost forgot you had mentioned a little story about a stall. I think it was a stall you had during P2 what led on to that?

Nance: It was a friend, someone whose counsel I really respect and this was much earlier on the spring and when she saw me one day she goes, “Oh you’re looking so thin, you look gaunt.” And I was like, now I haven’t told her about hCG, I really keep that in the wraps cause I don’t want, nope, don’t ask me my hCG. So it took me back because I’ve realized I was open to this person and everything and besides that I still weight 180 something it’s like “I ain’t gaunt.” But something in me like the yo-yo mentality, I call it the self-sabotage, the guy with the self-sabotage gun claws, he’s just waiting on for to jump on something like that and go, “Yeah, men, I’m gonna shoot myself in the foot.” Yeah, I’m a little gaunt, maybe I should stop right here, I don’t need to lose any more weight, in fact, I’ve taken this too far and the next day “Oh I think I’ll celebrate”. The next day I had a stall and I wasn’t even in 10 into my P3 where you know those wonderful pound, pound and a half releases can happen and I went right into a stall and I’m like, “Oh my goodness.” How subtle but how powerful and so forgave my friend and no names used but this person is 250 pounds and I was like, Wow she’s looking through her 250 pound eyes at me shrinking. That may look pretty thin. Yeah and so, it all turned out well we continued to hang out but that’s a lesson right there.

Rayzel: Yeah and it just shows how much it is true that outside input can affect you emotionally and that can actually translate into a result. That’s why you know you said some people choose to keep their hCG journey kind of like a secret or under wraps like you will and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some people feel really bold and they’re like, I don’t care, they’re gonna know. And if you’re strong like that, great! Do that! But if you don’t feel ready to kind of handle that constant like a lot of negative input, there’s no shame in doing whatever you need to do to make it successful for you and if that means keeping it under wraps, fine. P2 is no time to be dealing with those kinds of experience every other day and if you’re gonna be inviting that it may not be wise. Because as strong as we like to think we are sometimes those things can affect us. I’m kind of sensitive too so if I get a negative comment on YouTube on my video like sometimes, I’ve been doing this for 2 years and I try to not let it bother me but sometimes it’ll ruin my day and I’ll feel horrible and so I just don’t read it anymore just like forget, I don’t want to know. I just don’t want to read it. If you got to do it you got to do it. Only you know where you are with your own progress, like you said, she was thinking that you’re too thin. The thing is people are used to seeing you overweight so any difference, I got the same thing. I am 5’1”. I did 1 round lost 27 pounds and I was still about 30 pounds overweight but people are kind of making me feel uncomfortable, making comments and I almost felt like they were purposely trying to make me uncomfortable so that I’d like gain more weight back or something.

Nance: One I had a friend last week, she hadn’t seen me in a long time and she has done hCG before and she has gained it all back and then some and I didn’t say anything but in our conversation went on and she was yeah, you lost it and you don’t have it to lose. I’m like, and that’s where I was armed with the knowledge that my base weight is probably about 130 pounds and I’m still good 15 to 20 pounds away from that. I am not in the danger zone by any stretch imagination. And when I set my goal for 148 this time. I had to deal with fear that I would be, “I’m too thin!” No, no, no. We’ll give you a website what is your lean weight, your base weight, you add a percentage to that for your healthy fat and you know where you stand.

Rayzel: I think that’s a good point that you feel more confident about- Yes there are basic weight ranges for each height and like she said how much lean mass you have and how much fat mass and how those things can give you a good gauge. I think for the most part, most people, unless you have a true eating disorder, like anorexia, but then you’ll- but that’s not for the most part. I interact with so many people and I really have read into that very rarely, very rarely. So if it’s like people getting used to you. It’s like if you had been 145 for the last several years, all the people who knew you, none of them would have said you look too thin, it’s just how they know you and you would look normal to them, it’s just because you came from a higher weight.

Nance: And as much as I can extend forgiveness to them and you know, they just don’t know the new me yet.

Rayzel: Right. Like some people are just skeptical of things and it’s just like when I originally went into this protocol. You know I have a good friend, she’s like, “Oh I researched it but it looks kind of dangerous or whatever” and you know that’s like that’s fine but she’s still supportive but the point is now it’s like the proof is in the pudding. It’s been over 2 years since I finished the diet. I maintained for months on end before that as well and under P3 and so it’s technically I’ve been maintaining weight loss for 3 years really so it’s like, I have all how much muscle I have, I lift heavy weights. You can tell there’s no way like – the proofs there. Okay, this ended up working out it was you know not sure about at first that you will see the results.

Nance: The flower of that plant like in your life now 2 years later is well seen and well-documented too with your lean muscle-fat ratio. I think it’s perfectly appropriate for a season to have that sea in the ground you know because we’re dealing with becoming more honest with ourselves in this process to make it a lifestyle change and yeah so it’s a process and its okay.

Rayzel: Thank you so much for sharing all of this today. It’s been so useful. You went to so much trouble to track all this and you know and share it with everybody to look at. I think it’ll be really helpful for everybody.

Nance: Thank you very much for the opportunity to interview, take this time together and I just really hope that it’s beneficial to more than a few people.

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hCG Injection Sale – July 21st and 22nd only Wed, 22 Jul 2015 00:52:49 +0000 US hCG Shots is one of the most affordable options for U.S. made hCG online. They are having a 20% off sale for 2 days only – today and tomorrow, Thursday and Friday, July 21st and 22nd, when you pay … Continue reading

The post hCG Injection Sale – July 21st and 22nd only appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

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Customer Service at US hCG Shots - Handstand Time -

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hCG Diet Results – Interview Episode 27 – Losing Weight On P3, Cutting the Sugar, And Finding New Tactics To Live By Thu, 16 Jul 2015 02:41:04 +0000 First of all, for some reason, the video recording of this particular interview got ALL messed up. Which is so crazy because the first time we did our interview together I FORGOT TO RECORD IT. So we talked for like … Continue reading

The post hCG Diet Results – Interview Episode 27 – Losing Weight On P3, Cutting the Sugar, And Finding New Tactics To Live By appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

First of all, for some reason, the video recording of this particular interview got ALL messed up. Which is so crazy because the first time we did our interview together I FORGOT TO RECORD IT. So we talked for like an hour and a half and at the very end I realize… red button was on. Ahhh!!!! I hope that it’s the first and last time I ever do that. Kerrie was so polite about it and willingly did the entire thing over with me. I stole like half her day man!

So once we DID record it, somehow the video is just all sorts of crazy- half the time it sounds like one of us is talking over the other, which we weren’t, and half the time there is a long pause between her saying something and my response – it sounds like I’m being rude! Anyway FYI on that! We actually had a perfectly civil conversation lol.

Kerrie has a great story to share, but a few basic stats to start:

  • Age: 38 years old
  • Height: 5′ 4″
  • Starting weight: 200 lbs
  • Current weight: 141 lbs
  • Total weight loss so far: 59 lbs
  • Done in 2 rounds of hCG Injections, both about 28 days long.
  • Clothing Size change: Dresses – Size 16 down to Size 8; Pants – 13/14 down to 5/6

What’s neat about her weight loss, is that only some of it was during Phase 2. She actually lost about 23 lbs independently between rounds. So for those of who you wonder about this, if it’s possible to lose weight on your own, yes for some it totally is.

  • Round 1 April 2014: 22 lbs lost in 28ish days.
  • Round 2 August 2014: 15 lbs lost in 28ish days.

As you can see, her weight loss is on par with what most women experience on average – .5-.75 or so per day (averaged out over the course of the round of course).

Also check out a hydrostatic body fat test she had after doing hCG Injections (our actual interview was a bit ago now). As you’ll see, at her current 25.9% bodyfat, she is now on the lean side of average according to this bodyfat percentage chart for women and she’s practically in the lean category now!

Also if you’ll notice, after all her weight loss, she still has over 100 lbs of lean mass, which at her 5’4″ is still quite good – this means it’s likely she retained the normal amount of muscle mass for a person of her frame and height during her weight loss journey, something that anti-hcgers tend to try to make a possible issue.

Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing After hCG Injectrions for the hCG Diet -

Here’s a few examples of bodyfat percentage charts

you can compare with – as you can see they vary a little, the ones by age seem to be a more accurate way to gauge health level.

body-fat-percentage-chart-women body-fat-percent-chart women-body-fat-chart1


I hope you enjoy our chat, and once again, sorry for the audio being a bit off this time.

hCG Diet Interviews - Episode 27 -


Read the transcript:

Download Episode 27 Transcript – PDF

Or read it here below:

HCG Diet Interviews – Episode 27 –

Rayzel: Hey guys! hcgchica. Welcome back! This is the episode 27 of the HCG Interviews. I have a confession to make. I just recorded a whole- well I just had a whole hour interview with this lovely lady Carrie here and we concluded an hour later and I realized I had not recorded the entire thing so we are trying to repeat this but anyway the main focus of our interview is gonna be about Phase 3 and Phase 4. We’ll get her basic stats with weight loss and stuff but we really want more information about how to actually maintain weight loss because that’s often the struggle for people where there’s just not a lot of information about how to do that. It’s both a mindset change but we also need like practical tips on how do I actually do that practically. What choices do I make to help me actually maintain? So we’ll talk about what’s working for Carrie today. Welcome Carrie! How are you doing today?

Carrie: I’m doing well. How are you?

Rayzel: Good. So about how much weight have you lost with the hCG protocol between Phase 2 and Phase 3?

Carrie: I have with 2 rounds and then the Phase 3 and then moving into Phase 4. I’ve lost almost as of this morning 60 pounds.

Rayzel: That is amazing. So where was your starting weight?

Carrie: My starting weight was after loading on the first round was 200.5 and this morning I was 141.1. Something like that.

Rayzel: Awesome. Since we’ve already talked. So you said you’ve lost 37 of the pounds with hCG on Phase 2 right? Then you’ve lost about 22-23 pounds independently.

Carrie: On my own. Yes.

Rayzel: That’s really neat and I’ve been interviewing more people lately who have been losing between rounds unsuccessfully with various methods so we’ll talk more about that. Aside from that give us other basic stats like how tall are you? How old are you? How many rounds have you done?

Carrie: I’m 37 and I’ll be 38 in a little over a month. I’m about 5 foot 4 and I’ve done 2 rounds of hCG. The first one was on this year on April and I’ve lost 22 pounds. The 2nd one was in August 15th to September 15th and I lost 15 pounds on that round.

Rayzel: Cool. So both of them were about a month long.

Carrie: Yeah. I did 28 days of the injections.

Rayzel: Okay. Cool. On injections. Awesome. Cool. Alright. So you already mentioned that. How does your clothing size changed with that 60 pound difference?

Carrie: Okay. Last Christmas I bought a dress and it was a size 16. Last weekend we went out shopping and I bought a size 8. So the dress size has changed from a 16 to an 8 and my pant size from the same store that I like to get jeans. I have really short legs and this particular clothing store has an extra short length not just a short length so it’s great. I went from to a 13/14 to a 5/6 from that particular store.

Rayzel: Awesome. And you can know that the changes are liable.

Carrie: Right it’s the exact same store, exact same jean cut, everything.

Rayzel: So can you tell us a little bit about your history before hCG. You know a lot of women have lost weight in the past with other diets but couldn’t keep it off for one reason or another. What do you feel was not working for you? Why weren’t you able to maintain weight loss in the past?

Carrie: Well I think the biggest reason that I wasn’t able to maintain it because I really didn’t change anything about what I was eating. Most people that I know, you know we all have a sugar problem, we have sugar addiction, we have a carbohydrate addiction, and so even though I would try different ways to lose weight whether it be diet modification or exercise and diet modification. I still would not cut out the treats or the sugary treats and I did not cut out the carbohydrates. So I think that I had to get to a point where I didn’t need those anymore and that is the biggest way the hCG helps.

Rayzel: Okay. How do you feel that it helped you to not feel that anymore?

Carrie: We mentioned earlier but the first couple of days you’re on hCG after loading and you’re on the very low calorie. You do have that detox process and you feel terrible and you’re getting grumpy and you know you can get mean but you know when you’re past that and you go all of that time. If you stay on the protocol. You’re not having the carbs and you don’t have the sugar. I still have 2 cups of tea every morning just like I would have before but before I put sugar in it and now I put stevia in it. I don’t even miss the sugar because I’m used to it now with the stevia and it taste just fine with me and it’s just as satisfying and just as my normal routine as it was when I would eat, literally, I would have a 4th cup of sugar in both of those cups so that’s a lot, a lot, a lot of sugar.

Rayzel: And it’s nice I’m the same way. I’m used to stevia and like you said I don’t miss the sugar. But the nice thing is I feel better after like before I would love how things tasted when I would have sugar in things like tea but I actually feel really yucky after cause I think it mess with my blood sugar so I actually feel crappy or like pancakes, I used to love pancakes and 20 minutes later I feel horrible. It’s like with the alterations that we make with this protocol and learning to replace what we used to eat with healthier versions you don’t have to have that crappy feeling after eating it. Well tell me a little bit now with phase 3 like what types of food you ate? Just what types of things that you eat that worked for you? You actually lost impressively.

Carrie: I did lose a little bit on Phase 3 and on the first Phase 3 I lost about 6-8 pounds. This 2nd phase 3 I only lost a couple of pounds past my LDW but really my Phase 4 eating has not changed much from my Phase 3 eating. I continue to- or in Phase 3 I just added back fat, I continued to have fruit but usually just in the berries. Not any other higher glycemic fruits and I added back salad dressings. That was the biggest things. I didn’t add any different vegetables just because there’s only certain vegetables that I like. It’s easier to just keep eating the same thing than to try to add all these different things in but now that I’m in Phase 4 I really haven’t changed what I eat. It’s just that I do now I will have a banana and I do very occasionally one to two meals a week. I will let myself have a true carb, whether it be a little bit of pasta or some bread or a white potato or a sweet potato. But I only limit those to one or two days a week. Never in the same day. Usually it’s on the weekend just because it’s easier to be a little more lax on the weekend.

Rayzel: So when you do that—

Carrie: It’s been fine. As a matter of fact last night I did have a little bit of a noodle with what I made and I still have almost a pound lost today when I woke up. .9 this morning.

Rayzel: Why don’t we talk a little bit about now- sounds like you ate during Phase 3 about how most people do, what’s the thing that was the major change for you? The little click that happened as far as along the hCG.

Carrie: When I started the hCG protocol and I think a lot of people did this, we all do research. Because we want to get as much information as we can and that’s when I came across your YouTube channel and I went from day one. I tried to do, we were pretty close, this was years ago I know for you. I followed your journey about as I was doing it as well and you had mentioned at one point, of course I don’t think it was in your first round or two. I think it was much later but you have started talking about the Weight Loss Apocalypse book and that information in that book talking about eating to hunger, using the hunger scale. That was the biggest change for me, is that we as a society eat breakfast, lunch and dinner because it’s breakfast, lunch and dinner time without really even thinking about what does my body need, am I actually hungry or am I just eating because the clock is telling me to. I told someone they asked me about my holidays is you know, “What do you think you’re gonna do during the holidays because if you’re still losing weight?” And I said this is going to be the first holiday season where I control the food and the food doesn’t control me and so over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend I was still able to lose weight. Thursday lost weight Friday Morning, lost weight Saturday morning from the leftovers on Friday. So it’s really just eating when I’m hungry, stopping when I feel full, not letting myself get overly full or that feeling of just yuck. I never get to that feeling and there have been occasions where maybe I’ve eaten a little bit more than I normally would but I just stop if I ever feel that okay, I’m getting full and then I just stop.

Rayzel: And you know so speaking of the book she just mentioned is by Robin Woodall and the start of it is called Weight Loss Apocalypse. It’s a long title but it actually has to do with the hCG protocol and I recommend it to everyone because it’s actually focused on the science behind how hCG works with your body and how it’s a hormone treatment and she talks about the whole aspect of basically a new way of eating. Letting hunger be your guide. Like she said not eating just because it’s morning or it’s lunch time but just eating when your body’s actually hungry and seeing what that ends up being for you and that may even be different from day to day, from one day to the next. So I’m curious for you, what, how has that everything you read there in those principles, how has that translated into what you’re eating schedule actually looks like now in general?

Carrie: Typically the last meal that I have in the day is usually around 7 o’clock in the morning and then I wake up and get ready for work. I do work from home so I don’t have to get up super early to get ready as far as shower and make up and all that stuff. I don’t have to do commute anymore so I don’t really wake up a whole lot earlier than I have to be at work just because I like to sleep. I don’t have a young child and I don’t have to get up and get that going. Typically for breakfast I have a couple of cups of tea with my stevia and then I drink a bottle of 20 ounce bottle of water and then I get started in my day and just work and typically the first thing that I eat is usually anywhere- depending on how busy I am, I’ll start to feel hungry maybe around 11 and so then that’s when I have my first meal or I could go all the way to 1 o’clock just depending on how busy I am. Then so it’s dinner again around 7 at night. There are some days that I feel hungrier and I’m eating lunch at 11 or my first meal at 11 then I do have to eat dinner earlier than 7 o’clock and there are times when that happens but it’s funny because I feel hungry and if it’s 3 or 4 which is too early for dinner because nobody’s home to eat dinner right about that time, I’ll have a bottle of water. I drink water throughout the day. I do try to drink half of my body weight in water which you know this is generally the recommendation I think so I do try to drink that much water everyday. But if I do get hungry I’ll have a bottle of water and usually it’s just because I’m thirsty. It’s not really because I’m truly hungry and then I do dinner around 7 and I’m good. But when I feel hungry, I got to eat. There’s not any of this like, “Oh let’s wait a couple of hours and then you know but if I’m feeling hungry I need to go ahead and eat something and if I know I can’t have a meal then I’ll just have a small little snack of some cheese or maybe clementine or something like that just to hold me over till I can get dinner cooked or we can get to wherever we were going if we are eating out.

Rayzel: Good cool. So essentially-

Carrie: In general, with just like everybody, your normal breakfast go-tos are always gonna be carbohydrates. Cereal, oatmeal, pancakes like you mentioned, waffles that sort of things because who has time to make bacon and eggs in the morning and there’s occasionally that’s what we’ll do for dinner because it’s easier to do that for dinner but yeah, I’m just not hungry for it. The cups of tea do me just fine and a lot of people that I talked to, they’re like, “I can’t believe you don’t eat breakfast.” But this particular person who always kind of bashes me about it sometimes she doesn’t eat dinner because she’s not hungry so what’s the difference? You don’t eat dinner but I don’t eat breakfast. So when she thinks about it that way she’s like, Oh yeah, I guess you’re right. So yeah, you know, as long as you are eating to satisfy yourself and not to satisfy an emotional need or boredom or stress, we have an incident this weekend- I have 3 dogs and we have an incident this weekend where I just knew that we are gonna have to put one of them to sleep and I felt myself feeling really stressed out, what am I gonna do? And I thought to myself I my old pre-hCG life, I probably would have wanted some ice cream or something warm and comforting that I shouldn’t have eaten but since that was not the problem. That was not gonna be the solution for me so that’s a big turning point where you can realize that the food decisions you make, if you make that emotional decision to eat something that maybe you’re not hungry for or something you not think of as being forbidden because it’s not a healthy type food. You know you’ve got to be willing to deal with whatever the scale’s gonna say and to get into that emotional, that you’re okay with it. Htat you’re okay with it and you’re not feeling guilty and you don’t feel like you’re beating yourself up because of that.

Rayzel: Right. Because it is like an evolving process. Learning to do that for sure. I think for me before I started hCG I really did have an issue where I’m actually binging and I get so fully, horribly full, really, uncomfortably. That’s kind of the comfort, like I was used to that level of fullness so not having that felt weird and kind of like not very satisfying for a while but overtime with Phase 2 and with Phase 3. I really did gradually change where I didn’t feel that need to get overly full anymore and I can honestly say that I don’t stuff myself anymore pretty much ever. Like you said, I don’t like- the same thing it’s a good feeling when you realize, you go to stressful things and you realize you’re not turning to food nearly as much. I can’t say that I’m perfect in that like there’s still times when I have because even though I’ve maintained my weight loss for more than 2 years there’s been a few times where I have gained a few pounds over a period of couple of months that was fat because I would have body fast testing so okay it really is fat. But then I was able to correct it and to fix it and I think just realizing sometimes we do make mistakes but the point is just not letting it get out of hand where our habits actually change. Like I have a habit of eating a certain way that I stick to and sometimes we might go outside here and there and we might need to correct it but the habit’s there, I don’t ever completely fall off the wagon.

Carrie: I think that the term on starving is overused and I think that one of the good things about hCG when you’re on your low calorie round is that you can finally realize what true hunger signals are and because when you’re normally going about your day to day, is it because you’re a little dehydrated? Is it because you’re bored? Is it because you’re stress? Is it because you just feel like it? And I think that when you’re on that on your rounds you truly feel what it’s like to be hungry when it’s time to eat. I’m not saying I did not feel hungry at all on the protocol until it was time to eat. And when it was meal time, I would eat my portion of my protein and my vegetable and I did do fruits. I didn’t do the Melba toast but I did do fruits. I would eat my portion and the hunger would go away. I did not feel hungry between meals. Just on my protocols I didn’t have breakfast. I would just eat my fruit, my vegetable, and protein twice a day basically. In between those times I did not feel hungry. When it was time to eat I felt okay, this is what it feels like to actually be starving and so I would eat and the hunger would go away and then it will come back when it is time for the next amount of fuel that it needed and so that is really just a turning point of learning to feel what it really feel like when you’re hungry and when your body needs you to feed it. Not you’re feeding it just because you mentally want to feed it.

Rayzel: Yeah and I think that it’s great that you mentioned that. Phase 2 I think it’s good for so many things and that’s one of them. It helps you, like you said, learn what hunger is. I really did feel like, I really only felt kind of satisfied if I was overly full before, like uncomfortably full. It was the weirdest thing. As soon as I was not uncomfortably full I was basically feeling like I want to eat again. That is so weird. But Phase 2 helped me to get past that so now I feel comfortable not being overly full. I was very uncomfortable to be really full all the time now. So that’s very useful for that. The other thing that I wanted to mention to people. You had said to me that before you kind of had a bit of a sugar carb addiction before hCG. We talk a lot with this interviews with people making these changes to how they eat and like you say now you only indulge once a week or every now and then or if I do it’s only one carb. Sometimes when you haven’t made those changes in your life yet you might feel like, “I don’t feel like I can do that or How could I do that?” I don’t want you guys to get discouraged about that because I remember feeling that way too. Like you see these success stories and you’re like I don’t see how I can do that because I want to eat all this junk food all the time and the cool thing is that Phase 2 provide-

Carrie: You’re right. I can remember—I went to a medical weight loss clinic here in my hometown and I can remember sitting in the waiting room and there were 2 ladies there, they were on their 3rd of 4 weeks of injections and I was picking up, I think, my first week. I hadn’t even started to load yet. They were saying someone had brought in donuts or fruit cake or something like that in their office and they were co-workers and one of them said I didn’t even want it. I remember thinking the same thing. How can you get to that point where you don’t want to eat it and um, do I want to eat it? Sure. But I don’t sit here and think if I don’t have this cooking or if I don’t have this whatever I’m depriving myself or I’m punishing myself for whatever. But yeah going without it for so long shows you that you can go without it. You don’t have to have it and then when you’re able to eventually add it back into Phase 4 if you still want to continue to lose weight, you just don’t need it so you can make that choice of well, do I want to make this emotional decision because I mean, let’s just face it, we never needed dessert. It’s always an emotional choice or desire to have a dessert so if you make that emotion decision when you’re in Phase 4 then you just have to roll with it and maybe the scale will be kind to you and maybe you’ll have a little bit of a gain but you just don’t eat dessert 2 days in a row. Now I told you earlier I did do that over Thanksgiving just because that was a treat. I hadn’t had any kind of dessert since probably July or August and so 2 or 3 months with no dessert and then 2 days of it I was still able to lose weight which I was very pleased with and my husband and I actually joked whether I could eat chocolate pie every day and you know I keep losing but you know that’s not what I want for myself anymore. It took me almost 38 years to get to a mental mindset of how do I need to treat my body and you know I don’t want to destroy that by going back to my old habits but I don’t feel the need to do it either.

Rayzel: So yeah, again, just for everyone who is still in that Phase where they want to eat that stuff and you’re worried about changing. Phase 2 helps you have that shift where you actually do stop craving. You usually go through a detox period and you don’t crave it anymore and that’s what makes it easy cause sometimes when you hear people say that you think well I’m just not like that so therefore like when people say like Oh I just odn’t want that junk food and you’re like that’s not how I feel so I guess since I’m not like them then I’ll never be able to do what they’ve done but actually both you and I were in that same place before where we did crave those things. But Phase 2 just cleans out your system. It cleans you out and you really don’t- – And then phase 3 comes really all you’re excited about is that you get to have fats again and you’re not craving bonbons or whatever. You’re craving steak and broccoli and just butter or whatever that kind of stuff and it feels satisfying. The other thing I want to- – I am backtracking a little bit but just as far as how you talked about your eating window being kind of between 11 and 1 and 7 and the rest of the time you’re fasting. For anyone who wants more information about intermittent fasting which is essentially what she’s doing. There’s different ways of doing it but you can go to The author is Brad Pilon. He has a really good book. He has a really good book, I read it a few years ago but it helps to dispel a lot of the myths about fasting. Because originally I have been thought that it was very healthy and that it slowed your metabolism down and after I have read his book he has like a gazillion studies that he critiques and breaks down showing how it’s not unhealthy, it doesn’t ruin your metabolism done in the right way and that just opened my eyes. I’ve actually been using intermittent fasting too in a little bit of a different way for probably 3 years now and it’s been a very useful tool for keeping things in check for me so you can check that out. I haven’t eaten breakfast except on occasion in 2 years. Like you said, I’m not hungry for breakfast. I have 2 cups of black tea every morning and then by the time I eat it’s at least between 12 and 2. I do eat late at night however. So my eating window is between probably 1 and 2 and like 10 or 11 at night. So I eat however I want at night like however late I want to eat is when I eat and that’s been fine for me for 2 years so those types of things can work for people long term. I don’t count calories so I can’t say how much I’m eating but I know that I’m not under eating in order to- – like I know that that has not slowed my metabolism down because I eat a healthy amount. So anyway, I just wanted to throw that out there for anyone. Maybe we could chat just a little bit about you know, we’ve talked about Phase 3 and Phase 4 but back to phase 2, just because this is a question a lot of people have when it comes to cooking how did that work for you?

Carrie: Normally, my husband works away from the home and so he eats out every day for lunch and so I didn’t feel guilty if he would come home and I would just say here’s some frozen pizza, here’s some corndogs, here are some frozen burritos, whatever you want to eat, you could eat. Occasionally he would eat whatever I had. We would do lot of grilled meats and a lot of grilled vegetables but I would only- that’s all I would eat. A protein and one vegetable. I would not make 2 or 3 side dishes like what I would normally make and so he would often times have to eat more after we were done. Whether he got a sandwich or a bowl of cereal. I have a teenage daughter and she was fine with eating the same quantities that I did and she’s homeschooled so she would just make- I would buy her just normal lunch sandwiches, that sort of thing and she would have that for her lunch and she would sometimes eat what I ate or sometimes have a frozen pizza if they were tired of chicken and I did once or twice a week I would have beef, a lean cut of beef so sometimes you know they would eat that with me but for a few weeks they were on their own on some days and they were okay with that because they understand why I was having to do what I was having to do.

Rayzel: Yeah and I’m glad that you shared that because it sounds like you weren’t making your own P2 meal and then a whole separate dinner for them. So whatever you made, like you make more, they eat it and then if they’re not satisfied they can go get whatever else they want to fill it in. I’m glad you talked about that because a lot of women struggle with juggling that during this time because most of them are usually do cook for the family and they feel like they’re gonna be neglecting their family if they don’t continue to make grandious meals full of fat and that can be a struggle and so one of the things I have to realize for myself was that sometimes in order to reach a bigger goal you have to change your priorities temporarily just for that period of time cause you’re not on hCG for a year, right? It is true like my son when I was on hCG he ate a lot more granola bars than usual. That’s how it was because I couldn’t really handle being like making all this yummy meals while being on hCG. It’s just a little bit too emotionally exhausting so sometimes your family will be a little more on their own like you said and they might eat more junky food for a little bit but I think it’s just that realizing that in order to be successful and kind of change yourself, you’re gonna benefit your family for a long time.

Carrie: Right and its okay you just have to realize that it’s okay to make a choice for yourself, just for a month, it’s just for a month or however long the round is that you’re doing. It’s not forever. It’s temporary. Hopefully your family will be supportive and they’ll understand and they’ll want you to make the sacrifice for them so that you can get healthy and that you can change the way your relationship with food and change eventually just what you’re eating because after you’re done with the round your family will start to enjoy healthier meals just because that’s what you need to eat. You still can’t make an unhealthy meal for them and a healthy meal for you. Now you know I have occasionally done, I mean, we do spaghetti and if it’s not a day where I’m gonna enjoy pasta I do zucchini noodles for myself and I take out the pasta sauce for me and they have regular noodles and I have the zucchini noodles and I’m just as satisfied with that and they’re okay, they’re no missing out on anything and quite frankly I could probably do zucchini noodles in the whole pot and they wouldn’t notice the difference but I’ve not gotten that brave yet anyway.

Rayzel: You mentioned too that your husband is very lean right? It’s not that carbs are bad. It’s just that for some us we gain weight with too many of them. Same thing with my son it’s so hard to get him to eat. He just doesn’t care about food, like he’s so happy and busy like doing things in life. He’s 5. He just like forget to eat. It’s hard for me to get him to eat so I’m not worried about him having too many carbs. Yes have some ice cream. If they’re healthy or whatever it’s fine, he does fine with having sugar cause he’s really lean but anyway I really appreciate that you said that. That things are a little different for that period of time. Because sometimes people will just feel guilty or you might feel worried like Oh is this, am I a bad wife or a bad mom if I do this? But really you’re not because just for myself as an example before I started hCG I had become very concerned because my son was like 14 months when I started hCG so right before that I had an issue with eating a lot of sugary junk foods, donuts, cookies, ice cream like way too much of it and I could see that my son was watching me and also when you eat that type of stuff for me anyway you really don’t want to eat vegetables after that. Like vegetables don’t taste very good. It was this bad pattern I was concerned about the future. While I do the hCG yes he ate more granola bars but then after that it’s like I eat totally different now and the only thing my son knows is the healthy way to eat now. Yeah he get some snacks and stuff here and there but the type of food that I make for our family meals is healthy food. Now he’s gonna grow up for the next 20 year whatever eating that. So that’s why it’s worth letting go a little for that few weeks and focusing on yourself. Good, good, okay. I think we’re just about done here actually. Thank you so much. I think that’s actually about it. Is there anything else?

Carrie: You asked about what I eat now as a treat.

Rayzel: We do that again. Yeah. Okay so what do you eat now?

Carrie: So if it’s a day to day thing if I feel like well there’s couple of different things. I’m really have never been a coffee drinker but I’ve found some sugar free flavored creamers which I know that those are kind of chemically, so this is not a big health thing, I’m not paleo, I still do grains and things but I will have a cup of decaf coffee at night with some of the sugar free creamer and some maybe flavored stevia. That is one of the treats that I have. I’ll do a Larabar microwaved for 30 seconds with some almond butter on top and then you know but it’s not every day. Like I said once or twice a week I will let myself have a meal with a carb, whether it’d be a white potato or a pasta. It’s usually a white potato though. That’s just kind of the treat but I had I think the other day I ate 4 French fries. There’s a little place at the little local restaurant, I get a bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions and no bun and then my family will get fries and onion rings so I picked out 4 of the crispiest fries and that’s what I had for my treat and so I will let myself do that once or twice a week. Never on the same day and never meal to meal, back to back. It’s usually at dinner and on the weekends because that’s the best time I think to treat yourself. But you know for the holidays coming up I definitely I’m going to a party this week. I have no idea what’s going to be served but you know I’m just gonna try to be smart about it and if they do have a really yummy looking dessert and that’s one of the biggest things. I posted, I mentioned to you earlier, I was teaching a chemistry class and I’ve had a couple of study groups in my home so I buy them some cookies and literally I’ve eaten like a bite of the cookies that I bought them and it did not- it was not the best cookie I’ve ever had so I just didn’t want to waste my calories so unless it’s just really, really, really good I don’t waste the other five bites to finish the dessert. So since I am in phase 4, moderation is key but I don’t have a treat every day. But I will maybe every day I do a cup of the decaf coffee at night. That’s when my sweet tooth kicks in. You know, after dinner, and you’re watching TV and you’re winding down. So I will have the creamer and then the flavored liquid stevias or I do for my lunch, I do a smoothie with spinach and some fruit and Greek yogurt and a stevia flavored protein powder. So it’s got as much protein as chicken breast in it and it’s a vegetable serving and a fruit serving and I sweeten it with cocoa powder or I flavor it with cocoa powder so I feel like I have a little bit of chocolate everyday so that helps a lot. That’s typically what I have for lunch if it’s not really, really cold outside. If it’s really cold outside I can’t do it cause I’d freeze all afternoon because it’s a big quantity and it makes me feel so.

Rayzel: That’s actually funny cause I take a lot of hot showers. —

Carrie: In the summertime it was great. I was able to get a really good tan cause I would go out on the deck if I work from home. I’d spend my lunch hour drinking my freezing cold smoothie in the 90 degree heat and reading a book for an hour. Well now I stay in front of the fireplace and I’ll drink it because it’s getting cold here in the South and so but now we’ve had a couple of warm days so I’ve been okay with it but yeah if I choose the smoothie for my lunch meal so I have to definitely stand in front of the fireplace when it’s winter time.

Rayzel: I also like what you mention about when you do indulge a little that you make a choice with the meal you might pick one carb to indulge instead of all of them. Really honestly sometimes just doing that is really all that’s needed to keep things in balance. Along with since you’re eating to hunger. Those 2 things together I think is what allows you to have that freedom. Same thing for me it’s like I actually go out to a little café once a week to do a little work and just to do something like that and I do get fries but I never get a bun on my burger, ever. It’s like to me, a bun is not really worth it, like you said. I love fries so I do that once a week, no buns and so that’s yeah, you make choices sometimes.

Carrie: Yeah. I haven’t had a sandwich or bun in I couldn’t tell you and I don’t even miss it. That’s a lot of things we do, we have started going in the last few couple of months, I don’t know, this last month, we have started going out to eat a little bit more which is something that I tried to really avoid when I don’t have to. We went to a sandwich place and I just asked. Can you do this without a bun? And they were like absolutely. So it was like a pizza sub but without the bun but I will caution if you do that and you get it without the bun you probably need to get a larger size because I got a six inch sandwich and when it came, the portion was just like this, and so I thought I should have gotten the 12 inch because the bread takes up a lot of room in your tummy. Yeah. Yeah. So that’s my one suggestion if you decided to go bun-less in a sandwich place, like the hamburger places and the chicken places that do the sandwiches like that. Usually that portion of protein is totally satisfying but I treat myself to a bacon cheeseburger because if I’m gonna not eat the bun then I’m gonna have bacon but a lot of places will do their sandwiches bun-less and I don’t even bother with the lettuce wraps. Those are fine for some people but yeah that is one thing that we started doing when I go out. I found that a lot of times too when you go out to eat, just talk to your server and tell them. When I went out to eat twice the first round and I told them I am on a very restricted diet. I can’t have cheese and I can’t have croutons on my salad and he brought me red wine vinegar, he brought me lemon juice, all sorts of things to put on my salad. You know, just really most of the places that I went, we went to one chain restaurant and then one local restaurant and they were both very willing to accommodate what I needed. So don’t be afraid to ask and just put it out there “I’m on a very restricted diet and this is what I can’t have so I need you to prepare my whatever, piece of chicken or steak with no oils, no butter”. Of course when you’re in Phase 3 you can kind of not be so demanding but you know that is the way that you have to be because you’ve got to be your own advocate to step up for yourself because if you don’t do it who is going to?

Rayzel: That’s true. Also talking about this different actual adjustments you’ve made. You also mentioned now that you’re eating to hunger in daily life that when you went out to eat and you weren’t hungry what did you do?

Carrie: I’ve actually went to a baby shower where there was some things and I wasn’t really actually hungry at the baby shower but you can’t hang around with your girlfriends and not eat. My husband and I decided to do a date night that night and we went out and it was time to eat and I just was not hungry and so I was not going to go outside of my comfort zone to make myself eat just because we had said we were gonna eat so I let him pick wherever he wanted to go and then I just have a nice glass of tea. I always carry my stevia with me, in my purse and so I was able to have a large glass of tea while he ate his lunch or his dinner, it was fine, and I didn’t feel guilty because I hadn’t stuff myself and made myself even more full than I already was. It’s just about- as long as you can use a hunger scale and you understand your level for you body because you know it’s not the same for everybody and it may take you more bites of something to fill up than it would for me but as long as you understand your body and how it responds to food then you should be fine.

Rayzel: Yeah. I love the balance that you’re getting there because like you said. What a noble idea like I’m not hungry so I’m at a restaurant I’m just not gonna order food. Why not? You feel like I’m here and so I have to order dinner but you don’t have to. But it’s also the other side of the balance that you’re striking which is not to deny yourself when you are hungry. This isn’t about trying to not eat as much as possible. That’s not what this is about either. If I’m hungry, I’m gonna eat until I’m satisfied and that’s okay and there’s no guilt in that so I just love that and it just shows the shift that takes place and I think it becomes easier to do things like that like you did where I’m just gonna get a cup of tea instead of dinner. I think it becomes easier to do that as overtime as you become less emotionally reliant on food. Because it is true sometimes when you’re more emotionally connected to it and you eat for all sorts of reasons like you were talking about, it’s harder to make a choice like that. As you learn to adjust yourself overtime, it does become easier and you kind of just that part of your brain, you turn it off. Same thing for me, when I go to a gathering and there’s like cookies and all kinds of stuff there, honestly, I don’t even think about eating it, it’s just not an option pretty much cause it’s not good for me. I know it’s gonna make me crave sugar. It’s been so long since I’ve done that, it’s just not something I’m going there for and I don’t even think about it.

Carrie: I still will eat cookies but it’s actually really good. I’m not goin to- – I won’t actually. My husband eat that cookie. Is it hard or soft? If it’s hard I don’t like hard cookies so I’m not even gonna waste my time eating a cookie. Or you know if it’s not homemade like if I have an option of a store-bought cookie or a homemade cookie well I really don’t want a store bought cookie, I’d rather eat a homemade something. Because I’ve had sugar periodically, after I eat it I don’t immediately think “Oh I’ve got it, where can I get my next one?” So it hasn’t triggered me. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t ever. There’s always that possibility but it’s not triggered me yet and so, you know what I’m saying? So I’m okay with it but if I’m gonna make that emotional decision to eat a dessert, it better be the best darn dessert that I got access to. So I’m not gonna eat something that’s mediocre or out of a package.

Rayzel: Yeah and I think that’s the key. Like you said, it’s finding how your body responds to stuff. There’s no reason to not eat a cookie if you’re gonna be fine with it after. So it’s like for you since you know that then there’s no reason to not do that, go ahead. Same thing for me it’s like I find that if I go and eat a large plate of fries at the restaurant, I’m fine with that because I don’t get overly full, it doesn’t make me crave sugar or make me crave the next day and I don’t gain weight. That’s why I do that because it’s okay. But I have found other scenarios to be problematically for me after the fact so that’s why I avoid them. For each person finding out how you respond in certain choices you make. You know how your body responds and then that’s how you can find your new normal. Cool. I think we’ve covered a lot of good stuff today.

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US hCG Shots is one of the most affordable options for U.S. made hCG online. They are having a 15% off sale for 2 days only – today and tomorrow, Thursday and Friday, July 9th and 10th, when you pay with Echeck. The discount is on all products and kits in stock.

And just to clarify main questions I often get:

  1. The kits contain both the hCG and all the stuff you need to both mix your hCG and take your daily shots – all syringes etc. included.
  2. You get your prescription THROUGH their medical staff- you do not have to have a prior prescription from elsewhere.

15% off everything and anything in stock, till midnight July 10th only.

No coupon code needed- when you select the “echeck” payment option, the discount will be automatically applied through this link:

Buy from US hCG Shots

This is one of the companies I got to visit with in person in Florida back in January btw – I met their entire staff and got to see the inside of one of the pharmacies they use where the hCG is made. And yes, HANDSTANDS happened! How could we not when I found out one of the customer service reps is a fellow crossfitter? Score!

Customer Service at US hCG Shots - Handstand Time -

At the Pharmacy Where hCG Injections Are Made- hcgchica.comThis is the pharmacy I got to tour while visiting US hCG Shots back in January.

Here’s a breakdown so you’ll know how much you’d be saving

I rounded everything off by a cent – let’s just keep it simple right? 😉

HCG Injection Kits:

  • 28 Day hCG Injection Kit: $200 usually, 15% off = $30 discount – sale price: $170
  • 56 Day hCG Injections Kits: $360 usually, 15% off= $54 discount – sale price: $306

HCG Injections + Lipo Combo Kits:

  • 28 Day hCG Injections + Lipo COMBO kit: usually $340, 15% off = $51 discount – sale price: $289
  • 56 Day hCG Injections + Lipo COMBO kit: usually $640, 15% off= $96 discount – sale price: $544

HCG Injections + B12 Shot Combo Kits:

  • 28 Day hCG Injection + b12* Shot Kit: $229 usually, 15% off = $34 discount – sale price: $195
  • 56 Day hCG Injections + b12* Shot Kit: $399 usually, 15% off= $59 discount – sale price: $34

*note- the b12 that comes with these kits is Cyanocobalamin, not Methylcobalamin, just FYI – some feel that the Methyl version of b12 is more absorbable than Cyano version. You can purchase straight Methyl B12 shots below.

B12 Shots and Lipo Shots:

  • 30 ML Methylcobalamin b12 Shots: usually $350, 15% off = $35 discount – sale price: $315
  • 30 ml Cyanocobalamin shots: usually $60, 15% off = $9 discount – sale price: $51
  • 30 ml Lipo Shots by themselves: usually $300, 15% off = $45 discount – sale price: $255
  • 10 ml Lipo shots: usually $160, 15% off = $24 discount – sale price: $136
  • 10 ml MIC shots: usually $150, 15% off= $22.50 discount – sale price: $127.50

For anyone who is planning a round of hCG, I hope that helps!

Remember, you can find all my tutorials for injections – how to mix, how to inject, all that fun stuff here:

Injections Tutorials

(keep in mind, the mixing instructions for all the US companies is the same – so I don’t have one specifically for US hcg shots yet, but you can simply follow my tutorial for either Nu Image or Advanced hCG)

Lastly, you can get all the basics on the diet to start it out right here: hCG Basics

There is now also the Phase 2 hCG Daily Tracker and Guide all in one which you can find on Amazon!

Remember, no coupon code needed, the 15% discount will be automatically applied when you select “Echeck” at your payment choice.

Buy from US hCG Shots

Hope that helps you guys! Here’s a couple pics I took with some of the staff.



The post hCG Injection Sale – July 9th and 10th only appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

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108 LBS Gone with hCG Injections – Episode 26 of the hCG Diet Interviews Wed, 24 Jun 2015 06:00:42 +0000 Some WOWZER things you’ll want to know about Laynette: 115 lbs total gone as of February 2015 17″ from her waist alone – gone – that’s almost a foot and a half Laynette’s Stats: Starting Weight: 301 lbs Current Weight: … Continue reading

The post 108 LBS Gone with hCG Injections – Episode 26 of the hCG Diet Interviews appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

Some WOWZER things you’ll want to know about Laynette:

115 lbs total gone as of February 2015

17″ from her waist alone – gone – that’s almost a foot and a half

Laynette’s Stats:

Starting Weight: 301 lbs

Current Weight: 185 lbs

Total Weight Loss with hCG: 108 lbs

Total Weight Loss to Date: 115 lbs

108 lbs gone with the hCG Diet - Episode 26 -


Read the transcript:

Download Episode 26 Transcript – PDF

Or read it here:

HCG Diet Interviews – Episode 26 –
Rayzel: Hey guys, hCGChica! Welcome back for an Episode 26 now of The HCG Diet
Interviews. You know that I like to interview everyday people who are making a life change with
this protocol. I have Lynette with me today. She’s lost not 108 pounds but a 108.4 pounds. We’re
joking about that, how us hCGers we take all those little .2 and .4 really add up and they count so
but anyway she’s had a huge life change as you’ll see in the before and after photos that go with
this interview. She just look so much different and I know she has a really neat story to share
which I’m gonna find more out about along with you guys. Welcome Lynette! Thanks for being
with me today.
Lynette: Thanks for having me.
Rayzel: I’m so excited. So why don’t you start off by giving us kind of your basic stats like your
age, your height, where you started with your weight, where you ended, that kind of stuff.
Lynette: Okay. I’m 50 years old. Will be soon 51 in a couple of months. I’m 5’4”. I started out at
301 pounds and you want my measurements, let’s see. I had a BMI, let’s see Fat Ratio it
wouldn’t even read device. My BMI was 50.1. My waist was 51 and my hips were 61.
Rayzel: Okay. So where are you at today?
Lynette: Today I am, my BMI is 33.5 and my fat is 41.2. My waist is 34 and hips is 47.
Rayzel: Wow. Okay so you say your waist was originally 51 inches and then now it’s 34. So
that’s like 17- around 17 inches and then your hips where did you start again?
Lynette: 61.
Rayzel: 61 to 47. So pretty much on both your waist and your hips you lost like 16 or 17 inches
off of each. That’s like a foot and half almost.
Lynette: Never thought about that.
Rayzel: That’s amazing.
Lynette: Wow.
Rayzel: So obviously a lot of fat lost there. That is fantastic. So you started at 301 pounds and
where are you at today?
Lynette: Today I’m 192.7.
Rayzel: That is amazing. How about like with your size. Obviously losing that many inches of
your clothing size, do you know how has your clothing size changed?
Lynette: I was wearing a 26-28 in women’s and now I wear a 16 and I can get in some 14s.
Rayzel: Awesome. That probably feels really good.
Lynette: It feels great.
Rayzel: Now I’m curious about your history. Have you dealt with being overweight like your
whole life or was that something more just in the past few years?
Lynette: This is- I probably been overweight- me and my dad was talking about that today.
Probably started around 10 or 12 somewhere in there. I was an overweight teenager and went
into adulthood overweight. I’ve lost weight off and on.
Rayzel: Sure. Sure. What do you think are some of the things that kind of made you struggle
with that throughout those years? What is it that made it difficult, you think?
Lynette: I did [Formufree?]. I did Weight Watchers before. [Formufree?] where you drank a lot
of drinks and basically you get a lot of tuna. We eat a lot of tuna. But I lost weight both on
Weight Watchers and [Formufree?] and those are really only 2 diets that I’ve probably ever done
but I never really thought about what after you get the weight off. You got to that certain size or
whatever and I think of the most that I’ve ever lost is 40 pounds either way. You don’t even
think about keeping it off. You just think about, I’m getting into this size and then I want to eat
what I want to eat. So the next thing you know you’re right back where you started from and you
have a lot more.
Rayzel: And it is funny too. Isn’t that how like it seems like it’s so much work to get it off but
then getting it back on doesn’t seem very hard? It’s like wow, this should have taken longer.
Lynette: Yeah it’s just a whole different mindset I guess.
Rayzel: Yeah.
Lynette: From then to now.
Rayzel: I would love to hear about that with you finding the hCG protocol. How has it been
different for you this time with learning how to actually maintain the weight loss and stuff?
What’s changed?
Lynette: I think just with the hCG diet it was- the results were so fast and once I saw the weight
coming off. It was just. I want to keep going. It just made it easier. Then once I got on the
program. That control- finally I had some control over what I was eating. I could see it on the
paper then I can see the results on the scale. It was really exciting.
Rayzel: Yeah. It’s actually quick enough for you, like you said, if you could see the results then
it’s motivating. That’s cool. I’d love for you to- you kind of mentioned in the message to me just
kind of the low point- some of the low points you hit at your heaviest. What types of things were
you finding difficult when you were really heavy?
Lynette: I had gotten up to that 300 pound mark of which I didn’t even know at the time. I was
just having low blood sugar drops and found out that I was hypoglycemic and just really trying
to walk from my office to the parking lot I would just be out of breath and just so worn out. You
know, it was just awful. I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack at any time. I just didn’t feel
healthy at all. I would come home and we’d eat a lot of fast food and basically just get on the
couch and that was it.
Rayzel: Gotcha. So just feel like you couldn’t really do much in life.
Lynette: Really couldn’t function, not at that weight. It was really depressing.
Rayzel: How would you compare that to now with where you’re at? What’s different now in that
Lynette: I know I was walking in the spring when I had lost maybe- I guess it was in the fall
there- but I started walking in the park and my husband remarked it’s just amazing that I could
go all the way around the trail. You know, he’s really going at it, cause before we would just
have to stop and sit down.
Rayzel: Yeah.
Lynette: It just felt so freeing. Just being able to just walk.
Rayzel: Like, I can move my legs.
Lynette: And without sweating. Oh, it just feels awesome.
Rayzel: That is so good. Cause it’s true. It does feel good to like move your body when it’s
challenging a little bit but not so challenging that feel like you’re about to pass out. That is
awesome. I’m curious since you mentioned about the hypoglycemia. How did that work with
you during Phase 2? Did you have any issues with low blood sugar on Phase 2?
Lynette: I had one issue. I could feel myself getting really hungry and I thought we’ll all just go
ahead and get ready and everything and have my son fix the food for me cause I thought I was
really gonna pass out then. But the only time that ever happened that one time.
Rayzel: Gotcha. And that was just cause you kind of waited too long.
Lynette: Waited too long but other than that I haven’t had that problem but that one time so.
Rayzel: That is good. That’s awesome. Cause some people kind of worry about that so it’s good
since you have a low blood sugar but it sounds like it wasn’t too much of an issue for you then.
That’s cool.
Lynette: No, not now it isn’t.
Rayzel: Did you do injections or drops?
Lynette: I did the injections.
Rayzel: You did the injections. Did you remember what dosage? Did you have a certain dosage
that you were using?
Lynette: 125.
Rayzel: 125?
Lynette: I think so.
Rayzel: Okay. And you stuck with that for- how many rounds did you do?
Lynette: This past September was my 3rd round.
Rayzel: Gotcha. So you’ve done 3 rounds and you stuck with that dosage pretty much for most
of it then?
Lynette: Yeah, I think I had to up it a little bit.
Rayzel: Just a little bit. Okay. Cool. Awesome. Well why don’t we just talk now about the Phase
2 part since you kind of getting into that. How did you end up doing that? Cause you know
there’s like the strict Simeons, there’s modifications some people make and so I’m just curious
how did you end up actually doing Phase 2.
Lynette: I stuck to the rules the first 2 times. This last time I sort of eat the Chocolate Delight and
I think that kind of stalled me out a little.
Rayzel: I gotcha. Sometimes you want to experiment and sometimes it’s like I don’t think it’s
gonna work. But sometimes you know modifications do work. You never know sometimes until
you tried them out. Okay cool, so the first 2 rounds though you were pretty much just the original
Simeons protocol.
Lynette: First round I did 40 days and had that break, one day break in between and then after
that I continue to lose after I came off the P2 and went into P3 and then I continue to lose and
that went all the way to Christmas about 224 pounds I got down to that and then I could not- I
see from 224 then I would go down to about 204 and then bounce back up to 209 and I just could
not stabilize. That was the first time I try to stabilize. The first round I just kept losing and losing
and losing and the end of January I finally got down there and then September I done it- the hCG
again. I’m probably rambling.
Rayzel: No that’s fine.
Lynette: I did it again and I finally broke 200.
Rayzel: That must have felt so – I mean it’s probably been a while since you were below 200
Lynette: Years, years.
Rayzel: About how much did you lose on your first round or each round?
Lynette: The first time I did it- the 40 days, almost 30 pounds. Somewhere around 26-27 and
then with the other I did 20 pounds, I think, something like that, in January. Then this time, it
was, you have to add the load weight. 20 pounds but it’s like 15.
Rayzel: Sure what you’ve lost. Gotcha. Cool. So you’ve kind of lost about maybe 2/3 of your
weight loss with hCG itself. Is that about right? And the rest of it you’ve lost between your
rounds. Is that about right? I’m curious to hear about cause it sounds like your rounds were pretty
spread out. So you have several months in between?
Lynette: Right. I have from May of 2013 and then I did it again in January of 2014.
Rayzel: Yeah so that’s quite of while.
Lynette: Then September of 2014.
Rayzel: Awesome, do you feel like when you were starting those subsequent rounds, do you feel
like you’re mentally ready because you’ve had enough of a break or what do you think about? I
don’t know- I find P2 to be very, very strict. Some people actually don’t mind it but usually by
the end of the round I was getting pretty tired of it. Did you feel that way?
Lynette: Yeah, this last time, in September I did.
Rayzel: Yeah. Okay.
Lynette: I have to eat. What is one more day? Or you know it’s just you get tired of being
restricted. You just want to eat something else. You want to eat what you want to eat. You know
if you do that then it’s gonna be a wash and you’ve wasted your time and effort.
Rayzel: Yeah. That is why I often recommend that people take longer breaks kind of like you
did. I did the same as well. Just because you do have to really be mentally ready. This honestly
isn’t the way you would eat in normal life. You wouldn’t eat 500 calories a day usually. You
wouldn’t eat from a list of 20 foods. It gets hard. It’s not something you’re supposed to get used
to. So yeah you have to kind of be mentally in the game and then when the end is getting there,
you’re like, okay I’m done. I’m ready to do something else for a while. It’s nice to have that
break. It just seems like it takes a little while before the previous round is far enough away to feel
like, Okay, I feel ready to do this again, you know.
Lynette: Yeah. That is the question I have for myself. Do I really want to do it in January or do I
want to wait to spring? When it’s pretty outside and you got lot of fruits and vegetables coming
in and different things.
Rayzel: Well that’s good you’re thinking about it that way. It kind of makes me feel like you are
having a fairly healthy body image. Do you feel like your body image has changed with this
weight loss at all?
Lynette: Yeah. You know how that goes. It takes a while for your brain and your eyes to catch
up with the amount of weight that you’ve lost. People were tailing you constantly. You know
how that goes. About how good you look. But I don’t think I have any body image issues. I
really enjoy doing a lot of shopping and clothes that I like and getting things that just fit or just
cover you up or whatever.
Rayzel: That’s good because that’s kind of one of the things that I feel ends up being a problem
for a lot of women is where- it’s just like you need to learn to kind of like who you are and how
you look through the process not just like at the very end. You know what I mean?
Lynette: Yes I do.
Rayzel: Yeah, cause otherwise you’re not happy and if you have like a hundred pounds to lose
it’s gonna take a while and if you’re not happy about how you look at the whole time until the
end I just feel like it’s gonna make it hard.
Lynette: Especially if you have a hundred pounds or more to lose. Let’s just face it. You’re not
gonna have this tone, lean body. I don’t work out so which I need to start. But you just have to
accept. This is the way it is and it’s better than what it was.
Rayzel: Yeah, I know, that’s what I agree. Just kind of comparing it to where you started instead
of where you want to be cause otherwise you won’t be happy and you’re like, perfectly perfect
but like you said even when you get real lean most of us are still gonna look like a model. Like
you said we might have excess skin, or we’re a little older, or you want to just eat somewhat
normally and so that means you’re gonna look normal. You’re not gonna be the leanest you
could possibly be. But it’s so important to learn to be happy with your body and how it looks. I
remember when I did my first round, I was still overweight after the end of my first round but I
look nude to me, I was 27 pounds lighter so I thought I looked great. I was like “I look good.”
Then of course I lost more and then it’s like “Oh wow I look better now”. But you know it’s nice
that each point, I don’t know how it is to help other people do that necessarily but I’m glad that
that’s something that you have and I’m hoping just by talking about it, it will encourage people
to try to just take pride in how you look through the process otherwise you’d get too rush. Now
I’m taking over. I’m sorry. I’m like this is your interview, I’m like talking too much. I’m almost
done. I just wanted to say it’s like otherwise you end up rushing the process too much and not
being willing to do like what you did with the longer breaks which sometimes are the smart thing
to do but sometimes you’re not happy with your body yet, you rush it. Then you end up kind of
having cheating and issues, so that’s why it’s smart. Okay.
Lynette: It’s good. I love it. I don’t get to talk to people about the diet. That’s going through the
same kind of process. You might be on Weight Watchers and we can talk about some things in
general but we really can’t be in that same level and I’m not saying that it’s any better but I’m
saying somebody who understands about the protocol and everything about the diet. It’s great to
have somebody to talk to about it.
Rayzel: Yeah, that’s awesome. Let’s see, where I am now. I usually print out the questions but I
had to order ink.
Lynette: You’re in the mode I’m in. I don’t have any ink either.
Rayzel: Yeah, you try to order all the color, each one, yellow, pink, and then you have end up
with just one color and you try to keep ordering so you would never run out with just one but still
so I’m waiting for that to go. Let’s see. So did you experience any setbacks when you’re on the
diet itself?
Lynette: No. I’m pretty much just been losing steadily.
Rayzel: So you just really stuck to it?
Lynette: Yeah, I really stuck to it and I did have a love affair with crackers and almonds. I’ve
really have to break myself from cruising by the cabinet and then get handfuls out and you know
by the end of the day it’s like maybe 10 handfuls. This time I’ve cut those out.
Rayzel: Are you talking about for Phase 3 or Phase 2?
Lynette: Phase 3.
Rayzel: Okay.
Lynette: I really haven’t cheated in Phase 2 except for that Chocolate delight.
Rayzel: Cool. But in Phase 3 like you said there’s not as many rules so it’s a little bit, a little
more room to sometimes get out of hand.
Lynette: The crackers and almonds and potato chip well not potato chip, like the veggie chips. I
can’t handle those. I cannot handle it. I get a bag of those I would eat the whole thing so I don’t
get it.
Rayzel: So what types of food on Phase 3 do you enjoy eating that you do well with?
Lynette: I do steak and hamburger a lot. Chicken, fish, salmon, I do zucchini pizza. I make some
of that eggplant pizza and I’ve been basically eating everything that I want just not a lot of
starches and sugar. So I keep to that.
Rayzel: Cool. I’d love to hear about the eggplant and zucchini pizza, how do you make those?
Lynette: The zucchini pizza is just slice of zucchini, you can do disc or you can slice it
lengthwise and do mozzarella cheese, turkey pepperoni, some marinara sauce, I think that’s what
you call it and just stick it in the oven.
Rayzel: Awesome. So just on the slices.
Lynette: Even my son likes that. I even made this Thanksgiving. I used the Ezekiel cereal and
they have cereal with almond with it and I tried to make like a little pumpkin cake and it looks
pretty good.
Rayzel: That’s cool. Awesome. Maybe I’ll try to find a couple of those like recipes on Pinterest
or something and we’ll put them in the show notes for you guys if you want to check those
pizzas. It sounds really good right now.
Lynette: Oh and they’re out there in Pinterest.
Rayzel: Yeah. I’ve seen some so awesome. Okay, let me see. Where am I at now?
Lynette: Oh and I would have to say and if it wasn’t for the support of my husband and my
family it would have been really hard to do this.
Rayzel: How did they support you?
Lynette: They, really, I didn’t have to cook anything special. Whatever I eat they eat I just fix
them more of whatever.
Rayzel: Okay so you make your Phase 2 meal and you make it family size? Awesome. And they
didn’t complain.
Lynette: No, and actually they lost weight. I think he said like 40 pounds, my son’s lost 20
Rayzel: Wow and they weren’t actually on hCG right?
Lynette: No. It’s just the way we eat.
Rayzel: That’s so cool. That’s really good. Because not everyone have that family support but
that’s really good. And like you said, making that change now has affected your family in a good
way. That’s really cool. You mentioned that in some of your Phase 3 you continued losing
weight. Can you tell me how you went about that? Like how much weight did you lose between
your first 2 rounds? During that period of time. How much did you lose on your own and how
did you do that?
Lynette: I have here about 48 pounds.
Rayzel: Wow.
Lynette: Yeah cause I ended that first round from 301 to looks likes 277. No maybe 272, from
there I went to 224.
Rayzel: Wow and the next several months?
Lynette: I don’t know if it’s 48 or not.
Rayzel: Well 272 to 224 so those are definitely a good amount there.
Lynette: It’s like a 1200 calories and I tracked that with an app.
Rayzel: What app did you use?
Lynette: Fatsecret calorie counter.
Rayzel: Cool. Okay. We’ll put that in the show notes for anyone who wants to check that out. So
you just continued steadily losing on the 1200 first months. Cool. That doesn’t work for
everyone. Like some people when they eat low calorie their weight won’t come off but I had a
couple of interviews now who did continue losing in Phase 3 by eating a low calorie diet. So
that’s really cool. As far as what you ate like what were those 1200 calories made up of? Or was
it low carb or did you have some carbs in there?
Lynette: I have apples every day and blueberries, strawberries. I stuck to those fruits who were in
P2. I’m basically eating the same stuff that I’ve always ate. I have steak when we go out I have a
steak and a salad. When I’m at home I fix a little hamburger patties in the oven. I’m cooking just
like a salmon patties with no meal just kind of normal way you make them and use the coconut
oil and fry em up and we have salmon, steamed salmon. I don’t eat hotdogs or things like that. I
don’t eat bread except for the Ezekiel bread, I have tried that. It’s just basically everything that
you eat in Phase 3 and I don’t feel like I’m being cheated.
Rayzel: That’s great. It sounds like you just really committed yourself like your mind. Because
sometimes you know like you said before you did a lot of fast food and stuff. For some people
anyway in making that change can be pretty heart wrenching. Really. Like they’re constantly
thinking about that. Was that hard for you at first?
Lynette: Well, I guess, when we’re doing the fast food we were all sick of it. If that make any
sense? We’re just eating it because it’s fast and it’s convenient and we just get it over with. It’s
not anything we just- it’s weird but it’s really fast and convenient and we’re eating pizza and
fried chicken and hot wings and that stuff just got so old. That’s why I’m saying we’re all gonna
get- you know my mother has sugar diabetes and my husband’s side of the family has sugar
diabetes- I’m sorry everybody say sugar diabetes but anyway diabetes. But anyway you kind of
worry about your son getting that and so making a healthy change is really good for us.
Rayzel: It’s just time
Lynette: It was just time.
Rayzel: Find something that works so that’s good.
Lynette: I’m just so happy and praising God every step of the way. If I could bottle up how I
good I feel, I believe I could make million. So it is just so drastic the change.
Rayzel: I think I just, I think my kind of last thing I thought. Maybe you could share- I don’t
think if you got to think about it at all- but just as far as giving advice to other people who want
to start this protocol or who are struggling on it. What’s some of the most important things that
you felt were key to you doing this?
Lynette: I have a lot of friends at work who want to try and who have tried it and they just kind
of failed at it and I think that support just like watching your videos or listen to your podcasts,
that helps out a lot. You get a lot of information and just having somebody talk about it. And
support from your family, that’s really, it helps you along the way. And I think I haven’t tried
sublingual or anything but I think you should go under a doctor if you can, into a clinic and then
have them monitor you and make sure that everything’s okay with you and then get on the hCG
and you get really hungry then they can make adjustments faster than what you probably could if
you didn’t know anything about it.
Rayzel: Right. I do agree that making dosage adjustments is very important on the diet. People
sometimes they’re hungry for far too long and I do think it effects weight loss too. And it really
effects your moral. If you’re hungry for too long you just start being desperate.
Lynette: What else could I say? It’s only for 21 days and like you said before you go into it you
need to check it out you need to make sure you understand what you’re supposed to be doing
when you’re supposed to be doing it.
Rayzel: I like that point actually cause- it’s okay cause we’re all at different points, I’m not
making anyone feel bad here but I do still sometimes get messages, you know like private
messages on Facebook like “Oh, I’m starting the diet, what foods can I eat?” of if you know
something about it. Okay that’s not a good idea that you’re starting the diet if you don’t know
what foods you could eat. This is rather detailed. It’s not just 500 calories of whatever you want.
So it’s good to be prepared.
Lynette: And I think you just need to have your mind set. It is tough when everybody else is
having a ball eating whatever they want. When you’re at work and they want you to eat what
they’re eating and they won’t leave you alone unless you partake in.
Rayzel: How do you handle that?
Lynette: I just- When I first started there was a guy who had a barbequed brisket and he had
brought it to work and I got invited to have some and I just took my lunch down there when I
was gonna eat. I said “I’m sorry, I don’t meant anything about this but this is what I’m eating
today because I’m on this diet. I’m not gonna eat that. This is what I’m having. I’m here”
Rayzel: How did they respond? Is he okay?
Lynette: Yeah, they were okay after everybody pounded on me for a minute.
Rayzel: So but you have to do it right if you want to get to your goal sometimes you have to go
through that.
Lynette: It comes to the point are you gonna make them happy or make you happy?
Rayzel: Yeah. Like you said, the choice with you is affecting your family. So really it’s like am I
gonna choose people I don’t know that well or I’m gonna choose my family?
Lynette: Even if it was somebody in family I’m just gonna, I’m going this way so I’m not gonna
turn myself around for that. Not for cake today.
Rayzel: I know. Good point. Well good. Thanks so much for sharing all that with me. I think that
that’s about all that I wanted to ask you.
Lynette: Well I hope I did you a good interview. I don’t know.
Rayzel: No, that’s great. I just love hearing people’s persona stories because everybody has
different feedbacks and different tips to share and you know just depending on our personalities
we’re gonna resonate with different people.
Lynette: There is one thing though, in maintaining, that I found out. That you do have to weight
yourself everyday unless you have that inner thing.
Rayzel: Yeah. An inner scale. I don’t have that.
Lynette: Like the first round I was getting on it day and night and 3 and 4 times a day, it was
ridiculous. I was driving myself crazy. Then just maintaining that is helping me so much instead
of just focusing on keep losing, keep losing, and getting really frustrated with it because I’m not
where I want to be when I want to set that goal out there. Just learning how to maintain and
knowing what to eat and just being satisfied at staying with that one number or within the 2
pounds. I think everybody like you said should take a break and just learn how to maintain where
they are. I hope I can keep continue to lose and get into my- I don’t know if 150 pounds is where
I’ll be but somewhere around there.
Rayzel: So maybe it’s another 50 or so?
Lynette: Yeah, 25, 30. My husband’s leaving, they’re going to work now.
Rayzel: Okay, cool, cool. There will be a time when you’re ready. You can take walks now at
least right?
Lynette: Right.
Rayzel: That’s good and I’m glad what you mentioned about the maintaining aspect. Because it
is a really good feeling cause a lot of people haven’t really spent much time in life maintaining
just to give my mom as an example for many years she said she pretty much was yo-yoing
constantly on a diet losing and as soon as off the diet she could never maintain and then she was
gaining and she’d start a diet and be losing. So she never actually spent time actually being at a
stable weight whether it was a little overweight or not and it is nice it’s comforting.
Lynette: All that maintaining.
Rayzel: Oh yeah, it feels really nice for me, the scale, I’m pretty much within 2 pounds all the
time. It’s fine. I can wait if you wanna. So yeah I was just saying that it’s really comforting to be
stable in the scale I’m pretty much within 2 pounds almost all the time and like you said I do find
in regular life that weighing daily is helpful for me. There are a few people that I talked to that
can keep things in check without the scale because they get a little too emotionally wrapped up
in it. For me, I don’t. If it gets too high then I’ll just do make a correction. It’s just useful for me
because the thing is sometimes I do dwindle. I don’t know about you but some days you might
need a little more calories than others but it’s hard to make the decision about whether or not it’s
a day you can eat more or less if you have the idea where you’re at the scale. If I’m up I’m not
gonna indulge that day. I’m going to be a little more tight. And then if I’m kind of on the lower
side and it’s a day I’m like Oh I want to have a little snack and then I can cause I’m within that
range so it’s been helpful for me in that respect.
Lynette: You know another thing that made this diet easy for me is I’m not a big sweet fan. I
would rather have potato chips which is not any better but I don’t crave cake and pie and stuff.
Rayzel: You’re lucky. You are one of the lucky ones.
Lynette: In fairness I can’t figure out how I was overweight if I’m not eating all this stuff.
Rayzel: I could tell actually that you were not a sugar addict from the very beginning when you
were saying that Oh yeah I just made the change and I didn’t cheat and I just, it wasn’t too hard.
I’ve had a few other interviews like you where you’re like oh yeah I just did it and I’m like
Wow, it’s so much harder for me. That’s so good. Some of us we have that weird sweet tooth
thing and so that’s cool for you. But either way both types of people we get into that place where
we’re overweight and we have to make change.
Lynette: Yeah. And its chips and crackers and stuff like that and I really like salty stuffs. The
other thing about maintaining too is that you can’t find anything out there, any books, any things
that kind of help you along to tell you so I think too when you get up there you got to find what
your calorie range is, what your limit is, cause like I said before I was doing 1200 calories and
losing well this time I’m eating 1750 calories and maintaining.
Rayzel: That’s great. That’s so good.
Lynette: And I’m like I get to eat all this food.
Rayzel: I was actually gonna ask you that, what’s your maintenance level of calories. So 1750.
That’s awesome.
Lynette: I have gone up to highest 2000 later.
Rayzel: Yeah, so you kind of found your little comfort zone.
Lynette: And I did do a steak day yesterday. I found out, I don’t know if this may be old news to
you but I did 6 eggs, 2 eggs for breakfast, 3 eggs for lunch and 1 egg for snack and then I did 8
ounces of steak and an apple and I got up this morning and it was the same as just starving all
day and having that big steak in the evening. I don’t know if anybody knows that or if they’ve
tried that.
Rayzel: Yeah so you did that and then you lost weight?
Lynette: I lost 2.8 pounds.
Rayzel: Oh cause you have that super low carb day.
Lynette: But I’ve never tried that before and I’ve been searching everywhere to see if I can do it
differently because I hate taking the diet pill [inaudible] not be hungry. I just don’t like taking
that but it helps if you have to wait to dinner.
Rayzel: I gotcha. So you had the eggs and you still had a good result. It is nice having those
different little tricks up your sleeve. My body’s actually used to intermittent fasting, and all day
fast like that because I do it maybe once a week, maybe once every other week but it’s
something overtime my body’s adjusted to so I think that’s why I can do it without feeling
hungry. I think when I first started doing it I did feel hungry but it’s funny how your body
actually gets used to what you do with it. So that’s okay but it is nice just having some people do
that like egg days, other people would do just Greek yogurt all day and nothing happens or.
Lynette: Steak and cheese, I heard that one too.
Rayzel: I think it’s just having a plan that kind of gives you a boundary and usually involves low
carbs and less calories in some way but it just gives you that boundary, something to follow for
the day and yes it’s just nice to have those corrective measures. And I’m glad you shared that
you can do the 1750 for maintenance because a lot of people think that after the diet like “Oh for
only 1200 for life” and that’s, I actually don’t count calories because I hate to do it, it makes me
feel like I’m in jail but the few times that I have. I’m surprised how little 1200 calories is, to me,
like food. I’m like “That’s hardly anything, oh my God.” I would hate if that’s what I had to live
on but I don’t.
Lynette: I know. It gets depressing after a while. I have to do something different. I’ve got to see
if I can live outside of 1200 calories.
Rayzel: Yeah cause really having a whole another 550 for you that’s a whole another meal so
that’s great.

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At the Pharmacy: Why hCG Needs to Arrive At Your Home as a Powder NOT a Liquid Tue, 23 Jun 2015 19:06:00 +0000 All information here has been provided through the permission of Nu Image Medical, OPTION 1 on my recommendations for buying hCG page. If you decide to go with them for hCG, you get a $50 discount that you wouldn’t get … Continue reading

The post At the Pharmacy: Why hCG Needs to Arrive At Your Home as a Powder NOT a Liquid appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

All information here has been provided through the permission of Nu Image Medical, OPTION 1 on my recommendations for buying hCG page. If you decide to go with them for hCG, you get a $50 discount that you wouldn’t get through their main sales page. Check out pricing for Nu Image directly including the discount.
When we are speaking of ordering real hCG online – that is, the real, prescription, actual hCG hormone, wherever you get it from, it needs to arrive to you in powder form, not liquid. Why is this?

Listen to Michael the Pharmacist’s explanation of this in the video above. Finally, the mommy blogger is proved sane and true! 😉 I’ve been saying this for a few years now.
Listen to the Pharmacist Explain Why hCG Needs to be In Powder Form When You Buy It for the hCG Diet -

hCG as Liquid = Potency Degradation

Essentially, the moment hCG is put into a solution, it starts to experience potency degradation. How much? We can’t really be sure. But the point is to minimize this by making sure that the hormone is processed so that it is in it’s most stable form, as powder, until you are ready to mix it for your hCG round.

By having the hCG arrive at your home as a powder, which you then mix yourself (don’t worry it’s EASY PEASY with my hCG mixing tutorials), you can have a good 4 weeks or so to use your batch of hCG with sufficient potency to do it’s work in your body.

The post At the Pharmacy: Why hCG Needs to Arrive At Your Home as a Powder NOT a Liquid appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

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At the Pharmacy: Why Stuff You Inject Needs to be Sterile Tue, 23 Jun 2015 19:04:40 +0000 All information here has been provided through the permission of Nu Image Medical, OPTION 1 on my recommendations for buying hCG page. If you decide to go with them for hCG, you get a $50 discount that you wouldn’t get … Continue reading

The post At the Pharmacy: Why Stuff You Inject Needs to be Sterile appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

All information here has been provided through the permission of Nu Image Medical, OPTION 1 on my recommendations for buying hCG page. If you decide to go with them for hCG, you get a $50 discount that you wouldn’t get through their main sales page. Check out pricing for Nu Image directly including the discount.
This is something I think we kind of all subconsciously are probably aware of, but don’t think about consciously, because, let’s face it, how often in life do we do injections? Unless you have diabetes, not often.

The 3 second rule NOT applying to injections is an understatment.

While using the three second rule for your favorite paleo snack you spent two hours baking that just fell on the kitchen floor that you haven’t swept in a month might be okay, Michael the pharmacist reminds us here why sterility when it comes to injecting something into your body is whole ‘nother kitchen floor scenario.

It all makes perfect sense as he explains it, but the reminder is a good one and made me realize that going cheap for things like sweatpants and pens may be smart, but for things you’re injecting in your body, being sure of the safety and quality is worth an extra dollar or two (okay maybe it’s more than that).

Essentially, when you inject something into your body, you are bypassing most of the natural safety mechanisms that your body has in place to protect you from something dangerous. So swallowing a bit of mold on your strawberry may not be a big cause for concern. Injecting something directly into your bloodstream that contains bacteria…..bad idea.


At the hCG Pharmacy: Why Stuff You Inject Needs to be Sterile -

The post At the Pharmacy: Why Stuff You Inject Needs to be Sterile appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

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At the Pharmacy: Sterilization of hCG Injection Vials Tue, 23 Jun 2015 19:02:40 +0000 All information here has been provided through the permission of Nu Image Medical, OPTION 1 on my recommendations for buying hCG page. If you decide to go with them for hCG, you get a $50 discount that you wouldn’t get … Continue reading

The post At the Pharmacy: Sterilization of hCG Injection Vials appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

All information here has been provided through the permission of Nu Image Medical, OPTION 1 on my recommendations for buying hCG page. If you decide to go with them for hCG, you get a $50 discount that you wouldn’t get through their main sales page. Check out pricing for Nu Image directly including the discount.
The following is everything that has to happen BEFORE you even start to make compounded hCG. BEFORE.

This is the type of stuff that kind of opened my eyes a bit (okay more than a bit) to how involved the process is for making hCG suitable for injections. This video explains the sterilization process for some of the materials used in making hCG injections, and you can learn more about why all this stuff being sterile is so important here.

A few interesting notes:

At the Pharmacy - Sterilization of hCG Injection Vials -

This process involves using what is called an Autoclave – basically kind of like an oven, to depyrogenate……wait wait!!! I think I’m losing you! Don’t go!

Making sure hCG you inject is safe and not contaminated -

As I was saying, an Autoclave (ie kinda-specialty-medical-oven/dishwasher-thingy) is used to dee-pie-roh-jen-ate – depyrogenate, all the empty vials and rubber stoppers that will eventually contain each person’s hCG. This means removing the bad stuff- things like bacteria, that if injected (thereby bypassing some of the natural safety mechanisms in your body like your stomach and stuff) could make you very ill…or worse.


The post At the Pharmacy: Sterilization of hCG Injection Vials appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

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80 lbs Lost with hCG Injections, 12 Inches Gone from her Waist – Episode 25 of hCG Diet Interviews Wed, 10 Jun 2015 08:24:29 +0000 Well now you guys will find out just how long some of my blogposts are in the making lol! I conducted this interview back in November 2014 and it’s now June 2015 – I can’t believe that much time has … Continue reading

The post 80 lbs Lost with hCG Injections, 12 Inches Gone from her Waist – Episode 25 of hCG Diet Interviews appeared first on The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica.

Well now you guys will find out just how long some of my blogposts are in the making lol! I conducted this interview back in November 2014 and it’s now June 2015 – I can’t believe that much time has flown by.

  • Height: 5’7″
  • Starting Weight: 220 lbs
  • Ending Weight: 140 lbs
  • Total Weight Lost: 80 lbs
  • Starting Size: 18
  • Ending Size: 6
  • Waist Inch Loss: 12 inches
  • Hips Inch Loss: 10 inches
  • 3 rounds of hCG between April and November of 2014
  • Used hCG Injections (options for finding RX hCG online here)

Links mentioned in interview:

80 lbs Lost with hCG Injections - Size 18 to Size 6 - hCG Intervies with Real People - Episode 25 -

Highlights from our interview:

When you lose inches from your waist, I think that’s a pretty reliable indicator that the weight that’s lost is fat because you don’t have 12 inches worth of muscle on your waist.

Many are concerned about muscle loss on the hCG protocol (as was I when I first came across it). Note what Casey has to say though, as a person who lifts weights:

“I would say that I lost no muscle because I lift weights and I’ve never had an issue where I felt like my weight lifting ability decreased. In fact it increased.”

Casey did exercise while on hCG so you can listen to her experience on that and how she modified things with her eating during Phase 2 to compensate for this.

She ate several “off-protocol” vegetables, pretty consistently, during Phase 2.

Major Tip on Making Cooking Healthy Food Easier

“If you’re looking for something that helps lazy people like me or who forgets that they’ve got frozen stuff and they have a family. The NuWave is a significant help. It’s called the NuWave. It’s just a little oven you have on the countertop. It’s ridiculous to say but that thing made the world difference for me. I moved on October and everything and I’d have to take my frozen food pop it in there and 12 minutes later I have my meal. You can do your vegetables and your protein at the same time. For somebody like me it made the difference.”

How Weight Loss Has Changed Casey’s Life

“My family. I’m able to keep up with my kids. That’s a huge difference for me, before like I said I was at a very low point. So I would sit on the couch and I just watch them play and now I’m right there out there with them. I’m running out in the backyard or you know. They’re seeing me make these changes in myself which is a huge motivator for me. The first thing they say is “Hey mom are we gonna go to the gym?” or “Hey mom are we gonna run around at the park.” That’s a really good feeling that they’re enjoying hanging out with me because I’m actually able to keep up with them. I think that and having the energy when I wake up in the morning I don’t feel like – uh. You know, I don’t feel defeated before I even start. I got a purpose now and I can actually go do stuff and that’s nice.”

Transcript for Episode 25

Download Episode 25 Transcript – PDF

Or read it all here:

Rayzel: Hey guys! Hcgchica. Welcome to Episode 25 of The HCG Diet Interviews. Today my guest is Casey. She’s actually lost 80 pounds with the HCG Protocol as you know, probably saw in the intro with her before and after pictures. She looks just amazing. We have a lot of fun stuff to talk about today. I was like talking about the successes people have but I also like talking about the struggles people faced both before hCG, you know what kind of led them to the point where they needed to lose weight, as well as on the protocol itself. There can be challenges so we’ll talk about that sort of stuff today. Welcome Casey!

Casey: Hi.

Rayzel: How are you today?

Casey: Very well.

Rayzel: So just you guys know we didn’t plan. We both ended up wearing stripes. Too funny. Why don’t you just introduce yourself a little bit like tell us a little bit about your basic stats. Where you started and where you ended with your weight and your clothing and stuff.

Casey: I started out at 220.2 which was my ultimate high ever. So I started HCG then and right now I’m at 140 on the dot.

Rayzel: That’s amazing. So that’s just almost exactly 80 pounds, right.

Casey: Yup. 80.2.

Rayzel: I forgot how tall you are. You’re taller right?

Casey: I’m 5’7’’.

Rayzel: 5’7. Okay. Cool. Awesome. So with that 80 pounds that you lost at 5’7’’ how did that translate into your clothing size? How did that change for you?

Casey: It changed significantly. So I started from a 16/18, forcing a 16. Right now I’m down to 6/8. Just depending on the brand I can get into a 6 and other ones I need 8.

Rayzel: Awesome. And at your height that’s really slender. You can tell in your pictures. You’re all slim. So that’s awesome. Do you happen to know, before I ask the question, about the whole inch lost? So now we move on to inch lost because that’s- sometimes it’s like weigh on the scale it’s just a number. You can weigh 200 pounds but you’re size 4. Great. Tell me what were some of your most drastic inch loss changes?

Casey: Definitely my abdomen more than anything. Followed by hips. So for the total on the weight obviously was the 80.2 and I lost measurements from the chest alone I lost about 9 inches, from the abdomen I lost 12, from the hips I lost 10, thighs I lost 5, and the arms I lost 3 each so it’s a total of about 50 something like that.

Rayzel: That’s amazing so like 12 inches from your waist, 10 inches from your hips. That’s like a whole foot.

Casey: My old pants I put them on just to see just the before and after just for me. It’s just a significant difference.

Rayzel: That’s amazing. The nice thing about that too is that when you lose inches in your waist, I think that’s a pretty reliable indicator that the weight that’s lost is fat because you don’t have 12 inches worth of muscle on your waist. So when we carry that extra flab that’s obviously fat. Just another thing as far as hCG goes that you’re losing fat.

Casey: I would say that I lost no muscle because I lift weights and I’ve never have an issue where I felt like my weights’ decreased. My weights is only significantly increased each workout.

Rayzel: Awesome. That’s good. As far as the actual hCG you used. What did you end up using?

Casey: I use the injections. That seem to work best for me. I did drops originally and I was not happy. I felt sick and there’s kind of a burning taste in my mouth and it’s a really bad experience for me and it kind of deterred me in the beginning. I had to do injectionswith my pregnancy so it was kind of well it was a lot of pain that I went through twice a day for my kid so I didn’t want to go through the pain with the hCG but the difference in the needle size and the difference in the solution, I didn’t feel anything. So that’s what kind of made it for me. That was my selling point.

Rayzel: Cool. That’s good. I did the injections too. Like you I was kind of nervous about doing that but then you don’t realize just how little the needle is. Yeah once you put it in like you said you really don’t feel anything if it’s going in your fat. That’s good to hear your feedback on that. With the weight you’ve lost can you give us just a rundown of how many rounds you’ve done, how long those rounds were?

Casey: I did 3 rounds. The first one I did was a long round which for me, it was okay but you get to a mental state where “I really need to move on to something else”. So the first round I started April 1st and it was 62 days. The 2nd round I did, I believe it was 30 or 31 days and then I took a 30 day break between there and then I did another round and that one I believe was 31 or 32 days on that one as well. Other than that I did workout in between my breaks and stuff so I did have the weight loss from there but I still maintained the P3 diet so it definitely helped.

Rayzel: For those of you who don’t know. Typically the diet is usually done in like 3-6 weeks period and then you take a break. Some do choose, like Casey did, to extend a round a little bit so instead of doing up to 40 days or so she ended up doing an extra 20 days. I actually do have an article kind of talking about the pros and cons on that. To help you guys decide what’s best for you. I’ll link to that in the article in the show notes for you guys to check out. But essentially like she said, it’s kind of, there’s a mental aspect too where sometimes it’s like, maybe you could keep going but it just gets to be like you’re just kind of done, you feel kind of done. Right? Usually at that point is when I tell people it’s good to stop when you feel done so that you don’t start cheating and ruined what you’ve achieved. But on occasion if you’re highly motivated, Casey did do well that 1st round doing it longer. In my other interview, I don’t remember which Episode it was. I think it’s like 3 or 4 or 5, I’ll put a link to it. She lost a 127 pounds and she did some longer rounds. She has MS, she was super motivated and she stuck to the protocol and she got it done. In some cases it does work.

Casey: Yeah, you can definitely do it. It’s all a mental thing. I think healthwise I have the energy, I was good to go it’s just mentally I was like “I need a change of diet, I need something like to kind of change it up.” It worked for me so.

Rayzel: We kind of already mentioned a little bit but as far as the time frame for your weight loss, when was your first round start? When did it start again?

Casey: It started April 1st.

Rayzel: April 1st of 2014?

Casey: Yes 2014.

Rayzel: April 1st and now it’s November, you’ve done 3 rounds in that time and you’ve lost 80 pounds in that time and you weren’t actually on HCG that whole time of course cause you had your breaks.
Casey: I took the 30 day break and then 30-ish on and then 30-day break so. I did maintain the P3 diet which helps
significantly. I kind of change my way of thinking as far as foods and stuff. I didn’t need those carbs to do stuff so I was working out but it was still beneficial because I was getting the proper proteins.
Rayzel: Gotcha. That’s right. Now, is there anything during Phase 2, the 500 calorie diet portion that you find particularly challenging at all?

Casey: At first I kind of went the harder route I think, personally, I tried to do the meal prep and everything like that. I did everything just from the beginning and it was kind of hard cause as a person like me I forgot to defrost things so that was kind of rough for me but I did start getting my way where I was proportioning and I got totally off note but I got a new way of which I can cook things from frozen so I did it in 12 minutes and I was good to go.

Rayzel: Oh good.

Casey: I can still meal plan and I can still prep but I didn’t have to cook it right then or defrost it or anything else so that made the difference for me. I didn’t stay 500 calories everyday though. I do cardio a few times a week and on those cardio days I did have to increase calories which was fine so.

Rayzel: Can you maybe elaborate on that? What you did specifically for any other who might be doing that.

Casey: As far as the cardio you know we do 15-30 minutes on treadmill and stuff. With that I felt like I needed just a little bit more calorie. I didn’t want to burn too quickly. I wanted the weight loss to be as steady. I would go up about 100, 150 tops for extra calories but I would typically lean towards either watery stuff like broccoli and have that extra little vitamins and minerals or I would stick with the protein. That definitely helped. Just kind of depends. I would try to keep it before just so when I’m running or stuff I don’t feel that extra exhaustion I already have the energy good to go.

Rayzel: Yeah. I’m on broccoli. Just to clarify too. The original protocol for Dr. Simeon’s didn’t have broccoli on the list of vegetables. However, a lot of people today do experiment with other vegetables. I actually did use broccoli on my final round as well. Just feedback on that and then were there any off-protocol foods you incorporated and how do you feel it worked for you.

Casey: I did salmon. I know that’s not one that’s on there but I like salmon. I do like the oil and I feel like it’s beneficial for me. I mean I also ate a lot of cauliflower. I don’t think that’s on the list but I love cauliflower and like I said I do crave carbs so that’s always my go-to. If I want a mash potatoes I would make cauliflower mashed potatoes. If I want a pizza it’s my cauliflower pizza and that helps significantly.

Rayzel: Great. Good. It’s obvious that you lost a lot of weight and I can tell by just looking at you that you lost a lot of fat so to me it’s kind of the proof in there. When you came to eating your vegetables. Did you actually count the calories of the vegetables or did you just eat to hunger?

Casey: The only one I actually do count is the cauliflower. Cause the cauliflower does have a little bit more starchy carbs and stuff like that so I would count the calories and I would look at the carbs for that.

Rayzel: So you wouldn’t get too carried away?

Casey: Yeah. Definitely. I would occasionally. I would have a plateful of cauliflower rice and then my little bit of shrimp on top. I’m having to stop myself from that. But no, I don’t like- I’m just not a salad person. I don’t like asparagus. I tried. I desperately tried to like the asparagus but it just wasn’t working for me. So I said there’s very few that I’ll eat so I’m gonna stick with what I can and see how my body reacts to that. My body did perfect with it so I just continued.

Rayzel: Okay. Cool. So you had broccoli, cauliflower, were there any other vegetables that you did eat or?

Casey: Mushrooms on occasions. Onion on occasion.

Rayzel: Okay. Cool. And you just kind of rotate those.

Casey: Yeah. Not, well during P2 I kind of kept it the same. I was pretty much the same thing always.

Casey: Rayzel: I’m like that too.
P3 I mix it up just cause I kind of got bored but with P2 it’s working I want to stay with what I know is working so.

Rayzel: Good point. Real quick. You mentioned that you actually were cooking stuff from frozen so you don’t have to defrost. Did you have a special method that you do? To share like what do you do?

Casey: Like I said if you’re looking for something that helps lazy people like me or who forgets that they’ve got frozen stuff and they have a family. The NuWave is a significant help. It’s called the NuWave. It’s just a little oven you have on the countertop. It’s ridiculous to say but that thing made the world difference for me. I moved on October and everything and I’d have to take my frozen food pop it in there and 12 minutes later I have my meal. You can do your vegetables and your protein at the same time. For somebody like me it made the difference.

Rayzel: Well I’ll put a link to that in the notes if anyone wants to check it out. Cool. NuWave. Very cool.
Casey: Like I said it’s kind of an offhand thing but it really works.

Rayzel: Sometimes it is those little things that makes something work or just play a huge role in something makes successful so I think that’s important and for everyone it’s gonna be different.

Casey: I know a lot of people complain that I have a family or I work all day and I don’t have time to come home and cook these healthy meals. You can. It’s not that hard to do. You just have to find different ways to do that for yourself.

Rayzel: Yeah like, this is just a funny little story. Just talking about that were some things you can make them more difficult than they need to be so you don’t do it. I put this on Facebook a little bit ago but my mom her whole life when she make salad she would tear up the lettuce leaf by leaf by hand and so that’s what I did. I thought that’s how you make a salad and it took me until I was 20 years old when I met my mother-in-law and I saw her make a salad one day. She take the whole head of salad and she takes a knife and just chops it all up in like 2 seconds and I was like – how did I never know about this?

Casey: My husband and I were the exact same we were like why didn’t we think of this before?

Rayzel: Yeah. Ever since then making a salad has been so much easier. That’s funny. Okay.

Casey: It’s the little things that help.

Rayzel: Yup. So before you started hCG was there like a low point like you reach or some story that you can recall that just made you realize that you needed to make a change or you needed to find something to help you?

Casey: Absolutely. I gained my weight during my pregnancies. I was hit by a car when I was pregnant with my first son. Steroids, I gain a significant amount of weight in a very short time. Had my son, lost a little bit, nothing significant. I immediately got pregnant a year later and I had my second son and I lost my best friend at that time. My grandfather was my everything and I just went through the worst postpartum depression, I just didn’t care. I wanted to feed my feelings. That was the happy place to go to and I just ballooned of course. My husband brought it to my attention, he was like, “You’re not happy, this is just not- something’s not working for you, what can we do to help you out and everything?” So we talked about it and stuff and then he was like, “You know working out you’re gonna feel better. This is what you’ve always done. You’ve always been athletic. Let’s start on this together.” So together we started working out and everything. I did lose a little bit. Definitely not what I was before pregnancies and then I got pregnant again. Yes. So when I got pregnant again it just was a total blow and I was just like “How do I keep doing this?” and my husband deployed during this pregnancy. I had my daughter when he was deployed and it was just an emotional time. So whenever he came back and everything again it was just different, a third child, he was working a lot so again was a very low, low point with just not a lot of motivation to do anything. Then he brought up wanting to go out for our 5th year anniversary so that was the motivator. I started working out. I did the Beach Body Programs and stuff and I did lose some but as soon as we hit our vacation I was like, “Okay, I did what I needed to, I’m done.” When he deployed I was like, you know, he’s deployed again right now and you know what there’s nothing holding me back, there’s no excuses. This is my “Me Time”. This is my year to do what I need to do to find myself and it’s worked like a charm. I’ve researched hCG for a very long time and I finally decided, okay, we’ll do it.

Rayzel: That’s good too. Because it does take- I feel like to do this protocol and feel comfortable with it I think it does require a certain amount of research. Do you feel like – Thanks for sharing that story too cause I think it will resonate with a lot of moms out there because it might not be the exact same story but there’s parts of it that it’s like yeah I went through something similar and like you said postpartum is pretty serious and like you said when you’re going through stuff like that, you don’t care. It’s like- and if you don’t care you can’t worry about losing weight or eating right.

Casey: You feed those emotions so you just don’t care.

Rayzel: Yeah. Do you feel like once like as you mentioned how you lost weight for your 5 year anniversary but then of course that came in once when the motivation was gone. Do you feel like you had to kind of make a mental change in your head in order to lose weight and keep it off? How did you have to change the way you thought about weight loss or eating?

Casey: So that kind of happen for me in Round 2 actually. In my mind it was one of those “I’m gonna have a cheat day once or twice a week cause you know I’m losing weight fast so who cares?” and that round I was like “You know this isn’t worth it.” I’m going up and I’m coming down but I’m not changing my thinking so my thinking is I’m gonna lose this weight so I could have this terrible, terrible food. I kind of realize right as I was finishing Round 2 this isn’t gonna work. If I want to keep working out like I’m gonna keep working out and I wanna keep going, I need to stick with the proper diet and this is gonna be a lifestyle change. I don’t want it to be something like when he comes back, “Well, I’m done. I’ve finished my thing”. No, I’m loving the gym. I’m loving the food. Which definitely helps and I’m giving myself options which is the biggest change. I think that’s what made the lifestyle change for me as before it was “I want this carbs, I want this carbs.” Well now I have my cauliflower or if I really want those sugars and I have my stevia. There’s different options. If you want it, you can do it just find your option or find your moderation which is key.

Rayzel: Right. And I’m really glad you mentioned that because I agree. Don’t deny, replace. And like you said that’s exactly- cause I had to make that transformation too because like you it was that thing like on a day I felt thin I would be like Oh I can eat more today because I feel thin and it’s like the reward is that you get to eat more and I too had to change that thinking that really it’s all about just being in moderation all the time and I had to just change my mind in that way and as well like you said getting away from the mentality that you’re like being denied something by making a change and instead of just thinking all of these are all of the things that I can’t have and that can be frustrating but actually when you shift that focus and you start thinking about what can I have? And then it’s actually so much easier and like you said you find stuff that you actually end up liking and so you don’t miss the other stuff after a while.

Casey: Exactly and there’s always a better option. Just take the time to look into your options. Look around. Do some research and it’ll change. Things will change and your brain will be like, you know, I really want that piece of cake but I can go this route and I can go still get that sweet tooth but it’s a better option for me.

Rayzel: Yeah and I think for other people who haven’t made a change yet and you feel anxious about it. For instance, when I was trying to make changes, it was like scared of the idea of making that change permanent because I felt like, what if I’m not happy? If I don’t like that food? Or if I don’t like not having the food that I’m used to having? But you don’t have to view it as a permanent thing. When I finally decided to do a trial with taking dairy out of my diet? I put if off for like a whole year. I kept knowing that my body wasn’t digesting it well but I love cheese, I love yogurt, I just wasn’t ready to like do this, like you know, permanently. I’m not ready to do that. So finally after a year, I was like, “Okay, I’m just gonna actually do a trial for like 2 weeks, take it out and see if I can find other stuff to eat.” And if it’s just a total horrible mess and I can’t find anything satisfying then I could just go back to eating dairy and as it turned out I found other things to eat and it was a good choice for me at this time and that made it so much easier by just doing it as a trial and then seeing what else I could find and I realize, “Oh this isn’t as big a deal as I thought it was”.

Casey: And I think that’s what a lot of people don’t do is they don’t want to expand. I’m the pickiest eater on the world, by all means, like I said, I don’t like vegetables, I don’t enjoy them but I branched out. I think a lot of people are scared. They’re like “Well that’s something I’m not used to or my family is not gonna eat that” and people are gonna look at me, “No, try it see how your body reacts to different things”. I never in a million years thought I would like cauliflower. My family looked at me like I was crazy and now I’ve got heads and heads of lettuce or heads of cauliflower in my fridge now. It’s uh- try it. It’s a big thing.

Rayzel: Right. That’s like with kale. Me and kale. I hate kale and then I don’t know how many heads of kale and salad I ate in the last year but I probably kept at least one grocery store in business so. What are some of the main things that feel different for you, I mean we came to that a little bit but as far as from being overweight, how it felt just living your life that way versus now. What are some of the main things that feel different to you that you appreciate?

Casey: My family. I’m able to keep up with my kids. That’s a huge difference for me, before like I said I was at a very low point. So I would sit on the couch and I just watch them play and now I’m right there out there with them. I’m running out in the backyard or you know. They’re seeing me make these changes in myself which is a huge motivator for me. The first thing they say is “Hey mom are we gonna go to the gym?” or “Hey mom are we gonna run around at the park.” That’s a really good feeling that they’re enjoying hanging out with me because I’m actually able to keep up with them. I think that and having the energy when I wake up in the morning I don’t feel like – uh. You know, I don’t feel defeated before I even start. I got a purpose now and I can actually go do stuff and that’s nice.

Rayzel: Yeah. Thinking you probably lost like however much your 3 kids weigh together, you probably loss them in your weight. You could pile them on your back now and that’s about how much you weigh before.
Casey: Pretty close.
Rayzel: Why don’t we just talk a little bit now about phase 3? So you did some like month long phase 3s. How did those go for you as far as stabilizing what you ate?

Casey: At first it was kind of tricky trying to figure out what my body would accept and what my body didn’t want to accept. But I was patient and I think that was a big key for me. It was like, “Well, I’m gonna take it day by day, I’m gonna change one thing at a time and see hey my body like this or hey it doesn’t like this”. But I’ve been very fortunate. Almost everything has gone really well. I love, love the plants that I have found. Like I said I’ve done some research and stuff and I’m eating my food and I’m going, “This is delicious, where has this been my entire life?” That has been a huge motivator for me. But I think I’m gonna continue on that for a while. My calories I don’t keep track of hardly at all. Because I am working out so much I do think I have a higher calorie count than most people on P3 but it’s working for me so.

Rayzel: Great. Did you say you have a Pinterest board or something where you get recipes?

Casey: I do. I need to separate it into an hCG category cause I have stuff prior the hCG. Why is that on there still?

Rayzel: Gotcha, gotcha. But yeah Pinterest is great for getting Phase 2 recipes. I’ll at least put a link to my P3 board. Maybe I’ll go look at hers and pin some of hers then that are P3 or if you ever get it divided out let me know and we’ll link to yours. So yeah. It is nice like you said to have variety and sometimes like you said with the cauliflower you wouldn’t have known that you liked it so sometimes by getting those ideas from Pinterest helps you open up your mind to things you wouldn’t have known about trying. People are so creative with food but I’m not one of those people so I have to get my ideas from somewhere else.

Casey: I’m incredibly picky and I was absolutely dying for pizza. That is my go-to and I saw somebody made it with cauliflower and I was like “Where have you been?” and I was like “Oh, it’s cauliflower” and I tried and I was like- I sent my family messages “You have got to try this!” and they said “You’re crazy!” and I said “No! You have to try it! It’s amazing!”

Rayzel: So that was the one with the cauliflower crust.

Casey: It is.

Rayzel: Ooh. I haven’t actually made that so it’s really good huh?

Casey: Yeah, it’s delicious. It’s a lot easier to make than- you know it looks scary on there but again patience and just a little bit of research and you can get things done.

Rayzel: Gotcha! Cool. Well just last question then as far as kind of maintaining now. Are you still eating mostly Phase 3 or have you added in any carbs?

Casey: Very little carbs. I try to stay away from carbs because that is just one thing my body just- it just doesn’t want to do. I do a lot of shakes. Protein shakes and stuff which have a little bit of carbs into them. Like I said the cauliflower does have a little bit of carb in it and stuff and once in a very blue moon I’ll have like a sweet potato or something and that has a little bit into it but I try to stick with protein vegetable mostly.

Rayzel: Yeah. Just real clean then.
Casey: Yeah. I don’t really do fruit that much. I’ll do with banana occasionally but I just don’t do the apples and that kind of stuff. I’ve been throughout but I keep with the same ingredients to the different recipes so.

Rayzel: As far as your fat goes what type of fats do you include in your diet?

Casey: Salmon. I pretty much have salmon every other day just because I love it. That’s my go-to or up with like coconut oil in my coffee and stuff just for a flavor change and just a little bit of boost.

Rayzel: Yeah. I have forgotten too. Did you end up having shakes on P2 as well?

Casey: I did. I did have shakes on P2.

Rayzel: What shake was it? I forgot.

Casey: I went with FitMiss for one and I also went with the Lameshakes and I also went with Shakeology. I just kind of mixed it up.

Rayzel: So you would have those in replace of a protein on occasion or?

Casey: Yes. Pretty much after a workout especially if it’s a harder workout. That would be my- I typically workout in the morning so that would be my lunch. It would be a replacement.

Rayzel: Okay. Cool. I’m glad to hear that cause a lot of people ask me about the shake thing and I haven’t had tons of feedback on it on how it works. So it’s cool to know that that worked okay for you.

Casey: Yeah. I looked for calories of course. Then I looked at carbs. That was my big thing. I don’t want any sugars and I want as little carbs as possible. That was definitely the way to go.

Rayzel: That’s great. Thanks for sharing all of your personal details with everybody.

Casey: Absolutely.

Rayzel: I hope everything- You’re good, right? Are you trying to lose more? Or are you?

Casey: Oh, no, I’m done.

Rayzel: You’re good. So you’re just working out, getting strong?

Casey: Yeah. At this point I don’t really care. I’m just wanting to get my strength back on. I’m doing a lot of weights and stuff so it’s all that fun. It’s huge difference for me.

Rayzel: That’s great. Cool. Thanks so much!

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