Q: Do I Need to Eat ALL 500 Calories on the HCG Diet?

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I hear a LOT of people say this: “you HAVE to eat all 500 calories!!” Often typed with extra fervor by added exclamation points or things in bold or italicized.  In doing this, people really just want to be helpful.

Do You Need to Eat the Full 500 Calories?

The truth is (and now it’s my turn to use bold and italics) you actually don’t have to eat all 500 calories.

There are some guidelines to follow of course, which we’ll talk about, but let me just quote Dr. Simeons, who wrote the original protocol himself on this topic first.  In his manuscript Pounds and Inches, he states, “Those not uncommon patients who feel that even so little food is too much for them, can omit anything they wish.”

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What I get from this is that Dr. Simeons, while administering the hCG protocol that he developed discovered that his patients truly weren’t even hungry for all 500 calories at times which is no doubt wny he included this passage in his manuscript, and he felt perfectly comfortable allowing his patients to do this.  As a medical doctor, and from what I’ve read about the work that he did throughout his life that indicates the kind of caring, upstanding man that he was, I find the fact that he said this to be something that I can trust.  He would not have simply made allowances for something that could prove to be dangerous or cause health complications later.

In a nutshell, if you have found the right dose of human chorionic gonadotropin for you, where you are seriously not hungry most of the day, you will find that if you let hunger be your guide to eating while on the protocol, some days you simply may not feel the need for all 500 calories.

Many days on the protocol, I found myself being so un-hungry (just pretend that’s a word) that I ate only maybe 300-350 calories.  Other days, I did feel the need for all 500 calories, and in some cases, actually needed closer to 600 calories to feel satisfied, so on those days, I would eat 600 calories.  I did always eat my two proteins for the day, but on the days I wasn’t hungry at all, I didn’t really eat much else aside from that- maybe a few grape tomatoes or half a cucumber with salt.


Don’t Fool Yourself

The important thing to be aware of if you are eating less than 500 calories on hCG is the reason behind it.  I think you know what I mean.

I don’t put it past us ladies to use a blogpost like this and then kind of twist it up in our minds a bit and then purposefully try to eat 300 calories hoping to lose even more weight, even though in actuality we’re hungry for more than that and starting to feel crappy.  Don’t use it as an excuse.  And you know it’s true- many of us come from a background of at least 1 type of eating disorder, and it can be easy to trick ourselves and lead ourselves to believe our reasoning is logical, when in actuality it’s not and we’re really just trying to get skinnier even faster.

Let’s keep it healthy and think long term here.  You want to work with your body not against it.

The Lowdown

So just be mindful that’s all.

  • If you’re truly not hungry and you find yourself eating very little, in my experience, that is okay- this will most likely NOT be all the time- but more just a sometimes thing.
  • If you need 500-600 calories a day to feel satisfied hunger-wise, then that is normal as well.
  • If you are hungry for a lot more than 500 calories, that’s a problem and your dose of the hormone is most likely off.  You can read my post on what you should typically feel like while on hCG as regards to hunger and how to find the right dose for you here.

What Should I Skip Then?

So if you really aren’t hungry for much some days on the diet plan, the one thing I’d suggest you NOT skip is your 2 proteins.

Please just always eat your 2 protein servings- in real and true meat form if at all possible.  From there the fruit, melba/grissini and veggies can be negotiable on days like that.

If I were to knock things off in a certain order I’d probably go with: ditch melba/grissini first, ditch fruit, ditch veggies last.  That’s just how I’d play it.

Is This Truly Okay?

Not only does 500 calories sound dangerously low to the outsider who hasn’t fully researched or tried the weight loss protocol, 300 calories sounds pretty crazy even to those of us seasoned hCGers.

But after being through this enough times, and having my hydrostatic body fat testing done before and after my rounds of HCG Injections in order to know my ratio of muscle and fat loss on this protocol, I am personally perfectly comfortable only eating 300-350 calories some days on the diet, as long as I’m truly not hungry.

Additionally, as I stated earlier, Dr. Simeons felt comfortable and safe recommending as a medical doctor,  that patients were OK to do this without ill effect.  He developed this protocol originally and treated countless patients with it, so the inclusion of his passage regarding omitting foods if a patient wasn’t hungry for them was not accidental.

That being said, I do find myself needing the full 500 calories for the majority of the days on the protocol.  It’s probably like a twice a week type thing as far as how often it occurs with me.

Well, I hope that helps y’all.


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