Dr. Oz “Does the HCG Diet Work?” Review: Part 1


Everybody Wants to Know What Dr. Oz Thinks…

So there’s been quite the buzz over Dr. Oz’s show last week, February regarding HCG Injections.  Dr. Emma was back with some new info.

I found it so interesting that Dr. Oz stated that the show he did about the hCG Diet last summer (2012) was the most controversial topic he’s EVER done. Wow! It’s not surprising though is it? Anyone of you who’ve done the weight loss protocol knows just how crazy people can get when you mention the word.  This follow-up, February 2013, is specifically referencing data in relation to hCG Injections alone, not drops or homeopathic Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

Qualified To Talk About hCG Injections?

Dr. Emma sees hundreds of patients a week so she certainly seems qualified to share her pearls of wisdom regarding what’s she’s learned and observed with the diet. The biggest thing she states is that the hormone preserves your lean muscle mass, while other diets don’t. What I have been saying this whole past year in every single blogpost just about? Thank you Dr. Emma for that.  Aside from that I got to wondering how does she monitor that many people every week?

A Couple Things I Don’t Fully Agree With

The only thing out of the show and the article on Dr. Oz’s site that Dr. Emma wrote that I take issue with is that she appears to be pretty firmly against the use of the original Dr. Simeons hCG protocol- she feels her new and improved version is the only one that should be used.  Her version of the Diet sounds very balanced and obviously works, but I can’t agree that Dr. Simeon’s protocol doesn’t work as written- mainly because I’ve done the protocol as written originally and had it work well, including the use hydrostatic body fat testing to show a high percentage of fat loss.

The only other thing I wasn’t completely clear on so not sure I can agree is she mentioned something about using higher doses of the hormone than Dr. Simeon’s used (he used 125iu)as being necessary in order to preserve lean muscle.  I have used 125iu myself for 3 rounds now with success and high retention of muscle mass, but I do agree that the dosage of the hormone is very individual and that not everyone will use the 125iu dosage (you can see my post on hCG dosing here).  Sticking with a dose of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin that promotes the least hunger has to me appeared to be the best way to go- I’m not sure if she would agree with that or not.  For instance, my own dad recently did a round of the protocol and 125iu’s was too low for him- he was hungry and weak- we kept upping his dose until finally he reached 200ius at which point he finally felt very comfortable on the 500 calorie diet and also started losing weight better.  It’s my opinion that he would have lost more fat and kept more muscle had we had his dose correct from the beginning.  My mother and myself on the other hand, felt the least hungry at 125iu’s and my last body fat testing showed 88% fat loss which I feel is pretty excellent.

See and Read the Details

Read more about Dr. Emma’s medical study with hCG Injections here: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/hcg-diet-research-study

You can check out Dr. Emma’s explanation of how the hCG diet works here:


Dr. Oz’s clips from the his recent show discussing hCG Injections:







The awesome things I DID agree with Dr. Emma and Dr. Oz re hCG Injections in Part 2 Here.


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  • LoriCross

    Wow! Great information, thank you for posting. I ordered her book and just finished reading. I am 12 days in to R1P2 and I’m curious if I could start doing the 800 cal version instead of the 500. While I haven’t had too many issues with hunger yet, I would like to try more protein and have breakfast. What is your opinion on that?

    • http://hcgchica.com/ Rayzel Lam

      Wonderful- I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I’ll just be honest- I think some days you will find yourself eating more than 500 calories- but I wouldn’t go to eating 800 calories on a regular basis myself on hCG- however you could always try it and see- I feel fairly certain the weightloss would be slower, but if it made it much more comfortable for you to follow, perhaps it is worth it.