Contribute to Episode 2 of the HCG Diet Community Video Project- April 25th deadline!

What is the hCG Diet Community Video Project?

This project in short is about sending in to me a 1 minute video answering a particular Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Question.  To get the background and basic details of the start of this project you can see my very first post about this project here:  hCG Diet Community Video Project.  You can see the finished product of that here: Part 1 of Episode 1 Q: What Keeps you Motivated on P2 of the hCG Diet.

Not Sure You Want to Contribute?

You don’t have to be a vlogger on youtube already to send me a video- perhaps you have never actually shown your face or talked on a video before in the hCG Diet Community.  It might take you out of your comfort zone a little to submit a video like this- but try to remember that this is just something that’s coming from your heart- it does not have to be professional at all.  It’s okay if you goof on words, etc.  Don’t worry about it!  After all, this is about REAL people doing this protocol, and real people aren’t perfect!

Try to think not so much of your nervousness- think more of the benefit that other people on the Diet will get when they hear someone like them- an everyday person- sharing their perspective that they can then identify with and be motivated by.  If you read the comments on YouTube from just the first part of Episode 1 you will see just how touched and motivated everyone was by those who contributed.

So are you ready to contribute to Episode 2? 

I hope so!  Without you guys, these videos can’t happen.

Topic for Episode 2:  How has the hCG Diet Protocol Affected Your Life/Health for the Better?

Deadline to Submit a Video:  April 25th, 2013 (you got 1 week guys!)

What To Do: Record a 1 minute-ish video, saying:
1.  your name or YT user
2. how much weight you’ve lost with this diet plan so far
3. where you’d like to be found online (your choice- pinterest, youtube, fb, your website, etc)
4. and then answer to the question.

How to Submit:  See Below

Email your 1 minute video to:

[email protected]

From iphone/ipad apps: 
sizablesend (free)  or
videoemail ($1.99 iphone/$2.99 ipad)
both in itunes app store

From Android phone:
sizablesend (free) in googleplay app store

From your computer:  – Go to “PLANS” and sign up for FREE account at the very bottom of the page.

Who Can Participate

Anyone who has done the Diet Protocol at least once.  You don’t have to be done losing weight, you don’t have to be the perfect “poster child” for hCG- we want you with imperfections and all okay?  In fact, I may very well be asking you to share your failings on this protocol as well, if this video series takes off.

What I’m Going To Do With Your Video Clips

Once I get all the different video clips you send to me, I will compile them into 1 video (or 2 depending on the # of submissions).

The video will be uploaded onto youtube onto my channel hcgchica, as well as embedded here on with an accompanying blogpost I’ll write kind of summarizing what you guys had to say, along with links to the “where you can find me” details you provide in your video.  Example from Episode 1, Part 1 and Part 2.

How You and The hCG Community Benefits

hCGers will be able to go to this video on youtube or on my website and see a video on, for instance this first topic “How Do You Stay Motivated on P2?” and then watch 8-10 people tell how they stay motivated, from each person’s unique perspective, which will in turn motivate them!

I will put a link to the contact info you have provided in the video when your video clip pops up so that hCGers can find you wherever you want to be found and those who are newbies will find hCGers to connect with.  It’s basically good all around for everyone- it will help us all to continue to get and give support on this very special journey.

That’s it!  I really hope to hear from you!  If you have any questions about participating, etc. feel free to email me:

[email protected]

Thanks guys!  I think this is a special addition to what our hCG community already provides.

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